Water Park love part 4: The awkwardness

Water Park love part 4: The awkwardness

Note: This is a continuation of me and Mark. He is sleeping right next to me as i right it, were at the beach on vacation

After that night on the boat i hadnt seen much of Mark. We had gone to the island, camped out for a few days, had tons of passionate sex, and then went home.

But there was a reason for the long silence between us, upon arriving at his cabin, things fell apart. when we got their i left for the cabin to take a shower. When i got out i went to the living room to find him bleeding out of his hand and into the sink. I rushed to him and tried to help but he pushed me away. "What happened, I want to help!' I cried. "Now you want to fucking help? You scurried off and i had to tie the boat! A rope slipped out and practically ripped my skin off!"

From there was series of me saying im sorry and the atomic bombs just went from there. I packed my things and sped off home in my suburban, waiting to see the wrought iron gate that was my gated community. I couldnt think. I had texted him, but i never got a reply.

A few weeks went by and all i did was hull up in my room, my parents still not home. I decided to emerge from the shadows and do something. I got in my car and went to the mall. I bought everything. My parents had told me that if i went the whole time they were gone without shopping or buying anything (except food) That the week they were to come back, i could go shopping with a 5000 limit. (I know, their extremely lavish)

I dont even know what i bought, i just got clothes, electronics, a new macbook, and some Louis Vuitton Sunglasses for my mother. I just didnt know what to do. The buying was making me feel better though. An hour before the mall was to close i hurried to the parking lot, i had been their all day.

As i got to my car, i raised the trunk and threw my things in there, i closed it and went around the car to the drivers seat. As i was climbing in, i saw two people making out. "Man" i thought. This thing was just following me everywhere. "Wait a minute!" I cried. I looked up and realized why these two were getting so much of my attention. It was Mark and that little whore from the water park. I dont know what shocked me more, the fact that he was kissing her, or the fact that she though he was straight! but then again, who cares with that boys body.

He looked up and pulled away. He was stunned, but i knew that look. He wanted to make sure i wasnt going to expose him. Dont worry, im not that cruel, i mumbled. I sped away.

It was a wonder that i made it home without an accident. The speed i was driving was insane. I threw my things in my room, plopped on my bed and started sobbing.

I woke up to noise. I jumped out of bed. Who was there? "Hello" i called. "Jeremy sweetie! Is that you?" I heard the all to familiar voice of my mother voice. "Mom" I cried to suprised. "I thought you werent due back until tuesday!" "Well your father wanted back a few days earlier, a storm was coming, although it was just a few clouds." she said.

I was so happy that they were home. I gave her the sunglasses i bought her and she was perplexed. she poked fun at how i spent my money on her. I laughed, but i still did not have my mind off of her. "Jeremy" my mom called "Pack your bags tomorrow because were going to a persons house that we met while we were in Europe, weve become really good friends. We leave tomorrow night" Awesome, just the thing i need. Maybe it will get my mind off things.

That night as i went to bed i sobbed again. I was pathetic and weak and he was hunky, hot, attractive and strong.

As i threw my bag into my dads BMW, i took in a deep breath. I climbed in the car and when we left, i fell asleep shortly after. The drive had been around 7 hours and i slept throughtout the whole thing. When i woke up it was night, i stumbled groggily to the door and a man and women answered they showed me to my room and i plopped on the bed. they told me i wass sharing with their kid, but i couldnt remember the whole details and wasnt paying attention either. LAter that night someone crawled in bed, but i didnt pay much attention.

I awoke to the sun in my face. When my eyes adjusted, i saw what looked like a deck facing a beautiful beach. The room i was in was fit for a king. I heard breathing next to me and freaked out, forgetting that someone was rooming with me. I turned over and freaked out. In front of me was the all to familiar abs and torso of the man i once loved. His face was covered with a pillow and he was sound asleep. I rushed to the bathroom in the hallway and splashed water on my face.

I went to the kitchen and sat down. My parents and anolther couple were there. The woman handed me a plate and said, "Hi I am trish and this is my husband james. We met your parents in Italy and hit it off" she said. "Hey guys" said a voice as he stumbled into the kitchen rubbing his eyes. "Oh hey sweetie" Trish said" Mark, this is jeremy, tim and lisas son, JEremy this is our son Mark" He stopped and Looked up wide eyed. "Small World" he mumbled. "Nice to meet you" I said as i pushed my chair out and stomped to the bathroom shuttin the door behind me. I stripped off my clothes, threw on some running shorts and my running shoes and sprinted out the door.

I ran down the development, letting the sea breeze whip my face and run through my hair. I Ran farther and faster, not knowing where i was going. I eventually ended up on the beach. I ran down the sand, tripping and fumbling in the dunes. I fell on my knees and the water carried me away. I floated on the top and just screamed and sobbed. The salt water ran in and out of my mouth. I swam back to shore and laid there.

I felt a huge blanket wrap around me and i let the shivers take hold of my body. I shook and trembled and sunddenly i was restrained. Someone came under the blanket and held me tight. The security in that only caused me to shiver more and sob louder. I fell asleep.

I awoke only thirty minutes later and i was still being held. I decided that this was remotley creepy that i dint know who was holding me. I turned around and looked up. It was no one other than him. I started beating his chest and crying harder. I jumped up and started to run. He followed. I ran down the end of the beach until i founf a cove in the rocks and dove into it. He came in and pinned me against the wall as i struggled sobbing. "Calm down" He said firmly but comfortingly.

After a few more minutes my sobs turned into whimpers. "What do you want" i stuttered out. "You" He said as his pressed his lips against mine. "I pulled away but i was still in his grasp. "NO! you dont text or call and i dont hear from you in weeks. Then the only time i see you is when your making out with some bimbo. Fuck you and get the fuck away from me." "Listen. I love you. I blew up and i shouldnt have let it happen. After that amazing week on the island i struggled with my love for you. I had never felt anything like it and i just didnt know about it being with a guy. I went to her to try and see if i was straight or not. I leafrned that im not and that you will always and forever be the only one for me" He said. And with that he pushed me down, jumped on top of me and began furiously making out with me.

I responded and pushed my tongue in his mouth. He kissed me with a passion and desire. He ran his hands up and down my body. He pulled away only enough to whisper to me. "After all i have done to you, this sex, on this beach, is for you only" he said. And with that he kissed down my body taking special interests at my nipples. HE swirled his tongue on them and sucked on them sending me into heaven.
he continued down until he reached my pants. He ripped of his clothes reaveling his beautiful body that i had missed so much.

He yanked my pants down with his teeth and started licking and sucking my balls. He did this and then moved to my cock. He sent his mouth down on my dick taking my whole 8 and a half inches with him. He bobbed up and down and swirled his tongue all over my dick. As i began to tense up he stopped. He turned on his back laid down and guided my dick to his ass. I pushed straight in and began to pound him. He jacked his dick while staring directly into my eyes smiling.

After about a few minute i began to tense up. He sped his humps up and i thrusted deep inside and blew the biggest load of my life. I realized that i hadnt jacked off since our fight. He began to blow his load all over his chest and i fell on top of him. The cum made me slide down him body until our faces met. We kissed passionetly and went to the ocean to skinny dip and wash off. When we got onto shore he pulled me tight, kissed me on the lips and said "I am so gay for you"

As i right this story from my memory still fresh, this whole thing happened today, I look down on my man and say "thank god".

Let mem know what you think! PS he looks so cute sleeping

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