My First Anal

My First Anal

I knew he would still be mad at me. I ran into my ex , Gage, who used to be Danny's best friend in college, on my lunch break and we had lunch together. We talked about work, family, and the past. He told me he missed me and asked when Danny and I would break up so he could have me again. Then he went on to tell me how he envied Danny because Dan got my cherry. I told him how much I love Danny and that no one would make me as happy as Danny does.

Danny was always jealous of Gage, when Gage had me. Gage cheated on me, with another girl, in my bed. My heart was broken. He caused most of my insecurities. I was a mess. And when the opportunity arose, Danny swept in. Danny hates Gage for what he did to me.

I wasn't going to tell Danny about any of the lunch. However, when he called, he asked what I did for lunch, and I didn't want to lie to him. He heard everything and didn't say anything. He became passive and quiet. I knew he was jealous and mad at Gage, but he could only take it out on me.

When I got home he was playing his football, video games. I greeted him and he said nothing. I asked how his day was, he just mumbled. I asked what he wanted for dinner, more mumbling. The silent treatment. I removed off my heals and took them upstairs to put them away and change.

I put my shoes in their place and noticed the box of sex toys wasn't in its place. I opened it and saw that he had bought a new toy. He bought a plug. It was pretty big. We hadn't even had anal sex yet. I knew he has wanted to try, but I've been too scared. Now that I look at the toy and picture it in my ass, completely filling me, only being able to see the round end of it between my ass cheeks. I get really horny and wet.

I decide that I don't only want to cheer up Danny, but I really need to have sex with him. I take off my cloths and put on one of Dan's button up shirts, not wearing my bra, but still wearing my black, boy short, underwear. I go back downstairs. He doesn't look up at me. He just continues to play his video game.

I ask him again what he wants for dinner and he snappily replies, "I don't care."

Making and executive decision, that I don't want to cook, I call for a pizza. It will be here within the hour.

I sit down next to him on the couch. Placing my hand on his thigh, I kiss my way up his neck to his ear. He makes me so hot. We can both see a difference in our bodies since we got a gym membership. Iv just lost a few pounds, while I kept my curves and huge assets and he got more beefy and muscular.

He continues playing his game. I start rubbing his thigh and let my hand run over his package. I rub his dick through his sweats. He slides away from me on the couch. I know I'm wearing down on him. So I lean over and whisper in his ear that I want him to take me in the ass tonight.

He looks at me for the first time. "You're playing with me. You do not."

He returned to his game. I back up to the arm of the couch and start unbuttoning his shirt that is on me. I only unbutton the top four and move the shirt to the sides of me, exposing my breasts. He is still playing his game, but I can tell he isn't paying as close attention, due to the booing crowd in the TV.

I grab by tits and rub them all over, caressing them. I'm hoping he will take over for me. I rub my nipples and moan in pleasure. He is really having a hard time ignoring me. I can see his bulge growing with every soft moan. I really damaged his pride for him to be so mad. I remove my panties and kick them so they land, perfectly, on the remote control he's holding. I place my hand on my mound and start rubbing, really overdoing the fake moans.

He watches my hand rub my pussy lips up and down, rubbing the hot juices all over. I keep my eyes glued to his, while he watches my hand, and I insert one finger into my hole. He licks his lips. "Why are you doing this to me?" he asks.

"I want you so bad honey. Please take me."

He looks into my eyes, and nods his head around when childishly replies, " Why? When you can have Gage."

I stop moving my hand, "You were the first person in my pussy, I don't want anyone else to be the first one in my ass. You're the one that bought that new toy, weren't you? I want to use it with you. Please make hot love to me."

I slide closer to him and kiss his lips, pressing my breasts to him. My hand goes back to his thigh and moves up to his hard penis. He kisses me until I'm on my back and leans up to help me remove his T-shirt. He goes back to my lips. My hands are placed on his head while he uses his for support, as to not crush me with his large frame.

His left leg is between both of mine. With how horny I am, I start grinding my pussy against his leg, soaking his grey sweats. He can feel the wet heat on his thigh and his bulge grows even more. He places his hand on my left breast and grabs tight, almost so that it is painful, but not yet. He rubs it and flicks his finger over my nipple, making it even harder. "You look so sexy in my shirts, but you look sexier with out anything on."

I start unbuttoning his pants and he unbuttons the rest of my shirt. We are both desperate for each other now. He throws the shirt across the room, while he stands up and kicks his pants off. I sit up on the couch, smile, and reply, "You look sexy when your pride hurts."

"I'll show you what's going to hurt." He takes off his underwear while he's standing and his cock springs out. He is so erect and I can hardly wait any longer to contain his cock in my pussy and ass. He returns to me on the couch and kisses me hard, and passionate, pushing his tongue past my lips. He starts his assault on my right nipple, flicking, pinching, and tweaking it.

His lips move down my face, down my neck, down my chest, and to my left nipple. He grabs hold of my right tit while the sucks on my nipple. He flicks his tongue across it and sucks it, continuing a pattern of that before he moves on to the right breast.

My already wet pussy becomes uncomfortable with desire. His every touch makes me want him more, many times over. He looks up at me and kisses my lips. He takes my curves in his hands and I wrap my legs around his hips. He barely picks me up, turns around, and lies on the couch so I'm on top of him.

I position myself just right, on top of him and rub my pussy up and down the length of his shaft. His face is placed with agony. "Fuck, baby. Come on. I'm not getting any harder."

I reach down and grab his penis, position it to my hole, and in one hard, quick movement, swoosh myself all the way down on his cock. I gasp, he moans in surprise and pleasure. My twat moves up and down on his penis. His hands extend to my tits and he grabs them firmly, rubbing my nipples every so often. I'm in pure ecstasy.

I speed up, slapping my self against him and he places his hands on my love handles, helping me come down harder. My hands are on his chest, my thumbs rubbing over his nipples. "Baby, I'm going to cum if you don't hurry."

I stop all movement. "You cant cum."

"What? Why?"

"Because I still want you in my ass."

"You were serious? I thought you were just saying that to make me hard."

"Babe, I saw the toy, it made me hot. I want to try it."

His eyes lit up and he started moving my hips to make me continue. Getting the hint, I resumed my motions and went right back to doing it just as hard and fast. He places a hand on my mound and rubbed my clit with one finger, I exploded immediately, into an orgasm. Much to my surprise, when I calmed down, he pumped into me five times, hard, and shot his hot seed into my wet pussy.

Shocked, I lightly slapped his chest. "What the hell!"

He smiled. "You made me even more hot when you told me that. I couldn't hold it in."

I slid off of him, his seed flowing out from my pussy, got up, and went and got his shirt. I put it on but didn't button it, just wrapped it around me to cover up. "I told you I wanted to take you in my ass. I want to have more fucking sex. I have a lot more in me!"

"So do I! I'm not done. Fuck baby, I can get it right back up for that." He chuckled a little bit. When I asked what was so funny, he replied, "I can't believe your throwing a fit because you want more sex. I never thought that day would come."

The truth is, I want sex a lot more than I let him know. And even though he came inside my pussy and I was mad, I loved the rush of not knowing if he just shot the seed that might impregnate me. The rush makes me feel good. And I love his semen in my pussy. Its just as hard for me when I hold out as it is for him.

Just then, the doorbell rang. I buttoned a couple buttons and grabbed the cash from the table. Danny put his underwear back on, went into the kitchen so the pizza guy couldn't see him, and he retrieved a couple plates and a beer while I answered the door, half naked, with no panties, and hungry.

The young, dangly limbed teenager let his eyes roam my body for a second. His eyes stopped at my covered breast and saw my hard nipples through my shirt. I could feel Danny's hot cum, mixed with my juices, racing its way down my thigh, so I tried to hurry up the process by holding out the money to him, before he noticed. He got the hint and gave me our pizza. He stole another quick look at my body before I, kind of roodly, shut the door on him.

I set the pizza down on the dinning room table and walked into the kitchen. Danny took my and in his and checked me out. I felt the cum running down my thigh. Dan grabbed my waste and lifted me onto the kitchen counter. He spread my legs open and took a paper towel. Then he wiped my pussy, and wiped down my thigh, cleaning me up. He threw the soiled paper away. He kissed me on the lips and helped off the counter.

We sat down at the table and ate some pizza. He scarfed his down. I didn't eat much, even though I was hungry. My appetite left me when I started thinking about taking someone in my ass. I mean, Danny isn't just "someone". He is Danny.

I knew it was going to hurt. I hadn't slept with anyone before Dan, but I've seen other penises. Gage's, other boyfriends, and I have seen porn. Danny was pretty big. Nine inches, and really thick. Larger than any dildos I have had. Perfectly stretches my pussy. But my ass is tight. And I don't know if I want it stretched. It probably won't feel good at all. Maybe a little. All I know with my ass is that its felt good when Dan has stuck a finger in there while we had sex. A finger, as in one finger. A finger is way smaller than his dick.

He gets done eating and looks puzzled. He notices that I drifted away in thought. He takes our dirty plates and loads them into the dishwasher. I close up the pizza box and put the left over pizza in the fridge.

I pick up all of the cloths in the living room and put them in the laundry room. Danny waits around for me in the living room, waiting for me to talk. I walk past him and go upstairs, into our bedroom and into the bathroom. I go pee and brush my teeth. When I return into the bedroom, Danny is sitting on the edge of the bed, waiting to see what I do. He is wondering if I still want to do it.

He asked me what I was thinking about downstairs and I told him I'm nervous. He assured me that he doesn't want to do anything that I'm uncomfortable with and he won't be mad if I changed my mind. I straddled his lap, wrapped my arms around his neck and gave him a great, long kiss, forcing my tongue through his lips. He wrapped his arms around me, holding me up by my butt.

Our bodies were molded for each other like two puzzle pieces. After three years together, he still gives me butterflies when he kisses me. No one can give me this pleasure like he does.

My hips start to wiggle up and down over his limp package. I have a new mission, to arouse his dick again. As I circle my hips on/hump him, with his boxers on, my lips never leave his. His grip on my ass gets stronger. I break away from him and kneel on the floor. While I remove his underwear, to see his cock, yet again, I look him in the eyes. He is smiling and looking at me with so much joy in his eyes, its cute.

His underwear is thrown out of the way and I unbutton the shirt so he can see by breast. I inch my way between his spread legs. I take a hold of his half limp dick and lick the tip of it, tasting a little bit of my juice still on it. His penis becomes a little harder with just the first lick. I look up at him, wrap my lips around his shaft, and slide him into my mouth. I tease him by taking him, half hard, out of my mouth, "I want you to be the first to fuck me in my tight, virgin ass."

I slide his dick all the way in and out of my mouth again, lick all around the head, and talk dirty again, "When you've fucked my ass, I don't want you to cum in it, I want you to wait. I want you to put your new toy in it, really stretch my ass hole." Slide him in and out of my mouth again, "Then I want you to eat out my pussy and finger it, with the toy in my ass, until I cum on your fingers." Slide in and out again. He is very hard at this point, so I do it one more time, "And when I'm done Cuming, I want you to stick your dick wherever you want and fuck that hole until you shoot your hot seed in it."

"Fuck baby. I love it when you talk dirty."

"Mission accomplished." I winked at him and stood off the ground. I leaned down to kiss his lips and then crawled on the bed, up to the head of it. His eyes never left my body. I sat down, removed the shirt, and tossed it to the floor.

He turned around and crawled up the bed to me. He lay down, placing his head on the pillow, I followed suit. He removed my long hair from my face, gazing into my eyes. I moved my knee up between his legs, he was still hard. He kissed my lips lightly. "I want you to be comfortable. If you want to go through with this, it will hurt the first time, but I will make it enjoyable for you. You have to trust me. Do you?"

"Of course I do. I want to do it." He just made me fall more in love with him. The more I love him, the more I want to do things that will please and reward him.

He kissed me again and sat up. I followed. "Get on your hands and knees." I did so and he got behind me. He reached over to the nightstand to retrieve the lube. He squirted some on his hand and onto my ass. He rubbed it all over my ass hole, stuck a finger inside, and down over my pussy. He rubbed my clit a little bit and then he stroked his cock.

With much anticipation, I waited. He placed his cock at the virgin opening. He slowly, eagerly started pushing it in my ass. He pushed so slow and stretched my ass until I felt the head of his cock popped into my ass. He let out a breath containing pleasure. He slowly pushed his cock inside my ass. Inch by inch. I buried my face into a pillow. The pain was so much, and it was so uncomfortable. "Its all the way in babe. You did so well. You were so hot." He started inching his way out of my ass and that didn't hurt as bad. It almost felt good.

Right before the head came out, he slid his shaft back into me. He's groaning and moaning this whole time. "Fuck. Your ass is so tight Elli. It feels so good wrapped around my cock." I couldn't say anything because I wasn't sure about this yet. He kept sliding in and out of my ass slowly, and the more he did it, the better it felt.

I started moaning the faster he went, but he never went too fast. Just fast enough. He fucked my ass so good. He reached around and started rubbing my clit while he pumped in and out of my ass. The Pleasure was so good. I couldn't help but get louder with every hump. He rubbed my clit faster and his pumping picked up its pace. My head felt light and my body tightened up. Every part of me had goose bumps.

I let out a loud yell, and shook with a huge orgasm. Danny slid his cock out of my ass hole. "I almost came in your ass. That felt so good."

I was panting hard, "Fuck Dan. There are no words for that."

He got off of the bed and returned with something pointy and cold on my ass hole. He had but lube on it and pushed the plug in with one swift "plop". I let out a yell, partly in pain and partly in surprise. He helped me lean up so I was on my knees and my back against his chest.

It felt funny to have that in my ass. But good at the same time. Danny kissed my neck, down to my shoulder. He helped me turn partially around and then gently pushed me onto my but. I felt the plug wiggle around and my senses were heightened in my ass. He pulled my legs down so I was lying on my back. He got down, his face right up to my pussy, and licked it all the way up the slit.

He zeroed in on my sore clit and attacked it with licking, sucking and biting. He entered two fingers into my pussy and finger fucked me. He finger fucked me fast and gentle. Moans and sounds of pleasure escaped my lips. He sucked and flicked my pussy hard. He took his other hand and started twisting the plug in my ass. He began to remove it from my ass, and then pushed it back it. He was fucking my ass with the large plug. After a few seconds of this steady rhythm, my body let out another orgasm. My head was spinning and I felt like I was out of my body for a short time.

Danny grabbed my ankles, and held them together, holding my hips off the bed. He reached down and I felt him remove the plug. He set my legs down. "My turn. I want to fuck your pretty, mouth. I want you to moan all over my cock as I pump in and out of your mouth. I want you to taste all your juices on my cock."

I scooted down the bed until my face was right under him. He straddled over my chest and placed is cock to my lips. I took his erect penis into my mouth and swirled my tongue around the head of it. He pumped his cock in and out of my mouth while I sucked. "I love your lips around my cock." I moaned on his cock, sending vibrations all over it and letting him know I loved it.

He slid all the way out of my mouth, "I love pleasuring you with all of my holes." He instantly pushed his cock back into my mouth and to the back of my throat. He did that a couple more times. "I want to cum all over your titties. Suck me hard until I'm ready to cum. I am so close." He humped my head faster and I sucked harder.

He urgently popped out of my mouth and started pumping his shaft with his hand. He moved down my body, getting ready to cum. I leaned up on my elbows. "Cum all over my huge titties Danny. They need your hot cum all over them. All over my soft tits. I need it. Your so fuckin sexy Danny. Cum all over me."

My words sent his cum shooting onto my tits. He aimed for one nipple and then the other. With each squirt, his cum flowed onto my triple D breasts. He groaned with pleasure as his cum left his cock. He rubbed to semen all over my tits with his cock. All over my nipples and soft surface.

Danny climbed off of me as I scooped some of his seed up with my two fingers and sucked it off of them. When I sucked them all clean, he kissed me hard on the lips. "Thank you baby. Your so sexy."

He took my hands and guided me to the bathroom. He started the shower. He joined me and washed me. He made sure I was very clean. When we were finished, I put on a different shirt of his, a big T-shirt, and a new pair of blue boy shorts. He put on a new pair of briefs. We climbed in bed and snuggled close to each other. "Danny, I love it when you fuck all my holes. I love you and your big cock." I fell asleep with his hand tightly griped on my tit and his tiered cock pressed up against my butt.

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