Quid Pro Quo

Quid Pro Quo


PART 1: The Interview


Luke stands in the elevator, making his way up to the top floor of the Salesforce Tower. He has his coffee in hand wearing his backpack on one shoulder. He stares at his reflection on the elevator door. He stands at 6’0 dressed in his usual business casual look. He has silver pants tailored to his build with a tucked in blue button up shirt and a pair of black shoes. The elevator chimes and the door opens. He makes his way down a hall and to the suite for the company he works for. Luke opens up the door and walks over to the reception area, greeting the receptionist.

“Good morning Amanda!”

“Good morning Luke! Beautiful day, huh?”


He makes his way over to his office in an enclosed room. He takes a deep breath and glances out the large windows of his office. He takes in the gorgeous views of the Bay Area. It’s a clear sunny day with blue skies. He’s happy to not see any fog, especially in the vicinity of the Golden Gate Bridge where it’s common.

Luke drinks some coffee before setting up his desk. He has a busy day ahead of him. He has an interview scheduled with an applicant, two business meetings, and a project he has to have completed before the end of the day. Luke is an HR Representative for a tech company. He specializes in marketing, promoting his company online and is in charge of hiring new employees.

Luke opens his laptop, pulling up a file in his business email. The potential candidate’s information for the interview he has scheduled. He takes a look at the name and writes it down on a note pad he has set up with a set of standard interview questions. The name of the candidate is Samantha Myer who’s scheduled to arrive for her interview in half an hour.

Time flies by. At 9:30AM sharp, Amanda knocks on Luke’s door to his office.

“Luke. I have Ms. Myers here for her interview.” Amanda says.

“Bring her in!” Luke replies, taking a seat at his desk.

The door opens slowly. A tall attractive woman walks in. She’s Caucasian, about 6’2 with short brunette hair that barely touches her shoulders. She wears a dark suit jacket completely open with a white tucked in shirt. She has tight pants on that match her suit with heels. She carries a small hand bag and a file with her resume. Luke smiles at her as she makes her way to the seat in front of him. He can’t help but feel like he recognizes the woman.

“Ms. Samantha Myers?” Luke asks the applicant.

“Yes sir.”

“Hello, nice to meet you . My name is Lucas Smith. I’m the HR Representative and Lead Manager for the marketing team here.”

“Nice to meet you Mr. Smith.” Samantha says with a nervous smile.

Luke begins her interview by reviewing her resume on file. The job that Samantha is applying for is in marketing management, being in charge of the company’s social media pages. She has the experience needed to meet the requirements including two paid internships with other companies. Luke suddenly knows who Samantha Myers is after looking at her educational background. They went to high school together. Luke takes a glance at Samantha, recognizing her. Or who she used to be. Over fifteen years ago, they went to high school together. The only thing was that Samantha was named “Sam.” She was a guy. Samantha in present day is an attractive transgender woman.

Luke distracts himself from his shocked state of mind with asking Samantha some questions using the STAR method, otherwise known as Situation Task Action Result. The method is used in most job interviews to ask potential candidates about situations where they had an issue and how they resolved them. Luke asks Samantha three STAR questions but can barely focus. He smiles, shakes his head, and jots down notes into his pad as she replies to his questions.

Back in high school, Luke was a geek. He had a small group of friends and mostly kept to himself. He minded his own business for the most part and loved math and science. His junior and senior year, he had many classes with Sam, a popular athlete. Sam played basketball and ran cross country. Luke and Sam were partners in chemistry their junior year. Sam would tease Luke any chance he could and tried to bully him into doing his homework. Sam would also try and cheat off of Luke on tests and quizzes. Luke was quiet and soft spoken back in the day. Sam would take advantage of Luke knowing he wouldn’t defend himself, constantly cracking jokes at him throughout class. Others joined in sometimes and laughed at Luke. He just stayed quiet and tried to focus on his course. After graduating from high school, Luke never heard from Sam again. At least until present day where now “Sam” sits in front of him.

Samantha sits facing the man interviewing her. She walked into the building feeling confident and ready to ace her interview. Her years of marketing experience, graduating from college with a four year degree, and internships prepared her for this moment. She applied for her dream position at one of the best tech companies in the Bay Area. All the years she made sacrifices, working hard and studying was about to pay off. She walked into her recruiter’s office to meet her employer. Somehow someway, she remained calm and kept her composure when he introduced himself as Lucas Smith. Samantha recognizes him from high school almost instantly. She had not began her gender transition and was known just as “Sam” back then. Sam was a cocky, popular athlete. He had a wide range of friends and always picked fun at anyone he felt was beneath him. Samantha remembers how poorly “Sam” treated Luke back when they had classes together. And here she is in present day. Asking him for a job after bullying him more than fifteen years ago at their high school in Danville, where they lived.

Luke continues with his questions, asking Samantha about her previous jobs and internships. He does his best to get a good read on her. She has come a long way and has a polar opposite personality compared to who she used to be. There are no character traits in Samantha that she shares with “Sam” from back then. She has confidence, answering each of his questions without hesitation and seems to be genuinely kind and sincere. Luke notices how she seems to be almost too friendly. Almost as if she’s working hard to show that she’s not who she used to be. The interview lasts about forty five minutes. Luke comes to the conclusion that he’s not ready to hire Samantha and wants to consider hiring another qualified candidate for the position.

“Well thank you Samantha for coming in today and for your interest in working for this company. You did a really great job at answering all the questions and you definitely have the experience. However, I have to let you know I won’t be moving forward with you in the hiring process. I have a couple of other candidates who are more qualified and seem to have a better fit for this position.” Luke informs her.

Samantha’s heart drops in her seat. She tries to swallow but feels a lump in her throat. She’s come a long way to get to where she is at this moment and Luke has turned her down. She feels this is personal to him. She’s more than confident that she’s just as qualified as the other candidates who applied. He was impressed with her resume. There could be no other explanation as to why she’s being denied her dream job other than payback for the way “Sam” treated him back in high school.

“Mr. Smith sir-“

“Please just call me Luke,” he says interrupting her.

“Luke, sir. I’d like to kindly ask you to reconsider. This position is what I’ve worked hard for for many years. You saw my resume. You told me I meet the qualifications. I earned my way to get to where I am right now. I’m asking you to take a chance on me and show you that I’m just as great or even better than your other candidates for this position.” Samantha says, her voice beginning to tremble at the end.

Luke thinks about what she has to say. He knows that she would be a great fit for the company. When the flashbacks of all the mean and nasty things that Sam used to say to him back in the day came to mind, he decided he didn’t want Samantha working for him. Karma is a bitch and this is his way of self-served justice.

“I appreciate your determination Samantha. However, I’ve made my decision. If you would like another opportunity to try again for this position, please apply again and be on the lookout on our website and LinkedIn for future job listings.” Luke says firmly.

“Luke, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry for everything I did to you back in high school,” Samantha says, trying to keep her composure and not break down crying.

Luke stares at her with a look of confusion, shocked to hear her acknowledge she recognizes him from back in the day.

“I was a complete asshole. To you. To so many people. I’m sorry for how I treated you. I was a different person then but that’s no excuse. That’s not who I am anymore. ‘Sam’ is gone and I’m a woman now, working hard to proof I am not that person while working even harder to make something of myself and establish my career.”

“Samantha, I don’t hold any grudges. That was then, this is now. I’ve let go of the past. This is a professional environment. Let me reassure you my decision today was solely based from a professional perspective and nothing personal.” Luke says, not believing his own lie.

Samantha stays quiet, getting ready to forfeit her efforts to plead for the job. She stares at him, seeing how serious he is. She knows he isn’t going to hire her. Whether or not he says it’s not personal, she knows she deserves the outcome. If she was in his shoes, she’d probably seek payback against her bully. Samantha stands up, getting ready to face the door and walk out of the office.

“Is this really your dream? Working for this company?” Luke asks from behind.

Samantha turns to face him, her eyes glistening with hope.

“Absolutely. This is my dream.”

Luke points her over to the seat where she sat. Samantha makes her way back and sits down.

“Maybe I can reconsider….” Luke says, staring at her.

“That would be amazing! I’ll work hard and prove to you that I belong here!” Samantha says, gaining her confidence back.

Luke sees an opportunity to take advantage of her. He can see how desperate she is for this job and knows he’s the only one who can give it to her. He’s never taken advantage of anyone before. This will be a first for him but he’s willing to take the risk and accept the consequences just to be able to have payback for the way Sam treated him back in the day.

“Maybe there’s a way I can turn a blind eye to my other candidates for this position and hire you instead. Does that sound good?”

“Yes! Absolutely!” Samantha says.

“Good. I’m glad to hear that. Let’s say we make a….trade.” Luke says to her.

“Like a bribe?” Samantha asks.

“More like….quid pro quo.” Luke says.

Samantha needs to brush up on her Latin but she seems to catch the innuendo Luke is throwing at her. She felt it coming after he called her back but it’s looking clear to her that he’s going to want a sexual favor from her in exchange for the job position.

“What do you have in mind?” She asks.

“I have a business meeting tomorrow in San Jose. I have a hotel reservation arranged. I was thinking you come meet me out there in the evening after my meeting. I would like one night spent with you. I do….whatever I want. All night.”

Samantha thinks about his offer for a moment.

“One night with you…and you’ll hire me?”

“I’ll have you hired on as early as next week.” Luke says, sitting back in his chair with his arms crossed.

“Deal.” Samantha says.

“I have your phone number here on file. I’ll send you the address and time to meet. Be in the San Jose area after 6PM.” Luke tells her.

“I’ll be there,” she says, standing up and leaving the office.

Samantha cannot believe what she got herself into. She hesitated at first when Luke gave his offer but she ultimately decided that one night with him would be rewarding in the long run. She tries to see it from a different perspective, feeling guilty for how she treated him back in high school before her transition from male to female. In a way, she feels this is her opportunity to make up for all those years ago and make things right.

Luke sits in his office with a big smile on his face. He can’t believe just how easy it was to take advantage of Samantha, getting what he wants. He was attracted to her the moment she walked into his office. He’s had a fetish with transgender women for quite some time. Luke remembers his first encounter with a beautiful transgender woman he met on a dating app. She was a short, Thai woman with tan skin and a big ass. He sits in his office with an erection forming in his pants thinking about it. He remembers how satisfying it felt fucking her, stroking her cock to an orgasm before he spilled his seed deep inside her. Luke saw Samantha, an attractive trans woman with natural makeup, long eyelashes, a nose ring, and red lipstick on her thick juicy lips. He was instantly attracted to her, almost forgetting about their past together and who she used to be.

Luke regains his focus and gets back to work. He still has a busy schedule ahead of him and prepares for the rest of his day. He looks forward to his evening the next day.


PART 2: Earning the Job


The next day, Luke attends his meeting in San Jose. It’s a Friday, and he decided that he’d book a night at the hotel where his meeting was held in a conference room to kick start his weekend. The meeting lasted from 12 to 5PM. Afterwards, Luke heads up to his room on the top floor, having a great view of the city. He sends a text to Samantha with the details.

“Please be at the Hilton on 2nd Street no later than 7PM. Parking is available. Rm 1504 by the elevator.”

Samantha replies back shortly with a

“I’m on my way there. I’ll be there at 6:30.”

Luke gets to his room and gets ready. He opens up a bottle of whiskey he brought with him and pours a glass, taking one swig at a time. He stares out the window looking at the view, seeing the freeway and airport in the vicinity. He strips out of his clothes and heads to the bathroom to take a shower. He comes out of the bathroom and stares at himself in the mirror. He has broad shoulders, muscular arms, and a big chest. He has a religious fitness regime every morning before he goes to work. He had low self esteem throughout his life, especially in school. He was always skinny and had big nerd glasses, constantly being made fun of by others like Sam. He graduated from high school and began to workout each day during his college years. Now he stands tall and has confidence. Working out and building confidence led him to where he is now. Having a management position at a tech company with a phenomenal salary and yearly bonuses.

Luke puts on a comfortable pair of pants with a tight shirt on. It isn’t long until Samantha is knocking at his hotel door. He opens the door and lets her in, keeping the talking to a minimum.

“Hi.” Samantha says, walking into his room.

Luke takes a good look at her standing before him. Samantha is just a little taller, standing at 6’2. She wears skinny jeans with a pair of white sneakers and a short pink top, showing her pierced navel. Her skin is smooth and pale. She has a small purse in hand.

“Welcome. Make yourself comfortable. I have some whiskey and water on the table.”

Samantha walks into to the room, taking a view of the suite with a city view. She’s nervous, not knowing what to expect. Luke hasn’t been specific about what he wants to do. She grabs a glass and pours herself some whiskey. She wants to numb herself a bit for whatever is to come. She takes a few sips, feeling the alcohol burn her throat as she swallows the whiskey.

Luke lays eyes on Samantha sipping her drink nervously. She sits on the couch in his suite with a fidgety leg. He decides to break the ice and get their night started.

“Let me see you get naked. Strip down for me.” Luke says sipping his drink.

Samantha stands off the couch with a nervous look on her face. She desperately wants the job and succumbs to Luke’s authoritative demeanor. She takes off her sneakers and undoes her pants.

“Do you want a view of my front or back as I strip?” Samantha asks.

“Let’s see that ass of yours. Gotta see what I’m working with.” Luke replies, taking a seat on the chair next to him.

Samantha takes a deep breath and turns around to give Luke a view of her rear. She pulls her tight jeans down slowly with her knees bent over. Once her jeans sink below her knees, she briefly pauses to allow for him to stare at her ass. She holds onto the sides of her pink panties, waiting for Luke to instruct her to move forward with dropping her undergarments.

Luke looks at Samantha standing in front of him. She has her body bent with her ass up high. He can see her scrotum exposed, peeking out of her panties. She is completely waxed and has no hair on her bottom, perineum, or pubic area. Luke feels his penis inside of his pants growing. He wants to see more of her.

“Now take off the shirt and lose the panties, slowly.” Luke says.

“Yes sir.” Samantha says obediently.

Samantha removes her pink top and tosses it onto the floor. She doesn’t have a bra on so Luke has her bare back visible before him. She reaches to her waist and begins to tear off her panties, letting them slide down her smooth, pale legs. She now stands before Luke completely naked with her pants and panties down to her ankles. She steps out of her clothes and stands facing the opposite direction. Samantha’s nervous but slowly turns around to face the man who holds her career in the palm of his hand.

Luke glares at her thin body with a plump behind. She has well-rounded breasts with large areolas and thick nipples. She has a flat stomach with a pierced navel and an erect penis. Luke stares at her womanhood seeing how small it is. It’s under three inches with a skinny shaft. Luke wonders if she’s able spill generous amounts of cum from the sheer size of her cock. He looks up to Samantha’s eyes who stares at him with a look of fragility.

Samantha wants to know if Luke approves of her. Is she ugly to him? Does he like what he sees? She’s desperate for him to say something to her about her feminine qualities or having a great transition. Luke just stands up from his chair and walks over to the window with the view of the city.

“Come over here. And get on your knees. I have something for you.” He says with the most platonic look on his face.

Samantha walks over to the window to meet Luke and gets onto her knees before him. In a swift motion, Luke pulls his pants down springing his fully erect penis before her face. Samantha gasps, staring at his rod. He’s about a good six inches with heavy thickness to his shaft. He’s blessed in the girth department. Samantha envisions her mouth struggling to open wide and accept the entire length down her throat.

Luke stands tall with pride. He saw Samantha’s reaction to his thick cock exposed in her face. He allows her a few moments to accept her present moment before giving her further instructions. Luke thinks about whether she’s thinking that she’d never face the man she once bullied back in high school. Luke went from a victim in school to a dominate male getting ready to shove his rod into his bully’s mouth.

“Start from the bottom and work your way up.” Luke tells her.

Samantha takes her hand and grabs hold of Luke’s shaft, feeling his manhood wrapped inside her hand. She pushes herself closer in between his legs and accepts his testicles into her mouth. She feels him breathing heavily as she sucks on his sack, ingesting his freshly showered flavors. Samantha strokes his shaft up and down slowly and then begins to lick him from the sack all the way up his pole. When she gets to his helmet, she licks his tip quickly before engulfing his penis into her warm mouth.

Luke grunts, happily enjoying the oral stimulation. He holds Samantha’s hair from the back of her head gently, waiting for the right moment to push her into him. He can’t wait to hear her choke and struggle on his fat cock. Not only does it feel good, feeling the back of her throat being one with the head of his cock. There’s a satisfactory feeling to Luke when he listens to the choking sounds, knowing he’s in full control of the entire situation. He looks down into Samantha’s face who bobs her head back and forth, sucking his cock. Her eyes meet his at times to seek his input of her oral skills. She’s incredibly beautiful. Her makeup is on point with her bright red lipstick getting messy with his meat in her mouth. With a smile on his face, Luke looks to the ceiling and closes his eyes. He thrusts himself closer to Samantha and pushes her face up into his crotch.


It’s music to Luke’s ears hearing the struggles of his former bully choking on his fat rod. With his head held up high, he thrusts himself in and out of Samantha’s oral gateway. He pauses at times with his entire shaft in her throat to stare at her wide eyes filling with tears. He feels her nose pressed against his crotch inhaling and exhaling, desperate for air. He smiles down as she suffocates with his entire length in her mouth. He pulls back slowly taking his cock out of her mouth. Samantha is a sloppy mess, her mouth and nose covered in spit.

“What you thought this would be nice and easy?? Suck on it!” Luke tells her affirmatively.

Samantha swallows his tip whole, grabbing onto his scrotum. Her head bobs back and forth, savoring his meat in her mouth. She won’t admit it to him but she’s pleased to perform fellacio on her potential employer. Luke has a well-endowed package that she took an eye to the moment his pants dropped. Such a beautiful meaty cock! He tastes so good too. She grunts with his rod in her mouth as he holds his hand behind the back of her head in control. She wants him to push her head forward into his crotch. Samantha enjoys his meat hitting the back of her throat with her face pressed against his crotch. She looks up to Luke and stares as he thrusts in and out of her mouth.

“You like this huh?” He asks with a snicker.

Samantha nods her head with his shaft lodged deep in her mouth. Luke pulls himself away from her, grabbing his rod. He begins to smack her face with it, slapping it on her forehead and nose.

“Get up and move to the couch. Bend over for me.”

Samantha stands up and makes her way over to the couch. She doesn’t know want to expect now but she’s eager for Luke to stick his cock up her ass. She can almost feel his tip pressing against her tight entrance. Her body shutters thinking about it.

Luke makes his way over to Samantha with a bottle of lube in hand. He sets it down and gets close behind her and whispers into her ear seductively to lick his fingers. Samantha opens her mouth and accepts two of his fingers, sucking on them softly. Luke then removes his wet fingers from her mouth and takes them to her rear. With one hand he opens her buttocks. Samantha spreads her legs wider for him as he presses his fingers against her anus and forces them up her asshole. Samantha jumps, not used to being rushed into anal play. Luke spanks her left butt cheek, telling her to stay still.

Luke isn’t in the mood to build up the sexual anticipation and work his way up to fucking Samantha. This isn’t a romance or a passionate hook up. He has her right where he wants her. He can do whatever he wants to her at his expense. If she wants the job, she’ll need to earn it. He takes the bottle of lube and pours some in between her buttocks, rubbing some done her crack and onto her tight hole. He takes off his shirt and stands naked. He pours some lube onto his meaty shaft and rubs it up and down, making his cock shiny.

“Um….I think it’s best if you put on a condom.” Samantha says nervously.

“Are you clean?” Luke asks.

Samantha responds with a head nod.

“Great! I’m clean too. Fuck the rubber. I’m going in raw. You have a problem with that?” Luke asks her, roughly spreading her rear cheeks wide open.

“No sir.”

Luke grabs his thick rod, firmly pushing it into Samantha’s perineum. He rubs his mushroom along her smooth skin in between her scrotum and anus, then slides himself down to her tight hole. At first Luke thinks about going into Samantha gently. A quick flashback to all the times when “Sam” the team captain humiliated him back in gym class each day, picking him last for all sporting activities convinced him otherwise. Luke pushes his cock against her sphincter and forces his way up her asshole. He feels her body shake as she winces in pain.

Samantha begins to yelp, trying to stay silent. She can feel the tears forming in her eyes with Luke standing behind her. He grunts loudly with every inch of his cock sliding up her tight passage. She can’t believe how thick his penis is. Throughout the years of her playing with herself, she’d masturbate and play with a small ***********ion of toys. None of her dildos were as thick as Luke’s cock. She’s never had the courage to train her asshole for large objects. Now her soon to be boss and former classmate is deep inside of her ass, stretching her out. Samantha takes deep breaths and begins to relax. A wave of nirvana floods her body once her body adjusts to the monster inside of her. When Luke takes long strides pulling himself back and forth, Samantha springs out a deep grunt, desperately trying to conceal the masculinity of her voice. When Luke senses how she enjoys him fucking her, she feels a hand of his grab her neck with aggression.

“Looks like someone is enjoying this. Let’s see how tough you are bitch!!” Luke says with a hint of anger in his voice.

He grabs the back of Samantha’s neck with his right hand, clutching onto her firmly. He feels his hand shake as he chokes her aggressively, taking deep strokes in and out of her rear end. Samantha tries to breath while Luke fucks her. With his other hand, he spanks her buttocks. Luke switches from one cheek to another, spanking her with violent force. The loudness of the spanks have an echo. Samantha releases a muffled cry each time he hits her. Luke begins to calm down and focus on the penetration. He spreads Samantha’s ripened cheeks, pushing himself deep into her as he can and back. He pulls himself out of her just enough for his tip to stay lodged up her ass and slams his way up inside her rectum, far enough to where his testicles collide with her rear. Luke grunts softly, thinking about how tight this transgender bitch is. He makes a decision to allow for her to take over.

“Lean down. I want you to do the work and push yourself up and down on my cock as I stand behind you. Do you understand?”

“Yes I do.” Samantha says softly.

Luke takes both of his hands and grabs her neck placing her into a chokehold.

“Yes WHAT??” He says with authority.

“Yes SIR!” Samantha cries.


Luke shoves her upper body downward onto the bottom cushioning of the couch. He leans one knee on the edge of the couch and places his opposite leg onto the cushion for support. He leans his upper body down as Samantha stretches her legs back behind her onto the floor. With his cock up her ass, she begins to spring her lower body up and down. Samantha’s face is pressed against the couch as she shakes her ass with a dance, fucking Luke. He allows her to pick up her pace as he stands still. They stay in silence while she does the work.

Samantha wants to scream out loud with joy. She desperately wants to turn around and kiss Luke. It’s getting increasingly difficult for her to keep her composure. She wants to let him know she’s enjoying this. She wants to beg him to fuck her harder. Samantha ultimately chooses to stay silent and continue to earn her job. Her body bounces up and down, taking in most of Luke’s length up her anal canal, stretching her out. She does her best to increase her tempo as he stands over her, relaxed against the couch. It’s almost bizarre to her that he’s staying still and not being rough. She slows herself down to see if he’ll react. Almost immediately, he spanks her behind, commanding her to continue.

“I didn’t say stop Bitch!! Keep going! Shake that ass up and down on my cock!”

“YES SIR!!” Samantha says.

She smiles with her face pressed against the couch cushion. She moves her ass back and forth. When she backs up into his thick rod, she quietly groans enjoying the sensation of his meat stretching her tight hole, pressed up against every nerve in her rectum. She then sways her ass side to side each time she’d pull herself forward away from his cock. Her lower body rotates in an orbicular motion, going back and forth and side to side. Luke audibly grunts as she continues to take over and do the work for him. Samantha feels a sense of confidence, proud to appease him.

“You want this job huh?” He asks her in a hushed tone.

“Yes sir! I want this job more than you can ever imagine!!” Samantha says with deep breaths.

Luke pulls himself away from his former bully. He knows an orgasm is around the corner and wants to switch to a new position. He grabs Samantha by her hair and yanks her back toward him, causing her to yelp in surprise.

“Lie down on the edge of the bed and spread your legs for me.”

Samantha follows his instructions, lying on her back on the edge of the queen-sized mattress. The bed is at a height for Luke to stand up with his legs straight and his crotch to be at her level. Samantha spreads her legs wide for her boss. Her small penis is erect. She feels her shaft lie up toward her pierced navel. Her penis twitches with excitation once she feels Luke press his mushroom against her sphincter. Samantha pushes her tight hole out to allow him to slip back into her with ease. They moan simultaneously as his meat gets lost inside of her. Samantha almost ejaculates at the touch of his hand playing with her cock. She can feel the calluses on his hand rubbing up and down her pole.

Luke grunts, sliding his way in and out of Samantha’s ass. He stares at her breasts for a while before he begins to fondle them. He can see the small surgical scars underneath them that are almost gone. He touches each of them and moves his hand over to her large nipples. Samantha moans out loud as he touches her erect nipples. Clearly they’re very sensitive to her. Which is why he begins to squeeze and pinch them firmly, continuing to thrust back and forth on the edge of he bed.

Samantha winces in agony while Luke squeezes and pinches her areolas. It hurts her but she enjoys the pain, wincing her face and gritting her teeth. Nobody has ever treated her this rough. It’s been five years since her breast surgery down in Mexico. She loves her fake breasts. Both of her D-cupped mounds gave her much confidence as a woman. Now the man that she teased and harassed back when she was a different person treats her boobs like they’re nothing. And she loves it! Luke plays with her small penis in one hand while roughing up her boobs with the other. All the while increasing his rhythm fucking her on the edge of the bed.

“You like that?? You like it while I fuck you and play with your micro penis?!?” Luke grunts out.

“Yes sir!! Please fuck me! Harder!!” Samantha says in desperate plea.

Luke continues to fuck her and shame her for her small penis. It’s not even three inches and is incredibly skinny with little to no girth. He wonders if all the years of “Sam’s” harassment back in high school had anything to do with compensation for something else.

“Look at this micro cock! This MUST have been why Sam was such a cocksucking asshole to me and others!! This why you decided to become a lady?? HUH?? Couldn’t get any ladies so you decided to become one??” Luke shouts, increasing his violent thrusts with each word spitting out of his mouth.

Samantha lies down, completely stunned. She knew that Luke is treating her like dirt and is still angry about the past. She felt like she deserved it. All of it. But the words coming out of his mouth stung, slicing her like a dagger to the heart. She fights back tears, trying not to cry. She doesn’t want to show him that his words hurt. Samantha has felt like a woman for a very long time. While she knew “Sam” had a low self esteem back in the day, especially for being a guy with a below average penis, that was never a reason for her transition. She swallows the lump in her throat and lets out a deep sigh, wanting to satisfy her next boss.

“Yes sir! I was a complete jerk to you back in the day because of my small penis. Please keep fucking me and treat me like the whore I am!!” Samantha says softly.

Luke knows he’s being a complete piece of shit to Samantha. He feels guilty deep down inside for being incredibly offensive to her. He knows she’s not only changed on the outside but on the inside too. He takes advantage of her, letting go of all the years of anger he had in him. For the way “Sam” and others treated him back in school. He places his hands on her lower thighs and thrusts his hips in and out of her. Luke looks down at his cock and feels his orgasm approaching. He watched as his meat slides deep into Samantha’s tight asshole. He stares at her small cock, dripping with precum. He wants her to cum at the same time as him.

“Cum with me!” Luke says, taking her cock into his hand and jerking it.

Samantha groans as he strokes her small shaft. Her entire penis fit snug in his hand. With a couple minutes of deep, slow strides into her ass, Luke’s hand is hit with a burst of her cum. He takes his hand off her cock as she begins to spill her seed up toward her stomach.

“OH FUCK!!!!” Samantha cries, covering her face with her hands.

Luke counts five gooey ropes of cum spill out of her cock. His legs begin to buckle and he leans down onto her upper body with a deep grunt. Luke feels his loins sing with joy as his cock spits his milk up into Samantha’s asshole. He takes soft thrusts into her each time his rod shakes, spewing white lava out of his volcano.

Samantha lies in orgasmic ecstasy. The hurt and sadness from Luke’s earlier remarks faded away the moment her cock erupted. Though she’s had past orgasms with more cum spitting out of her, the intensity of her arrival was like no other before. Her body tingles with pleasure from head to toe. No orgasm in the past has ever done what Luke just did to her. No masturbation, random hook ups, or previous relationships has ever made her feel sexually liberated as the moment she’s in. Lying down on an upscale hotel bed with her soon to be boss’s cock lodged inside of her ass spilling his seed deep into her. Samantha can’t even explain why she feels the way she is.

Luke pulls himself out of Samantha’s ass. His creampie flows out of her asshole and spills onto the edge of the bed. He takes two fingers and slides them from the bottom of her butt cheeks to the entrance of her ass. He takes his fingers and shoves them up into her back door. Samantha lets a moan escape from her lips. He pulls his fingers out, soaked in his arrival and puts them close to her face.

“Lick it up!” Luke says sternly.

Samantha opens her mouth and accepts his fingers, swallowing them whole. She tastes his seed and her ass. She sucks on his fingers onto he’s satisfied that they’re licked clean.

“Good girl!” Luke says to Samantha with a smile.

Samantha sits up onto the bed. She wants to know if she’s earned her job now that she’s completed her task.

“So….am I hired?” Samantha asks.

Luke gives her a big grin. He’s been itching for this moment since the day before at her interview.

“You’ve been hired. The job was always yours. I lied about other qualified candidates for the position. You’ll start Tuesday if you get all the initial paperwork done by Monday in my office.”

Samantha’s jaw drops when she hears the news. Not only she’d been taken advantage of to get her dream job, she’d been played! How could Luke do such a thing??

“Are you serious?? You fucking played me!!! I can….I SHOULD file a complaint against you asshole!!! You took complete advantage of me!!” Samantha says angrily.

With a smile, Luke reaches to her and caresses her face with his hand.

“Yes I did. And I enjoyed it! I think you did too! Look on the bright side! You have your dream career AND had fun earning your job! I mean, you can’t lie to my face and tell me you didn’t enjoy what we did.”

Samantha’s angered facial expression fades into one of deep thought.

“I guess you’re right. Guess I kinda deserved it too. I was serious when I apologized to you yesterday. All those years ago back in high school. If I could turn back time, believe me I would. It’s one of my deepest regrets. Treating you and a bunch of other people like shit for no reason.” Samantha says quietly.

“Water under the bridge. I didn’t deserve the way you treated me. You didn’t deserve the way I treated you. Lets move forward. When you start work, you can expect to be treated with nothing but respect in a professional environment.” Luke says.

Luke extends his hand to Samantha as an olive branch. They shake hands, making peace with each other. They can finally move forward with their lives.

“So what now?” Samantha asks.

“You can leave if you’d like. Come back to the office on Monday to get started on your paperwork.” Luke says, taking a sip from his glass of liquor.

Samantha doesn’t want to leave. She doesn’t know how to build up the courage to tell him that she enjoyed everything she endured. And that her orgasm was one of the best she’s ever had. She doesn’t know why she enjoyed being humiliated and degraded but all of it turned her on and opened her eyes to a whole new sexual experience she had no idea she was looking for.

“Is it ok if I stay? I’m a bit tired and don’t want to drive all the way back to SanFran.” Samantha says.

“You’re more than welcomed to stay. The couch has a pull-out bed. I’ll take it and you can take the queen.” Luke says, sipping his whiskey.

“You don’t have to do that. We can sleep together…if you don’t mind.” Samantha replies.

Luke stares trying to study her. He doesn’t know what’s running through her mind. Samantha looks at him with a smile.

“I don’t mind at all.” He replies.

Samantha gets off the bed and makes her way over to Luke, seated on the couch. She sits down next to him and begins to touch his chest, building the confidence to speak what’s on her mind.

“The night is still young….”

Luke puts his glass down onto the side table. Samantha gets closer to him and leans forward to his face. Foreheads colliding, they share a kiss for the first time with their naked bodies pressed together.


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