Lust 3

Lust 3

Once again, I was ending the night masturbating after being extremely horny because of my daughter’s adventures. Today had been a crazy day, and I couldn't believe what had happened after I calmed my horny thoughts with an orgasm. I went to sleep like an angel after that.

In the morning, I woke up early and made breakfast. When the kids came down, I served them some cereal and grabbed the banana my daughter had put in her ass the night before and gave it to my son. I looked at my daughter’s face when she saw that it was the same she had used, and it was great. After that, they both went upstairs to get ready to leave and I took a shower so I could be ready for the security system people. After my shower I went back downstairs to get some stuff for the kids, when my daughter came down. She surprised me with the outfit she was wearing. Her white miniskirt didn't leave much to imagination showing her beautiful legs and her braless top showed her nipples through very clearly. I’m was sure her brother was going to love the way she looked and I wondered if she was wearing anything underneath her skirt. My son came down a few minutes later and he couldn't help it but stare at her tits while I was explaining the rules of the car and the credit card. I gave him the keys and I gave my credit card to my daughter and told her to use it carefully. She then asked me if they could go to the mall later that day and if she could buy some clothes with it. This gave me a great idea for later so I told her to buy whatever she wanted. They left for my friend’s house and I waited for the security system guys.

After a couple of hours they finally arrived and started explaining how the system would work and where I wanted the cameras to be set up. I asked them to install them in every room so I could see everywhere in the house and some special cameras in the living room where I wanted to make sure I had a view from different angles. The kitchen would have one and then obviously some outside with at least one in the pool area. They started working on it and told me they would be working on it both for two days but they would be done, for sure, on the following afternoon.

I decided to leave them working at home and go shopping. I was really excited to visit a sex shop so I could buy some nice outfits and toys to play with. On my way there I started getting messages on my phone. I quickly looked at it and saw that they were from my daughter.

“Hey Daddy, I just got to my friend’s house. We are hanging out with her and her mom until she leaves for work. I’m really excited to get some tasks done today. My brother can’t stop staring at my boobs”

“I’m glad to hear that princess. What are you wearing?”

“A mini-skirt and a tank top”



“Not even under your skirt?”


“Good girl. Make sure you give your brother some good views of your pretty little pussy. I want you to get him really horny throughout the day”

“I’ll be happy to do that once my friend’s mom leaves”

“Let me know when you start being a little slut”

I put my phone away and kept driving. I was really nervous when I got to the sex shop. I had never been to one before. My husband had gotten me the only vibrator I have ever had and it wasn't anything crazy in size or shape. I wanted something more fun now and was determined to go in.

I got out of my car and finally went in. There were no customers inside since it was still early and I was thankful the person behind the counter was a girl. For some reason going to a sex shop made me feel some shame, even though I had been doing some very naughty things lately. She greeted me when she saw me and offered to help but I told her I was just looking around. There were some really cool things in there. From small to huge vibrators to strap-ons and sex games. I grabbed a couple of things that I though would help me have fun in the near future and moved to the outfit section. There was a piece of underwear with a vibrator adapted to it that also included a remote control. I thought this would be an awesome acquisition too. On the next section there were a few sex games which I had no idea existed. There were some really cool ones that gave me some ideas to try with a group of people. When I got to the back of the store I saw that the there were a couple of doors that caught my attention and curiosity. There was also a big selection of porn movies in between each door. I was looking around and found some really cool ones about incest, some about black guys on white girls, threesomes, orgies, pretty much every kind of sex I could imagine was on there. I was trying to select one to take home when the lady from the store started talking to me.

“Can I help you with anything?”

“No, I’m just looking at the movies”

“You know you can see most of the previews in one of the showrooms. They are very private and you can spend as much time as you want in there, as long as you get some things from the store”

“Oh I don’t know about that, that sounds like too much for me”

“Here why don’t you try it?” She asked me, opening one of the doors in the back section.

“Alright I guess it doesn't hurt” My curiosity kicked in and I started heating up.

“Sure, just let me know if you need help with anything”

I went in the little room. It smelled kind of weird and it had a chair and a computer that was set up to look at their movie collection and the previews. I was looking at the first titles when I got another text.

“My friend’s mom just left. We are just watching a movie”

“What are your plans for the day?”

“Well my friend has a really nice pool so maybe that and maybe go to the mall later”

“I like the pool idea. Have you been showing off for your brother?”

“He is sitting across from me right now. Do you want me to give a him a good show right now?”

“Why don't you put your legs up in your chair and keep looking at your phone”

“Ok I did it but he’s not looking at me”

“Why don't you start talking about going to the pool to get his attention”

“Ok now he’s looking. I’m pretty sure he can see my pussy”

“Is your friend there too?”

“Yeah, she is sitting next to me”

“Ok I want you to go change for the pool in a second, but first I want you to leave your legs up on the chair and then tell him you guys are going to go change, then look at him in the eyes and open your legs wide for at least 5 seconds so he can be sure that you are being a slut on purpose. Then before you get up to go change, touch your pussy with your fingers and open it for your brother to see it”

“That’s really hot. I’ll tell you about it when I get upstairs to change.”

I started watching the preview for a movie about cuckolds like the one I had seen on my son’s favorite website. The guys would ask their wives to fuck other guys while they watched in the same room. Some of the girls were being fucked by huge black guys which got me really horny. The preview was only a couple of minutes long. My phone rang again.

“OMG that got me really hot”

“Did he look at your pussy”

“He tried not to but when I opened my legs like you asked, he starred at my pussy for a few seconds and then woke up when I got up”

“Thats nice. Good girl. Did you change already?”

“No I'm in the bathroom. I wanted to tell you first”

“Is your friend pretty slutty too?”

“No she is a prude”

“Prudes don’t kiss their best friends”

“That was only one time and it was only because I told her about the guy I was chatting with and I pretty much forced her to do it so I could send the pictures”

“Did you tell her about me yet?”

“No I haven’t. Should I?”

“Well I have a plan for her”

“What do you mean?”

“I would like her to be your little slut”

“I don’t think she would be up for that. She is such a prude”

“All you need is to be more dominant with her”

“And how do I do that”

“Tell her about me and ask her to repeat the kiss picture to start. I’m sure you’ll figure out a way to make her do it. After that, send me the picture and we’ll go from there.”

“Ok I’ll try”

“And make sure you are wearing that tiny bikini when you do the pics. In fact find a small one for her too. I want to see how hot your little friend is”

“Yes Daddy”

A few minutes later I got a picture of my daughter kissing her best friend in the mouth. She had her eyes fully closed and it was really erotic. I couldn't believe how far I had come with this plan, but there was nothing that could stop me now. I decided to buy a couple of the cuckold movies to try to learn a little more about that world. I paid for everything and went back to my car to answer to my daughter.

“That’s really hot” I said.

“You think so?”

“Definitely. Are you guys going to the pool now?”

“Yeah we’re still changing”

“Did you find that bikini for your friend?”

“She has an old one kind of like mine”

“Make her try it on and show me” Another couple of minutes passed and then a picture of Jenny with a tiny bikini was showing on my phone”

“I like her, she’s hot. Not as hot as you of course princess”

“HaHa thanks. She wasn't that hard to convince after all”

“Text me before you head out to the pool, I got some tasks for you”

I drove back home and on the way there my phone rang a couple of times, but I was driving so I didn't pay attention to what she was texting me.

When I got home, I parked and looked at my phone. There were at least 4 messages from her. This showed me how much she liked these games. She wanted to let me know they were in the pool now with her brother and her friend.

“I want you to get on one of those tanning chairs and ask your brother to apply some sun-block on you. Tell him you don't want to get your hands greasy”

“Should I let him apply it all over”

“Ask him for a full body. Also, start by laying on your belly and tell him to go from bottom to top. Once he gets to you waist, untie your bikini. Tell him you don't want tanning lines. After he’s done with your back, turn around, but don't tie your bikini, just cover your tits with it in a sloppy way. I want him to see as much as he can. You should encourage him to get deep and high in your thighs and very close to your bikini top, we don't want your tan lines to be crazy. Text me after he is done with you and then ask him to do your friend”


I got to my house and the 2 guys had made great progress with the cameras in the rooms upstairs. I was really excited to plan for the week ahead and all the things I would be able to see with this cameras. Finally, my cell phone rang again.

“He’s doing my front right now. He’s going up my legs. I can’t believe he pretty much gave me a butt massage already in front of Jenny”

“Open your legs a little bit so he doesn't get shy when getting closer to your upper thighs”

“He’s really close to my pussy. It feels really good”

“Make sure you tell him to apply a little more in that area”

“I got him to do it again. He even moved my bikini bottom a little bit to the side and put sunscreen in my pussy a couple of times with his fingers”

“Now, how much of your tits are covered?”

“Like my nipples and around a little bit. My top is small so…”

“When he’s doing your waist, move one side of your top up so he can clearly see your nipple. Tell him you don't want to hurt because of the sun”

“OMG he touched my nipple. He pretty much put sun-block on my nipple”

“How did that feel?”

“That was the hottest thing ever. If I’m this horny I can’t imagine how hard he must be”

A few minutes later I decided to text her again.

“What are you guys doing now?”

“We’re thinking about maybe going to the mall”

“Going shopping?”

“Well I don't have much money to buy stuff but mostly walk around”

“Can I make you an offer?”

“What kind of offer?”

“Well I was thinking maybe I could send you stuff, like presents. Things that you could use for our little games. Even clothes if you wanted to. You don't have to say yes, I don't want to offend you or anything” I knew she would like me even more if I started buying her things.

“No, that would be awesome. How would you send them though? Do you want my address?”

“That would be perfect. I could send you something today and it would get there tomorrow morning. I hope that’s ok with you”

“That’s perfect. Thank you daddy ; ”

She then sent me her address which gave me a free way for a lot of new games with her.

“Awesome, I’ll send it right away. I have the perfect thing for you”

“What is it?”

“It’s a surprise”

“Toys or clothes”

“Could be both”

“I like that”

“Let me know when you get to the mall, I have a shopping list for you”

“Ok, it’ll be a couple of hours though”

I finally got a little break from my day and decided to relax in my house. The guys were still working in the living room cameras so I went to my room. I unpacked my recently acquired toys on the bed. I was really excited to watch the movies I had bought but specially one. This one was about amateur cuckold stories, just like the one I had found in my son’s website, but it was supposed to have a lot more couples in it. I put it in my DVD player and texted my husband to see how he was doing.

The menu came up and there were a few scenes to pick, each one with different couples. I decided to go in order. I clicked on the first one and pictures started showing with little descriptions of them. The first few pictures were about the wedding of these apparently normal couple. The description was about how normal their sexual life was when they got married. The next few pictures showed her posing naked in bed waiting for him. The description was about how the guy convinced her of being more open minded so he could start making videos of her. There were a few clips that lasted seconds each of these couple having sex in different places including rooms, balconies, a car. It was exciting to see how they were starting to get hotter and hotter with each clip. One of the clips showed how he was choking her with his dick until he came all over her face. This got me up to speed and I decided to start playing with one of my new toys (a nice size dildo that simulated the penis of a black man). There were now several clips of deep-throating with the same couple but one struck me the most. On this clip, I could only see the legs of the guy and she was laying on him in a 69 position. She looked like a young girl with a very innocent beautiful face. She was naked and kissing his dick from top to bottom. When she went to kiss the head of his dick, the guy grabbed her head from behind and shoved his dick all the way down her throat. I could clearly see the effort she had to make in order to let the whole length of his dick in her throat. He pushed a couple of times in and let her take a breath. She recovered for a second and then suddenly he would start pushing her head down and trusting again. This time harder and deeper. I could see his balls hitting her eyes every time he charged up with his dick. Spit started coming out of the corners of her mouth and ran down his balls and thighs. He stopped again and I could see her eye liner starting to run down from all the wetness. This was the best scene so far and all I was wishing was for me to be in her position. My dildo was going deep inside my pussy now when my husband finally texted back.

“Hey honey, sorry I was busy in a meeting but now I’m back in the hotel. How is your day going?”

I wanted to answer but I couldn't stop masturbating and watching this girl getting throat fucked. I took my phone and decided to send a picture to my husband. The picture showed my pussy being filled with my new black dildo and in the background you could clearly see the girl trying to catch her breath, with her face completely wet from all the spit that his dick was pushing out.

“Holly shit, that’s really hot, when did you get that”

I paused the movie for a second but left the dildo inside my pussy.

“The dildo or the cuckold movie?” I wanted to see my husband’s reaction with the word cuckold.

“Cuckold? I’ve never heard you say that before”

“I’m trying to gather all the knowledge I can”

“Do you like the movie?”

“One of my favorites so far. I can’t wait until you’re here so we can watch it together while you tell me what scenes you want me to re-create with other guys”

“I wouldn't mind you getting deep-throated like that girl in the movie”

“And make a video of it so you could watch it?”

“That would be the hottest thing”

“I’ll think about it my little cuckold”

“What else are you planning?”

“Well I just bought this big friend so I can get my pussy used to being used by a real dick”

“How does it feel”

“I can’t wait to have a real warm one in me”

“Are you gonna make the real one cum in your pussy?”

“Only if you suck all the cum out of it like a good husband”

By this time I was way too deep into this conversation and seeing the girl in the movie being used like an object by her black stud and my husband talking about how much he would love for me to be in her position, plus my new big friend stretching my pussy was too much and I had a great orgasm.

“That was too much for me dear” My husband sent a picture of what appeared to be a bathroom in his office and there was cum all over the toilet.

“Same here. I can’t wait to do the real thing”

“I love you. I gotta get back to work”

I finally calmed down from my orgasm and turned the TV off. It was late in the afternoon and I knew the guys downstairs would be going home soon. I fixed my clothes and went down to see how they were doing. They were packing everything up to go home but they had finished the whole living room and the kitchen. All they would need to do the next day would be the 3 rooms. They said they would be done by noon so I made plans for my kids to come back that afternoon. The guys left and I decided to make some food and relax since I knew I was gonna have some time for myself. While I was cooking I got a text from my daughter.

“We are at the mall now, is there anything special you wanted me to get?”

“I need you to get some striped knee high socks”

“I’ve always wanted that kind

“Buy some for your friend too”

“K. Is there anything else you want me to buy?”

“Is there a Victoria’s Secret in that mall?”

“Yeah there is one”

“I want you to make your brother walk with you and Jen around the store and ask him what his preference on female underwear is. Buy a couple of the smallest ones he likes just so he knows you want to please him”

A few minutes passed and my daughter texted me.

“We’re in the store now. He picked some really hot ones for me”

“That’s great. Now I need you to get the smallest booty shorts you see and go try them on with your friend in the same fitting room”

“This shorts fit us really nice”

She sent me a picture of the two of them bending over looking at the camera through the mirror. They looked really hot and I knew that the shorts plus the knee high socks would drive my son crazy in a few nights.

“Make sure you buy a few of those shorts, I don’t want you going back to what you were wearing before around the house. Maybe even some nice pajama sets that make you look hot”.

“I will. We gotta head back to my friend’s house, it’s getting late. Talk again tomorrow?”

“Sure princess. Don’t forget to tease your brother on the way back.”

I finished my food and went upstairs to relax in my room but while I was passing through my son’s room I decided to go look through his computer one more time. I moved the mouse and he had his Facebook page up. I started looking at his newsfeed when a very familiar face showed up; It was a picture of John and Steve having fun at what appeared to be a pool party. My heart stopped for a second after realizing that the guys I had been banging actually knew my son and not only that, but they were friends. I had no idea what to do now. What if they found out who I was? What if they told my son that I was fucking them at the gym in front of other people?

I got off the computer for a second and decided to go to my room to think. I laid down on my bed thinking about the consequences of all the crazy things I had been doing for the past few days. Images of my gym friends kept popping in my head while thinking about my son. Inevitably I started thinking about my son fucking me just like John had been doing it at the gym. I grabbed my new toy and started playing with my pussy thinking it was my son’s dick moving around in my sweetest spot. It didn't take me long to stop worrying about John telling my son that I was a slut and instead I started thinking about how to start fucking my son.

I stopped masturbating and moved back to my son’s computer to look at his porn account once again. I wanted to see his last favorited videos on his favorite website. I logged in without a problem and got into his personal page on the website. I clicked on his favorites and there were a few new videos with girls who looked like teenagers and had the same features as my daughter. I knew our games were making my son crazy horny for his sister so I needed a new plan in order to make everyone happy. I decided that creating an account and sending messages to my son would be a good idea since I had tried it with my daughter with awesome results.

I created a profile as a guy that had a thing for taboo sex. I uploaded some of the pictures I had gotten from my daughter without her face on them and added titles like “my sister in a bikini” or “my sister doesn’t wear underwear”. I also favorited some of the videos my son had in his account. After a few minutes of going through my new account I decided to add him as one of my friend accounts and send him a message so I could start talking to him.

“Hey I know we have never talked before but I really like the videos you have in your account. You seem very into taboo just like I am and I would really enjoy talking about this stuff with you. Not everyone understands these type of things so I’m sure we can both benefit from a non judgmental online friend”.

It took me a while to establish a credible account but hopefully he would respond in the next few days. I was really horny from planning everything for my son and from masturbating that same day without finishing, so that night, I texted John and asked him if he was gonna be at the gym the next morning. He ended up saying he was going to, but without Steve this time. He said he had a new friend he wanted me to meet. I got curious but happy to have fresh meat at the gym. I then texted my daughter to let them know that they could come back that afternoon.

The next day, I woke up to the sound of the doorbell. The security guys were there already so I had to get up to let them in. I went back to bed and checked my phone before going back to sleep. I had a couple of texts form my daughter.

“So after we got home from the mall, my friend wanted to watch a movie and I couldn't stop thinking about what happened last time I watched a movie with my brother. I tried to set us up the same way as last time but I ended up sitting next to him. My friend was in front of us and it would have been too obvious if we did anything. So I grabbed a blanket to cover us and put my legs on him just like last time.”

“He was shy at first but after a while he started fingering me one more time. I didn't want to cum so I asked him to switch sides with me and I put my head on his lap. I sneaked my hand though the bottom of his shorts and started slowly stroking his dick. My hand and his lap were covered by the blanket but my face was above it. I massaged the head of his penis and the base and also his balls. It was awesome! He finally came after a few minutes all over my hand. I took my hand out and licked it while looking at him in the eyes. I had to tell you before I went to bed.”

This text drove me crazy horny. I couldn't believe she had done all this on her own. This was her brother and there was someone else in the room with them. If her friend had found out about it she would have lost her mind. I couldn't wait to see what John had for me at the gym that morning.

I decided to take a shower and got ready for the gym. I was extremely horny but didn't want to get off because I knew I was gonna get some at the gym. I put on my favorite outfit with just my booty shorts, no underwear and my sports bra. When I got to the gym, John was nowhere to be found so I decided to start working out. A good 30 minutes later I was running out of patience and my pussy was needing some action. I decided to ask the front desk guy who I had sucked off last time I was at the gym. He seemed kind of nervous talking to me but told me that John said he was gonna be in the sauna.

I finally found the sauna room which had a big clear window that if it wasn't for the steam, you could probably see everyone inside. I was about to walk in when the front desk guy told me I needed to be naked to go in there. He said I could go change in the women's locker and there would be towels for me in there. I got naked and grabbed a towel, making my way back to the sauna. When I walked in, I couldn't really see anyone but I kept walking towards the end of the room, closer to the burner. I finally saw the shape of two guys that were sitting on the corner by the back of the room.

“John?” I asked.

The guy didn't say anything but grabbed my hand and made me sit down on his lap. He had dark skin and I could feel his strong thighs under my butt. I knew this wasn't John but I also knew he said he had a new friend for me. The guy undid the top of my towel which was covering my tits and made me stand up so he could get rid of it completely. There I was standing naked in front of an unknown guy sweeting like crazy and nervous that anyone could walk in the room at any time and see me like that. The guy took his towel off and folded it, putting it on the floor in from of him. He sat back down and grabbed me, directing me to kneel down in front of him. He was sitting on the second row of seats so I got on my knees on the first row and waited for his command to start sucking. He suddenly grabbed my head and pushed it towards his cock which I could see clearly now. It had a great size, maybe even bigger than my husbands. It wasn't completely hard but it was long and thick. It reminded me of my new black dildo. I grabbed his dick with my right hand and started licking his sweaty dick from bottom to top. It had a delicious taste and made me want to suck it for hours.

All of a sudden I felt two hands grab my ass. I looked back and found John completely naked and with a hard on, ready to fuck me from behind. I smiled at him and kept sucking his black friend’s dick. The wetness from the sauna plus the time I had been fooling around with the other guy had my pussy ready for John. He put his dick at the entrance of my pussy and started softly thrusting in and out. First just the head, but every time he pulled back he came back with a little more of his dick deeper in my pussy. It felt great to be fucked from behind when I was sucking an unknown dick with such hunger. I started remembering my daughter’s text from that morning and that gets me really going. I started sucking harder and putting his dick deeper in my throat trying to imitate what the girl in last night’s movie was doing. I gaged sometimes when John pushed so hard that his friend’s dick went deeper than I could take. We were going at it when suddenly the sauna door opened and we could hear two female voices talking and walking in the room. We were far enough from the door that they couldn't see us and we couldn't see them but it still made me nervous. I tried to get out of my position but the black guy was holding my head while John had me pinned down to his dick from behind. We were as still as statues. I couldn’t really see the girls since they were on the other side of the room and the steam didn't let me see anything. I was hoping they wouldn't be able to see anything either and then John started pounding again, this time not as hard but you could still hear the sound of his dick getting in and out of my wet pussy. His friend leaned forward and grabbed my head with his two hands starting to deep throat me in a way I had never experienced before. I felt like the slut I watched in the movie last night except that I was doing this in public, while another guy was fucking me from behind. John increased his rhythm and I could tell he was about to come in me but at the same time he was making a lot more noise by slapping my pussy with his balls. I could feel the other guy building up his orgasm while fully opening my throat. John pulled out his cock and started cumming on my ass while his friend pulled his dick out of my throat and started cumming all over my face. He grabbed my hair roughly and I opened my mouth trying to catch some of his cum but I think he was aiming more for my eyes and cheeks. Once they were both done I came back to reality and noticed that the room had gone completely quiet. The girls that were talking the whole time weren't saying anything any more and I started noticing less steam in the room. I turned right and saw these two young girls starring at us with their mouths wide opened.

“Let’s get out of here” I told the guys while getting off my knees.

The guys grabbed their towels and made their way out of there into the boys locker room. I looked for my towel but couldn't find it and I realized that John probably took it to make me come out of the sauna naked. The girls were still starring at me when I finally decided to get out of the room and make my way to the girls locker room. As soon as I left the sauna and was making my way to the locker, I saw the front desk guy who was making his rounds. He smiled at me while looking at my face covered in semen and my completely naked body. I finally got to the lockers and there were a few girls in there that didn't really notice me. I made my way to the showers and finally calmed down. I didn't know what exactly had just happened. I had a mixed feeling of excitement and shame. I was mad a John for taking my towel, but at the same time horny that he had made me walk naked in front of those girls and across the gym while covered in cum. I had discovered that my shame quickly went away and was replaced by being proud of my body that had been used by two guys at the same time in a public place. I tried to masturbate in the shower but kept needing something else to get off. I finally decided to get out of there, I put my clothes back on and went back home. On my way home I got a text from John.

“That was awesome back at the gym. I loved how those girls were just watching us fuck the whole time but were too curious to leave”

“What do you mean the whole time” I replied.

“Yeah right after they came in I stopped putting water in the steamer so they could see us fuck for a while. I’m pretty sure they enjoyed the show”

“OMG I hate you for taking my towel”

“Yeah that was a nice touch. I’m pretty sure you don't mind being seen naked and full of cum in public places though”

“Maybe you're right”

When I got home It was noon and the guys were done with the camera system. They taught me how to use it and gave me a special password for the room cameras. I couldn't wait for my future plans with this new toy.

I went up to my bedroom thinking that I could finally get off with the help of my new toy. I was laying in bed moving my gym shorts to the side so I could start working on my pussy when I heard the door open. It was my kids who had gotten back from my friend’s house. I put away all my toys and went down to say hi. I was still in my gym outfit which doesn't cover much and let my pussy show very well. I caught my son looking at my pussy a couple of times which with how horny I was made me want to fuck him right there. But the voice of reason in my mind told me to cool down and keep having fun with my plans instead. I was surprised to see that Jenny was with them and my daughter asked me if she could spend the weekend with us. This gave me great ideas for the weekend so I said yes to her request.

My kids went up to unpack in their rooms while I decide to take another shower to cool down the sex thoughts from my head. All I could think of was how to make my kids have even more fun with each other. I got out of the shower with a new plan in my mind.

I got out of the shower with horny thoughts still in my mind when I realized that my son had been busy on his computer sending me a message back to my fake profile.

“That’s awesome! I really enjoy taboo too but I haven't met anyone yet who is into it like I am. Here is my email address if you want to message me later, I could really use a friend to talk about this stuff right now”

My son had just opened up for me to bring up a whole new set of fantastic plans I had in my mind. The first thing was to try to figure out what he had been thinking about his sister’s behavior in the past few days. I sent an email back asking him to add me to the chat I had been using with my daughter that way we could have instant communication.

“Hey, I’m new to this chat type of thing so I just wanted to try it first” He texted me.

“Awesome, thanks for adding me. I have been looking for someone that shares the same taste I have”

“Nice! I guess me too, I just didn't know other people were into these type of things”

“Yeah I know what you mean but I guess after I started feeling sexually attracted to my sister I did some research and found that it is actually not that uncommon”

“Really? You feel attracted to your sister?”

“Yeah, all the time. I just don’t think that the feeling is mutual but that’s why I like to fantasize about it”

“Oh, so you have never actually done anything with your sister?”

“No, I wish. I guess it’s very common to have feelings of attraction but is not that common to get to the point where you actually do something”

“Interesting” He texted back.

“Do you have a sister?”

“Yeah she’s younger than me”

“Have you ever felt attracted to your sister or do you just like to watch videos about it?”

“Well I have always felt attracted to her and that’s why I started watching videos of taboo sex and videos that showed girls like her but lately it’s been weird”

“What do you mean weird?”

“Well she has been acting weird and dressing really hot which has been driving me crazy”

“Damn I wish I was in your shoes man”

“Well I don’t know. I’m kinda scared that we are gonna get caught”

“You mean you guys are actually having sex?”

“No, we haven't had sex, but we have done other stuff that is kinda risky”

“Like what?”

“I don’t know it feels weird talking about it”

“Oh come on man I understand what you’re feeling just talk to me”

“Well the other day she came to my room asking for help and she was wearing a mini skirt. When she was laying on the bed she opened her legs and showed me her pussy since she was wearing nothing underneath”

“Damn that’s really hot”

“Yeah and then the other night she made me massage her legs while we were watching a movie with my mom and kept pulling my hand closer to her pussy until I fingered her”

“Holy shit”

“She then turned around after I came in my shorts and put her head on my lap and started putting her hand in my shorts so she could get some of my cum and taste it”

“She did this in front of your mom?”

“Well my mom was facing away watching a movie”

“Well that is very risky. But doesn't that just make it better?”

“Well it felt really good when I came and she tasted my cum”

“Damn I think your sister is really horny for you man. Are you gonna fuck her?”

“Well I can’t, I have a girlfriend and she is my sister so I don't know. I think Im just really confused right now. I’m glad I have someone to talk about this finally because it’s driving me insane?”

This was new to me since I didn't know my son had a girlfriend yet.

“Well how is your relationship with your girlfriend?”

“We have been together for a couple of months and she is really horny all the time which keeps me satisfied, but my sister is as hot as she is and the fact that she is my sister makes me even more horny”

“Well I can’t say I understand what you are going through but I am definitely more than available every time you want to talk to me about this stuff”

“Thanks, I’m glad I message you back, I feel like I can breathe again even though I’m still in the same situation. It’s nice to know someone understands”

We stopped chatting and I kept thinking about what to do next with my two little horny kids and their friend.

Once at dinner we all started talking about what they did at the mall and at my friend’s house. Obviously no details about masturbating or tasting cum came out of my daughter’s mouth. When we finished eating I suggested playing cards since we had four people. I went upstairs to get the cards from my room and texted my daughter.

“Are you ready for some games tonight?”

“I don’t think so. My mom and my friend Jenny are in the house. We are about to play cards. It looks like it’s gonna be a boring night daddy”

“That’s even better princess. I have some ideas we can work on while you all play cards. But first, what are you wearing?”

“Jeans and a t-shirt. Should I go change?”

“No, stay like that for a little bit. I will let you know when to go change”

I went back downstairs and asked my son to serve me some wine while I was dealing the cards. We started playing and I told them I was gonna be texting dad since we hadn't talked all day just so I could text my daughter.

“Are you playing cards now?”

“Yeah we just started. I’m already bored”

“I can fix that”

“Yeah? How?”

“What is your brother wearing?”

“Shorts and a t-shirt as usual”

“Perfect. I want you to go back to your room and change into something more “comfortable”. But first, I want you to pretend you dropped something on the floor and then grab your brother’s dick and pull it out through the opening he uses to pee. Then tell him to keep it like that”

“Risky. Should I wear my new pajamas?”

“What kind are they?”

“It’s one of those long t-shirt pajamas from VS I bought. It’s white and it’s very tight on me”

“That’s perfect but just make sure you are wearing no underwear at all”

“You’re gonna make me cold

My daughter suddenly dropped all her cards on the floor under the table. It was a small square table so nobody could see the bottom half of anyone else. She took a few seconds picking them back up and I could see the expression of surprise on my son’s face, probably when she started touching his dick with all of us next to them. Then she excused herself and went up to change into her pajamas saying that she was getting sleepy.

We kept playing and I kept drinking wine giving the impression that I was getting a little drunk after a few minutes. I offered some wine to Jenny who happily took her first glass. I asked my son if he wanted some but he didn't. Then, my daughter texted me from upstairs.

“So I tried pulling my brothers dick out but his shorts didn't have an opening so I pulled his shorts down a bit until I saw his dick coming out through the top of his shorts”

“Nice work little princess. When you go back down, I want you to play a little game with your brother”

“What is it”

“I want you to come back to the table where you were playing and claim that he stole your spot. When he refuses to accept the “truth”, I want you to sit on him and tell him you're not letting them play until he moves”

“But I’m wearing no underwear and isn't this too obvious with my mom and friend there?”

“It all depends on your acting skills really. If you act like a brat then that’s what they are going to think. As far as the underwear problem, is it really a problem if your brother’s bare dick touches his sister’s bare pussy?”

“That sounds like fun, I just hope that he doesn't get too hard or they will find out”

When she came back down I realized how tight she meant her pajamas were. Her boobs looked incredibly perky and her nipples were showing just a little through the thin material. Her bottom didn't leave much to imagination since her new blouse only covered up to her pussy. She then started telling her brother that he had stolen her spot and put up show that resembled a little kid fighting for her toys. Her brother obviously couldn't move since he had his dick out and she knew it. When I told her that she was acting like a little girl she sat on her brother, crossed her arms and said that she wasn't moving from her spot.

In an effort to make my son have a little more fun while her sister was on top of him, I decided to go change into my pajamas and take Jenny with me so she could change too.

“Tyler you shouldn't move just because your sister is being a brat but if she isn't gonna move so we can play then I’m gonna go change. Come on Jenny I’ll give you some pajamas too so you can be comfortable”

I walked around the table to where my kids were sitting and started tickling my daughter just enough so she was bouncing up and down and side to side on her brother’s dick. I left her alone after a few seconds and went up to change. I gave some clothes to Jenny so she could change in my daughter’s room and I went to my room.

I was changing into my pajamas when I got a text from my daughter.

“So… I sat on my brother and then my mom decided to go change and she took my friend with her so I’m still sitting on him”

“Is he hard?”

“Very. He got hard after my mom started tickling me and I started bouncing on his dick”

“Tell me how his dick is touching you right now”

“The base of his dick is by my pussy and the head is by my ass and I’m slowly rocking front to back so I can feel it more”

I started walking downstairs without making too much noise while I was texting at the same time.

“I want you to back up a little so the head of your brother’s dick is at the entrance of your pussy”

While I pressed the send button to that message I was looking at my kids from behind. I saw her putting her weight on her feet and moving upwards, closer to her brother. She then sat back down with all her weight resting on his lap. I got closer to them from behind and I saw her moving from side to side on him. I was sure she was enjoying his dick rubbing on her clit or maybe even better trying to get in her pussy.

Jenny was finally on her way down so I yelled at my daughter being playful.

“You haven't moved this whole time!!!?”

“Nope, he has my spot. I’m not moving”

Jenny sat back down on her spot so I started tickling my daughter again while at the same time I was putting pressure on her shoulders so she could feel her brother’s dick a little more. She was laughing as hard as last time but she let out some little moans that went unnoticed by Jenny but not by me. I did this for about a minute and then left her alone, sat down on the opposite side of them and asked her in a more serious voice to take her other spot so we could start playing again. She slowly got up and sat next to me. My son in the meantime was flushed and looked sweaty but wouldn't say a word.

We kept playing cards for a little more while I was getting more wine for Jenny and I. I noticed Jenny was looking very drunk but still offered her a little more since I had plans for her that night. I offered her one more glass and after we finished that last glass I said I was too tired to keep going but I asked them to continue the party in my daughter’s room where they could watch a movie. They wanted to help me pick up but I asked them to go upstairs. When I was fixing the chairs and picking up the glasses, I noticed that the chair where my daughter was sitting had a shiny spot. I touched it with my fingers and brought it up to my nose. It smelled like pussy but the consistency was that of semen. Did my son cum in his sister’s pussy? I asked myself.

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