Stephanie - Just When Things Turned Around Pt. 2

Stephanie - Just When Things Turned Around Pt. 2

IAs I walked up to the manor, last night kept playing through my mind. I just wanted to meet the dog, and so I let myself into the kennel. Then before I knew it, he had knocked me down, and was sniffing me. Then he ripped my panties and started licking my pussy, driving me to orgasm against my will. When I thought he was done, he jumped on my back and raped me. But, the worst part of it was when I let myself go, and started to enjoy it.

I woke up this morning and found this note and the collar from Bob. The note said to put on the collar and go see him, or else I'd be fired. I didn't know what to expect, but I was scared. I'm sure he knew about last night. I wasn't sure how, but he knew, and he had me over a barrel. I walked in the front door, and was met by Liz.

"Stephanie, Bob is waiting for you. Please follow me, and I will take you to his office."

I followed her through the manor, completely in awe at the expansive building. It almost overwhelmed the dread I had of going to see Bob. She led me to a room with double doors, and opened one, and gestured for me enter. I took a deep breath, swallowed nervously, and stepped inside. The door latched behind me, and I was alone with Bob in his office.

"Ah, Stephanie," Bob said, smiling gently. Come on over, and have a seat."

He gestures to a leather sofa to the side of his desk. I walked over and sat down, my hands folded on my lap.

"So, last night..."

"Bob, I can explain."

"No need. I have it all on camera. You see, each dog is pedigreed, and is worth about three grand. Eight dogs, three grand each, that is a sizable investment. So each kennel has its own camera, as well as a camera at each end of the walk way."

He picked up a remote, and pointed it at a tv across the office, and turned it on. There I was, glass of wine in hand, in my t shirt and panties, walking down the corridor, meeting each of the dogs. Then I walked into the kennel.

The camera showed everything that happened, and Bob made me sit and watch as the dog sniffed at me, then knocked me down. Bob paused the tape.

"Now, what happens for the next 12 minutes or so, is obviously against your will. I won't delude myself into thinking you wanted it. But let me fast forward, to about here, and let's turn the volume up, shall we?"

He advanced the security tape and started playing it with the volume up. And there I was in high def, clearly thrusting back against the dog's thrusts, moaning like a porn star.

"Clearly, you had a change. You obviously decided you liked it at the end."

"I...I...I don't know what happened," I stammered. "I was terrified, but something in me tripped, and suddenly, I...I...just wanted to cum."

"So, you admit that you became aware of your arousal?"


"Now, answer honestly. What did watching the tape do for you?"

"I'm not sure. I'm embarrassed, but seeing myself like that..." I trailed off.

"Was exciting?" Bob offered.

"Um, yeah, I don't know," I answered, shaking. I just knew it was about to get bad. "I don't know why, but seeing myself not being able to have control, it was turning me on."

Bob looked at me, and flatly said, "Take off you clothes."

"Wha-" and I was cut off with a sharp smack to my face.

"This is the last time I'm telling you. Take. Off. Your. Clothes."

He was glaring at me, and I had no choice. I stood up and started removing my clothes. I pulled my polo over my head, and reached behind me and unclasped my bra, and pulled it off, freeing my C cups. I kicked off my shoes, and started to remove my khakis. After I was down to my thong, Bob stopped me.

"That's good enough. Sit back down and spread your legs."

I did as I was ordered, and Bob got on his knees I front of me.

"My, my. It looks like my new kennel bitch is turned on. Your panties are getting quite wet," he said with a smirk. "Go ahead, take them off and let me see that your bitch cunt."

I had never been so humiliated, or turned on. Sure my boyfriend liked to talk dirty in bed, but he was never this demanding or controlling. And against all my good reasoning, it was only making me hotter. I pulled my little thing off, and showed Bob what he was wanting to see. He was quite taken with my pussy, and started rubbing my lips, and running his thumb through the little landing strip above my slit.

"Your pussy seems to be in good shape after that little fuck session with my dog last night," he mused. He inserted two fingers in my wet tunnel, and began to roughly finger fuck me. "And you are still tight! Your pussy is going to make me a fortune."

What was happening to me? I was writhing with pleasure on the couch as he finger fucked my cunt, using me as a fuck toy. He then pulled his fingers out of my pussy, and started toying with my puckered anal ring. As he pushed the tip of one finger through it, I moaned. I had never had my ass fingered, much less ever tried anal sex. I was amazed at how it felt as he took control of my body.

"Now this is a surprise. Your ass is so tight. Tell me, bitch, have you ever had anal sex?" he asked.

"Noo," I moaned, pushing my hips to his finger.

While he continued to finger my ass, his other hand went to his pants and he fished out his cock. He was sitting where if I looked down my body, I couldn't see his dick if I tried. I grabbed my tits and started kneading them and pinching my nipples as he inserted a second finger in my virgin hole.

He quickly pulled his fingers out of my loosening ass. Then he roughly shoved his cock up my ass.

"Aargh!" I screamed as he penetrated me. He didn't let me have time to adjust to him. He immediately started slamming his cock into my ass. As he grudge fucked me, he reached up and grabbed my tits like he was trying to squeeze everything out of them.

"Your ass is mine now, bitch," he growled as he roughly plowed me.

Soon the pain was replaced by pleasure, and I started thrusting back to meet him. He was pounding me as hard as the dog fucked my pussy last night, but without the speed. It didn't matter, because I was already building towards my orgasm. As I moaned my pleasure to him he started fucking me faster and harder. Soon I was on the cusp of my release when he stopped and pulled his cock out of me.

He climbed up on the sofa and for the first time I saw his cock. It was huge! Easily as long as the cock that raped me last night, and he promptly shoved it in my mouth.

"Suck it, whore!" he yelled. "Clean your ass of my cock!"

I sucked greedily at his meat, sucking on his cock head till I could no longer taste my ass on him. He grabbed my ponytail and pulled my head back and started trying to shove all 11 inches of his manhood down my throat. Every time he hit the back of my throat, I would gag and choke on his dick as he face fucked me.

"I'm going to cum," he grunted, land you're going to swallow every drop."

Just then, he sprayed the back of my mouth and throat with his hot, sticky seed. There was so much, I didn't think my mouth would hold it all. Finally he pumped his last spurt of cum and he pulled his dick out of my mouth.

"Swallow it," he ordered.

I closed my mouth and tasted the saltiness of his load, and with an audible gulp, I swallowed it all.

"Now, put your clothes on, and get to work. I will come down to the kennel, and we will discuss your new duties as my kennel bitch."

With that, he climbed off of me and tucked his deflating cock back in his pants and walked over to his desk. I put my own clothes back on, glancing over my shoulder, and he was buried in paperwork. As soon as I had my clothes in hand, I retreated to my office at the kennel.

Back in the kennel, I went into my apartment and looked at myself in the mirror. My makeup was wrecked from this morning, and that damn collar was almost laughing at me. How could I have gotten into this situation? All because I decided to go into that kennel? And why did my body have to tell me that it liked being used by that dog?

A million more questions went through my head. I washed my face off, and reapplied my make up, and decided I had to just make it through the day. So I went back out to the office and went to work. There was a nice computer in the office, and I went through it, and saw that there were no records being kept there. I decided now would be the right time to start digitizing as many of the records as I could. I spent the whole day compiling client lists, appointments, shot records, and when they were due. By the end of the day, I had pretty much put the morning's events out of my mind.

Around seven, there was a knock at the office door.

"Come in," I yelled from my apartment. I heard the door open and close, and I figured it was Bob coming to discuss the new "duties" he mentioned this morning. At first everything was strictly the business, how I'd come on organizing everything. I told him about making sense of all the files, and then showed him the spreadsheets I put on the computer. He seemed to be very impressed with all I had done in the two days I had put into it.

"Very nice. Now to get down to the other business. First and foremost, our original agreement still stands. You will still get your normal salary, plus the room and board, and this weekend, you will have an opportunity to finish moving and clear the lease on your other place. But your new duties start now. You are to be my new kennel bitch. And as such, your dress code for after hours will be the collar. So go ahead..."

He waved his fingers to tell me to go ahead and disrobe. I no sooner had my clothes off, and he continued.

"Every day you will 'service' a different dog. And remember, I have security cameras, so I will know if you aren't. Also, if I call you during the day to come to my office, you will immediately. Come in and lock the door, then get into your kennel attire. When I am done with you, you will go straight back to work. I will also have you entertain at functions. You will have the attire dropped off, and you will wear that. Nothing else, so if there are panties, you will wear those ones, and if not, you won't wear any. Also, for your services, I will be giving you a bonus. Under the table of course." He reached into a satchel he brought with him and pulled out a document.

"This is a non-disclosure agreement. Any and all activities you participate in, are for us, and whomever you are entertaining to know about only. It also states that in the event that you decide to up and quit working for me without due notice, videos and pictures of you will be sent to any places that you apply for in lieu of a letter of recommendation. And if you choose not to sign, I will terminate your employment, and the same goes as before. I will submarine any attempt at employment elsewhere. Understood?"

I sat there, stunned. He had me over a damn barrel. I couldn't quit, because I would end up crawling back to the only place I could work, and who knows if I would even get paid. And before I could job hunt, I would have to let him know. I was surrendering total control to him.

Seeing as I didn't have any choice, I signed the paper.

"Good, now let's go see what I'll be paying you extra for."

He stood up and led me by the hand to the kennels. He walked me over to one of the kennels, opened the gate and shoved me inside. I was still in shock at what was happening to me and I stood frozen.

"Part of being these dogs' bitch means you act like a bitch in heat. That means you get down and your hands and knees, and present yourself to be fucked. Don't make me have to fire you on the first day."

Shaking, I got down on my hands and knees, and lowered my upper body and spread my knees. This dog was easily larger than the one that raped me the night before. He walked around me and sniffed at my pussy. The humiliation at what was happening to me was making me start to get wet. The dog could sense my building arousal, and started licking at my cunt to get it good and wet. This time, with out my panties being in the way, he started lapping at my hole, pushing his tongue deep inside, getting all the juice that was building inside of me.

Tonight, now that I knew it was going to happen, I put all the humiliation and shame out of my mind. I decided that if this was what I was going to be, I was going to enjoy it as much as possible. I started pushing my hips back at the dog's face, forcing his long tongue further into my snatch. I started moaning as he licked at my pussy. The previous night, I was so terrified that I didn't appreciate what a dog's long tongue could do, but now I was enthralled. I moaned louder as my orgasm neared.

"Like that," I encouraged. "Keep licking me, I'm so close to cumming, Bob. Do you want to watch your bitch cum on this doggy tongue?"

I looked over my shoulder, and Bob had his impressive dick out slowly stroking it. I was getting so turned on, not having my own will. I was there to be a fuck toy, a cum dumpster for my boss and his dogs. And the realization made me so hot that I came.

"Oh god! I'm cumming!" I squealed, as wave after wave of pleasure rolled through my spasming pussy.

The dog, having lubed my pussy with his tongue, mounted me. He had about 40 pounds on the first dog, and his weight landing on my back send a flash of pain as my elbows and knees were found into the concrete floor. I could feel his hot slimy cock rubbing my mound and stomach as he humped at me, searching for his target. I tried I reach back and guide him to my hole, but I couldn't hold my self under his immense weight.

Slowly I felt his prick moving closer to the target. His dick was repeatedly hitting my clit, sending jolts of pleasure through me. Hornier than ever, and wanting that massive cock in me, I rolled my hips, and I felt his tip find it's mark.

With a massive push, he buried half of his meat in me, and I was in heaven. His cock was fatter than the other's, and I moaned like a whore as his girth stretched me. As he pumped me like a jackhammer, he pushed deeper and deeper inside.

"Bob, he's so big!" I moaned. "He's stretching my pussy. It feels so good." I was moaning I uncontrollably as the mastiff railed me out. Soon, I could feel his tip against my cervix, stretching me deeper as he forced the rest of his cock in me. Then I felt it, his knot was slapping against my obscenely parted lips.

"Mmm...fuck me...knot me. Make me your bitch. Tie up with your new bitch," I pled to the dog. Turning to Bob, I asked "Does the master like watching his bitch get fucked?"

"Master?" Bob chuckled. "Yes. 'Master' enjoys it," he answered as he furiously stroked his eleven inch tool.

Soon the dogs know was pushing in, then pulling out of my lips. Every time it went in, in would press into my g spot, driving me crazy. I was thrusting my hips back into him, trying to get him to tie me up. I was dying for an orgasm like the previous night, and I wanted to feel his cum spraying in me like a fire hose. Finally, I felt his know swelling just outside my pussy, to where it was larger than what I was opening. I spread my knees some more and threw myself onto his fleshy sword, and forced his know into my pussy.His knot continued to swell, stretching me further, and pushing against my g spot.

"Master, he's tied with me!" I moaned. "Pressing...g spot...God, I'm cumming!"

This orgasm was even bigger than the last one. My pussy clamped down on the dogs dick, milking it from the knot to the tip. My orgasm brought on the dogs own peak, and I felt a rumble deep in me as he started cumming.

"He's cumming in me! I feel it! It's spraying my walls... Filling me up."

After about two minutes, I felt his cock stop jerking and spraying in me.

"Is he done, bitch?" Bob asked.

"Yes, he's done," I panted...

"Pardon me?"

"Yes, he's done, Master."

Bob came into the kennel, and knelt in front of me with his cock out. He grabbed me by the hair and jerked my face up. I opened my mouth to suck his cock, but he just held me there, stroking his cock.

"Don't ever forget to call me 'Master' again, slut," he growled, and shot his load in my face. Rope after rope of his sticky seed hit everywhere on my face but my mouth. My face was left coated and he dropped my head.

I went to wipe up the cum, with the intent of swallowing it, but he slapped my hand away.

"No. You will clean up when I tell you. If you want to eat cum, wait a few minutes."

After about twenty minutes, I felt the swollen knot go down enough, and the dog started to pull away.

"Now, slut, before he pulls out, you are going to get your hand ready. As he pulls out, you will cover your cunt to hold the cum in. Then you will set back, legs spread, and then you can eat the cum that runs out. Understood?"

"Yes, Master."

I cupped my hand around the dogs cock, with it running between my fingers. As he pulled out, I did my best to block the semen with my hand and clamped my thighs shut to hold it all in. I sat back on my ass and spread my legs, and stared direct into Bob's eyes. I placed my other hand below my cunt, and let it pool with dog cum as I let it run out of my pussy. I brought it so my mouth, and noisily slurped it up. I was surprised at the taste. It was similar to a mans cum in flavor, but thinner, more watery. I had to be quite the scene: face coated in human cum, dog cum glistening on my lips and dripping down my chin, and my legs spread lasciviously and a pool of more dog cum gathering below my pussy.

"How does it taste?" Bob asked.

"Amazing, Master. Almost as good as Master's tastes."

"Then clean yourself up, we are done for tonight," Bob said as he turned to walk out. He stopped at the door, and said, "One more thing: you only call me Master when we are here or if I have you entertaining. During the work day, you will call me Robert, whether here or if I call you to the office. Understood?"

"Yes, Master."

With that, he walked out. I stood up and quickly made my way out of the kennel. I didn't want to take too long, because I didn't know if my thoroughly fucked pussy could handle round two. I walked through the office and to my apartment. I walked to the full length mirror in the living room and appraised what I saw.

My face was still dripping with cum from Bob and the dog. My knees and elbows were scraped up and raw from being fucked so hard on the concrete floor, and the last of the dog cum was trickling down the insides of my thighs.

"Have I lost my mind?" I asked myself. I had to admit, calling him master at first was more of a play on dog/master relationship, and I was the kennel bitch. Then it clicked: I was submitting to him, and I was getting off in it. Surely he was, because as soon as I said it, he really picked up his pace in striking his dick. The more I thought about it, the hotter it was making me.

So, I had a decision to make. Do I embrace this new side of me, and enjoy the pleasures afforded to me? Or do I just go through the motions, because of the blackmail plan Bob had put in place?

Thanks for the comments on part one, and as always, comments are always welcome. With enough, there may be a Stephanie 3.


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