Riley takes a year out Pt 1

Riley takes a year out Pt 1

Riley takes a year out

by Vanessa Evans

Tomboy decided to take a year out from her education and spend it in Ibiza

Part 01

Hi, my name is Riley and I’m eighteen years old. I grew up in a village on the outskirts of a large city in the south of England. There weren’t any other girls my age in the village, only four boys so I used to hang around with them and it’s fair to say that I grew up as a tomboy doing everything that the boys did and that included football and karate.

Although my periods started when I was thirteen my body never really started developing until this last year and I now have a 32A 26 32 body. Yes I’m quite skinny but I’m healthy and fit. I used to have quite short, dirty blonde hair but I stopped getting it cut about a year ago so it’s now shoulder length.

As for my other hair, it only really started growing about a year ago and when it did I borrowed my mother’s laser hair remover and got rid of any new hairs below my neck. Since then I’ve used it about once per month to get rid of and new hairs that decided to grow.

My mates in the village joke about my little girl, coin slot pussy because I never, well not yet, developed any inner labia but my clit does stick out quite a bit at the front of my slit, the hood being like my inner labia and never developed.

Although I’m still a virgin I had decided that I would loose my virginity sometime during my year out (that didn’t work out) so when I decided that I was definitely going to Ibiza I went to see my doctor and got a contraceptive implant put in my arm. Since then I haven’t had a period. The doctor warned me that this might happen and I certainly wasn’t complaining.

My parents knew about my year out plan a good year ago and although I knew that they weren’t really happy about it they said that I would be eighteen and it would be my decision. My dad did give me some advise and some money to tide me over until I could get a job over there.

I booked a flight for a couple of days after school finished and was really looking forward to it. But before that it was the school’s Leaver’s Ball which would be my last chance to see my friends for at least a year, some maybe never again. I decided to go all out and my dad bought me a nice summer dress which would feel strange to me because I hadn’t worn a dress or skirt since I started at that school at over five years ago.

I tried the dress on but it didn’t look right with a bra under it and my mother suggested that I skip the bra for the night. The bra was the opposite to trousers that I’d worn every day since I started that school even though I had nothing to put in a bra until a few months ago, another silly school rule.

Another new experience for me was a G-string. When I’d tried the dress on and smoothed my hand down the back the line of my full knickers was showing so mum bought me a pack of five G-strings for me to wear one for the Leaver’s Ball.

As I was getting ready to go to the Leaver’s Ball I had some very unexpected feelings. Not only did I feel like I had almost nothing on, which I hadn’t, I got those tingling feelings in my pussy and my nipples which were making little tents in the front of my thin dress.

Previously I’d only got those feeling when my hands had explored my body in bed on a night or morning.

Daddy was taking me and my four mates to the Ball in his people carrier and the boys were waiting outside when I stepped out of the front door.

“Who are you and what have you done with our friend Riley?” Matt said when he saw me.

“Cut it out Matt, I feel weird enough as it is. I feel like I’m naked.”

I could see that Harry and Mike wanted to say something but they both looked at my dad and decided against it.

“No seriously Riley,” Matt said, “you look amazing, I’d forgotten that you had legs under those jeans.”

I thumped his arm.

Dad dropped us off at the school gates and we walked the last one hundred metres. It was one of those rare warm, still sunny evenings and as we walked I said,

“This dress is going to take some getting used to.” I said, “I feel naked.”

“You look naked Riley,” Harry said, “the material is so thin that I can see that you are naked under it.”

“No I’m not, I’m wearing a G-string.”

“I can’t see that, only your butt crack and you’ve got nipples.”

“Of course I’ve got nipples idiot, are they really that obvious?”

“We can see the darker circle of skin around your nipples.” Tom said.

“Those are areolae and we’ve all got them.”

“Not like those we haven’t and those nipples. I could hang my coat on them.”

“Stop it guys, I’m a girl and girls dress like this.”

“You didn’t used to Riley.” Mike said.

“Well get used to it guys, besides, next week when I’m in Ibiza I’ll won’t be wearing much more than a bikini all the time.”

“You’re really going to do it then Riley?” Matt asked.

“Yes I am. My brain has been working overtime for the past year with all that damned school work and I need a break.”

“I’m jealous.” Harry said.

“We’re going to miss you Riley.” Tom said.

“And I’m going to miss you guys as well.” I replied as I linked my arm with Matt’s who was next to me.

“Ouch!” Matt said, “you just stabbed my arm with your nipple.”

“Very funny Matt.” I said.

But that pressing of my nipple against his arm, even though there was my thin dress, his jacket and his shirt between my nipple and his arm, had stirred up those tingling feelings again and my nipples did feel like they could have hurt Matt’s arm. What’s more, my clit was making its presence known and the G-string was getting wet. Something that hadn’t happened outside my explorations in my bed.

We were greeted by the school principal who said that I looked beautiful, a compliment that I got quite a lot during the next ten minutes and I was starting to think that maybe I was. Although I could hear that most of the girls were getting similar compliments.

Thankfully, it wasn’t bright sunlight in the school hall and no one else told me that they could see my areolae or my butt crack and I had almost forgotten about it until the dancing started. Now I was never that keen on dancing and neither were my mates but they all wanted to dance with me, especially the slow dances where they put their hands on me.

At first it was just round my neck or my waist but as the night went on their hands wandered both down to my butt and up to my tits. When it first happened and Tom’s hands squeezed my butt I told him to stop being so silly, but he did it again and I realised that I actually liked his hand on my butt, the dress being so thin that it felt like his hands were on my bare butt. I could feel that tingling starting again.

Then when the tempo sped up a bit Tom’s hands managed to find my tits and gave them a quick squeeze.

“Oh my gawd,” I thought, “that was nice.”

After Tom did it again I said that I had to sit down for a while and we went back to the others where I finished off my glass of the punch that one of the teachers had made. As

I put the glass down I said,

“Did Mr. Johnson sneak some vodka into that punch, I’m feeling a bit hot.”

All three guys denied knowing anything about the punch and they said that they felt okay. I told them that I was going to the Ladies and when I got into a stall and pulled my dress up I discovered that the G-string was sodden.

“Bloody hell,” I thought, “if wearing a dress and only a G-string does this to me I’m never going to wear jeans again.”

I had a pee and dried the G-string as much as I could with the tissue in there then went back to the guys.

“You okay Riley?” Harry asked.

“Yeah, I guess that it’s because of a few things but I feel ‘different’.”

“Like what?” Tom asked me.

“It’s the end of an era, I’ll never come back to this school again, I may never see any of you guys again, and this dress, I really do feel like I’m naked. Hey, guys, I want to thank you for being the best mates that a girl could every wish for.”

“Cut out the sloppy stuff Riley.” Mike said.

“No seriously guys, I want to thank you, thank you in a way that I can’t in here, can we go outside, round the back of the gym?”

“Why?” Tom asked.

“Because I want you all to fuck me.”

“What!” All four guys said almost at the same time.

“I want you to fuck me, my way of thanking you for being such great mates.”

“But you’re a virgin Riley.”

“So are you, all of you, unless you’ve fucked some girl without telling the rest of us.”

“No.” All four guys said almost at the same time.

“Come on guys, I’ll go first then the rest of you sneak out at five minute intervals.”

All four guys looked a bit stunned but that tingling had made up my mind and I got up and walked out. As I walked I thought how happy I was, what better way to loose my virginity than my four best friends. I could have ended up loosing it to some drunken slob down a back alley in Ibiza.

Round the back of the gym I stood there. Apart from the music in the background it was deadly quiet. After a couple of minutes I decided that I was going to do the job properly and took off my dress and the G-string. I fought the desire to cover my pussy and little tits and nearly had a heart attack when I saw someone coming round the corner.

“Jeez, it’s you Matt.”

“Who were you expecting, the principle? You look awesome Riley, if I’d know that you looked that good under your clothes I’d have jumped you months ago.”

“Thanks, how do you want to do this?”

“I don’t know, I’ve never done it before.”

“Neither have I. One of the girls said that it’s best if the girl is on top when she first does it.”

“Then that is what we shall do.” Matt said as he unfastened his trousers.

“You shaved your pussy Riley.”

“No, I thought that I told you guys, I borrowed my mum’s laser hair remover.”

“Oh yeah, for some strange reason I’m not thinking too straight at the moment. I like bald pussies.”

“So do I.” I replied.

As his pants went down I saw his cock for the first time and I was a little surprised.

“It’s so big Matt, please don’t hurt me.”

“Have you still got your hymen thing.”

“No, that went years ago when I fell off my bike.”

“Good.” Matt said as he lay on the grass.

“Face me.” Matt said, “then I can grab your tits.”

I put my feet either side of Matt’s hips, started to squat then said,

“I’m nervous.”

“So am I Riley, take your time.”

I did and I gasped as I felt his cock start to enter me.

“You cock is much bigger than my finger Matt.” I said as I gasped again.

“Oh that’s nice I said as I went further down.”

“Yeah, fucking awesome.” Matt replied as I bottomed out.

I stayed still for a good minute savouring the new feeling and deciding that I wanted that feeling millions of times before I slowly used my leg muscles to lift me up. Then I started fucking him.

It only took a minute or so for us both to cum and it’s fair to say that I was disappointed. I’d read that the first time, particularly for men, doesn’t take long for them to cum, and the book was right. At least we’d both cum. As I felt Matt’s cock start to soften I saw something in my peripheral vision and while I had my second heart attack of the evening I realised that it was Harry.

“Shit, you guys are really doing it, I thought that ……..” Harry said.

“Drop your pants Harry, your turn next.” I said.

He did, and we did it. Matt had forgotten to play with my tits but Harry didn’t forget and he played with my nipples causing me to moan quite a lot. Harry came just as quickly as Matt had done but I didn’t cum at all.

Neither did I cum when it was Mike’s turn but I had a really intense orgasm when Tom started squirting inside me. When it was all over I stood up, still totally naked and surrounded by my four best mates. It may have been late at night but it was a full moon and the gym had some outside lights that were on. For some reason that I didn’t understand I was still feeling incredibly horny and sort of proud to be naked in front of them and not feel at all embarrassed.

I’d been naked in front of all of them before but this was different and I couldn’t understand why, but I didn’t really care, I was happy. Four boys that had all just fucked me were staring at me and I was getting more and more horny.

“I’m glad that you told us you have that implant in your arm Riley.” Tom said.

“So am I.” I replied.

“I brought some tissues Riley, I thought that you might be leaking.” Mike said.

“Thanks, I am leaking quite a bit.” I said as I started wiping my inner thighs and pussy.

Then I did something that I never do and threw the tissues on the ground.

“We should get back.” Mike said.

We all agreed and, at intervals, we all headed back but I waited until last and what’s more, I didn’t put my G-string and dress back on until it was my turn to go. As I walked I realised that I’d liked being naked outside, and I’d liked it even more when my four male mates had been looking at me. I wondered if I’d feel the same if I didn’t know the guys.

Anyway, we all got back inside without anyone asking us where we had been and soon the Ball was ending. As we left there was lots of hugs and some tears but we finally started walking to the road to meet my dad. I wondered if he would be able to tell that I was no longer a virgin. What’s more I still felt as if I was naked but by then the feeling was a tingling in my nipples and pussy.

We arrived home and the guys went off to their homes with no hugging because I would be seeing them again the next day.

When I got ready for bed I didn’t bother with my pyjamas and climbed in totally naked, the fingers on my right hand going straight to my clit.


My fingers go busy again just as soon as I woke up even though my pussy felt a little sore.

During the afterglow of me cumming I thought about what I was going to take with me to Ibiza and I decided to re-pack my case. In fact I started to wonder if I needed a case and if just the sports bag that I used for my school gym kit would be big enough. The feelings that I’d had wearing just the thin dress and the G-string had just about made me decide that I didn’t really need to take many clothes with me, that I would have more fun if I didn’t wear much at all.

“Anyway, it’s hot in Ibiza and I don’t want to overheat.” I thought as I tried to justify a decision to take very few clothes.

When I got dressed to go to meet my mates I decided to wear a skirt instead of jeans. The problem was that, apart from the dress I wore the night before, the only skirts that I had I hadn’t worn for over six years. Amazingly, I could actually still get them all on, and fastened, but I had grown quite a bit and the skirts were all quite short on me.

Two of them looked quite childish so I put them back in the drawer and decided that I was going to take the others to Ibiza. I took the jeans that I had packed out of my case and replaced them with all but one of the skirts, the one that I was going to wear that day and to travel in the next day. I put on just that skirt and an old halter top then looked at myself in the mirror.

“Hmm,” I thought, “look at those nipples making little tents, never noticed that before, but there again I always wore a bra before. Sod it, I didn’t wear a bra last night and I felt good, I haven’t really got much to put in a bra anyway so why wear one? It’s going to be hot in Ibiza and a bra will be uncomfortable.”

I went to my suitcase and out came all my bras.

Next I looked at the skirt that I was wearing, yes it was short. I turned my back to the mirror and bent at the waist then giggled as I saw my bare butt cheeks in the mirror. Standing up I thought,

“I only wore that G-string last night and my pussy was tingling and leaking all night, did mum know that wearing one would get me all aroused? Whatever, it was nice.”

My, by comparison, big knickers came out of the suitcase and four G-strings went in. Then I thought about what I was going to wear to travel. I’d just decided that ‘big’ knickers were out so I’d have to wash the G-string that I wore the night before, but that meant that I didn’t have a G-string to wear that day and I didn’t want to go back to wearing ‘big’ knickers, besides I was going to meet my mates and I wanted to fuck them again hoping that we’d all last a bit longer the second time. Knickers would just get in the way so I decided to go commando all day.

I went over to my suitcase and went through the clothes that were in there – again, but this time I was thinking about how nice I had felt with just the thin dress on. Out came a few thick tops, jeans and shorts,

“Way too thick,” I thought, “they wont make me feel nice.”

Looking at my nearly empty suitcase I decided to see if I could still get into any of my old sun dresses and see if any of them still looked okay on me. I quickly took off the skirt and halter top and got out the four old summer dresses. I quickly discarded one because it looked too ‘little girl’ the tried the others on. Amazingly I could still get in to all three of them. Okay one was a bit tight but it was on.

“Did I really wear summer dresses that were that short all those years ago?”

I thought then kicked myself as I remembered that I’d grown a lot since then but wow, all three were really short. I did the turning my back to the mirror and bending over thing again and smiled three times as I saw my bare butt three times.

“Hmm,” I thought, “have to be careful wearing these in Ibiza. Or not,” and I giggled.

Being summer dresses they were all light weight and thin, and because I’d worn them a lot when I was little they were worn even thinner. As I folded them and put then in the suitcase I realised that they hardly increased the volume of the things in there.

Satisfied that I now had the right clothes to take with me I again looked at the suitcase and decided that everything would fit in my sports bag so I swapped them over.

“That’s better, less to carry around until I find somewhere to live.” I thought, “and dad will be pleased that I’m not taking one of the set of luggage cases.”

Happy that I was organised I picked up the G-string that I’d worn the night before and went to the bathroom to wash it and to have a shower.

Back in my room I hung up the G-string to dry then put the skirt, halter and my school trainers on and went downstairs. As expected I was alone in the house because mum and dad would be at work so I got myself some breakfast then went out to meet my mates.

As soon as the sun hit my exposed skin and the warm air tickled my pussy I felt naked again. I even looked down to make sure that I had put the skirt and halter on. I felt my nipples and pussy start to tingle but I kept walking to our regular meeting place, the kids playground at the edge of the village.

Matt was the only one of my mates already there and as I walked up to him he said,

“Looking good Riley.”

“Thanks, I’m still getting used to wearing a skirt, and this one is so short.”

I sat on the little roundabout opposite Matt and he said,

“Going commando as well Riley, you are feeling brave today.”

I bent right over and looked up my skirt. I could see the front of my slit and my clit sticking out.

“Yeah,” I said as I straightened up, “I liked the G-string last night and my mum bought me a pack of five. I’ve put four in my bag to take with me and washed the other one for me to wear tomorrow.”

We made some small talk until the others arrived, each of them commenting on my choice of clothing. Then Matt announced that I was going commando for the day and of course the other three wanted me to prove it so I stood up and pulled my skirt up to my waist.

“There, satisfied.”

“You look good Riley.” Harry said and Tom and Mike agreed.

I dropped my skirt ending the show as Matt said,

“You looked good last night as well, both with the dress on and without it on.”

“If your trying to make me blush forget it.”

“But are we making you tingle Riley?” Mike asked.

“My pussy and nipples have been tingling since I walked out of our front door, look at my nipples, rock hard and throbbing a bit.”

“I think that we’ve all seen that your nipples are trying to drill through that top Riley.” Tom said.

“You know that girls can’t help getting hard nipples like you guys can’t help getting boners, look at yourselves. Guys, last night I gave you all a goodbye fuck but because it was each of our first, none of us lasted more than a few seconds, so, how about I go into the woods and then one of you follows me to fuck me, then when we’re done the first lucky guy can come back and send the second one of you to find me.”

“You want a gang-bang again Riley?” Mike asked.

“Hmm, I guess it was a gang-bang, but I certainly wasn’t complaining. Right, I’m off into the woods while you sort out who’s going to come after me first. Oh, and the rest of you don’t go sending out a search party, there’s something that I want to try with each of you so it will take a fair bit longer than last night.”

With that I turned and headed for the woods. I didn’t go too far in, just out of sight from the playground and to a small grassy area that we used to have picnics on when we were little.

As soon as I got there I took the halter and skirt off and hung them on a branch. As I stood there waiting, totally naked apart from my trainers, I decided that it was nice being naked out there, I felt like walking down all the trails that we used to ride our bikes on. I made a mental note to try that sometime.

It was Mike who arrived first and when he saw my naked front he said,

“Wow Riley, I thought that you looked great last night but here in the bright sunlight you look amazing, totally awesome.”

“My tits are too small.”

“Like hell they are, they’re perfect for the size of the rest of your body.”

“Thanks, are you going to strip then?”

He did and I watched him, my eyes glued to his crotch waiting for his hard cock to spring free. When it did it was my turn to say,

“Wow, your so big, no wonder I felt full last night.”

To be honest I couldn’t remember thinking that but I was sure that that someone had emptied a bottle of vodka into the punch.

“Do you want me doggy style Mike?” I asked as I reached over and held his cock. “And you can reach round and play with my tits.”

“An offer no sane man could refuse Riley, I’m going to enjoy this.”

“Me too.” I said as I got down onto my hands and knees knowing that Mike would penetrate me easily because of all the natural lubrication then my pussy was producing.

“Oooooohhhhhhhhhhh, that’s nice.” I said as Mike entered me.

As he got into a rhyme his hands came round me, found my tits and started playing with my nipples. I knew within seconds that this fuck was much better than all four the previous night, I guessed that it was because we both had more confidence and we both had more staying power. Mike’s thrusting lasted longer than all four the previous night combined.

The more he thrust in to me the harder he went and I realised that I had started grunting each time he tried to push me into the trees. Finally he stopped deep inside me, I felt his cock twitch then a warm feeling inside me. That finished me off and I started cumming, clenching and releasing my pussy muscles over and over until the orgasm started to subside.

Mike pulled out of me and lay on the grass and I just stayed on my hands and knees for a couple of minutes then I turned my head to face him and said,

“Wow, that was awesome.”

“Yeah.” was all Mike could manage.

“Are you ready for round two?”


I didn’t wait for an answer and I turned and crawled over to him and put my mouth on his soft cock.

“Oh my gawd Riley, what are … “

“Don’t say anything Mike, I don’t really know what I’m doing but just relax and enjoy it.”

I gave Mike my first ever blowjob, and his as well, and I couldn’t have done too bad because he soon got hard again. I kept going until he said that he was going to cum then I stopped, straddled him and rode him until he deposited a second load inside me. Then I lay back on his chest and just lay there for ages as I felt his cock go soft and plop out.

As I rolled off him I lay on my back with my legs wide open. When Mike finally got to his feet and pulled his jeans on I said,

“Tell the next one to give me five minutes to recover please mate.”

He did and I spent that time enjoying the sun, thinking how wonderful life was and leaking Mike’s cum out of my vagina. I was just getting totally relaxed when I looked up and saw Tom looking down on me.

“Mike was right Riley, you do look awesome.”

“You’re just saying that because I haven’t got any clothes on.”

“No mate, you could go straight into modelling.”

“Are you going to fuck me or just talk?”

“Stupid question Riley, get up on your knees like you did for Mike.”

I did, and we fucked very much like I had done with Mike, both of us cumming. I thought that I did a better blowjob than with Mike, I managed to get more of Tom’s cock into my mouth. I’d read about cocks going down a girl’s throat and I wanted to do that if I could.

“Try harder with Matt and Harry.” I thought.

I rode Tom’s cock until he came again and when we were both flat on our backs I thought that life gets better and better.

It was very much the same with Harry and finally Matt but with Matt I managed to get all of his cock into my mouth and throat and I was dead chuffed that that I didn’t gag when the tip of his cock felt like it was entering my stomach.

Matt and I talked longer after we’d both cum again and one of the things that I said was that I wished that I’d developed a bit sooner so that we could have started fucking months or even years ago.

“Well I’m sure that you’ll make up for it in Ibiza, from what I’ve read nearly everyone gets fucked every night.”

“I doubt that but I’ve got to find somewhere to live first.”

“With a body like that Riley there’ll be dozen’s of guys wanting you to spent the night in their hotel rooms so that they can fuck your brains out. I would if I met you over there.”

“Aw thanks Matt, I doubt that you’re right but thanks for saying it.”

“I was deadly serious Riley.”

I reached over and gave his soft cock a gently squeeze and replied.

“I wouldn’t mind that inside me every night. Maybe you could book a holiday there before you go to university?”

“I’d like that but I can’t afford it, wait until next year when you have to find the money to go to uni.”

“Maybe I’ll meet a sexy hunk who’s a millionaire sex maniac while I’m in Ibiza.”

“You should be so lucky.”

“Yeah. I suppose we should get dressed and go and see if the others are still there.”

“Do you want to get dressed Riley, I ask because you seem to have developed a liking for being naked.”

“I do don’t I, it started yesterday going to the Ball in just a G-string and that dress, it was so thin that I felt like I had nothing on.”

“You looked like you had nothing on when the sun was behind you.”

“Did I? If I’d know that I’d have been cumming long before you guys fucked me.”

“You do realise that you dad will have been able to see through that dress as well don’t you?”

“Oh my gawd, what will he have been thinking?”

“That he has a beautiful daughter, that he’s proud of you and that without you there he will be able to nail your mum all over the house again.”

“I don’t think that I want to think about that.”

By then I’d got my skirt on and was about to put my top on when Matt said,

“You don’t have to get dressed if you don’t want to Riley, I’m sure that the others won’t mind.”

“But what about other people in the village, I don’t want anyone to see me.”

“Riley, it’s the middle of the day in the middle of the week, the place is dead, I bet that we are the only ones around.”

I thought for a couple of seconds then dropped my top and pushed my skirt back down.

“Come on then.” I said as I picked up my skirt and top and started walking.

Two minutes later I walked out of the woods after thinking that it was really nice walking outside with no clothes on.

“Fucking hell Riley, what are you doing?” Mike said when he saw that I was naked.

“It was Matt’s idea, he said that no one would be around and it looks like he was right.”

“And he’s probably right” Tom agreed, “Come on Riley, relax, you’re obviously enjoying being naked outside.”

“Yeah, I’m starting to realise that. Not all that you can see on my inner thighs is from you lot, I’m still really turned on.”

“So would you mind if we took some photographs of you?” Tom asked.

“Have any of you got your phones with you?” I answered the question with another question.

I watched as Matt and Harry got theirs out of their pockets and pointed them at me. It might have been my arousal but I was more than happy to pose for my mates and I’m sure that both Matt’s and Harry’s memory cards must have filled up because they got me to pose on every piece of equipment that there was there and some of then with my legs wide open; and I was loving every second of it.

I’d been posing for what seemed like hours and at that moment I was stood with my legs wide open when all of a sudden I heard a male voice say,

“Morning Riley, looking good.”

Five heads turned to see the postman walking by. My instinct told me to run and hide but for some reason that I couldn’t explain I just stood there letting the postman stare at me and I said,

“Morning Dave, nice day.”

Dave smiled and kept walking. After he was out of hearing range all five of us burst out laughing. When I stopped I said,

“Oh my gawd, what if he tells anyone in the village, everyone will know within hours.”

“Relax Riley,” Matt said, “Dave won’t tell anyone, especially if I agree to send him a copy of all the photos.”

“You’d do that?” I asked.

“Would you mind Riley?” Matt asked.

I thought for a few seconds then replied,

“No, I wouldn’t.”

“Even if someone posted them on the internet?” Harry asked.

I thought for bit longer then said,

“No, I think I might have a career as a nude model when I get back from Ibiza?”

“Well I’ll watch all your videos.” Matt said.

“Thanks bud. Now, I think that I should get dressed and go home, I want to cook tea for mum and dad.”

“I guess that this is goodbye then.” Harry said.

“I guess so, I’m going to miss you guys.”

“And we’re going to miss you Riley.” Matt said.

“Especially that hot body of yours.” Tom said.

“Come here guys.” I said.

After four long hugs I put my skirt and top on and headed for home with my eyes welling up.

Whilst we were watching the TV for the last time together dad asked me what I had been doing that day to get so many grass stains on my knees. I’m sure that I blushed a little as I lied and told him that we were kicking a ball around and I kept going down onto my knees.

When I went to bed and got undressed I remembered that I hadn’t worn any knickers all day and when I thought back to the evening I’d actually had a slight tingling in my pussy ever since I’d said my goodbyes to my mates. I made a snap decision. I got out of bed and put the G-string that I had planned to wear for my journey into my sports bag. I was going to travel wearing just a skirt and top.

Back in bed I diddled my clit and decided that I was definitely going to visit all the nude beaches on Ibiza.


I woke to the sound of my alarm going off. Mum and dad were taking me to the airport and we had to leave at 7 a.m.

“Is that all you are taking?” Mum said when saw my sports bag.

“Is that all you’re wearing?” Dad said when he saw me in just my skirt and top, my nipples trying to poke holes in the top.”

“Yes,” I replied, “it will be hot in Ibiza.”

After some breakfast we piled into the car for the forty five minute journey to the airport. I was sat in the back on my own and in the silence of the journey I found that my right hand had gone up under my quite short skirt and was slowly rubbing round my clit.

When I realised that I wondered what was wrong with me but I didn’t stop right until it came time to get out of the car.

With lots of hugs and promises to phone at least once a week we said our tearful goodbyes and I walked the short distance into the terminal on my own. I had my E-ticket and no luggage to check-in so it was straight through security and before long I was sat in the departure lounge waiting for my flight to be called.

I’ll admit that I was a but nervous, it was my first flight on my own and I was starting on a year long adventure all on my own. Fortunately my dad had booked, and paid for a hotel for my first week and he’d also found, booked and paid for, a locker shop where I could keep my passport and other valuables and go back to them whenever I needed them so that was a couple of worries that I didn’t have for a week, the theory / hope being that a week was long enough to find a job and somewhere to live.

One thing that I had forgotten about was the wind that is always around airports and as I walked out to the plane I fought to keep any sort of modesty as my short, floaty skirt tried to turn into a kite. I’m sot sure if anyone saw anything that was unintended but as I climbed the steps to the plane I made the decision that I didn’t care if anyone saw what was under my skirt, I was going to Ibiza and going to the nude beaches, my naked body would get seen by hundreds of people.

I had been allocated a window seat and two young men came and sat beside me. We quickly got talking and they were amazed that I was going to San Antonio on my own and that I was staying for a year. They kept asking me questions about what I was going to do there and where I was going to stay, most of which I couldn’t answer.

As they were talking I was weighting them up and actually thinking that I wouldn’t have minded sharing their hotel room with them. I’d also noticed that they spent a lot of time looking at my chest and bare legs. My slit wasn’t showing but the cold air inside the plane was making sure that my nipples were hard and poking at the thin fabric of my top.

When we heard the engines stopping and the doors opening there was a sudden rush of warm air along the inside of the plane and when I went down the steps I discovered that Ibiza airport was more windy than when I got on the plane but this time I decided to ignore where my skirt was blowing.

Having only carry-on luggage I was soon outside the other side of the building and queueing for the bus along with quite a lot of other young people. It soon arrived and we all got on.

Having studied a map of the island I soon realised that the bus was taking the scenic route and when it finally got to San Antonio bus station I opened google maps and was soon walking to my hotel.

Wow, what a place, narrow streets with hundreds of tourists wandering around and most of the girls were wearing just bikinis, some with thong bottoms. I also saw a handful of topless girls with their big tits bouncing around. I had never thought about being topless anywhere other than a nude beach but the thought of walking the street topless was making my pussy and nipples tingle. My nipples had been making little tents in my top on the plane but they’d gone soft once the hot air rushed into the plane but the thought of being topless on the streets made them hard again.

They were still making tents when I entered the hotel. It was a cheap one with just a girl sat at the reception table. It was time to practise my ‘A’ level Spanish but the girl said,

“Hello, do you have a reservation?” but with a Spanish accent.

As Catalina was doing her thing we chatted and I told her that I was looking for a job and somewhere to live after my week at the hotel. She was very helpful and she gave me a map of the town and circled the places where I should go to ask around.

My room was small but clean, and it had a balcony. Dropping my bag on the bed I opened the balcony doors and went out. As I stood at the railings I looked all around. The street below was busy and as I stood there I saw a young man looking up at me. I didn’t think anything of it until he pointed up towards me and shouted,


At first I didn’t realised that it was my pussy that he had seen up my short skirt and as I watched some of the young men around him stop and look up that I realised, but the strange thing was I didn’t retreat to my room, I just stood there and let them look. My pussy started tingling and I felt it getting wet.

“Wow,” I thought, “I’m enjoying this.”

I spread my feet a bit more but one of the young men leaned his head back too far and fell to the ground.

“Drunk idiots,” I thought, and at this time, it’s only teatime.”

The young men staggered off and I went inside, stripped off and had a shower. As the luke warm water trickled down me my right hand went to my pussy and started diddling whilst my brain was thinking that I was going to enjoy myself there.

After a quick orgasm I dried myself then took the towel outside to hang it over the balcony to dry. As I was spreading it along the railings I thought,

“Gawd, I’m totally naked outside and there are dozens of people walking by just below me. Anyone of them could just look up and see me.”

Again, instead of retreating into my room I just stood there and watched as the fingers on my right hand toyed with my clit – again.

After a couple of minutes I thought,

“Jeez girl what’s got in to you, you never used to be this horny.”

Then I felt that my pussy was getting wet, and it wasn’t because I hadn’t dried it properly with the towel.

“Jeez girl, stop it, you can’t hang around here all day bringing yourself off. Go and find that locker shop and lock-up your valuables”

I went back into my room and emptied my sports bag. As I was putting the clothes in the drawers I saw how little there was and wondered if I’d brought enough. Then I decided what to put on, not much choice but I decided on a string bikini top that my dad had said that he liked, and instead of a skirt I chose a tube top that I was going to wear as a skirt. Back at home I’d tried it as a skirt in my room, and although it was tight it covered the essentials, great for a beach bikini cover-up I thought at the time.

As I looked at myself in the mirror I liked what I saw but I did think that it was a bit daring, especially as I had no knickers on. Anyway, that was going to be my outfit so I put my valuables in a plastic bag, put a bit of money in my purse and put that in my small shoulder bag. Using good old google maps again, I left my room.

Catalina was sat at her desk in reception and I said hello when I got to the bottom of the stairs. She was staring at me but lower down than my face. It was only when I got outside that I thought to look down my front and saw that the ‘skirt’ had ridden up at the front and I could see my slit.

Quickly pulling the front hem down I kept walking thinking that it must have been the stairs that did that.

Phone in my hand I followed the instructions and discovered that the locker shop was only two streets away. There was a young man looking after the shop and he looked quite bored until I walked in. He was sat at a desk doing something on his phone and as he was checking my booking I could see that his eyes were looking a long way below my face. I wondered if my ‘skirt’ had ridden up a little but I wasn’t going to check it with him looking at me and I decided that if he could see my slit then so be it, although I did get that tingling feeling again.

The locker that I was allocated was on the bottom row and he came over and showed me how to set the lock to a 6 digit number of my choosing, I chose out home landline number, well it was before we went totally mobile.

The guy left me to set my number and put my stuff in it and being on the bottom row I had to bend over to do it. When I stood up straight and turned I saw that the guy was still looking at me, still not at my face. I was just about to thank him and leave when he called me over to the desk where he started telling me all sorts of information, most of which I wasn’t bothered about.

When I finally managed to get out of the shop I looked down and saw that the skirt had ridden right up and my whole, bare pubis was on display. Putting my hand to my butt I felt that half of that was uncovered as well. Part of me wished that the weather was cooler so that I’d notice the change in temperature on my butt, and the other half of me was grateful that it was so warm. My brain really was confused.

I quickly pulled the ‘skirt’ back into place and started walking, looking at the people who were walking towards me. I saw big grins on a couple of middle-aged men who had obviously seen my display.

The thing was, I wasn’t at all embarrassed, in fact I was quite aroused, I almost wanted to go back and do everything again. I could feel that my pussy had enjoyed the experience and when I looked at my chest I saw two hard nipples trying to poke their way out in spite of the heat. I was and wasn’t pleased that I’d taken the lining out of both bikini top cups, the fabric was hugging my tits like a second skin.

As I walked I thought about all the times that parts of me that are normally hidden were on show, the school Ball, at the kids playground, on the balcony and that man in the locker shop. I smiled and tingled some more when I remembered the postman.

“Jeez girl,” I thought, “what has happened to me?” I thought, “have I turned into some sort of exhibitionist slut?”

I was starting to think that maybe I had, but I was enjoying it, and I certainly enjoyed being fucked by my mates, I wanted more of that, more of what I was turning in to.

My stomach started to make its presence known so I looked for a cafe. Looking at the map that Catalina had given me I had headed towards the harbour and the boozy area of the town. Walking down a street with quite a few bars I saw people sitting outside drinking, the sun was starting to go down and there was already some ‘happy’ people around, and one or two of them tried to hit on me and based on a couple of comments I wondered if my slit was on display again. My nipples were certainly making little bulges in my top.

I didn’t check my ‘skirt’, as I realised that not only I didn’t care but I was actually hoping that my slit was showing. I kept slowly walking and found myself putting each foot directly in front of the other so that my pussy lips were rubbing and pressing against each other giving me a little bit of pleasure.

I was looking in each bar to see what it was like. Also, outside a couple of bars I saw scantily clad girls going up to groups of people walking by and trying to persuade them to go into the bar that they were obviously working for. I wondered if I could get a job doing that and if it paid enough to live on.

It wasn’t until I found a cafe that looked okay and cheap and was about to sit at a table that I looked down at my skirt and saw that it had indeed ridden up. I smiled to myself as I wondered how many people had seen my slit.

After an acceptable meal I started wandering again, down around the harbour then back down a lot of streets that had bars on them. By then it was dark and I’d stopped thinking about if my slit was showing but that didn’t stop a few half drunk young men saying a few rude things to me. The thing was I was taking those comments as complements.

I saw more girls trying to get people into bars and one of them was topless. A little further down the road a saw a bar with tables outside and a lot of cheering coming from inside. I was curious so I walked over to one of the ways in to try to see what all the cheering was about.

I was stood beside and slightly in front of a chair that had a young man sat on it as I could just see that there was a wet T-shirt competition going on. I watched as one girl ripped her T-shirt off and jiggled her tits for the audience. A music track ended and as I saw another girl come to the front of the stage I saw that the first girl was also bottomless.

Wow, I was fascinated. I watched the second girl get a bucket of water tipped over her front then she too ripped her T-shirt off. Her song finished and I watched another bare butt walk off the stage. There was another girl waiting to come from the back of the stage but there was a slight pause in the competition and for some reason I looked down at the man that was sat almost in front of me. His head was turned my way and I turned my head a little and, still looking down, I saw my slit.

“Oh my gawd,” I thought, “that man’s head is about twenty centimetres from my bare pussy.”

Again I surprised myself by not moving or pulling my skirt down to cover my slit. Instead I lifted my head and looked at the stage again. The third girl was just starting to rip her T-shirt off and as it came off I saw that her tits were smaller than mine.

“I guess that big tits isn’t a requirement for these competitions then.” I thought.

Then my mind went back to the man next to me. Or more accurately, my pussy that was really tingling and leaking by then. I wondered if the man could see my juices and for another inexplicable reason reason I felt my feet shuffling further apart and me turning to give the man a straight on view.

My heart was pounding as I watched that third girl turn to walk to the back of the stage but as soon as she had turned she did a handstand and walked off on her hands. What’s more she had spread her legs wide. Even from as far back as I was I could see that her pussy was bald and shiny.

The guys in front of me were getting a better view of her pussy and the cheering told me that they obviously liked what they were looking at.

I watched two more girls come onto the stage and rip their T-shirts off before I decided that I should back out of that bar and straighten my skirt. If I didn’t I was in danger of cumming in front of that man.

“Wow,” I thought as I walked away,” those girls, that man. I’ve got to enter one of those competitions.”

Then I had a bit of a battle in my brain, part of me really wanted to strip like that in front of lots of men and the other part of me was telling me not to be so stupid, but the new found slut part of me was winning the battle. I needed a drink to steady my nerves as my slutty side won the battle. I was definitely going for find out when the next wet T-shirt competition was.

I turned around and went back to the bar in question. I saw the same man sat in the same seat and as soon as I saw him my slutty side told me to waggle my hips so that the skirt rode up then I slowly walked in right passed the man who had had a long look at my slit and clit as I approached him. If he had looked at me higher than my pussy he would have seen me smiling at him.

Inside I went, leaving my skirt half way up by butt. Over to the bar I went and waited and watched. After a couple of minutes a barman came over and asked me what I wanted. I ordered a small beer. I’d just got my change when I saw a man with a microphone walk behind the bar so I shouted to get his attention. Either I wasn’t shouting loud enough or he was a bit deaf but he waved me to the end of the bar where I again asked him when the next wet T-shirt competition was.

I decided that he must be a bit deaf because he lowered his head to almost my tits and with one hand he pulled his ear so that it was near my mouth but in doing so the side of his hand touched one of my tits. I gasped then realised that he would be able to see my slit. I quietly asked the same question.

“What? Louder please girly”

I repeated myself but louder.

“Oh right, next week, same day, are you thinking of entering?”


“Come at about 10 p.m. and ask at the bar.”

With that he turned and went behind the bar again.

I looked for a free table and chair and was and wasn’t disappointed to see that the only free seat was at the table that I had first stood against, and opposite the man that had had a long look at my slit and clit.

“Oh well, he won’t be seeing anything that he hasn’t already seen.” I thought and went and sat on the chair.

I should have pulled the skirt down and crossed my legs but I did neither and I watched the man’s eyes, and the eyes of the man sat next to him as more of my pussy became visible to them.

I smiled at them and started to drink but my heart was pounding too much so I sat back and looked around. After a minute or so man one said,

“Excuse me but I have to say that I like your skirt, the colour really suits you.”

“What, oh thanks, it isn’t really a skirt, it was what came out when I put my hand in the drawer. So you like it?”

“Yes,” man two said, “it really makes your body look great.”

I looked down then said,

“Oops, I shouldn’t really be showing that much skin should I?”

“We’re not complaining and those girls earlier we showing a lot more.”

“Yes they were, I’m going to enter the competition next week, I need to win to get some money to live on.”

By then my slutty side had told my knees to spread a little giving the men a better look.

“So you’re looking for a job?”

“Yep, any ideas?”

“Well there’s a few clubs that employ pretty girls and a few strip clubs that are always looking for new, fresh young girls with beautiful bodies.”


“And there’s always bars like this, they’re always looking for girls to show lots of skin to tempt young men in.” The other man said.

“I don’t think that I could work at a strip club.”

“Yet you’re going to enter a wet T-shirt competition where you’ll probably end up naked.” Man one said.

“Good point, maybe I could become a stripper.”

“With a body like that you certainly could,” Man two said, “and if you’re prepared to go all the way with some of the men you could earn a fortune.”

“You mean have sex with them, let then fuck me?”

“You’ve got the body for it.” Man one said.

“Hmm, I’ll have to think about that, where is the best club from my point of view?”

“The Roxy Club, just over the back of this place, we’ve just come out of there for a quiet drink before going back, we run the place. If you decide to give it a try come over any night around nine, ask for Dave or Dave.”

“You’re both called Dave?


“Thanks guys, I’ll think about it.”

I picked up my drink and started drinking and thinking,

“Did I really want to be a stripper? It would certainly please my slutty side. Did I want strange men to fuck me? Not sure about that one. No,” I decided, “I’m not that desperate, well not yet.”

I finished my drink and stood up, again not straightening my skirt and saw both Dave’s staring at my slit and clit again.

“Well thanks, Dave and Dave,” I said, “I might just see you again.”

I walked away with mixed feelings and I didn’t straighten my skirt until I heard one young man tell me that I had a nice butt. I wandered some more looking in other bars and found myself looking at a door with a big red neon sign over it in the shape of the word ‘ROXY’.

“No,” I said to myself as I looked at the framed photos of a couple of naked girls. “I could do that but I’m not going to.”

I started walking again and found myself outside my hotel so in I went.

Catalina was still on the desk and I said “Hi.” to her.

“Did you find a job then Riley?” Catalina asked.

I turned and walked over to her, completely forgetting about my skirt and not knowing if my slit and clit were showing on not.

“A bit early yet, I’ve told a man that I’ll enter a wet T-shirt competition next week and two men offered me a job as a stripper but I don’t know that I want to be a stripper.”

“Well you’re half way there already Riley.” Catalina replied looking at my crotch.

I looked down and replied,

“This damned skirt, it just won’t stay were it should do.” I replied but didn’t pull it down.

“So Riley, will you be going to the nude beaches whilst you are on Ibiza?”

“That is on my ToDo list.”

“I know where they all are so when you are ready I will tell you how to get to them.”

“Thank you Catalina, but now I’m going to bed, it’s been a long day.”

I turned and went to the stairs. As I climbed them I could feel the skirt going even higher. I turned and looked towards Catalina and saw that she was watching my every move.

In my room I pulled the strings on my bikini top and pushed my skirt to the floor. Then I opened the balcony doors and stepped out. There were still quite a few people walking along the street and I watched them for a couple of minutes before going back inside and to the bathroom where I had a pee and cleaned my teeth. Then I went and lay on top of my bed. My fingers went to my pussy and I was diddling my clit when I went to sleep.


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