A Ghostly Haunting-Chapter Two

A Ghostly Haunting-Chapter Two

A Ghostly Haunting
Chapter Two
by Simon Fear

It was two weeks later since her dad had bought the old Selmer House, and now it was going to be her first night to live in the house. Ashley unloaded the boxes that were marked with her name from her mom’s Ford Expedition. As she walked into the house she saw all of the furniture that the moving men had carted in during the week from her old home back in the city. After her dad had signed the paperwork making him owner of the Selmer place they had gone back one last time to let Ashley pick out her own room. She had gone up to the second floor where the three bedrooms were located. She had noticed that even though the house was old it had been remodeled recently as it now had three bathrooms inside instead of just one. One was on the third floor connected to the master bedroom, her parent’s room, and the second room was also located up on the third floor, which her dad was going to make into his personal office. Ashley had been glad cause she did not want to sleep on the same floor with her parents. The second floor consisted of three bedrooms, which at one at a large closet connecting two of the bigger room together.

Apparently a former owner had converted that large closet into bathroom which was as large as her parents bathroom, consisting of a large garden tub, a shower stall and dual vanities with dual mirrors. According to the Real Estate Agent Mr. Reihnholt, the owner who had converted the closet into a bathroom had two daughters who shared the bathroom so he had made it where both of them could do their make-up at the same to prevent lateness usually caused by sisters fighting over their turn for the bathroom. The fifth bedroom was a little smaller but not by much. Ashley had chosen the bigger room on the East End and was actually happy that she would have her own personal bathroom, since her oldest sister was 19 and at college living in the dorms there in the city. The third bathroom was downstairs. The owner who had converted the bathrooms had decided that kitchen was way to big and close a small section of it, then converted it into a small bathroom with just a regular tub, sink and mirror. The kitchen was still pretty large even though it had been made smaller to make room for the bathroom. That was going to be the guest bathroom.

Ashley dropped her boxes onto the floor of her room and walked over to the window. She looked down at the ground and saw some construction men walking around the East End to the south side of the property. Her dad had decided to have an in-ground swimming pool installed since the yard was so big. It was only midway through the first month of Ashley’s summer vacation. Some of the men were shirtless as it was pretty hot out, and they were well built. She saw the sweat pouring down their abbs and back making them glisten. Ashley started to get turned and decided to change into something more comfortable. She opened a drawer that contained all her swimsuits. She pick out a small pink bikini top, one that would show off the sides of her b-cup tits instead of covering them completely. Her parents hated it, but she still wore it. Hell she had some bikini’s call micro bikinis that her parents didn’t even know about. One that when wearing them, would just cover her nipples, and the bottoms, barely covered her pussy, in fact sometimes they would just slightly readjust showing the top of her slit, of if pulled up too much, would show the bottom of her slit. The back of course was just a string that went into her butt leaving it completely exposed. Basically wearing those particular bikinis she was basically naked, which she loved. But of course if her parents knew they were throw them out.

Ashley glanced at the window since it didn’t have any curtains up yet, but since she was on the second floor she figured no one could see her, plus she didn’t care if they did. She unbuttoned her jeans and slid them down, taking her thong panties off as well. Then she removed her tank top. She looked at herself in the mirror, and noticed just how sweaty her body had gotten from the heat. Her pinkish pale skin glistened with moisture as she studied herself. Reaching up with both hands she slowly began rubbing her tit, slightly tweaking her nipples making them hard. “MMMMM”, she moaned. She then trailed her right hand down her stomach, which was smooth, not showing any baby fat, as she kept fit through cheerleading, until it rested right above her moist pussy. She felt of the slight peach fuzz that was starting to become her pubic hair. “Damn, I’m gonna have to shave that, I don’t want any hair there.” Keeping her hand right above her pussy she walked over to the window, which reach down to the floor. Standing there rubbing her tit, and feeling of her pubic hair she noticed that a worker was sitting on the east end of the yard out of the sun, taking a break. She slightly turned to the side so it would appear that she did not see him, yet she could keep watch him out of the corner of her eye. She then slid a finger into the top of her slit, feeling the wetness of her pussy. She gently pressed against her hardening clit, causing her to moan out. Since her window was open with just screen down, the worker in the yard heard the moan and looked up and almost choked on his cola as he saw the beautiful naked teen standing in the window fingering herself. Ashley continued rubbing her tit as she slid her finger into her hot pussy and she began finger fucking herself. “Uhhhh oh shit that feels so good, MMM” Ashley glanced out the corner of her eye and saw the worker looking around to see if anyone was in sight. Apparently there wasn’t because he slowly unzipped his jeans and slid his hand inside and started moving his hand around. “Oh damn,” Ashley thought, “He’s jacking himself off, oh what fun, I hope he pulls it out.” Ashley continued to finger her pussy and wet sloshing noises. She then began rubbing her other tit, as she started moving her finger in and out faster. “UUggghhhh, ooooohhhh damn,” She moaned. She glanced back out the window and saw that the worker was having trouble jacking off in his pants. He looked around again and then quickly pulled his dick out. “Damn” Ashley thought, “That’s got to be at least 9 inches long.” She then slid another finger into her dripping hole, and started frigging herself faster. “Ohhhh fuck I’m so close, uggghhhh ohhhh shit I’m gonna cum.” Ashley could feel the pressure building as her legs started trembling. She glanced back out the window and saw that worker was stroking his dick very fast now, and she could hear stifled grunts coming from him. Ashley quickly shoved her two fingers deep into her pussy and using her thumb began rubbing her hard clit. Ashley squealed out, “Ohhhhh fuck ohhhh fuck, AAAhhhhhhhh shit I’mm cummmingggg, Uggghhh ahhhhhhhh.” She clamped her thighs tightly together trapping her hand between them, as she feverishly rubbed her clit as her orgasm racked her body. Her pussy began squirting her girl juices out over her hand and down her thighs, as she kept squealing out. “Uggghhhh fuck me yesssss, ahhhhhhh.” The worker couldn’t believe his luck as he saw this beautiful teen cumming in front of him, her juices gushing out of her pussy. It through him over the edge as he grunted out, his dick throbbing and his jizz began spewing out in thick white jets, shooting a good length in front of him into the grass. As Ashley’s orgasm subsided she glance out the window just in time to see the worker’s jizz squirt out of his dick. Ashley slowly rubbed her pussy lips as she watched the worker milk the last of his thick cream out of his penis, some of it getting on his hands. As he squeezed the last drop out, when both he and Ashley heard sounds of men talking coming from around the corner. The worker quickly tucked his dick back into his pants, as he wiped the jizz that was on hand on the back of his white jeans. Just then three more guys walked around into Ashley’s view, and threw their lunches into the garbage can. None of them even looked up at her window. As the worker got up to join his companions he looked one last time back at her window and saw Ashley watching him, her whole naked body still on display. Ashley grinned and blew him a kiss. The worker blushed and continued on around the house to work on the pool.

Ashley walked back to her bed where she had laid the bikini top, she put it on tying behind her neck and behind her back. Then she opened another drawer and pulled out a pair of short cut off Jean shorts. She slid them on. They were a bit tight but for a purpose. She always left them unbuttoned and unzipped to right above her pubic area. These shorts were cut so short that the bottom curves of her ass cheeks poke out and when she sat down and spread her legs her pussy lips were exposed. After she got dressed she studied herself in the mirror. Perfect she thought just how my parents hate it. She then went downstairs where her mom was unpacking a box. Mrs. Logan looked up and saw what her daughter was wearing. “Ash why do you have to dress like, every bit of you is hanging out. You know how we feel about this.” Ashley rolled her eyes, “Geez mom, give me a break, it’s hot outside, I’m burning up and this makes me feel comfortable. Why can’t you guys just let me be?” Mrs. Logan straightened up, “Ash you know why we don’t you dressing like that, some pervert is going to see you one day, and your going to get raped, and we don’t want that happening to our baby girl. We love you and want to protect you, why can’t you understand this. Your sister never dressed like this, we thought we raised you better.” Ashley knelt down beside her and began rifling through the box, “Mom this is who I am, I like dressing this way, it makes me feel pretty. You guys already moved me out in the middle of no where to get me away from all the guys in the city, and plus I carry around a small can of pepper spray. I’ll be fine really, so please stop worrying.” Mrs. Logan looked at her daughter then quickly embraced her in a hug, “Oh Ash, I can never stop worrying about you, just like I can’t stop worrying about your sister.” Ashley hugged her mom back, after all even though they could be pains in the ass she still loved them, “I love you mom, but really I’ll be fine.”
Ashley stood back up and picked up a picture frame of her Grandmother, “I think this would be perfect right in the middle of the mantle over the fireplace. You know how Grandma loved sitting by her old fireplace before she passed away.” Mrs. Logan smiled a tear running down her cheek, “You know I think your right.” Ashley placed the picture on the mantle piece, then turned around. “I’m going to check and see if I left anything in the car mom.” Mrs. Logan looked back up, “Ok sweety. Oh and see if my watch might be under the seats, I could have sworn I took it off in the kitchen but its not there, so maybe it fell off in there.” “Sure thing mom.” With that Ashley bounded out the front door, across the enclosed front porch and out into the yard. Damn it was hot. She couldn’t wait until the A/C man finally got the central air and heat installed in the house. She looked in the Expedition but didn’t see anything else nor her moms watch. She shut the door when she heard barking. She went to the end of the drive and looked down the street. To her amazement she saw a German Shepherd about a 100 yards down the road at the edge of the woods, which was still on their property. The dog was standing still looking right at her. Weird she thought. Then she heard another sound, a small engine in the distance in the other direction. She turned around and saw someone driving a small mo-ped around the curve heading for her. She turned back to see the dog, but it was gone. She stood by the drive until the mo-ped reached her.

As the mo-ped got closer Ashley smiled and waved as she recognized her new friend Vicky. Vicky pulled up next to her and got off. She was wearing a tight pair of blue jeans, and a green shirt similar to the one she had on last time Ashley saw her. Vicky smiled, “Hey girl, damn that is a very sexy outfit.” Ashley blushed, as Vicky stepped close to her and grabbing the hem of her shorts pulled her close and began kissing her. Ashley returned the kiss their tongues dancing with each other again. They kissed for a few seconds before Vicky stepped back leaving Ashley in a trance. “Oh I have been waiting to do that again,” Vicky grinned. Ashley blushed but smiled back, “I have too.” Vicky patted Ashley on the butt and then began running her fingers along the sides of Ashley bikini top slipping her fingers inside to tease her nipples. Ashley moaned. “I see you guys are putting in a pool here, pretty kewl, my dad had one put in two years ago. As hot as it gets during the summer they come in handy. Ashley smiled, “Yeah we wanted one back home, but city regulations, wouldn’t let us, some new ordinance thing they have. It’s pretty cool.”

Vicky turned around and bent over get something out of the seat of her mo-ped. As she bent over Ashley couldn’t help but look at her ass, but was shocked to see something new. Vicky had gotten a tattoo in the small of her back that spread to each side in a neat design. “Oh that is so cool.” Vicky looked back at Ashley with a grin, “You like, my dad let me get it last week, hurt like hell, but it was worth it.” Ashley traced the design on Vicky back sending a shiver through Vicky. “Wish my parents would let me get one, but they would never let me. What kind of design is it. Vicky turned around facing Ashley, “It’s called a Tribal, there are quite a few different patterns, and plus if you got it without your parents, there isn’t much they could do after except ground you for a while. It’s permanent short of an expensive laser surgery, which would leave scars. If your up to it, one of these days, I’ll take you down myself and let you pick one out and have it put on. You’ll love it, and it will be worth a couple of weeks of groundment. Plus I think you would fucking sexy with one.” Ashley blushed, “You really think so.” Vicky grinned, “Oh I know so, in fact I think it would hot you had the tattoo start with like a point right above your butt crack,” using her hands she pushed Ashley’s shorts down about halfway down her ass, which also caused the front to dip below her pussy, exposing it. Ashley let out a gasp. Vicky then wrapping her arms around Ashley’s waist and putting both forefingers right above her butt crack and began trailing her fingers around both sides of Ashley’s hip. “Then have the design go over your sides,” her fingers then trailed above where bikini straps would be, “then have both points end on either side of you pussy,” Vicky’s fingers stopped on both sides of Ashley’s nether lips. Ashley being felt up this was getting very horny and breathing hard.

Vicky held her fingers there a few second then quickly slipped one of her finger in between Ashley’s swollen lips, causing her to squeal out and began slipping it back and forth before removing her hands, leaving Ashley gasping for air, wishing that Vicky had not stopped. Vicky stuck her finger into her and suck on it. “MMMMM, you taste so sweet, and you were so hot and wet, and if I’m not mistaken, I would almost bet that you had an orgasm not too long ago.” Ashley just managed to nod her head. Ashley stood there with her shorts still halfway down her hips, when Vicky picked a piece of paper that she had gotten from her seat and handed it to Ashley. Ashley took it, and looked at it, “What’s this?” Vicky smiled, “Directions to my place, I’m having a party in four days, and I want you to come. Give you a chance to meet my friends and get acquainted before school.” Just then both girls heard the front door open. Ashley quickly pulled her shorts up, as her mom stepped out onto the front porch.

“Oh hey Vicky, I didn’t know you were here. How are you today?” Mrs. Logan asked. “Hi Mrs. L, I’m doing good, just thought I would stop by and see how everything is and invited Ashley to a party I’m having.” Ashley looked at her mom, “Can I go to it Mom, please.” Mrs. Logan looked at her daughter, “Well we’ll have to ask your dad when he gets back from the city tomorrow but I don’t think it will be a problem. Vicky do you want to come in and have some cookies, they’re fresh out of the oven?” Vicky smiled, “I would love to Mrs. L, but I have to get back pretty quickly, I still have some chores to do, but dad said I could come by and give Ashley the invitation.” “Oh that’s to bad, well I’m pretty sure it wont be a problem for Ashley to come to you party. And don’t be a stranger, you’re always welcome here.” “Thanks Mrs. L.” “Oh Ashley did you find my watch?” Ashley took her eyes off Vicky, “No mom it wasn’t in there.” Mrs. looked thoughtful, “Strange maybe it is somewhere in the house after all,” as she turned around to go back in the house she looked over her shoulder, “Don’t be too long Ash, I am gonna need your help in a minute.” “Ok mom.” With that Mrs. Logan went back into the house. Vicky seizing the moment quickly reached her hands and grabbed Ashley’s shorts and jerked them down to her feet, causing Ashley to gasp out. “Wha...What are you doing?” She gasped as Vicky dropped to her knees in front of Ashley. Vicky grinned as she grabbed Ashley’s butt cheeks and pulled her closer. “I just have to taste you before I go, has anyone ever licked you down here?” Ashley shook her. “Do you want me to lick you down here?” Ashley nodded. Vicky squeezed Ashley’s butt, before sliding her finger into her ass crack pressing her finger against her anus.

Ashley closed her eyes, “MMMM.” Vicky grinned, “And I can’t wait to lick your cute ass and stick my tongue into your asshole, but before I do that you have to let me give you an enema.” Ashley opened her eyes, “What’s an enema?” Vicky pressed her finger harder against her anus, causing her to squeal out. “An enema is what a person gets to clean out their butt so that it can be played with without getting shitty,” Vicky giggled. Ashley blushed, but before she could say anything else Vicky stuck her tongue and slid between the wet folds of Ashley’s nether lips. “AAhhhh oh god that feels so good,” Ashley cried out. Vicky continued to lick the insides of Ashley’s moist and dripping lips, as Ashley slowly began to ground her hips against Vicky’s face. Ashley didn’t care at the moment if her mom came out and caught them, she was in heaven. Vicky looked up, “God you taste so sweet Ash, better than I thought you would.” With that Vicky plowed her tongue back into Ashley’s dripping hot pussy, lapping at the juices pouring out of Ashley. “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck ughhhh, mmmmm,” was all Ashley could say. Vicky then began sliding her across Ashley’s clit, which had hardened considerably, which made Ashley cry out even more. “Oh my god, oh shit ohhhhh ahhhhhhh god yesssss.” Vicky continued to message Ashley butt cheeks with her hands, as she then took Ashley’s clit between her lips and started sucking on it. This drove Ashley crazy as she screamed out, “AAAahhhhhhh god I’m cummmmming fuccckkk yesssss, AAAAAAAHHHHHHh.” Ashley shoved her pussy hard against Vicky face as her legs locked up and her body trembled as her orgasm racked her body, her juices squirted out in floods against Vicky’s face, and down her neck onto her shirt. Vicky held onto Ashley as she kept sucking on her clit driving Ashley even wilder. Ashley’s eyes were squinted shut as her body shook as yet another orgasm hit her, “AAAAHHHHHhh shit, AAAHHHhh.” Vicky held her mouth open as Ashley’s juices squirted into her mouth, swallowing as much of Ashley’s girl juice as she could, while the rest flowed down her chin. Vicky stopped sucking on Ashley’s clit but kept her face pressed close to her pussy as Ashley’s orgasm subsided, and she began to relax. Ashley dropped down onto her knees, and Vicky leaned and began kissing Ashley fiercely smearing the juice that was her own face onto Ashley’s face. Ashley returned the kiss just as fiercely, tasting her own juices for the first time and realizing that she love it. Vicky finally parted the kiss. She smile brightly at Ashley, “Damn, I didn’t know you were a squirter, that was hot as hell, God I loved it.” Ashley blushed, “I thought all girls squirted.” Vicky shook her head, “No baby, not all of us, me for instance I just super wet, but I don’t squirt, shit you and I are going to have so much fun. Vicky stood up and helped Ashley up. Ashley was still a little wobbly in the knees. Vicky bent over and pulled Ashley’s shorts up. “Oh I hate to go, but I do need to get back, but we’ll be seeing each a lot.” Ashley blushed, “I hope so.” Vicky patted Ashley on the butt and gave her final kiss on the lips, and then got back on her mo-ped. “Oh by the way, wear your most sexiest bikini to the party, My folks won’t be there, but your parents don’t have to know.” Ashley grinned, “K” With that drove Vicky blew a kiss and drove off. Ashley readjusted her shorts and started back to the house.

When she entered she called out to her mom. When she didn’t get an answer she walked up to the second floor and called again. From the third floor she her mom answer back, “I’m in the shower dear, I’ll be out directly and I’ll cooking dinner, and I’ll need your help.” Ashley yelled back, “Ok mom, I’ll be in my room.” Ashley went into her and quickly stripped off her clothes. She looked at her short and noticed that they were completely damp in the crotch, almost as if she had peed herself. She could still the pussy juices on the insides of her thighs. She went into her bathroom and got a washcloth and wetted it and wiped her pussy and legs off. Then she went and threw her clothes into the clothes hamper in her room. It was still pretty warm inside, so she got a short t-shirt and put it on. It only went down to her belly button. She sat on her bed and laid down for a minute. “I’m not going to sleep,” she told herself. Ashley was so exhausted that she didn’t even realize when her eyes closed and she fell asleep on top of her covers. She also didn’t hear her mom call for her, or hear when her mom opened the door as her mom looked and saw Ashley’s bare butt facing her. Mrs. Logan couldn’t help stare for a minute at her daughter cute butt, “She’s getting so big, growing up into a young woman,” she thought. Mrs. Logan walked in and placed her hand right on Ashley’s thigh and felt her warm smooth skin. Just as quickly Mrs. Logan removed her hand feeling ashamed, and then leaned over and kissed her daughter on the cheek. “I’ll let you sleep for a little while longer,” She whispered. Ashley breathed deeply and mumbled incoherently. Mrs. Logan then flipped the light and walked out closing the door. Mrs. Logan did not a pair of blue eyes peeping from the closet door that was cracked open. And if she had walked to the window, she would have noticed a strangely dressed man, with a German Shepherd standing at the edge of the woods watching Ashley windows. The same man and dog who had watched the girls in their private little play just half an hour ago out of sight. No none of that was seen, and still remained unseen as Mrs. Logan began cooking dinner for her and Ashley, as Ashley’s closet door slowly began to open, a small girlish hand moving around the door into sight.

To be Continued..............

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