Breeding Mrs. Gray pt 3

Breeding Mrs. Gray pt 3

This time the story isn't as long winded, and I'm setting it up for a breeding fest so if you like the story please let me know and bear with me while I get into the heart of the story.

I got everything ready for tonight; I got some steak and shrimp and I’ll cook them. Then I got some whipped cream for later. I had everything ready by 5:50; she should be coming over soon. My dick could hardly contain itself in my pants. I got some shitty movie ready in the dvd player when I heard a knock on the door. My dick was now pulsating against my pants. I opened the door and I saw what had to have been the single most beautiful sight I’d ever seen. Mrs. Gray was in a tight dark purple dress that came up to her mid thigh, she had either thigh high black stockings or pantyhose. White 4 inch pumps, and to what I could see a great push up bra. Her dark hair was curled, and put up in way that it was up but a lot of it was loose. I could only imagine me pulling on her hair fucking her from behind while she moaned in pleasure. I also couldn’t stop thinking what else she had on under that sexy dress. “Is this to your liking Brandon?” She asked with a raised eyebrow. “Yes very sexy indeed.” I answered her while pulling her inside.

I wrapped my hand behind the small of her back, and I could feel the corset underneath. Thump thump my dick pulsed in my pants. I pulled her in close and gave her a long wet kiss. She moaned with pleasure and grabbed my crotch in return. “Okay are you ready for dinner?” I asked her. “How about we save dinner for later and you just fuck me now?” She answered. “No, I will fuck you when I’m good and ready. Do you understand Heather?” I told her forcefully. “Yes, sir…I mean Brandon.” She said with a smile. We went into the dining room and ate, but not before I told her to take her dress off. “I want to see that amazing body of yours while I eat.” I told her. “Yes Brandon.” She answered. She took on strap off her shoulder and then the other. The dress fell to the floor and she stepped out of it. “Do you like what you see Brandon?” She asked. “Yes I do Heather.” I continued “Also were at that point where you can now call me sir until we’re done fucking. Do you understand Heather?” “Yes sir I do.” She answered.

She was wearing a pair of black see through panty briefs, that I could see the dark patch of hair through, with thigh high black stockings a garter belt to hold them up and a corset that pushed her tits up. Thump thump went my dick against my pants again. I wanted to hold off a little longer so tonight would be better for both of us. She sat down across from me and we started eating. I took my right shoe off and ran it over her inner thighs. She spread her legs a little, and my toes found her crotch and started rubbing it. “Mmmm” she said as she stuck a piece of steak in her mouth. “Oh you like that huh?” I continued. “Yes I’ve been thinking about this all day.” “I’ve been dreaming about your meat all day today too.” She said with another moan, and biting her lower lip. I wanted to make her wait a little longer so I ignored my urge to fuck her right there. Thump thump my dick pulsed in protest. “Take your tits out. I want to see them while I eat.” I commanded her. “Yes Sir.” She complied. Her nice round breasts were set free. As she ate and the more I rubbed with my foot the more her beautiful tits bounced.

After dinner I told her to go into the movie room and get comfortable. I went and got some wine, and the other things I got for tonight. I brought in two glasses, and a bottle of white and a bottle of red wine. “Which one do you prefer?” I asked. “Red would be good sir. Thank you.” She answered. I poured two glasses and handed her one. We watched about 10 mins of the shitty old movie I picked when I couldn’t take it anymore. She put her glass down on the coffee table and as soon as she leaned back I put my hand behind her neck and brought her close for a kiss. She moaned as she sucked on my tongue. “Get on your knees and suck my cock Heather!” I told her. “Yes sir.” She answered getting off the couch onto her knees. “No Yes sir just do it bitch.” I growled at her. She didn’t answered but she unzipped my pants and whipped my cock out. She started kissing it up and down, and licking it like a lollipop. Then she pulled my pants down past my ass and she grabbed my balls and started to lick them and suck on them. I almost came right there, but I held it off. She started sucking on my cock nice and slow at first. I acted like this pissed me off a little and I grabbed the back of her head and forced her head down hard on my cock. “Faster!” I yelled at her. She gagged and then started bobbing up and down faster. “Oh shit! That’s good baby.” I told her I leaned back and she sucked. She took my cock out of her mouth and spit on it and started jerking me hard. “My jaw is getting tired sir can you fuck me now?” she asked. I lightly slapped her, and this seemed to be the appropriate response she wanted because she smiled. “No I will fuck you when I’m good and ready. I already told you that.” I told her. “Yes sir.” She answered going back to sucking my cock to the point of almost gagging.

Just when I thought I was about to come I told her to stop and stand up. “Turn around in front of me, and take your panties off while bending over.” I commanded. She did what she was told. As she pulled her panties down I could see her pussy lips come into view. My cock ached for it so bad that pre cum started to come out. “Do you like what you see sir?” she asked. “Don’t worry you’ll know when I don’t like something.” I told her slapping her ass cheeks and spreading her ass so I could get a good view of her pussy. She started to stand straight up when I pushed her back down so she was bent over again. I then ran my tongue along her hairy mound and up to her asshole spreading her pussy lips open while doing this. “Oh my!” she moaned and her body shook a little. I didn’t say anything to her I just kept licking away at her pussy. Her knees almost gave out a few times from pleasure but I made sure to keep her bent over and up. When I was done eating her pussy she was shaking all over. I laid her out on the couch. She was breathing heavy and had her arm over her eyes. “Oh my God! That was so good. Where did someone your age learn to eat pussy like that?” she asked “Don’t you worry about where I learned that, and what happened to Sir?” I asked her grabbing her legs and spreading them wide for me.

“I’m sorry sir please forgive me.” She answered. “I’ll let it go this time, but you’ll have to make it up to me some how.” I told her while I readied my dick to enter her wet hairy mature pussy. “Tell me how much you want it slut. Tell me what you want me to do to you.” I growled. “I want you so bad sir. Please fuck me! I want your dick I need your dick! Mmmmm!” she moaned grabbing her tits. “I asked you what you want me to do to you!” I yelled grabbing the back of her head so our eyes met. “I want you to breed me sir. Make me your breeding slave. Please sir I want you to knock me up. Give me your cum and get me pregnant.” She screamed as I let her head go and it fell back on the plush couch cushion. I spread her legs wide again and she guided my rock hard cock to her wet pussy.

As soon as I felt the tip touch her lips I thrusted hard into her. “Ohhhh fuck!” she screamed again. As I forcefully fucked her she moan with pleasure and I could hear our bodies slapping against one other because of all her juice that was leaking out her wet pussy. “Sir I’m about to cum! Please give me permission to cum sir!” she gasped. “Okay but only if later on I can stick in your ass!” I told her through as I grabbed her face and pushed her lips into a pursed look. “Yethh sir!” she said and I released her face and continued to fuck her hard. “Get on top of me. Ride me slut!” I told her. She got on top of me and I grabbed her ass and forced it down on my cock. “Ohhmmm” she said biting her lip again and this time I saw tears welling in her eyes. She looked at me. “This is exactly what I needed sir.” She started to cry in pleasure. “ You can really have me any time you want. I love your cock sir.” She said whimpering again. I started to push her down faster on my cock. “Are you ready to me to cum? Huh slut! Are you ready to be bred my me?” I asked her. “Yes sir. Please breed me. I want your baby. I want to be your breeding slut. Whatever you want me to do I will.” She said sobbing now. “Good; that’s what I wanted to hear slut.” I said pushing her hard once more down on my hard cock and I erupted into her wet pussy. It was a few seconds before I was done shooting my entire load into her pussy. “Stay on top of me bitch I don’t want any juices getting on my couch got it!” I growled. “Yeyess sir!” she sobbed trying to catch her breath.

We stayed like that for maybe anther 5 mins. I grabbed her head with both hands and pulled her in and kissed her long, deep and hard. We both moaned with pleasure and I stopped kissing her and looked into her water mascara smeared eyes. “Heather! I think I’m falling in love with you.” I told her. “I’m falling in love with you to Brandon, but we can’t stay together forever. I mean I’m still married and I don’t want you to have to take the responsibility of caring for a child if you do get me pregnant.” She said. “Oh I know. I’m not saying that I want to marry you anything. I just love you and everything about you. This isn’t about just sex with me; its about passion and love now.” I explained to her. Still holding on to her head. “Ohh Brandon. I love you too.” She kissed me long and hard.

I finally let her get off of me. “I have a surprise for you.” Mrs. Gray told me. “My husband isn’t coming home tonight. He came home for a half an hour. He has to fly to Washington for an emergency meeting. He said he’ll be back in two days.” She said pulling her panties up. “So what? You want to spend the night with me?” I asked. “If you’d let me sir I’d like that very much.” She answered batting her eyes at me. “Aw my little slut is spending the night.” I said grabbing her and pulling her close. “This is going to be a great night for both of us.” I told her. “I was hoping you’d say that.” We sat on the couch watching whatever was left of the shitty old movie. “How old are you?” I asked her. “You said you were old enough to be my big sister, but I don’t know what that means.” I finished. “I’m 41, I have size 42C breasts, and an 8 pants most of the time. I’m naturally dark haired, but I have to color because I’m graying, and my tits are real. Anything else you want to know?” she asked. “not at this moment.” I said with a smile. I put my arm around her, and pulled her in close next to me. “I wasn’t joking about your ass. I’m going to fuck it tonight Heather.” I whispered into her ear. “I didn’t think you were joking Brandon. As long as you shoot your load into my pussy you can fuck me anytime anywhere.” She said to me and kissed the tip of my nose. “So you want to take a shower and head upstairs to bed?” I asked. “Sure are you ready to go already.” She asked. “I will be once you suck on my cock again. Now take that great round ass of yours upstairs and get in the shower and wait for me there.” I told her what room to go into and up she went. I squeezed her ass as she walked up the stairs and it made her hurry up a little.

I went and grabbed the brown bag that was filled with some stuff I bought for tonight and future use. I ran upstairs and I heard the master bedroom shower on and water slashing. “Hey Heather are you ready for me?” I asked opening the door and I saw her silhouette on the wall and then saw her naked outline through the frosted glass of the shower door. “Yes sir I’m ready for your cock in my ass and your cum in my pussy.” She said. “Good. I’ve got some extras I want to use.” I told her. I took off all of my clothes and opened the shower door. It was a huge remodeled shower; since my dad had surgery on his knees a few years back they expanded it and put a pull down seat. The whole area was 10 foot by 8 foot titled with marble ledges. I knew we’d have plenty of room to do what I wanted in there. There she was water cascading down her back and off her nice plump bubble butt. Her milky white skin glistening with water, her black curly hair now straight ran all the way down to between her shoulder blades. She didn’t even need to suck my cock it was already getting hard. That of course didn’t stop me from making her do so. “Okay Heather suck on my cock!” I told her. She turned her head and smiled. “Yes sir!” she answered as she pulled the seat down from the wall. She sat down and I pulled her head down to my cock. She eagerly sucked on it bobbing her wet head up and down. “Oh baby that feels so good.” I told her pushing her head a little harder on my cock; making her gag again.

After I had enough of her sucking on my cock I told her to get up bend over and put her hands on the seat. She did was she was told, and as she bent over I ran a finger in and out of her pussy and up to her asshole. I pushed my pointer finger in her tight asshole and it made her shiver. “You like that don’t you slut.” I asked her. “Yes sir I love your finger in my asshole. I can’t wait to have your cock in my ass.” She said pushing back on my hand a little bit harder. “How many fingers should I put in your asshole to get it ready for my hard cock?” I asked her. “Three; stick 3 in me sir that should get my tight little asshole ready for your young, big, hard cock.” She moaned. I took my pointer, middle, and ring finger and started pushing them all together in to her waiting asshole. “Oh fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” She said slapping the seat with one hand then slapping her hand on the wall with the other. She pushed back even more now, and my cock was now rock hard. I pulled my three fingers out of her asshole and her body stopped shaking a little, but not completely. “Okay slut you ready for a hard young cock in your ass?” I asked her. “Yes sir. Please give me that hard cock in my ass.” She moaned biting her bottom lip again.

I got up spread her ass cheeks with one hand and guided my cock into her asshole with the other. It gave a little resistance to my hard cock, but once it entered her she bucked wildly from the pleasure and pain it caused. “Oww! Oh my God that feels good.” She said through clenched teeth. “I knew you’d like that my little slut.” I told her ramming my cock hard into her asshole. “Fuck!” She screamed every time I pushed my cock into her ass again. For the next few moments all you heard was our wet bodies slapping together and her screaming “Fuck!” “Fuck!” “Fuck!” after every slap. I spread her ass cheeks so I could see her asshole stretch because of my hard cock. I was very close to coming again. “I’m about to cum. Sit on my cock slut.” I told her. We changed postion as I sat down she eagerly sat down on my hard cock reverse cow girl style. I thrusted two or three more times and blew another huge load into what I could only hope was a fertile pussy. “Oh fuck!” She yelled rubbing her clit to climax a little after I shot my load.

“That was fucking great Heather. I can’t wait to fuck you all night long. You’re definitely spending the night, because there isn’t’ going to be much sleeping here.” I told her. “I can only hope Sir.” She said panting trying to catch her breath. I pushed her off me and I washed up a bit while she composed herself from her multiple orgasms. “Wash yourself off a little and meet me in my room. It’s the last door on the right at the end of the hall. Got it?” I asked her. “Yes sir.” She said still shaking a little. I helped her up and I got out of the shower and wrapped a towel around me; grabbed the bag with some toys in it and brought it to the bed room. “This really is going to be a great fucking night.” I said to myself and then laughed at the pun. I wondered to myself how far I could take this. I guess only time will tell.

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