Sheer Envy part 2 & 3

Sheer Envy part 2 & 3

It had taken me hours to fall asleep after what I had seen that night. My mind was reeling, a swirling storm of emotions. I had watched my friends father - a man I had secretly admired for years - come into our room at night during our weekly sleep over and molest our other unconscious friend as she slept. I had seen my first real cock. I had witnessed my first sexual assault. I had seen cum for the first time, watching as his thick cock had spurted it on my friends unconscious face. I spent the next few hours going over it in my head.

Why had Claire and Tara not woken up? I realised it must have been the cheesecake that Theo, Taras handsome and apparently sexually deviant father, had made for dessert the night before. I had given my share to my friends when Theo was out of the room, having filled up on dinner and not wanting to hurt his feelings by refusing it.

Had he done this before? I realised that the week before last he had waited to give us dessert until we had finished our after dinner movie,. We had gone to sleep soon after, and woken feeling particularly groggy. I had been worse hit, feeling a little sick the next day. But before that we had never eaten and gone straight to bed, so I decided it was unlikely he had drugged us before then.

Was he only interested in Claire? I briefly wondered, hopefully, if he was interested in me in the same way. But no. I was the "cute" one of our little trio. Claire was the tall, slender pale blonde with the enormous E cup breasts who walked around without a bra before bed time. Tara was the tanned, sporty, fitness model looking girl with the perfect body. I was just the nerd. Boys called my friends hot, but the best I got was "cute". The little freckle faced ginger who looked 5 years younger than the others and dressed conservatively, hiding beneath baggy clothes while the others showed off their assets. And of course Tara was his daughter so that was unlikely - although I felt a brief flash of excitement at that taboo thought. But no, he had gone straight for Claire, pulling up her shirt, playing with her large breasts and raping her mouth while she slept.

The next question was, would he do it again? I saw no reason why not, and I began planning, thinking of ways I could stay awake to see more next time, hoping to see him escalate and do more to my friend. Hoping that maybe, eventually, he would even tire of her and turn to me.

Despite my inexperience, I had always secretly fantasised about things my friends would call sick. Things like rape. So this night had been a dream come true, even though I was sick with jealousy that, as usual, Claire was chosen instead of me. I began playing with myself, confident that my friends would stay asleep and a little excited by the thought. I began treating myself a little more roughly, pinching my nipples and playing with my breasts as he had played with Claires. I stroked myself, imagining it was his thick fingers instead of mine. I put three fingers into myself, treating myself more roughly than ever before as I fantasized about Theo coming back in for more, only to find me playing with myself and turn his attentions to me instead. Perhaps he would grab my head and force his thick, veiny cock into my mouth? Or perhaps he would climb on top of me, and take my virginity? My thoughts became increasingly perverted until I brought myself to climax, and sank into a deep and restful sleep.


Despite the others having been drugged, I was the last to wake. I guess staying up so long had hit me hard. Tara shook me awake, already bright and chirpy, and I sat up slowly. I thought back to the events of the last night, and told myself it must have been a vivid dream. I sure didn't feel like one, but it made more sense.

"Come on" Tara said cheerfully "You don't want to miss breakfast!"

We took turns getting dressed in Taras bathroom, and I used the opportunity to splash my face with water while I thought everything I had seen - or dreamed - last night. We went downstairs as a group, and there stood Theo, smiling happy at us from the stove as he friend up a batch of pancakes.

"Just in time! I hope you're all hungry!"

"I'm starving", Claire replied "Plus I have kind of a weird taste in my mouth."

A look of concern crossed the mans handsome face. "Oh? Are you feeling ok?"

I bit my lip, suddenly terrified he would be found out, but Claire just smiled, eagerly replying "Nothing pancakes can't fix!"

"I'm glad to hear it", he said with a cheerful laugh, sliding a pancake from the frying pan onto the plate in front of Claire before turning to me. "And what about you, Amy? You look a little pale, did you sleep at all last night?"

"Yes!" I answered a little too quickly before catching myself and forcing a smile of my own "I'm just a little groggy. I just need to wake up a little."

Theo nodded thoughtfully as he tended to the pancakes. "Well, I hope you feel better soon. We wouldn't want you getting sick."

And so the rest of the day went much as usual. We went swimming, we had lunch, watched movies, and talked about boys. But the entire time, I couldn't stop thinking about Theo. His body, seeing his dick, and certainly the fact that he had drugged us in order to use my friend as a sex toy. I went home at about six, and still it was all I could think about. From then on, I was obsessed. I started looking up rape porn, I read stories of people who had been drugged and assaulted, I read up on various drugs used, and I looked for ways to counter them so I could see it all again next week. I also started thinking of ways to pretend to eat it, or even to throw it up afterwards.

It dragged by, but I was so excited. We did all the usual things, but all day I kept thinking about what I hoped to see after the others went to bed. But disaster struck - Claire ate too much for dinner, and when Theo came in as we finished watching a bad horror move to give us homemade Mousse, Claire set hers aside. She only ate a fraction, while I watched Theo try to hide his disappointment. Normally I would have assumed it was because he wanted us to enjoy his creations, but of course now I knew better. I doubt the others noticed, but I saw his eyes linger on Claires impressive chest where the dark outlines of her nipples poked at her usual sheer white top, her enviable breasts once again straining at the fabric as she sat back on the sofa, as she apologised and turned her focus back to the terrible movie we had been watching. His disappointed expression told me that my own hopes for that night had just gone out the window. I ate my own, knowing that he wouldn't be stupid enough to take the risk now anyway, and that it might make him doubt his whole plan if I didn't, and we slept soon after.

My sleep, while certainly deeper than what I would get at home, was not as deep as it had been that night a few weeks ago when I suspect we had first been drugged. I was the first to wake. As I lay in bed thinking, I realised that Theo had taken care to give me a specific dessert. Had he given me a smaller dose, due to my grogginess those past few times? I started thinking about how I could use that to my advantage, and when the others woke, I pretended to sleep a little longer. I felt wide awake, but I acted a little groggy.

When we went downstairs, Theo was making breakfast again.

"Good morning, girls" he said with a smile "Did everyone sleep ok?"

We nodded and gave a chorus of yes, and he looked to me "And you, Amy? I know you've been feeling a little off in the morning the last few times you've slept over."

"A lot better this time", I said, intentionally making myself sound just a little groggy "But still not a hundred percent."

"Hope it's not a reaction to something I use to cook. I'll try something different next time, I think I know the problem."

"I look forward to it", I said with a very genuine smile, hoping that meant a far weaker drug. I still wasn't confident disposing of his food without being discovered, and I suspected I could find a way around a weaker dose.

The rest of the day was normal, once more. We swam, we went shopping, we had lunch, and then I went home, frustrated and horny. I continued my research, and even started playing with makeup. Could I get him to look at me like that? Could I get him to touch me next time, instead of Claire?

I continued to plan, and to dream.

Another week dragged by. Another week of school, meaningless chatter and all the things I usually enjoyed but couldn't. I found myself even more jealous of Claire, and it bothered me every time a male checked her out. I had trouble focusing on studies, and my usual TV shows, youtubers and games seemed bland and disinteresting. Instead I sunk myself deeper into my obsession with sexual assault, spending most of my time looking up poorly acted rape porn, talking on forums or roleplaying with strange men in chat rooms.

The weekend finally came, and once again I spent the whole day thinking about what I hoped to see or experience. We went out to lunch, we went shopping, and we had had a bit of fun kicking around a ball in the park, with Tara outclassing us as usual. When night came, we watched TV and did a little online shopping. After dinner we got changed, with Tara and I in pajamas and Claire, of course, wearing a loose white sleeveless top that somehow did even more to accentuate her assets than usual. I noticed she also decided to wear a pair of loose fitting cotton shorts tonight.

We settled in to watch a horror movie, and when it dragged on, I started to worry that Theo wasn't going to give us dessert. That he'd changed his mind about his predatory behavior. But as the movie was reaching a crescendo, the music at its most tense, with us all leaning forward in our seats, he leapt around the corner with a shout of "Dessert!" making Tara and I nearly jump from our seats as Claire let out a frightened yelp.

We all laughed, and he presented us each with an exquisite chocolate mousse. I couldn't help but smile like an idiot at the thought of what he meant, and thankfully he took that as a simple eagerness for dessert. He handed us each a specific mousse, and smiled as we dug in. I was sure he had given me a weaker dose of whatever drug he had been feeding us so I made a show of wolfing down my first mouthful and as he turned away, I expertly scraped most of it into a waiting plastic bag that I had placed in my handbag for just that reason. I had practiced that exact move countless times over the last few days, and was proud of myself for pulling it off so flawlessly. By the time his eyes came back to me, I was eagerly scraping the last scraps of it into my mouth.

"Wow" he laughed as I began licking the edges of the small dessert bowl "I think I'll have to make a double serving for you next time."

"Yes please", I practically panted, barely able to hide how eager I was to watch him face fuck my friend in her sleep.

He smiled proudly as he turned to leave, and I saw his gaze linger on Claire, her shirt riding up slightly as she half - lay splayed across the sofa, her legs apart in a most unladylike fashion as she stared intently at the crazed face of the killer on the TV screen. It was a quick glance, but enough that I noticed before left the room and wandered back down the hallway.

"Close your legs" Tara said to Claire.

Claire simply smiled, poked her tongue out and said "Nah", and that was that.

The movie ended just a few minutes later with the main character thinking she had escaped, only to be attacked from behind before the screen faded to black and the credits rolled. We brushed our teeth, and got ready for bed.

I didn't even remember falling asleep. I woke up to his voice, as he called his daughters name.

"Tara!" he urged as my eyes adjusted to the dim light. I could see him there on the far side of the room as he released her shoulder, wearing a black shirt and the same loose boxer shorts I remembered from my last experience.

Apparently satisfied, he stood and made his way to us. He seemed to pause for a moment when he saw that I had taken the side of the futon where Claire usually slept, and barked her name as he gave her a quick shake.

He turned to me, and I held my eyes shut, making sure to keep my breathing even as if I were still sleeping. His hand clasped my shoulder, and I felt a rush of excitement as he barked "Amy!" and gave me a gentle shake. I lay still, and felt him move away from me and back to Claire.

I knew when he had turned on the light, even with my eyes still closed, the sudden brightness shining pink through my eyelids made it obvious, and I could tell he was repositioning it. I opened my eyes just a crack, and could see him once more standing at Claire's head, rubbing the growing bulge in his shorts.

"Fuck yeah" he groaned to himself as he rubbed himself with one hand, the other reaching down to pinch at Claire's nipples through her top. "Show me those big tits, you little slut."

It was barely more than a whisper, but his words turned me on even more, and I felt the growing heat between my legs as he slowly lifted her top, her large breasts spilling out into the light.

I lay still as I watched, turned slightly to the side with my back to the wall. The lamp above the futon on which we lay shone down on Claire as Theos large hands squeezed and groped at her flesh, tugging and pinching her nipples. The light shining between us made it a little harder for me to see him, but I was thankful that it would likely make it harder for him to see me too.

He continued to talk to her too, his voice a low and husky growl that sent a shiver down my spine as he called her a little tease, complimenting her on her breasts. I watched jealously as he bent down low, his mouth covering one nipple as he sucked and licked them, alternating between them before pulling back, sucking and pulling at her soft flesh. His other hand began to move, and it took me a moment to realise that he was now reaching down into her shorts.

"Lets see if we can moisten you up a little" he said softly as he stood once more, quickly glancing around the room with what I took to be a moment of guilt.

But then he moved, grabbing her hips and turning her so that her legs dangled from the bed. He repositioned her, his thick, strong arm looping under her as he moved her so that her head was resting against my stomach and her legs dangling from the bed. I watched as he got down on his knees, pulling her legs over her shoulder and tugging her flimsy cotton shorts to the side. From this angle, I could just make out a small tuft of her pale pubic hair as he sank his head between her legs. His thick black hair spilled over her pale thighs like a cascade of silk, and I heard her breath begin to quicken ever so slightly.

With the light of the lamp now shining into his eyes, I knew he would be unable to zee me. My envy and arousal were almost overwhelming as he began eating her out, and when I saw one of his hands creeping up her flat stomach to fondle and grope her breasts, I could barely contain myself. I reached down, slowly and carefully, and unbuttoned my own pajama top, and began to pinch and pull at my own smaller B cup breasts, teasing and rubbing my areolae as he did to my friend, pinching and pulling at my own hardening nipples as he did the same to hers. I was not brave enough to reach a hand down my own pants, but I craved his touch, and my own heat and moistness felt overwhelming as I played enviously with my own boobs.

Claire was beginning to breathe more rapidly, letting out the occasional strangled moan, and I could see glimpses of his mouth vigorously licking her as the hand not tending to her breasts rubbed eagerly at her clitoris.

After a few more minutes, she arched her back slightly, a low moan escaping her lips. I quickly pulled my hand from my top, and lay still as he stood, wiping his mouth with the back of his large, strong hand.

He began to adjust Claire once more, her head sliding from where it had been resting on my stomach, but stopped, his eyes falling on me. I froze, closing my eyes fully and reminding myself to breathe. Had he seen me? The light was still between us, and I had mastered the trick of keeping my eyes open only a little, but why had he stopped? I kept my eyes shut, waiting for a sign of what to do next.

"Well shit", he said to himself, a hand tugging at my top. I felt it fall open where I had unbuttoned it, and his fingers released another button, then another. I felt cold air wash over my chest as he pulled the fabric away, and goosebumps spread across my bare, pale skin. I'm sure my cheeks were red with humiliation, but he wasn't looking at my face. He would surely be so disappointed. He had just been so interested in Claires perfect chest, her big bound E cups that drew the eyes of every man even if she wore a sweater. Surely he would be disgusted by mine, my pointy little B cups with areolae I always considered a little too big.

"Looks like cute little Amy has some cute little tits" he muttered softly, a surge of excitement shooting through my body as his large, warm hands cupped my breasts and squeezed them. Surely he was just horny and liked anything in front of him after seeing Claire, but still I found his touch to be the most electrifying thing I had ever experienced, and struggled to keep my breathing as his thick fingers rubbed circles around my nipples as he had to Claire. I let out an involuntary sigh as he pinched my nipples and pulled, and he chuckled. Then his hands were gone, and I almost cried out in anguish to feel his touch once more.

I felt a weight come down on the end of the bed, and his hands grabbed my hips as he pulled me towards him. What was he doing? His hands rubbed my skin, and I felt weightless in his arms as he moved my hips to the edge of the bed. For a moment I was bent uncomfortably at the weist, and had to will myself to remain limp and unresponsive. I felt my legs dangling from the bed, and I knew I must now be side by side with my still unconscious friend. Was he about to do to me what he had done to Claire?

He tugged at my pants, pulling them down to my knees, and suddenly I felt self conscious again as he continued to remove them, pulling one of my limp legs free with some difficulty. I didn't think I was doing a good job of sleeping, but thankfully it must have been enough. Suddenly goth my legs were free, dangling from the edge of the bed.

I'd been carefully shaving between my legs every morning for the past two weeks, and I was proud of how smooth the skin down there was.

"Oh that's a nice little pussy" he hissed, his fingers gently stroking the freshly shaven skin, teasing at my inexperienced little slit. I couldn't help but exhale, my own arousal driving me crazy as he simply laughed.

"Fuck, you're so wet" he said in that same husky growl he had used with Claire, his fingers teasing at me "Cute little Amy's a secret slut, huh?"

Unable to resist, I parted my still dangling legs slightly, and I sensed him stepping back. Had I been discovered? No. I felt him shifting Claire around on the bed once more, and I was briefly disappointed, sure he had gone back to his favorite. I felt something resting on my bare thigh, and a second later he grabbed me again, shifting me back and lifting my legs, positioning me so that my legs were spread wide apart on the bed.

I dared to open my eyes just a crack, my breathing still heavy, and realized he had us both side by side with our legs apart, our thighs touching, while he stood back looking down on us. His thick cock was in his hands, hard and mean looking. It stuck up and out between his legs, a solid rod of muscle criss-crossed with angry, throbbing veins, the bulbous purple head exposed as he rubbed up and down the length with his strong, powerful hands, glaring down at our exposed pussies.

I watched in awe as he picked up the pace, tightening his grip. His large hand could barely close around the thick organ, and I longed to have it inside me.

He reached down his free hand as he worked his shaft, the hand on his cock now a blur. The bulbous head now glistened with precum as his free hand went between Claire's legs, and I felt her writhing next to me. It seemed like forever before his hand left her and a thick finger slid teasingly along my virgin entrance. I closed my eyes, and allowed myself a soft moan.

"Mmm, such a tight little slut" he groaned as he slowly stroked my labia, his touch as light as a feather.

He was breathing heavily now, and I could hear his hand working at his thick cock. When I no longer felt his touch, I opened my eyes once more, and I could see him standing there, his large shape looming over us as his hand worked furiously at himself.

He let out a low grunt, then another as he came, spurts of cum landing on Claire's flat tummy. There came another, and another, and he turned slightly, the last spurt landing on the pale skin of my stomach and slowly running down to my belly button. I flinched, but thankfully he didn't seem to be paying attention.

A look of guilt or regret appeared on his handsome face, just for a moment. He turned and produced a wadded bunch of sanitary wipes before quickly and methodically wiping his cum from both myself and Claire, the wipes cold on my skin as he cleaned his leftover fluids from me.

He slid my pajamas back onto me with practiced expertise, giving my right nipple a soft pinch before buttoning my pajama top once more.

Then he turned to Claire, and I felt a brief rush of intense jealousy as I watched his hands roaming her body, sliding between her legs before straightening her small cotton shorts, fondling her large breasts as he straightened her sheer white top.

Next we were moved, his strong hands shifting our limp bodies back to our positions on the futon before he cleaned up the last scraps of evidence and left the room, leaving me with my heart pounding hard as my fingers at last reached between my legs to tend to my own overpowering desire.

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