Long Lost Lovers...

Long Lost Lovers...

I ring your doorbell, butterflies in my tummy, knowing we haven't seen each other in years. You are wearing nothing but a robe as take my hand and lead me to your bedroom. You slip the robe off, tossing it to the. I gasp as I see you standing there naked.
Still, no words are spoken. You kneel down in front of me, almost tearing my pants off to get to me. You gently take my manhood in your hand, my cock already mostly hard, teasing me. You gently stroke me, getting me worked up. My cock remembers you, it's practically begging you to suck me at this point.

You press your lips to the head of my cock, and then just slide me into your mouth, not stopping until your nose was in my pubes. I felt your tongue on me, licking me as you took me deep. I moan, my legs almost unable to keep me standing. I feel your hand cupping my balls, your finger beginning to run my perineum. I gasp as you take my cock deep, your finger pressing on my anus.

I moaned, but pull my cock from your mouth. I take your hand and lead you over to the bed. I pushed you onto your back, your legs in the air. You spread them, your bald pussy already wet with anticipation. I slip my shirt off, stripping the rest of my clothes.

I kneel at the edge of the bed, breathing on your already wet pussy. I hear you moan; clearly your pussy remembers me well. I feel your hands on my head pulling me into your eager love slit. Remembering what you like, my tongue quickly finds your hole, darting inside. I slip my tongue up, twirling it around your clit. I suck it in my mouth, flicking it with my tongue before teasing it again.

I slow down a little, knowing that I could continue and make you cum almost immediately. Instead I kiss your pussy lips, my tongue sliding around your pussy, slipping down to lick over your sexy asshole. I hear you gasp, the feel of my tongue on your ass a new trick. I've learned some things in our years apart.

I moan, tasting your forbidden hole, my tongue gently pushing inside. I slipped 2 fingers easily into your pussy, hearing you gasp in pleasure as I do. I continue to tickle your rosebud, flicking it with my tongue. I hear you gasping, begging me to make you cum.

I flick my tongue up over your lips until my tongue finds your tender love button. I lick it gently, twirling my tongue around it faster and faster. I slip a third fingers inside you. I hear you fishing for something in a drawer when suddenly you hand me a vibrator.

I pull my fingers from you, hearing you gasp as I do. I quickly replace them with the toy, turning it on as it slips inside you. My tongue attacking your clit and the toy inside you I can feel you getting closer to release. I lick faster and hear you scream, my face suddenly covered in your sweet juices. I lapped them up with long strokes, over your ass, the end of the toy and up over your clit.

I crawled up next to your panting body, letting you relax. You rolled over, quickly taking my cock in your hand, gently stroking my rock hard member. Suddenly I feel your mouth on my cock, sliding up and down with long deep stokes. I moan loudly. A squirt of something cool on my butthole is quickly followed by the head of the toy pushing on my anus.

Before I could even react the lubricated head of the toy slipped inside me. I moan as you take me deep into your throat, each suck followed by gentle push of the toy deeper in my virgin ass. I could feel my balls tense, the vibrating toy deep in me now. You suck me deep as a fountain of cum erupts from me.

I moan, cuming over and over as you continued to fuck my ass and suck my cock. I gasp, your hand gently stroking my deflating cock. I feel you suck me gently, turning to position your pussy over my face in a 69. I can still feel the toy in my butt; that and your gentle licking and sucking starting to get me hard almost immediately.

I lick your pussy, moaning as you move your hips to position your pussy and asshole alternately over my tongue. Once I was hard you rolled off me onto your back. You spread your legs and looked at me. I start to pull the toy out and you tell me to stop. I look at you questioningly, but began to mount you, my cock finding your eager hole, my ass still filled with a vibrating rubber cock. I rubbed my cock head on you, feeling you reach down and stroke me, guiding me. I felt you rub my cock over your ass, and then guide me to your hot wet pussy.

I push forward, sliding effortlessly into your well lubricated tight hole. I moan, feeling imy ass stretched as your tightness engulfed my hard rod. I began slowly pumping into you when I felt a hand on my ass and the toy moving. I gasp, confused at first, realizing I have both your hands pinned to the bed.

I turn to see a naked man standing there, squirting lube on his hard cock. I look at you, a wicked grin on your face. You smile, "Have I introduced you to my boyfriend?" I feel your tightness gripping me, knowing there is nothing in the world I wouldn't due to cum inside you. I fell him slip the toy from my ass. I gasp, suddenly feeling very empty. The feeling doesn't last, as I feel his cock press on my tight asshole. I moan, his push sending me deeper into you.

As I pulled out of you I pushed back into him, his head slipping in me with a pop. I moaned, quickly pushing back inside you. With each thrust my cock would slip deep into you, then his member would stretch my ass as I pulled out pushing him deeper each time.

He begins fucking me faster, ramming me harder into you. My ass is burning, stretched beyond its normal limit. But each thrust gets a little easier. Before long I am moaning, begging for his cock deeper in me. I moaned "yes, harder", when suddenly I feel you tighten, screaming out. I felt a gush from your pussy as you moaned out "I'm cummmming!". I can feel your pussy squirt it's juice on me, soaking my balls.

Just then I feel his cock throb in my ass, swelling, before a gush of his hot cum filled me. I could feel it leaking out, dripping over my balls. With a groan he rammed it in me hard. Squirt after squirt of his cum fills my ass, squirting out around his cock as he pounds me.

Your combined orgasms are more than I can take and I erupted into you. I keep cuming, squirting over and over as he continues to thrust into me. I moan feeling my cum dripping over you ass just as his is dripping from me.

I feel him pull out, again suddenly feeling very empty. We all rolled over lying together. I felt you get between us, stroking us both, a wicked grin on your face.

We lay on the bed, you between us, as you begin stroking our deflated cocks. I feel a tingle inside me, life returning to my member. You get up, positioning me so that you are squatting over my face while you begin to suck his cock back to life.

As you begin to take him in your mouth, I feel your pussy lips on my face. I feel my cum dripping from you into my mouth. I begin to lick you, teasing your lips with my tongue, gently licking the outside of them. I run my tongue up the middle of your pussy slurping the combination of our juices from your eager pussy.

I twirl my tongue around your clit, hearing moans of pleasure from you as I do. I wrap my arms around you, pulling my face harder into your pulsating cunt. I feel you turning, moving into a 69 position with me.

I gasp as you take my now hard cock into your mouth. I feel your tongue on my cock head as it slides into your silken mouth. I moan as your hand begins to fondly my balls. Your finger begins to rub my on my well used anus, his cum still leaking from me. I gasp as you gently run your finger around the rim, at the same time taking my entire member in your mouth.

I feel the bed moving, as he kneels behind you. I look up from our 69 position to see him behind us, his turgid cock in hand, he begins to rub his cock head on your pussy. I lick his head as he rubs it on you tasting the lube, his cum and my ass. I feel his balls touching my head. I hear you moan as his thickness slides fully inside you. His hands on your hips he begins to fuck you hard.

I continue licking your clit, hearing you moan, the pleasure of his cock and my tongue sending waves of pleasure through you. I reach back, fondling his balls as he fucks you. My tongue licking your clit and his cock as it slides inside you.

I can feel you attacking my cock now. The vibration of your moans resonating in my swollen member. The pleasure of your mouth on my cock almost makes me forget what I am doing. I moan out your name, gasping, the feel greater than any blow job I've ever gotten.

I can feel your breathing getting faster, your pussy dripping onto my face. Knowing you are close to cuming I lick you faster. I tug his balls as he thrusts into you. I feel his nuts tighten, knowing he is close to cuming I suck your clit into my mouth and flick it with my tongue.

I feel his cock swell, feel the cum gush into you. He moans, grabbing your hips and pumping hard into you. I feel you tense and then moan out. You body shaking as you cum. I lick you, my tongue twirling around your clit. I feel him pumping into you, I lick the bottom of his cock, feeling his cum begin to leak out of you as he thrusts inside. I slurp it up, licking the mixture of juices from him dick with each thrust. As I do I feel him reach down, pulling his cock out of you, and sliding it in my mouth. I eagerly lick the cum off his cock before he takes it away and thrusts it back inside you.

I moan, feeling your hot velvety mouth on my cock. I scream out, my cock erupting into your mouth. I feel your lips tight on my shaft, not letting any of my load leak out. I squirt ropes of cum into your mouth and down your throat, my body spasming as I cum hard into you. I keep thrusting my cock into your mouth, cuming more than I thought possible.

I feel his softening cock slip from your goey hole, giving his one last suck before he lays beside you. I feel you roll off me, turning to kiss me, our tongues dancing together. I can taste the aftertaste of my cum in your mouth, turning me on even more. I hear him stand, beginning to dress. He smiles at us, "I'll leave you two to enjoy each other." As he walks out the door.

Our kisses become more gentle, more loving. Our lips remembering each other, kissing like lost lovers. I feel your tongue probing softly now, our tongues tangled together. I feel you kiss my neck, gently nibble my ear, caressing me with you lips. My hand behind your neck, I pull your face up to me. As we kiss again I feel tingles through my entire body. I whisper in your ear "I've really missed you".

We kiss gently, knowing that it can't last, that our lives will return to normal before long. You'll be back with your boyfriend, me back with my wife. We lay together, exhausted from our adventures. I feel you spooned against me. I feel my breathing slow as I begin to fall asleep. Well...at least there is the morning...

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