The 2300 Gathering_(0)

The 2300 Gathering_(0)


CHAPTER 1 : Flight to London



"Shit!" I ran down the terminal in Atlanta to catch my flight to England. I slept in for more than an hour and had to skip breakfast at the hotel. Traffic wasn't too bad but the security checkpoint was a nightmare thanks to TSA. I heard the last call for my flight to London. I had to start running because the gate was on the complete other side of the terminal...just my luck. When I finally make it to the gate, the gate agent closes the door.

"WAIT DON'T CLOSE IT! I'M HERE!!" The gate agent looks up at me a little startled. "I'm so sorry sir, you just missed your flight."

I start to plead with the agent to let me get on the flight but she won't budge.

"Sir I'm afraid there are no more seats available for your flight. I gave away your seat to an airline employee who's on standby. I cannot ask him to leave your seat once I shut the door behind me. Company policy. You'll just have to reschedule for the next flight to London tomorrow."

I sigh and start to walk away when I hear the door behind me open. I turn around and see another airline employee talking to the gate agent.

"Sir! Come back, I have some great news!" The gate agent tells me that there is a spot that has opened up to me.

"One of our passengers in first class won't be able to fly today, so we can seat you in first class if you'd like."

I don't believe it!

"I'll take it!" I say with excitement. I couldn't believe my luck! I almost miss my flight and instead of riding economy which I paid for, I'm riding first class with no extra cost!!

I thank the kind agent and make my way into the plane.

My name is Luke. I am 20 years old and I'm a student at Florida State. I am going on a semester study abroad program to England for my English and History courses. It's going to be a great and fantastic experience. I'm going to travel all around England staying in London and little villages all throughout the country, while also visiting nearby countries as well. I get to visit a lot of historic and major landmarks too with a group of students from all over the world. I'm really looking forward to whats in store for me the next few months!

I make my way down the aisle and into the first class section. A friendly flight attendant points me in the direction of my seat. I arrive at my seat and sit down. A very pretty woman around my age is right next to me. She's a White brunette with light red highlights in her hair and beautiful green eyes. Her breasts are about medium sized but from what I can tell she has a big curvy ass! She is wearing a cut black top, with her belly showing her pierced navel, and a short skirt with blue and white patterns.

I sit down and look at her. She smiles at me. "Hi how are you?" She asks. I reply back with a smile and a nod. She had the sexiest British accent. I knew I had to somehow finesse a way to get into her panties. She is gorgeous!

As the plane sped down the runway and became airborne, I knew what I had to do.

About a couple of hours into the flight, I felt more than enough confidence to say what I had to say. I soon introduced myself after we departed and began to make conversation with the gorgeous British babe. Her name is Gwen Edwards, and she is headed back to London after traveling to Atlanta for business. We talked about ourselves and what we do. She's 25 and spends a lot of time traveling working for some big-shot marketing industry. I told her about my study abroad program and she was really fascinated by that. She even offered me some advice for the best places to check out and to contact her while I was there so she could give me a tour sometime! I was really enjoying the flight. Flying first class with all the fun amenities and the delicious meals but the best part is getting to know Gwen.

The flight attendants began to stow away the service carts. The "Fasten Seat Belts" signs are turned off after some light turbulence. Another attendant came around passing out blankets and sleep kits. The cabin lights dimmed and the mood lighting was set. The next few hours were going to be quiet and relaxed.

I took a deep breath and did what I had to do. I turned toward Gwen who was relaxing and enjoying the quiet hours. "Gwen....I got to let you know." She looks toward me and smiles.

"What is it Luke?"

I take another deep breath and just let it out.

"You are beyond gorgeous. You made my day....I hope I made yours."

Gwen just grins and begins to laugh. "You're so sweet the question is, are you going to do anything about it?"

I was immediately taken aback by what she just asked. Is she thinking what I was thinking? My confidence just skyrocketed and without thinking twice, I just blurt out, "Gwen there are so many things I want to bloody do to you that must not be said aloud."

Gwen then gives me a dirty smirk and leans in. She kisses me on the cheek, then makes her way out of her seat into the aisle. She sits in my lap in the process of doing so, and gasps when she feels my raging hard on press against her ass. Once out of her seat, she looks me in the eyes, then leans into my ear and whispers, nodding her head giving me the "Go Ahead" to meet her in the back. God was she gorgeous! One thing I knew, this was the best flight I've ever been on, and the fun was just about to begin!


CHAPTER 2 : Mile-High Club


Gwen went first to the back of the cabin. I sat and waited for about another minute. I finally stood up, once I knew that none of the flight attendants were in the area, and walked down the aisle to the back of the cabin. I knocked once (we discussed a code to let her know it was me). The lavatory door opened slightly. I looked both ways to make sure that the coast was clear. I then slide into the lavatory as quickly and as quietly as possible.

“Are we good?” Gwen asks. I nod.

As soon as I nod, Gwen immediately leans in toward me and begins to kiss me passionately. We start to explore each other’s mouths while I begin to caress and massage her breasts. Gwen grunts a little, clearly enjoying being touched sensually, as we continue our French make-out session. I then begin to kiss her neck down to her exposed cleavage.

“I want you so bad right now baby.”

Gwen just lets out a moan and laughs softly.

“Hmm…you sure know how to make me feel so wet” she says in a sexy manner. I pull down her skirt and then her panties. Sure enough, Gwen was quite soaked. Her panties were wet and her juices were dripping and flowing down her legs. I lick two of my fingers and begin to insert them slowly into her pussy. Gwen starts to moan quietly with her eyes closed and head in the air. Her pussy is completely shaven and is really tight.

“You like this baby?” Gwen continues to moan while nodding. I then stick a third finger up into her pussy and finger her slowly while going in as deep as I can. I keep fingering her for a couple of more minutes until Gwen grabs my arm and leans in kissing me again.

“My turn” she says.

She then bends down and unbuckles my belt and pants. She reaches into my boxers and pulls them down sharply revealing my glorious eight-inch thick ass cock. She stares at my rod and nods approvingly before she starts to lick it up and down slowly. Gwen then begins to suck me off. She starts at my tip and then thrusts in and out. All I can do is grunt and enjoy this perfect moment. Gwen then starts to jerk me off while spitting all over my cock.

“You like this baby? You like it when I suck and spit all over this big fat cock of yours?” I just nod and groan in approval. Gwen then begins to lick my balls from the bottom to the top of my shaft. She continues to jerk me off and spit on my cock in the process. Gwen eventually puts my cock back into her mouth and starts to suck me off, at a harder and much faster pace. Her lips smack every time she releases me from her mouth and my pre cum juices with her saliva drips onto the floor. Gwen begins to suck me while grabbing my ass from behind. She pulls me in as close to her face as she possibly can take it. I couldn’t believe it! This sexy British slut was deep-throating me! Gwen releases me from her grip every couple of seconds to breathe and give her throat a rest break. She then pulls me in again, this time further than before. Gwen chokes and gags on my cock and releases me. I feel an orgasm rapidly approaching so I pick her up. “I’m going to cum soon.” Gwen grins.

“Then fuck me NOW!” she says.

I grab Gwen’s hand as I turn around. I pull my pants completely down and sit on the narrow and small toilet behind me. Gwen takes off her skirt and panties then pushes them aside. She then pulls her shirt down as far as she can. She removes her breasts from her bra, still attached, and I watch as those beautiful globes jiggle out. Gwen then gets on top of me and aligns my cock with her cunt. She then sits down slowly into me.

“Aww…FUCK! So TIGHT! SO GOOOD!”, she whispers out loud. Gwen is so tight, that I can barely move my cock in her. She slowly begins to adjust as her vaginal walls begin to expand and accept my large member inside of her. Once adjusted, I begin to move my hips up and down while she starts to ride my shaft up and down.

“Aw FUCKING BLOODY HELL! Yeah baby that feels fucking amazing. YEAHHH baby!”

Gwen just keeps moaning and talking dirty to me quietly as she continues to ride me. I wish I could fuck her all day but with the very crammed limited space in this lavatory, it would not be possible. Gwen continues to bounce up and down on my cock when I feel my balls start to boil with cum just itching to be drained!

“Aw baby…I am going to cum!” I exclaim. Gwen just keeps fucking me.

“Cum in me Luke! CUM IN ME TWAT!” That’s all I needed to hear. I grab Gwen’s ass from behind and take over, thrusting deep into her pussy and out as quick as I can.

“Aww…fuck yes Luke!” I continue to thrust in and out of her when my balls finally reach their max capacity. I explode deep into Gwen’s vagina with my semen. “ARRRRRRRRGHHHAHHHHHHHH!!!!” We both groan together as cum keeps shooting up deep into her. I lean back and sigh with relief.

“God that was amazing!” I say out of breath.

“Aw baby, you are so pervy!” Gwen says giggling. She finally stands up and my dick slides out dripping with our semen. Gwen had an orgasm at the same time as me. I stand up and wipe my dick down and begin to clean up the mess on the floor with toilet paper. Gwen leans down onto the toilet to clean out her twat. She begins to push and my spunk comes out of her gushing into the toilet water. She laughs and flushes the toilet and then begins to get dressed. I do the same.

I am the first one to leave the lavatory. Gwen comes out a few seconds later and makes her way down the aisle. I look in front of me and see one of the flight attendants serving some coffee to one of the passengers. She gives me this weird look but I realize it’s because she saw Gwen leave the lavatory right after me. Shit! I walk by the flight attendant and give her an awkward smile. I really didn’t care though. I got to fuck a British Goddess AND I joined the Mile High Club! I take my seat. Gwen arrives and sits down too.

“Well this flight just got a hell of a lot more better I’ll say” she says to me laughing. I start to laugh too. I could not have agreed more. I have no doubt in my mind that the rest of the flight is going to be a blast.


CHAPTER 3 : The Invitation


About four hours later, my plane touches down in London. Gwen fell asleep for quite the majority of the flight after our little inflight entertainment in the lavatory. When we arrive at the gate and walk up into the terminal, Gwen gives me a card.

“I hope you enjoy your time here in England Luke. We should hang out soon while you’re here!” I agreed and ripped off a piece of my boarding pass and wrote down my number, then hand it to her. I definitely wanted to spend more time with her! We share a quick hug and a kiss and part ways, as I needed to get through Immigration and get my luggage. I look down at her card and expect to see a number. I’m a bit confused when I instead find an image of the London Tower Bridge and an invite written in pen for a party next week, on the back of it. Without thinking much of it, I put the card away and make my way down the terminal.

5 DAYS LATER........

England is going SPECTACULAR!! I’ve already made some new friends in study abroad program. I’ve got to really explore London and visited a bunch of museums and landmarks. The food is amazing!

As I relax in my hotel room thinking about how amazing my trip has been so far, my phone vibrates. I look and it’s a text message. It’s from Gwen who I met on the flight to London last week! I almost thought she forgot about me after our fun encounter on the plane. I had gotten so busy with all my activities and meeting new people to think of her. The text was simple and to the point:

“Hey Luke, it’s Gwen from the flight to London last week. I hope you’ve read that invite I gave to you on that card. Meet me at the center of the Tower Bridge in one hour, I have a surprise I want to take you to.”

Well, the meeting place explained the image of the bridge on the card. My guess was that the surprise was a party. I do not have the slightest clue what the party is for and if there’s a theme to it. Since I don’t have any courses tomorrow, and I did want to hang out with Gwen again, I reply with a

“I’ll be there!”


I exit a taxi at a local cafe close by. I walk for a couple of minutes and arrive at the Tower Bridge. It’s an incredible sight to view in person. I’ve always seen and heard about it growing up, as it’s one of the most famous landmarks in London. Seeing it in person, with all the people and cars passing thru, the lights dimmed on the towers of the bridge, it’s truly a remarkable moment. I reach the center of the bridge just in time to see a familiar face staring across the River at the city.

I sneak up behind Gwen and cover her eyes.

“Guess who?” I say. Gwen immediately turns around and kisses me.

“You made it, Awesome!” We continue to kiss for a few moments until Gwen pulls back.

“Ok, so I said I had a surprise. You ready?” I nod and listen.

“Soooo....Luke I’m taking you to a party, that’s hosted by my family starting late tonight at 2300 hours.”

“Sounds good to me Gwen....I’m just a little confused. Why go through all the trouble of giving me a meeting point and a card that has little-to-no information. I’m also wondering what kind of party your family would be hosting so late at night.”

Gwen just nods her head and chuckles.

“Oh have WAY too many questions. This is a surprise, so you’ll just have to wait and see!”

Just before I can even respond, a dark tinted SUV pulls in close to us on the curb. “This is our ride Luke, hop in!” she tells me. I’m a bit skeptical at this point but I do as I’m instructed and get into the SUV.

Gwen closes the door and sits next to me. “Alright Charles you know the drill. Take us to the ‘2300 gathering.’” I hear the driver with a thick British accent acknowledge Gwen, as the vehicle leaves the Bridge and into the city.

Or so I think......I look at both of my windows in the back seat and they have window covers, the kind you see on an airplane, that prevent any views of looking outside. I can’t see the windshield, as my seat is facing the rear of the car. All I can see of outside, is the rear windshield, and I can tell we’re on a freeway leaving the city.

“Ok Luke, you’ve made it this far. At this point, if you want to make it the party I’m going to need you to put on this blindfold and give me your cellphone” Gwen exclaims to me.

Surprisingly, I’m not nervous at all or wondering what the fuck is going on. I simply just put on the blindfold and give her my phone. I guess Gwen too was surprised that I wasn’t a bit worried or concerned about all the secrecy, because she explains why she did what she did.

“This vehicle is closed off of views of the outside for privacy and discretion, as my family cannot and does not want ANY guests knowing where we live. I took away your phone so you don’t get curious to track your GPS to your location. All I’ll that we don’t want to attract ANY kind of unwanted outsiders to this party. It’s a very secure group of people and you’re coming as my guest because I trust you. You wouldn’t be allowed to come or even hear about it if I didn’t trust you.”

“What the fuck kind of party is this Gwen? I mean, I’m totally down but I’m just really curious and a bit concerned as to what is going on.”

Gwen just tells me to wait until we arrive to find out.

45 MINUTES LATER........

The SUV pulls into a gravel driveway and we are moving uphill. Eventually, we reach the top of the hill as the gravel turns into smooth pavement and the vehicle comes to a complete stop.

“Ok Luke, take off your blindfold.”

I do as I’m told, and take it off. I step out of the vehicle with her. As soon as we’re off, the vehicle immediately pulls out and leaves. I take a look ahead of me and I gasp. I’m staring at a HUGE mansion, which looks like a castle! The driveway is a large circular path with a bunch of fancy cars lined up.

“Gwen...where are we??” With a proud look on her face she says,

“Welcome to the Edwards Estate! My family vacation home.”

Wait a minute...did she just say vacation home?!? The house is a fortress!! Gwen just lets me stare in awe while she leads me to the entrance.

“I know you’re thinking that this is not a typical-sized vacation house. My grandfather is a very wealthy man that shares his empire with his children. My father and his siblings have turned their shares into large profits. This house is just a family get-together that we use when we come for our monthly parties. We call them the ‘2300 Gatherings’ as it symbolizes the time of evening we begin. It’s been a tradition of ours for YEARS.”

When we approach the entrance, I stop Gwen.

“ that’s great what you’ve explained about your family and all. But what exactly is the ‘2300 Gatherings?’ And is their a reason why you’re super secretive about the whereabouts of this party and who can and can’t come?” Gwen just gives me the same old “Wait-and-See” expression on her face, as she opens up the front door to the castle.

“After you,” she says. I walk in and she closes the door behind her. Whatever kind of party or gathering this is, I’m about to find out.


CHAPTER 4 : AKA 2300 Orgy


Gwen takes my hand and leads me through a GINORMOUS living room. I look around expecting to see all kinds of expensive upscale furniture, but I’m shocked to instead see a different sight. I look around and see a bunch of bean bags on the floor, recliners and couches set all around randomly, and a big table set up with refreshments. Next to the table is a stool set up with a big basket. I can’t make out what’s inside.

“So Luke...does this answer your many questions you have? Because the gathering happens here at exactly 2300.” I look at my watch with the face reading 9:47PM. (that’s 2147 in 24HR time for those that don’t know)

Before I can even reply back to Gwen, I stop and stare at another table set up across the room. I’m staring at a variety of sex toys. Dildos, strap-ons, butt plugs, fleshlights, you name it! There’s a large box of condoms, and a bunch of little individual bottles of Lube. There’s even an area on the table with mouthwash!

“Gwen...I think I know what this ‘2300 Gathering’ is.” Gwen laughs as I stare at the table in awe.

“Well appears that you have. The ‘2300 Gathering’ is a monthly orgy that my EXTREMELY kinky family hosts. For the very reason of this gathering being quite “controversial” according to society, there are several security measures that must be put into place, when anyone from the family extends the invitation to a guest. Tonight, you’re the lucky guest and you’ll get to meet and fuck as many members of my family as you want!”

I’m still in shock as I listen to Gwen explain. I honestly have no idea what to make of this. The orgy alone was enough to leave me in awe, but the fact that this was her FAMILY here, you can say I’m more than a bit flabbergasted. Since the day I’ve lost my virginity, I’ve only had sex with individual women. Now, here I am with a rare opportunity to join an orgy and fuck MULTIPLE women all at once. It did not take long for my reality to kick in.

“So Luke...are you ready to introduce yourself to my family?”

I take a deep breath and look at Gwen with a smile.

“Let’s do this!”

Gwen takes my hand and leads me to the dining hall.


CHAPTER 5 : The Family


As we walked away from the living room, I began to notice the marvelous interiors of the Edwards Estate. Beautiful, rare paintings hanging from the walls. The ceilings had artwork too and are covered in marble with golden edges! I felt like I was strolling through some decked out European art museum!

I start to hear voices and laughed in the vicinity. The voices got louder as we neared the dining hall. Sounded like a lot of people! I start to get a bit nervous.

“Hey they know I’m here? Are they going to be ok with me being here?”

Gwen rolls her eyes with a grin.

“Relax Luke...I told my father and my mum ALL about you already before we got here. They’re not only ok with you being here, but THRILLED to have you! You’ll see.”

We reach the end of the hallway and make a turn to reveal the BIGGEST dining room I’ve ever seen in a home! I look around at all the faces of people sitting around engaged in conversations, having a great time. I count at least 10 members of Gwen’s family in the dining area.

Gwen makes her way to an older couple standing next to the bar. That’s right! A fully-stocked bar with beers, liquors, and wines from around the globe inside the dining room!

“Hello Mum and Dad!”

Gwen’s parents embrace her with a hug, as I stand behind a little shy.

“Nice to see you made it on time to dinner for once dear” Gwen’s father said jokingly.

“And I take that this handsome young gentleman here you brought along is the one and only Mr. Luke.” Gwen’s mother makes her way over to me and extends her hand.

“Hello dear, nice to meet you. My name is Lisa, Gwen has told me so much about you.”

I extend my hand and shake hers. It’s very soft and welcoming.

“Pleasure to meet you Lisa.”

Gwen’s father does the same.

“The name is Donald Edwards, but please just call me Don.”

I stare at her parents and get a pretty clear picture of where Gwen gets her astonishing looks from. Her mother Lisa looks to be about in her mid-forties. Gwen has her mom’s face for sure. She wears a

white button-up shirt with a short black skirt and panty hose. Her hair is brunette, long, and beautiful. Though most of her cleavage is covered, I see she has large breasts, and her lovely curves reveal she has a large ass as well! Very sexy milf for sure!

Gwen’s father Don looks to be in his early fifties, with silver hair and her identical eyes. He wears on business attire having on a silver suit with a navy blue tie and white shirt. I look around the table and see that ALL of the relatives wear the same clothing. The men wearing the silver suits, while the women wear the white shirts, and black skirts. I felt a bit out of place wearing jeans and a polo.

After a brief conversation with the parents, Gwen makes her way around the table and introduces me to her lovely family. I’m first introduced to her Uncle Fred, Don’s younger brother.

Next, Aunt Marie who is Fred’s wife.

Aunt Marie shares the same body build, as Lisa, but with smaller breasts.

“Can’t wait for the party to begin Luke. You better come find me ok?” Aunt Marie tells me. Definitely looking forward to fucking her.

Next, are Gwen’s three siblings: Abby, Sam, and Ella. Abby is Gwen’s older sister looking to be in her late twenties. Abby shares her mom Lisa’s features having HUGE breasts and an even BIGGER ass! She was definitely curvier than Lisa for sure!

Sam is roughly my age looking a little older as he has facial hair, neat and cleanly cut.

Ella is the youngest sibling, looking like she’s maybe started high school. She has a cute petite body and a gorgeous smile with curly brunette hair. I’m actually in shock that she’s apart of this gathering. She looks so innocent and cute.

Sam eyes me down while I introduce myself to Ella. He smirks and tells me,

“Wait till you see what a FREAK my little sister’re going to love her!” All of Gwen’s siblings start to laugh. I chuckle along, a bit embarrassed. Ella winks at me, as Gwen takes me along down the table. Still had a few more introductions to make.

Next up, is George, Abby’s husband. He looks to be about exactly thirty years of age, with curly hair and a big smile. The guy is BUILT! George definitely spends his free time working out. Makes sense to see this male-model figure being married to a Gorgeous curvy woman like Abby.

Gwen’s cousins Dana and Roger come next. Both of them were the children of Uncle Fred and Aunt Marie. Roger is roughly the same age as me and Gwen’s brother Sam. He has a chill vibe that tells me he smokes pot. Takes me back to my good ol days back in high school haha.

Dana has a curvy body with small breasts. Her skin is tanned and she has short blond hair. We are able to talk for a brief moment. Dana reveals she just graduated high school and is soon to start college. She does a lot of business in the fashion industry and is looking at starting her own clothing line. Dana has the build and the looks of a model for sure!

Last but not least are Gwen’s grandmother Ellen and her Aunt Margie.(Don’s sister)

Ellen is a fantastic looking mature women for someone her age! She looks to be in her late sixties or early seventies. Her skin is little wrinkly with sagged breasts but a nice curvy ass! Ellen had very short, silver hair. She eyes me down and gives me these flirty looks as we engage in brief conversation.

“You better come find me dear when we begin our celebration later. You can do WHATEVER you want to me.” Ellen reaches over and touches my crotch when she tells me that. Definitely looking forward to fucking her!

Gwen’s Aunt Margie was the last one left at the table who I’m introduced to. Her hair is also Brunette and long with bangs covering her forehead. Aunt Margie is the largest woman in the family by far! She’s a plus-sized woman with GIANT tits and a THICK ASS! Some would say she’s fat, but I say a BBW. She’s sexy as fuck!

At this point, after meeting all of Gwen’s fantastic and beautiful family seeing how chill and wild they all are, I look at Aunt Margie.

“Tonight, you’re fat ass is mine!” Aunt Margie then grabs me and pulls me into her. She puts her tongue inside my mouth as I grab her giant breasts. We’re locked in our position until Gwen clears her throat. We both look up.

“Save that energy for 2300 tonight” Gwen says with a laugh.

I look over at Aunt Margie.

“I’ll see you tonight you sexy bitch!”

She looks at me and licks her lips with a lustful expression written over her chubby face.

FUCK! This is going to be an incredible night!


CHAPTER 6 : Dinner and Intro


Once I’ve met all of Gwen’s family, we all take our seats at the dining table and continue to engage in conversation. We are waiting on our evening meal before we are to start. I look at my watch again, reading 10:15PM (2215). I definitely needed to eat some food before I begin an intense evening of burning calories. Need to gain some energy and also hydrate myself for what’s to cum!

The food comes out, served by hired chefs. My plate is filled with pasta, ribeye, salad, served with fruits and light deserts, and wine. I can’t even finish it all! The food is fantastic! This HAS to be better than any five-star restaurant I’ll ever get to visit! I share conversations with Gwen, her mom Lisa, and her grandmother Ellen. All of them are in my vicinity.

Alas, after what felt like an eternity, I look at the time again, 10:50PM. (2050)

2300 is near.

A couple minutes later, Aunt Margie stands up and taps her glass, gaining everyone’s attention.

“Attention all! The moment we’ve all been waiting for is near...just wanted to say a couple of things, as we do have a lovely guest with us tonight.

First off...welcome to our Gathering tonight Luke! It’s a pleasure to have you join us on our evening of laughs, celebration, and debauchery!”

I’m flattered as everyone at the table begins to give me a round of applause as if I’ve just won an Oscar.

Aunt Margie continues with her announcements.

“As most of us know the rules and how the ‘2300 Gathering’ starts, just want to clarify again what we have planned tonight.

So....for our men here, when I dismiss you all, you’re to disrobe of all clothing and grab your pills and get yourselves properly lubricated for tonight. You all will line up in the living room for the countdown.

Once our men are dismissed, all our women are to disrobe, get property lubricated, and line up on the opposite side of the living room.

There will be plenty of refreshments and entertainment to keep us all going all night long!

For our men, enjoy yourselves, but make sure to save up ALL your energy for the finale as this evening I will have the honor of being the VIP!”

All the men in the room being to root and clap. I whisper over to Gwen sitting next to me: “What’s the VIP?”

She whispers back I’ll find out later with a wink. Aunt Margie continues.

“Right now it is 5 till 2300! Before I dismiss everyone, I’d like to say to all, especially to our honored guest Luke, Have Fun, drink plenty of water, and Happy 2300!”

“HAPPY 2300!!” Everybody around me shouted, and cheered. I had to admit, it was a bit strange, almost like some kind of cult, but honestly I didn’t care! Tonight I get to live out an ultimate fantasy of mine and engage in a wild orgy!

“To our men, you all are dismissed!” Aunt Margie exclaims.

All the men around me stand up and leave the dining hall. Gwen kisses me. “I’ll see you out there Luke.”

I follow all the men down the hall back to the living room. We get there, and I take a good look around. All the windows are completely covered up. The main door entrance has a BUNCH of locks and deadbolts on it! The lighting in the room is lit with blue mood lighting, and a large white light in the center of the room.

All the men begin to disrobe and take off all the clothing. I do the same. I feel like I’m inside a locker room. We all take our clothing and put them in separate cubbies in our corner of the living room.

I take a quick stare down the line of men standing and catch a glimpse at everyone’s dicks. It was out of curiosity and seeing what my competition homo. be honest, I don’t know what was in store tonight but I’m pretty confident in the fact that I’m only comfortable with male to female contact only.

As I’m deep in sexual thoughts, a gentleman walks into the living room dressed like a butler. I’ve never seen him before. He carries a tray with a shiny bowl on it. I watch as all the men grab something small out of it, as another butler walks in after him with a different tray carrying mini bottles of water.

The first butler arrives and extends the bowl to me. I grab what’s inside and find a big blue and green pill in my hand. The next butler comes by and gives me a water bottle. I look and see all the men around me swallowing the pill and drinking the water.

I look at Gwen’s dad Don next to me and ask. “What’s the pill for?”

Don grins and replies back with,

“Trust me, you’re going to want to take it if you plan on fucking all night long....let’s just say that this....well it’s an advanced form of Viagra which not only keeps you hard for will keep that sexual drive in you and allow you to have MANY orgasms within a short time span!”

Without even thinking twice about any medical consequences of taking this most likely illegal substance of a pill, I swallow it and drink up my water.

INSTANTLY I start to feel my dick grow! My heart starts to beat faster, and my thirst for sex INTENSIFIES!!

As all the guys line up in a straight horizontal line in the room, the ladies make their way into the living room via the opposite entry way. My eyes widen when I see everyone from youngest to oldest! Gwen’s little sister Ella with her tiny perky boobs, her mom Lisa with her large breasts and beautiful nipples sagging just a little bit. And of course, Aunt Margie and her sexy plumper body!

All the conversations in the room die down and everyone becomes completely still and quiet as we are down to the final minute before 2300 hours.

Suddenly, an automated voice projects from the ceiling and starts to talk:

“Ladies and Gentleman...the time has come for the commencement of the ‘2300 Gathering.’ Please remember that consent is mandatory, always stay hydrated, and of course...have a Happy 2300!”

I actually chuckled silently....for an orgy involving a kinky family, this has got to be one of the most organized events I’ve ever attended.

The automated voice continues.

“Let the 2300 Gathering commence in....











An air horn sounds once the countdown ends. All the men and women run towards each other, as if we were about to start a battle. Here we go.


CHAPTER 7 : Lisa


And so it began. Everyone started to run around trying to find someone to fuck. I just stood and watched completely amazed. My dick is rock hard. The pill is in full effect. I looked around as the entire living room was filled with sexual maniacs humping and fucking each other. Gwen's dad Don is getting his dick sucked by her Aunt Margie. Her cousin Roger is eating out his sister Dana. Her little sister Ella is sucking off George (Gwen's Brother-in-law) while jerking off her brother Sam. Uncle Fred has Granny Ellen bent over a couch fucking her hard. Gwen and her Aunt Marie are tonguing while fingering each other's pussies. Everyone else was doing just about the same thing. All I can hear are the screams of moaning, profanity, and gurgling noises from the sounds of dicks getting sucked. It looked like I was the only one not apart of the sexual action.

I then feel a tap on my shoulder from behind me. I look and it's Lisa, Gwen's mom.

"You look a little lost Luke. Are you not turned on by what you’re surrounded by right now or are you just shy?" she asks me. I stutter but before I can reply, Lisa giggles and throws me back onto a recliner behind me. She gets down on her knees and strokes my cock. I just close my eyes and enjoy the moment. Lisa then begins to lick my dick from my balls to the tip of my shaft. She squeezes my tip and licks my pee hole in and out. She does this for a minute or so while I grunt in pleasure. Lisa then begins to suck me off stopping every so often to catch her breath and to lick my shaft.

"You like this baby?" I just nod my head and give a thumbs up. She was a natural when it came to sucking dick! She was even better than Gwen! (Well that's not really fair to say since we were on a plane with a little bit of turbulence, crammed inside a tiny bathroom. Guess we'll have to find out when I fuck her later)

Lisa then spits on my cock a few times before she engulfs my entire 8-inch rod deep down her throat. Her mouth stretching skills were amazing! Lisa had my cock so far down her mouth that when she swallowed, I felt the walls of her throat rub against my shaft. Oh how I was so close to an orgasm! Lisa then gags and releases my cock from her mouth spitting out a bunch of saliva and my precum. She then continues to suck me harder and faster. I lay back further into the recliner just trying not to cum too soon.

I look around and see what's going on around me. Granny Ellen has Uncle Fred's cock in her mouth. Ella is on top of George riding him. Sam is on top of Aunt Margie plowing her ass while Gwen sits on her face getting her pussy eaten out by her. Roger has his sister Dana against the wall fucking her from behind.

As I continue to look around seeing what everyone else is doing, Lisa continues to rub my shaft with my balls in her mouth. She plays with my balls while she jerks me off. I finally can't take it anymore.

"Lisa, I'm going to cum soon." She stands up immediately and smiles at me.

"Well then, let's get to the best part." Lisa gets on top of me and reaches behind her for my cock. She aligns my cock with her vagina and sits down slowly. It takes a couple of seconds until my entire shaft is deep in her.

"Oh yeah baby. Your nice big cock feels so great inside me. C'mon baby. Let's see whatcha got!" With that being said, I grab Gwen's mom by her enormous breasts and begin to fuck her. We both groan and moan together as my shaft pulls in and out of Lisa's pussy at a quick pace.

"Oh yeah baby! Just like that! Harder! Pound my tight pussy. Oh YEEEEES I'm a dirty whore! Fuck me LUKE!" Lisa's increasing dirty talk arouses me even more. The sound of my balls clapping against her thick ass makes me want to splurge!

"Oh yeah Luke! OH FUCKING BLOODY HELL I'M ABOUT TO FUCKING GUSH!!!" I continue to fuck Lisa as she bounces on me going up and down at a quick velocity. Lisa then leans against me, with her breasts covering my face. She bites down on my shoulder screaming. I slow down as I feel warm juices flowing down my shaft and my balls. Lisa just came. And I was next.

"Oh LUKE THAT FEELS SO GOOD. CUM IN ME BABY!! CUM INSIDE MUM's twat for me!!! Please Luke! I want to feel your load shoot deep into me baby!!!" I just moan. I then pick up Lisa and stand up. With my dick still fully inside her, I quickly do a 360 degree turn and lay her down against the recliner. Lisa laughs.

"Oh yeah're so strong. Cum in me now Luke! I BLOODY need that load of your spunk in me!" I pull myself in closer to her and grab her breasts. I kiss each softly and then begin to hump her. At this point, I'm giving Lisa everything I got. I'm pounding her so hard that the recliner is rocking uncontrollably.

"OHHHH YEAAHHH BABYY!! FUCK ME LUKE!!!" I can't take it anymore. I lean back and grab both of her legs for support as my orgasm hits hard.

"OHHH FUUUUUUCK!!!! OH MY GOD!!!" Lisa is in shock at the quantity of my arrival. My spunk keeps shooting loads deep into her. I thrust hard into her trying to make every last drip of my semen stay in her. I then release my cock from her pussy and pull back. Drops of our cum spill out onto the recliner. Lisa and I catch our breaths for a moment while everyone else around us continue to fuck each other.

"Wow Luke, I can't remember the last time I've had an orgasm like that!" I grin.

"Glad I can help" I reply. Lisa then kisses me passionately. Our tongues are wrestling as we grope each other. She breaks the kiss and gives me a wink.

"I'll see ya around." I nod and smile as she walks away.

I sit back down on the recliner catching my breath. This party has only been going on for about half an hour and I'm already a little exhausted. Gwen told me that these parties can last HOURS! She said that last summer, the party lasted an entire night starting at 2300 and ending around noontime the next day! Boy was I in for a crazy night of my life that I'll never forget.


CHAPTER 8 : Marie and Abby


Even though I'm tired, my dick is still completely hard thanks to the pill I took. I look around at the action. Roger has moved on from Dana. He is now in a 69 position with Gwen's eldest sister Abby. Damn she can give some good head! Granny Ellen and Aunt Marie are taking a rest break by the refreshment table. Lisa moved on from me and went to her husband Don, who has her on all fours fucking her from behind while spanking her ass. Gwen's younger sister Ella is with her Uncle Fred now, who has a very lubricated sex toy in his hand. Ella lays back and pulls both of her legs up behind her head. Fred slowly inserts the toy up her asshole. She's so young and pretty. She lays back and groans clearly enjoying the moment. I can't wait to fuck her! Abby’s husband George is pounding Aunt Margie in the ass. Sam is pounding his cousin Dana in her ass as well. By the looks of it, they're competing to see who can last the longest since they're both next to each other going at rapid paces.

Feeling a little thirsty, I head to the refreshments table. I grab a water bottle. "You enjoying the party?" I look up and see Aunt Marie standing across from me. I stare at her curvy body up and down. Gwen told me she had a baby about four months ago. From the looks of her, I could not tell since she has a fit body with a flat stomach and a thick ass. Her breasts were not as big as Lisas'. They were still beautiful with rather large nipples.

"Enjoying this party would be an understatement. This is BEYOND Amazing!" I tell her. Aunt Marie laughs as she picks up a water bottle.

"Stay hydrated and take rest breaks in between. You'll learn quick that this is the only way to be able to last all these hours" she tells me. I nod in agreement. We make small talk for a little while. Just then, Abby and Roger arrive at the table. Both grab water bottles. Abby smiles at me.

"Luke, let's go find a spot in the living room and have some fun how about that?" Aunt Marie says. I finish the last few sips of my water and take a deep breath. I look at Aunt Marie.

"Let's do this." Before we walk away, Granny Ellen grabs my arm.

"Hold on sweety. You are not going anywhere until you promise me that you'll fuck me hard tonight. I saw the way Lisa craved and enjoyed your fat wanker in her when she was with you. I want you to pound me just like that. Harder if you can. Ok?" I nod in agreement and slap her ass from behind as Aunt Marie pulls me back into the living room. Abby follows us as we make way to a couple of bean bags lying across the floor near the giant flat screen tv.

"So good of you Abby to join us" Aunt Marie says as we all squat down onto the bean bags.

"With a big fresh cock like Luke's you know it!" Abby says in a flirty voice. I smirk and lay back on the bean bag. Aunt Marie leans into me and we kiss. We kiss passionately for a little while until she makes her way down to my crotch. She kisses my chest, stomach, and navel along the way. My cock remains stiff. Aunt Marie then begins to suck me off while Gwen's eldest sister Abby watches playing with her clit next to me. I reach over and grab Abby's large breasts and rub them while Aunt Marie pushes her head up and down my cock, licking me like a lollipop. She then starts to deep throat my cock down as far as she could take it down her throat. When she starts to choke she releases and pulls back. She does this a few times. Aunt Marie then starts to make me feel like having another orgasm when she starts to lick my testicles and suck on my ball sack while slowly stroking my cock up and down. It almost tickled the way she does it. She keeps sucking and kissing my sack. I feel my orgasm coming. Aunt Marie then licks me from my sack to the tip of my cock and takes it shoving it into her mouth and stroking me hard.

"Oh shit Marie! I'm going to cum soon!" She gets back up and leans into me. "Alright Luke, it's time for you to fuck me." I nod enthusiastically.

"Aunt Marie, is it ok if you fuck Luke and let him cum inside my ass?" I look to my side and see Abby standing up. Aunt Marie gives it a thought and winks at me. "We'll let Luke decide what he wants to do. One thing I do know, is that I too want my ass fucked right now." Both of them stare at me and await a reply. Truth be told I would nut in both of their asses. With Aunt Marie looking so great with her sexy curves and fit body. Abby looking like a Goddess with her fat breasts and that thick wide ass of hers. I did decide to go with Abby though just because I can imagine her ass being way tighter.

"If you're ok with it, I'll cum in Abby and fuck you until I get the urge to splurge" I tell Aunt Marie. She just fake rolls her eyes.

"Alrighty then Luke haha." Marie then turns around facing forward. She positions her ass with my cock. I pull her butt closer to my dick. I spit a few times on my hand and rub my shaft before I enter her asshole. When the tip of my cock is in her ass, she pushes her way down onto my crotch and leans back into my chest. " Yes Luke this feels so good. You like the way your cock feels in my ass? Do you baby?" I just groan with pleasure as I grab Marie by her waist to try and get ourselves more comfortable. Abby just lays back in a bean bag fingering her asshole trying to prepare herself for me next round. I start to thrust up and down in and out of Marie. She groans while we start to pick up the pace. I eventually lift up and pull apart her legs so I can be in complete control. All I can hear are the sounds of Aunt Marie's muffled cries of painful pleasure and my cock smacking her asscheeks with full force. All I can feel is the intense tight feel as my cock rams her asshole going deeper and deeper into her bowels.

"OH FUCK LUKE! FUCK THIS ASS BABY! FUCK! FUCK MY TIGHT ASS BABY! OH I AM GOING TO CUM!!" As soon as Marie says that, I'm just about ready to blow my load myself. I slow down the pace and eventually pull Aunt Marie off my cock. There is a large popping sound when my dick slips out her anus.

"Oh shit Luke! That was...JUST WOWW!!" Aunt Marie stands up with a big grin. Abby takes her place. She bends down over a bean bag and looks at me.

"Whenever you're ready Luke. I want you to fucking cream my ass!" I didn't need to hear that twice. I stand up and lean down into Abby. I grab my cock and slowly shove it down into her asshole. Sure enough like I thought, Abby is WAYY tighter than Aunt Marie. I push my fat cock slowly into Abby's ass as she starts to take deep breaths.

"Wow're so big!" she tells me with a painful smile. I grin as I pull myself closer to her. Aunt Marie takes her hand and rubs my face. She leans into me and kisses me with her full tongue. As our tongues lick and wrestle in each other's mouths I begin to focus on Abby. I feel myself wanting to cum so once I'm fully in her ass, I begin to fuck her. We start slow but I quickly pick up the pace.

"Oh shit! Yeah Luke! FUCK MY ASS BABY! FUCK it!! Cum in my ass!!" All Abby can do is talk dirty and cry out with pleasure as she shakes tremendously due to my violent thrusting. I'm going so fast deep into her ass, I need her asscheeks and Marie for support. I eventually slip up and my cock pops out of Abby's ass with a sloppy queef.

"Oh Luke! Cum in me baby! I want to cum badly!" I push my cock farther into her asshole as I lean into her while kissing Aunt Marie. The tightness feels so amazing! I finally can't take it anymore. I lean into Abby and grab her breasts from behind her for support as my orgasm hits hard.

"OHHHHHHH!!!!!! YEEEEESS LUKE!!! YEAH CREAM MY ASS BABY!!! I AM FUCKING CUMMING!!!!!!" Abby's screaming so loud, some of Gwen's horny family members stop what they're up to and see what's going on. My orgasm right now is way stronger than it was with Lisa. I pull out of Abby and fall into a bean bag trying to catch my breath. Aunt Marie then takes my place and leans down underneath Abby. "Push out your asshole Abby. I want to taste Luke's cum and your ass in my mouth” Marie demands. Abby listens obediently. She stretches her asscheeks and begins to push out my jizz. Her asshole expands from a little star to a ball as she desperately tries to spill my spunk down Aunt Marie's mouth. After a minute or so, Abby's ass begins to make very loud farting noises. My loads begin to drip down into Marie's mouth as she swallows load after load of my spunk. When finished, Abby then leans up and begins to make out with Marie trying to get as much sloppy seconds she can take. "Wow Luke you should come to every party from now on. You are an AMAZING FUCK!" Abby says excitedly after cleaning up.

"I totally agree" says Marie with a giggle. All of us are now relaxing on the bean bags. We are all sweaty and exhausted from all the anal action. I continue to watch as the family is still sexually active.

Roger is laid back on a couch with Granny Ellen riding him. Gwen leans against a stool while her father Don fucks her ass from behind. Uncle Fred has Ella with her legs stretched in the air. He thrusts in and out of her slowly banging her tight asshole. Ella's eyes are rolled to the back of her head enjoying the intense pleasures of anal. Gwen's cousin Dana and her mom Lisa are both on all fours facing the opposite directions of each other. In between them both, is a large black double penetration dildo. Dana and Lisa push and pull together as the large dildo thrusts in and out of both of their pussies. Abby's husband George and her brother Sam are fucking Aunt Margie. George is sitting on a chair with Aunt Margie on top. He's fucking her fat ass as Sam stands in front of George plowing her pussy. The way they both are so coordinated together. They're naturals at DP. It turns me on watching them both fuck Margie together roughly. She just enjoys it all begging for more. It makes me want to have a DP session going.

"Is Margie making you horny over there getting fucked in both holes?" I turn and see Abby talking. Aunt Marie has already gotten up and left to take a bathroom break. I nod my head looking back at Aunt Margie.

"Take a look over at the big couch. My grandma is riding Roger. She already told you she wants you to fuck her hard." I do remember our encounter a little while ago by the refreshment table.

"You think Ellen will be ok getting fucked by me and Roger at the same time?" I ask Abby. She just lets out a laugh.

"Luke my grandma will probably cream herself as soon as you start fucking her. That old whore loves double penetration probably more than anyone in this entire house. So get over there and start fucking her." I stand up with confidence. I lean back down and give Abby a quick kiss.

"Thanks for the heads up." I wink at her and walk to the big couch where Granny Ellen continues to ride Roger.


CHAPTER 9 : Ellen


I arrive at the couch. Granny Ellen is moaning loudly as Roger smacks her ass while she rides him. I walk to the back of the couch. Ellen smiles at me as she continues to bounce up and down on Roger.

"OHHHH...Hey want to join us swweeety?" She talks while bouncing. I nod at her and she gets the memo. She grabs Roger's arms and rolls off to the side of the couch. Roger looks at her. "What's going on? I haven't cum yet" he says. Granny Ellen gives me a lustful look and winks at me.

"It looks like Luke will be joining us Roger. I want you both inside of me." Roger turns toward me. He smiles and gives me a fist bump.

"Let's fuck my dirty whore of a grandmother together lad!" With that, Ellen leans towards me and starts to kiss me. We quickly start tonguing. Granny Ellen is so dirty that she takes her tongue out of my mouth and begins to lick my face like a fucking animal. She then grabs my cock and looks at it. She squeezes my shaft hard and laughs.

"Well Mr. it looks like you're all lubricated and ready to go." It's true. Between Lisa and Aunt Marie's saliva from the blowjobs I've received mixed with the mass amounts of cum juices from all the sex I've had, my dick was quite shiny and lubricated. I grab Granny Ellen and push her against the couch. I lick my fingers and open up her asshole.

"Oh yeah Luke...whatcha gonna do there for me baby? Show me what you can do for an old lady like me." I spread out Ellen's asscheeks as wide as I can. The aroma of her musky pussy starts to arise condensed with the odor of semen. I have no idea how many guys have creamed in this bitch today. Nonetheless, I didn't give a shit. I took two of my fingers and slowly inserted them up her asshole.

"OHH LUKE! You FILTHY WANKER! Treating me like the dirty whore that I am. Yes DARLING! Oh yes! Further up my ass!!!" Ellen couldn't get enough of me. I continue to finger fuck her ass slowly. I then grab her ass for support as I start ramming most of my right hand in and out of her lubricated asshole.

"YEEES BABY!! KEEP DOING THAT TO ME!! OH FUCK!!!" Granny Ellen screamed and yelped for more as I showed no mercy on her while I tore her asshole apart with my entire hand ramming her sphincter.

Ellen's yelping and crying for more just took me to a whole new level of horny. I spanked her ass with my free hand as hard as I could. I repeated the process. Fisting her asshole while spanking her ass. Ellen was hysterical at this point crying for more. Roger watched while he stroked his dick. He clearly enjoyed what he was watching beforehand. I looked around. Everyone was still fucking but I definitely felt some stares in my direction.

I eventually stop what I'm doing and bend down. I open up Granny Ellen's ass again, only this time I start to eat her out. My fingers engage in foreplay with her pussy, slowly fingering her out. My tongue however swirls around Ellen's wide asshole. I use my tongue to lick her all around her anal walls as I probe it deeper up her ass. For the most part, all I taste is a salty flavor in my mouth with a mix of another condensed fluid. I come to realize that the taste is leftover semen coming from some previous orgasms with a lot of lubricant in my mouth. I didn't care. I was so horny I couldn't care less that I was turning into a fucking sex animal that I made Ellen out to be.

"UGGGGH....fuck Luke! You're driving me FUCKING crazy! I'm going to CUUUM!!! Oh BLOODY FUCKING HELL DARLING!!!!!!!!!" I then felt the shivers of Ellen's body against my face. Her body tenses up as an orgasm hits her hard. She shakes with pleasure as her juices begin to flow down her pussy, dripping onto the floor.

"Oh MY Luke!! You really are a dirty little wanker aren't you?" she asks me laughing. I grin.

"Oh you haven't seen anything yet" I tell her. She gives me a naughty grin as she heads over to the refreshments table to get a quick drink of water.

I turn toward Roger. He stares at me with a surprised grin on his face. He was clearly amazed as to what he just witnessed.

"Damn sure are the life of the party here aren't you?" I grin proudly as I look around. It looks like mostly everyone was taking a little break except Aunt Margie and Sam alongside Lisa and Dana. Aunt Margie was bouncing up and down on Sam's cock while Dana was fucking Lisa from behind with a strap-on.

"You ready to begin?" Ellen asks as she walks back towards us. Me and Roger nod together. Ellen grabs us both by our cocks and steers us to the couch.

"Alright my loves here's how we are going to do this. Luke, I want you deep in my ass. I want to be fucked just as great as the oral skills and hand techniques you had for me were. Roger you're going to FUCK my pussy. Understood?" We both nod.

"Good then. That being said let's start." Me and Roger coordinate and we decide its best that he and Ellen get back in the original position that they were in when I arrived at the couch. She climbs on him and sits on his hard cock.

"Alright Luke get in position and shove that cock in my ass." I do just as instructed. Roger leans back on the side of the couch while I slide into position. I get in between Roger's legs and align my cock with Granny Ellen's asshole. Once the tip of my cock is in, I insert my entire shaft up Ellen's butt without any trouble. Once I'm in, Roger and I start to find a pace where we can both work out together comfortably. Once we find it, we begin fucking Ellen together.

"YEES LOVES!! OH YES! FUCK ME HARDER BOYS. CREAM BOTH OF MY HOLES!!!" Granny Ellen loved every second of this just like I was. Ellen was a bit tight to my surprise. Roger bounced up and down while I fucked her old mature ass in and out. I felt my orgasm approaching. Roger began to pick up the pace. I try to follow along.

"YESS!! Oh SHITT!! CREAM MY PUSSY ROGER. FUCK THAT ASS LUKE DARLING!!!!" Roger and I continue to pound Granny Ellen. He continues to pick up the pace until he slows down grunting really loudly.

"Arrrggggghhaahhh!! I'm fucking cumming inside you Grandma!" Ellen screams with pleasure.

"FUCK ROGER!! FILL ME UP BABY!!" Roger slowly thrusts up and down finishing off his orgasm. He eventually relaxes and settles down. Ellen is hysterical crying for me to take over. I do just that. I pull out of her ass. I rise up and pull Granny Ellen off of Roger's cock. I sit down on the couch and I put her on top of me facing towards me.

"Ride me bitch!" I say sternly to her. Ellen adjusts my cock with her asshole and sits down the entire length of my shaft. Ellen starts to bounce on my cock while she continues to grunt and talk dirty to me. "FILL MY ASS UP DARLING! I WANT TO FEEL YOU CUM IN ME!!!" For the THIRD time this evening, I get the feeling of another orgasm rapidly approaching. I then take over for Ellen and grab her arms pulling her closer to me. I grab her neck and lick her face and kiss her while she bounces up and down my cock. Our tongues roughly play in our mouths as I continue to thrust in and out of Ellen's soaking wet asshole. I spit all over her face while I continue to ass fuck her. With every second I get closer to cumming, I begin to spank her. Harder and harder. Granny Ellen's words are inaudible as our mouths are locked together as we fuck harder and harder. Eventually Ellen releases me from my tight grip I have on her to gain some air.

"OHHHHH SHHIITTT!!!! FUCK MY ASS FUCK MY ASSSSSSS you dirty wanker!!!! Oh SPANK ME HARDER!! CUM IN ME!!!" It's too much for me. I grab Ellen's waist and pull her up with my cock still deep in her asshole. I flip her sideways leaning her against the couch as I thrust deeper and deeper into her ass. I violently release my loads of semen deep into her bowels. Ellen cries out with ecstasy trying to catch her. breath.

"OOOHHHhhh BABByyy!!! Fill me up! Fill up my ass!!" I thrust in and out of Granny Ellen as the final drops of my jizz flow into her. I then release my cock from her asshole.

Granny Ellen then raises up her legs fingering her pussy and her asshole.

"My darlings come and watch me shoot out your spunk." Roger, who sat and watched me finish her off, stands up and joins me. We get closer to her as she fingers herself violently trying to release our spunk out of her system. Surprisingly, Roger's cream pie emerges with a quick splash down her ass crack and onto the couch.

"Oh yeah baby." She then lowers her legs a little bit and starts to shove multiple fingers deep into her ass trying to push out my cum. Ellen's asshole gapes in and out as she continues to finger herself. Eventually, we hear a wet sloppy fart emerge and Ellen grunts.

"Luke lick up my ass. I want to taste your cream in my mouth." Without any hesitation, I shove Ellen roughly against the couch.

"I'm ready bitch." She lets out a quiet laugh and quickly starts to moan as my spunk begins to drip down her ass.

"Eat me baby. Eat out my ass!" I start to lick up my semen as it pours down her asshole. I lick it all up as my tongue licks all around her asshole entrance. Once I clean up her ass, I grab Ellen's hair and open up her mouth wide open. I spit down my cum and her ass juice deep into her throat as we start to passionately kiss. I then release her from my grip and stand up exhausted.

"You satisfied bitch?" I ask her. Ellen gives me a naughty smile.

"You damn right I am darling! Both of you did a satisfactory job today helping me out with my sexual cravings." Me and Roger both fist bump and part ways. I needed to take a nice relaxing break.


CHAPTER 10 : Ella


My break went on for awhile. Everyone was on break too. Dana and Lisa were the last ones to get to the refreshments table after they both took turns fucking each other with a strap-on. Aunt Marie was having a conversation with her husband Fred and Gwen's dad Don. All the cousins and siblings were together laughing and bragging about who came the most. Lisa and Granny Ellen were giving me flirty looks as they talked about me. I look down at my cock. It's still rock hard! My shaft felt a little sore from all the sexual attention and orgasms I've had within the last few hours. That pill was no joke! I’ve never been able to have this many orgasms in one sitting, each of them MORE powerful than the other! Do I regret any of it? Hell no! Am I ready for more fucking? Definitely!

I take my last few sips of water from my seventh or eighth bottle of water. All this sex was really a workout and I honestly I have no idea have many calories I burned here. As I'm ready to head back to the living room to start preparing for my next round of sex, I hear a loud clinking sound. It's coming from a fork and a wine glass. Everyone looks to the front of the table where Aunt Margie stands holding a fork with a wine glass. All conversations die down at once as people take their attention to her only.

"How's everyone enjoying this lovely evening tonight?" Everyone begins to clap and cheer as she quickly shushes them all to continue talking.

"Now...we all know the tradition for the conclusion for all our gatherings here but I'm going to explain it once again since we have our wonderful guest Luke here with us tonight. And by the way Luke, you have been doing a SPLENDID job tonight satisfying our lovely ladies here. I cannot wait to get ahold of you later on!" I begin to blush as I hear a few rounds of applause with Abby and Gwen cheering loudly.

"Now Luke...we are past our half

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3- My High School Sweetheart’s Little Sister- pt. 3 (Truth Or Dare)

---------------------Part 3  - TRUTH OR DARE - --------------------- A lot of things changed in the time that followed. My girlfriend, Chloe, went to another state to attend college. I chose a college in our home town. I was kinda lost. Chloe and I were still in love, at least I was with her... but I assumed she was seeing other guys at her new school.  Without Chloe, there wasn’t a legitimate reason for me to hang out at her house anymore. I would drop by to say “hi” every now and then, but it felt rather pathetic to hang around her family when we were...


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Lost Empire 39

0001 - Tempro                               0403 - Johnathon              growing         0003 - Conner                               0667 - Marco                      -------- 0097 - Ace                                      0778 - Jan                       0098(Lucy) 0101 - Shelby (mother ship)        0798 - Celeste                  0125 - Lars                                      0908 - Tara                        0200 - Ellen                                     0999 - Zan                     0301 - Rodrick                                1000 - Sherry        Derrick looked up from the floor at Shelby rubbing the side of his face that felt real! Not like a solid hologram but real flesh and blood! Gaining his feet he slowly backed away from Shelby who as of yet hadn't moved.   I don't know who or what you are but there is...


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Fucking my mom_(0)

My name is Max, I'm 18 and I never really thought of my mother as a sexual being. I mean, she's my mom! She's always been more than that, though. My dad left us when I was 10 so for 8 years it's been just me and her which has made our relationship stronger. She's more than just my mother; she's one of my best friends. Don't get me wrong about my dad, either. It turns out he was just into dudes -- can't expect him to live a lie the rest of my life. My mom was really supportive and...


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The Adventures of Grace and Anna Erotic Classic Ch-1 part 8

Rare Lascivious English Classic. this is a book written by an English gentleman of considerable wit, command of the language, and imagination of Rabelaisian order. Erotic as are the tales, they are far from being filthy, while a plot of thrilling interest runs throughout the work, binding all the stories together..The book 'The Adventures of Grace and Anna' has been subtitled 'The thrilling experiences of two girls looking for love and lust.' Two fun-loving girls of the 1910s discover love and lust among the idle rich and the well-proportioned poor in this insightful excursion into the erotic mores and morals of...


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What, Valerie said to her husband, Jack, as she put on the final touches of her makeup!?! Whataya mean, what, he ask while drying off his just washed hair!?! You know what I mean, she said while looking at him in the mirror!!! No I don't, he protested, I have no idea what you're talking about!!! After rolling her eyes, she turned half way around to face him and asked, How many years have we been married!?! Uh, six, he replied, why!?! You'd think after six years you'd get used to seeing your wife without her clothes on, she said while...


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