No longer a fantasy

No longer a fantasy

The stripper parted her legs right in front of my face and in the glow of the seedy club I could make out a little dribble of juice at the entrance to her pussy. I wished she was spreading for me but she was looking at the big construction worker type next to me. It was amateur night at the local strip club and the guy making her pussy drip was one of the “audience judges”. I stayed around for the next girl but was so horny I couldn’t take it any more. I made my way to the bar with my hand in my pocket trying to conceal my hard on.

As I was waiting for the bartenders’ attention the guy next to me brushed against my arm. I liked the feeling of his warm hairy arm against mine and, though I would have thought it impossible, my cock stiffened even more causing me slight discomfort. He moved again and in such a way that his arm gently pressed against mine, I didn’t move as our arms pressed together. I had never been with a guy and was surprised when the sensation of this mans arm touching me sent electric sensations through my entire body. With my heart pounding in my ears I moved a little so our arms rubbed against each other, he readjusted his position a little and moved closer to me. I was facing the bar, with my eyes half closed, as waves of horniness flooded through my body.

Thoughts of sucking on his cock, swallowing cum, licking his sticky asshole and a myriad of other desperate thoughts flooded my mind as I succummed to my overwhelming homosexual urge

Just as the bartender asked me what I wanted he reached down and gave my rock hard cock a firm squeeze. I croaked something unintelligible, cleared my throat, and as my cock received another squeeze, managed to ask for a straight whisky. I don't even like whisky but it was all that I could think of at the time. Pre cum was wetting the inside of my boxers and I hoped that I wouldn’t cum in my pants as his strong fingers tightended their grip on my aching cock..

In the gloom of the club I convinced myself that nobody would notice this stranger groping me. Before I could even take a sip of my drink he took me by the arm and started leading me toward the door.

I sneaked a quick look at him as he guided me through the smoky haze to the exit. Judging by the deep creases around his eyes and his thick beard he was about 50. I was pleased to see a thick matt of greying hair visible above the top button of his shirt. He was much larger than my 5'9 thin white frame and in pretty good shape judging by the size of his arms and his strong grip.

He took me down the stairs and out into the cool of the early morning. He led me down the street and into a narrow dead end ally. I knew what he wanted and I knew that my occasional fantasy, that helped me to blow my load on lonely nights, was about to become a reality. He stopped me, pulled me behind a dumpster and pushed me down to my knees in front of him. Without him having to ask I fumbled with his belt then managed to undo his button and fly.
I was not prepared for the sight of his huge cock, it took my breath away.

Though I had often looked at gay pictures on the net and fantasized about men, I wondered if I would actually suck a cock if the situation ever presented itself, well now I know.

I started out slowly by letting the dripping head of his rock hard cock brush against my left cheek then drag across my lips. I then moved down his cock until my forehead was resting against his hairy stomach. I felt waves of electric pleasure rush through me as I nuzzled my nose into his pungent thick pubic hair taking in his overwhelming scent. He was resting his hand on my head and moving his hips around slowly as I gently licked my way back to the head of his cock and let it brush by my lips again. Just as it passed by my now wet lips he pushed forward and I had to open my mouth quickly or it would have bumped into my teeth. I was now sucking a real cock.

I thought of all the great blowjobs I have had and tried to combine all of the best techniques I have ever received into pleasuring this massive hard cock. I reached to the base with my left hand and gently massaged his hairy sticky balls. He gave his approval by thrusting his cock forward another couple of inches down my throat. I was now in full submission and began sucking with a strong steady rhythm that made him groan. All I wanted to do was please him and help him release his built up tension into my tight wet mouth.

I could feel his cock swelling and knew that he was getting ready to cum, I intensified my effort and kept a firm grip on his swollen balls. I knew what was going to happen but I was in no way prepared for the choking load he was about to deliver. Without warning he started cumming thick stringy ropes into my mouth. I was shocked by the force of the flow and let it slip out of my mouth but he was holding my head so I couldn’t move far, his cock was aimed right at my face, the relentless spray landed on my forehead, cheeks, left eye, nose and across my lips. As jets of his thick warm cum coated me I could do nothing but wait until he released me from his grip. I found myself wanting more, I felt that the more cum he marked me with the more I was his, the more virile he was, the better job I had done pleasing him.

When he finally drained the last few drops of cum on my face he tipped my head back to survey his work, by the look in his eyes he was pleased with the mess he had made of my virgin face. He then pushed his softening cock back into his trousers, zipped them up and strode into the dark leaving me kneeling in the ally with my face covered in his foul smelling seed. My whole body suddenly felt heavy, I sat down in the grime and leaned up against the cold cement wall.

As I sat in the dark ally I suddenly felt very alone and ashamed of what had happened. I never expected to ever actually suck a cock let alone have a hairy old man cum all over my face. As I struggled to come to terms with what I had done I was distracted by a noise, I looked up to see a dog coming down the alley towards me.

I called the dog over and felt less alone as he nuzzled my hand and instinctively sniffed at my crotch. I assumed the dog was homeless as it had no colar and was not well cared for. I couldn't tell what sort of dog it was but it had short black hair and was fairly large. I patted his side and head and he started licking at my mouth and face. It felt good to be licked by the dog and I finally let my whole body relax. I rested my head against the wall and breathed in the dogs vile smelling breath as the dog hungrliy licked the cum off my face with his warm wet tongue. When the dog had finished licking my face he curled up next to me and put his head on my lap. The last thing I saw was the dog looking up at me as I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep.

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