She flipped through the papers of potential men.
“ You are seriously not setting me up, with any of these men.” She said displeased. Sitting back in her chair with a disgusted look to her face.
“ Madison! Get real you are 35 and still single! I know I am your younger sister. But you need to make an effort if you don't want to be alone for the rest of your life” Melanie spoke truthfully. Madison leaned forward and kept flipping through the long white papers. Until she pulled out a paper, with a photo paper clipped to the side. 'Dean Radcliffe' A highly attractive Bachelor, As She leaned forward she squinted at his photo realizing he looked very familiar, but she couldn't remember where she had seen him. She tapped her finger on his picture and looked up at Melanie.
“Mel. I know this guy from somewhere.”
Madison got up from the table and grabbed her Blackberry. She took a picture of Dean and sent it to one of her closest colleagues. With in a minute of asking who he is, she got a reply.
“Oh Dean! That's the new guy. Totally over qualified but is loving working with us!”
Madison's eyes widened. The new guy. Madison set down her phone and crossed her arms with a grin. She wanted to get to know 'Dean'.

A few days past and she hadn't seen Dean around at work. It was hitting four o'clock and as Madison was getting ready to pack up and leave, her door clicked quietly.
“Madison Breslin?” A deep hoarse voice questioned. Madison looked up. Dean. What was he doing there, in her office. She put her brief case on her desk and looked up at him..
“ You must be Dean Radcliffe”
“ Indeed, I just wanted to introduce myself to you---”
“ Well it was kind of you to stop by” Madison interrupted
“--And if you wanted to come out for drinks with me tonight, I'd like that” he continued. Madison's mouth dropped in admiration. She looked at him with a smirk.
“Just me?” Madison asked.
“Yes. Unless that is out of the question.. But as I do recall you sending Kristina a picture of me wondering who I was..Did you get the answer you were looking for?”
Madison let out a little nervous laugh. Unbelievable. But she did just get asked out for drinks.
“ I'll see you tonight then Mr. Radcliffe.”

At the bar, Dean caught a glimpse of Madison. She looked sexy wearing a skin tight black dress. Hugging her great curves, flattering her figure and catching every mans eye., She wore high heels that helped extend her petite size, Her legs were silky and tanned. Her ass was very tight, and her hair wasnt up in a pony tail, it was dark, to match her dark complexion, but messy as if she just had a rough night. She sipped on her Black Velvet, a cider drink that she had often been craving. Madison was there standing alone by the bar, Dean walked up to her held her waist and gave her a gentle peck on the cheek.
“ Hello there” Madison said in a playful but promiscuous voice. She bit her lip.
“ Madison, You're stunning.”
With a few more conversations..and drinks they started to really connect. Madison leaned in and gave Dean a kiss. Then suddenly leaned back.
“ I don't want to take things fast. As it usually messes everything up”
Dean laughed, and shook his head; He knew exactly what she was talking about. After kissing more and dancing part of the night away they decided to get out of the club and go home. Dean walked Madison to her apartment, their lips were inseparable. Together they went up to her apartment, stripping each other of their clothing while in the process. Finding keys wasn't as easy tonight. But when the door opened, unexpectedly. A half naked man grinned at the two of them. Shocked, Madison glanced at this man then the door number.
“ Sorry, Wrong floor!!” Madison cried out laughing. Together they stumbled up and Dean found himself on her bed. Dean was already naked and Madison was leaning in the door way. Wearing sexy lingerie. Dean laid back onto the bed while Madison climbed on top of him. Wearing “crotchless” panties made sex easy. She lowered her freshly shaven pussy on his already hard cock. The wetness surprised her. As the thrusting got harder, so did the noises. Usually Madison wasn't loud. But today, she couldn't help it. As the two of them fucked, a loud knock arose at the door.
“ Hey Madison, Its the half naked guy from downstairs”
“ What does he want?” Madison asked
The door opened a little..
“What?” Dean said unimpressed, having his sex interrupted.
“ Ever do a threesome?”
Dean looked at this guy, he was sexy and causing Dean to become more stiff then before, Dean couldn't put this opportunity to rest.
“Come in” Dean answered.
Madison laid naked on the bed. Quickly covering herself up to the sight of the man she had previously ran into. His name was Mike, and along with Dean, he too was naked. Madison laughed..
“ I am not the threesome type girl.”
“ I will do anything.” Dean said beggingly.
Madison pointed at Mikes stiff cock. 'Anything?'she thought.
“ Give Mike head”
Dean shrugged, It wouldn't be the first time he has touched let alone sucked another mans dick. Dean put Mikes cock in his mouth, making it wet. He started rubbing his hand along his shaft while sucking the end. Mike let out loud sighs, He roughly grabbed Deans head and shoved it farther down his cock, deep throating it and forcing dean to make gagging noises too. Which only turned the three of them on even more.
Mike shoved Deans head even further, and held it there. His member was pulsating in Deans mouth while he came. Dean got off the floor and wildly kissed Mike. Madison leaned on the edge of the bed..
“ So this threesome.”
“ Is it possible for you both to fuck me at once?”
Mike stood behind Madison, while Dean climbed underneath her.. Mike spit on her ass, to lube her up for a round of the best anal she will ever have. He gently slid his thick cock in, then Dean lowered them both onto his cock. Then the magic began. Dean started fucking her real hard and real fast. And while Mike was fucking her, fast in the ass. She screamed out She never felt something more amazing then this. This was the best anal she has ever had. She came, multiple times, the sheets were getting wet and cum filled.. The action still happened. Mike was pulling her hair and slapping her ass real hard while Dean was biting her nipples and rubbing her clit. Dean came far up in her cunt and as a moment passed Mike also came,,, Mike got down on his knees and licked the cum out of her ass, and cleaned up the mess Dean had also made. And pleasured Madison in the process. He stuck three fingers deep inside her while he played tongue twisters with her clit. Her body was shaky and she let out loud sighs. Mike came up with an idea. He found some duct tape, and taped her mouth shut and taped her arms and legs to the headboard. He climbed inbetween her and got down towards her extremely wet pussy. He licked and sucked her sweet pussy while creating fast motions with his tongue. Her body was trembling.. While Mike was down there, Dean got behind mike and started rubbing around and fingering Mikes ass. Dean lubed Mike up and gently fucked Mike.

As the morning came, they found themselves naked and still together. Dean was wide eyed and mike was smiling. While Madison sat up, she offered a generous morning fuck for the both of them. Madison came within the first two minutes. To switch something up Mike decided to lay underneath Madison and fuck her while Dean took his hard cock and shoved it into Mikes ass. Taking a turn on Mike and Madison. They all enjoyed their morning sex, After they all got washed up. They all made a promise to keep doing this. But they all sworn to secrecy .. Deep down inside. Madison could have been more satisfied if there was a girl there too. “Maybe next time.” she thought..... Maybe next time.

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