Being Coerced (Different POV)

Being Coerced (Different POV)

Hi! My name is Lucy. I have long, blonde hair that frames my face and green eyes. I come from a very religious family –Mormon in fact –so I am very (or was) very naïve and innocent.

I was sitting on my bed on Sunday afternoon reading the Book of Mormon while the rest of my family was off visiting a family friend. I didn’t hear anyone enter the house but there was suddenly a man there, knocking on my open bedroom door. I recognized him from church. “Hey Lucy! Is your father home? He told me to stop by and drop this off for him.” You held up an envelope you had in your hands.

“No, sorry he isn’t here.” I said as I looked up from my reading. He seemed disappointed but just continued to talk to me.

He came over and sat on my bed and asked me about what I was reading. He nodded your head and asked me how much I knew about the commandments. I was eager to show off my knowledge so I started naming all of them that I could. When I got to the law of chastity (that there should be no sexual contact outside of marriage) he stopped me. He asked how I expected us to keep that commandment when we were also told to “multiply and replenish the Earth” and have lots of children. I said that we are just supposed to be married first.

Looking over at me he said, “But, how are you supposed to know how to make babies if neither you or your husband have done it before? Do you know how Lucy? You have to be able to do it just right to be able to make a baby.” I just looked down and shook my head. He put his hand on my knee and asked, “Do you want to be a good wife? Do you want to follow all of God’s commandments?”

I looked up, “Yes. I do.”

“Well, then you need to learn how to make a baby if you really want to be a good disciple of Jesus Christ.” I looked back at him. I was sad, thinking that there was no way I was going to make a good wife if I didn’t know the right way to make a baby. I was confused. I understood what he had told me but I didn’t know how or where to learn and no one had ever told me before.

“How am I supposed to learn?” I asked innocently.

He beamed at me. “I would be willing to teach you sweetheart. I can show you how God likes women to make babies. Now that I have children of my own, it is my calling to make sure the women of the church know how.” I nodded my head.

“Okay, so tell me how then.” I said as I leaned over and grabbed my notebook and pen to take notes. I didn’t want to forget anything when the time came.

“It isn’t something I can just tell you; I have to show you.” He chuckled briefly. My eyes grew wide and suddenly I was very nervous. He could tell that I was scared so he put a hand on my cheek. “Lucy, you can trust me. You know I would never do anything to hurt you right?” I nodded slowly. “You are very beautiful daughter of God and someday you’ll find a man to marry and I just want to make sure that you are prepared for that.” I continued nodding, growing more comfortable with the situation although I was still hesitant and nervous. “Lucy, have you ever kissed a boy?”

I instantly blushed and stuttered a no while avoiding eye contact. “Don’t worry. I can show you that too.” He reached over and gently grabbed my chin and brought his face to mine until our lips met. I froze, not sure what to do. He backed away just slightly, “Just relax Lucy, it’s okay.” He reassured me as he kissed me again.

I slowly started to relax and pressed my lips against his. I felt his lips part and the tip of his tongue reach into my mouth. I mimicked him and parted my lips, letting his tongue brush mine. We continued kissing for a few minutes, slowly, so that I could get the hang of it.

He broke the kiss and said, "See, you are already past step one. You have to let your husband know you're ready to make a baby with him by kissing him just like I showed you."

"I can do that!" I smiled back at him, proud that I already learned the first step.

"Step Two. You have to get your husband ready to make a baby with you. Stand up Lucy." You reached for my hand and I stood up next to you. "So, when you're trying to make a baby, both you and your husband will need to be naked." He put his hand on my shoulder and I was suddenly very scared. "No need to be nervous, Lucy. God made our bodies perfect and there is nothing to be ashamed of. God made these bodies so you don't need to be embarrassed to be naked or to see someone else naked. You should admire the creations of God."

I swallowed hard and cleared my throat. "Oh, okay." I said nervously. He grabbed my hands and guided them to his waist.

"Grab my shirt Lucy and lift it over my head." I did as he said and laid the shirt on the bed.

I admired his bare chest as he stood before me. He took a step towards me. "Okay, now it is your turn." I was still wearing my church clothes. I had on a white button down shirt and a floral skirt that went down below my knees. I just nodded as his fingers started to undo the buttons of my shirt. Soon, he was sliding the top off of my shoulders. Then his hands reached for my tank top and he lifted it over my head. I looked at him as he reached behind me and unhooked my bra. I was nervous that my C cup breasts wouldn't be enough for you.

When you had taken it off, I attempted to cover myself, embarrassed by my nakedness, but he reached for my hands and brought them back down to my sides. "Please don't be embarrassed." He said. "Your body is beautiful. Now, we are almost done with this step. I just need you to take off my pants now sweetheart." I reached for the button on your pants. I fumbled a little because my hands were shaking so badly. I slid his pants off his body and he stepped out of them.

He reached around me and unzipped the back of my skirt and it fell around my feet. He looked me in my eyes as his thumbs looped around the waistband of my cotton panties and I didn't resist him pulling them off of me. And this time I didn't try and cover myself. Slowly I reached for his boxers and pulled them down. I stared at his semi-hard cock. I hadn't ever seen one before. "See, that wasn't so hard, right?" He said as you smiled at me.

I laughed nervously, "I guess not."

"Okay, so you've let your husband know that you want to make a baby and you've started getting him ready to do so. Now, Step 3, your husband needs to get your body ready to make a baby with him."

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Well, you need to make sure that your body gets ready for the baby making process. Otherwise it might not work or it could be painful for you." He explained as he took a step towards me. "First, you need to have him touch your breasts." Be brought both hands up and cupped my tits and began massaging them. "This should start to make your body feel good." He uses his fingertips and starts to roll my nipples between them.

I gasp a little. "Yeah, that does feel good, a little bit."

"You also should have him use his mouth and suck on your nipples." He says as he bends down and latches on to my right tit as his fingers keep playing with my left.

"Oohhh... That does feel good." I say as he continues to flick his tongue across my nipple.

He moves his mouth to my left nipple and sucks on it until I am breathing heavily. I have never felt this way before. I was always taught that sex was something you only did when you wanted a child and I never thought it would feel good too. The few times I heard women at church or my mom mention it, they made it sound like a chore.

He stands back up. "Can you feel your body getting ready?" He smiles down at me.

"Yeah, I think so." I say. "I am starting to feel tingly all over, especially my, uhm, you know." I blush and get really embarrassed. He laughs a little.

"You can call it your vagina, or your pussy sweetheart. Don't be ashamed of saying it. See how your nipples have gotten hard and pointy? That is one sign that your body is ready? Now we just have to make sure your pussy is wet so that it is easier for your husband to slide into you. How about you lay back down on the bed?" I follow instructions and lay back down and he sits next to me.

"How do you make it wet?" I ask.

"You or your husband need to touch it in the right places to make your pussy wet and ready to make a baby. Here, let me show you. Spread your legs a little bit." I move my legs apart and he reaches for my pussy.

His fingers graze the inside of my leg and suddenly I have goose bumps all over. I have never even touched my pussy so the feeling of having him get so close to it is electrifying. We are both quiet as he runs his middle finger along my slit and I gasp when he starts adding a little pressure against my clit, running circles against it.

"Lucy, this spot I am rubbing right now is your clit. It is one of the best spots for you to touch to get your pussy wet." He grabs my hand and pulls it down. "Here, you trying touching it." He puts my fingers directly on top of my clit and then places his on top of them. He uses his fingers to guide mine. "Does that feel good to you?"

"Uh, yeah, it does feel pretty good I guess." I close my eyes as we keep touching my clit together. It is starting to feel a lot better than I thought that it ever could and I am scared to admit it.

"Okay, you keep rubbing your clit like that. I am going to show you another way to get your pussy ready." He says, his hand leading mine and then I feel his finger pressed against my pussy. Slowly, he gently slides one into me.

I gasp audibly as my pussy is being penetrated for the first time. He keeps sliding his finger into me, being careful to go slow so that it doesn't hurt me. Once his finger is all the way in, he draws it back out before inserting it back in again. Soon he is slowly finger fucking my virgin pussy. He keeps going and I start moving my finger against my clit in pace with his.

After a few minutes of this, I have started moaning breathily with my eyes closed and my head back, and I am starting to enjoy the feeling of you touching me. "Lucy, can you feel how wet your pussy has gotten?" He asks as he continues to finger fuck me.

"Yes, I can. It is really wet." I say as I continue to rub my clit.

"You are right about that. Your body is ready to start making a baby now. But, I do want to show you one more way to make your pussy wet. You can have your husband lick your pussy for you."

"Lick it?? That's gross!" I look at him like he’s crazy.

"Just let me show you before you decide that you don't like it." He says as he smiles and moves his head closer to my wet pussy.

I watch as he sticks out his tongue and run sit up my pussy. "Ohhhh." I can't help but moan as his tongue finds my clit. He looks me in the eyes and smirks as he starts to dart his tongue across it, running it in little circles. Instinctively, my hips start to move around, bucking against his face as I try to add more friction.

He reaches and grabs my hand, guiding it to the back of his head. I rest my hand there and start to run my fingers through his hair. He starts licking me faster and I grip onto the back of his head. My body has never felt like this before. I feel like I am suddenly losing control of myself. My hips move against his mouth as he starts sucking on my clit. By now, I am moaning, mouth open and my eyes in the back of my head.

Suddenly, my pussy starts to get really tingly and warm. It almost feels like I need to go to the bathroom, but a lot better. He licks faster and faster as my moans get louder. Then my body loses control. My legs grip his head as they shake uncontrollably and I throw my shoulders back as my back arches. I am shaking all over and my body is covered in goose bumps and my pussy is convulsing. It feels beyond good, better than I have ever felt before.

I start to calm down and he sits back up. "Lucy, I think you just had your first orgasm. It is God's way of telling you that you are doing a really good job. It is your reward for making a baby the way that you are supposed to."

"That felt really good." I manage to say as I start to catch my breath and smile back at him. "What's next?" I ask as I sit up next to him.

"Now that your body is ready to make a baby, you need to make sure your husband's is too. That is Step 4." He explains.

"Okay, what do I need to do for that?"

"Well, Lucy, you need to make sure that your husband's penis or dick is really hard so that he can make a baby with you." He stands up in front of me. With your crotch now at my eye level, I see his hard dick (or any hard dick for that matter) for the first time. My eyes get really big.

"What.... your... uhm... your penis... it has gotten really big." I stutter as I just shamelessly stare at his dick.

"You're right, Lucy. When a man is ready to make a baby, his penis/dick/cock, whatever you want to call it, will get hard like this. Let me show you how you can make it ready." He grabs my hand and uses his hand to guide it so that I am gripping the shaft of his cock.

He uses his hand to start moving mine up and down his hardening cock. I watch with my mouth open, fascinated. It feels a lot different than I thought it would. The skin on his penis is so soft, a stark contrast to how hard the shaft feels. He starts breathing a little harder and I can tell that he likes the way I am touching him. He grabs my other hand and shows me how to cup and massage his balls while I continue to stroke him.

He starts moaning a little as he watches me touch a man for the first time. He takes his hands away from mine as I continue and starts to run his fingers through my hair. "You are doing so well, Lucy. I am almost ready. I want you to try licking me the way that I licked you." I stop stroking and look up at him with a nervous look in my eyes. "It's okay, I will tell you how to do. Don't worry." I just nod my head.

"Now, stick out your tongue and just lick it like a popsicle first." I do as he says and run my tongue along the underside of his dick. "You're doing great sweetie." I start to lick all over. It tastes better than I expected, a little salty but not bad. "Okay, now open your mouth a little and put it inside of your mouth." I take a deep breath and then wrap my lips around the head of his cock. I put it about an inch inside of my mouth and then just stop there.

"Oh, Lucy, please keep going sweetheart." He says with a little moan and I feel him pull against my head a little, pushing my mouth further onto his cock. I am only able to make it just over halfway down. "Okay, now suck on it like you would a straw and move your head up and down." I start sucking on his dick and doing my best to move my head like you said. When I can't find a good rhythm, he helps by pushing and pulling gently on my head.

Soon I am getting the hang of it and I am able to get more and more of his hard cock into my mouth. He is moaning steadily by now, muttering about how good it feels. I love making him feel good like he made me feel so I am doing my best to please him. "Okay Lucy, I am going to need you to really relax your throat now. Remember to breathe through your nose." He grabs the back of my head with both of his hands and holds it steady as he slowly starts to slide his cock down my throat.

I start gagging a little but I regain control and soon I have fit his entire cock in my mouth. I look up and his eyes are barely open. "Lucy, you make me feel so good." It makes me happy to hear that he likes what I am doing. "I think my body is ready to make a baby with you now." He moans as he slides his cock back out of my throat.

"Okay Lucy, sweetheart, lay back down on the bed and spread your legs for me." I put my head back on my pillow and pull my knees apart. "Are you ready to learn the final step for making a baby?" He says as he climbs between my legs, spreading them a little further.

I clear my throat, "Yes... yes I am." I am nervous but I look at him and he calms me down.

"This might hurt a little bit. I am sorry baby but you have to get through it and it will start to feel good right after that." He says as he leans over me, putting one hand next to my head to hold himself up as the other points his hard cock at my virgin pussy. Slowly, he thrusts forward and his dick starts to slide into me.

"OH! Owww..." I grimace as he sinks deeper into me but he uses one hand to stroke my face and tell me that the pain will be over soon. Once he is fully inside me, he pauses, letting my tight, tight pussy get used to feeling of being stretched around his cock. Then, slowly he starts pulling out of me again.

After a few slow thrusts into me, I started to be able to relax as the pain from being penetrated for the first time subsides. He starts to pick up speed a little as he can tell that I am no longer twisting my face in pain. "How does that feel Lucy? Are you okay?"

"Yeah, it is starting to feel good now." I mutter as waves of pleasure start coursing through my body.

"Good baby. I want you to enjoy this." He whispers as he leans his head down flicking his tongue over one of my nipples. "Your pussy is so tight. It feels really good Lucy." I run my fingers up his chest as he keeps pumping into me, getting faster and faster. Both of us are moaning and he drops onto his elbows on either side of my head and our faces are side by side. "Lucy -remember the orgasm that you had earlier?" I reply with a breathy "Mmhmm". "Well, when a man has one while he is inside a woman's pussy, that is how you make a baby." I release another grunt of understanding as I focus mainly on how good it feels to have a dick inside of me. "Lucy -I am going to orgasm soon and we are going to make a baby, okay?"


It takes me a second to process what you've said. "No, we can't actually make a baby. You said that you would show me how. I can't have a baby with you. You aren't my husband!" I look him in the eyes, worried.

"Don't worry.. sweetheart. God will.. only give you.. a baby if it is.. what He wants..Ohhh" He says in between breaths and moans as he continues thrusting into me hard and fast.

"It feels good... mmm. But.. but I can't get pregnant with you. Oh, oh but please don't stop." I moan and writhe underneath him, grabbing the back of his neck with both hands and I look him in the eye. "Just please don't orgasm inside of me." Then I throw my head back and groan. The feeling of his cock fucking me is overwhelming.

"Baby... Oh you feel so good. Mmm, so, so tight. Oh yes, oh hell yes!!" He is fucking me with abandon and suddenly he is pressing his mouth hard against mine. Our lips vibrate together as we moan with every thrust. He lifts himself back up onto his hands and watches my tits bounce as he shoves his cock into me. Not even a minute later, his eyes roll back in his head as he groan loudly. "Lucy, I am cumming. Oh God... Oh God!" He yells out as he thrust into me hard and his body convulses a little and he collapses on me.

"No! No, no. You can't!" I try pushing him off of me but he is too much for me.

He moans in my ear. "It is too late now sweetheart. I had to show you how." I lay underneath him and the feeling of his cock twitching in my pussy, filling me up, feels amazing. He kisses me gently. "There is so much for you to learn baby. I can't wait to teach you."

Then we hear the garage door opening and he jumps off me and is throwing his clothes on and throwing mine at me. We dress just in time for the family to come in and we pretend like he just barely dropped by but I can't forget what happened when I start to feel cum dripping down my thighs as I remember that I never put my panties back on.

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