Immortal Desires

Immortal Desires

Ian whiled away the accursed daylight in sleep and dreams….waiting until he could see Shay again. He rose from his dark crypt and stole into the main part of the house with unnatural stealth and quietness. He startled his faithful guardian in the hallway as he was giving orders to the upstairs housekeepers. Ian smiled wickedly showing his long white teeth…the servants fleeing as quickly as possible without being insulting to the master of the house. He then turned his piercing green eyes on Kyle…feeling some satisfaction in the fact that he had completely unnerved Kyle…noting the widening of the eyes, the hammering of his heart, the glisten of sweat on his forehead, and the intoxicating smell of fear. Ian breathed deeply, chuckled and said, “Did I frighten you Kyle?”, and moved into the study off from the hall as Kyle followed him. Kyle wiped the sweat from his brow and smiled weakly toward his master, “Not at all, sir. I was just surprised to see you up so early,” he pointed toward the windows saying, “the sun is not yet fully down.” Ian looked toward the windows where the fading daylight streamed dully between a gap in the heavy curtains. Ian hissed quietly….cursing and reveling in this rare glimpse of light….remembering when he lived his life in sunlight and warmth. He turned disgustedly away and walked toward the plush couch, his voice harsh, “Draw the curtains and bring me a drink Kyle.” As Kyle served him, Ian casually asked, “How long until she arrives?” Kyle glanced at the grandfather clock in the corner of the room, “Miss Shaylia should be here in about an hour and half,” he said. Ian sipped the red wine slowly….may as well be a lifetime Ian thought to himself. “Sir, may I ask you something?” Kyle asked nervously. Ian looked up and quirked his eyebrow…..hmm, how very interesting Ian thought….he’s never asked questions before.
Curious, Ian encouraged him to continue. “Sir, why her?,” he stammered, “I mean….its just….I’ve never seen you like this….you just seem so….I don’t know….in love.” Ian sighed and patted the couch next to him, indicating that Kyle should have a seat, “Kyle, you’ve been my guardian a long time. You know what I am, but still I was human once,” Ian looked away toward the waning daylight, “I still remember light, warmth,…” Then turning his piercing green eyes back to Kyle he said, “Shay was my love when I was human and in each lifetime I find her again.” Ian took a moment to sip his wine and Kyle took this as an opportunity to press on, “Sir, if you love her so, why not just make her like you?” Ian kept his cool outward appearance, but inside he seethed with anger…he goes too far, Ian thought. “That Kyle is a second question,” Ian stated, “and it will cost you, but I’ll answer it anyway.” Ian swirled the wine in his glass, “I love her too much to do to her what has been done to me,” he sighed, “I could not bear it if she hated me for it.” Ian looked over at Kyle, “Do you understand.” Kyle, unable to bear the intense direct gaze, he dropped his eyes and nodded his understanding. He started to rise from the couch when Ian placed a heavy hand on his shoulder. “Not just yet, Kyle,” he said, “I’m feeling a little hungry.” Ian’s green eyes glinting dangerously, “Roll up your sleeve Kyle.” he commanded. Kyle sweating again, heart hammering in his chest as he unbuttoned the cuff and rolled the sleeve up past the elbow, holding it out toward his master. Ian took the proffered bare forearm of his long time guardian, gripping it firmly in both hands….he could practically see the blood coursing through the veins. Ian bared his teeth and sank them deep into the flesh….Kyle let out a hiss of pain as his skin was pierced by those sharp fangs. The first pulse of warm blood is always the sweetest and Ian savored it, then he gulped each mouthful quickly slaking his thirst. Kyle watched the room darken around his sight, feeling his life slip away with each beat of his heart as Ian drank, then the darkness claimed him and he knew nothing else.
Kyle woke up lying on the couch in the study, a blazing fire in the hearth, and twilight outside the open curtains. Ian stood next to one of the windows…gazing out into the darkening night, sipping his drink. Kyle groaned and sat up on the couch, rubbing his face with both hands….then inspecting the fresh bite…it was clean, the bleeding had stopped, and the redness was already fading. Ian brought Kyle a strong shot of whiskey. “Thank you sir,” Kyle mumbled, still feeling a bit groggy. Ian watched as he downed the shot in one gulp and then took the glass from him. “Sir, how long was I out?” Kyle asked. Ian smiled, “Only about an hour.” Kyle groaned and stood up, rolling down his sleeve and buttoning the cuff, and otherwise smoothing out his appearance before Shay arrived. Just as he was combing through his ruffled hair the front door rang. Ian smiled again, “Punctual as usual,” and he gave a low laugh. Kyle answered the door, opening it wide and holding his arm out behind him to welcome her into the house. “Good evening Miss Shaylia, please come in, Ian is expecting you,” he said to her, but inside he imagined it was him that she was coming to see. Shay smiled warmly, lighting up her whole face and she stepped inside the doorway, placing a hand on Kyle’s arm and kissed his cheek lightly. “Oh Kyle, please….we’ve known each other long enough to drop the formalities,” she said in her light almost musical tone, “ just call me Shay.” Kyle smiled wanly, it took every bit of his self control to stop himself from taking her in his arms, instead he said, “Ian is waiting in the study Miss Shay.” Kyle started to lead her to the study, but she stopped him and he was faced with her warm dark brown eyes full of concern…..for him? “Kyle you don’t look well,” she said, placing a hand to his forehead, “You’re so pale.” Kyle smiled and took her hand and patted it gently, “I’m fine….just a little tired.” He lead her on to the study before Ian would wonder what was taking so long.
Shay walked into the study and headed straight for Ian. Ian met her halfway, took both her hands and kissed them softly. He looked her up and down, drinking in her exotic beauty. She was wearing a floor length strapless lavender gown with a plunging back that nearly revealed the top of her shapely ass. Her long silky black hair was pulled up into a loose bun at the back of her neck and accented with a silver and diamond comb. “I’m speechless Shay….you look absolutely incredible,” he said and kissed her cheek softly, inhaling her sweet scent. Shay blushed and her beautiful full lips stretched into a stunning smile….Ian always made her feel like she was the most beautiful woman in the world! Ian was dressed handsomely in a silvery gray button down shirt and had two of the top buttons undone and was wearing black slacks and shoes. He had light brown hair, which he wore short and slightly messy. She giggled and said, “Well…Kyle suggested this dress. He said you would love it,” as she cast a quick glance to Kyle standing near the door. Ian looked toward Kyle…not really knowing who he was anymore. I’ll have to keep a close eye on him Ian thought. “Nicely done Kyle,” Ian said, “she is gorgeous.” Ian guided Shay out the door and as they passed Kyle, Ian shot him a very dark look. Ian and Shay left the house to get into the black BMW outside. They spent the evening eating dinner, dancing, walking in the moonlight, and Ian’s personal favorite….kissing. By the time they got back to the house is was very late and everyone had long since gone to bed.
Ian took Shay back to the study. She sat down on the couch and pulled her shoes off, rubbing her feet while he poured them a glass of wine. He brought her a glass and settled down onto the couch beside her. She cuddled up close to him, laying her head on his chest, sipping her wine and Ian gently stroked the side of her neck. “What a lovely evening Ian,” Shay sighed happily. Ian could feel the pulse of her heart as he stroked the side of her neck. He set his glass down and took her chin in his hand, tilting her face up toward her murmured softly, “The evening is not over just yet, my love.” He pressed his lips to hers in a soft gentle kiss, his hand moving down her back. Her response was immediate….she pressed her body against him, encircling her arms around his shoulders, her tongue dancing eagerly in his mouth and Ian gently cupped her breast in his hand, squeezing softly. Shay’s hand slid down his chest, over the buckle of his belt and on to the evident bulge growing in his pants, gripping it with her hand and tugging it slightly causing him to groan aloud. He looked into her beautiful dark eyes and stroked a stray strand of hair from her cheek. He stood up and held his hand out to her…..she took it and Ian pulled her to her feet, immediately sweeping her into his arms. He carried her toward the large master bedroom on the second floor, kissing her passionately as they went.
In the bedroom he laid her down upon the oversized bed, climbing on top of her, pressing into her through the layers of clothes. Shay gasped as she felt the urgent press of his cock against her dampening pussy. He smiled, realizing the look of utter astonishment and desire in her eyes. He pulled the comb from her hair and ran a hand through her silky, black tresses….caressing her cheek….moving down her slender neck, his hand easily encircling her throat….moving over her chest and down her side, yanking her dress up until he could get his hand under it…..stroking her thigh, moving on up to cup her firm ass in his hand. Shay writhed under him, pressing her supple breasts into his chest….hooking a leg around his thigh…grinding her hips into his, and wrapping her arms around his neck. He kissed her so passionately….his lips pressing urgently, his mouth hungry for her. He rolled over, pulling her with him….so that now, she was on top of him….each knee on either side of his hips, she sat up straight on him. He slowly let his hands run down her smooth arms, watching how the moonlight made her skin look so soft and inviting, but left her face in shadow. Shay shook her hair out, so that it feel across her shoulders…she watched him as she reached behind her back, releasing her dress….slowly pulling the front of it away from her body….revealing her bare breasts….the dark colored nipples hardening in the cool air of the bedroom. Ian smiled, letting her take control….enjoying the play of light across her body, he folded his hands behind his head, watching as she pulled the front of her dress down to her hips. Then she rubbed both hands from his belt up toward his shoulders….grabbing the collar of his shirt and unbuttoning it the rest of the way….tugging it free from his pants….pushing it away from his body as she leaned down to lick each nipple….when they were hard, she tugged them with her teeth, Ian gasped as he felt her teeth. Unable to hold back any longer he grabbed her and pinned her down, pulling the dress from her body and tossing it to the floor, leaving her in her black thong panties. He quickly strips down, tossing his clothes with hers on the floor….his thick cock erect and already oozing precum from the head. He pulls her panties down as she bends her long slender legs for him to pull them off of her. Ian lowers himself onto her…his cock throbbing, seeking out her warm, velvety folds. Shay wraps her legs around his hips, gripping the back of his hair….thrusting her hips up to his eager cock. She gasps as his cock finds its target, moaning as he triumphantly thrusts fully and deeply into her….the wetness of her pussy coating his dick, making each thrust smooth and incredible. Ian goes slowly at first….giving her tight cunt time to stretch and accommodate his thick pole. Gradually building up faster and harder thrusts….going so deep she whimpers as the head of his cock butts against the spongy opening of her cervix…her face tightening in a look of utter concentration, her pussy quivering as he drives into her…he watches her intensely, not wanting to miss the moment of total release for her. He continues his relentless fucking….driving her to the point of no return….she clutches desperately to his body, trembling from head to toe, letting out a cry of pleasure, her pussy clamping down deliciously around his cock driving him into a spasm of release that he could not hold back….his cock shooting stream after stream of cum deep into her pussy as he let out a groan of relief, collapsing onto her….breathing raggedly as she gently caresses his back.
Shay slips off to the bathroom to clean herself up while Ian, dressed in his pants, fetches something cool to drink. Returning to bed, Shay cuddles up beside him…head on his shoulder, dressed only in her panties, a leg on top of his…sipping her drink as he gently strokes her hair…knowing that morning is not much farther off. “Ohhh, Ian….I wish this night would never end.” Ian kissed the top of her head, caught at a crossroad….he wanted her to tell her everything, but would she accept it? “Well, my love…it doesn’t have to,” he said, his heart quailing, “We can be together….forever, like we were meant to be.” Shay sits up on one elbow to look at him, “We barely know each other,“ she said, “and now you‘re talking marriage,” laughing softly. Ian gets up, “Follow me,” he orders as he walks to the end of the room toward a large wardrobe in the corner. Shay pulls his shirt around her, slipping her arms into the sleeves as she walks after him to the end of the room. He turns toward her just as she stops behind him, a red leather bound book in his hands. Shay runs her hands over the rich cover of it. “Look at it,” he said, “I’ll explain as best I can.” Puzzled, Shay opens the book….it’s a photo album. She looks at the black and white picture….turns the page, it’s another black and white photo, but the time period is different….she keeps turning page after page….she gasps in shock and surprise as she realizes that all the pictures are of a couple…the man looks shockingly like Ian…and the woman looks just like her. Shay looks up into Ian‘s eyes, “What is this?” she demands, slightly afraid. “What do you see?“ he asks her. She looks back at the pictures, “A man and woman…that look just like us,“ she whispers. “No…not like us,” he said, “they are us.” Shay shakes her head in disbelief, “That’s not possible….it’s just not possible.” “This explains why you feel so connected to me,” he reaches out to her, pleading with his eyes. “I have always loved you…there has never been anyone else but you,” unable to keep a slight quiver from his voice. Shay slowly backs away, “Who are you?” “Come on…you know who I am,” he says, “This doesn’t change anything.” “It changes everything,” she yells, “Damnit…tell me who you are!!” Ian slams the album shut, “Fine,” he growls, “you want to know who I am….I’ll tell you.” He opens his mouth, letting out a roar…showing his white, luminous fangs in the moonlight….his green eyes turning an electric blue, “See me as I am Shay,” his voice taking on an animal, guttural sound, “I’m a vampire…one of the undead….a bloodsucker, but it doesn’t change how I feel about you.” Shay backs away from him, hitting the back of her legs against the bed and falling onto it, to shocked to speak or make any kind of sound. He advances toward her…fear now taking over, Shay screams and scrambles away from him, “Don’t touch me!!” she screams, “Get away from me!!” She tries to run for the door, but Ian is faster and catches her, encircling his arms about her, putting a hand across her mouth. He whispers in ear, “Please…please Shay,” he pleads, “try to understand…I love you.” His breath was hot blowing against her ear….she felt his chest heave with a sob. Shay relaxed…she quit struggling, didn’t try to scream…so Ian released her. She turned around and searched his eyes for any trace of that frightful animal she had seen just moments before….but all she saw was his beautiful green eyes…pleading with her, begging her to stay…begging her to love him. “There is just one more thing I need to show you,” he said, clearing his throat, “if you would like to.” Shay nodded, still trying to process everything that has happened so far.
Ian leads her down the hall…taking various twists and turns….going deeper into the house. Shay follows, looking around, trying to remember which way she’s going, but is soon lost the maze of the house. Ian finally stopped in front of a solid dark wood door. Before opening he turned to her and said, “This will be the first time you’ve ever been in this room…in this life or any other.” He looked deeply into her eyes, adding, “This place is sacred to me…my sanctuary. Kyle has never even seen this place.” On some deep, intimate level his words touched her….she didn’t know why, but instinct told her to trust him. She was speechless and could only nod her understanding. Ian heaved a heavy sigh and opened the door, stepping off to the side to let Shay past him. Shay tentatively stepped in the room…immediately struck by the immensity of it. Ian entered after her…waving his hand and instantly huge candelabras came to life and a blazing fire lit the room. Solid oak paneled walls surrounded her, decorated with medieval banners done in green, trimmed in silver with a black griffin reared back pawing the air in front of it. There was a huge stone fireplace at the end of the room and two huge broadswords were crossed above it with a shield. Various tapestries were hung on the walls along with other weapons…maces, lances, other swords of varying length and thickness. An old wooden table occupied the center of the room, some of it charred but mostly intact with benches on either side, two silver and glass goblets stood in the middle of the table, firelight glinting off the silver. Shay walked around the room…admiring everything. She looked a long time at the suit of armor, polished to a high gleam and beside it was beautiful dress kept inside a glass case. The dress was on a dressing dummy….a beautiful deep purple gown with a laced bodice green and silver done into the trimming of the skirt and the long draping sleeves. She pressed her hand against the glass…an odd feeling of familiarity coming over her. She walked around the room…coming to the huge oil painting. She gazed a long time at it…studying the handsome knight and his beautiful lady at his side…wearing the very dress that was inside the case. Ian watched her as she walked around the room and he came to stand beside her as she gazed at the painting. She turned her body toward him, putting her hand on his arm, tears in her eyes, “This was you…y-you before…before you became…vampire,” she whispered. Ian was too choked to speak…all he could do was nod. “And this was the me you loved….that you married and made your lady?” she sobbed, tears started to run down her cheeks. Ian closed his eyes, grabbed her hand and squeezed it gently in his, “Yes,” he whispered, “this was our wedding portrait.” Shay laid her forehead against his shoulder and sobbed…he wrapped his arms around her, stroking her hair, trying to quiet her. He led her out of the room, closing the door and walking her back to the bedroom.
By the time they reached room, Shay had calmed down. Ian was lying on the bed and he held her close to him. Saying nothing, just giving her time…he had pushed her to far and now he feared that he may lose her….yet again. Shay had her head on his chest, but her face was turned away, hidden from him. “Tell me what happened after that painting,” she murmured…he almost didn’t hear her. He sighed, “Well….war came the outskirts of the land. I was sent to lead as was my calling. We fought against foreign invaders. Late one night as I was returning to camp with a fellow knight, we were ambushed by what looked like men. We quickly found out that they weren’t. We fought hard, but they overpowered us…even unarmed. They quickly drained my friend and had nearly finished me off, but I grabbed the one and begged for my life….because I had to come home to you….I couldn’t leave you all alone in the world,” he explained, his voice choked with emotion. “Well, he took pity and offered me a way to live. He said I could live but it would come at a price. I could feel myself dying….I didn’t feel there was any other way. So, I accepted without understanding what he was saying,” anger made Ian’s voice harsh. “The stranger cut his wrist open, his dark blood welling up. He offered it to me…encouraging me to drink from him. I opened my mouth allowing his blood to fill my mouth, swallowing….trying not to vomit. It was then that I felt excruciating pain…like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. I writhed on the ground, howling into the night. The strangers fading away into the darkness, leaving me to suffer. I didn’t know anything else until morning….the light was unbearable…it burned. I scrambled for the nearest cave and waited until nightfall. Once I got back to camp it wasn’t long before rumors started of my strange behavior…and even less time before I was run away from the encampment,” Ian’s voice was saddened as he continued, “Disheartened I made my way back home, unsure of how you would react…unsure of myself. However when I got there…th-there was nothing. Our home burned to the ground…fields burned unharvested…animals slaughtered in the barns….servants murdered,” he choked and sobbed as he continued, “and..and…I found you m-mur-murdered in our bed.” He dissolved into sobs now…remembering the horror of coming home. They lay there together…holding each other…comforting each other. Shay turned her head toward him…kissed him softly on the cheek, looking into his eyes, “Do it Ian…make me like you. I want to be with you forever.” Ian closed his eyes, “You don’t know what you ask.” “I know that I love you….and this is the only way,” she said, “Please Ian…please, I want to be with you.” She kissed him again….urgently, passionately…wrapping her arms around him. She pulled him toward her….and he responded instantly to her ardent attentions. She quickly stripped him of his pants and wriggled out of his shirt that she was wearing. He rolled over onto her…pinning her down to the bed, gripping her panties and yanking them from her body. He felt like his skin was on fire and the only way to quench it was inside of her. He grunted as he brutally stabbed into her, hearing her cry out. He silenced her the only way he knew how….he clamped his mouth savagely onto hers, thrusting is tongue into her mouth, sucking away her breath. He started to thrust harder and deeper into her, his hands on her hips…grabbing her tightly, she hooked her legs about his waist…meeting him thrust for thrust, wrapping her arms around his neck. She turned her head to the side…exposing her throat to him, gasping she said, “Do it Ian….do it with love.” He leaned toward her…hesitating momentarily until he felt the encouraging nudge of her arms….he bared his teeth and sank the fangs deep into her vein just as he thrust forward, slamming the entire length of his rigid cock deep inside her. Her body convulsed under him as he drank her….bucking and straining…fighting to stay alive. He held her tightly as she weakened…when he felt her body relax he cut open his hand and held it to her lips, “Drink my love….drink and live forever with me,” he whispered. Shay could barely open her mouth, but she sucked weakly…drawing in small amounts of his blood and swallowing. Ian encouraged her to drink more….moving slowly in and out of her. His entire being tingled with anticipation as he waited for the effects of his vampire blood. Suddenly it happened….Shay grabbed onto him…clawing and clutching; she screamed and bucked and writhed on a pinnacle between agony and pleasure. Ian began again to thrust deeply into her….the more she fought to live, the more aroused he became. He grunted with each effort…trying to hit to the very core of her being…with the last hard thrust he cried out with release as he felt his cock twitch and explode…shooting pulse after pulse of thick cum deep inside her. Shay collapsed to the bed….exhausted by the transformation her body was undergoing and incredible fuck Ian had just given her….she let the darkness take her…and she drifted in oblivion. Ian covered her body in the bed and crawled up beside her, cuddling her body to his….knowing that from now on…he and Shay will never be apart…ever again.

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