Two weeks with Horas - Chapter 2

Two weeks with Horas - Chapter 2

I catch my wife with my brother’s dog. Angry at first I begin to understand the attraction.

After Horas had again serviced Cathy and then I had my turn we headed for the shower. Cathy was so wired and she clung to me kissed and thanked me. I could tell she really did enjoy Horas. I could see why. He was all brute force, a big thick cock and a tongue well practiced. Brian and Leena had obviously trained him well. I was very thankful that Leena hadn’t told my brother that Cathy was also one of Horas’ bitches. I would have been mortified. Cathy and I climbed into bed and kissed. Sleep came easy after the energetic sessions we had. I just hoped I could compete with Horas.

Cathy was first up Sunday morning. She had breakfast well underway when I wandered out into the kitchen. She was all smiles and hugged me. She said a huge weight had lifted off her because she always felt guilty cheating on me with Horas. As mortified as she was me finding out she was happy the air was cleared. I told her I didn’t see her as cheating on me with a dog. She suddenly squealed “my God your cock is hard” she said. I had to admit that just talking about her and Horas had gotten me hard. “It turns you on knowing I do it with Horas doesn’t it” she said and laughed. With my cock trying to escape from my PJs it was hard to say no. Again she hugged me “I love you” she said.

Cathy dished up breakfast and while I began to eat she went and feed Horas. He looked at her as she put food in his bowl. I don’t know if dogs have lust but I swear he was licking his lips and eyeing her off. She came back and sat down. Horas had finished his breakfast and wandered up to us and dived under the table. Cathy giggled and said “Horas no” and he backed out and went and laid down on a blanket in the corner of the lounge. I was amazed. Cathy explained that Leena had trained him to act on commands. “Horas no”. “Horas lick”. “Horas mount”. “Have you tried Brad mount” I asked and smiled. “Come on. Let’s go to the bedroom and try” she said. Yes, Brad lick and Brad mount DID work. “Cathy suck” also worked.

Laying on the bed I was limp but I suspected that Cathy was not done yet. She hugged me and whispered in my ear “I would love more”. I knew exactly what she was thinking. I told her to wait while I went into the lounge. Calling Horas I led him into the bedroom. Cathy was sitting on the end of the bed. “Horas lick” I said and he immediately slid in between Cathy’s spread thighs and went to work. I could see his cock peeking out of his sheath so there little doubt he was preparing for his next assignment. Cathy rubbed his head and moaned as he feasted on what I had left behind. “Good doggy. Lick my pussy. Good boy” Cathy moaned. I could tell she was wanting more. She seemed to be waiting for my permission. “Get on your knees honey” I said. Horas hovered “Horas mount” I said.

Horas was on top of Cathy in a flash. He was thrusting wildly and soon hit the spot. Cathy groaned as his cock grew and grew. He started pounding her furiously. Cathy squealed and moaned as he rammed his big doggy cock deeper and deeper. He was grunting now. I tried to see what was happening. Cathy must have realised because she started to give a running commentary on what was happening. “Oh he is so big” she began “so big. It feels so good Brad darling. Oh shit I am so full. I can feel his knot pushing into me. He is opening me like a can of soup. Oh fuck it is rubbing my clit. I am going to cum. Oh yes, yes, yes. The knot is inside me. I am such a slut bitch”. Horas stopped moving. He had mated with his bitch and it was time to impregnate her.

Cathy was moaning softly then groaned. She had stopped talking such was her total surrender to her master. I assumed the groans were indicating him emptying his seed in her (she told me later she thought he had cum three times). Several times he tried to pull out and Cathy squealed each time in a mixture of pain and pleasure. Finally he managed to extricate himself and Cathy collapsed on the floor. I could see cum oozing out of her punished pussy. Horas stood admiring his work and then trotted into the lounge and lay down. I followed him and watched him lick his cock. No wonder Cathy was moaning. She said it was huge and she wasn’t wrong. I must admit I was jealous.

I walked back into the bedroom to find Cathy staggering to her feet. Cum was trickling down her thighs. She looked at me with this blissful look on her face. She hugged me and we kissed. “Oh darling that was so good. Even better because I knew you were watching me. I am so happy. Fucked by my two lovers”. I couldn’t help it, I laughed. She reached down and fondled my cock. It was getting hard again. Without a word she knelt down. Looking up she said “I want to show you how much I love you” and she promptly sucked me until I came in her mouth. She swallowed every drop. Standing up she suggested we both needed a shower. I didn’t complain.

It was nearly lunchtime by the time we finished our shower. We dried each other, laughing as we did so. We just put on bathrobes and headed out to the lounge. Horas lifted his head. “Horas no” Cathy said and he dropped his head again. “He is always ready” she said “Leena uses him all the time when Brian is not around. She can’t seem to get enough. I am lucky to get him once when you guys head off”. We decided to order lunch and have it delivered. The doorbell rand about 20 minutes later. I wandered to the door and the young guy who delivered it got quite a shock to find me in only a bathrobe. Finishing lunch we decided to go out in the backyard to chill out. Horas enjoyed running around and Cathy and I shed our robes and lay in the sun. Fortunately the people who owned the house before us had planted a large hedge all around so it was nice and secluded.

It wasn’t long before Horas noticed his bitch was naked and took an interest. Cathy’s nipples were erect and I could tell she was enjoying Horas looking at her. I was already hard and just leaned over and said “Horas lick” and he moved in. “Not here” she whispered but made no attempt to stop him as he began to lick her crutch from pussy to clit and back again. She bent her legs up and repositioned herself and now his tongue reached from her clit to her pussy to her back door and back. She moaned and closed her eyes. “Oh Horas you are such a good boy” she said and groaned as her orgasm began to build. “Oh God Brad why did you get him started darling now I want him to fuck me”. “Out here” I said, mocking her earlier reluctance. “I want him anywhere, anytime, anyhow” she said and then gasped as her orgasm swept over her.

As she began to come down from her high I said “Horas mount”. He obeyed immediately. “Oh shit, you mean like this” she said. “Yes my darling let him fuck you missionary”. He was thrusting trying to enter her. Finally she reached down and put him on the right track. He began to hump her vigorously but try as he might he couldn’t tie with her. For several minutes he tried and Cathy moaned with delight. “Oh good boy. Keep trying my lovely dog. Don’t stop” but eventually he backed away and looked at her. She looked up. “Oh you poor darling. Look at your huge cock just swinging down there”. She looked at me. “I have seen women do it like this on videos. Perhaps it is fake because poor Horas couldn’t do it”. I smiled “never mind my love. Perhaps he needs more practice”. I had a feeling that over the next 2 weeks that is exactly what he would get.

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