Broken Birds, Part 37, A Space in Time / Epilogue

Broken Birds, Part 37, A Space in Time / Epilogue

Part 37
A Space in Time

The emergency chopper screamed through the night. Michael, Jennifer, Beth and Kat were on board. The doctor Jennifer had on call had not been able to come. He was drunk.

The delivery began normally. Then Kat began to bleed badly.

Barbara had seen this before. She made suggestions that Jennifer instantly implemented, learning just how valuable Barbara’s OB/GYN and neo-natal experience had become. Barbara remained behind given Jan’s condition and stress.

Terror gripped the harem. They sat around the enormous main living room. They looked to Barbara for consolation and information.

“Her uterus ruptured or tore as the child started to descend. We don’t have the equipment to handle it. It requires a full surgical room. I think we got the bleeding under control.” She said with more confidence than she felt.

“You’ve seen this before?” Kelly asked.

“I did a tour in Iraq with a civilian group. While it’s pretty rare here, we saw several cases. Usually they turned out OK.”

“And when they don’t?” Shoshana had to ask, terror for her own baby increasing.

“Shoshana, I don’t want you and Jan to worry. I’ve seen your files and sonograms. Little Momma there looks to be in great shape. We had the chopper on call because Kat was having problems, probably from the first birth. I see absolutely nothing to think your child will have problems.”

Alice silently thanked their guest, watching faces relax.

Had they been at the hospital, they would have been terrified.

They rushed Kat into the operating theatre. Jennifer scrubbed and observed. They worked quickly. They delivered the child by Cesarean and set about trying to salvage Kat’s uterus.

The surgeon looked at Jennifer. “You incised her?” Jennifer nodded. “Where did you learn to do this?”

Jennifer knew what he was seeing. “Our PA suggested it.”

“I’ve got to meet her. She probably saved this woman’s life.”

His team set about trying to save Kat’s uterus. They failed. The damage had been too great. Kat’s blood pressure started to drop. They removed it.

Jennifer approached Michael and Beth.
“She’s alive. So is your son. We had to take her uterus out. It was just too damaged,” She hugged Beth who had dreamed of a second child with her DNA, “The head surgeon said we could have lost them both if we didn’t have Barbara.”

“You saved her.” Michael said, not knowing what had happened in the clinic.

Jennifer shook her head. “I did what she told me to do. She’s amazing. She never blinked. She wouldn’t let Kat or the baby die.”

They collapsed together.

Michael called the house with the news. There was happiness and sadness. Mostly, however there were thanks for their guest who had saved their sister and son.

Kat stayed in hospital for nearly two weeks. As requested, Barbara came with Michael and Beth to retrieve her.

“Where did you learn that technique for stopping uterine bleeding?” the surgeon asked, “It’s amazingly effective.”

“The first time I saw it was about four years ago when I was attached to a military unit in Iraq. We did a lot of OB/GYN surgery and problem deliveries for the locals. The first doc I saw use it was a Brit.”

“Any other techniques?” he said smiling.

She produced a flash drive. “I copied my files. There may be some new stuff on this. Look in the “Surgical Techniques” file.”

His eyes snapped open. Jennifer had introduced DNA implantation into the fertility clinic of the hospital. This woman may have given the surgical group a similar gift.

On the way back, Kat took her hand, “I understand I owe you my life.”

A warm glow began to grow inside Barbara as she shook her head, “Jennifer did everything.”

“Maybe she did what you told her to do, but you saved me and my son.” Pain registered on her face.

“Rest Honey.”

Beth watched them. An idea began to form.

Kat shared the clinic with Jan who had given birth to a son the day before.

Since Kat had given birth to a son first, they named him Michael Damien Shannon Jr by unanimous vote.

Shoshana and Jan named their baby Damien Michael Shannon.

Six children now bore the Shannon name.

They’d postponed Barbara’s surrogacy pending Kat and Jan recovering.

Alice discretely treated Barbara. One night as the summer heat cooled, she sat with Barbara, “Tell me about your dreams for tomorrows …”

Alice quickly understood the key to unlocking Barbara’s soul. It was Kelly. Barbara was desperately ashamed of her part in Kelly’s rape. She had not participated and had tried to lessen the pain. But it was her fury with Kelly that set the rape in motion. That knowledge had eaten at Barbara for many years. Though Kelly had clearly forgiven her, Alice wasn’t sure if Barbara would ever be able to forgive herself.

Her part in Kat and Michael Junior’s survival was well known. The harem’s open admiration salved her, but the cancer of guilt still ate her soul.

Alice took Michael aside, “She’s in hell. She’s been there since Kelly’s rape. She keeps trying to do things for others, but she can’t make it up to Kelly.”

Michael’s usually agile mind found no answers.

“We also need her here. Jennifer is really tired and needs rest. I don’t want her to compromise her pregnancy.”

“What if Kelly and I share with her the night before the implantation? That way she’ll see the joy, feel the love and maybe she’ll feel our happiness.”

Alice thought for a moment. “I don’t think Beth would be happy with sharing you, but I’ll ask.”

Alice was astounded when Beth eagerly embraced the idea. She smelled a rat.

“OK Beth, I’ve known you for a long time. What’s up?”

Beth giggled. “We’re running out of baby factories. How many children will Jan carry? Have you seen Barbara’s hips? She’s a natural. Do you see the way she looks at Dad? She’s dying to have him. She adores Kelly. She saved Kat. Jennifer needs her. She’s almost a doctor. We’ve got six kids already, so we need doctors. I want her here!”

Alice reeled. She’d never heard Beth like this. Beth’s logic was undeniable. Tacitly the harem had accepted her leadership. Now she was asserting it overtly. It was almost a command.

Alice and Beth polled the harem. Everyone, particularly Jennifer, thought it a great idea.

Alice took Michael and Kelly aside. “She’s filled with guilt. If you can break through the guilt, I’ll be able to help. If you can’t, I’m not sure what to do.”

Kelly took the lead.

“Babs, it’s time. Let go of this stupid guilt. We all want you here, but you’re in a pity pit. You’re holding on to guilt. There isn’t any! You didn’t rape me. You tried to help. Shoshana was in the same position with Jan. Now they have a man and a child. I want that with you!”

Barbara tried to process the words and ferocity of the woman she loved.

Slowly her face came apart as joy, guilt, pain and hope fought a battle for her soul.

Kelly was unwilling to wait. She pulled Barbara into a ferocious embrace and kissed her with a passion that fed the raging fire inside her.

Tears rolled down Barbara’s face. “You want me here?”

Kelly swatted her ass. “Of course we do. You’re part of us. If you don’t get your head on straight, I’ll take him by myself tonight. You have no idea what you’ll be missing”

It registered. “You want me to be part of the harem?”

Beth answered for them, “Of course, Honey, it’s time.”

Kelly, Alice and Michael had discussed how to get Barbara to focus on tomorrows. As usual, Michael had an idea.

Shortly after the encounter in the main living room, Michael, Beth, Kelly and Barbara headed for the lap pool. The children stayed at the lounge pool that now sported a lifeguard stand and rotating lifeguards. Barbara knew this night would be critical. She was nervous. In fact, she had never been able to enjoy physical intimacy.

They began to swim. Jennifer joined them. Shoshana entered and joined them. Alice swam with them. All the lanes were full.

Kelly stopped, breathing heavily and levered out of he pool to a double chaise. Barbara stopped and came over to join her. Wet bodies crowded around her. She was confused.

Michael came to her, bringing her into an intimate embrace. His lips grazed hers. She pressed against his hard body, desperately seeking and needing his lips. Fire from Kelly’s kiss still raged inside her. It became an inferno of need.

She felt bodies pressing against her. Her mind focused on Michael. She felt hands feeling and caressing her body. She tensed, then looked into his eyes and surrendered to a world of pleasure she’d never dreamed existed. She leaked fluid. She’d never had sex with a man after Kelly’s rape. She felt ravenous.

She sighed as she felt kisses on the back of her neck. She moaned into Michael’s lips that were pressing forcefully on hers. Soft hands caressed her breasts, opened her womanhood. She gasped and moaned with undeniable pleasure.

Michael broke the kiss. Kelly pulled Barbara’s lips to hers. Michael released her. Beth claimed his place, her lips demanding and loving.

Her lips broke away. She felt their flesh and stripped her suit, needing skin-to-skin contact.

Barbara reeled in the pleasure and love. Somewhere the primal switch triggered.

Michael lay on the padded pool deck with Shoshana loving his cock.

They brought Barbara to him, her eyes clouded with lust.

She knelt over his cock. She guided him. She started to rise up to push down violently. Kelly stopped her. “Slowly, Love.”

Loving hands guided her, caressed her and pleased her. Her beautiful breasts and nipples resonated with pleasure. Her breath came in gasps.

Music filled the cavernous room.

The head of Michael’s cock entered her, her eyes registering his size and girth. She looked into his loving eyes. His steely hands held her hips suspended. They taught her to sway and move to the music minimizing the pain of stretching. Kelly cupped her C cup breasts, kneading them gently.

Her mind floated in a sea of pleasure, but her body learned quickly. Finally she sat on his hips and her feet. She sat in wonder with Michael’s shaft kissing her cervix.

The music changed to a Latin beat. Hands helped her gain the rhythm. She felt the huge cock stretch and move inside her.

She began to moan. Kelly claimed her lips.

She squealed when Beth sucked her nipple. Again when Shoshana sucked the other. She screamed when Michael’s thumbs caressed her clit.

She felt a momentous climax building.

Alice inserted a lubed finger in her asshole.

The girls reversed her and lay her on Michael’s chest. Michael levered her legs wide.

Kelly attacked Barbara’s clit, sucking, caressing and torturing her most sensitive nerve end.

Barbara exploded in orgasm screaming incoherently. They continued to feast on her. She continued to explode. Hands, lips and tongues continued to pleasure her. She bolted into a sitting position, driving Michael deep into her sheath.

Kelly supported her back, holding the trembling woman. “You’re home Babs, if you want to be. You’re loved.”

They moved her off his cock and into his arms.

Somehow it unlocked the truth she’d hidden all these years. She began to cry. She reached for Kelly. She looked into Kelly’s eyes. “I’ve wanted you for ten years, Honey. I love you. I always have. I wasn’t mad because you dated him. I wanted you! I’m so sorry for your pain.”

Kelly took Barbara’s face in her hands and stared into her tortured soul. “I love you Babs. Let go of the guilt. It would have happened no matter what. You didn’t hurt me.”

Kelly kissed her with fiery passion. After a moment, Babs started to return it, becoming a kiss of love and commitment.

When they broke, Kelly leapt up and pulled Babs to her. She took Michael’s hand and they left for their night of lovemaking.

The rest of the harem saw no reason to break up a perfectly good orgy and resumed.

Barbara, Kelly and Michael sped to Brisbane. While waiting for the implantation procedures, the chief of surgery picked her brain. The “surgical techniques” file had stunned the surgical college. They were far behind modern techniques.

Barbara was more focused on her mission. She’d never felt so happy and so much in love. She desperately wanted to give Kelly a child. In fact, she wanted to give herself to all of them, to be their baby factory.

The pain meant little. She knew she was the center of the family. Michael’s love soothed her, letting her dream of tomorrows. Kelly’s love unlocked something deep inside Barbara. Her pain poured out.

Several months later, a pregnant Barbara helped deliver Jennifer’s daughter.


I wrote this series as a work of fiction. The underlying story is based on a series of events that really happened. It began more than three decades ago, in the post Vietnam era of Miami Vice.

We lost the real Michael last year. His crossing over was a mercy. He lost his battle to contain the beast two years ago, shortly after losing three lovers. We pray that he is finally at peace.

I’ve updated and changed some things to protect those who still might be damaged.

Obviously, in the 1980’s DNA transplantation did not occur. I know the real Beth and Shoshana would have tried it, so I incorporated it in their story.

Only Jake remains from Michael’s SEAL team. Tim passed in 2005. He died with Beth at his side. Tim desperately loved her, but never confessed until just before his death.

Three sisters died two years ago, one from cancer and two in a horrible car accident when their American born driver veered to the right instead of left. An American driver in Australia! Tim proved right even after he crossed.

Thirteen of Michael’s harem attended his post funeral party, including Lynne, Maria and Nita. They gave his ashes to the winds on the cliff overlooking his beloved sea.

The broken birds you’ve met are far from the full story. Eventually there were 19, though never more than 11 at one time. Several of the women wanted to see the reaction to the series before giving me permission to share their story. Many of the stories are also incomplete.

As I wrote Misha’s story, Lena gave me permission to share her story. Her story is, however, about horrific pain and humiliation. Given some of the comments I have received, I’m not sure I want to give some people ideas on how to inflict maximum pain on another human being.

Parts of the story have also been sanitized or softened. Each woman had the right to delete parts too painful or too intimate.

Some people have noted inconstancies in physical descriptions or timing. I wrote from my notes taken in individual interviews. Memories had faded. Was Lynne’s hair dark or light at a particular time is one of the more difficult things to nail down as she loved changing hair color. Because the danger was real, no photos exist.

I can share one detail. At Michael’s funeral, his female namesake gave a simple toast, “to Life!”

Somewhere on the other side, I know Michael smiled.

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