Black Lace_(1)

Black Lace_(1)

Clint was your average American teen. At 16 he was a skinny 5’10” weighing 140 pounds. He was active on the swim team and ran cross country, which kept him lean and trim. His swim coach mandated that all male swim team members to remove body hair, but Clint was already ahead. Clint loved having a smooth body and had shaved any resemblance of hair from any part of his body other than his head.
The year when Clint turned 13 and began to go through puberty, he began to notice the figure of girls more and more. He stared at the high schoolers budding bodies, he admired their supple breasts and the forms stuffed inside their tight jeans. He often fantasized of removing their jeans and admiring the secrets that lay within.
But along with the girl’s bodies, he admired the males as well. In the locker room before swim team meets and practices he admired their smooth torsos, their firm abs, and those well-defined bulges in their tight black speedos.
Even though Clint was an attractive male, he was largely inexperienced sexually. The only sexual activity he had participated in was a short make-out session with a former girlfriend. This led to a lot of pent up sexual frustration that he took out by visiting numerous porn sites and stroking himself into sexual bliss. On one of these ventures a slight miss click led him to a page filled with men in very skimpy underwear. Clint’s member jumped in his boxers as he viewed in amazement these men’s packages held in by only a small piece of fabric. Clint had to try it himself.
Having no such garments in his possession, Clint ventured to the local department store to try and acquire some. He walked through the men’s underwear department and noticed no such garments. That’s when he came to the realization that they were women’s underwear. Not wanting to be outted by buying women’s underwear Clint walked discretely through the womens underwear dept and eyed the garments as he passed. HE did this a few times to find some that he liked he saw a three pack of small black lacy boy shorts that he knew that he wanted. So he grabbed a shirt from the mens dept and then walked past and grabbed a pack of the small lacy briefs. He proceeded to the self-checkout and made it out of the store unnoticed.
He rushed home and tried them on. They were really tight, as he realized that a women’s small was smaller than a men’s. He pulled them up and admired his new clothes as he stood in front of the mirror. Clint checked his watch and realized that he had to go to a meeting. He reached to pull off the lacy underwear, but decided what the hell and left them on as he slipped on his skinny jeans and headed to the junior class meeting.
After the meeting he was talking to his friend Mark. Mark suggested that Clint come over and hang out and drink a few beers. Clint quickly checked with his parents who were okay with it so he left with Mark.
At Mark’s they watched TV and drank a few beers until late in the night they decide to go to bed. They both went to Marks room and Mark rolled out a sleeping bag for Clint to sleep in. With the alcohol in Clint’s system he forgot the secret that lay beneath his jeans, he unfastened his button and pulled off his jeans right in front of Mark revealing his brand new lacy underwear.
“Clint what are you wearing?”
Clint stammered, “Um, just some underwear.”
“Clint, I have been with enough girls to know that those are chick shorts.”
“Yeah they are,” Clint replied with shame.
“They look good on you.” Mark said as he eyed Clint’s smooth body in the tight lacy boy shorts. Clint was taken aback, but turned on. Was his friend checking him out?
“Thanks” he replied blushing as Mark raised off the bed. Mark walked over to him and lightly grazed his fingertips across the front of Clint’s underwear.
Not a work was said as Mark continued to eye Clint’s smooth body he ran his hands down Clint’s chest as he approached closer until their shirtless torsos were touching and their faces only inches apart. Clint closed his eyes and went for a kiss that Mark greedily returned. Their kiss was long and passionate. Mark’s hands continued to roam over Clint’s body as Clint’s went down the back of Mark’s boxers and cupped his smooth butt cheeks.
Clint was overwhelmed with desire he kissed Mark deeper his tongue roaming his friends mouth. His hand’s ventured to the front of Mark’s boxers and cupped his hardening member. Clint dropped to his knees and inhaled the musk of his friend he stared up at Mark seductively and gripped his friends boxers in his teeth and pulled them down exposing his smooth, six inch, circumsized member. He grabbed it between his fingers and stroked it slowly bringing a gasp from Marks lips. Clint moved closer and opened his mouth. He slowly licked the head of the dick in front of him. The taste of the precum driving him further. He lapped at it greedily bringing waves of pleasure to his friend. Finally Clint opened his mouth fully and placed Mark’s dick in it and sucked Mark moaned loudly.
Many thoughts entered Clint’s head as he bobbed up and down on Mark’s shaft. Was he gay? Was Mark gay? How had things progressed so quickly? Why was he enjoying this so much? Then it dawned on him that he did not care. He was reveling in the moment, he had a hot naked guy in front of him, a hard dick in his mouth and a hard dick in his tight black lace boy shorts.
Clint grabbed Mark’s ass cheeks tightly as he continued to suck on his friends dick. “Man, I’m going to cum,” Mark moaned as he grabbed the back of Clint’s head and forced his dick all the way down Clint’s throat as his dick erupted. Stream after stream poured down Clint’s throat, he tried to swallow it all but some dribbled out. Mark pulled his dick out, and sat down on his bed. Clint took a finger and scooped up the excess and greedily licked it up. He stood up and faced Mark.
“What just happened?” Clint asked still wearing only his black lace underwear.
“You’re sexy ass just gave me a killer blowjob. I guess I should confess, I’m bisexual. I have never had an experience with a guy until now, seeing you in those shorts drove me over the edge.”
Clint sat down on Marks naked lap and said “I’m glad it did,” as he kissed him deeply. Clint’s erection was pressed tightly against Mark’s six pack abs. Mark pulled away and pushed Clint away coyly. Mark stood up and bent over his bed. He reached around and spread his hairless ass cheeks. Clint didn’t need telling on what he needed to do. He slowly pulled his feminine underwear off to expose his hard five inch dick. He stepped out of them and rubbed the head of his dick up and down his friends crack. A moan of anticipation escaped Mark’s lips. Clint’s dick was already coated in a coat of precum he guided the head of his dick to his friends hole, and slowly began pushing it in. Mark moaned and slammed backward taking all of Clint’s dick in his virgin ass. Mark was filled with pleasure and pain but wanted more.
“Fuck me!” he yelled. Clint complied quickly and began to slowly fuck the tight muscular ass in front of him. “Harder” Mark moaned. Clint picked up the pace till he was slamming his dick in as hard as he can go. Mark was in pure bliss, as was Clint. Clint knew that he wouldn’t last long.
He yelled “I am going to cum”
Mark replied “On my face.” So Clint pulled at as Mark turned over. Mark grabbed Clint’s dick and stroked it. Clint moaned and tensed up as he came. He sprayed cum on Marks face and his chest. Mark lapped up the cum around his mouth with his tongue with a smile as Clint dropped down and licked the cum off of Marks buff chest.
They both laid down on the bed Mark cuddled behind a naked Clint and the fell asleep

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