My College Years - Part 1

My College Years - Part 1

I guess I should start with my first day of college so I can lay the groundwork.

I applied to five different colleges and got five acceptance letters back. My grades where very good and my SAT scores were as well. I could have gone to a much better school than I did, but my Father’s pocket was my main concern.

I decided on a well known state university that will remain anonymous. Needless to say it was a large school that was then well known for partying. Believe it or not I was the only one who did not know this at the time.

My parents followed me to the university in my Dad’s truck. Thank God it didn’t rain that day because most of my stuff was in the back.

We were met by the usual upperclassmen on arrival and they showed us to my dorm room. Dad was instantly upset because it was coed. The girl who showed us around explained we are segregated.

"Girls are on one floor and guys on the other. We don’t stop guys from visiting girls or vice versa, but at least we don’t shower together" she laughed.

That didn’t really make my Dad feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Fortunately noticing some of the football players moving in took his mind off it; my Dad is such a sports freak.

My parents stuck around until after lunch; then I told them "I should probably unpack and walk around campus to find out where things are".

I received a stern lecture from Dad that "You are here for an education; and need to keep your eyes on the ball". My Dad always says things like "You need to keep your eyes on the ball", like I really know what the fuck that means.

"I will" I smiled.

Mom started crying and then I started crying, my Dad was sighing because we were crying; it all went to hell. We finally gave hugs and kisses and I saw some water welling up in Dads eyes.

"I will call every night; and come home on weekends as much as I can".

I had no intentions of going home on weekends; holidays were enough. I didn’t need to tell them that though.

"I mean shit; Dad is a dictator; I am free now".

My parents left so I started to unpack. I knew my roommate’s name was Sandy, although she was nowhere to be seen. She had apparently come the day before because her side of the room was already prim and proper.

"From the looks of things she might be a little too tidy for my taste". I thought.

Somehow I had been put into the jock dorm. I think it was because I was so late accepting the schools offer. I was done with track running; my times would not have earned me a spot on this team anyway. I still ran every morning though not for competition; it was so I could eat pizza and not feel guilty.

The room was larger than I thought it would be having two beds, a sink and a place for a microwave and dishes.

"Good I can heat up my stockpile of oodles of noodles and won’t even have to leave the room".

There was only one closet though and I was hoping my roommate had left me some room. I gathered about four things together to hang up and was struggling to hold them; when I saw it.

"Oh fuck this can’t be!”

There in my closet; in MY closet, was a perfectly pressed and shiny new cheerleader’s outfit.

"What have I done to God to deserve this"?

"Great I am rooming with a snobby, slutty, whore of a cheerleader". Have I ever told you that I hate cheerleaders? After careful thought I considered that I could be wrong.

"She might be a nice girl; not a snob who will try to steal any guy she sees me with. Yeah and maybe I will win the fucking lottery too".

I unpacked my stuff, made my bed and put out my girly necessities before leaving to explore the campus. Every place I went had an upperclassman there to greet me and tell me where I was; and why I needed to know where I was.

I was hoping to meet someone who knew the ropes and show me around, but I never; and had to flounder about by myself. I made my way to the library and the upperclassman there seemed pretty popular.

Girls were flocking around this guy; I tried to walk past him and go into the building when he grabbed me by the arm.

"Hi, my name is Bill.”

Little did I know at the time, but I was shaking the hand of the man that would change my life forever. He would shatter all the foundations that my parents spent eighteen years trying to instill in to me.

I instantly didn’t like him; a guy that has so many women fawning over him has to be fake or a pretentious pig. I smiled at him as I shook his hand; then quickly dismissed him from my mind.

After spending the whole afternoon walking the campus I was hungry so I went to the dining hall. I was quite impressed; there was everything you could think of and most importantly they made a good slice.

I bought a slice of pizza and sat down by myself. A girl asked if she could join me. We introduced ourselves and had one of those chats where you don’t actually say anything. The only thing I found noteworthy was the name of a cute professor that was sitting on the far wall.

I was pretty excited when I found out he would be one of my teachers. It didn’t take long before it was getting dark and I politely said I should make my way back to the dorm.

While walking I was thinking about the cute professor. He was young and I wondered if there were a lot like him. Before I knew it I was back at the dorm.

My mind reverted again to the fact "I am now a roommate of a cheerleader".

I truly hoped that she was ugly, but a very nice person. When I walked into my room she was there folding some clothes; my spirits sank. This girl was one of the most beautiful girls I had ever seen. I instantly felt inferior and somewhat ugly. She was a tall blonde with a much bigger chest than mine.

When I stepped into the room she turned and smiled "Megan".

"Yes, and you must be Sandy".

We shook hands and she went on a tirade about how nice it was here; and how happy she was that I was her roommate.

I figured she was nervous; "I mean why would she be happy that I was her roommate; other than the fact that I wasn’t any threat to her?"

As it turned out Sandy was really nice; a constant talker though and she told me her whole life story. I was happy she was doing all the talking; it took the awkwardness out of our first meeting.

"I have been a cheerleader all through high school. Our team won the elite tournament. I am really proud to have been selected to be on the squad here".

I did not tell her how I felt about the whole cheerleading thing; I just smiled. She talked until after midnight, but I didn’t have any other place to go so I didn’t mind.

About a week passed and I met a few people to chat with at lunch and off times. I was not being invited to the many parties that were happening around campus; so I was starting to feel a little down.

"Am I coming off as a snob, do I seem unapproachable, fuck am I ugly?

That is what was going through my mind when I stopped by my room to get an algebra book. I opened the door and Sandy was there with a friend.

I froze for a second; "Am I interrupting anything"?

"Not at all" she smiled.

Her friend was the guy from the library the one who seemed so popular. I thought it figures that this guy is hanging out with Sandy; she is gorgeous after all. I moved to my footlocker and grabbed the algebra book.

"Megan, right" he put his hand out and I took it.

"Yes and you are?

He seemed a little taken aback that I had not remembered his name.


"Oh yes I remember now I met you outside the library".

"Are you off to algebra class"?

"Not yet class is not for two more hours. I was hoping I could find a nice comfortable spot on the green to study; preferably with a latte".

"Great I’ll join you my classes are done for the day".

I thought to myself this guy is pretentious; I have not invited him. I looked over at Sandy. "Would you like to come too"?

"I have to get to class you two go on".

We walked off campus to the local coffee shop and I ordered my latte; he ordered a regular cup of coffee. He told me about the parties he had been to and asked if I had been to any.

“I am new here and, well, I haven’t been invited.”

He laughed saying "You will be waiting a long time if you want invites; just show up nobody cares. Unless it is an invite frat only; all parties are open to everyone".

We sat down under a big elm tree; he told me he was a sophomore in a 5 year program. He was not sure if he would spend all his time here; or transfer to another school.

"Will Sandy be upset if you go to another school"?

He laughed "Are you fishing to see if me and Sandy are in a relationship"?

I replied a little too quickly; "No, no, I just thought how close you were sitting next to her on the bed".

He laughed again; I liked his laugh it was genuine.

"No I am too young to be in any type of serious relationship; I just have friends. Some friends being closer than others" he said with a sly smile. "Then others are just friends like Sandy. I am friends with her brother; he is a senior here.

I nodded in acknowledgement.

"I tell you what; I will give you your first invitation even though you do not really need one".

"Will we be going as friends or close friends? I asked with my own sly smile.

He laughed once again; "Why don’t we start off as friends. Then if you decide to be my close friend; we will cross that bridge.

He arranged to pick me up at my room at seven; and like any young girl I was stressing over what to wear.

"Sandy what do you think I should wear"?

"Dress hot; you are going with Bill and will have to keep the vultures off. The only way to do that is dress hot".

She started rifling through my closet and picked out a short black dress. I had labeled it my "Turn the guys head dress". "Do you think this dress might be saying more than I should say right now"?

She replied by throwing my dress on the bed along with a pair of open toed heels. On to my dainties drawer; she pulled out a pair of black thigh highs and a black thong. Moving very fast now she opened her footlocker and grabbed a large copper barrette; all went on the bed with the dress.

"Now get dressed so I can do your hair".

I did as I was told and she sat me down to brush my hair. She pulled it back and put the copper barrette in.

Looking in the mirror she said "There that should keep the vultures away".

It seemed to me that she becomes quite serious when it's time to pick something to wear. "Maybe I should refrain from asking her opinion next time" I thought.

Bill showed up half an hour late; it was lucky we were not dating or he would have been in hot water.

"It's seven thirty now Bill not seven".

"See that is why I don’t have a girlfriend" he laughed.

"From what I have been hearing you have a lot of friends that are girls"

"Yes I guess you could say that" he smiled.

We were walking to the party talking, laughing and having a great time when he suddenly said "Screw this".

I gave him a quizzical look before he said "Let’s go some place and get to know each other".

I gave him a "I don’t think so" look.

"Not like that I want to get in your head; get to know you. Getting in your panties can come later" he added with a laugh.

"Where do you want to go"?

"I know just the place" he assured me.

He took me to a bar and I soon figured that no way would I get served.

"I am only eighteen and I look about fifteen; it is not going to work".

"What" he said?

"You may be able to get served; but there is no way they will serve me".

"We are not here for alcohol; I brought you here because it’s quiet and they have a guy on the piano".

"We have gone from going to a party and dancing where everyone is sure to get drunk; to drinking soda and listening to a piano"?

This was not my idea of a great time, but I went along with it.

Our conversation started off pretty good. He told me about his childhood and some of the crazier things he had done in high school.

It got a little weird when he asked "What do you do for fun"?

"I don’t know; not much I guess".

"Come on you can do better than that. Do you like to dance"?

"Yes I do like to dance".

"Good this is not so hard; do you like to party"?

"I like to party".

"Okay now be perfectly honest with me; what do you like to do more than anything else in the world"?

I stumbled on that question; I really could not come up with an answer.

"Unless you been abused or have not been with a good lover; your answer has to be sex".

"Err okay" I said.

"Good now that we both agree that sex is the most enjoyable thing you can do, tell me about your sex life".

"Fuck you that is personal"

"Come on I will tell you about mine".

After a lot of coaxing I began telling him about my sexual experiences. He had a way about him that made it exciting rather than embarrassing.

He would light up when I told him about each new experience; and probe for all the details.

"This is so weird I am telling a guy who I barely know; all the things I should be keeping secret".
He gave me a comforting smile.

When I told him about a lesbian affair with a close friend he hugged me lovingly. I felt myself tear up; but managed to hold back the waterworks.

He then began his encounters and it was a good thing it was early evening; because his were far more extensive than mine. He savored them all as if they were candy.

When it eventually was late; I did the whole yawn and put your arms in the air thing. He then made me an offer that I almost accepted. I felt a little intimidated by all his experience though, so I declined.

He walked me back to the dorm and kissed me lightly on my lips. "Your offer is becoming more tempting by the moment" I somehow managed to force myself into my dorm room.

Sandy was there and she seemed pretty well drunk.

"This is great I could have gone with Bill for a night full of great sex. Instead I am going to be babysitting a drunk".

She fumbled around getting undressed; and fumbled even more trying to get her jammies on.

"Do you need any help?"

She told me over and over again how she can handle it; and did not need my help. After what seemed like an eternity trying to tell me how great her night was she fell asleep on my bed. She was out pretty hard and I knew I was not going to get her up again.

"Fuck she is on my favorite pillow". I went to her bed and fell asleep thinking about Bill.

Bill seemed to be able to find me wherever I went. He bumped into me coming out of class; on my way to the library and going to the dining hall.

"Are you doing anything tonight"? he asked me at lunch.

"You can’t keep me out late I have an eight o'clock lab in the morning".

"I promise to have you home early; er I mean in bed early.

"Bill you are not getting my panties off that easy" I smiled.

"You can keep your panties on as long as you are in my bed" he smiled back.

He arrived on time to pick me up. I thought "Good it’s best to train them early".

"I am taking you on a tour of the city in style".

He was proud of his black convertible Saab and told me the model, horsepower, engine size, type of wheels and where he got it. I heard bla, bla bla, bla.

"Are you going to drive or bore me to death".

He laughed at that and asked "What do you drive"?

"Toyota Corolla do not ask me anything else because I don’t know".

We were driving around the city and he kept pointing out hot women to me.

"My panties are definitely staying on tonight".

"Come on don't tell me you can not appreciate a beautiful woman".

"I do appreciate women, and they do not necessarily have to look beautiful to be beautiful".

"I am not talking about spending your life with this women, I am talking about being attracted to her for the purpose of sex. Can you honestly tell me that when you are trolling for guys, you look for ugly ones that are beautiful inside"?

"Okay, okay, I see your point".

We stopped at a fast food restaurant and the girl in the window was cute; "What do you think of her"?

He smiled and said "It doesn’t matter; I just wanted you to play along".

It was getting close to dark when he said "I have a dare for you".

"Really what kind of dare"?

"I dare you to flash the next truck we see".

"You are nuts why don't you flash the next truck"?

With laughter he said "If I flash someone you will have to bail me out of jail. You on the other hand can flash anyone you want and probably make their day".

"What if I cause an accident"?

"Ok how about someone who is parked would that make you feel better? Come on it will give some guy a stiffy and I bet you will get a thrill from it".

I really can’t explain why I agreed he just made it seem so bad and taboo. We went by a stop and he pulled up next to an idling truck. I looked up and saw the trucker was looking right at me; he even smiled.

I wasn’t going to go through with it; but Bill pinched my leg. "Go ahead".

I smiled back at the trucker and lifted my shirt. His eyes grew and he had a really wide smile as Bill pulled away.

I was feeling exhilarated; "How did you talk me into doing that"?

It was such a turn on though and Bill found three other guys for me to flash. By the time I finished flashing I was super horny.

Bill could tell as he pulled me to him and we began kissing. "Are you feeling the rush"?

"It is really turning me on".

"Come on I have something better".

He took me to the movie theater and we parked at the far end of the lot. "Now take all your clothes off".

"What" I asked?

"Take them all off; you thought flashing was a rush, just think about the chance of getting caught naked".

I was scared; but Bill was so excited it really turned me on. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his already erect cock. "Are you going to get undressed". I asked.

"Nope just you".

I was looking at his cock and wanting it so fucking bad. I took my top off then my jeans. I hesitated with my thong so he pulled me to him and kissed me. That was all I needed and it too came off.

It was dark now under the neon lights a good distance from the theater. As I looked at him he pulled me on top of him and we started kissing.

I lifted myself up and lowered my wet pussy onto his cock. I gasped when it entered me it felt so good. The excitement, fear and my desire were all charging me up. I started rocking on him and he moaned. He was kissing my lips, neck and my breasts. I had a nervous look up; I didn’t see anyone, but my heart was pumping with fear.

He grabbed my waist and started moving me in a slow rhythm. He was sucking my nipples and guiding my hips. My pussy was so hot it felt on fire. I wanted so much for him to get off inside me. His hands and arms were really strong and his dick was so hard it felt wonderful.

He started to thrust every time I lowered myself; and his moaning was becoming louder. The thought of pleasing him was bringing me to the edge. I knew he was going to blow soon because of his increasing tempo.

The fear had gone so it was just my desire now. I bit my bottom lip as my back arched. I knew something was happening; but I couldn’t focus on it. I was riding him as fast as I could when I put my fist in my mouth and screamed.

He kept thrusting; moving me up and down by pushing up inside me. He jerked and pressed me tight to him as I squeezed my inner muscles as hard as I could. I could feel his cock spasm "Mmm this is so fucking hot".

I was lying limp in his arms when I noticed the top was down on the Saab. Sometime during our love making he had opened it.

"Oh my God" I rolled off him scooped up my shirt and tried to cover my body with it. He put the car in reverse and we left; I couldn’t bear to look behind.

Had someone watched me? Did lots of people see me? I punched him in the arm "You are an asshole".

He just laughed and said "A whole group of people might have left the theater; just in time to see the climax on a different show".

Then driving home he asked me seriously; "Did you have a good night"?

"I don’t know it really hasn’t sunk in yet".

"Come on you are beautiful; I know if I seen you riding a guy’s cock in the parking lot I would consider myself very lucky".

I still did not know how I felt about it as he dropped me off and kissed me goodnight.

"Can I see you tomorrow"?

"Do I have a choice"?

"I guess you don’t" was his laughing reply as he drove off.

I was lying in bed thinking about the night. "This is not me; I don’t flash people and have sex in a parking lot".

I did not know what it was about him; why he was so compelling. Was it because he was so spontaneous? He was like a little kid in his excitement. He could give you a look that was so mischievous, it made you want to play with him. Being with him tonight had been nerve racking, and yet, very exciting. I finally concluded that I had fun with him; but I was going to have to rein him in; this was crazy.

The next day I was in class and my favorite professor came into the room huffing, puffing and all sweaty. Obviously he had just finished a work out.

"Good morning class" he said while changing his shirt in the middle of the lecture hall. He seriously worked out on a regular basis because he was mighty fine. His abs were a fifteen on a scale of one to ten.

Of course this got me thinking of flashing those truckers the night before. I was thinking if Bill was right "Did they get hard just by looking at my breasts"?

I wondered if the professor would like it if I flashed him. I certainly liked it when he flashed the class. I started thinking about being naked in the car and climbing on top of Bill. I was starting to feel those stirrings; it was getting hotter in here.


Bill's hands were so strong I thought.


Holy shit the professor is saying my name.

"Ah yes professor" I managed to stumble out. I didn’t even have my book out.

"Would like to join us?"

Everyone had moved to the front row; my face was so red I could feel the fucking heat. Someone laughed as I scuttled up to them.

"You seem to be in deep thought; anything you would like to share?"

Do all teachers use that line I thought. Is it taught to them in teacher’s school?

"No sir, I don’t have anything to share sorry". This was all Bills fault I thought.

I went back to my dorm and could barely get in the door. There had to be eleven or twelve women in my room. Sandy was there and they were all talking at once.

You probably do not know this unless you have had personal experience; but there is a certain smell that permeates from having more than one cheerleader in the same room.

To the untrained nose it might smell nice like a fine mixture of sweet perfume. To those of us who know better however; it smells like whore. Having a dozen in the same room it smelt like a whore house.

I pushed my way through to the locker and exchanged a history for physics book. I then had to push my way back out. Those self centered egotistical bitches had not even noticed me; I needed a coffee.

Bill caught up with me at the coffee shop I think he was staking it out. I was in line when he snuck up behind me and pinched me on the ass.

I jumped thrusting my pelvis out right into the guy in front of me. The guy turned around to see what was going on. I turned to yell at Bill and he had jumped into a seat at a nearby table. He was sitting there with a bored look on his face; as if he was not the cause of this whole scene. I turned back around with my red face and apologized to the guy I had just pussy slapped. Can this day get any worse I thought?

The guy thought it was great joke however; he said "I didn’t mind that at all; though it usually works better when you are facing each other."

I sat at the table with Bill and he had this shit eating grin on his face.

"I’m mad at you" I told him.

"No you can’t be mad at me it’s Friday."

I looked at him like he had two heads. " What do you mean it's Friday?"

"Friday means party; if you are mad at me then you won’t want to go there with me tonight. Megan my darling; this is a party you will want to go to".

"Really what is so good about this party?"

"This is a toga party; no clothes lots of drinking, dancing and who knows"?

"Sounds interesting.”

"They give you a sheet when you get there and the sheet never lasts the night" he said with a grin.

Bill was so excited his eyes were sparkling with mischief. He started running out the door and said he would call at eight to get me. "They really should get a better lock on the asylum" I thought.

The party was at a fraternity house on campus; Bill paid a cover charge for the two of us. They had a commercial laundry basket where they handed out the sheets. Bill stripped down to his boxers and I stripped down to bra and thong.

The guy at the door loved his job; he looked at me and said "Sweetheart you have a smoking ass". That never bothered Bill in the least; he just smiled and said "Let’s have some fun". Bill helped me to tie the sheet on correctly; this being my first toga party after all.

We moved in to a large room that had food and drink tables lined along one side. There was an abundance to eat; everything from pizza to broccoli. In the center of the table was this large bowl filled with condoms I blushed when I saw it.

A cute guy was mixing drinks at another table. Behind him the shelves were filled with bottles of booze galore. There were huge tubs overflowing with ice; and kegs of beer. They had a D.J. complete with all the equipment and extra large speakers".

"Wow these guys know how to party".

It was early and the music was light as people were drinking and chatting. It seemed an easy mood in which to get to know each other.

Bill brought me over to the bar "What do you want to drink?"

I looked at the cute guy bartender "Can you make me a long island iced tea please; I have never had one and always wanted to give it a try".

"Sure, anything for the pretty lady".

Bill was introducing me to people when I started coughing and spitting. "This drink tastes like diesel fuel; I think I am going to puke"

He laughed and said "Stay here I will get you something you will like".

The new drink he gave me did not taste like alcohol at all; it was both sweet and sour at the same time.

"What is it Bill?"

"I don’t know it’s a punch they make for girls who can’t handle Long Island Iced Tea".

I punched him in the arm. We had a slice of pizza and a few more drinks. The party was progressing; with the music getting faster and the talking louder.

People were dancing and bongs were being passed around. When the bong came to us Bill showed me how to use it. I went into a coughing fit; he slapped my back and passed it on.

I really did not have a head for pot, but it was hard to say pass. The bong came around again and again; I kept having coughing fits; but it was taking effect.

"Okay this is feeling pretty good".

I grabbed Bill’s hand and dragged him on to the dance floor. "I may be a fish out of water, but not here on the dance floor".

Bill was pretty good and he had stamina. I prefer to dance fast up tempo; not that slow dancing is bad.

A slower tune came on and we danced really provocative. Bill was grinding on my ass and I was doing the same to his leg.

"This is really turning me on".

I looked around and no one was even giving us a second glance. We were not the only ones dancing in a seductive manner.

Bill left me on the dance floor during a break to get a refill. Then the music started back up; and I just started to dance. I didn’t need Bill for a partner. Two guys filled the need and we began dancing really provocatively.

Bill came back and just joined in there was no jealousy. Before I knew it we had three girls dancing with us. Everyone was grinding on each other; holding, guiding hips and lots of staring in each other’s eyes.

I downed the drink Bill brought me and took another hit off the bong. I was successful this time no coughing.

"It's so fucking warm in here" I thought.

I pulled the sheet off me and danced in my thong and panties. Realizing what I had done I looked around; there was a chain reaction with everyone losing their sheets.

At one point I found myself dancing with a girl who was grinding her pussy on my leg; so I mock kissed her neck. I looked around for Bill; I couldn’t see him but didn’t care.

This girl was making me hot so I reached over and grabbed the back of her hair. I pulled her to me and kissed her hard. My tongue was darting in her mouth reaching for her hot tongue. I felt someone grinding on my ass; I turned around and another girl grabbed me and kissed me hard. I was like a sandwich being pressed by these girls; and their bodies felt so good up against mine.

I felt someone run their hand from my pussy up the crack of my butt tracing the line of my thong. I did not know who it was nor did I care. The girl in front of me was pushing my face into her bra; and her breasts into my face. Swaying back and forth I could feel my inner thighs becoming damp. The music stopped and the guy announced he was taking a five minute break.

Everyone moved off the dance floor so I went with the crowd. I was really fucking horny; and my head was so clouded it made me shiver.

"Slow down tiger it’s still early yet".

"It's so hard to calm down Bill I am ready to fuck, suck, lick and bite.”

My body was so inflamed that any little touch made me quiver. I had never been so ready; Bill saw this and directed me to a side door to get some air.

I was standing outside in the cool October air wearing only panties and a thong.

"Megan is everything okay"

The fog was starting to clear in my head "Jesus, Bill we are outside in our underwear".

He blinked "Have you just noticed that?

"Yes I guess I got a little carried away".

"Carried away?" He said incredulously. "If I hadn’t come along I think you would be on the dance floor having sex right now."

We went back inside and the music was again in full swing. People were out there dancing with barely anything on. Some of the girls had taken their bras off and were dancing topless. Lots of guys were watching; and their desire was evident.

Bill said "Wait here I am going to get us a refill."

The bong came by again so I took another hit and watched the girls dancing topless with each other. I started to feel flush and my skin tingled all over.

"I want to be out there I want to be in the middle of all that desire."

Bill came back with our drinks; I grabbed mine and quickly downed it. My hips were swaying like they were on autopilot.

I grabbed his hand "I need to dance."

He laughed as I dragged him on to the dance floor. While dancing I kept edging closer and closer to the topless girls. The crowd of guys was cheering them on.

I looked into Bill’s eyes and said "I’m sorry"; I left him and pushed my way through the crowd.

Reaching around me I fumbled with the clasp of my bra and ripped it off. I threw it into the crowd and the guys cheered as I joined the other girls and started to dance.

Moving to the music my head was swimming; and the eroticism was overwhelming. I was grinding on one girl and kissing another. One of my breasts was being fondled by one girl; and my hand was squeezing the ass of another. We either kissed long and passionate; or held our tongues out to touch others in short hot bursts. I could feel my damp thighs; and knew if I didn’t stop soon I was going to climax.

Bill grabbed me from behind; turned me around and kissed me. He then shuffled me up to an unoccupied bed room.

"I want you to fuck me so hard it hurts!" I begged.

"Hold on I will fuck you hard; you will feel it for a week, but hold on".

I started to pull his boxers off and he backed away. "WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM, I YELLED?” While pushing him in the chest.

I was burning with desire and he is fucking backing away. "What the fuck?”

He peeked out the door and then opened it; a girl came in wearing only bra and panties.

"Megan this is Carrie do you mind if she joins us?”

"The way I feel right now!!!" "I don't care if you invite the entire football team.”

I smiled at Carrie I could still hear the music and my hips started to sway. Bill brought Carrie over and she kissed me. That was the only introduction I needed; and I kissed her back very hard.

Bill took her bra off as she was kissing my breasts. He smiled "I am going to watch for a few minutes if you don’t mind.”

"There might not be much left of her when I am done." I purred.

"I’ll take my chances" he replied.

Carrie was so soft and her smell was a delight. I didn’t want to stop kissing or feeling her smooth skin. She laid me down on the bed and pulled off my thong.

She looked over at Bill and said "This is quite wet would you like to feel?”

She threw it at his grinning face; he caught it and brought it to his nose. "Mmm smells fresh". She then pulled her panties off; and threw them at him.

I pulled her down on top of me and kissed her; caressing her soft tongue with mine. I was beyond turned on at this point; I felt like a volcano ready to erupt. Putting one knee on either side of my head she pushed her hot pussy on my mouth. It was so very wet and tasted really sweet. I licked her lips and opening; she started to moan and push her pussy harder on to my tongue.

I felt her hands on my pussy and her fingers were probing my insides. I squeezed my legs together trapping her hand and flicked her clit. She moaned and balled her hand into a semi fist. I thought I was being split in half. I screamed and she started to rotate her hips; getting juices all over my face. She pulled her hand out of my pussy and squeezed my clit.

"Good god!" I screamed.

I started to cum; It was not just a wave of pleasure. It started deep inside and exploded; I completely lost what I was doing. She was rubbing my nub with her fingers and I couldn’t think. I couldn’t focus as I felt my face getting wetter; she moaned out really loud.

Carrie then moved off my face before kissing me softly on the lips; she whispered in my ear "Thank you".

To be honest I do not really know what I did but my face was soaked and she was smiling. We both turned and looked at Bill.

"Come here" I taunted.

He smiled and dropped his boxers revealing a rock hard cock. The veins were so pronounced it looked almost purple. He started kissing Carrie and I took him in my mouth with vigour. I licked his bald balls and up his shaft. When I got to the tip there was a pool waiting for me to lick clean.

Moving back to his balls I noticed Carrie was now sharing with me. Both our tongues started licking up his shaft until they touched at the top. We would pause for a short kiss then resume. Bill was making loud moaning noises and swearing in lust.

"Let me sit down or I am going to fall down"

We told him to lie down and he obeyed; allowing Carrie to climb on his cock. I turned and put one knee on either side of his head facing Carrie. She started riding his cock and I pushed my pussy against his face.

As I leaned over and kissed Carrie I felt Bill’s tongue probe my asshole. It sent shivers up my spine. Carrie was kissing me and riding his cock; while Bill’s strong tongue was pushing into my ass.

When Carrie began to pinch both of my nipples it was too much. I screamed out and climaxed again; I could feel lots of my wetness on Bill’s chin.

Bill was matching her every move with strong thrusts. Carrie was moaning and holding on tight to my nipples; I was over the edge with that pleasure; and the hot tongue in my asshole. Bill pulled his tongue out as he stiffened and moaned; I almost fell off him when he shuddered.

Carrie hopped off his cock to try and prevent him from getting off inside her. I took her place with my mouth and tongue licking up his sticky cum. It was so erotic tasting both him and her at the same time.

"I am spent; the dancing; sex, holy fuck.”

It took what seemed like hours to gather up our clothes. Bill thanked Carrie and I kissed her passionately.

"I hope to see you again" she smiled back at me.

As Bill walked me to my dorm my head cleared enough to recall everything I had done. I was not ashamed of anything; but worried what Bill would think of me.

"I am sorry; I just lost control I never expected to dance like that".

"Megan we are going to have so much fun".”

He kissed me and I said "Hey, you still owe me that hard fuck you promised me.” I then turned and ran up to my room.

I hope you enjoyed my college years part 1.

Love Megan

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