Sex in the Office

Sex in the Office

Sex at the Office
Geoff put the mail sachet down on the C.E.O.’s massive desk. The pile had continued to grow despite the entire workplace being reduced to three for the Christmas week closure. Turning to leave he found Stacey the high spirited receptionist blocking his exit.

“You know Geoff,” she said playing with her peroxide blonde hair. “I’ve always wondered about your big feet. Is it true what they say about men and big feet?”

“You show me yours and I’ll show you mine,” Geoff’s instant response. Stacey knew that Natalie the Senior Administrator was busy out the back. Hitching up her knee length skirt she closed the distance between them. Geoff undone his fly and let his firehose swing between his legs.

“Holy shit,” Stacey gasped revealing her shaved slit. “It’s huge, look at it. You’re some sort of freak.” Realizing that her rambling lacked tact she shut her gob and stared.

“You can touch it,” Geoff smirked. Stacey’s eyes widened with excitement she knelt down and grasped the shaft of Geoff’s cock. Her delicate manicured fingers dwarfed as they wrapped around its girth.

The thought of fucking Stacey teased at his senses, his dick twitching with anticipation. “Oh,” Stacey squealed, releasing it from her grip. “It’s alive,” she giggled still trying to mimic an old fashion horror movie.

“Suck it,” Geoff’s nonconscious desires voiced uncontrollably. It was then that Stacey first contemplated fucking Geoff’s enormous organ. The thought igniting her passions and fuelling her desire for the mischievous. Latching on with both hands she mouthed at the head drunkenly. The hardening cock increasing her need to take this monster completely.

Geoff’s cock was highly sort after by the girls in his neighbourhood, but he’d never imagined fucking a classy office chick. Classy or not he knew what she wanted and where to put it. “Do you want it?” he asked knowingly. “Do you want to feel it inside you?”.

Stacey had reached the point where desire outweighed decency and passion outweighed logic. All she could focus on was being fucked hard by that thing. Hitching her skirt and slipping off her knickers she sat on the edge of the desk. “Fuck me, fuck me good and hard,” she hissed.

Geoff could see her opened peach dripping with the hope of sinful ecstasy. He could feel it too, a longing inside him to have the tight wet flesh of her pussy wrap around his hardened cock. Geoff drove it in filling her beyond capacity, pain stabbed at her from below and endorphins flooded her from above. The clash of feelings generating a mishmash of emotions and pleasurable torment.

As he pounded her stretching cunt she slipped across the surface of the smooth desk. “Let’s swap, I’ll get on top,” Stacey said breathless.

“Sure,” Geoff replied dropping his pants and laying on the floor. Stacey stepped over him, holding his cock upright she took great pleasure sliding down the length of the shiny shaft. Oblivious to their surroundings they humped each other developing their raging orgasms.

Natalie could hear the flesh slapping rhythm before she reached the open door. Peeking in she could see the two staff members screwing in the boss’s office. A train of thoughts traversed through the tunnels of her mind. What to do? Ignore them, stop them, challenge them, join them. Join them – the thought echoing in the emptying tunnels. Natalie was a dependable, hardworking Mum who had sacrificed for her family never putting herself first.

Sneaking another peek around the door Natalie noticed the size of Geoff’s rod. The stature of her husband never reached the depths that Natalie longed for. A while ago she got a big rubber dong and hidden in the darkness she hammers herself dreaming of just this moment. She reached down the front of her elasticized slacks and slid her fingers in to the warmth of her crotch. Moisture had soaked through her thin briefs wetting the tips of her fingers.

The years had been counting up diminishing the hopes of Natalie’s fantasies and dreams. Don’t miss this devil sent opportunity she thought to herself. Her heart pounded in her chest, her fingers and toes tingled with excitement. Could she really do this? Could she really join in? Hovering at the cusp of the doorway, “Come on Nat you can do this,” she whispered encouragingly.She strut confidently into the room removing her slacks and briefs as she went. The half-naked supervisor jolted the two lovers back from their erotic dreams.

“Whoa!” Stacey exclaimed coming to terms with the surprise. Geoff lay looking up at his supervisor’s unclothed wild haired pussy, his mouth agape unable to form words.

“No telling,” Natalie commanded as she sat down on Geoff’s still gaping mouth. Natalie jived and twisted as he tongued at her, lapping up the increasing juices. Natalie’s enjoyment apparent Stacey felt comfortable enough begin again. The three danced to the beat of a silent band setting a tempo that drove them to a frenzied ecstasy.

Stacey reeled back and forth pushing down harder on Geoff’s lap. Her clit rubbing his pubic mound adding the last needed element to the orgasmic recipe. Geoff’s lethal sized cock forced into the depths of Stacey’s body pushed out a gushing orgasm. “Oh fucking Christ,” she moaned as the embers of the orgasm died.

Finished with the erotic adventure Stacey stepped aside. Natalie got up and bent over the desk exposing her deserving pussy. Geoff didn’t need directions, sliding in the length of the shaft. The freakish cock touched depths in Natalie that had never been explored. The wickedness of it all spiralling her consciousness into a field of dark forbidden rapture. Her orgasm an unforgettable kaleidoscope of burning emotions.

Watching this elegant mature woman orgasm under his power sent Geoff over the edge. He pulled out and fired strands of cum across Natalie’s pearl white arse cheeks. Noticing that Stacey had gone and feeling a little uncomfortable, he too slipped out of the room. Natalie cleaned up and dressed ensuring nothing had been disturbed before she went.

Sixty seconds elapsed and the quiet buzz of the hidden motion activated camera ended. C.E.O.s are careful and untrusting people.

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