Kelly Matures

Kelly Matures

The alarm clock goes off at 6:00 AM, and is turned off quickly. I feel the familiar sensation of a warm wet mouth wrapped around my cock. My eyes and body are still sleepy, but my cock is at full attention as I receive my morning wake up blow job. My slave is very well trained and her oral skills are amazing.

On the weekends I might let my slave suck on my dick for twenty minutes before I began to wake up. It is a wonderful feeling to be in a nice cozy warm bed, still half asleep while a beautiful woman expertly massages my cock with her mouth. But this is Monday morning, and I must go into the office, so I force myself to begin the wake up process. My slave senses that I am awakening and slides her tongue down my shaft and gives my balls some attention. She then pushes my legs apart and starts licking my asshole. Like I said, she is very well trained. After jabbing her tongue in and out of my asshole for several minutes she turns her focus back to my raging hard on.

I am now awake and look down at her sucking my cock. She looks up at me with her big brown eyes while sliding my cock between her tight lips. Soon I am ready to shoot my morning load of jizz into her mouth and she increases her pace on my pole. She slides a finger into my wet asshole and my cock explodes a stream of hot sperm into her mouth. My slave swallows hard and keeps on bobbing her mouth on my pulsing cock as another stream shoots into her mouth. She swallows that load too and holds my now deflating cock in her warm wet mouth as she slurps every last drop of sperm out of my soft dick.

As my cock goes completely limp she releases it from her mouth and looks up at me with a satisfied look on her face. “Mmmmmm...master, I so love the taste of your cum, can I please suck your cock back to life so you can shoot another tasty load into my mouth.” I look at the clock and see that I do not have time to fill her mouth with my cum again. “I am sorry slave, but I have an important meeting to attend this morning, and I cannot be late.” I tell her. She appears disappointed, as she gets out of bed and goes and starts the steam shower. I lay in bed in post blow job bliss and wait for my shower to warm up.

“Master, your shower is ready” She says. I get out of bed and walk over to the shower. My slave opens the door and I walk into the wonderful steamy shower. My slave walks in after me and closes the door. She lathers my hair and then washes my body, paying special attention to my cock and balls and asshole. Then when she is done she expertly shaves my face and pubic hairs. She then turns the razor on herself and shaves her pussy until it is completely bald and smooth as a baby’s ass.

I get out of the shower and dress for my meeting. My slave is not allowed to wear clothes unless I tell her to, and even then she is only allowed to wear what I pick out for her. Today I do not pick out any clothes for her, so she remains naked. The only thing my slave controls are the underwear that I wear for the day. Today she has picked out her white silk thong panties for me to wear. I don’t mind, because wearing her panties makes me think of her wet cunt all day long, and I actually enjoy the feeling of the thong between my ass. As I continue to dress she goes to the kitchen to make my coffee and breakfast. My slave brings me my coffee and tells me breakfast is ready. I walk to the dinning room and she has a nice breakfast for me. As I leave my slave walks me to the elevator and gives me a long kiss and massages my balls through my pants. I tell her that I have a nice suprise for her today. She knows better than to ask what it is, but smiles in anticipation.

I own the largest import/export business in the United States. It has been in my family for generations, and when my father retired he gave me control of the entire company. My families wealth is in the billions. My wife lives in our penthouse in Upper Manhattan, and my mistress/slave lives in my penthouse in San Francisco. My wife knows I have a mistress in San Francisco, but she doesn’t care, she has always hated sex, and as long as she doesn’t have to have sex, and can spend as much as she wants she could care less. My mistress/slaves name is Kelly, and she is a model so she only works occasionally. Kelly loves sex, and is happy to do whatever I tell her to as long as she can live in the San Francisco penthouse. So it is a nice arrangement for both of us.

I have secret cameras placed throughout both penthouses that I can monitor from my laptop. The Manhattan penthouse is boring to watch. My wife is attractive, but totally boring. The San Francisco penthouse on the other hand is thrilling to watch. Kelly is very sexual and very obedient. If I tell her to stay naked all day she will.

In the limo on my way to the meeting I turn on my lap top and scan the cameras to find out what my slave is doing. I get to the camera in the gym and find my beautiful slave jogging on the treadmill. Her lovely tits are bouncing all over the place and I get a bulge in my pants. Kelly knows I have a few cameras in the house, but there are some that she doesn’t know about. She does not know about the one in the gym, and I enjoy spying on her.

After my meeting I go back to my office and check on the action at my penthouse. Kelly is naked and listening to some nice jazz and doing some house cleaning. At exactly 1:00 the intercom sounds. Kelly answers it. “This is UPS. I have a package for Kelly” says the voice on the intercom. Kelly buzzes the UPS delivery woman up. My slave is allowed to put on a skimpy robe when someone delivers to the penthouse. I watch as Kelly awaits the arrival of her package. She looks excited.

When the doorbell rings she almost runs to the door. The UPS driver is a very sexy woman. Her brown shorts are very tight and very short. Her brown top is unbuttoned very low showing off a tremendous amount of cleavage with huge nipples poking through. “I have a package for Kelly” she says. Kelly stares at the beautiful blonde and signs for the package. The woman says she has special instructions to wait for Kelly to open the package. Kelly says okay and begins to open her package. Inside is a long pink dildo with a cock head on both ends and a piece of paper that says. “Dear Slave, You are to let this woman do anything she wants. Have fun, Master”

Kelly has a confused look on her face. The UPS driver steped into the house and closed the door behind her. I knew Kelly had never been with another woman before and she looked very nervous. The blonde reached for Kelly and pulled her towards her. Kelly was very stiff as the blonde kissed her on the mouth. She kissed her hard and began shoving her tongue into Kellys mouth. My slave slowely opened her mouth and accepted the other girls tongue into her mouth. My hard on was now raging.

The blonde continued kissing her hard and started to untie the sash that was holding Kelly’s robe on. Kelly put her hands down to stop her from removing the sash, but like the good slave she is she remembered what I wrote and let her do it. The girl then pushed Kelly’s robe to the floor so that my slave was now naked. The UPS girl put her hand down and fingered Kelly’s bald pussy as her mouth moved down to her beautiful tits. I zoomed in on my slaves face and she had a look of total confussion. She was completely humiliated at letting a woman do these things to her, but at the same time I could tell the girl was good, as my slaves mouth slowely opened and moaned. Her hips begin to slowely grind against the womans fingers.

The blonde pulled away from my slave and quickly removed her clothes. Her body was fantastic. Huge fake tits with nice hard nipples a tight muscular stomach, smooth shaved cunt, and long shapely legs. Once her clothes were off she grabbed Kelly’s hand and lead her to the living room. The living room has huge bay windows and anyone in the apartment across the street could look in if they had binoculars or a telescope like I have. Kelly knows that most people in the building own spying equipment, because we have spied on them with ours.

The blonde again sucks on Kellys mouth and wraps her arms around her. They are embraced in a sexy kiss as my slave slowely starts to give in and returns the kiss wrapping her arms around the girls shoulders. The girl releases Kelly and sits on the couch with her legs spread. She grabs her ankles and spreads them wide. “Eat Me” she says to Kelly. My slave just stares at this beautiful blonde with her legs spread wide waiting to have her pussy eaten. Slowely Kelly kneels in front of her and lowers her face to her bald pussy. She reluctantly kisses the other womans cunt lips and ever so slowely begins licking her hole. The other woman begins grinding her hips into Kellys face as Kelly gets her tongue further and further into the womans tight twat. I zoom in on my slaves face and see that her beautiful face is getting wet with her saliva and cunt juice.

The woman starts moaning loudly and soon she is coming into Kelly’s mouth. She squirts her cum and Kelly takes it all and swallows the fluid gushing out of the girls hole. The girl now pushes Kelly to the floor and sits on her face. Kelly again sucks on her pussy as the girl lowers her face to Kellys wet snatch and begins to eat her. They are in a lovely 69 right in front of the open windows. My slave appears ready to cum when the girl stops eating her. Kelly appears frustrated that the girl stopped and puts her hand down and starts fingering her soaking wet hole, but the girl pulls Kellys hand out and says “not yet”.

“Get on all fours” commands the blonde as she gets off of Kelly’s face and walks over to the package. My slave does as she is told and is on her hands and knees when the blonde returns with the two headed dildo. She gently slides one end into Kelly’s wet hole. She backs up so that I can see a large pink dildo sticking out of my slaves cunt. Then the blonde gets on all fours behind Kelly and inserts the other end into her cunt and slowely backs up until their ass’s are touching and the dildo is buried in their cunts.

The blonde slowely starts rocking back and forth on the dildo. Kelly too begins to rock back and forth as the dildo between them slides in and out of their pussys. As they get into a rhythm they increase their speed and I can hear their ass’s slapping against each other. Both of the girls tits are hanging down and swinging wildly. It is a beautiful sight to see two hot women fucking each other, banging their ass’s together in perfect rhythm as they pound a long fat dildo in and out of their pussys. My slave is the first to cum as she moans loudly with pleasure. But she knows the other girl has yet to climax, so she continues pushing back against her ass. I have pulled my cock out of my pants and am stroking it wildly as I watch this awesome girl on girl show.

The other girl is now working very hard to reach her orgasm and violently thrashing her ass back into Kellys. Their hanging tits swinging in circles from the constent banging of their ass’s. Finally the girl screams in orgasm and she sprays her cunt juice against my slaves ass. The girl collapses to the floor after a powerful orgasm. The dildo slides out of her soaking wet hole and sticks out of Kellys cunt like a tail. My slave is still on all fours breathing heavily with a long pink rubber cock sticking out of her cunt.

The girl gets up and pulls the long rubber cock out of Kelly’s pussy. She crawls around and puts the pussy soaked dildo in front of Kelly’s face and tells her to lick it clean. My slave sticks out her tongue and begins licking the juicy dildo. Then the girl sticks her thumb in Kellys mouth forcing her mouth open and slides the dildo into her mouth. My slave is very obedient and sucks the juicy dildo into her mouth. Then the blonde takes the end of the dildo that was in my slaves juicy cunt and sucks it into her mouth. The girls are now face to face. Each has one end of a long rubber cock in their mouth as they stare into each others eyes. The blonde begins sliding the dildo in and out of her mouth and my slave does the same. Soon the two of them are in a beautiful rhythm both sucking on the same fake cock. I shoot a load of cum on the floor under my desk.

The blonde lets the dildo fall from her mouth. Kelly takes the dildo from her mouth and the blonde leans forward and gives Kelly a hard wet kiss. The two embrace each other on the floor as they continue to explore each others mouths with their tongues. Their hands all over each other. Then without a word the blonde gets up, puts her UPS uniform back on and walks out the door. My slave just lays on the floor and slowely starts fingering her wet hole. Soon she takes the dildo and fucks herself with it, bringing herself to an intense screaming orgasm. Her legs flail to the side and she falls asleep with the large pink dildo sticking out of her cunt.

When I arrive home from work my slave is wearing nothing but a pair of come fuck me pumps as she cooks my dinner in the kitchen. When she hears me enter she walks over to the counter, gives me a big wet kiss and a warm hug then obediently gets on her knees drops my pants to the floor, removes my thong panties, and takes my cock into her mouth and starts sucking it as I go through the mail that is on the counter.

We eat dinner. My slave is a very good cook and looks delicious sitting naked across from me. I ask her how she liked her surprise, and she says that she loved it. She says she has never had a desire to have sex with another woman, but now she can’t wait for another UPS delivery.

I tell her that was only her first surprise of the day. We go into the living room. She has the room illuminated with candles. I start to kiss her and caress her body. She moans in pleasure. I turn her around so her back is to me and massage her wonderful tits from behind. Then I place a blindfold over her eyes. She smiles and laughs. Next I pull her arms behind her back and tie her hands together with a silk strap. “Oh Todd this is kinky” she says with a sultry laugh. I slap her hard on the ass and she realizes her mistake. “I’m sorry master” she replies “ I meant to say...Oh Master, this is kinky” “That is better” I reply as I gently push her forward so that she is bent over the couch.

I grab her hips and slowely begin pushing my hard cock into her cunt. My slave is blindfolded, bound and bent over a couch as my cock continues sliding up into her hot snatch. She just moans as I continue pushing deeper and deeper. I get into a good rhythm and enjoy watching my dick sliding in and out of her pussy. I reach in the drawer next to me and pull out a vibrater and touch it to her asshole. My slave moans as I begin pushing the vibrator into her puckered asshole. As I get the vibrator in deeper I can feel the vibrations inside her cunt. I shove my cock all the way in her hot wet hole until my balls touch her thighs. Then I start working the vibrater in and out of her beautiful ass. The sensation on my dick is amazing and my slave starts crying out in an intense orgasm as her bound body spasms with pleasure.

I pull my cock out of her twat and back up. Leaving Kelly bent over the couch with a vibrater buzzing in her butt. I walk around to the front and lift up her head. Kelly knows what is coming and opens her mouth. I slide my wet pole into her mouth and slowely fuck her beautiful face.

Kelly’s mouth tenses around my cock as she feels a pair of hands on her hips. She tries to mumble something, but I hold her head and won’t let my dick out of her mouth. She continues to try to talk, but my cock muffles her attempts. Next she feels something hard and wet at the entrance to her cunt. Kelly begins to panic as a hard cock is sliding into her cunt. I am amazed at the size of his dick. My slave is absolutely helpless. Bent over a couch, her hands tied behind her back, her eyes blindfolded, a vibrater buzzing in her asshole, my cock stuffed in her mouth, and a strangers huge dick invading her pussy. He begins fucking her hard and fast. Her body slamming into the couch with each forceful thrust. His cock is much bigger than mine, and her moans of pain escape around my dick.

I pull my cock out of her mouth and my slave is panting heavily. “ he?” Kelly asks in grunts as he relentlessly pounds into her cunt. “Do you really want to know?” I ask her. She thinks about it for a moment then says no. He pulls his huge cock out of her and I pull the vibrater out of her ass and straighten her up. I walk my slave to the middle of the living room. Once there I spread her legs and lower her down on top of him. He guides his massive cock to the entrance of her wet cunt and I help Kelly lower herself down. His impressive cock sliding up into her hot wet hole. Kellys groans of pain begin to sound more like groans of pleasure as her cunt begins to accept his massive cock.

She is now on her knees stradling a stranger with a huge dick in her pussy. Her hands still bound behind her back Kelly starts bouncing on his prick. He reaches up and grabs her big tits and squeezes her hard nipples. Soon my slave is groaning and groaning. Her cunt has never been so full before. He grabs her and pulls her down on top of him. Kelly continues bouncing on his cock. He now reaches behind and pulls her ass cheeks apart exposing her puckering asshole. I am standing behind my slave watching a massive dick thrusting in and out of her pretty little pussy hole and a pair of hands spreading her ass cheeks inviting me to plunge my hard pole into her open asshole. It is more than I can resist.

I get down on my knees and line my cock up to her asshole. As I begin to slide into her ass my slave lets out a long loud grunt. “Oh Goddd” Kelly grunts as I continue sliding into her ass. He is not thrusting into her right now, just holding his cock in her cunt. I continue to push deeper and deeper into Kelly’s asshole. “Oh fuuuuuuuucckkkk” she moans and her body shudders as her holes are being stuffed with cock. I am in her ass to my balls. I slowely start pulling back out and then pushing back in. The guy in her pussy does the same. Soon we are both thrusting in and out of her holes at the same time. My slave is grunting and grunting. “Uh...uh...uhhhh...uh” is all she can get out. At first she sounds as if she is in pain, but soon her grunts of pain become moans of pleasure as her pussy and asshole are being thoroughly fucked at the same time.

I untie her hands so she can support her own weight. Soon Kelly’s body is pushing back against our cocks working us deeper and deeper into her holes. She thrusts her head back almost hitting me in the face as she screams out. “Oh Gaaaaawwwwww!” she screams as her pussy gushes. I can feel her rectum muscles tighten around my dick as she orgasms. As she is coming down from her orgasm I grab her hair and pull her head back. The guy in her cunt starts thrusting into her soaking pussy. I can hear the sloppy sloshing sounds of her cunt being pounded. I start fucking her asshole as I tug on her hair.

On her hands and knees with two dicks pounding away at her holes my slave thinks she cannot possibly take anymore cock...until she feels the tip of a cock at her lips. Kelly opens her mouth and lets him slide his cock into her mouth. She has a cock thrusting in and out of her cunt, her asshole, and now her mouth. She is now full, and by the sounds of her muffled moans she is loving it.

The guy in her mouth lets out a loud groan and fills my slaves mouth with cum. She swallows it down and continues milking his shrinking cock. I pull my dick out of her ass and get in front of her. “Open your mouth slave.” I tell her, and Kelly obediently opens her mouth. I see a glob of cum in her mouth. I stroke my dick and point it at her open mouth and shoot a stream of cum onto her tongue. She knows to keep her mouth open as I am not done cumming yet. I continue to pull on my dick until I shoot another stream of sticky white cum onto her face and into her mouth. “mmmmmm” is all she says as she licks her lips and swallows the cum in her mouth. She knows that my cock just came out of her asshole, but she opens her mouth and sucks my cock into her mouth sucking off all of her ass juice and milking the last drops of cum out of my piss slit.

The guy with the huge cock fucking her cunt slides out from underneath Kelly and shoves his dick into her mouth. She can barely wrap her lips around his thick cock, but she does and begins bobbing her head up and down his pole. His dick is so big that she can only get the head into her mouth. He strokes his shaft as Kelly sucks on the tip. Soon he is grunting and filling her mouth with his cum. He pulls out of Kelly’s mouth and squirts his cum all over her face and into her hair. Kelly’s face is a mess with cum. I wipe the cum off of her face with my fingers and let her lick my fingers clean.

The two men silently dress and leave. I untie my slaves blindfold, and she squints as her eyes adjust to the light. “Oh my God” was all she said. I take her hand and lead her to the bedroom where we relax in the hot tub overlooking the city lights. My slave reaches into the wine cooler next to the hot tub and pulls out a bottle of champagne and we toast to a wonderful day. I ask her how she feels and she says that her holes are sore, but that it is a good sore. “Never in a million years did I ever think I would do the things I did today.” she says “And I never thought I would enjoy it as much as I did” she says with a smile. She then reaches under the water and strokes my cock until it gets hard again. She looks at me with a wicked grin. When Kelly is out in the public she is very classy and well respected but in private the girl has an insatiable appetite for cock. The perfect woman.

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