Hitting the Curve (Chapter 1)

Hitting the Curve (Chapter 1)

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Hitting the Curve (Chapter 1)

The sun beats down on my back, radiating heat through my body. I'm leaning against the bottom of the lifeguard tower where the wood is warm against my arm. I'm actually supposed to be up there on duty but I've given up my seat so Hannah can talk to Kara. The two of them are sitting up there and talking in that way that girls do when they are joined together in doing something--and that something is currently despising me, shooting me hostile glances with their crossed arms and tightly drawn lips. Not that I didn't deserve it after what I had done to Kara last night. So I grit my teeth and take it in, it's the least I can do.

My head is pounding, partly because I'm hungover, but also because I can't shake the feeling that this time, I won't be able to fix my relationship. I fucked up. Yeah, maybe I freaked out a little when Kara dropped the whole "I'm in love" thing on me again, but in retrospect, hooking up with that girl at the bonfire last night after having a few beers was not the right way to deal with it. When Kara saw us together, mouths interlocked, tongues dancing around each other, and her hand in my shorts, hell on earth broke loose. I can't remember ever feeling so guilty and scared at the same time as when she came screaming at me with a beer bottle in hand raised like she was going to hit me. I had gracefully slid the girl I was hooking up with, I'll be damned if I remember her name, off of my lap and stood up, hands raised in surrender and said, "Wait, Kara I can explain!" We all know I couldn't do that. Kara just stared at me with smoldering eyes and said in a broken voice, "How could you?" before she upended the beer over my head.

A harsh laugh interrupts my reminiscence and I glance up to see Kara shooting me with her eyes as Hannah, my best friend, looks on disapprovingly. I take that as my cue to call it a day.

"Hey guys, I'm going to head home." I say as I grab my shirt and sandals, "Hope you two have a great day, and Kara I'm really sorry about last night." I get a stare from Kara and a shake of the head from Hannah in return. At least this is better than being screamed at. Unfortunately, I'll have to deal with this tomorrow, and probably for a good while after that since today also happens to be the last day before school starts up again for the year.

I pull on my shirt and start walking back towards the lifeguard office, hoping to see my boss Mike so I can collect my last paycheck and thank him for a good summer of work. As I get there, I can hear Mike talking on the phone inside, his deep voice taking on that calming tone I'm so used to as he explains to his wife that, no, he didn't forget their anniversary, and that he just wanted to surprise her with a special date tonight. I stifle a chuckle as he sighs loudly and hangs up the phone.

"How's it going, Ryan?" He asks me.

"Well boss, from the sound of that, my day hasn't been all that much different from yours." I reply.

"Jesus, Ryan you're 16 years old! You shouldn't be having girl problems! Especially not in the summer!" Mike states, gesturing wildly with his hands.

Taking in the whole hand motions and combining it with his thick Italian accent and overall Mario-ish appearance, I can't help but laugh. "Yeah, well I made some dumb choices yesterday." I say to him as I reach over the counter and grab my paycheck off the pile waiting to be distributed. "But hey, I just really wanted to thank you for a great summer Mr. Pazzini, it was a great experience and I really appreciate you hiring me."

Mike just smiles at me and shaking his head, mocks my proper way of addressing him when he says, "The pleasure was all mine Mr. Harlow."

He grips my hand and tells me, "You take care of yourself and do well in school this year now."

Shaking his hand back I tell him, "Always Mike." In my best papa Harlow impression I then say, "As my dad always tells me, 'Baseball might be why you go to a certain school, but remember why you're there in the first place. Your education will get you places son, not a game.'"

Mike smiles at me as I walk out the door into the blistering Florida heat. I hop in my car, my trusty Chevy Tahoe, and head home with hopefully just enough time to finish all my summer assignments before I have to wake up for school tomorrow. Procrastination might be bad for you, but damn was I good at it.


The alarm clock blaring in my ear wakes me up and immediately puts me in a bad mood. I slam my hand down on the snooze button and angrily shove my face back into my pillow. Morning person, I am not. I yawn as I stretch out on my bed and contemplate the day ahead of me, running my hands through my wavy brown hair. The first day of my Junior year. The biggest year of my high school career both grade wise and sport wise. My thoughts are interrupted by my door being yanked open by my clearly annoyed little sister. In reality, I only am 11months older than her, making us both pretty old for our respective grades, but while we aren't that far apart in age, I still think of her as a child sometimes. God knows she can act like one.

"Ryan get your lazy ass out of bed. There is no way in hell you're going to make me late on my first day of Senior High." she yelled. High school here where we live in Florida is a bit different. We have 9th grade (freshman year) in the same building as our junior high (5th-8th grade) and it isn't until your sophomore year that you get to move to the newer Senior High building for 10th-12th graders. So Claire, my sister, being a 10th grader will now be coming to school with me. I groaned inwardly as I realized I'd have to deal with her shit every morning as I drove her to school. Between that realization and remembering that not only had I just destroyed my relationship with my now ex-girlfriend but also put a strain on my relationship with my best friend by doing so, I figured that for the foreseeable future, this year was going to suck.

I try to stop these negative thoughts from churning around in my head as I go to get up from my bed and then I realize that Claire is still standing in the doorway with a funny look on her face.

"What are you staring a....What the fuck, Claire? Get out!" I stammer as I realize that my morning wood is making a massive tent in my sheets and that my 16-year-old sister is staring at my covered dick. I hastily adjust myself so my erection isn't nearly as visible as Claire blushes and backs out of the room giggling "I'm sorry, Ry... But it looks like someone is awake after all."

I reach over to my nightstand and pick up the foam baseball. Throwing it at the closing door, I scream "Just get out!" My mind reels, my little sister basically just saw my cock--how embarrassing is that? Don't get me wrong, my "little" sister, while she can act childish, is no longer a kid, physically at the very least. Her well-developed breasts, toned body from all her dancing, and pretty damn nice ass kind of prove that. Combine that with her long brown hair and those piercing green eyes that everyone in my family but me (I have boring old brown) shares and she is by no means an unattractive girl. But, don't even go there you pervs. She's my sister.

"What the fuck is happening this morning?" I think to myself as I get up and start going through my clothes looking for something respectable to wear on my first day back at school.

I finished picking out my clothes, deciding to go with the classic designer T-shirt and a pair of faded jeans. I quickly throw them on, take a glance in my mirror to make sure everything is in order, and race down the stairs to the wonderful smell of my mother's cooking. I rounded the corner and went into the kitchen where my dad and sister were already eating their breakfast at the table and my mom was dishing me up a plate piled high with chocolate chip pancakes--my favorite.

"Geez mom, I didn't know it was my lucky day today!" I say as I give her a quick kiss on the cheek and take my seat the table.

"Good morning to you also, and don't expect this to become a regular event now." She replied, setting down my plate along with a glass of chocolate milk.

I scarfed down my food like a starving man, shoving pancakes into my mouth and washing them down with big gulps of chocolate milk. That's the breakfast of champions right there. Meanwhile, Claire is staring at me like I'm an animal and my Dad is looking at me over the top of his newspaper with his eyebrows raised in an "are you serious?" expression.

"What?" I demand with my mouth full of food.

"You're disgusting. How can you even fit all that in your mouth at once?" says Claire with her mouth slightly open. Well, at least she's acting normal by insulting me. Hopefully trying to forget the whole morning erection scene as much as I am.

"Shut up." I mumble as I finish my breakfast in record time. My dad just shakes his head and goes back to reading the newspaper. He's the silent, intense type. When he talks, which isn't all that often, you listen and you listen good. Quite frankly, he's the opposite of my mom. She's the bubbly type, always talking, fussing, smiling, and laughing like she doesn't have anything at all to be sad about. But hey, they do say opposites attract.

I stand up and clear my plate from the table, and, being the amazing brother and son that I am, take Claire and my Dad's plates too. This of course elicits another raise of the eyebrows from Dad and a snarky comment from Claire who says, "Wow. Ryan? Being a gentleman? Dad, I don't know about this, could be a sign of the apocalypse."

Chuckling, I flick her ear as I walk past her on the way to the sink to wash the dishes. Finishing up, I grab the dish towel and quickly dry my hands. I look at the clock, 7:56. Only 19 measly little minutes until summer would be officially over. I've always hated this time of the year. Yeah, I get to see friends I haven't seen since last year, take new, interesting classes, and set my sights back on the state baseball title that Kennedy High (my school) is sure to win this year. But--yes I know all my English teachers would be disappointed with this start to a sentence-- it also signals the end of my freedom from all the pressure to do well in school, play well on the field, and get an offer to go to a damn good school. You see, baseball is my thing. I'm good. Really good. Number one recruit in the state of Florida, good...and none of that matters. When the scouts come calling and start showing up to games in the spring, I have to preform. If I don't, that number one ranking won't mean anything. Don't worry, in the offseason (which is now) I try to limit my talk of baseball and while I work out to stay in top shape, my life doesn't nearly revolve around it as will later in the year.

I grab my keys off the counter and tell Claire to get ready to go. My mom comes back into the kitchen and gives me a once over with her eyes, seemingly approving of how I dressed for the first day of school. "I'm glad you went with the conventional this year, honey." she says. (You see, last year one of my friends I had this grand idea of dressing up as... Actually too long of a story. Maybe I'll tell you later.)

I give her my best smile, and tell her I love her before running out the door to my car. I hop in, turn on the engine and roll down all the windows letting the fresh morning air into the car. The passenger door opens and Claire hops in. I back the car out of the driveway and start driving towards the school.

"Hey Ry, Senior High really isn't that different from Junior High right?" Claire asks me worriedly.

"Don't worry about it Clairebear, just be yourself and you'll be fine. Your friends will be right there with you, and if they're not, you always have me!" I say, looking over at her.

She gives me a look, probably because I called her Clairebear--, my family's pet name for her from when she was really little--, but smiles at me in a way that says "Thank you."

We pull into the parking lot at 8:10. Five minutes until we have to be in homeroom. We get out of the car and start walking up to school when Claire sees one of her friends, gives out a girlish squeal and runs over to her, already completely forgetting about me. So much for needing my help adjusting. "Yeah, goodbye to you too!" I yell at her. I get a raised middle finger in response. Classic. From adorable little worried girl to devil child in a matter of seconds. I shake my head and sigh when I feel a huge weight jump onto my back. Staggering forward, I straighten up and shake the culprit off. Turning around I already know it's my friend Nick Dillon who pulled the little stunt of trying to hitch a piggyback ride. All 6'0, 190 pounds of him. Not that I was built much differently. At 5’11 and 175 pounds of pretty much all muscle from my workouts, I was in tip top shape.

He grins at me and I can't help but grin back as we slap hands in our customary greeting. "Dude! What's this I hear about you getting with a slamming brunette the other night?"

He grins at me and I can't help but grin back as we slap hands in our customary greeting. "Dude! What's this I hear about you getting with a slamming brunette the other night?"

"How do you know abut that?” I groan.

“Everyone knows about it. Kara’s been bitching to everyone who will listen about how much of an asshole you are dude.”

“Fuck. I mean she deserves to bitch at me, I did cheat on her, but fuck. Think there’s any chance she lets this go soon?” I ask him as we walk through the main doors and towards our homeroom.

“Ryan, man. This is Kara we’re talking about. The drama queen. Did you honestly expect anything different, I mean what were you thinking? Come on dude that's like..”

“I was thinking that Kara told me she loved me and I was not nearly ready for that type of commitment.” I interrupt him with.

“She said what?”

“She said she was in love with me.”

“Dude, you’d been dating for a week, what the fuck? I’m glad you didn't stick around after that, that's some creepy shit. I mean your methodology wasn't ideal for breaking it off but good for you man.”

“Yeah well, I’m just trying to forget about it.” I tell him as we walk into our already crowded homeroom and pick out two seats in the back that are still empty.

“Forget about what?” says a voice I know too well from behind me.

“About how he hooked up with that chick to break up with crazy Kara. Good for him, right Hannah?” Nick helpfully chimes in.

“It’s bad enough that he did it, the last thing he needs right now is you boosting his ego for it you giant asshole.” Hannah says as she takes the seat next to me. That's the thing I love about her. She can be mad as hell at me, but she’ll still stick by side through thick or thin, my Hannah. Hannah Reynolds and I have been best friends since the day she found me building a sandcastle in the sandbox at preschool and proceeded to help me put the finishing touches on it before one of the older kids came over and kicked it to the ground. I still remember how she got up and started screaming at the kid for being dumb. She’s grown a lot since then. She’s wickedly smart and has a body most girls would kill for. Standing at 5’7 with dark brown hair and eyes that look like melted chocolate, she’s a guy magnet. I do my very best at keeping them all away from her though.

“Yeah well, I think that girl is nuts and Ryan is a smart man for getting himself out of that situation.” Nick says, antagonizing Hannah further.

“The ‘crazy’ girl only told him how she felt about him, how does that warrant his cheating on her with some random skank at the bonfire party?”

I shrink back into my seat and try to stay out of it as they go back and forth. It’s an argument neither one of them will win, they’re both stubborn to a fault. As I look around I see familiar faces left and right with the exception of a girl in the front left corner of the room. I shift around in my seat trying to get a better view. All of a sudden my arm gets a solid punch and I wince in pain.

“Ouch, what was that for?” I ask Hannah as I rub my arm tenderly. She hits hard for a girl.

“After all your girl problems recently you think staring at the new girl with drool hanging out of you mouth is a good idea?” Hannah says disapprovingly.

“I’m not checking her out or anything, just its weird to see someone new, you know?”

“Nah dude, you were totally checking her out.” Nick exclaims helpfully, with a stupid grin on his face. He knows Hannah will lay into me for this.

“Don’t be a pig, Ryan. The situation is bad enough as it is. Don't do anything to make it worse and for God’s sake, please don't get the poor new girl involved in this shit show.” Hannah says.

“Yeah dude, don't fuel the fire.” adds Nick.

Sighing, I put my head on my desk. Of course now they can agree on something. I wasn’t even checking her out... not really. I mean all I could see was her dark blonde hair that came down to her back. The rest I could only fantasize about. I do decide Hannah was right though. There is a time and a place for everything and right now I should not be hitting on anyone. I have to let this whole Kara situation ride itself out before I move on. I may have cheated on her, but I’m not a total dickhead. I don’t want to rub anything in her face.

The morning announcements come on around 8:30 and our teacher takes role shortly afterwards. I look at my schedule and remember that I have AP Calculus first period. Exactly what I need. Some hard math problems to distract me from real life right now. The rest of my schedule is fairly easy, at least by my standards, AP Economics, AP Psychology, US History, Italian, AP English, and Public Speaking round out my lineup. My lunch period is the perfect time also, right at noon, splitting my classes almost in half.

The bell rings for first period and I gather up my stuff and head towards Calculus, Hannah in tow. Nick waves goodbye as he heads down a different hallway to his first period class. We will see him again at lunch. Hannah and I happen to share the exact same schedule this year, something that is unheard of in our school of 1,500 students. I’m not complaining though, I think it’s going to be awesome. Hell, maybe I can even convince her to do some of my homework! (In my dreams maybe.)

We walk into the classroom and take seats in the back as usual. Our teacher, Mr. Hammond is a hard-ass. This class is by no means going to be easy. He walks into the room and immediately the chatter of the class dies out.

“Welcome to AP Calculus. This is not a class for the weak of heart. If you think you’re going to be able to not give 100% in here and pass, think again. If that doesn’t sit well with you, I advise you to get out of this room now.” He stares down each member of the class one by one, meeting every single kid’s eyes. “No takers I see. Very well, let’s begin.” he says turning on the Smartboard. “You can find my syllabus online if you need it, I don't like killing trees so most of this year’s work will be done through the school’s Moodle webpage. If you don't like it, that’s too bad.” With this, he dives into the class headfirst, not wasting a single second. When the bell rings 45 minutes later, my hand is sore from taking notes and I shake it out vehemently.

“Great way to start our day for the rest of the year, huh?” asks Hannah as we head out of the room and towards the west wing where our Econ class is.

“Yeah, I love my math with a side of hard-ass teacher.” I say sarcastically. “At least Econ is supposed to be easy. All of the guys I know that took it last year said it as cake and that the teacher is a really cool dude.”

“Let’s hope so, we’ll need something to rebound with after Calc, I can just feel it.” Hannah says as we turn a corner and I run smack into the one person I didn't want to see today, Kara. Her books going flying everywhere across the hallway and I barely catch her arm in time to stop her from following them onto the ground. “Shit,” I think “and to think this day couldn't get any worse.”

“Watch where you’re going asshole. You could've..” she looks up and realizes it was me who knocked her over ”YOU! Did you do that on purpose?” she screams at me.

“No. No. No. I’m really sorry Kara, I wasn't watching where I was going, that was totally my fault.” I stammer as I quickly bend down to help her collect her books.

“Yeah Harlow, you show her man!” says someone passing by in the hallway as if I tried to knock her down. This was exactly what I didn't need right now.

Kara, of course, takes this as confirmation that I did, in fact, run into her on purpose. She goes beet red in the face and I can see tears forming at the corner of her eyes. “I hate you Ryan Harlow” she whispers before turning and running into the girl's bathroom, leaving me standing there holding her books in the middle of the hallway with a bewildered look on my face.

Hannah taps my shoulder, takes the books from me and says, “I got this Ry, don’t worry too much about it, I’ll talk to her.” She walks to the girl's restroom and throws me one last pitying look over her shoulder before going into presumably calm her friend down. Have I mentioned that she’s a saint? Cause she really is. I feel terrible, but there’s nothing I can do, so I get myself together and head to class.

The rest of the morning passes much less eventfully and I’m incredibly grateful for that. By the time lunch comes around, I’ve almost forgotten the little incident in the hallway, but of course, Nick manages to bring it up again the moment he sees me in the cafeteria. The guy is a great friend, brutally honest and loyal to a fault but empathy is not his strong point.

“Yo Ryan! Did I hear that you ran Kara over in the hallway this morning dude? Not to sound like a dick, but don’t you think that’s just a little over the top?”

“I didn't do it on purpose dickhead, just wasn't looking where I was going and she happened to round a corner at the same time I did.” I say, getting behind him in the food line.

“Alright, alright, I’ll believe you, just this once.” Nick says, slapping me hard on the back.

I pick out a cheeseburger and a packaged salad along with bottled water for my lunch, pay for it all, and head over to my table where Hannah and a few of my baseball teammates are already sitting. Lunch passes quickly as I fall back into the normal banter of my friends as we recollect our summers and talk about the upcoming year. By the time the bell rings to signal the end of the period, I’m finally in a good mood.

The next two periods pass by quickly. In Italian class, the teacher basically tries to feel out where the class is ability wise so she can figure out where to start in the textbook. In English, the teacher, a young college grad who has the guys in the class absolutely captivated gives us this year’s reading an begins our class discussion on our summer reading book, A Thousand Splendid Suns. After English is over, Hannah and I go to our respective lockers and then meet up again to walk to Public Speaking class, the last one of the day.

As we walk into the room, I notice that Kara is in the class and make a point to sit as far away from her possible even though I realize I’m putting Hannah in a situation where she has to choose between me and Kara. Hannah bites her lower lip in a way that makes my heart race and takes a step towards me. My heart flutters in my chest and I have no idea why. And then she turns around and goes to sit next to Kara. My whole body feels like its deflating. My chest tightens and it's difficult to breath. For some inexplicable reason I’m stuck standing there wanting to do something, anything to change her mind. Even though I know its the right thing for her do and that I have no right to want her to have to choose me over Kara, I can’t help but feel jealous and I hate myself for that. This is Hannah. My best friend Hannah. Yet right now, I wish that she was something more to me than a friend. I need to get a grip. Find a distraction. Going down this road can lead to nothing but trouble that I do not need right now.

So, I shut myself off. It’s something I’m pretty good at when I need to be. I zone out.

I barely hear Mr. Resch as he says that to start the class we have to do an introduction of a fellow classmate and that he will be assigning partners. He starts going through the list and the name are a blur.

“Hannah Richards and Carly Campagna.” I hear him say. I don't recognize the second name. I look around and my eyes settle on the new girl, the one from homeroom. Come to think of it, I think she’s been in every one of my classes but Italian, which is surprising since her last name sounds Italian. I’ve just been too distracted all day to notice. On the other hand this also means that I won’t get to be with Hannah, further darkening my mood.

“Ryan Harlow and Kara Stephens.” cuts through my thoughts. Yeah, that just happened. I can’t even bring myself to look at her. So instead I just let my head fall to my desk with an audible thump.

The guy next to me leans over and goes, “Hey man, that's your ex right? Damn that sucks!”
which I think is the understatement of the year so far.

Mr. Resch tells the class we have the rest of the period to start working on our intros and to use the time to get to know our partner, their likes, dislikes, background, hobbies and anything else we want to use in our speeches. The class starts pairing up and getting to work. I slowly get up and walk over to where Kara sits, and sit down in the seat next to hers.

“Look,” I say, “I know you don't want to speak to me, or even see me so I’ll stay out of your way. Thankfully we already know all this shit about each other so writing it up shouldn't be too hard.”

Kara doesn't respond.

“Kara...” I start.

“Ryan, just don't. I don't want to hear your stupid apologies anymore. Just leave me alone and hope I don't decide to point what a complete tool you are in my speech, ok?” she says tiredly before turning her back on me and taking out a piece of paper to start writing her speech on.

Somehow, her disappointment and sadness are worse than her being fuming mad at me. If I could go back and change what I did, I would do it in a heartbeat. But, I cannot. Sighing, I take out a piece of paper and decide that maybe if I give her the best introduction in the history of a Public Speaking class, she might actually be able to tolerate my presence even if she can’t forgive me yet.

Thirty minutes later I have about half of my speech done and am feeling pretty good about it. The bell rings and Mr. Resch reminds us to finish up our speeches at home and to be ready to present our introductions tomorrow.

I rush out the door of the classroom, not waiting to talk to Hannah or anyone else and head straight to my locker to grab the books I need to bring home tonight. I quickly pack up and head out to the car to wait for Claire. I see Nick driving out of the parking lot and he honks at me to say goodbye as I give him a little wave. I unlock the car, throw my bag in the back, and get in. Turning on the radio, I lean back in my seat and close my eyes, the days many events catching up to me.

Next thing I know, Claire is opening the door and climbing into the car. She looks at me and the craziness of the day must be plastered all over my face since she asks, “What happened to you big bro? Bad first day?”

Pulling out of the lot, I shake my head and respond, “Yeah, that's one way of putting it. But asking how the day went is my job, so, How was your day little sis?”

“Oh, it was awesome! The teachers are so much cooler here and...” she proceeds to tell me all about her day going through all her classes one by one and lauding all the experiences that Senior High offers that Junior High didn't. She looks so happy, perfectly content. I wish it would rub off on me.

Noticing that I stopped paying attention and seemed to be upset, she puts her hand on my arm and says in a consoling voice, “If you need to talk about anything, I’m here for you Ry.” For some reason, this really gets to me and I'm so thankful that I have such a loveable and empathetic sister. Before I know it, I’ve told her the entire story starting from when Kara told me she loved me, to cheating on her, to the incident in the hallway today, and finally to public speaking class where we got partnered up. The only bit I leave out is that confusing little part about Hannah where I let my guard slip and almost let myself want her as more than a friend. Getting it all off my chest feels good, and Claire proves to be quite a good listener.

“Well, cheating on her was a dick move but I feel for you, Ryan. It really does sound like you had a rough day.” Claire says when I’m finished with my story.

“I know. But hey thanks for listening to me Claire, it means a lot.” I tell her as I look over to let her know with my eyes how much I appreciate her being here for me.

“Of course. What else are sisters for?” she asks me with a smile creeping up her face.

“A lot of things... like doing my laundry, cleaning my dishes, walking the dog, being a pain in my ass” I joke as we pull into the driveway.

She lightly punches my arm and laughs when she says, “Oh shut up. You had to ruin the bonding moment didn't you?”

“I just couldn’t resist sis, you make it so easy.” I tell her as we walk into the house.

I head upstairs to my room to do some homework, but end up laying down on my bed. The next thing I feel is a warm sensation on the tip of my dick that almost feels like...oh shit. A mouth. Someone is giving me a blowjob. I look down and see her head bobbing up and down on me as I groan and thrust lightly up into her mouth. She’s sucking like a pro, whoever it is. Taking about three-quarters of my 7 inch dick into her mouth she moans around my cock, sending shivers through my body. Her hand cups my balls and starts lightly rolling them between her fingers. She lets my rock hard dick fall out of her hot, wet mouth and then starts licking her way up from my balls to the tip, where she swirls her tongue around like she licking an ice cream cone. It’s driving me crazy.

“Ooh, Baby please don't stop.” I moan.

I hear a giggle and then that glorious mouth goes to work to again. I still can’t tell who it is, but I’m sure as hell not complaining. I lose myself in feelings of absolute bliss as my manhood is treated like royalty by the sensuous tongue of this amazing girl. She stops sucking and licking and then I feel her start kissing her way up my stomach and chest, head down and brown hair spilling over her face. I groan. She looks up. My heart stops.

“Ryan, wake up.” Hannah says. Then something weird happens and her face shifts into Kara’s who says the same thing. Then Kara becomes my sister Claire. Claire becomes my English teacher (the hot college grad one). My mind reels. I have no idea what is happening to me right now.

“Ryan! Time for dinner!” I hear my mom yell from downstairs.

It was a dream. Thank god it was a dream. I must have fallen asleep as soon as I lay down on my bed and the crazy day I had transcended into a crazy dream. What was even up with the changing faces? And why were two of them Hannah and Claire? I don’t have any romantic feelings towards those two. I cannot figure it out.

Head still spinning, I try to compose myself and head into the kitchen to get dinner where my whole family is already seated and waiting for me.

Dinner, spaghetti and meatballs, is exquisite. My family and I make small talk throughout, talking about how our first day of school was, the upcoming year, all that stuff. After dinner, I decide to get in a quick workout before doing my homework that never got done earlier since I feel asleep. I head down to the basement and into our own little workout room. I start playing some workout tunes, real pump up type music, and get to work. I push myself hard in an attempt to clear my head, and it works. I hit my chest, core, arms, legs, and back and by the time I’m finished an hour and a half later, all of my muscles are on fire.

I walk back upstairs and pass my sister on her way into the media room who tells me, “You smell. That’s nasty.” in passing.

Taking a whiff of my body odor, I agree. I decide to take a hot shower, clean up and let the water soothe my tired body. I walk upstairs, grab a towel and head into the bathroom. I turn the shower on and get under the stream of hot water. Letting it run down my body, I turn my thoughts to the speech I have to give about Kara tomorrow. The more I think about it, the more confident I am that I’ll be able to deliver one hell of an introduction (you guys will hear the whole speech soon but not quite yet).

After my shower, I dry off, change, and get down to business... homework. By the time I’m finished everything it’s just past 9:00. I decide to see what’s on TV and go downstairs to the media room. My sister is lying on the couch watching some movie on HBO and my Dad is sitting in his reclining chair doing work on his laptop.

“This any good?” I ask Claire as I pick up her feet, move them off the couch and sit down in their spot.

“Not really, but better than that reality show about singing that Mom and Dad want to watch.”
she answers, placing her feet over my legs to get comfortable again.

“I heard that young lady, better watch that mouth or that singing show will be on before you know it.” My dad says from his chair.

“Sorry Dad!” says Claire, rolling her eyes at me. I cant help but laugh at her eye roll.

Without looking up from his laptop my dad says, “And if you roll your eyes at me again, you’ll really be sorry.”

“How does he do that?” she asks me animatedly, “That shouldn't be possible, he wasn't even looking!”

“Must be some psychic power you get when you get old.” I whisper back.

Claire chuckles, saying, “Of course he doesn't hear that one!”

“What can I say? I’m just too sly.” I tell her.

We settle in and watch the movie, none of talking for a while. The only sound besides the movie come from my Dad softly typing away on his laptop. Then he gets up, looks at me asks, “son, can you come with me into the kitchen? I need some help with something.”

“Sure Dad, no problem.” I answer, getting up and following him out of the room.

“Do you remember what I always tell you about hitting a curveball son?” he asks.

“Of course, dad. You tell me before most games.” I say, wondering where he is going with this.

“Tell me. Repeat it back to me.” he says, gripping my shoulder and looking at me intensely.

“The thing about a curveball is that its only hard to hit when you don’t expect it. If you’re on the lookout for one, it’s easy. Just a matter of timing. But, if you do get caught off guard by it, fight it off, stay alive, don’t freeze up, and sure as hell don't go down without swinging if its near the strike zone.” I say in my best impression of him, still confused by what this has to do with anything.

“Good. I want you to always remember that. And remember it’s not just a pitcher who can throw you curveballs, son. Life can too. Remember that.” he tells me intensely, gripping my shoulder even harder.

“Alright, sure, dad. What’s this all about?” I ask him, taking a small step backwards.

“Don’t worry about it. Nothing that concerns you right now. Just promise me you’ll keep that in your mind from now on.” He says, not quite meeting my eyes.

Before I can question him further, since I can tell he’s not telling me something, he turns his back on me and walks out of the kitchen and up the stairs to his room.

“Well that was odd.”, I think. I wonder what it was all about, I can’t remember my dad acting that weird ever before. I mean that was intense. Really intense. And the look in eyes had scared me, I don’t even know how to describe it but it was not normal.

I realize how exhausted I am, say goodnight to Claire and get ready for bed. As I turn my lights off, I think back on my the day. While it certainly wasn’t the best day ever, it was up there for the most memorable one. I close my eyes and everything fades away. My girl problems, my dad’s strangeness, it all goes black except for one thing-- the words my dad made me repeat about hitting a curve. I fall asleep with them ringing in my head and make a decision that from now on, I would try to take my dad’s advice and try to apply to life just like he asked me to. Hopefully tomorrow will prove to be a better day. Pulling the soft covers over my body and sinking into the softness of my mattress, I slowly fade into sleep.


End of Part 1: I know this was mainly an intro chapter that just managed to set up a bunch of different storylines and ideas, but I hope you enjoyed it nonetheless. The next chapter will both be longer, and contain more sex, actual sex this time not some dream. You may be surprised at what happens, maybe you see it coming already, but this series is sure to take you for a ride if you can manage to bear with me. Thanks again and, please, don't hesitate to comment, good or bad, I read every one and try to take them all into account.


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