New Russian Fuck Toy

New Russian Fuck Toy

Zoya 22 never married lives in Kiev Russia in a difficulty situation, our conversations are limited by her limited english. She agrees to my stipulation of surrendering to me as many times as I require through a interpreter. I bring her to the United States, she quietly sighs and squints her eyes at the screen, forcing her attention on the film, but less than a minute later, her eyes have drifted back to the millimeters that are between her leg and mine. The heat between our bodies tingles momentarily. Last night, on this same couch, we had sat together and she hadn't noted the space between them. Now, with the memory of my heavy, meaningful gaze fresh in her mind, it's all she can think about. From the corner of her eye, she catches me steal a glance at her. She swallows as I move my left hand to rest on my knee. I idly scratches at my jeans for a moment, and then relaxes, leaving my hand there. She releases the breath she held. She needed to calm down. As soon as she thinks this, my fingers cross the space between us and come to rest gently on her knee. Her already rigid frame solidifies and she doesn't move as I slowly trail my fingertips along the seams and folds of her jeans. The electric heat that had tingled minutes ago now burns white-hot where my fingers touch. Her heart rate increases, and a flush spreads up her neck. As I leisurely traces the seam leading from her knee up towards her inner thigh, her stomach flutters with an army of butterflies, and she suddenly has to see my expression. She expected to see me turn toward the screen, pretending I wasn't teasing her with my idle hand, but instead she turns her head and finds my penetrating gaze completely focused on her. There's a seriousness to my expression that tightens things inside her, while intimidating her at the same time. While she had definitely fantasized about the possibilities of meeting me in person, she didn't think she had prepared herself for just how I would treat her. Her confidence, typically a strength of hers, feels weak when under the pressure of the heavy look in my eyes. But, taking a deep breath, she tries to swim toward the surface of this hot lust.

" What are you thinking?" I surprise her by asking. she hesitates. After a moment, I change position as if to wait out my silence, twisting around so that my left arm rests on the back of the couch, while my right hand takes over tracing feather-light patterns on her thigh. As nervous as she is right now, she is also thrilled, not to mention: aroused. She is not sure if she ever mentioned to me that she doesn't often wear panties; she regrets not wearing any tonight. She must be soaking through her jeans. I tickle her neck, playing with a strand of hair that's hanging down from where the rest is pulled up with a clip. I trace a line of liquid fire gently down the side of her neck and across her right shoulder. She watches me, realizing she hasn't moved. I'm looking at my fingers as they trace imaginary lines across her upper back. My eyes flick up to meet hers. They hold all the promise of dominance and sex. " I need to go to the bathroom," She said. Suddenly she has her back to the wall as the full weight of my body molds itself to hers, pinning her in place. I grab her wrists roughly and traps them above her head with one hand. She whimpers with pleasure and submits to my rebuke for the scratches she had made. My mouth against hers is no longer gentle, but heavy and hungry. She struggles against my grip but this vice-like hold doesn't let up. My free hand pulls her attention away from her helplessness as it finds it's way under her shirt, tickling the skin of her stomach. The feel of my fingers against her bare waist ignites an already burning desire and she makes another noise for me. God she is so wet. Despite the firm grip of the hand restraining her wrists, my roaming fingers are gentle. She is not expecting this - this delightful combination of dominance and care. I trace the curve of her waist up to her ribs and then wraps my arm behind her back, hugging her to me, kneading her skin.

Abruptly, I release her hands and lines of fire burn through her as I move both hands down to her ass, then I yank her jeans down. I turn her so she is facing the wall, my knee spreads her legs as I position myself between them.
She feels my hand rubbing her inner thighs. As I fondled her flesh, my cock grew thicker, she feels my hairy thick thighs against her legs. My growing lust-filled cock pressing against her ass. Zoya hears me snarl now. “ What are you?” “ I’m the monster that is going to fuck you and make you scream.” I pushed my body against hers until we were molded against each other. My cock stood up and pressed against her back it is so long. I begin to move from side to side to masturbate against her soft supple body. I'm like nothing she ever felt before, not a man, more like a dog that rubbed against her, yet I'm on two feet, but my skin is toughened and rough, my hair is dragged over her skin. Her nipples feel sore as I rubbed against the hardened tips and rubbed them raw. It is my cock that is rubbing her that scared her. It is monstrous, it feels like it is a foot long and hard like a rock. I rubbed against her and it throbbed in uncontrollable desire. I would kill her if I put that inside her. She is shivering in fear as I stood behind her. “ Don’t move,” I warned her, my voice so deep and rough, barely able to talk now, just animalistic sounds came from my lips. Zoya frozen in terror as she feels the tip of one finger run all the way down her slit. She can’t move as the finger slides between the lips of her pussy. She stood there, trembling naked before me. She hears me breathe in heavily.

She realized that her legs are spread obscenely with me standing between them. I'm snarling louder as I push a finger into her tight pussy. “ No, NO, NO, please be gentle, you're so big.” It is only a second before she feels my cock, as it slides over her skin until she feels the smooth head push in the wet lips of her pussy. “ AAAAWWWOOOWW!” Her scream could be heard miles away. My fingers dig into her hips, but it is the cock that is the worst. I shoved with my hips, as three inches of hot thick cock slides into her until her muscles can stop it. She feels her insides rubbed raw by the friction of my thick shaft, the thickness is killing her. Her insides are forced to stretch and massage my cock as though she enjoyed it. She feels her insides pull out as I withdrew, her pussy opening up and gripping the head tight, just before it slips out, my fingers dig into her skin once again, and the powerful thrust of my hips sends six inches of throbbing cock into her, ripping her up until the rock-hard head batters her cervix that shook her body.

I feel the pleasure as her hot tight pussy grips my cock as though she enjoyed it, but I knew it is the pain that caused it. I pull out and thrust back in again and again, she is gasping from the pain as she took all nine inches of my cock as it hammers her cervix. I begin to pick up speed, battering her body, her tits dancing beneath her as she rocked on my cock. My balls slamming into her, slapping hard between her legs with each thrust. I move my hips from side to side as if I could shove my cock through the soft elastic walls that clung to my cock with each thrust. I lean on her back; my hands move from her hips to her hanging breasts and began to abuse them, my fingers squeezing her breasts and nipples. She feels my hot breath on her neck, my hairy chest rubbing her back as I laid against her, but it is her breasts that are taking the punishment of my fingers and rough skin of my hands. I snarled as she feels my teeth bite into the soft flesh of her neck, as my hips and cock continues to slam into her as if I were trying to drive my cock through her cervix and pierce her womb. Will he ever stop? She thought, she didn’t know what was worse, the rape of her pussy or to have me spill my cum inside her, shaming her with my cum. It took five more minutes before I came, her body hung limp in my arms as I hammered her with my cock. Her body is shoved forward when I came, my cock shoved in deep and then she feels a river of cum bathing her insides. I fucked her as I came, jet after jet shooting into the deepest recesses of her pussy, the sound of my cum sloshing as I fucked her making her shame deeper. She slumped to the floor when I finished, no longer impaled on my cock, but she feels the cum flow out of her. Her body is exhausted and in pain.

I pick her up from the floor and lay her on the bed on her back. I leave the room. An hour later she hears the bedroom door open, she turns to see me walking across the larger room. " No, no, John, please not again," Zoya said as I crawled on the bed between her legs. I stared at her, Zoya stared at my cock in shock. My hairy balls are hanging down like a sack of potatoes between my big hairy legs. At the base of cock is small knot, then the long shaft looks leathery with a cob web of blue veins around it. The cock head is the size of a plum, it is dark red almost purple and smooth except for the single hole in the center that glistens with pore-cum. She has never seen anything like it in her life. The thought of those hairs rubbing against her soft skin sent shivers of fear through her. This will be the most painful fuck she has ever had, and it made me more excited. The hard thick crown of my cock nudged into the entrance of her pussy, not rough but not gently either. Despite the salve that I had spread on her, she isn't prepared for this. It isn't like she'd had a lot of sexual partners, and the fact that her body has never been invaded, tortured and used the way it has been tonight, her pussy already used and abused from previous session. She is now regretting her decision to leave Russia and come to live with me. She whimpers as I push against her. No way she thought. It will never fit in her sore pussy again. " Oh bitch I'm going to change your life. This will be painful." I lean forward putting my weight against her. I slide my cock up spreading her lips slightly. She feels the pressure building. I growled low and menacing as I push harder. She feels her sore pussy stretching. Nothing close to this size has ever been inside of her. Russian men have small cocks.

Her pussy resisting but it is stretching as I did not ease up. The pressure is constant with minimal penetration. Not even all the head has entered her. She thought she was going to be torn apart. " Fuck you are so fucking tight." I grunted and jerked my hips forward. Something in her is tearing, something is giving way. A deep burn filling her entire pelvis as my hot throbbing monster cock forces its way into her sore tender pussy. A split second ago the tip of my cock is barely entering her and all of a sudden my cock head is forcing her pussy open. Her scream is a high pitch painful noise. Tears are running down her face. My growls give way to grunts as I push my hips forward again. I force my cock deeper as her pussy stretches. She reached up pushing against my belly wanting me out of her, I complied until I'm almost out. She tries to push me the rest of the way out as I grab her hands pinning them at her side. With a laugh I thrust back into her. Deeper this time. She screams again as my cock hit places never before touched. I held her hands down so she can't stop my from thrusting into her. The slickness that had come from saliva wasn't enough to make for an easy entry, she is whimpering and writhing, tears running down her face as I begin to rock my hips back and forth, thrusting deeper each time. The low, guttural groans of pleasure I made sickened her. She feels the bed rocking beneath her as she lays there beneath me. She is whimpering as she feels my hard hot cock
inside her. The weight of me resting against her lower body as I triumphantly buried myself inside of her.

The friction feels horribly good, especially as I angled myself so that my groin rasps against her swollen clit with every thrust. I'm taking my time with long smooth strokes in and out of her that made her sensitive nerve endings tingle. Her pussy is more sensitive than usual because of the previous session, there is nothing to distract from the thick cock that is filling her over and over again. She writhed beneath me, trying to move away, trying to angle her body so that I didn't hit all the sensitive spots, but my weight is too heavy. " That's it, Zoya," I murmured into her ear. Another form of mental torment. " It feels good doesn't it? You're so tight around my cock, I can feel how much you like it every time I do... this..." The head of my cock ran over her g-spot before my body pressed against her clit and Zoya arched beneath me, hating herself for the involuntary response. It did feel good. Not that she would admit it. She can hear her breathing picking up, turning into rhythmic panting as I'm fucking her. It wasn't too hard to tell what made her uncomfortable and what made her feel good; Zoya is an open book. Which only made her easy prey for me. It is obvious that I was practiced in pleasuring a woman, that I knew exactly what to do, what to look for, and could exploit that to the extreme. Looking down at the stunning sight of Zoya writhing on the edge of orgasm. My green eyes bored into her own, arrogantly, triumphant, taunting her for her helplessness. I'm groaning with pleasure as my cock sank into her body with a hot wet sound. The masculine groans grated on her nerves, Zoya begins to whisper " no, no, no" while her body spasms and convulsed. I knew that she was fighting herself, a battle that I watched her lose as her back arched, thrusting her breasts up to rub against my chest while she cried out.

Tears trickling down her cheeks as she squirms and moans, the noises making my cock harder. I watched as she orgasmed, achingly beautiful and seductive writhing in her pleasure. I rode out her orgasm, allowing her to ride the full wave of her pleasure. as soon as it subsides, I begin to slam into her hard and merciless. Zoya is again crying out, this time in obvious pain as I slam into her. No longer trying to make her body betray itself, I'm not interested in anything but my own pleasure. My groans are much quieter, much more natural as I pummeled her pussy, Her pussy turning pinker by the minute as my body slapped it. Her thighs quivering as she tried to close her legs against the assault, her head shaking back and forth, and then her back arched upwards again, a final ditch attempt to pull away. I grimaced as I threw back my head, groaning louder; my hips are pressed against her body. Zoya slumped beneath me, breathing heavily, tears still on her cheeks as she let out a little moan of relief. As I exploded filling her with my cum. I pull out of her, my cock is still hard.

Zoya remembers rolling onto her stomach and trying to get up. She made it to her hands and knees and started to push herself up from the bed when she feels my hands around her neck. I had climbed on her back and I'm humping my cock against her like a wild animal. She is in disbelief about what is happening to her. It is very clear that I'm going to fuck her again. She is my bitch and I'm going to plant my seed into her again. “ Stop!” She screams at the top of her lungs. “ Stop you motherfucker!” She said crying. But those words worked no better than her kicking. My weight has pushed her head down to the bed but her ass is still high up in the air. She slipped off into a trance but now she is back wide awake. She feels my hands still gripping around her neck and I'm still humping against her. She knew she had to move away from me and do it quickly or she is going to be fucked again. She remembers shifting her weight onto her right knee and trying to stand up. But that was not the right thing to do. When she shifted her weight, she aligned her pussy with my cock. “ Shittttttt!” She screamed. “ Oh no!” My cock slammed into her pussy again. The pain is excruciating. It feels like a tree limb ramming in and out of her! I keep fucking her pussy like the animal I am. She keeps trying to push me off of her but each time that she did my cock drove deeper inside of her. She is now convinced that I'm not going to be stopped. She is beginning to enjoy this new form of fucking. She can’t believe I was still so hard. With a jerk, my cock withdrew from her pussy. “ Thank God!, she thought. Now to get away. But she thought too long.

I pull her back to me with my hands and ram my cock back into her. “ OH FUCK,” She screamed. I did plant my cock in her again but this time I had shoved it up her ass. This was new pain and it is really hurting her. Her head is pushed back onto the bed and she can see between her legs. The first thing that she saw is my hairy legs. Then she feels something familiar. It is cum being shot into her. I'm again planting my seed deep inside her ass with every thrust! I'm finished with her. I had four sessions with her.

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