Mia Matsumiya: Hot Jap Snatch-Up

Mia Matsumiya: Hot Jap Snatch-Up

NOTE: To more thoroughly enjoy this story, please first check out the pics of Mia on the thread "Mia in the container store", under Sex Stories in the forum. Trust me, it'll be worth it!

"Oh my gosh, Mia, you are crazy!" Christopher says, laughing as his friend Mia Matsumiya shimmies her slender body inside a circular metal wastepaper basket standing almost as tall as she is.

The two pals are visiting The Container Store in New York--a shop specializing in selling various sized containers for almost every need. They've just had a nice lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant, and drifted inside the shop, intrigued by the store's title. Standing at an adorably miniature 4'9" with her long dark hair tied in a ponytail, the Japanese beauty--wearing a tight-fitting blue shirt with pink kittens on it, a black jacket, black fingerless gloves, a black pleated skirt with dark stockings and black knee-high come-fuck-me boots--has been amusing both herself and her friend with demonstrating how flexible she is by squeezing inside various small containers. It's New York City, so no one is really paying attention, as this is just one more oddity in a town filled with them.

Christopher takes pictures of Mia contorting herself as she folds up inside a plastic storage container, pretending she's Goldilocks as she says in her thick Japanese accent, "No, this one's too big...no, this one's too small," laughing as she seeks out the perfect container she can fit inside and comfortably close the cover over herself. As the two friends clown around, they're unaware that two guys--Andrew and Pete--have been watching them from the end of one of the long aisles. The store is fairly crowded, so the two men blend in easily. Both are white and in their late thirties, Andrew having sandy blond hair and Pete being of slightly darker complexion with jet-black hair. Both men, who are fairly well built, have been in and out of prison over the last five years for various crimes.

Andrew stares at Mia in wonder as he leans close to Pete so that no one else can hear. "She's fucking beautiful," he tells Pete. "I figured we'd come in here and get some supplies for the new place. I had no idea we'd step into fantasyland with the perfect little prize treat waiting for us."

"Got that right," Pete answers quietly, equally taken aback by Mia's beauty. "I know you've got a thing for Asian women, and looking at her, I can't blame you." Andrew's breathing is getting heavier, and he licks his lips as he takes a moment to try and get it under control, so as not to draw attention as they watch Mia crumple herself into yet another small plastic container. "Look at her, man," Andrew whispers. "It's like she's wrapping herself up for us as a present. I mean, can it get better than this?"

"You're thinking what I'm thinking, pal...I'll take one of those to go," Pete answers with a chuckle. He and Andrew share a knowing look. "It would be a crime not to take advantage of an opportunity like this," Pete says. Andrew nods back; "We just gotta wait for the right time."

Just then, Christopher throws out a swear, drawing the guys' attention to him. "Mia, I'm sorry. The battery on my camera's running low." Mia sits up in the plastic container she's just found. "There's a thrift store next door. They should have batteries. This is fun, I wanna keep taking pictures! Go get batteries, I'm gonna lay inside here and see if people notice!"

Christopher laughs. "Alright, I'll be right back!"

Mia lays down on her side in the plastic container, folding herself up, knees to her chest. She winks at Christopher, who places the cover on top, fitting it loosely enough so that air can still get in. With a laugh, he heads out to get some more batteries for his camera while Mia has to stifle her own laughter in an attempt to remain inconspicuous within the container, which rests on the floor at an angle, sticking out just slightly from the racks. As Mia waits, various people walk by, most of whom don't even notice her inside the container. One woman passes by with her four year-old son, who sees Mia and tries to point her out, but his mother just murmurs an "mm-hmm" and pays no attention as she leads her child down the aisle, which is now fairly empty of customers. Mia rolls her eyes, amazed at how completely oblivious people can be. She glances up as she sees two burly men approaching, and waits quietly to see if they'll notice her. To her surprise, one of them looks down and smiles right at her. Mia starts to smile back, giggling, but then is shocked as they reach down on either side of the plastic container and quickly snap the airtight cover closed, each of them grabbing an end and lifting the container up with her inside it--immediately heading for the exit at the front of the store!

"Hey! Hey, what are you doing?!" Mia shouts at them. She tries to pound on the side of the container, but finds she has no room at all to flail her fists, and so she barely makes any sound slapping her hands against the plastic as the two guys quickly push through the crowd at the entrance, which has no security guard or alarm grill, and head out of the store with their miniature prize!

"What the hell?!" Mia screams inside the container, her cries muffled by the plastic and the sounds of a busy and noisy city outside. She tries to turn her head to see where they're taking her, but of course there's no room to do so. She sees pedestrians outside, passing by the rushing men, oblivious to what they're up to, as they're all caught up in their own little worlds. Through the plastic, Mia can sort-of hear the sound of something metal sliding aside, and then darkness falls over her and she realizes she's being loaded into a van, the two guys not taking their hands off the container's sides for even an instant, ensuring she can't break out.

"Quick, sit down on it," Andrew tells Pete as he sets his side down on the white van's metal floor. Pete crawls into the van after him, still keeping his side of the container securely closed and ignoring Mia's cries and screams as he quickly shifts around, setting his 190 pound frame on top of the plastic cover and slapping both hands down on the container's sides. Mia screams as the center of the cover crumples in slightly and his weight bears down on her. Andrew climbs out of the van, looking around the busy street anxiously. No one's heard the scream or taken any notice of them at all. He leans in, peeking into the side of the container, getting turned on even more as he looks directly into Mia's horrified, tear-filled eyes. "Good thing they make these things sturdy, huh baby? Otherwise you might be crushed to death before we get done with you." With a laugh, Andrew steps back out and slams the side door of the van shut.

Inside the container, Mia's in a panic. She realizes that she left her purse with her cell phone on the floor of the store, near where she was playfully fitting into the containers. Even if she did have it, she wouldn't be able to reach it to call for help, as there's no space to move her arms. All she can do is cry and tap her hands against the side of the container, trying to get her abducters' attention, hoping they'll reconsider and let her go. Her hopes are dashed however, as her tiny prison vibrates with the start of the van's engine, and she can feel it as the van peels off, headed for who knows where.

Mia has no idea how many minutes pass, before she becomes aware she's sweating and feeling light-headed. It's then that she realizes that with the cover so securely closed and weighed down by the body of the guy sitting on top of it, that her oxygen inside is starting to run out! She slaps her hands furiously against the container's side, angered just as much by the men ignoring her as she is by the fact she can't get out. Her struggles lessen, and as she cries, she can feel her breathing slowing down and coming in short rasps as she starts to panic more. She says a silent prayer that when she wakes up, it'll be beside her parents in heaven, just before her plastic world goes dark around her...

The first thing Mia senses is that she's moving, up and down as if she were sitting on one of those plastic horses on a merry-go-round. It's really not an unpleasant feeling, and she feels full, content. As she moans, she realizes that she can hear herself, but her mouth isn't opening. She tries to turn over, thinking she's in bed as she's dreaming, but her hands feel odd, somewhat numb. She lifts her head off the oddly hard and warm pillow, and opens her eyes--looking straight into the face of Andrew, one of her kidnappers.

Mia starts to scream, but then realizes she has a ball-gag shoved in her mouth! She looks about wildly and sees that she's still inside the van, although she's no longer inside the plastic container. She turns her head and sees Pete sitting off to the far side of the van's long rear seat; he's totally naked, stroking his long, hard cock as he stares lustfully at Mia. Mia tries to turn, and suddenly knows the full, content feeling she had is because Andrew's dick is filling her moist pussy! She finally looks back at Andrew and realizes he's naked as well. She looks down and screams underneath the ball-gag as she realizes her legs have been wrapped around his waist and her arms are around his neck, her wrists tied securely with one leg of her dark stockings, the other leg of them stretching down to wrap around her thighs and hold all her limbs in place, although her captors took the time to slip her black come-fuck-me boots back on her. Mia's jacket and gloves have been removed, her shirt has been ripped open, her black lace bra pulled down to reveal her B-cup breasts. Her pleated skirt has been lifted up and pulled back so she can see that Andrew's dick is firmly inside her tight pussy, and the up-down motion she felt is Andrew holding onto her perfectly rounded little ass, lifting Mia up and down on his swollen cock!

"MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMPPPPPPHHH!!!!" Mia screams in terror under the ball-gag, feeling Andrew's cock pump its warm seed inside her, unaware just how long he's been doing it, and if he's already knocked her up. He reaches up, holding the back of her hair, guiding her head back into place to rest upon his shoulder(what she thought was a hard, warm pillow) as he starts lifting her up and down on his engorged cock again, her pussy now loosened slightly and lubricating automatically, responding to his thickness filling it up. Mia turns her head to look at Pete as he asks his buddy how her pussy feels.

"It's amazing, man," Andrew moans, fully enjoying the sensation of fucking Mia Matsumiya. "Her pussy is so fucking warm and tight! She got wetter faster than any chick I've had. This seriously might be the best pussy ever, dude!" He grabs Mia's ponytail, left draped over the rear fastenings of the gag, yanking her head back just enough so he can look into her fear-filled eyes. He kisses her tenderly on her little nose and strokes the side of her face. "Thanks, baby. You are a fucking great little ride." Mia swears at him, the sounds unintelligible beneath the gag, and Andrew pays her no mind as he grabs her tight little buttocks again, lifting her up and down on his cock, heedless of her struggles to free her arms from around him as his cock gently widens her pussy, which clamps down around it automatically as if with a mind of its own, not wanting to let go.

Mia tosses her head back and moans beneath her gag, trying to wake up from this nightmare as she can feel her moistening pussy becoming more and more accepting of this hard white cock inside her. She has no idea how long it's been since she was kidnapped, but Christopher must have found her purse by now and realized something's happened to her. Has he called the police? Are they out searching for her, and will they find her soon? Can they even find her, depending on where these two have taken her?

Pete's still stroking his own hard shaft, watching Mia in fascination as her head tilts back in an attempt to keep from resting on Andrew's shoulder. "Look at her, man...she's getting into it," Pete says, mistaking the action. Mia shoots him a harsh glare and shakes her head no, swearing unintelligibly at him through the gag. Her attention is brought back to Andrew however as he takes firmer hold of her ass and bounces her up and down on his cock faster, producing reactionary moans from her. "Yes you are, baby," Andrew says with a smile. "I know you are, your pussy's telling me you're getting into it."

Mia shakes her head again, but this time half-heartedly. It felt nice, waking up with a hard cock inside her, and she doesn't want to admit it to herself, but this stranger's dick just feels so good...so hard and filling as he lifts her up like a little girl in his strong hands, that act itself turning Mia on, allowing her pussy to lubricate more, allowing her rapist easier entry. She looks out the side of her eye, and sees the other one moving closer now, then out of her sight as he stands behind her. "Let me see if I can help her get more into it," Pete says, and Mia can hear his breath coming in short pants now as he pulls the back of her shirt up and tears the clasp off her black lace bra, letting her tits bounce free, rubbing up against Andrew's hairy chest, the nipples hardening from the friction as he keeps raising her up and down on his thick meat. Then the warm, wet, sticky feeling as Pete grunts heavily and she feels his sperm shoot all over her back, running down slowly, making her spine tingle with the shock of the act. Mia moans pitiably beneath her ball-gag as she finally gives in to the demands of her body, feeling her pussy explode in wet orgasm even as Andrew's cock shoots some more cum deep into the recesses of her Asian snatch.

"Hmmmmmmmm...!" Mia moans, and sullenly rests her head against Andrew's chest as he pats and rubs her shoulder. "Good girl," he says in between heavy breaths, hot on her forehead. "I needed that release."

Before Mia can recover fully however, she feels a harsh tug on her ponytail as Pete cranes her neck backward to look up at him. He unlatches the gag clasps and pulls the ball out of her mouth, allowing her to gasp for air. "Wait, please, wait, what do you--" she starts, but then finds her words cut off as Pete slams his cock inside her mouth, swirling it around, chuckling as Mia's cheeks bulge out with the imprint of his dick against them. He listens to her gag slightly as he pushes his cock down her throat, then smiles as he pulls it out of her mouth, leaving a trail of his cum running down the side of her mouth as her eyes go wide and she gasps for air again.

"Wait, please--!" she says in her thick Japanese accent. "Please, don't do this! I don't know why you're doing this--!"

Andrew lifts Mia back into a seated position to face him, her ponytail roughly pulling free from Pete's grip. "You don't know why," Andrew says with a laugh. "Girl, have you ever just stood in front of a mirror and looked at yourself? Shit, I can't even believe you can just walk down a street without having a different guy throw you on top of a car and fuck the shit out of you every few feet!" He and Pete share a laugh at this, and he looks at Pete, dumbfounded. "Why are we doing this...!"

He bends Mia back again and leans forward, allowing her stocking-tied wrists to slip over his head even as her legs now ride up to rest on his shoulders, his cock slowly pulling out. Andrew reaches up with one hand and then the other to grab onto her tits, squeezing them firmly to hold her in place. The tugging sensation hurts a lot, and Mia cries out--allowing Pete, who's leaning against the back of the passenger seat, to stick his dick in her mouth from the side, turning her head to force her to engulf his cock more fully. Mia groans in disgust at having this stranger's cock in her mouth once more, but it's the pain in her tits, being stretched out from her chest as Andrew uses them to moor her in place, which is truly getting to her. Pete pulls the front passenger seat down and sits on it, resting Mia's back on his knees. "I got her," he tells Andrew, who lets go of Mia's tits, allowing her to lay back more against Pete's lap. Pete grabs a tuft of the back of her hair, helping her to take in more of his cock for the blowjob, while Andrew lifts Mia's legs up from around his shoulders and settles her butt on his lap with her legs sticking in the air. He then places his slicked shaft at the entrance to her asshole.

He pushes it in slowly, listening in pleasure to Mia's loud moans of protest around Pete's cock as his friend continues to fuck her face. With Pete's cock in her mouth and Andrew's own prick deep in her ass, Andrew's now free to being fondling Mia's tits and fingering her super-wet Asian pussy. "Oh, man, this is some tasty Jap pussy," Andrew says, licking the fingers he shoved in Mia's sticky box, before going back to fingering her again. Mia moans, trying to shift so that Andrew's cock will come out of her ass, but he slaps her thigh twice, silently ordering her to be still. Mia accepts the command, now letting them just do what they want, in the hope it'll be over soon. She begins sucking Pete's cock more earnestly, trying to get him to blow his load so he'll be spent, while her anus begins to slowly get used to the size and filling power of Andrew's prick. Though she tries to deny it, Mia has to admit that Andrew's really good at fingering her, touching all the right spots, occasionally flicking his tongue over her clit, getting her warmer as her pussy lubricates obediently for him. Alternating between her cunt and her tits, Andrew's lips and juice-covered tongue feel good as they massage her breasts, alleviating the pain from being pulled so fiercely.

Before Mia knows it, she's got cum leaking from her ass as Andrew shoots his wad inside her, and she's gulping down Pete's sperm eagerly, its saltiness tingling the inside of her mouth. Mia cums against her will, as Andrew fingers her to orgasm, her tiny body shuddering in unanticipated delight. Andrew pulls out of Mia's ass and helps Pete slowly lower her to the metal floor, getting her to a seated position. Andrew reaches down, untying her black stockings from around her wrists and legs. Mia looks up at them fearfully, but then bolts for the door! She grabs the handle, managing to turn it and get it open partway, before two strong sets of hands grab her and pull her back inside. She screams, hoping someone will hear her, only getting a glimpse of some trees before Andrew pulls the door shut and locks it while Pete holds her squirming body on top of his lap on the floor.

"You fucking stupid bitch!" Pete yells into Mia's face as he throws her to the floor and backhands her. He then continues slapping her, three or four times, until Andrew pulls him off. Mia's curled into a fetal position, crying like a child punished by her father, and Andrew grabs onto her shoulders, lifting her up into a seated position. "You deserved that," he tells her as he wipes her tears away with surprising gentleness. "The only reason I pulled him off is because I don't want this beautiful face of yours messed up." He then kisses her on the nose once more. "We're over the bridge into New Jersey, out in the woods, babe. No one's gonna hear you, but I want you to behave. You got that?"

Defeated, Mia nods and sobs, like a lost little girl. Andrew takes a place on the seat and cups Mia's chin in his hand, making her look up at him. "I want you to use that sexy ponytail of yours. Wipe my cock clean with it, then suck on my cock, swallowing every drop I'm gonna shoot down your throat. Understand?"

Mia nods just slightly. Pete leans over, whispering something in her ear. She looks at him, disgusted, but when he holds his hand up as if he's going to hit her again, she wipes the look off her face immediately, the appearance of fearful submissiveness taking its place.. Pete gets up on the rear passenger seat, beside Andrew. "Ask her again, Andy." Andrew looks at him curiously, then looks down at Mia once more. "You understand me?"

Mia sighs and looks up at Andrew. In her thick Japanese accent, she reluctantly says: "Yes, white master."

Andrew laughs and slaps hands with Pete. Mia gets up on her knees, taking her ponytail between her little fingers. She wraps it around Andrew's cock, slowly wiping it clean of sperm and pussy juice, running her hair up and down his cock, cleaning it thoroughly, getting her ponytail all sticky. Letting it fall to her back, she then wraps both her slender violinist's hands around his thick cock and begins sucking it, slowly bobbing her head up and down as her lips--sensually thick for an Asian woman--massage his pipe, the sound of her gentle slurping of it turning both him and Pete on. Pete gets up off the passenger seat and pushes Mia's ponytail aside, rubbing his penis head at the base of her neck, then on the soft flesh of her back, breathing heavily as his sperm shoots out, moistening her Japanese skin and the streams of cum slowly run down her back. He takes a moment to rub his sperm all over her back, as if he were rubbing sun tan lotion on her. Pete then kneels behind Mia, spreading her knees slightly and gently inserting his cock into her pussy. He reaches around, fondling Mia's baby breasts as he moves his cock up and down, thrusting in and out of her, making Mia moan softly as she continues sucking Andrew's thick prick. Both men are taken by surprise though, when Pete squeezes her left nipple and milk squirts out, spattering Andrew's leg.

"What the hell--?!" Andrew says, startled out of the pleasure of Mia's sensual lips wrapped around his pipe. He and Pete both look at the creamy milk running down his leg, then Andrew looks at Mia in shock. "Milk...? You have a baby?"

Mia gently releases Andrew's prick from between her lips, licking his cum off them before answering. "I have a daughter. She's a year old, but I still breastfeed her, when she really craves it."*

Andrew and Pete share an uncomfortable look. Pete grabs Mia's hand, holding it up so both men can finally see the wedding ring on her finger. "Shit, someone's definitely gonna come looking for this one," Pete says to his friend angrily. Andrew nods in agreement. "Then we'd better get our jollies off quicker then." He pats his lap with his hands. "Get up here, baby girl."

"Hey," Pete says, annoyed. "She hasn't finished getting her pussy filled at Pete's Gas Station, man!"

"You can fill her tank up after me," Andrew says in a warning tone. "I want her up here, now."

Mia looks back at Pete cautiously. He pulls his cock out of her and gestures to Andrew's lap, his ego deflated. "Get on up."

Mia gets to her feet and then climbs onto Andrew's lap as ordered. He helps position her on his cock, settling her pussy snugly around it as she lowers onto his thick prick. He pulls her close, whispering something in Mia's ear. She looks at him aghast, and Andrew slaps her hard on her ass. "Do it, bitch!"

Wiping fresh tears from her eyes brought about by the sting of Andrew's hand to her buns, Mia gently takes Andrew's face in her hands and leads his mouth to her left breast. He holds onto her waist tightly with his hands as he begins nursing at her breast. It takes Mia a moment to steady her voice, but finally as she runs her fingers through his hair, she begins cooing gently to him, "That's it...that's my good boy. That's it, mama's so proud of you...good boy, get your nourishment..." As she says this, Andrew begins gently lifting Mia up and down on his cock, the action slowly arousing her as well, as she continues breastfeeding this grown man, feeling his mouth latched onto her breast and feeling her milk flow out of it as he drinks deeply.

Pete kneels behind Mia's ass, licking his own fingers and sticking two of them in her anus, fingering her anus while she rides Andrew's cock and breastfeeds him. Pete half-crouches behind Mia, using his friend's knees for support as he slides his hardened cock into Mia's lubed asshole, both her holes now filled up as she continues telling Andrew what a good boy he is, and how much she loves feeding him...an emotion unintentionally becoming more and more real for Mia by the moment, as her rhythmic riding of Andrew's cock allows Pete to synch his rhythm with them, enhancing the experience for all three.

The sunlight being cast through the van's forward window begins lengthening into afternoon shadow, as Mia and Andrew cum simulataneously at least three times, Pete always a split instant behind them, but his cock shooting hot sticky sperm into Mia's ass just as Andrew's seed seeks to bury itself within her womb. After about an hour of this, with Andrew having alternated between breasts to get the maximum amount of milk he could, Mia doesn't resist any longer as they pull out and lay her down on the long back seat. Pete and Andrew exchange places, with Mia resting her head on Andrew's lap, looking up at him as he slides his cock into her mouth, receiving an upside-down blowjob from the tiny Japanese girl while Pete rests her legs on his lap and pushes his engorged cock into her pussy, doing his best to fill her up with his seed as her moans of pleasure mix with their grunts, growing louder within the van.

They finally explode within Mia, filling her mouth and pussy with their sperm. They then sit side-by-side with Mia on the floor in front of them, alternating as she gives Andrew's cock a couple of quick sucks, then goes to Pete's and then back again. Finally, as both near climax, Mia opens her mouth as wide as possible, sticking the tips of both heads in as much as she can, and the two men blow their loads inside her mouth. Mia swallows as much as she can, but some of their sperm still dribbles out of her mouth and onto her tits and lowered black lace bra. She wipes their mixed seed into her skin for their amusement, then lays back on the couch as they fuck her, one after the other, continuously dumping sperm into her wet and now very willing pussy.

Once finished, Pete gets dressed and gets in the driver's seat, turning the van toward the Lincoln Tunnel on its way back to New York. Andrew presses Mia against the back of the rear seat, her legs tossed over his shoulders as he spends the entire ride fucking her, his hard cock pushing her to orgasm after orgasm, coating his member in her Asian juices. Finally, letting her keep on only her pleated skirt and come-fuck-me's, the two drop Mia off in front of her apartment building, where her husband Stan plays with their one year-old daughter, Jenny. Stan watches in shock as the white van pulls up sharply, the door opens and Mia is shoved onto the sidewalk, covering her tits with her hands and with cum all over her face and dripping from her hot and satisfied pussy.

The van peels off and Stan can only stare at his wife in horrified fascination as she watches the van disappear into the distance, a look of longing on her face. "Mia...what in the fuck happened?"

Mia turns to him, and is somewhat embarrassed to find she can't keep a smile off her face as she shrugs at him.

(*See Fucking Mia Matsumiya and Mia Matsumiya: Her Rapist's Baby Pt. 1)

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