Secrets behind closed doors

Secrets behind closed doors

I have always had a thing for older men. I always liked the thought of having one for myself, but never was able to find someone who would date a younger woman. This was until I met Jonathon. Jon worked at a violin shop, making and selling his work. He was not tall, nor was he short. He had a nice frame and a beautiful face.

Jon was working the day I came to his shop. I asked him to give me a tour of the place. He stopped his work and led me around the building. While walking with him I decided to make a move. I pretended like I purposely dropped my keys. Jon immediately went to grab them but I stopped him and said, "Oh, that's alright. I can get them." I bent down and picked my keys up, rubbing my bottom on Jon's torso. He quickly stepped back and said in a soft tone, "Follow me. I know where we can continue this in private."

He led me to the offices. Stopping in the hallway he kissed me. Long and deep. As he was kissing me he pinned me up against the wall and put his hand down my pants. This sent a thrilling shiver down my body. He started rubbing my slit softl, then he worked my clit. He stuck one finger in my hole and started fucking me with his finger. As he entered a second finger I moaned quietly knowing if I was too loud I could get us caught.

Jon then lifted my leg and undid his belt. "Jon, wait, not here," I said. I wanted his fully erect cock inside of me but not in the middle of the hallway where anyone could see us. He opened the door to his office, and locked it. Standing infront of him he slipped his gentle hands up my shirt lifting my top off. Then as I unbuttoned his shirt he took my pants off. Completely exposed to him he kissed me once more and stuck his finger back inside me, getting me ready for what was about to happen.

He stepped back to get a good look at me. I looked at his cock standing at attention. It was big. I was a little frightened about that, but he said he'd go slow and be gentle with me. He then laid me down on the floor and spread my legs apart. With one swift motion his tongue was licking my already wet pussy. I started bucking and forcing his tongue to go in me deeper. I told him to stop and lay down. I got on top of him riding his cock. He grabbed my tits and sucked. Biting and nibbling my nipples only made me fuck him harder and faster.

He flipped me over and fucked me. Ramming his swollen dick in my pussy, I let out a loud scream. He covered my mouth and told me not to be so loud. He started out slow and went faster and faster. I felt myself shaking, soon enough I exploded with Jon inside of me. Still fucking me he came hard. I was in heaven, and I think Jon was too. He collapsed on my breathing heavily. We laid there for a few minutes catching our breaths before I felt him getting hard again. He sucked my neck and gradually went down to my stomach. He kissed my stomach then lowered himself back down to my pussy. Licking my clit, he built up another orgasm in me. I arched my back and sucked in a breath of air as I came. Jon worked his way up to my breasts again sucking and tugging with his teeth. He then thrust his cock inside me once more pounding me with all his strength.

He looked up at me and laid next to me panting and breathing hard. He wrapped his arm around me and held me close to him. He kissed me again. He stopped when we both heard footsteps. "Someone's coming," he said. He jumped up and threw his clothes on.

Then we heard a knocking at the door and someone say, "Jon? What are you doing in there?" I knew we were busted. I didn't know how to react. Jon opened the door and replied, "Nothing. Just working on some things." "Oh, alright. We heard some noises and wondered what they were," the man said "Oh, well I don't know what you heard, sorry." The man opened the door still curious about the noise. He stopped with a shocked look on his face he said, "Oh Jon, I'm sorry, I didn't know you had someone with you." Jon turned around to see me still on the floor just barely covering myself up with my coat.

"You can't tell anyone about this, Okay?" The man agreed and walked down the hall. As Jon shut the door behind him he looked pissed as well as relived. I was scared and didn't know what to do,"I'm sorry Jon, I didn't have time to put my clothes on." I said trembling, not knowing what to expect next. He came towards me and put a finger to my lips and said, "Don't worry, it's fine." He kissed me once more, waited for me to get myself dressed and situated, then led me out of the building to my car. "This wont be the last time I see you will it?" I asked innocently. He smiled and responded, "No, there's plenty more I can give you, just not here." He laughed and pressed his lips to mine and cunningly slipped a hand down my pants again. I grabbed him pushing him close to me. He took a step back and smiled. He then turned and walked back into the building only looking back once to wave goodbye and wink.

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