Master PC - Cumming in Cymru - Chapter 07

Master PC - Cumming in Cymru - Chapter 07


Dylan was woken the next morning by orgasmic cries of ecstasy, which seemed to be coming from his father’s room. The voice sounded like Caroline, so presumably Gareth was enjoying his new secretary, and she was enjoying constant cumming from her god’s orgasmic touch. Dylan groaned, and rolled over in bed.
“Is everything alright, Dylan?” Dylan opened his eyes, and looked at his phone on his bedside table, where the UI was smiling back at him.
“I didn’t turn you on,” he said.
“You didn’t turn me off last night,” she said. Dylan had been using her to suck his dick, and to mess with random girls. A mother in Venezuela had started sucking her son’s dick, and a lucky girl in Japan had enjoyed a 30-minute orgasm at the hands of Dylan’s magic phone. “On that note, this device’s battery level is currently at 6%. I recommend plugging in the charger.”

Dylan did so, and as he did, he heard the shower be switched off. Figuring he could do with a wash, Dylan grabbed his towel and headed into the shower for himself. Fortunately his father had at least had the decency to not leave any stray cum lying around. Dylan washed off, and then got out of the shower. He got dressed in some tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt, still not completely comfortable hanging around naked with his father, and headed downstairs.

“OH GARETH! I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU!” Dylan walked into the living room to the sounds of more orgasmic moans. His father was sat on the sofa, on his knees, thrusting against thin air, and facing his laptop, which was running Master PC with a girl on the screen with her ass pointing at Gareth, and apparently orgasming from his “touch”.
“Morning Dylan,” Gareth said.
“Morning…you’re having sex with your UI?”
“Yeah, it’s something she suggested might be fun, and she was fucking right.”
“Right…well, I’m gonna go make breakfast…”

“No need,” Gareth said. “CAROLINE!” Caroline rushed in, carrying her clipboard and a tablet.
“Yes Lord?” She asked.
“Make Dylan some breakfast for him.”
“Yes Lord. What would you like, Dylan?”
“Uh…just a bowl of Coco Pops,” Dyan replied.
“As you command, Dylan.” Caroline bowed, and walked off to the kitchen, leaving Dylan stood awkwardly watching his father fuck a girl on a screen.
“Oh shit…here I go!” Gareth moaned, and he released his cum all over the sofa. Great, Dylan thought. Better remember not to sit in that spot ever again. When it was over, the UI on the screen moved, and turned back around to face her owner.

“Will you be requiring anything else, Gareth?” She asked as she turned around. But Dylan recognised her.
“MUM!?” He exclaimed.
“Not quite, that’s my UI,” Gareth explained. “She told me she took whatever form I would find the most pleasurable. Which turned out to be your mum at the age we first met, plus a few enhancements. Her tits weren’t actually that big.”

Dylan wasn’t really quite sure what to think, a naked and overly-sexualised version of his deceased mother smiling back at him on the screen.
“Alright Dylan, I can tell this is making you a little uncomfortable,” Gareth said.
“You think?”
“Tell you what, how about you and I go somewhere for breakfast? Just me and you?”
“But it’s Monday? I’ve got school and you’ve got work.”
“I’ll call school and tell them you’re sick. And as for work, I’m a god. They’ll do whatever I say.”
“Alright, but no mind-controlled slave girls?”
“Alright then, fine, I’ll go get my shoes. You go put some clothes on.”

Dylan and his dad got ready, and, after an orgasmic kiss goodbye for Caroline, they got in the car to drive off to a pub. They arrived at a place, and Dylan took a seat, looking at the menu while his dad went to the bar to get some drinks.

Dylan mostly sat thinking about the current situation. His dad having Master PC too wouldn’t be so bad, he figured. As long as he kept him reigned in. He didn’t really relish the idea of living in a house full of his father’s horny slave girls, but he supposed having Caroline around wasn’t too bad. She seemed a nice enough lady.

Gareth returned with some drinks, and eventually went to place their food order, before sitting back down.
“So how are you enjoying godhood so far?” Gareth asked him. “You know, having fun with all the mortal girls?”
“Oh come on, it’s just sex, Dylan. What, you think I wasn’t jerking off when I was your age? There was a girl I had the hots for, Molly Maddson. God she was hot. I blew so many loads to her. She’s married now with 3 kids.”

Gareth’s story about his teenage masturbatory habits was fortunately interrupted by the waiter arriving with their food. The two guys got to eating their food, momentarily forgetting about the recent goings on.
“I know this is a strange experience for you, and honestly, it is for me too,” Gareth said. “But it’s also a wonderful opportunity. Like, I was thinking of getting myself a promotion at work. And maybe see about winning the lottery. I’m sure we can “convince” someone at the National Lottery to help us out.”
“Sure, whatever.”
“Hey, you could at least seem at a little more enthusiastic.”

“Well it’s kind of difficult! I got this computer program that I thought would be a fun toy, and then I find out some guy in Sixth Form’s also got it, so I basically have to ask his permission if I wanna fuck most of the girls at school! And now my dad has it, and knows about where I’ve been putting my dick. That’s bad enough, but at least when it was just me, I had the decency to be discreet about it. You meanwhile are fucking a computer AI pretending to be mum right in front of me, before jizzing all over the sofa! Like, can we please have a rule from now on of “Sex in bedrooms only when the other person is home, and clean up your own messes”?”

“I…you’re right son. I may be a god now, but I’m also still your dad.”
“Thank you.” At this point, Dylan’s phone buzzed. He opened it, and saw it was a text from Rebecca.
“What is it?” Gareth asked.
“Where are you today?” Dylan read. “Makes sense, it’s a Monday morning. Lemme text her back…Skipping school with dad…”
“Hey, this has gotta be better than going to school today.” The phone buzzed again.
“Well come over to ours this afternoon, we’ve got something.”
“Got something?”
“I asked Becky and Olivia to do some research for me,” Dylan replied. “Guess they’ve found something.”

The boys kept eating their food, and chatting about non-sexual, non-magical stuff for a while. Eventually they finished, and so drove home. They walked into the house, where Gareth grabbed his laptop and turned back around.

“I’m gonna head out for a bit. Gonna track down Molly Maddson. Probably be back later. If you need anything, Caroline can handle it,” Gareth said, leaving his son behind.
“Oh, Dylan!” Caroline smiled as she entered from the kitchen. “I didn’t hear you come in! Is your holy father not here?”
“He’s gone to fuck some girl he knew at school.”
“I see. Well, your Coco Pops are still ready in the kitchen if you’d like them.”
“Uh, no thanks, I’m full.”
“Very well. But as god’s son, I’m happy to help you.”
“Uh, thanks.”

Figuring he’d enjoy having the house to himself, Dylan went and fetched his Playstation, bringing it downstairs to plug into the main TV. Slobbing out on the sofa, Dylan got to playing, enjoying his unexpected day off from school. He mostly just enjoyed playing, not thinking about all the magical events recently. At least, until Caroline started dusting around the room. He tried to pay attention to the game, but his eyes kept going back to her magically-enhanced features. Eventually he gave in.

“Caroline?” He said.
“Yes Dylan? How may I serve?”
“Could you…suck my dick please?”
“Of course! It would be my pleasure!”

Caroline put her cleaning supplies down, and moved over to Dylan, getting down on her knees in front of him. She helped him out of his trousers and boxers, until he was naked from the waist down, boner locked at 100% by Dylan’s mental control. Without hesitation, Caroline took Dylan’s entire shaft in her mouth, and began sucking it eagerly. Dylan picked his controller back up, and smiled. Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad, after all.


“So is he coming?” Michael asked. It was lunchtime, and he was sat in the Sixth Form common room with Becky and Olivia.
“He’s coming over to our place later,” Olivia replied. “He’s spending today with his dad apparently.”
“Fucking him?” Michael asked.
“Not as far as I’m aware.”
“A shame, incest’s really fun,” he smiled.
“Oh trust me, we know,” Becky said, resisting the urge to kiss her sister only by how many people would see them.
“I’m surprised he’s not here though,” Michael said. “How could he resist two beautiful girls such as you?”
“Are you coming on to us?” Becky asked.
“Not yet, but give it some time and I’ll be cumming onto, into, and all sorts of other prepositions to you.”
“How charming.”

“Well it’s PE this afternoon. Wanna bunk off and fuck in an empty classroom somewhere?”
“And what makes you think we’d be interested in that?”
“Because I’ve fucked you girls before, and I know both us enjoy sex more than whatever you’d be doing in PE today.”
“Hockey, right. So what do you say?”
“Sure, let’s go fuck.”

It only took a minute or so to find an empty classroom, upstairs in the sixth form block, where they knew no-one would be around now. The girls closed the blinds, while Michael got his phone out to command no-one to come near the room. Satisfied, he began pulling his uniform off.

“Someone’s in a rush,” Becky said.
“Hey, the nakeder the better,” Michael said. Once he was fully naked, he sat down in the teacher’s chair. “Now watch this.” Michael pressed a button on his phone, and grinned as the girls watched. His groin began to change, morphing until he had two erect cocks and 4 large testicles sticking out.
“So he don’t have to share,” Michael smiled.
“Oh my God,” Becky said.
“Well come on then, they’re not gonna suck themselves.”
“Hold your horses, let us strip off first,” Olivia said. The girls began stripping off, and soon were just as naked as Michael. “Time for fun.”

The girls turned to each-other, and began making out. Laying back on one of the desks, their hands roamed all over their bodies in their incestuous embrace.
“We’ll get to you in a minute,” Olivia moaned.
“First we gotta show each-other how much we love one-another,” Becky moaned, spanking her little sister.
“Hey, fine by me, but you gotta give me one hell of a blowjob after this,” Michael said, standing up to get a better view.
“Deal,” both girls said in unison.

The girls kept kissing, before rotating around, and moving into a 69 position, Olivia laying on top of her big sister. Michael just smiled, refusing to stroke his cocks, so that they remained prepared for later.
“I may have had several years of all the sex I want, and I may be completely bi, but there’s still something magical about watching two girls going at it,” Michael said proudly. “Especially sisters.”
“Perv,” Becky said.
“Got a problem with that?” Michael asked.
“Nope,” Olivia replied.
“Just checking.”


Meanwhile, Dylan had been getting head for nearly 2 hours. He was cumming on average every 5-6 minutes, each climax producing a full load of jizz, with an equally-full load of pleasure to go with it. Dylan was in heaven, which made up for his poor gameplay. It’s hard to play while busting your hundredth nut of the day.

“You know what, fuck it,” Dylan said when he was half way to his next orgasm. “Get up, Caroline. We’re gonna go up to my bedroom, and I want you to ride me. Ride me hard.”
Caroline took Dylan’s cock out of her mouth, and stood up, helping Dylan to do so too. The two of them went up the stairs to his room, and Caroline helped Dylan out of his t-shirt. Dylan laid down on the bed, and within seconds, Caroline was on top of him, and he was inside of her.
“Oh God…fuck yeah…” Dylan moaned as he was ridden by his father’s personal secretary. Dylan grabbed Caroline’s boobs, and squoze hard.


Also meanwhile, young Georgia Maddson was laid on her mother’s bed, naked, and being eaten out by said mother, Molly. Molly Maddson was also naked, with her ass in the air, having her cunt pounded by the enormous cock of her new god, Gareth Davies. Gareth had Georgia’s hands in his as he fucked her mother, meaning that between the enchantment he placed on himself, and his magical touch, all 3 of them were locked in a permanent state of orgasm right now. Both girls had felt an irresistible urge to come home, at which point they had stripped naked, and knelt before their god, awaiting orders.

“This is to make up for all those years I spent wanking to thoughts of you,” Gareth said, continuing to pump Molly full of cum. “I watched your boyfriends push you around. I wouldn’t have done that. I’d have loved you right. Made you feel so good, but no, I had to settle for masturbation.”
“I’m sorry, Lord…” Molly moaned into her daughter’s pussy.
“I wanted you to take my virginity. So now, when I’m done with you, I’m gonna take your daughter’s virginity. That okay with you, Georgia?”
“Yes Lord…I await you…Oh my fucking god…” Georgia moaned from the unbelievable sexual pleasure being forced on her by Master PC.

Figuring they’d had enough (For now), Gareth pulled out of Molly, letting both girls go limp as their orgasms ended, Gareth meanwhile still continuing to pump out his unending supply of cum onto their naked forms. Gareth went to sit on a chair, while the girls recovered, his cock still shooting out cum onto the floor, and Gareth enjoying the pleasure.

Once the girls had recovered, they turned to face their still-orgasming god.
“Georgia, come over here and kneel before me,” Gareth ordered. Georgia did so, looking up at him as her face got covered in cum. “You’ve never touched a dick before, have you?” She shook her head. “Give me a blowjob.”
“Go ahead honey, give it a lick to start,” Molly said. Georgia nodded, and did so.
“Ahhhhh god….” She moaned as the touch of her tongue on his cock gave her an instant orgasm.
“Take your time, I’ve got all day.”
“Take his whole dick in your mouth and suck on it.”

Georgia nodded, and did so. Almost immediately she nearly choked on it, due to the size, and losing control from her sudden orgasm again.
“I can’t do it, lord,” Georgia said, moving off his cock. “My orgasm’s too strong, I can barely think during it.”
“Molly, come and help your daughter,” Gareth ordered. Molly got off the bed, and took her daughter’s head in her hands.
“Let me guide you,” she said. Georgia took Gareth’s cock back in her mouth, her orgasm re-starting, and she moaned into his manhood as her mother helped guide her head up and down, to get her into the rhythm of cock-sucking.
“Good girl, I think she’s getting it,” Gareth moaned, pumping hot spunk down her throat. “Molly, go make me a sandwich, I’m getting hungry. Then come back and feed it to me.”
“Yes Lord.”


The moans intensified, and Michael grinned as he watched the twins reach climax together. He sat back down, and awaited his own pleasure.
“You know, you girls look pretty tired after all that pussy-eating,” he said, before cupping his balls. “Maybe you’d like a drink. I’m always open for business.”
“God, you sound like you’re from the world’s cheesiest porn,” Becky said.
“I am in the mood for pizza, now you mention it,” Michael said.
“Later, when we’re with Dylan,” Olivia said, the girls kneeling down. “Right now I’m in the mood for something…meaty.”
“Now who’s in the cheesy porn?” Michael asked. Both girls just smiled, before taking a cock each into their mouths. “Ooo yeah, that’s the stuff. Hey girls, what’re your favourite fruits?”
“Raspberry,” Olivia replied.
“Grapes,” Becky answered.
“One moment then…” Michael said, typing on his phone. He pressed enter, and pretty soon the girls moaned in satisfaction. “Just wait until I cum. An explosion of flavour.”


Georgia Maddson laid back down on her mother’s bed, and had said mother spread her legs in preparation for her god. Gareth positioned himself on top of her, his cock pointed to shoot more unending jizz on her stomach and tits, before pointing it at her pussy. He’d actually never taken anyone’s virginity before, so this would be new territory for him. He’d altered her to not feel any pain from it, but he’d done nothing else to prepare her vagina for his huge manhood.

“Looking forward to this?” He asked her.
“Yes Lord, I only wish to serve,” she said, her programming making sure she did. “I’m just nervous.”
“I promise this will be the best thing ever,” Gareth said.
“You should be grateful,” Molly said, stroking her daughter’s hair. “I missed out on the opportunity to have god take my virginity.”

Gareth teased Georgia’s entrance with his cock head, causing her to convulse in orgasmic shocks. Eventually Gareth showed mercy, and just went for it, plunging in in a single stroke until he was balls deep. Georgia’s eyes widened, and a long, loud moan left her mouth as her orgasm began. Gareth just enjoyed it for a few minutes, the feeling of her pussy contracting around him, a mixture of her orgasm, and her vagina trying to adjust to the invasion of a giant penis.

“Congratulations honey, you’re no longer a virgin,” Molly said. “How does it feel?”
“Amazing…so amazing…” Georgia moaned, a tear running down her face. “Thank you…”
“You’re very welcome.” Gareth leaned down, and locked lips with her, giving her her first ever kiss with a boy. He then pulled his hips back, and began thrusting, pounding the ex-virgin with all his might. “I’m gonna fuck you in every position I can think of. And then I’ll fuck you up the arse too. I won’t stop until you’re more cum than girl.”
“Praise the Lord…” Georgia moaned.


“Mmmm, delicious,” Olivia moaned as she and her sister swallowed Michael’s cum from his twin cocks.
“I told you,” he smiled proudly. “Now then, I believe we can here to fuck?”
“Straight to the point, good,” Becky smiled.
“Get on your hands and knees next to each-other,” Michael ordered. They did so, kneeling on the desk with their bottoms pointed at Michael.
“Question is, which do I fuck first, your bums or your pussies? Both look so tempting…” he said. “Well then, I’ll have to fuck both!” He grabbed his phone again, and typed some more. A few seconds later, and he had 2 extra cocks above his previous two, complete with 4 more balls above those cocks.
“Holy fuck,” Becky moaned.

“Let’s do this,” Michael said. He positioned all 4 penises, and then slid inside the girls.
“HOLY FUCK!” Olivia moaned.
“You think that feels good, I’m having quadruple sex right now,” Michael said. “Living the dream.” Michael started pumping, and the three teens moaned in the extreme pleasure they were feeling.
“Oh fuck…glad we skipped PE?” Michael moaned. The girls just moaned loudly in response, and Michael grinned. “By the way girls, I can control my orgasms. So to start us off, here’s 4 loads of cum.”

Michael leaned his head back, pumping out his 4 loads into the girls.
“Fuck, having 4 orgasms at once is good,” he said, spanking the girls.
“Alright, you’ve had your fun,” Becky said. “Now fuck us. Hard.”
“Your wish is my command, mistress.”


Author's message: Merry Christmas. As I write this it's about quarter past midnight, and so it's officially Christmas. This is your present.

So yeah, hi there. I'm DragoTime. You may remember me from such stories as this one. I last posted a chapter on the 27th of August. Last chapter I said I hoped I could speed up. What happened actually is the longest gap between chapters I've ever had. Last week I set myself the goal of posting a chapter in time for Christmas, and I've just managed it.

Since September I've been on my year abroad, living in Austria, teaching English, though I'm home now for Christmas. This has meant that I've been very busy, and I've just had very little motivation to write anything. On the plus side, my life's in a much better place than it was a few months ago, and I'm happier. My enthusiasm to write was low though, and if I did write, I've mostly written other things. (I've actually started like 3 stories while putting this one off).

I WILL be finishing this story. I know where the plot is going, and in the next 2 or 3 chapters it will be over. Once this is over, I will focus on one-shots for a while, so you never have to wait ages between chapters. It pains me that this story is where my enthusiasm has been dying, considering this has been, ratings-wise, my most successful story since A Boy and his Genie (Although almost no comments. Seriously people, I love reading your comments! In many ways they mean more than ratings!)

I can't promise when the next chapter will be out. All I can promise is I will not let this story die. I know the pain of reading a story only to find out the author abandoned it a decade ago. That will not happen with this. All I can say is I'm sorry about how long this is taken. I've let you down and I've let myself down. I miss the days when I could write a whole 15-chapter story in a month.

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