The intruder
By: Patrick Augello

It's Wednesday. The worst day of the week. Also known as the day where I make the twenty minute drive with my step mother, Lisa, up to Dr. Levinowitz's office to discuss my problems. After the incident, my injuries, along with the medical bills and stress, wrenched my family apart. My biological mother committed suicide after seeing her precious daughter's mangled face. Well, mangled body really. She couldn't handle the emotional pain, so she took it upon herself to drink half a bottle of bleach followed by a handle of vodka.

Lisa is a great woman, really. She means well, and she helped my father mend his broken heart in the years following everything that happened. However, she's not a replacement. She doesn't have the same soft face and my same bright green eyes that my mother had. As she helped me out of the car and into my black leather wheelchair, I couldn't help but take a glance at the disappointing stumps where my legs should be. What I would give to look at somebody face to face again. I shrugged off the idea, as I usually do, disregarding it as a feeble fantasy; a dream to never come true.

"I'll see you in an hour, Nicole." Said Lisa with a reassuring tone as she turned her back on me and Dr. Levinowitz.

"So, nicole, lets start with these nightmares that you can't seem to get rid of." Said Dr. Levinowitz in his professional, New York Jewish accent. He spoke with a kind of boredom, as if I was just another patient to him. Another sad 18 year old girl. I wondered why I even still came to see him, remembering that it was because of my undying wish to see my father happy, and the only way to do that was to pretend that I was getting better; that I was happy too.

"They're the same every single night, Dr. I see that horrible man's face in everything I do."

The room seemed to spin around me as I began to recall my dreams to Dr. Levinowitz. They were always an exact recollection of the events of that infamous day. A mixture of sounds, emotions, the unending media and press attention. I seemed to go into a trance as my eyes unfocused and my subconscious mind spilled its well-known secrets to the man sitting in front of me.

It was a normal, dreary april Monday morning at Clifton Heights high school. I was only a freshman at the time, awkward, and lonesome. I sported big, bushy hair, a solid unibrow, and had a bit of a weight problem. I had one friend, named marissa, and she had been acting quite distant lately. She never really wanted to be seen with me, always fearing that she'd be looked upon as "uncool" by the popular kids for hanging out with the biggest loser in school.

As I walked down the hallway towards my first period Anatomy class, I saw him. Evan cranshaw, the most beautiful specimen of male one could ask for. He had big, broad shoulders, perfect teeth, brilliant electric blue eyes, and arms the size of my thigh. His hair was a bit unruly, but that just made him even more irresistible.

I followed him into class, preparing myself to succumb to the never-ending bore of Ms. Greene's voice, knowing that within five minutes I will have disconnected myself completely from the course material to fantasise about the flawless man sitting two seats to the right of me.

As this predicted scenario unfolded, I found myself slipping deeper and deeper into my daydreams, until it seemed that nothing could pull me out. Nothing except the sound of the loudspeaker crackle on.

"Please stand for the pledge of allegiance." Said the female voice tiredly. I followed suit as everybody rose to their feet. "I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America." Nobody chanted the familiar pledge along with her except me. Typical. "And to the republic, for which it-..." The voice broke off, and was followed by a bloodcurdling scream. "PLEASE DON'T. PLEASE. NO. OH MY GOD HELP ME ARGH--..."

"EVERYBODY GET INTO THE CORNER OF THE ROOM. NOW!!" Yelled Ms. Greene, her voice crackling with fear. As everybody huddled into the corner, I noticed that Ms. Greene forgot to lock the door. Before I could say something, the handle rattled, and the door swung open to reveal a man cloaked in midnight black, with a ski mask over his face. He stood at about 6 feet tall, a solid 6 inches taller than myself. I trembled with fear as he reached into his pocket and produced a hand gun from its depths.

"Well well well. Look at we have here! This is going to be as easy as shooting fish in a barrel." Through the eye slits in the ski mask, I saw the man's almond eyes twinkle with delight.

"That would simply be too easy..." He thought out loud. "I think I'll have some fun with you lot before finishing you all off. But first..."

The man walked over to a boy, Joseph, sitting in the corner opposite me, and shot him between the eyes. A ripple of absolute terror and dread engulfed the room. Ms. Greene let out a muffled cry.

"That was to show you all that I won't be bluffing today. YOU! Up front NOW!"

My heart sank as the nameless man pointed his gloved finger at me.


I sauntered up to the front of the room.

"Hey, ugly." Said the man with a sick eagerness. "You're about to receive the most sexual pleasure that a man will ever give to you in your entire life."

I looked on embarrassed and ashamed, as Evan couldn't take his eyes off of me. It actually kind of turned me on. At least he knows now that I exist.

"Let's first see those supple breasts of yours!" Shouted the man as he ripped off my evanescence tee shirt to reveal my plain white bra beneath, supporting a pair of 36 C's.

"What class is this anyway, Anatomy? Perfect. I will give you all a lesson about the human body that you will never forget. If I see any of you look away from my lesson, or shield your senses in any way, I will not hesitate to shoot you like a diseased dog." The man laughed with a maniacal glee.

"First, I will show you all just how much the body can tolerate. The human anatomy is a marvellous thing. It can withstand numerous extremities when put to the test. We will start by demonstrating the elasticity and elongation of the anus!"

The room looked on in panic as the man shouted commands to me. "Strip, you dirty slutbag! No man will ever stick his cock within a foot of you, so you might as well enjoy this while it lasts!"

My heart gave a little jump, a feeling of utter embarrassment mixed with excitement at the knowledge of Evan seeing my naked body. Bending me over Ms. Greene's desk, the strange man spread my cheeks, exposing my hairy, never-shaved asshole and pussy. He then explained,

Right here is the sphincter, the muscle that pushes out all your shit. However, the fags these days like to fuck each other up the asshole. The anus was made for one way traffic, but like I said, the human body can do amazing things..."

The man walked up to the chalkboard, where he picked up the wooden yard stick. The thing had to be a hundred years old, with rust forming at the metal ends and splinters hanging off of the surface on all sides.

"I will show you all just how long your insides are!"

The man began to shove the yard stick into my virgin asshole. The feeling was nothing new to me, as I often fondled myself to the thought of Evan Cranshaw.

One inch went in, then two inches, then three, four, five, six, all the way up to 15 inches. I moaned in unimaginable pain as I felt the rust scrape my intestines and the splinters stick themselves into the walls of my insides. He then let go of the wooden stick, and exclaimed,

"Wow! Would you look at that? A whole 15 inches!" Nobody seemed amazed. Nothing but fear gripped the onlooking crowd of my peers.

"Now I want to teach you all a lesson about the human stomach. A question that has always plagued my mind, is the consequence of ingesting human feces. I would very much like to find out. Any volunteers?"

The room was as still and quiet as ever. So quiet, all you could hear was my ragged breathing.

"Nobody? Well then, why don't we have you choose, sweetheart?" Said my captor, turning to me.

This was my chance. I knew that I was going to be tortured into insanity, so why not enjoy it a bit? With a seemingly reluctant face, I pointed at Evan.

"I'm so sorry," I muttered quietly, secretly relishing the idea of Evan succumbing to my body.

"Good choice!" Said my captor. "I do believe that you will do my bidding well. What is your name, son?"

"Evan..." He spat, a mixture of fear and disgust evident in his voice and face. Disgust at me, or the situation as a whole? It didn't matter, for I knew that Evan would soon be making me feel things that I would never have imagined in my wildest dreams.

"Now, Evan, I want you to grab this yard stick, and torture this dirty bitch's asshole until I see fit. If you refuse, I will put this gun in your mouth and blow your brains out."

Evan, seeing little choice in the matter, grabbed the yard stick and started pumping it in and out of my tight anus. I pretended to be in a state of shock and disgust.

"What the fuck are you doing, you lazy fuck? You don't even seem like you're enjoying yourself! I want you to shred this cunt's asshole like cottage cheese. It's not like she'll ever use it this way again anyway."

"Following the sick man's command, Evan began to violently slam the yard stick into my being, wrenching it, tearing it asunder. I felt the yard stick rip my insides, and I knew that I was internally bleeding. I moaned with a mixture of pure pain and ecstasy.

"That's right!! Now, take the whole thing out, and put your face on her hole!"

Evan did as he was told. The yard stick came out of me, along with every ounce of shit that my body had been processing. Brown chunks poured out of my asshole like niagra falls, spewing onto the floor and Evan himself.

"Now, you son of a bitch, you're going to scoop that shit into your hand and eat it like a cup of ice cream!"

At this, Evan began to sob. "I won't do it, I won't do it," was all I could discern among the boy's pleas.

"You're going to do it, you fucking pussy, or I'll blow your brains against the wall!"

Evan, unable to make a decision, fainted from fear and disgust, along with the sheer smell coming from himself and the floor upon which he landed.

"This is what will happen to those of you who defy me!" Shouted the man as he crossed the room to the scissor drawer. He grabbed the biggest ones he could find, a pair of kitchen sheers. Going back to Evan, he began to cut the unconscious boy's skin. All over his body the man cut, until blood accumulated upon the floor. The man then stripped the boy naked, and taking the sheers, snipped off the entirety of Evan's manhood. Next, he scooped up the shit with his bare hand, taking a moment to relish the smell, and smeared it all over Evan's wounds, making sure that the boy would die of his infections within a few hours.

The mysterious man then lifted up the severed penis and turned back to me. "You're going to eat this fucking cock," he ordered to me. "I know you've been wanting to get a mouthful of this young boy here, and now it's time to!"

"How did you possibly know that?!" I questioned.

"Maybe your, uh, 'friend' isn't really so friendly to you at all!" He said with malice.

I turned my head and saw marissa's eyes twinkle.

"You!" I shouted. "You're the one who is behind all this!"

"Yes," she answered from the crowd of 9th graders. "I was getting so annoyed by your constant obsessing over Evan, who is MY ex boyfriend after all. so, I thought of a way to get revenge on you both. You're getting punished for being a disgusting back-stabbing slut, while he got what he deserves for being a cheating liar!"

"But marissa..." I cried in exasperation, "I thought we were friends..."

"You don't have any friends. Who would possibly be friends with you?" She replied.

"Okay, let's not get distracted," chimed in the man. "You're going to eat this boy's cock, balls and all."

"I won't do it!" I replied. I had always dreamed of sucking Evan's dick, but I had imagined that it would still be attached to him.

"If you won't eat this cock, then I'll fry your ugly little mouth until you don't have a choice what you do with it at all!"

I screamed, kicked and cried as my captor tied me to Ms. Greene's desk chair. Next, while i sat there naked as adam and eve, I saw him procure a small bottle of gasoline from within the depths of his black robes.

"Because you would not contend with my will, I will teach you a final anatomy lesson. Only this time, we're going to incorporate some chemistry as well. Im going to get rid of all that hair on your legs, as well as that nasty mustache of yours. We're going to burn it off!"

"No!!" I exclaimed.

"Yes!" He replied. "And the thought of it is turning me on so much that I'm going to have your dear old teacher here suck me off while you're burning alive!"

The look of horror on Ms. Greene's face, I knew, was only an act. I had heard rumours about her fucking members of the football team after school. I knew she was a dirty bitch, and so did everyone else. Having no other choice, Ms. Greene crossed the room.

The man dumped the canister of gasoline all over my face and legs as I screamed and begged, but to no avail. As he dropped the match, the last thing I saw with my waking eyes was Ms. Greene getting on her knees as the man procured his 10 inch monster, uncircumcised, and covered in hairs and warts.

Everything was burning. Excruciating pain quaked through my mangled body As the darkness engulfed me, I heard Marissa's bloodcurdling shriek as a gunshot was fired, followed by the sounds of police sirens. Another shot was fired, and all went dark.

And so here I sit, talking to you Dr. Levinowitz, four painful years later. The captor, as you know, was shot dead, along with Marissa. My legs were unsalvagable, and had to be amputated. But here I am, after my mind and body had been mangled beyond recognition, after having lost my mother and my family. That eventful day went down in infamy, only to be remembered by vague newspaper reports and haunting nightmares. My name is Nicole, and this is my story.

The end.

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