Baby Shower Milking

Baby Shower Milking

I got out of my delivery truck. It was just beginning to rain on my uniform. I had started to work for a maternity / baby store in the mall. I sometimes have to go help set up items purchased from the store if we are short handed. My boss - the evil bitch is what everyone calls her at the store wanted me to deliver a crib to a lady near my house about 45 minutes from the store. It was close to 10am when I left the mall with the crib. I had a good map and details how to get to her house. It was a nice house in a upscale part of town. Mrs. Starr lived at the end of the street near some woods that surrounded her house. There was a big long hedge that obscure the house from the road.

I parked in the driveway. I called the store and let them know I had just arrived. My boss answered and said "Listen, do what ever you have to make this lady happy. Her family and all her friends shop at the store. This is her first baby and if things go good she will be great for repeat business. Got that slacker!!!" she hung up. I threw the cell phone on the front seat of the truck. I opened the side door to the truck and pulled out the crib in a big brown box. I placed the box on a hand cart and rolled up the side of the house to the front door.

"Knock!", "Knock!". I waited a few seconds. I was just about ready to ring the door bell when the front door opened. A very attractive women in her early thirties open the door. She was about 5ft 5 with dirty blonde hair. She had on tight baby blue sweat pants that showed off her nice big ass and thighs. Her sweat pants were pulled over her pregnant belly and stopped just above her calf. She had a white shirt that was stretched in the front from her huge breast. She had on baby blue fuzzy slippers. "Hi my name Brenda Starr nice to meet you young man. Oh - I see you have my new baby crib. I just ordered it this morning. I went to school with your boss - Mrs. Stickler. She is so nice." said Brenda. I smiled as dirty thoughts raced around the inside of my mind.

She invited me in. I pushed the crib inside the front hallway. She had a very big house on the inside. She had large wooden floors that connected the fist floor rooms. I looked down the hall and saw her living room. There was a den to the right of the big flat screen TV on the far wall. A huge kitchen to the left. A big back yard with a pool and a deck. She had big windows that you could see the landscape around the house just from the living room alone. I smiled and turned to see her walk down the hall towards the stairs leading to the second floor. I watched as her big ass jiggle in her tight baby blue sweats. "The nursery is the third door on the right just passed the master bedroom. Right there - as she pointed towards the room from the first floor. I am expecting a few people over for my baby shower today. My husband won't be back from the office until late tonight, so if you could set the crib up that would be great. We get to pick the baby up tomorrow from the hospital. The little guy had to stay 3 weeks to be on the safe side." said Brenda.

I picked up the brown box and climbed the stairs. I walked over to the nursery and open the door. They had a very large room for the baby. There were little boy clothes along with baby blue stuffed animals. The entire room was painted baby blue. There was a large bean bag on the floor next to a wooden chair. There was some clothes on a dresser and two baby bottles on a small table. There was a milking machine with two large suction cups that went over the nipples on the other side of the wooden chair. I smiled and put down the box on the floor. I walked over and picked up the suction cups in front of the milking machine. They were cold and smelled brand new, like they had not been used. I smiled again I saw a little black diary on the wooden chair.

I open the dairy. I flipped through the pages stopping at the juicy parts. Her husband had to keep going to a sperm bank and make 6-7 deposit giving him a large enough sperm count to get Brenda pregnant. Her parents and friends did not like her husband. He was very busy at his job and made little time for her. She had gotten pregnant hoping he would take more of a interest in her. I got to the final page and Brenda wrote she had not had intercourse or been made love to in almost 9 months. Her husband did not find her attractive when she was pregnant. She was hoping to lose some weight after the baby was delivered. She had given birth 3 weeks ago to little boy at 9pm. That was her last entry in the dairy. I put it back on the chair and scratched my groin area. My dick was starting to get hard thinking about a hot dirty blonde MILF with huge juggs who had not been laid in some time. I pushed the thought out of mine and got back to work opening the brown box.

It took me about 20 minutes to assemble the crib. It was quite large but it was small compared to the large nursery. I rolled the crib next to the wooden chair. I walked over to the door leading into the master bedroom. I opened the door and looked inside. They had a large four posted bed with about dozen yellow pillows on yellow silk sheets. I saw there was a big walk in closet. I walked over to the closet. I peeked inside. I then reached inside with my left hand feeling around in Brenda part of the closet. I took down a pair of jeans. I then found a white bra laying on the floor. I brought both up to my face. She wore a size 36JJ bra - 32 inch waist - 36 Ass for her jeans. I dropped them both when I heard foot steps coming up the stairs. I walked back to the nursery.

The door to the nursery opened and in came Brenda. I was standing in the middle of the room watching her as she walked by heading toward the crib. "Wow, you did such a great job putting the crib together. You are really fast putting things together. I know why Mrs. Stickler likes you so much." said Brenda. "Thanks, it is nice to hear when you do a good job. Do you need any help with anything. I am really good at many different jobs. You name it, I can help." I said. "Hmm. I am having trouble with an item I got as a gift. I think your boss got it for me but I could be wrong. The milking machine seems not to be working. I flip the switch put it makes alot of noise but does not do anything. It is starting to be a real problem, especially when the baby comes home tomorrow. Not to mention I keep staining all my clean shirts. See!!" said Brenda. I looked at her left breast and there was a big wet spot on her big nipple. I could make out her large dark purple engorged nipple under her white shirt from the milk.

"No problem, this is a common problem with this particular machine. Why don't I go down to my truck and fix the machine and I will be right back. Take those two bottles over there and I will meet you in your living room. How does that sound?" I said. "If you think that is the best idea. I will leave the front door unlocked and you can let yourself back in. Thanks!!" said Brenda.

I lied the machine was probably working but she forgot to switch the machine over to suction, They clean the machine at the store before wrapping it up and some times forget to put the machine back in suction mode. I got back to the truck and checked my cell phone. Only one missed call from the store. I called back and told Mrs. Stickler I was fixing the milking machine. I also told her I was helping her with a few other things and would be back later then first planned. She was happy with my staying until it got done. I switched the machine over to suction. I looked around the truck for anything else that Brenda might need for a new born. I reached behind the seat and opened a large paper bag. There were some more bottles, teething ring, pacifier, and a rattler. I also found some baby oil and some warming liquid. You put the warming liquid on your skin making the area feel nice and hot to the touch. I got a big smile on my face and walked back to the house.

I shut the door behind me. I took off my work boots and placed them next to the front door. I walked down the hall towards the living room. Brenda was sitting on her white couch on the edge looking at me. She smiled again. "I think I fixed it. Every time you get done using the machine you flip the switch over to the right, When you want to use the milking machine you flip the switch to the left. Like this!!" I said. "Ok that sounds good. But how do I know I really works. I would hate for you to leave and it still be broken." she said.

"We'll I have an idea. Keep in mind that I am a professional when it comes to baby things. The milking machine, if used properly, can be a very big help. First you will need to pull up your shirt." I said. Brenda looked around the room and said "Are you sure this is ok? I mean do we need to do this right here, right now?" I smiled and said "If you want this done right. Then pull up your shirt. I have seen many women naked. You won't be the first. Also I am a professional." Brenda looked puzzled and then nodded her head "yes!!"

Brenda reached down to the bottom of her white shirt and pulled it over her head. She handed me the white shirt, which I placed at the end of the couch. "Ok now I see you are not wearing a bra. Rub this lube, I mean gel on your nipples. It will warm them up causing them to release milk easier." I said. Brenda huge breast hung down passed her belly button touching the couch between her legs. Her nipples became fully erect after a few seconds from the gel. Her nipples were dark purple and about 2inch's long and very hard. I smiled as she continued to rub and tug on her nipples. "Next place this suction cup on your left breast, the one closer to my leg." I said. She followed my instructions. "Next I will turn on the machine. Wait untill I tell you to place the other suction cup on your other nipple!! Ok!!!!!" I said. She nodded her head "yes!!!"

I looked down at her big left nipple. White milk was spurting out the cup down the long clear tube into a milk bottle. Brenda head was tilted back and her eyes were closed. She was breathing heavy and moaning as the milk machine pumped away on her left breast. I reached down with my left hand and rub my ever growing bulge in my pants. I reached with my left hand and picked up the suction cup for her right nipple. I licked my fingers in my mouth. When I got them good and wet. I reached down to Brenda right breast. I rubbed her big nipple causing the gel to get hotter. Breast milk shot out her right breast onto my palm. I watched as her right nipple kept squirting hot milk onto her breast and stomach. I finally put the suction cup on her right nipple causing her to scream with pleasure.

"God, please help me!! Yes!! Yes!! iT FEELS SO GOOD. Your milking me!!! Yes! Yes! My breast feel so good!!!" said Brenda. I could take no more. I pulled off my shirt followed by my pants. I pulled out my big cock in my right hand. I looked down and Brenda eyes were still closed. Milking was flowing out both her big nipples into the milk bottles on the coffee table. Brenda had spread her legs wide open causing her baby blue sweats to ride high up her pussy. I could see her big cunt lips and clit bunched up under her sweats.

I walked over with my cock in my hand. I was now fully erect. I reached down with my hand and started to jack my cock with some of her milk on my hand. It was warm as it went along my shaft. I inched closer towards Brenda. I put my dick closer to her face on the couch. I reached down and pulled her head up to my cock. Her lips touched my cock head and I shoved into her mouth. She gagged - "Mmpph!! Mmpph!!" was all she could say. Her eyes were wide open. She ran her tongue down my 9 3/4 inch shaft sucking the tip of my big purple head. She closed her yes again and I continued to fuck her face. I could hear the milk machine and her milk being sucked out her big fat juggs. She put her hand on my balls and were playing with them as I fucked her face.

She pulled my dick out of her mouth. "I think I need some new bottles. My milk is backing up!!!!" she said. I quickly dismounted her face. I walked back to the kitchen. I pulled 4 bottles of her kitchen table. I walked back into the living room and changed out her milk bottles. I took a sip of her warm sweet milk before I put them in the fridge. I walked back and she had already filled up the 2nd bottles. I replaced them with the next bottles. I left the two full bottles on the coffee table. I got down on my knees and crawled in between Brenda legs.

I pulled down her sweat pants to her ankles in front of the couch. She leaned backed on the couch. I pulled her big undies down to her ankles. Her pussy was nicely trimmed. Her big cunt lips were out of her pussy. She smelled very strong as I stuck two fingers in her wet gash. She screamed and came on my hand. I smiled. I leaned forward with my tongue. I began to eat her pussy. She came twice before I came up for some air. "Yes!! Fuck yes!! God damn I love your tongue!!!" she said. I went back to eating her pussy. I looked up under her big boobs watching her milk being sucked out by the machine. After 20 minutes I got up on my feet. I started to stroke my cock getting it more hard. She smiled at my big cock.

I sat down next to her on the couch. She started to stroke my big cock. I looked at her huge juggs out of the corner of my eye as the machine made a loud noise. I looked down and she had filled the bottles about 1/3 off the way full. She got up off the couch and kicked off her panties and sweat pants. She then rubbed her pussy lips. She looked over her shoulder and guided my dick into her hot pussy. She grunted as half my cock slid down inside of her. I winced in pain as she began to ride my stiff cock. I reached around her waist and played with her pussy as her back rubbed against my face. She was looking forward and her big breast bounced on her chest. I slapped her big ass and spread her butt cheeks as she cried in pain. I stuck my middle finger in her ass crack and she came on my dick. I felt her juices run down the inside of my thigh. I could take no more watching her fuck me. Her huge juggs were being milked as she rode my cock causing me to loose my mind. I screamed, "Fuck big boob bitch here it comes. I am going to shoot my big load in your tight pussy." I said

She yelled, I grabbed her hips locking down her pussy on my cock. I erupted inside her pussy. Big jets of white cum filled her up. Most leaked out of her pussy onto the couch. She reached down inside her legs and felt around for the warm goo coming out of her pussy. I bit down on her shoulder moaning in delight. Brenda was still fucking my half erect cock. I looked around her shoulder at the milking machine on the coffee table. It had shut off and she had filled another two bottles.

Brenda got off my dick causing a great big "Popping noise" in the living room. She stood up in front of me still facing the coffee table. I stood up behind her wiping my big cock on her big ass. She smiled at me. I reached around taking off her suction cups causing another big "Slurp" noise. There was now 4 big bottles full of her hot sweet milk. She bent over to put the suction cups on the coffee table. When she bent over her big ass fell back on my cock. When she did not protest, I slowly inserted it back in her pussy.

Brenda was now fucking me harder with her big ass crashing down on my stiff cock. I held onto her hips fucking her harder and harder. She turned and looked over her shoulder I looked over next to her couch at the end. There was a big white Ottoman that matched the white couch. I smiled and spun her around. We started to swap tongues and French kiss for a long time. I was feeling her huge boobs. I was tugging her big juicy nipples. Milk was spraying onto my chest dripping down my stomach on to the floor. I was till making out with her as I walked her over to the Ottoman. She laid on her back looking up into my eyes.

I got down on one knee and inserted my cock into her tight pussy. "My god, he is so big. I can't believe he won't go down. My husband cums once and that is it. Are you going to fuck me again." Brenda said. "Shh be quite. I am going to fuck you again and again until you can't walk!! Fuck!! Your pussy is so tight. Your my new pregnant whore. You will do everything I tell you. Nod your head yes you slut. That's right!! Good happy whore!!!" I shoved my cock back into her pussy. I started to slam my cock into her pussy as I got up on my feet. I was bending over her body ramming my cock into her pussy. I reached up with my big hands squeezing her juggs. Her nipples were spraying milk into the air.

I reached down and guided her left breast into her mouth. She was drinking her milk as I fucked her. I leaned down and was sucking her other nipple. My mouth was full of her milk. I looked up. I could barely see her face from being behind her big breast. Her nipples blocked out her hair and the back wall. I could feel my dick was about ready to exploded.

I felt a breeze first followed by a scream. "Brenda what are you doing???" said a male voice. "Mmpph!! Mmpphhhhh!!" said Brenda. Her mouth was still full of milk and her big nipple. I kept fucking her pussy. "On my god!! Jesus looked at the cock inside your wife!!!" said a women voice. "I knew your wife - look at that cock" said another women voice. "Brenda stop fucking that young man. Get his dick out of your pussy. Stop!! Stop that!!!" said a her husband. I grunted. Rammed my cock all the way inside Brenda and dumped a big load into her pussy. Spurt after spurt came out of her pussy onto the Ottoman. Some dripped onto the carpet and down her legs. I fell onto her body pushing her nipple out of her mouth.

Brenda mouth was still open leaking warm milk onto her chest. I kissed her open mouth sticking my tongue down her throat. "What the hell is going on. I send you over to install a crib. I am so sorry for his actions. Is everyone ok." said my boss. Mrs. Stickler was here for the baby shower along with Brenda husband, his sister, her sister, both there Mom's. They were all standing in the hallway looking at my cock covered in Brenda juices. Brenda was covered in milk, semen, sweat and my saliva.

I could hear other guest coming to the door. My boss took me up stairs to the nursery. First I thought she wanted to see the crib or yell at me. Instead she dropped to her knees and started to suck the juices on my cock. She through me on the bean bag and climbed onto my cock. She fucked me for about 30 minutes before Brenda sister came in and watched us. She fingered her pussy to 3 orgasm before she left. Finally Brenda Mom came in after Mrs Stickler went to the baby shower. She got on her knees and deep throated my cock like a pro. I spent the rest of the day being fucked my someone from the baby shower.

It was almost 9pm when I heard the last guest leave. I got off the bean bag chair. I checked the door from the nursery to the master bedroom but it was locked. I could hear Brenda inside and her husband leaving to go to the bathroom down the hall. I opened the door to the nursery. I looked down the hall towards the bathroom. I looked over the railing and saw all the lights were out. I looked again back toward the bathroom and a light could be seen under the door. I walked down the hall and stood outside the bathroom. I could hear Brenda husband using the bathroom. I walked back to the master bedroom and looked inside from the hallway. I saw Brenda was naked lying on the bed. Her two huge tits were laying on either side of her face. I stepped inside, turned and locked the door leaving the lights to the room on. I quickly mounted Brenda ramming my cock into her hot pussy. Her eyes open, she reached around pressing her hands on my ass. She fondled my ass as I fucked her pussy harder. I locked my mouth on her nipple causing it to leak more warm milk. "It's time for another milking. Just milking once a day won't do. I should now, I am a professional!!!!"

"Brenda, HELLO!!! Let me in!! Sweetie the door locked. What's going on? Why are you screaming? No!! No!!! I thought he went home!!! Stop doing that to my wife. I can see you young man. I can see you through the key hole. Stop that, your huge cock is going to hurt my wife!!!!!"



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