Kelsey - "Dad, Please, NOT the Belt."

Kelsey - "Dad, Please, NOT the Belt."

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Prior: Kelsey – “No Dad Stop.”
Prior: Kelsey - “Dad that cannot happen Again”
Prior: Kelsey - “Paying The Rent”
Prior: Kelsey – “Dad, how could you let that man do THAT to me.”
Prior: Kelsey – “Dad – this is like really SICK.”
Prior: Kelsey – “This Crazy. We can’t do it here.”

The little bitch was leaning up against the wall, ass jutting out, legs spread pussy looking ripe.
We could hear voices, someone else was in another changing room.
Kelsey looked back at me pleadingly. I put my finger to my mouth.
I grabbed her pretty ass cheeks and pushed my swollen member inside her.
I can’t remember ever being this hard.
Kelsey let out a slight groan as I rammed deep inside her.
I laughed to myself. It was going to be tough for the little slut not to
groan with the hard screwing.

As I pounded her I could see she was having a tough time bracing herself as I was
thrusting with everything I had. I didn’t know how she would hold up but I got to
give the little bitch credit, she took it like a trooper and kept quiet. When we were done
I kissed her. “You were great girl.” She was red as a beet and legs were shaking.
She sat down on the chair and put her head in her hands.
I figured she would take some time to recover and change so I snuck out of the changing room.

Ali was checking out customers so I hung around the racks watching her. Damn I can’t get enough of
watching her. The whole time I was fucking Kelsey I was thinking of her. I kept thinking of my cock in her pert cute little mouth. I wondered how Kelsey was holding up. That was one hard fuck.

Two Weeks Later
I have been busy. I installed several hidden PUSSY cams in the house. I have cams in Kelsey’s bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and family room. I have already become adept at editing and have several
favorite films. I especially like the cam in the kitchen. I have a special small kitchen table.
It is one of those Oak tables and is just big enough for Kelsey.

The table is sweet because she is fully exposed. I call it the Fuck Table.
The other day I set Kelsey on it after breakfast.
I get two cam views, one from the side and one head on. I really rock her hard on the table.
I can get really deep. When she is on the table with little room I am in complete control.
I can screw her face up and watch her titties sway or I can lay her face down.
I bend way over so I can yank her hair to get a little pig squeal out of her. Really good sounds, the slop slop of my cock in her pussy, the sound of the table legs on the floor and the groans and squeals.

I get to fuck her and then I can put together my little home movie and watch me fuck my daughter
over and over.

I hadn’t screwed Kelsey for two days so I figured it was about time.
I walked into the bathroom, Kelsey just finished with her shower so she was nice and fresh.
I dropped my pants. “Ok, baby, lets get it on.”
“Dad, I got to meet a friend, I am getting ready. “
“Don’t worry, you can be a little late.”
“Dad, leave me alone, not now!”
“Kelsey, make the time.” “NO DAD, I have things to do.”
I grabbed her and pushed her against her sink.
Grab that sink and spread those thighs.” I yelled very angrily.
I was really pissed off now and Kelsey could tell. Kelsey changed her tone real quick.
“I’m sorry Dad, I have time.” Kelsey grabbed onto the sink and leaned forward.
I really loved this as I could watch her face in the mirror. I had set up the cams to
capture the action two ways.

“Dad, go ahead, please Dad.” I reached down to my pants and took my belt off.
Kelsy could hear the belt as I took it off my pants.

“Dad, Please, NOT the Belt.”

“Dad, don’t, I’ll be good, I promise.”
I double the belt over and whooshed it around. Kelsey flinched. I whacked her butt
Softly, maybe 1/3 force. I could sense the relief as she grunted slightly. I did again
easily. With relief Kelsey urged me on. “Ok, Dad, lets do it.”

Without warning I brought the belt down high to low on the top of her butt.
She screamed and stood up. “Put those fucking hands back on the counter I yelled.”
“OK OK, don’t hit me again, please Dad. Please.” Kelsey’s legs were trembling.
Her ass meat was quivering. I could hear her crying, her voice shaking.

That made it all the better as I let go with a full blow across the back of her ass.
I ran my hand over her shaking rear end. A couple of nasty red welts were swelling up.
I listened to her whimpering and then brought another blow across her butt.
Kelsey was shaking like a leaf as ran my hand over her red ass. I could feel the
burning red skin and the little ridges rising from the belt.

I stepped back and unwrapped the belt. I doubled it over again but this time with
the buckle end out. I rubbed the buckle across her snatch. I dragged the leather
back and forth across her pussy lips.
“NO Dad, not that, no no.”

That was music to my ears.
I slammed the belt down on her as hard as I could taking aim at
her pussy with the buckle.

Even as she screamed and stood up I pushed my cock inside her. I pushed her back down against the sink. I was fucking her even as she tried to recover from the belt whipping. I watched her in the bathroom mirror. Tits were swaying back and forth, tears running down her face.

Serendipity for Kelsey. I pulled out of her pussy as I was ready to cum and pushed her to the floor. Kelsey was kneeling in front of me with a good view for the camera as I pushed my swollen cock into her mouth. I pulled her pony tail forcing myself deep inside her throat. The cum shot into her as she
gagged from the dick at the back of her throat. She vomited up a load of cum and phlegm.

As she was still gagging, I pulled her head up the hair.
“Tell Me. Dad thanks for fucking my Bitch mouth.” I ordered.
“Dad, thanks for fucking my Bitch mouth.” Kelsey cried almost hysterical.
I think that will be a good name for this tape.
I wiped my cock over her mouth. I slapped her on the side of the head.

“I hope you learned a lesson today.”
“Yes, Dad, I am sorry.”
“Clean up that fucking mess. I don’t want to see a trace when I come back.”

I pretended I was leaving as Kelsey was starting to clean up. I watched her on
on the floor, naked, cleaning up her mess with a sponge and bucket. Her crimson
ass was in the air while she bent over cleaning the floor. I could hear her
pathetic whimpering.

I think the little bitch learned not to back sass me again.

To Be Continued

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