ONe Lucky Bastard (Edited and Re-written)

ONe Lucky Bastard (Edited and Re-written)

One Lucky Bastard prt 1

Hey folks this is my first story. I thought it would be nice to start writing from a true African American perspective. Tell me what you all think both positive and negative. Also, this is going to be about an eight or nine part story just watch the twists and turns.

I must be the luckiest bastard in the world. I was just turning 18 when I lost my virginity to a 26 yr old. By the time of my senior year in High School, I had had sex over 30 times and had learned how to eat pussy expertly and knew how to use the 9 1/2” blessing God had given me fairly well. By the time I entered my senior year of High School, I was 6 ’ 2” with developing facial hair but I was skinny. In a school full of boys however I looked like a young man.

I met Nikki my second day of my senior year I had just turned 18 over the last summer. She was the sexy goddess that sat next to me in my first period history class. She was short, barely 5’ tall but she was built to fuck. She had perfect Hershey colored skin, a very pretty face, think of a dark skinned Nia Long and your almost there.

She had perfect 38DD perky tits that sat straight so that you couldn’t tell if she was wearing a bra or not. Her ass was the perfect heart shaped connecting to those soft, fluffy thighs that were well shaped and stretched the material of whatever she was wearing be it jeans, dress pants, skirt, or dress. Hell she even stretched sweat pants beyond their limit.

Like I said, I met her the second day of school and fell in lust. I wanted her. Little did I know she wanted me too. Like I said I was tall, had facial hair coming in, had a great dark caramel skin complexion, and no pimples. I was a thug but I was academically smart.

Three weeks went by with us sitting across from each other but not saying anything to each other beyond “hi”. One day our teacher assigned us a research assignment that was due the next day and broke us up into teams. Nikki and I were assigned to be a team. We looked at each other and smiled. I thought she smiled because she knew working with me would be an easy A+. I smiled because this was my excuse to be alone with her and finally get a chance to put my “mac” down on her.

That afternoon I went to Nikki’s house. She lived in an upper middle class ‘hood with her mother. She said her mother wouldn’t be home ‘til about Midnight. Her mother was an RN and worked at one of the Hospitals. She had been working extra hours because she was now a single parent. Nikki’s dad had moved out of the house and was now living in my neighborhood with his boyfriend. So, she said we had the house to ourselves with plenty of time to get the project done.

We fired up her desk top computer and dialed up the internet (this was back in 1992 for God sake) and logged on line. In about 40 minutes we had enough information to do the project and had it done and printing. Nikki asked “you thirsty” “Yeah” “What do you want to drink” “doesn’t matter”. Nikki went to the kitchen to get us something to drink. While she was gone, I went to a porn site that I had heard some of the guys talking about.

Immediately, movie covers popped up. It was tame by today’s standards but still, it was naked girls with dicks pointing to their pussy, their mouths, and their asses.

Nikki came back in with the drinks walked behind me and mused “typical boy always trying to see pussy. If you really want to see some pussy just ask.” With that she handed me my glass. I took a sip and coughed. “What is this?” “Rum and Coke” “What?” “You said it didn’t matter.”

She was right. I didn’t want to look like a pussy so I drank it. As I was drinking she asked “So you want to see some pussy hunh?” I said “Well yeah.” “Clear that out and come with me.”

We went into her living room and started making out. She kissed me. It was like an electric shock went through my body. I pulled back looked at her and then went all in and kissed her deeply, passionately, our tongues dancing. As they did, I unbuttoned her shirt and let it fall to the floor. I then reached behind her and took off her bra and let it fall to the floor as well.

A minute later, I was kissing down her neck and sucking on her breasts the right one in my mouth, the left one in my hand. –Switch- Switch-. Her nipples were perfect they sat in the center of beautiful areolas it was like a Reese’s peanut butter cup with a Hershey’s kiss on top in the center and she tasted like candy too.

While I sucked her tits, I moved my hand down her smooth skin and pulled her skirt up and began to fondle her pussy and clit through her panties. I felt her tense up as her first orgasm hit. She just moaned and then relaxed. “let me see it” I said. “Ok but you have to eat it” she said. “Ok” That was music to my ears. I wanted to eat her.

I sat her down on the couch and slowly removed her now soaked panties. With her skirt up around her waist, and her legs now wide open I had a clear view of the prettiest camel toe I had ever seen. Her pussy was perfect. Her hairs were trimmed into a triangle so that not one hair was over her panty line.

Her clit was huge. It stuck out of her lips like a small hooded dick. I instantly dove in and sucked her lips and tongue fucked her. Her pussy tasted divine. I slid up and began to tackle that monster clit I sucked on it and pushed the cover skin back with my teeth and began to nibble on it lightly and lick it. As she started to have another orgasm, she wrapped her legs around my head and said “Oh Shit, what are you doing to me? Nobody has ever made me cum let alone twice!!!! Shit I gotta pee stop.”

I kept eating her then she squirted it tasted good as hell so I kept eating. She was embarrassed and tried to get up and run. I held her down and kept eating her. Once she relaxed, I eased up and asked her how she felt. “I f-feel g-g-good.” “So you’re a squirter?” “I g-guess that’s my first time doing that, you wanna keep going?” “What do you have in mind?” “Well you have seen mine, I wanna see yours. Let’s switch.”

In about three minutes Nikki had me down to my boxers. “Damn you look big.” Then she pulled my boxers down and all 9 ½” hit her in the face more precisely the mouth. A glob of pre-cum landed on her top lip she sucked it in and licked it swallowed it and said “damn your dick is huge and you taste good like fruit or something. Can I see if I can suck your dick?” She didn’t give me a chance to answer.

The next thing I knew my dick was in her mouth and halfway down her throat and I was still hanging out by about two inches. She was amazing. Every time she came up to the tip, she would lick all over the head and down the shaft with it still in her mouth. Damn I almost exploded.

She pulled up off me with her mouth and said “you have got to fuck me with this thing!!” With that she climbed up and sat down. She started riding me. As it went in I felt every muscle in her pussy being stretched. She started slow.

“Ungh. Oh God. Ungh. I’m getting dizzy. Ungh. It hurts. Ungh. Ungh. Sooooo Goooood.” She leaned over and tried to catch her breath. My dick was engorged. I needed to cum. I slid down the couch until I was hanging halfway off and was in position to thrust. As soon as I was in position, I wrapped my arms around her waist and started to fuck her for all I was worth. “Oh shit. Oh Shit. Oh Shit. What are you doing to me? Fuck don’t answer, just keep doing it. Fuck Darrell Fuck me like you own me fuuuuck meeeee!!!!!”

With that she squirted again. Just as I was about to cum I heard her mother say “NIKKI !!!! WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON IN HERE!!!!!” With that I pulled out and shot my load straight up in the air and it hit her mother right in the face and all over Nikki’s back. Oh shit what a nut!!!!

To Be Continued>>>………………………..

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