Little sister becomes my cum dump part 1

Little sister becomes my cum dump part 1

The light turned green at the four-way intersection and I pushed on the gas. without warning another car T-bones me from the right. slamming my car into another. I felt both my arms break and my left leg as the metal of the car crushed in on me. after that everything went black.

I woke up looking up at a hospital ceiling the first thing I noticed was I could not move my arms or left leg without pain shooting through me. I let out a grunt of pain. a male doctor appeared at my bedside looking down at me. "take it easy try not to move you have been out for three days and both your arms are broken along with your left leg after that car hit you." he said pressing a button on the bed causing it to sit me up.

I looked around and saw a male nurse writing on a clipboard. I looked down and both my arms were in casts and my leg. I'm a glass half full guy so I turned to the doctor. "did the crash look cool?" I said with a smirk. the doctor laughed and then the sound of the door opening and a pair of arms hugging me got my attention. "I'm so happy your safe," said my mom as she almost suffocated me in her DD tits.

"she let go and me little sister lily walked up. lily was 18 a year younger than me she was petite with large C cup tits almost D cups. she was wearing a dark green tank top and a dark green skirt that went down to her thighs. her hair was medium length and brown, but she kept it in a ponytail. her eyes were deep blue like the ocean and her beautiful smile could steal the soul of any man.

she was rather athletic tho she never did sports and really did not look it, but she had kicked my ass plenty of times when we would spare outside by our pool. she gave me her most beautiful smile and hugged me if she was taller her tits would have met my face. "when can he come home?" asked my mom. the doctor looked at his papers. "well if he is up for it he can leave today he will need to take it easy for a week or two before starts trying to do anything prideful." said the doctor with a smirk at me. "ill get you his pain pills he will need them twice every twenty-four hours at most no more than that."

they soon had me in a wheelchair and outside the hospital. lily was the one pushing me. towards the car. "now just cause your broken don't think ill take it easy on you when we spare I'll break your other leg." she joked causing me to laugh and mom to give her a not the time look. they both as easy as they could got me into the car and we drove home.

"dad is right now suing the man that hit you he was drunk driving when it happened so i would expect a lot of money to be coming in for you soon." said lily. my dad was a lawyer and very very good one he has never lost a case since he started.

when we got home that had to take me in through the back door cause I could not get up the stairs to the front door. it felt good to be home the air conditioner felt great on my skin. they took me to my room helped me get onto my bed. "ill be right back bro." said lily running out of the room.

I turned and saw my reflection in the mirror. my short brown shaggy hair and brown eyes I worked out decent enough to have a body most girls loved to touch. I also had a fuzz along the side of my face and under my chin from not shaving for three days.

"I'm back," said lily running into the room. she had a sharpie in her hand. I let out a laugh, of course, the traditional cast signing. she giggled and wrote her name on my cast with a heart for the dot of the I. "thanks, lily that makes it a lot easier to look at." she smiled and then put her name the same way on my left arm and leg. she quickly and carefully climbed up onto the bed and lifted my left arm putting it around her as she snuggled into my side putting her arms around my wait. the position she was in aloud me to look at all her cleavage.

mom opened the door and sat my pills on the night stand next to my bed. "here you go now your dad called he needs me in the courtroom with your statement of everything that happened she said pulling out her camera phone. "they said write it down when you woke up but I think recording it like this will buy the jury." she gave me a wink. with lily next to me like this they could not resist. we recorded my statement and then mom kissed my forehead. "ok ill be back in a few hours lily take care of you brother I mean it."

lily rolled her eyes as mom walked out of the room. she snuggled into me and we sat there talking till she fell asleep I soon followed her.

when I woke up I could feel I had a hard on. when I opened my eyes I could see why. my sister's hand was holding my dick through my pants. that's when I noticed she was still cuddled next to me asleep.

my sister was not a good faker she was also not good at lying so I could tell she was actually asleep. I could still see down her top and it was only making my dick harder. I tried to move my waist from her hand but when I did it hurt. took a deep breath. "I'm comfy don't move," she mumbled. "lily wake up," she slowly woke up as she did tho her hand went from just laying on my crotch to grabbing it to lift her self up.

"hmm," she moaned as she looked around. then she noticed her hand. "o gosh Jared I'm sorry," she said taking her hand away. I really wish she didn't tho. she looked at me then she looked down at her shirt. I got scared as I saw her put the puzzle together.

she giggled. "you're such a pervert bro. I felt bad for getting turned on by my little sister until she put her index and middle finger on my stomach and started walking her hand down to my waist. "thankfully so am I." she said with a grin.

she rubbed my dick through my pants causing it to get rock hard. "I can only imagine how much cum there must be after three days of not jerking off." my cock wanted nothing more than to be let out at that moment. she opened my pants and slid her hand into my boxers and grabbed my dick. she gasped and her eyes went wide. "good lord Jared your dick is huge." she said rubbing it slowly. she stopped rubbing and got up.

I thought she was about to leave until she spread her legs over mind being sure not to hit my broken one. she grabbed the waist of my pants and pulled them down to my thighs. "fuck Jared you could kill someone with this!" she exclaimed. her cold hands felt so amazing on my hot dick. I was only 7 1/2 inches long and two inches around. " stroked my cock slowly. "mom said I had to take care of you and to be honest this is my fault so I need to fix it." she said with a lusty grin.

precum rose out of the tip and she got it with her other finger and tasted it. "mmm its actually pretty good." she said with a smile like she had just had a sweet treat.
she moved lower on my legs and bent forward till her mouth was over my dick. she looked up at me with her deep blue eyes. "i promise ill take good care of you big brother." with those words she took the head of my cock into her mouth and started sucking it. the pleasure was amazing as she used her tongue to play with the head.

she started to move her head up and down on it going deeper each time. soon i felt myself hit the back of her throat. "fuck lily!" i groaned. she quickly sat up and looked at me worried. "are you ok did i hurt you?" i shook my head no ." it just felt so good." i said she smiled and went back to sucking my cock. this time she did not wait she pushed her head down till it hit her throat she tried to go deeper but she gagged and came back up coughing.

"I'm not letting you beat me, Jared," she said with determination. I could see the look in her eyes that she was going to beat the challenge in front of her. she quickly took my cock back in her mouth going faster and faster . each time he went down I felt my head hit her throat. ." Lilly, I can't hold on much longer." she pulled her mouth off my dick and looked up at me . "your not supposed to dummy. cum when ever you want." then she slammed her mouth down on my cock shoving it down her throat.

"o fuck I'm cumming!" I grunted as I felt my cum shoot into her throat. three days worth of cum shot out five shot of cum coated her throat as she quickly swallowed. not a drop was spilled. she took her mouth off my softening cock and smiled up at me. " I win Jared," she said before kissing my cock and leaving the room.

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