Lessons From The Barnyard, Part IV

Lessons From The Barnyard, Part IV

Bobby stepped into the shower first with her new husband right behind her. Junior cuddled up next to her from the rear and put his arms around her shoulders, hugging her in the most loving manner. They had been married less than a day and he had declared his love for her so many times in so many ways. He absolutely adored his young wife and now more than ever, he was going to make sure nothing ever happened to her because, after all, she was carrying his child.

They got married that morning at his home so their baby would have Junior’s last name. They were both very young but had known each other their entire lives and the fact they finally got married was not a surprise to anyone but to get married so young and under these circumstances, was a shock to their parents but especially Rich Olson, the father of the bride. Although he attended the nuptials, he refused to give the couple his blessing.

They let the warm clean water run down their naked bodies as they stood there in their individual trance. His arms were around her shoulders and his crotch was wedged up above her rear end. They swayed to the unheard music of the water as it beaded off their smooth skin, each of them lost in their own thoughts of love and completeness.

He absent mindedly started caressing the skin on her arms and touched her right on her bare breast. She pushed her head back into his chest and lower her arm to allow her bareness to be rubbed as a soft sigh of contentment escaped her lips. The sensation of the touch brought him back from his thoughts and with a smile on his face he purposely began to fondle the sensitive, soft skin of her small precious breasts. She cooed as she relished his soothing touch and closed her eyes to the feeling of being loved.

She backed into the ever increasing stiffness of his manhood as he pressed forward with his hips and he rubbed it against her from side to side. The mutual thrill became apparent as she reached around behind her to stroke the rod sticking into her back. He sighed through his heavy exhale and he let his hand fall down to her tummy. From there, it was but a small distance before his fingers sought out her pubic area and everything that it had to offer.

Bobby moaned a little as Junior’s middle finger opened up her hair covered slit and began slowly moving up and down along its length. He would place it inside of her opening and then move it up to flick upon her clitoris. Every time he managed to rub it just the right way, she would squirm and spasm and stroke his manhood more vigorously. He bent his knees and scooted up behind her to place his rod between her legs as she continued to slide her hand up and down its shaft. Soon she was pressing its length in between her lips and his head was rubbing up against her clitoris. She could take it no longer. She turned around, raised her leg and stuck her crotch right on his stabbing erection.

He lifted her by her butt with both of his hands and swung her legs around his waist. She grabbed his cock and placed it at her opening and lowered herself down until she felt it start to impale her. She got a funny look on her face but kept lowering herself down until his huge member was buried all the way inside of her. She groaned out loud as he raised her bent knees higher than before but her crotch was still in contact with his cock. Soon she was riding high on his hard pole as he slid it deep within her vagina and drew it all of the way out. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was open as he repeated his thrust over and over.

Junior was loosing control rapidly and so was Bobby. They were slamming their crotches into each other as hard as they possibly could and they were loving every plunge into her abyss. They were building up to one grand finale and they were each seeking their own nirvana. Then they both froze at the same time as they tightened up every muscle in their bodies. Their breaths were held as they forced themselves to string the inevitable out as long as they possibly could. They waited and waited until the first one burse wide open and then the combination of releases flooded over them as they slammed out all of their emotions into a gigantic fit of copulation that rattled every wall in the house.

She was screaming, he was grunting as they continued to grind themselves into a blur of movement. They staggered to the wall of the shower and it was their only salvation from falling onto the floor and possibly hurting one another. She was whimpering as she finally dislodged herself from his withering member and her knees buckled when she had to stand. He lowered her to the watery floor and slid down beside her. They both sat there under the showering water gasping for air; any air that they could possibly glean from the steam filled room. Slowly they regained their composure as the water cascaded down and off of their naked bodies. Junior opened his eyes to look at his young wife. Bobby was breathing through her open mouth but glanced over at him. She smiled and so did he.

Through heavy breaths he muttered softly, “Wow that was…it was…”

“Unbelievable,” she answered his thought through her own heavy breathing.

“Yeah. Unbelievable,” he repeated.

As Junior walked into the kitchen to join his lovely bride who was sitting at the bar lost in her own thoughts, he came up from behind and gave her the warmest hug. Bobby had arrived first down stairs from their shower two hours ago and had put on one of his tee shirts and a pair of panties to cover herself. She acknowledged his presence by gently stroking his arm with her touch but she seemed lost to the world as she sat there on the bar stool, staring out into space.

“What’s wrong Sweetheart?” he asked as his hugs intensified.

“Why does Daddy have to treat us so mean?” she asked without changing her line of sight or expression. “He has always loved me no matter how mad I made him and I always felt safe with him. He always said, “You will always be my little Princess,” but now, I don’t know. Maybe he doesn’t love me any more.”

“Oh no Baby. He still loves you. It’s all my fault. I should have told him personally or something. I handled it all wrong,” he tried to take the blame.

“Well, maybe we did but still, why does he have to almost shun us like he has? I don’t know if…” she let her words fall away.

“Oh Bobby, lets not think about it now. It will take him some time but I’m sure he’ll come around. Just wait until he’s holding his new grandson on his lap,” he said with a smile. He had expected her to come back with a comment about it being a girl but she didn’t. She just sat there at the bar, looking out into space not changing her expression at all.

He stood behind her with his arms wrapped around her shoulders, hugging her tenderly but wondering how he would get her out of this mood. He was thinking hard when she interrupted him with a request. “Junior, could we go up into bed and you could just hold me. I want to feel your arms around me, holding me safe. We don’t have to do anything; just hold me and tell me that you love me. Please?”

“Oh Baby of course, anything that you want, anything,” he said allowing her to stand up. Taking her by the hand, he led his troubled bride up the stairs and into their bed. He cuddled her into his arms and held her that way until she finally went to sleep. His mind would not shut off however as her troubling questions kept swirling around in his head. His poor young beautiful wife was lost in her thoughts and he didn’t know how to comfort her.

The next morning, Junior and Bobby went to church together and were introduced to the entire congregation as Mr. and Mrs. Junior McKinney by the pastor. They were in shock at the disclosure and were mortified when everyone came up to congratulate them. Most of the men came up and shock their hands sincerely wished them all the best but the women came up and smiled but took a quick glance at her tummy to judge if they had to get married so young.

When Junior pulled out of the church parking lot, Bobby burst into tears and wouldn’t stop crying no matter what Junior told her. “God,” she cried out, “My Daddy shuns me and now everybody thinks that I’m a whore! Oh Junior, what did we do? How did it turn out so badly?”

He didn’t know what to say. Everything had not turn out so badly in his view. Yes they got pregnant. Yes they are young but what about their love for each other? What about their unborn child? What about their vows to love and cherish each other? What about all of the happiness that they felt for each other, a least they used to? What is happening to their lives together? “My God, yesterday I was the happiest guy in the world. Today I don’t know what I’m doing. What happened?” he asked himself.

He drove home in silence and the mood between them continued to deteriorate. It continued for the next day and the next week. The week turned into two and then into three. They stopped being intimate with each other and Bobby slid off into a deep depression. She refused to get out of bed and rarely went to school anymore and Junior’s worry started to dominate his actions.

One day after he got back from school, his mother was in the kitchen and he confided in her about Bobby’s mood. She told him that it was just morning sickness and it should wear off soon. He didn’t expound on his feelings and let it go at that. But when she Bobby woke his up one Friday night with a terrible pain in her abdomen, he began to seriously worry about his bride. He got up and removed the covers and what he saw put the fear of God in him.

She was lying in a pool of blood all doubled over, writhing in pain. He immediately called his mother for help and then called 911. The paramedics arrived and took her to the hospital with Junior and the McKinney’s right behind. Carl called Rich to tell him that his daughter was in trouble and to meet them all there.

As they drove to the hospital, Richard Olson grew more and more worried about his daughter that he had shunned the last month or so since the disclosure of their pregnancy. Mrs. Olson grew madder and madder. She knew what worry and being upset can do a woman’s system, especially during a pregnancy and she was sure she knew what had happened.

The ambulance arrived and they rushed her into emergency. They were in there a long time not letting anyone know what had happened to the young girl. When the attending doctor made his appearance, he told the waiting family that indeed, she had lost the baby but that she was doing fine. When she was ready, Junior could go in to see her but at her request, she would see everyone else at home the next day.

Mrs. Olson glared at her husband and whispered to him, “I want to see you out front and I mean right now you Ass Hole.”

Mrs. Olson never cussed and this outburst told Mr. Olson just how mad she was at him. Junior went in to see his bride and when he got in there, she was lying there looking pale as a sheet that covered her. He walked up next to the bed and touched her hand gently.

Bobby looked over into his eyes and he could see that she had been crying. He caressed her little hand and told her, “It’s okay Bobby. I’m right here. I’m not going anywhere.”

The tears were falling down her cheeks as she tried to look up into his face. “I’m sorry Junior. I tied to be a good wife to you but I guess I’m still a little girl that needs her Daddy. I couldn’t accept the fact that I did something against my Daddy’s wishes so I worried about it so much that I miscarried our baby; our tiny little defenseless baby. Oh Junior I’m so sorry,” she burst out into woeful sobs.

Placing his cheek down on her tear stained face he started to cry along with her. “It’s okay my love. It’s not your fault. It’s no one’s fault. Things just happened that’s all. It wasn’t supposed to be right now. We’ll try again to have a baby. We’ll wait for a while and we’ll try again.”

She didn’t say a word but cried her eyes out at her disappointment and his braveness over the circumstances. She secretly wondered if he would say this if he knew what she was thinking. Now that they had no obligations to a baby, maybe they should have their marriage annulled.

While they were crying in Bobby’s room, Mr. and Mrs. Olson were standing outside in front of the hospital next to the main entrance around the corner of the building. Mrs. Olson walked up to her husband of nineteen years and slapped him across the face as hard as she could, sending him reeling.

“You stubborn, arrogant, blind piece of shit,” she hissed at him through her clenched teeth. “Your own flesh and blood; your daughter. Didn’t you see what you stubbornness was doing to that child? No, you were too busy being self righteous to notice weren’t you.” She kept swinging at him as she spilled out her venomous attach. “Well now that you’ve killed your grandbaby maybe you can see the damage that you’ve caused.” She paused and looked deep into his eyes as she said, “Richard Olson, for the first time in twenty plus years, I don’t think I know you and I sure as hell don’t like you. Think about that as you wonder where to sleep because you’re sure as hell not sleeping in my bed.” She turned and walked away leaving him standing all alone speechless.

Junior looked on as his bride continued to cry silent tears. He tried to reassure her but his efforts went in vain. Suddenly she muttered very softly, “We can have our wedding annulled if you want to.”

It hit him like a ton of bricks. The blood drained from his face and he felt faint. What had she just said? She didn’t want to be married to him any longer? She wants our marriage to be annulled? The only thing that he could think of to say was, “If that’s what you want.”

The tears only intensified when she heard his last statement. She turned her face to the wall and looked away. He did want to end their marriage, he didn’t really love her. Bobby’s entire world came crashing down on her and she felt so alone.

Junior thought for a moment and then realized if he didn’t say anything, his wife, his marriage and his entire life could come to an end. “Bobby…NO…no Bobby! NO I don’t want to have our marriage annulled! I don’t want to lose you. Please I’ve just lost our child and I don’t want to lose my wife too. We lost our child not our love for each other. Oh Bobby, can’t you see, I never want to lose you. I love you. I love you more than life itself. I would die if I couldn’t love you. As bad as I wanted this baby, I want you more. Oh Bobby, never think that I don’t want you. Oh Baby…” he started to sob.

She reached up to him and drew him down to her chest where they both sobbed their eyes out. They knew that no matter what, they would always have each other. They cuddled and cried for the longest time. When Bobby could produce no more tears, she started to shiver and asked her husband to get another blanket for her. As he turned the corner in the hallway and headed for the nurses station, Rich Olson made his way into his daughter’s room.

Bobby was resting with her eyes closed when he sat down in the chair next to the bed. She opened them and looked stunned at his appearance but she saw in his eyes the softness that she remembered from her Daddy. He smiled and gently told her to close her eyes and rest. Junior had just walked back carrying the blanket when he heard Mr. Olson talking to his daughter so he stopped to listen. Mr. Olson started to tear up when he confessed, “Baby, your Daddy is an old fool. I messed everything up for you, for you and for Junior. God why couldn’t I see what I was doing to you and to everyone. I’m so sorry, Baby, I’m so, so sorry,” he said with a tear running down his cheek.

He paused a moment to think and then he continued. “You know we lost your brother before you came along and that loss was almost more than I could handle. And to think that I would put anyone else, especially my own daughter, through the same thing, well I…,” he let his thoughts drift into nothingness.
“I couldn’t be happier than to have my friend’s son as my son in law you know.” He thought for another moment and finally said, “How can you ever forgive me Bobby? I’m such an old fool. How can I forgive myself? Oh Baby, I’m so sorry,” he said bursting into tears.

Junior walked in and rested his hand on Mr. Olson’s back as he mouthed to Junior, “I’m sorry.”

Junior just looked down at his father in law, smiled a feeble little smile and through his own tears mouthed, “I know.”

The nurse came in and suggested that they all leave and let poor Bobby get some rest. They both agreed to be back in the morning when her Doctor, Dr. Mack would be in to see her and hopefully discharge her to her own home and her own bed to resume her convalescence. They walked out and both men knew that they had just turned the corner on their relationship.

The next morning, Dr. Mack, Bobby’s life long doctor had a nice long talk with his young patient. After a thorough exam, declared that she was fit to go home. The treating physician had preformed a D & C on her the night before and cautioned both Junior and Bobby against any sexual relations for at least two weeks. He would see her in that period of time and he told her to take it easy and get her rest.

They gleefully drove home back to the McKinney’s and she went up to bed. Everyone had gathered at the farmhouse and Mrs. McKinney was serving them all a cup of coffee when Mr. Olson announced, “Carl, if you don’t mind, I would like to fix up that old apartment over at the place for the kids and maybe they would live over there, if you don’t mind.”

Carl smiled to himself and glanced over at his wife. He thought to himself, “What has happened to Rich?” But he smiled and said, “Well, if you can handle all of the noise coming from their bedroom every night then I don’t see why not.”

“Oh Carl,” chastised his wife.

“Well it did get the old juices flowing,” he said, much to the disgust of Mrs. Olson and Mrs. McKinney.

Rich just laughed and said, “Well it settled then.” But Mrs. Olson suggested that they should ask if it was alright with the kids before they started making any plans.

“Yeah, I guess I should ask if they want to,” he said glancing at his wife and smiling a bit.

She smiled a knowing look back, telling him that she forgave him from the night before and that he was once again the man of the house. He knew that he was and realized just how close he came to losing more than a grandchild.

The days went by and Junior helped his father in law get their new apartment ready after he got home from school and they were making a lot of progress on more than one front. It was Thursday evening when he walked into their bedroom, stripped out of his sweaty clothes and headed for the shower. He hadn’t seen his wife but knew that she must be downstairs helping his mother with dinner. As he stepped into the shower and placed his head under the splashing water, he thought he heard a sound but ignored it for the moment.

Suddenly, the door to the shower eased open and in stepped his naked bride as she gave him a big hug around his stomach. “Hi there,” he said to her with a lustful look in his eyes. “It hasn’t been two weeks yet. Aren’t you afraid that you’ll get me all hot and bothered? What would you tell Dr. Mack if I forced you to have sex with me?”

“I’d tell him that you were a brute of a husband and I just couldn’t fight you off,” she said faking distress.

He hugged her back and told her that he liked to be close to her and that he could hardly wait for another week to go by. She told him that they didn’t have to wait and he asked, “Where do you get your information? The Doctor said “No sexual relations for at least two weeks”.”

“He implied that you weren’t supposed to put it in me for two weeks,” she looked coyly up into his eyes with a devilish smile on her face. “He didn’t say anything about you not putting it anywhere else.”

She gave him a knowing smile and slipped down to the floor right in front of him. He got the idea and his manhood started to grow. She began to lick him on his balls as he instantly began to moan. “Oh my God, Bobby. Oh God yes, I love the way you do that,” he groaned.

Hearing this from her husband’s mouth drove her to explore even more. As she licked around the entire head of his penis, she started to probe her finger between his legs and found the most sensitive area right directly in his junction. Feeling this stimulus sent him into a frenzy as he spread his legs out wider and pulled her hair into his growing member. Her mouth opened up to his intrusion as she accepted it further and further into her mouth.

She was sucking his cock with all of her passion as she explored his anal area with her finger. He groaned rather loudly but she didn’t miss a beat. She had dreamed of this moment for over a week and she wasn’t about to let anything interfere with her enjoyment of pleasuring her husband.

He began to pump his hips into her sucking mouth as she continued to probe up between his legs and his desire started to surface. He tilted his head backward and hissed out his breath. “Oh God Bobby. I’m ready to cum already. I’m just about ready. Oh God, here it comes! Get ready! OH MY GOD HERE IT COMES!”

He began to shot his essences deep down her throat as she plunged her finger up his butt. His reaction was epic, it was glorious, it was completely over the top. He slammed his hips into her willing mouth as he shot jet after jet of his hot sperm into her oral cavity. She swallowed every last drop as she edged out her finger. He fell down on his knees and collapsed into her arms.

“Oh God Bobby. That was wonderful. Thank you my love, thank you so much,” he kept repeating.

They waited there a moment and then she stood up and said to her spent husband, “We had better get dressed and down to the table. I was supposed to come up and get you. I guess that I got side tracked or something.” With a twinkle in her eye, she stepped out of the shower and dried off. Junior was in no shape to do anything but sit there panting for air. “You’d better get dressed and come down for dinner now,” she told him as she closed the door behind herself.

Post Script

Junior graduated later that year and went to work full time for his father on the farm. Bobby finished high school early and went part time to the local community college and finally got her associates degree in accounting and helped out with the books of the farm. After a couple of years, they had their first child, a boy they named Carl M. McKinney III or Trip for short. A couple of years later, they had another boy named Richard O. McKinney or Richie, followed a year later by a daughter they named for Bobby’s grandmother, Mary Katherine McKinney or Katy.

Mr. Olson suffered a stroke three years after the kids moved into the apartment and had to be put into a nursing home. He lived long enough to hold his first grandbaby but passed on before Trip was a year old. Mrs. Olson sold the house to the kids and moved into town where she lived the rest of her life.

Carl and Ester McKinney continued to farm until just a few years ago when they retired, bought a motor home and traveled the country leaving Junior in charge of the farming.

Ol’ Elmer finally got put out to pasture and died a couple of years later but not before turning over his duties to the bull that the cow gave birth to nine mouths after the kids first got married. I wonder if the bull will educate Trip and Richie the same way that Ol’ Elmer educated Junior? Just maybe he will.

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