I first saw her on my way home from work one evening and was struck on how good she looked; as tall as I am with great legs that went all the way to the floor, a certain something in the way she walked that gave off a “take no prisoner” attitude; short but sassy hair that was the colour of a bright penny and a wide face with emerald green knowing eyes that saw everything.

As we walked towards each other I was checking her out and those eyes did catch me doing so. I complimented her on how she looked as we passed and she said she would be looking better later, if I were out. I had no plans to, but that was a come on if I had ever heard one! I quickly asked where she would be and was told one of the local dance clubs that catered to a mixed crowd of people.

I hurried to do my after work chores of shopping and making myself something to eat, cleaned myself up and headed to the club. It was getting close to midnight by the time I found her and she did not fail to make good on her earlier promise.
I asked her if I could get her a cocktail and she agreed. We spent the next hour or so chatting and dancing. While dancing we made many a head turn as we made quite a spectacle of this public form of foreplay. It didn’t take long after she asked if I would like to go back to her apartment. Well, I am not a slow man, so the answer was a genuine yes, as I had really started to get turned on by this intelligent and attractive woman.

Thankfully, the walk to her place was a short trip around the block so within minutes we were at her place continuing the conversation with a fresh cocktail and a bit of a toke. Instead of the hot button topics of the day she had directed the conversation to sex and my views on all things deviant. I was quick to point out that I was willing to try anything and had done a few different things over the years, but had never been to bed with a man except in a threesome with another woman. This seemed to incite and excite her to a level unseen so far.

She reached over and gave me a kiss that I was waiting for since I saw her earlier that evening. This was a soul searching, deep lip lock type of a kiss, one that went on forever or at least it seemed as if it did. All the while we were kissing our hands roamed freely over each others body, she was a little more aggressive and had a firm grip on my hardening penis through my pants and was stroking it to a diamond cutting state. We broke our lock on each other and she started her slow descent down my neck and chest raining my body with small kisses and undoing buttons with her teeth on the way down. As she opened my shirt, revealing my chest, she suckled my nipples and played with the rings that run through them. This always gets an immediate response from my cock, that of getting rock hard, which she liked very much.

She worked her way back up to the small of my neck so she could work on my ear, at which time she whispered if I wanted to get kinky, to which I asked what she had in mind. With one of my nipples twisted almost off she asked if an enema was something I would try. Well I have to admit here that I am a total ass slut and have had many an enema so I quickly agreed to get an ass cleaning.

She told me that at this point she was going to take control of me as if I was her slave for the night, which again played into one of my fantasies. I was told to strip off all my clothes, which was something that really did not need to be told but she needed to have that level of control over me. She retained her form fitting black leather skirt but showed her beautiful tits to me and I took one of the nipples in my mouth, flicking my tongue over it getting it as hard as mine were.

I am not sure where the collar and leash came from but there was a leather band wrapping around my cock and balls straining to cut off the circulation. She was telling me that I was hers for the weekend regardless of what I had planned all the time leading me by my balls in the direction of the washroom. I was told that I was to beg for anything that she thought I would need which I quickly asked her to fill my ass with an enema. She told me to get on my hands and knees in the tub and filled a 3-litre bag with warm water into which she poured some castile soap. The tip was a nice fit into my rosebud, she cooed appreciably and pushed it in and out as she was fucking my ass. After a while of this I heard the click and felt the rush of warm water fill me. I wiggled my ass and pressed my face into the cool porcelain of the bottom of the tub forcing my ass further up to get all of what she was giving me. Her hands were roaming over the twin globes of my cheeks and pulling on my balls from time to time all the while telling me that I was very good to take all of this without even a stopping to get used to the fill. I heard the bag empty and once again she was fucking me with the tip, which was driving me to the edge because of the 3 litres and the feeling of the tip running over my prostate. I remembered her instructions and asked for a butt plug, which was pushed in with a quick shove and told to roll over on my back.

When I looked up those deep green eyes were looking at me with a mischievous glint and I was sure that this was going to be a weekend to remember. Her hand reached down and started to tap on the base of the plug, which drove me to the edge of delirium, all the while telling me to hold onto the soapy water. The more she tapped the harder it became to hold onto the water and soon I was whimpering and begging to let go of it. She was soon stroking my cock and tapping the plug asking what I would do if she let me release to which I replied, far to quickly, anything that you would like to do to me. How I wish I had those words back! With a wide smile on her face, she let me expel the water and then gave me one more with 3 more litres of warm clean water that rinsed me out. She replaced the plug and from that point in the evening it did not take long for the night to turn into what someone in the normal world would call weird.

After the rinsing she took me by the leash into her bedroom and made me get on her large bed face down. She slid a few pillows under my hips and tugged on the leash just to make sure I was paying attention. She got off the bed and I could hear her moving around the room humming. This went on for a few moments all the while I could feel the edges of reality start to blur. Along with the blurring I started to fidget and this caught her attention, to which she started telling me about the small bit of E and a numbing analgesic that she had added to the rinsing enema. These would help with the ensuing fun we were going to have as she filmed our session. Hearing this I begged her to not show my face, to which she slid a leather hood with zippers over the eyes and a hose running into my mouth. She also put cuffs on both of my ankles and wrists and I could feel a cord running through the d-rings pulling my extremities apart.

There was a pause as she set her camera equipment up and focused on the bed. I felt, more than saw that some lights had come on and asked for instructions on what it was I wanted her to do to me. I am sure she had the entire programme planned out but the charade of asking was part of the show. I felt and heard the thin cane hitting the soles of my feet, my arms and legs and the sides of my ass turning them I am sure a shade of red and making them unbearably warm. She stopped and then she started in on my cock and balls; first with the cane and then she wrapped them in what felt like tape but was not sticky. Doing this stretched and separated them away from my penis, I also felt her hand rub something over my ass cheeks and she was playing with the plug tugging on it just enough to get some fucking motion going. Doing this caused me to push back on the plug and I felt her get off the bed grabbing the plug and abruptly pulled it out leaving my ass gapping open for all watching to see. There was only a second of time before she pushed three of her well-lubricated fingers in the hole that was my ass. The moan that escaped from me told all that I loved it and the arching of my back also told them that I wanted more; she took no time to work those three into four and then all of her fingers were stroking the inside of my ring. I could feel her knuckles rolling over the ridge pushing in very lightly, as she’s doing this

I am moaning and drooling and getting overwhelmed by a completely sexual feeling that has no bearing on anything other than satisfaction. I rock back and forth on the bed trying to assist her getting her hand in my ass. This invokes a push and her entire hand slipped in right up to the wrist. The sound of pure lust that emanated from me, she pulled her hand out and got off the bed.

As she got back I could feel her hand working itself back into my ass and I push back getting the pop of my ass ring as the whole hand is sucked in. it is at this moment I realise it is not her hand but rather a latex hand dildo because her real one slides in beside the latex, spreading me even wider. The two working together stretched me open to a point I had not been before. The feeling of being forced open to accept two full hands was wonderful and I let her know that it was.

I was in another world, where I was virtually drowning in pleasure and I knew it wouldn't be long before I climaxed. It seemed as if she was in tune with me and removed her own hand and dildo before I could release. The feeling of being vacated like that caused me to moan and whine, for which I received more swacks from her cane across all regions of my ass and groin.

She moved off the bed and quickly returned with something and clipped my legs to it- a spreader bar I am sure. She then returns to caning me but now has uninterrupted access to my cock and balls and spares none of them from the cane. Because I am feeling numb from the drugs, I push up on my arms and let her go to town abusing my groin and giving her what I think she wants. The inside of my thighs, my cock and balls, the flat of my stomach and my ass are all targets for her and she spares none of them driving both of us into a fog of sensory overload that one rarely gets. This is what bottoms call “sub space” that place where you feel everything and it all feels great!

It took a few moments for me to realise that she had stopped beating me and had released me from the restraints that I was in. I looked around and saw the leather skirt lying across the bottom of the bed and then saw her standing just past that point stroking her cock!

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