The Devil's Pact, The Tyrants' Daughter Chapter 7: Sister in the Stocks

The Devil's Pact, The Tyrants' Daughter Chapter 7: Sister in the Stocks

The Devil's Pact, The Tyrants' Daughter
by mypenname3000
Copyright 2015

Chapter Seven: Sister in the Stocks

Note: Thanks to b0b for beta reading this!

Sunday, May 29th, 2072 – Chasity “Chase” Glassner – Sacramento, CA

I was feeling so much better when I woke up beside Sister Stella the next morning, sunlight streaming through our window. Last night had been magical. I couldn't resist brushing the light-blonde hair from her cheek. I leaned over to nuzzle and kiss her. We reeked of hot pussy, that wonderful musk of love.

My pussy itched and my lips worked over to her mouth. I kissed her sweet lips, my tongue teasing her. Stella stirred, her gray eyes opening. Her mouth worked against mine, her arms tightening around my shoulders. I thrust my tongue into her depths, swirling it around in her mouth. Our breasts pressed together, her nipple hardening against my soft flesh.

“Good morning,” Stella smiled when I broke the kiss. “Praise the Creator. I need to say a special prayer for bringing us together.”

“I don't think your Creator likes gays.”

“He loves everyone,” Stella giggled. “He just doesn't like everything we do.”

“Like this?” I leaned over and sucked her hard, pink nipple into my lips. I tongued the hard nub, swirling around it.

“Yeah,” she squealed, her hands stroking my auburn hair. “But you have to stop.”

“Why?” I asked, kissing over to her other, small breast. “Because it's the Lord's day?”

“Because I have to pee,” she giggled. “Then we can continue.”

I sucked her other nipple into my mouth, engulfing as much of her breast as I could. I loved her squeals as I teased her nipple. My pussy itched between my thighs as she writhed beneath me. Her silky pubic hair tickled my stomach, growing damp with her excitement as I played with her delicate nipple.

“Please, Chase,” she moaned. “You're a saint. Have mercy on my bladder.”

I giggled around her nipple, my mouth popping off. “But I'm such a bad saint.” I kissed between her breasts. “Maybe if you beg louder I'll show you some mercy.”

“Please, oh beautiful and sexy Chase,” Stella giggled as I kissed down her belly. She had flawless skin, and a cute, innie bellybutton. “Please!” she squealed as I tongued her bellybutton.

Her giggling laughs and squirming body kept me tonguing her belly button. Her face grew red as she struggled to breathe, her legs spasming. She struggled to speak between her gasps. Her fists grabbed the bedspread.

“Please!” she chortled. “I can't...mercy...Chase...I need...”

“Okay,” I sighed, kissing down to her pubic mound. I nuzzled her pubic hair, letting the curls caress my lips. I moved lower, pushing her thighs apart as I settled between them. Her pussy was tight, almost virginal, and a spicy scent tickled my nose. I savored her scent before I latched my mouth on to her urethra, sucking hard.

“I need to pee!” Stella protested. “You promised me mercy.”

My blue eyes locked on her gray, and I arched my eyebrows. Stella licked her lips, her hips undulating. “You don't mean...?” she gasped.

“Yep,” I smiled. “It's such an intimate act. I haven't done it in...decades.”

“Decades...I forget how much older you are. You look eighteen.”

“But I'm...” I paused to think. “Fifty-eight. But I still can be as wild as an eighteen year old.”

I locked my lips back onto her pussy. I wanted to drink her urine. I wanted to experience this intimacy with Stella. I wanted to share everything with her. I wrapped my arms around her waist, holding on tight.

“Okay,” Stella said, her face straining. “This is...kinda hard.” Her cheeks flushed. “But kinda hot.”

I moaned my agreement.

Her urine splashed into my mouth, salty and bitter. I drank it down greedily, savoring the flavor. Stella let out a moan, her hips bucking as her eyes widened. “Oh, my,” she purred. “That's...nice.”

I swallowed as fast as I could, her stream splashing into my mouth. My stomach grew warm, my own bladder full. Her stream began to dwindle, allowing me to swirl the piss between my mouth, savoring her urine.

“That was amazing!” Sister Stella moaned.

The last dribbles came out. My tongue licked out, swirling through her pussy to find every drop of her urine that clung to her folds. Her spicy excitement mixed with the last traces of her urine. I feasted, my tongue wiggling, looking for every drop of her that I could. Her silky lips pressed on my mouth as I rooted around in her depths. I moved my tongue lower, probing her tunnel as my fingers found her clit.

“Oh, Chase! You wonderful woman! You're so loving!”

I wiggled my tongue in and out of her pussy as I pinched her clit. Her hips bucked again. Stella pinched her nipples, her gasps squeaking through the air. Her thighs pressed on my cheeks as she grew closer and closer to her orgasm.

Stella screamed when her orgasm burst through her. Her juices flooded into my mouth. I drank them all down as her pussy ground on my lips. I kept licking her, prolonging her bliss for as long as I could.

“Chase!” Stella moaned. “You wonderful, beautiful, sexy woman. Oh, yes! You're so talented! Yes!”

“Mmm, see, isn't that nice and intimate?” I asked.

“So nice.” Stella bit her lip. “Can I...return the favor?”

“I was hoping you'd ask,” I said, climbing up her body. I planted my pussy on her hungry lips, grinding on her. “You ready?”

“Yes!” she moaned. “Do it before I chicken out.”

Stella's lips nuzzled into my shaved pussy. She latched onto my urethra. I took a deep breath and released my bladder. I shivered as my urine poured out, splashing into her awaiting mouth. My pussy clenched in delight, dripping juices down on her face.

It was so hot, so intimate, to hear my lover swallow my urine. My pussy burned, my orgasm already swelling. Her fingers found my clit, playing with my nub as I peed in her hungry mouth. I gasped in delight, her finger teasing me.

“You naughty nun,” I moaned. “Play with my clit and drink my pee.”

I squeezed on my bladder, forcing out every drop of my urine into her hungry mouth. Her fingers pinched my clit, rolling the sensitive nub as her tongue began swiping through my folds. She was eager to get every drop of my pee and pussy cream.

I squirmed atop her, grabbing the bed's headboard as I rode her face. Her tongue was agile, brushing through all the wonderful spots inside me. The pleasure swelled fast through me, stirred by her fingers pinching my clit.

“Yes!” I moaned, the bed creaking as my body bucked. “You wonderful woman. Keep licking me! I'm gonna squirt so much pussy cream into your mouth.”

“Good!” Stella moaned. “Flood my mouth. I love your pussy juices!”

My back arched, my breasts heaving as I squirmed on her face. I let out a low moan as my orgasm swelled through my body. My fingernails scrapped on the wooden headboard as a spasm of pleasure rolled through me.

And then I came.

“Stella!” I screamed as my pussy clenched, squirting my juices into her hungry mouth.
Violent waves of pleasure rolled through my body. My nipples tingled as I spasmed and buck, my breasts heaving. Her fingers pinched harder on my clit, adding tsunamis of bliss racing through my body and crashing into my mind.

“Shit!” I groaned. “Oh, yes! You wonderful nun! I love you, Stella!”

“I love you, too, Chase,” her muffled voice whispered. “The Creator guided us together. I'm so happy.”

My pleasure began to fade as I scooted down her body, draping myself upon her. I stroked her cheeks, her gray eyes misty with tears. “I agree.” I leaned down and kissed her. With her help, I would be rid of my gift. I could grow old. I would convince Stella to give up her power, and then we'd live with the twins and Queenie.

One happy family.


Rex Glassner

“I bought a whore!” I beamed at Chase as she and Stella finally showed up holding hands.

Chase shook her head. “You had two other women to fuck. Why did you need a whore?”

“She looked like Mary,” he answered. “I always wanted to fuck your mom.”

“You want to be like Dad, huh?” she laughed, ruffling my dark hair. “And did you share your whore with your wives?”

“Yes, he did,” my twin sister smiled, coming up to hug Chase. “I see you and Stella are beaming. I'm so happy.”

“Why?” I frowned.

Queenie giggled behind me. My buxom wife hugged me from behind and kissed the back of my neck. “You're such a boy, Rex.”

“So,” I shrugged. “It's good to be a boy. We got big dicks that you ladies can't resist.”

Reina giggled, reaching down to cup my cock through my jeans. “So full of yourself, huh.”

“I tamed both of you.” I kissed Reina on the mouth and pulled her close. “So what are you talking about?”

“They're together,” Reina said, rolling her eyes.

I looked at my older sister and the nun, both smiling and sharing glances. “Oh. Well, Stella's better than Joab.”

“Definitely,” Chase nodded and gave Stella a quick kiss. “Well, let's get down the road. We have a long way to go.”


Saturday, June 4th, 2072 – Queenie Glassner – Redding, CA

The walking grew easier as we headed north up the ruins of I-5. Much of the concrete road still stood, but it was cracked and broken in spots. Luckily, the overpasses still remained passable, for the most part. Planks of wood or corrugated metal were laid over holes that had formed. Travelers streamed down the road, some riding on horses, others leading pack mules.

At night, we camped. We didn't have the money to stay in an inn at every village we passed through. I didn't mind. It was so intimate in our tent. Rex, Reina, and I squirmed together, shifting around and changing who would be in the middle. Despite how tired we were at the end of the day, we still found time to have fun.

As we headed north, the road began to climb, passing into the foothills of the Sierra Nevada. Mount Shasta loomed ahead, capped by snowy peaks as we neared the town of Redding. The mountain was gorgeous. I had never seen the like.

“Mount Rainier's more impressive,” Chase grinned at me when I stopped at noon, staring up at the mountain in awe. We had a perfect view as the highway curved.

“Really?” I gasped.

“And Mount Hood,” she added. “Though St. Helens not nearly as much.”

I goggled at all these names she said so casually. “You've been around the whole world, haven't you, big sis?”

Chase gave me a smile and I blushed. “Sorry, Chase. I know I'm not your real sister.”

“You are. You married my brother. You're my sister.” She leaned over and gave me a kiss on the lips.

“Do you kiss all your sisters?” I giggled.

“All of them,” she nodded. “And yes, I've been around the whole world. I've walked through the Sahara. I've lain in the Dead Sea. I sat atop Victoria Falls and watched what seemed like all the water in the world pour off into the green below. I've walked the Andes, the Appalachians, and the Alps.”

“What are those?”

“Mountains. The Andes and the Alps put the Sierra Nevada to shame, but the Appalachians are only mountains to the people on the East Coast. They haven't seen real mountains.”

“Oh,” I nodded.

“We need to keep moving. I want to make Redding by dusk. It'll be nice to sleep in a proper bed.”

“After six days, I couldn't agree more,” Sister Stella smiled. “Though we made the best of it.”

I gave a wicked giggle. “I heard.”

“We're nothing compared to the noise that comes out of your tent,” Chase laughed, putting her arm around my shoulders.

Smoke rose ahead as we neared Redding. It was a large town, bigger than Truckee, and straddled I-5. We took the off-ramp,walking down the sloped concrete down to the badly patched asphalt that led towards the heart of Redding.

The people of Redding wore more flannel than I had seen. The town was a mix of the old-style of buildings that the Theocracy built, along with newer wooden buildings. Women tended gardens while watching their children play in the streets. Men drove wagons laden with lumber. The sun was setting, casting long shadows down the street.

And that's when I saw the stocks.

“Take it, whore!” a man said, rutting with a woman trapped in them. I gasped in shock, my cheeks reddening. The woman was naked, her brown hair falling about her face thrust through the stocks. Her breasts were round, about the size of Chases, and jiggled as the man pumped away.

“That's disgusting,” Sister Stella muttered. “They're not supposed to do that anymore.”

“What did she do?” I gasped as the man grunted, pulling his cock out and spilling his cum on her backside.

“Sexual impropriety,” Stella muttered. “They're trying to fuck the slut out of her.”

“How horrible.”

“You're up,” the man said, pulling up his fly and slapping a boy on the back.

“Been looking forward to having a go,” he grinned, unfastening his pants and pulling out a hard cock.

The woman in the stocks gasped as the new cock entered her. The boy pumped hard, his ass, half exposed by his sagging pants, clenching as he drove into her. The boy's face was twisted by passion.

My husband looked on with interest, eyeing the woman's breasts. I marched over to him. “ What are you thinking about doing, Rex Glassner?” I demanded. “You are not having a turn with that woman.”

“Did you see the sign?” Rex growled, taking a step forward.

I seized his arm. “You will not do this!” I informed him, my anger mounting.

Rex jerked at my arm, whirling to face me. “Let go, Queenie.”

I had never disobeyed my husband before. I held on tight.

Reina grasped my wrist. “Let him go,” she hissed. “Did you see the sign?”

I looked up to read it. I let Rex go when I did.


Rex Glassner

My anger boiled the moment I saw the sign, banishing the lust that had almost overwhelmed me. It was disgusting. Queenie's hand let go of me and I rushed forward, my fist balling up as I pounded across the gravel.

“Wait your turn!” a filthy old man spat, his teeth rotten.

I punched him in the face. He went stumbling back, spitting out bloody teeth. Then I turned and seized the youth pumping away at my sister trapped in the stocks. He gaped in astonishment as my fist crashed into his face.

“What the fuck!” the man who had just finished yelled before taking a swing at me.

“You are not fucking my sister!” I roared.

On a sign above the stocks read, “I am one of Mark Glassner's demonic spawn. My filthy pussy needs purification. Cleanse me of my sins.”

The man threw a punch. His breath stank of beer and he stumbled. I caught his badly thrown hook with my arm then drove my fist into his face. He stumbled back, his pants falling down. He hadn't fastened them up after finishing using my sister.

My sister in the stocks glanced at me, her brown hair falling away to reveal a delicate, doll's face with big, blue eyes. The same eyes my twin and I possessed. I nodded at her. “They won't touch you, sister of mine.”

“Sister...” she croaked.

Footsteps pounded behind me. Reina and Queenie reached the stocks, fumbling at the lock as the boy recovered. “You fucking asshole,” he snarled. “I was fucking that whore.”

“She's no whore!” I roared. I had never been so angry in my life. I swung at the youth.

He blocked my blow and his punch caught me on my jaw. I stumbled back, pain throbbing in my cheek. I glared at him as I recovered and seized his arm as he threw another punch. I had strength from working the farm, and I used it to spin him around and slam him into the stock's frame. He reeled back, blood spurting from his head.

The other men who had been waiting for their turn to gangbang my sister cracked their knuckles and spread out as they approached me. I swallowed, my anger pumping hard, but fear was eating away at the edges.

“Stop this!” Sister Stella demanded, striding up between me and them. She wore her nun's habit, glaring at all of them.

The men paused. “Sister,” one nodded.

“Why are you raping this poor woman?” she demanded, hands on her hips. “Surely you've heard the word from Rome. No woman is to be put in stocks and demeaned in this fashion. It is unchristian. It is a perversion of the bible. You are the ones sinning, not her!”

“But...the Preacher, she said it was okay. We had to fuck the slut out of her. And she has one big slut in her. She's been whoring herself out since she was fourteen.”

“No I haven't!” my sister snarled. “I work as a wet nurse!”

I joined my wives as they stared at the iron padlock keeping shut the wooden stocks. My sister's eyes followed me around, a considering look on her face. “Why do you call me your sister?” she asked as I picked up a fist-sized rock from the ground.

“You're a daughter of Mark Glassner?” I asked.

She nodded. “My ma was one of those virgins he liked messing around with.”

“Well, I'm his son, and that's my twin sister.”

She blinked. “What?”

I slammed the rock down on the padlock. “We'll get you out. I'm not letting my sister get gang-raped.”

Reina nodded and Queenie hugged me from behind.

“And the one with big tits? Is she a sister?”

“By marriage,” I answered, slamming down the rock again. The metal dented. The lock was cheap. A third hit split it open. I tore the remains off and flipped the stocks up. My sister stood up, stretching her arms and back, thrusting her rather nice breasts forward. Milk beaded her dark nipples.

“Do you always look at your sisters tits?” she asked.

“Always,” I nodded. “Right, Reina?”

“All the time,” my twin giggled. “They're a nice set.”

Our new sister blushed. “'re not joking?”

“You know the stories they say about our dad. We have his appetites.” I grinned. “That's why I have two women. What's your name?”

“Sarah,” she answered, throwing a look over her shoulder. “And here comes the Preacher. She's gonna throw me back in. Probably have me whipped, too.”

“No, she won't,” I promised her.


Sarah Goldman

I studied my new siblings. Other than their blue eyes, we really didn't look a lot alike. Their mother must have been Hispanic to give them the brown-hued skin and darker hair. Rex eyed me more than a brother should. I looked around at the men who had been fucking me and back at my brother. His knuckles were bloodied.

“What in the name of Blessed Chasity is going on?” the Preacher boomed, her voice carrying. She was a stout woman in a black, high-necked dress, a large, wooden cross clutched between her powerful hands.

Reina snorted in laughter. “That's great.”

“What is?” I asked, moving my hands to cover up my breasts. Rex's eyes sent a flush through my body. I suddenly felt so bashful before him.

“Chasity is our sister,” Reina answered, pointing at the red-haired woman striding up to the nun.

“Really?” I gaped. “She's so young.”

“She doesn't age 'cause she's special,” Queenie answered as she pulled a blanket from her bag. Then she draped it over my shoulders. “There you go. No since in letting all the guys, including your brother, ogle you.”

“I rescued her, you think that would earn me a little ogling.”

“A little,” I nodded, giving him a smile. “And I think you've gotten it.”

“I don't care what order you claim to be a part of, young lady. We're doin' the Lords work in Redding!” roared the Preacher. “Saint Chasity herself appeared before me in a vision and told me to chastise the little trollop.”

“I appeared in a vision before you?” the red haired woman demanded. “That's news to me. I must have been a sleep when I projected my spirit.”

“Out of the way, strumpet,” declared the Preacher. “You keep declaring blasphemy and claiming to be a holy personage, I will add you to the stocks and let the men satiate their vile lusts on your body.”

Chasity swelled up her chest. A nimbus of golden light sprang about her. “I am the Holy Prophetess of the Creator!” she declared, her voice ringing true. I heard her clearly. I shuddered in awe.

The Preacher stumbled back. “What trick of the Enemy is this?”

“No trick,” Chasity declared. She really was the holy saint. “I stood upon the slopes of Mount Sinai and restored the Gift! I plunged the dagger into my father's side and freed you! But I didn't free you so you could inflict more harm in my name!”

“Demon!” the Preacher screeched, branding her large cross as a club and swinging it at the Holy Saint.

Golden light surrounded Chasity. She flashed up into the heavens. The Preacher's swing struck nothing, and the stout woman stumbled forward, falling to her knees. The light flashed back down, Chasity appearing in its golden nimbus behind the woman.

“Only I can travel by the Light of Heaven like an Angel!” Chasity roared. “I did not suffer such grief and anguish so a petty bigot like you could have my little sister raped!”

A tear trickled down my cheek. No one had ever been kind to me. Everyone in Redding had known who my father was. I was picked on as a child. When I was fourteen, the last preacher, Father Gideon, protected me, so long as I let him crawl into my bed, but when he got me with child, he cast me out. His child had been stillborn, and I had managed to find employee as a wet nurse for Mrs. Thatcher, the sawmill owner's wife.

Until the Preacher arrived with her visions.

“Help me!” screamed the Preacher as she struggled to rise, her legs tangled in her skirts. “Seize the demon! She must be punished!”

“But...but...she's the Saint,” gaped one of the men who raped me. He fell to his knees. “I had no idea she was your sister. We was just followin' the Preacher.”

“You will all burn!” the Preacher hissed, standing back up. She pulled a gun from dress and aimed it at Chasity.

The Saint spread her arms wide, inviting the shot. The Preacher fired.

“No!” I gasped in horror as Chasity was struck. She fell back in a spray of blood.

“See! If she was a Saint, she wouldn't bleed!” howled the Preacher. She fired the gun again and again, more blood spurting from Chasity's body.

Golden light danced on Chasity's body. Her wounds healed. The Preacher's gun dropped from her hand as the Saint sat back up. “You ruined my shirt,” muttered Chasity as she fingered her stained blouse.

Two of the men seized the stunned Preacher. “We'll see she's punished, your Saintfulness,” they said and began taking her to the stocks.

“Just run her out of town,” Chase groaned. “And tear those damned things down.” She looked at her shirt. “And someone get me a new shirt! I don't have that many!”

“Did you come to save me?” I asked, turning around to face my siblings, tears running down my cheeks.

Reina and Queenie hugged me. “I'm afraid not,” Reina whispered. “But we're glad we came by. We're on our way to see our father.”

I froze. “What?”

“You shouldn't have said that,” Queenie hissed. “People shouldn't know.”

“She won't tell anyone,” Reina said. “Right?”

I nodded my head. “So you're going to leave me here?” I trembled, glancing at the stocks.

“I'm sorry.” Reina hugged me tighter. “But I'm glad we saved you.”

I bit my lip, a tremble running through my body. What would happen to me when they left? Everyone I knew and loved were dead, which weren't a lot of people, just my ma and my poor, baby boy.

“It's not fair,” I whispered, my tears coming. I finally found more family, and they were leaving.


Reina Glassner

Queenie brushed my hair as we sat on the bed in our hotel room. Rex lounged on the bed beside us, naked and staring up at the ceiling. He had been quiet since the fight. Watching him punch those men had been so hot. He had been a stud, standing up for his sibling.

I wondered how many other of our siblings were out there being tormented because of who our father was. It wasn't right. None of us could control that. So why did we have to pay? According to Chasity, the men who burned our mother were planning on killing us, and we were just babes, barely a few weeks old.

“I hate them,” I muttered.

“Who?” Queenie asked.

“The Christians. They all claim to be about loving and caring, but they kill and hurt just as much as everyone else.”

Queenie's lips kissed my naked shoulder. “I know. Those stocks were foul. What they were doing to poor Sarah was monstrous. But we stopped it.”

“For her. But what about our other siblings?”

Rex's hand brushed mine. “There's not much we can do for them. Unless we wander across more. And what are the odds? Our dad fucked a lot of women, but there is still, what, thousands of people in the world.”

“I think there's more than that,” Queenie said. “Like...millions. Like the stars.”

“So many,” I whispered, shaking my head.

There was a rap at the door. “Yes?” Rex asked, standing up and walking to the door.

“Did you order a whore?” Queenie demanded.

“No,” Rex laughed. “I should've.” He yanked open the door. Sarah stood there, dressed in a worn skirt and blouse, biting her lip.

“Hi,” she said, swallowing. “May I come in?”

“Sure,” Rex grinned, his eyes roaming her body as she past. My brother could be such a pig, like every guy.

“What's wrong?” I asked, turning to face her.

Sarah's cheeks reddened as she realized we were naked. She glanced at our brother, lingering on his half-hard cock. “I want to come with you when you leave.”

“It's a long journey,” I told her. “And it's dangerous.”

“There's nothing for me here,” she said, her fingers unbuttoning her dress. “I'm prepared to come with you.”

“You don't have to get naked,” Queenie gasped.

“It's fine,” Rex grinned as Sarah's breasts came into view.

“You think it's fine because you only think with your cock,” I said, standing up and walking to my sister. “You don't have to do this.”

“But...” she swallowed.

“You can come with us. But you don't have to sleep with our brother. You're not his whore. I know you've been used badly.”

“It's okay,” she shrugged. “I don't mind. I...I want to be his. He's the only man that's ever stood up to me. I can be his wife, too.”

“That's the stupidest reason to be his wife,” I groaned.

“I'm fine with it.”

“Quiet,” I hissed at Rex, even as my subconscious whispered, She has lactating breasts. I want to taste her milk. I want to take her to bed and suckle on her big tits.

“I want to be his,” Sarah said, growing more confident.

“Fine,” I whispered, my eyes drifting down to those tits. I couldn't help myself. I was as much a pervert as my brother. “You can share our bed tonight. In the morning, you can decide if you want to come with us as our lover or our sister. But not wife. You have to actually love the idiot.”

“Yes,” Queenie nodded.

“And he has to love you.”

“I love her already,” Rex groaned.

“You just love that ass,” I giggled, turning Sarah. I gave her rear a spank. “It is a nice ass.”

Sarah gasped, her cheeks blushing.

“For someone with mother's milk, you sure blush like a maid,” I giggled, pinching her nipple. My finger grew wet. Creamy milk beaded my digit, and I brought the succulent treat to my lips. My cheeks hallowed as I savored her treat. It was sweeter than cow's milk, and my pussy grew wet as I stared at her dark-red nipple beading with more.

I took her hand and led her to the bed, pushing her down on it. She trembled. “Are you sure you want this?” I asked, spreading her legs. Her pussy was adorned by a soft down of brown hair. “After today?”

“He protected me,” Sarah whispered. “I need him to keep protecting me.”

“I'll protect you whether or not I fuck you,” Rex grinned as he knelt between her legs, his fingers sliding up to her pussy.

“Our brother can be a sweetie,” I sighed.

Tears brimmed in Sarah's eyes. “I'm sure. I've never had a choice before. I choose this.”

Rex grinned and buried his face into her pussy. Sarah's eyes widened as she experienced the skill of our brother. Sweet sighs escaped her lips as her body writhed. I squeezed her breast, more delicious milk beading out.

I had to taste it straight from the source.

I leaned over, latching onto her nipple. I sucked hard, her warm milk squirting into my lips. I swirled the creamy treat around in my mouth, swallowing it and sucking again. It was so delicious. Sarah gasped, her hands stroking my dark hair as I nursed.

“Mmm, I need to try that,” Queenie moaned, leaning over and sucking on Sarah's other tit. My wife let out a squeal of delight as she savored the naughty treat.

“Don't hog all of it,” Rex said, lifting his face up.

I sucked a mouthful of her milk into my mouth and leaned over, planting a kiss on my brother's lips. I shared our sister's milk, and he shared her tangy pussy. Our tongues swirled as the sweet cream and tangy juices mixed together between our kisses.

“Don't forget about Sarah,” Queenie reminded us. “She needs to be pleasured, spouses of mine.”

“Right,” I grinned, moving back up to Sarah's breast. “How do you like it?”

“His mouth is amazing!” Sarah's back arched. “Oh, yes! Oh, wow.”

“Queenie's better,” I told her, and then dived down to suckle from her breast.

“I can't wait to find out!” gasped Sarah. “Because this is heavenly!”

“Just let yourself go,” Rex growled. “I want you to cum on my lips, and then I'll fuck you hard.”

“Yes!” screamed Sarah.

I nursed hard, more milk pouring into my mouth. I swirled it about. Queenie's hand brushed mine, her eyes locking on mine as we nursed together. I squeezed her hand, loving her with my eyes as I suckled from my sweet sister's teat.

Sarah bucked again, gasping louder. “Rex! Oh, wow! I think! I think it's happening! I'm gonna! I'm gonna cum! Oh, yes!”

Her body thrashed. I held onto her tit for dear life, my mouth sealed to that nipple. I wasn't about to release. I wanted all her milk. I wanted to drain her dry. Rex could enjoy her milk tomorrow. I drank greedily, my pussy itching fierce.

“Fuck me!” groaned Sarah. “Your lips are wonderful, but I need more!”

“Sure, sweet sister,” Rex grinned, rising to his knees. He seized her thighs, pulling her closer until his hard cock nudging at her pussy lips. “Have you ever eaten pussy before, Sarah?” Rex asked, teasing her snatch with his cock's tip.

“No,” Sarah moaned.

“Want to try?” Rex grinned. “Reina has a tasty snatch.”

Sarah licked her lips, looking at me. “I...I...yes. I want to share everything with you three.”

Rex thrust into her. She gasped, her toes curling as Rex pounded her. I lifted up from her breast, my pussy on fire. “It's easy,” I told her as I straddled her face. “Lick all those parts of your pussy that you like to touch at night.”

“Okay!” Sarah moaned as I descended to her lips.

Her first tongue swipe was hesitant, just like Queenie's had been. I shuddered at the depravity of it. She was taking her first lick of pussy. My pussy. I squirmed on her face, the pleasure building as she grew more confident. She brushed my folds, her tongue dipping into my labia.

“How is she?” Rex asked, leaning over, his lips inches from mine.

“Better than you were the first time,” I grinned and kissed him hard.

Sarah moaned into my pussy as she tongued me. I shuddered atop her, grinding my hot pussy. This was so hot. I loved fucking my siblings. Queenie smiled up at us, her hands roaming our bodies, aiding the three of us as we made love.

She was a wonderful, supportive wife.

Rex's balls slapped into her ass as he pounded her, the bed creaking in rhythm. Sarah moaned into my pussy, her tongue burrowing deeper, exploring my sheath. The pleasure swelled inside me, building thanks to her loving tongue. She moved through my folds, her fingers exploring, spreading me a part.

She found my clit.

“Yes!” I screamed, breaking my kiss with Rex as my orgasm burst through my body.

I writhed on her lips, pouring my juices into her hungry mouth. Sarah drank them all down. My back arched, my entire body bursting with pleasure. I spasmed hard, falling off her face and landing beside Queenie.

Queenie hugged me, her pillowy tits pressed into my back as we watched my siblings make love. It was such a beautiful sight. Rex's muscular, brown body leaned over Sarah, his hands roaming her pale flesh as he kissed her. His tongue tasted my juices as they kissed. Sarah bucked beneath him, her legs and arms wrapping around him.

“Cum in her,” I whispered. “She needs it.”

“Yes, she does,” Queenie moaned, humping her wet pussy into my ass.

The pair writhed together, working towards their orgasm. I was in awe. It was like watching Rex make love to Queenie. I reached out, touching their bodies, wanting to share in this moment with them.

They moaned together, bucking and writhing as their orgasm burned through their bodies.


Sarah Goldman

I smiled as I drifted off to sleep. I had no idea what the future held. But I had family again. I savored the warmth of Rex's and Reina's bodies as they held me. I didn't have to live in fear. I didn't have to dwell in darkness.

I didn't have to be cursed for being Mark Glassner's daughter.


The Preacher

You shall scourge that demon who dares speak in my name!

“Yes, Holy Saint!” I gasped as I shuddered in ecstasy on the ground. I was outside of Redding, driven out by my flock thanks to that demon cunt.

The vision had fallen on me. My body trembled in ecstasy, my mouth foaming as the power of Saint Chasity filled me. She stood before me, shining with her brilliant light, as beautiful as the storm. Her heart was golden, beating in her breast. The Sacred Heart of Chasity.

They are heading north. In Oregon, you still have friends. The faithful will still listen to your words.

“Yes! Praise your holy name, Saint Chasity! I shall bring word that the Children of the Tyrant and a demon walk the earth. The Holy Liberation Army of Oregon shall rally behind me! We shall bring their might down upon them and smite them with the Lord's fury!”

To be continued...

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