Charles Helps His Mother Feel Pleasure Again Chapter 7

Charles Helps His Mother Feel Pleasure Again Chapter 7

Words from the Author:

Hello everyone thank you for reading my story thus far, it has come to my attention from a very honest reader that my story has become very boring, I sorry if you feel that way, on my other forum I’ve never really had anyone tell me this so I’ve never considered it.

Also some of you might be noticing grammar and spelling errors, some are simply by mistake, I’m not a professional writer and writing isn’t in my job description so you won’t see much in the way of advanced typing tech with me, also when it comes to spelling some words might be spelt differently in the case of realise and realize, to me the first way is correct, I’m not American, I’m Australian.

I would like to thank the Anon commenter for their feed back, I’m currently working on chapter 9 of my story so this and the next chapter won’t be going through any changes but maybe I can learn from you comment and seeing if I can’t improve with that chapter.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.



Weeks past as they continued to experiment and push past the boundaries of Sue’s condition, their love had blossomed fully and they truly were lovers.

Slowly Charles rose from deep sleep into a semi conscience state, he could no longer feel his Mother lying on him but he did feel a distinct feeling of something wet sliding up and down on his morning wood, he reached down with his left hand and felt a large head of hair moving back and forth.
“Mmmm morning Mum.” He said with a moan, he felt her lips slide off his dick allowing her to respond.
“Morning honey, I thought I’d get rid of this for you.” She said with a smile before returning to her sucking, he lifted his right hand to wipe his eyes clean, that was when he felt something bang hard against his head.
“Ouch.” He said as he remember that his hand was still in plaster, he could feel his Mother giggle as she continued to suck him off, he could already feel a headache coming on.

He didn’t know how long his Mother had been sucking on him for, but he already felt the familiar feeling of his ball about to be evacuated, he gritted his teeth and gave out a groan as he felt his cum shoot up his dick and fly out of his head, Sue stopped bobbing her head but continued to suck, she wanted his cum in her belly, all of it.

She slowly waited for his cock to become soft and felt it slip from her mouth, she swallowed once more and slid up his body till their faces were together again, Charles was rubbing his head with his left hand where he had hit it with his right, Sue moved up a little more and kissed the small bruise that had formed there.
“Is that better honey.” They kissed each other gently and Charles responded.
“A little bit Mum thanks.” He said giving her another kiss, Sue smiled as she pulled away and rose from the bed.
“I’m going to have a shower, do you want to join me?” She asked, teasing him by giving his nipple a nice long hard pull, he could feel his blood fighting to give him another erection.
“Give us a minute Mum.” He responded, she released his nipple and he watched as her large breasts bounced as she rose from the bed and turned away from him, she put a little extra wiggle into her ass as she left the room.

Alone he was free to his thoughts, it had occurred to him not very subtly weeks ago that he and his Mother were no longer just Mother and Son, they were now and forever lovers, linked even more specially by blood, Charles smiled, he now knew what happiness was, he felt no regret, he felt no disgust, he was showing his Mother the true extent of his love.

He remembered hearing the story about the Greek hero Oedipus, who was told a prophecy that he would kill his Father and marry his Mother, it was this Greek character that Sigmund Freud came up with his belief that all children wish to have sexual relationship with their parent of the the opposite gender, in his case it was his Mother, there was no desire to kill his Father, but he truly wanted no one else but his Mother, to him she was everything, no one else mattered.

He rose from the bed, his attempt at a hard on had failed and his cock now laid soft between his legs, he walked over to the nearby window and opened the curtains a little to see the outside world, he was bathed in the golden light as he felt his skin begin to heat up, he closed the curtains and took a deep breath, he smiled once more as he could just make out his Mother singing in the shower.

He made his way to the kitchen and found himself a plastic bag, he placed it over his cast and tied it into place, with that done he made his way to the bathroom.

He stood at the open door way and watched as his Mother danced and sang under the water, she would wash with the soap and then bring it to the front of her mouth and use it like a microphone, he’d never seen her so happy in his life, a least not after his Father had died, the sight made him even happier.

“Is there room for me in that shower?” He asked interrupting her performance, she turned with a smile almost equal to his and responded.
“I think we can find some.” Charles walked over and stepped into the hot water, giving him an instant sensation of being refreshed. “Charles how would you like a boob wash?” Sue asked.
“A boob wash, what’s that?” He inquired.
“What I do is I put soap on my breasts and than use them to wash your body, your Father enjoyed it a lot.” He could tell his Mother was in a playful mood again.
“Sounds good.” He responded, Sue gripped her left breast in her hand and lathered it up with the soap, she in turn did this to the other, once done she replaced the soap and took her under breasts in both hands, she pushed her soap covered breasts up against Charles chest and began to rub them up and down, Charles could feel her erect nipples rubbing against his flesh as she continued this over and over again, every now and then she would lather her breasts up again and again, he could feel his cock once again trying to become hard.

Slowly she moved from her chest down his belly, as she moved up and down she could feel something poking the bottom of her cleavage, she pulled away for a moment to find Charles was now sporting a full erection, she looked at Charles with a curious smile before dropping to her knees, she engulfed his cock with her breasts and began to slide them up and down his hard cock, she could feel his veins pressing against the soft flesh of her breasts as his cock slid through them, Charles’s breathing had started to increase and she could her a soft moan leave his lips, with each thrust down it felt like his cock was getting harder and harder.

His cock was still sensitive from this mornings blowjob, he could already feel his cum ready to shoot out of his cock, he tried his best to hold it in but that just increased the pressure, with a loud grown his cum shot out his cock with such force that the first few shot were more like geysers as the splashed over Sue’s face, the remainder splashed over her breasts creating a small pond between his cock and the apex of his Mother’s cleavage.
“Charles look at the mess you’ve made….” She looked up at him and gave him a smirk. “Now I’m going to have to wash again.”
“Allow me Mum.”

They finished their shower and got dressed with no further incident, they made their way to the lounge room where they sat and watched the TV, as they watched Charles decided it was time to take another step to help his Mother recover, he rose from the couch and said.
“Let go out today.” He could already see the worry on his Mother’s face, then as the memories of her success those weeks before and since brought on a smile and her confidence, she rose from the couch and said.
“Let me get my bag.” He watched a little surprised and proud of his Mother, he grabbed his wallet and waited for her at the door.

A few moments later she was ready and they walked out the door together, he watched as she didn’t hesitate each step down to the front of the front gate, Charles opened the gate and stood on the other side, he could see fear and doubt had crept into his Mother’s mind, he could see her shake ever so slightly, she swallowed hard and brought her right foot forward crossing the threshold between her home and the nature strip, her foot came down on the grass and a new feeling of pride filled her, she brought her left foot forward, she smiled at her success, once again Charles was filled with pride.

With a matter of steps she was full of confidence as she walked side by side past many a familiar house, they talked like they used too, it was nice to have her back at least in one respect, she was his Mum again, after twenty minutes of walking there was no longer any hesitation, it was all natural to her again, they passed the odd fellow walker both male and female, after the first few she was once again comfortable with both the sexes, even stopping to talk and chat on occasion.

They made their was to a park near a corner shop, they got an ice cream and a drink each and then made their way to a bench in the park, they sat there eating, drink and talking, they stayed there for a few hours, they looked at the bird enclosure with combined fish ponds, they watched as children played on equipment and with different toys, Sue even kicked back a stray ball.

After leaving the park they headed up the main street and went window shopping, they wondered the windows for a few hours more before heading into a chicken shop to have some lunch, they enjoyed a plate of chips with gravy together, they continued to laugh and chat, without thinking they kissed passionately, they didn’t care who saw them, they were in love.

They finished their meal and continued on their way, they ran into friends from time to time stopping to chat for a few moment before moving on, from time to time they would kiss, it was like they were a young couple in the prime of their relationship, to those who saw them it was simply a miss match in age, those who knew them started the gossip and rumor mills.

The day seemed to end quickly, they had just noticed how dark it was becoming, they slowly made their way home holding hands.
Just as the sun was almost gone they arrived at their front door, they passed the threshold still full of laughter and joy, as Charles closed the door behind them Sue thrust her arms around his neck, Charles pinned her up against the wall kissing her with as much passion as he could.
Just as he was about out of air Sue pushed him away hard, he smiled as he watched her drop to her knees, she undone his belt and the button at the top of his jeans, she then slowly pulled the zip down revealing his underwear underneath, she pulled his jeans down a little and did the same to his underwear, before her lying there soft was the thing that she wanted, she knelt forward and started to lick up and down on the back of his cock, Charles could feel the blood rush to accommodate her desire, in almost a flash he was hard and ready for her, she took his cock in her right hand and began to jack him off, she looked up at him with deviant smile, she kept her eyes on his as she brought her tongue once again against his hard veiny flesh, his cock tasted delicious, she closed her lips around his head and sucked it for all she was worth, Charles gave out a loud scream of pleasure as he steadied himself from falling back, with what seemed like an endless suction she began to move her lips down his shaft, the feeling only intensified as she got more and more of his cock into mouth and throat, she pulled her lips back up again and without warning slammed then down again, Charles gave out another loud cry of pleasure as he placed his right hand onto the nearby wall for assistance, with his free left hand he gripped the back of her head as she continued to bob it up and down on his ever hardening shaft.
“Oh Mum that feels incredible.” He commented as she increased the speed of her bobbing, she stopped for a moment and slowly began to push her mouth further and further down his shaft, soon she could only see his belly in her sights but her mouth kept going down, she didn’t know how much she had swallowed but she was still going.

Finally her nose pressed up against his pubic bone and she could go no further, Charles gripped the back of her head tightly keeping it in place, Sue could feel her breath was running out and wanted to pull back, but the force he was placing on the back of her head kept her from moving.

It felt like forever but finally she pulled her head back and off of his cock, a long seam of spit keeping her lips connected to his cock.
“Mum that was incredible.” He commented panting hard, she gave his head a kiss and then returned to her feet, they kissed as they moved in to the lounge room, they stripped one another’s clothes off and stood before one another naked once more, Charles took this time to look his Mother over once more, he couldn’t believe how truly beautiful she was, in Sue’s mind she was thinking the same thing, and in her heart she wanted to give him the one thing he deserved for all the help he had given her.
“Your so beautiful Mum.” Sue blushed hearing this, Charles leaned in placing his lips once more on hers, he pressed his body up against hers and took her right breast in his left hand, his tongue explored her mouth as hers did in return, he caressed and squeezed her breasts in his hand, he could hear her moan into his mouth with each movement of his fingers.

He felt fingers wrap around his cock directing it between her legs, his shaft was pressed right against her sex and he could feel her heat coming from within, he began to thrust back and forth slowly, more moans echoed in his mouth, he could feel Sue’s hard nipple press against his palm, with each thrust he could slowly feel her juices begin to coat his shaft, he gave a moan of his own feeling the desire to want to thrust his sex deep inside his Mother’s body, Sue pulled away from their kiss and gave out a loud moan.
“Charles your cock feels so good rubbing against my pussy…. Will you taste me?” She asked.
“I would love to Mum.” He kissed her once more and gave her breast another squeeze before letting her go, she stepped back and his cock flung back up hitting him hard in the belly, he watched as she sat onto the couch and opened her legs wide for him, she placed her hand on her thighs and glided her nails up and down leaving little red marks, Charles dropped to his knees and brought his nose close to her pussy, he took a deep breath and took her scent as deep into his being as possible.
“You smell incredible Mum.” He rubbed his nose tip around her pussy before extending his tongue and started lapping around her outer labia, he could taste the juice that had built up from his humping, Sue shook from the simple touch of his tongue against her tender and sensitive flesh, Sue cupped her breasts in her hands and began to squeeze and tease her nipples with her thumb and index fingers, her body shuddered as his tongue glided across her clit.
“Yes Charles, make Mummy feel good.” She pleaded closing her eyes and enjoying the sensations going through her mind and body.

Every time he reached the bottom of her lips he was met with a small waterfall of juice, it was like sipping sweet nectar and it sent his taste buds into overdrive with flavor, loosing his scene he thrust his tongue deep into her love channel.
“CHARLES OH GOD CHARLES!!!” She screamed, in an instant he knew what he had done.
“I’m sorry Mum.” He pleaded.
“Charles, it’s not that, that felt so good.” Her lips grew into a large smile.
“Wait are you telling me you didn’t feel any pain?” Charles asked full of cheer.
“No pain at all, don’t stop now Charles.” She begged, Charles nodded and returned to her pussy, he never thought he would ever get a chance to taste her insides, once again he licked around her lips but when he was done he brought his tongue once again back inside her, the feeling of his tongue touching her deeper than she thought she would ever feeling again took her breath away, to her it felt like it had been a lifetime since she felt something so good, there was only one thing better, but she wanted to enjoy this feeling a bit more, Charles decided to take the next step himself, he brought his right index finger up and as he licked at her clit once more he pushed his finger in as deep as it would go, despite being able to enter her, it was still very tight and he could feel her walls squeezing his finger with incredible strength, Sue gave out a loud scream of pleasure as she gripped the couch, Charles knew what this meant and he removed his finger and placed his mouth over her lips, gush after gush of juice flowed from her channel filling his throat and mouth to it’s limits, it took him three large swallow to swallow everything, her moan had dropped to a low coo and Charles removed his mouth from her lips, he started to kiss his way up his Mother’s belly between her breasts and finally making it to her panting mouth, their kiss was once again filled with passion, they ravaged one another's mouth, Charles shifted and his head pressed into the opening of Sue’s pussy, Sue parted from their kiss and gave out another moan feeling something else she thought she would never feel again.
“Take me Charles.” She breathed out, their lips joined once more and Charles began to slowly push his cock inside her sex, it was incredibly tight, it was almost like he was fucking a virgin, but there was no obstruction, mill by mill his cock continued to slide deep inside her, this only increased the desire in their kiss, it felt like forever but his cock finally bottomed out, their lips separated and Sue gave out an almost silent moan of happiness, slowly Charles began to pull his cock back, Sue’s hands launched and latched onto his back, her nails dug deep into his flesh, he watched as his Mother’s breast jolted up and down with every pleasure filled breath.

He took his cock to the point of almost falling out and started to thrust in once more, this time he moved faster, this caused Sue to dig her nails into him even deeper, her breasts rose and fell even faster and harder as moan after moan quickly escaped her lips in rapid concession.

With each thrust he increased his speed, he himself was started to moan in quick bursts almost matching Sue’s, before long he was fucking her at a steady pace, it felt incredible to have her nice and wet yet tight pussy try over and over again to make him cum.
“Mum your pussy is squeeze me so hard, it feels incredible.” He commented.
“Don’t stop honey, it feels so good.” He didn’t think she was listening to him, she was too caught up in the pleasure that she had craved for so long even thought it had only been a couple of weeks.
“Honey can I ride you please?” She asked her words seemed to be formed from a moan.
“Sure Mum.” He answered somewhat disappointed, he pulled her cock from her pussy and felt it drop hard as it left her opening, Sue rose from the couch and Charles took her place, his cock was standing like a solider awaiting it’s orders, Sue straddled her Son’s hips and placed his cock head at the tip of her opening, slowly with a long full moan she slide her pussy down his cock, Charles gave out a groan of his own as he gripped his Mother’s thighs, once she reached the bottom she sat there for a moment, she just wanted to enjoy the feeling of cock inside her, Charles watched her, her eyes were closed and she had a smile on her face that would make the Cheshire Cat jealous, she slowly opened her eyes and Charles could see bliss in them.
“Charles you feel so good, it’s incredible.” She said drunk on ecstasy.
“Enjoy it as much as you want Mum, I’m in no hurry.” He responded, she closed her eyes once more and Charles could feel her muscles squeeze his cock over and over again, he couldn’t believe how good it felt with his cock not even moving inside her, she gave out a purr as she started to lift her hips back up allowing his cock to slide inside her, she rose as far as she wanted before descending once again, Charles couldn’t help but let out a loud moan of his own as she began to slowly increase her speed until she was comfortable.
“Oh god I’ve missed this so much.” Sue cried out.
“You can have it anytime you want Mum, my cock is all yours.” He responded.

With each slide of his cock inside her, she felt waves and waves of pleasure, her pussy made wet obscene noises with each thrust down his cock, Charles could feel that his cock and balls were completely drenched, small shots of pleasure filled him as droplets raced across his testicles agitating his hairs and nerves.

Sue stopped and sat still once more, Charles was a little curious as to her halt in motion.
“Is something wrong Mum?” He asked.
“I think I’m not far from an orgasm.” She panted. “Which mean your going to cum soon as well.” She gave out another moan.
“I’m very close Mum.” Charles admitted.
“Would it be too much to asked or too disgusting to ask that you cum inside me?” Just hearing those magic words made Charles cock twitch, and the corresponding movement made Sue moan as well.
“I would love to Mum.” He responded with a proud smile, Sue smiled in return as she took in a deep breath and started to lift her hips up once more, she slammed her pussy down hard on his cock and began to move as fast as she possibly could, her breasts bounced like basket balls in Charles’s face begging for attention, Charles reached up and gripped those large melons tight in his hands, with each thrust down he would grip them even tighter.

Charles could feel his balls getting ready to clear themselves, and he tried his best to hold on longer.
“Mum I’m going to cum soon.” He begged.
“Do it baby, cum in Mummy, let me feel your baby making juice inside me.” His eyes shot open and his mouth gave out a loud scream of pleasure as he released his pent up cum deep inside his Mother’s womb, the touch of Charles cum inside her was enough to push Sue over the edge as well letting out another load scream of pleasure from her as well, Charles could feel himself cumming five, no six, no seven times inside her, he’d never cum so much in his life not even with Emily, and it seemed like he wasn’t done yet, Sue gripped her pussy tight around Charles’s cock in a hopes to keep all his cum inside her, but she could feel small amounts start to dribble from her lips.

After a minute Charles finally stopped cumming, his hands fell from Sue’s breasts and landed on either side of him on the couch, Sue fell forward her head resting next to his neck, they both panted hard, their bodies filled with exhaustion, it took a few moments, but Sue could feel a tickle in her pussy and then a pop as Charles’s cock fell from her now cum filled cunt, she could feel more drops seep from her slowly closing hole, Charles could feel these drops leaving puddles on his cock.

“Your free now Mum, your free.” Charles commented as his panted.
“Yes I’m free, but I’m now only yours.” She responded panting herself.

They remained there for half an hour not moving, Charles had moved his hands around Sue’s waist holding her tight.
Sue slowly started to sit up and got off of Charles waist, Charles could see dry cum all round his cock and his Mother’s pussy, he’d done a good job and it made him smile, he watched as Sue’s right hand cupped her pussy and played with it before him as her left hand squeezed her left breast and teased her nipple.
“Charles I feel so good.” With that she thrust her middle finger deep into her pussy, she let out a another moan, she could feel her finger being slightly coated with his cum that still filled her pussy to it’s brim, she pulled the finger from her hot sex and brought it up to her mouth, she placed the finger as deep as she could go and closed her lips tight around it, she stood there and squeezed her breast harder as she sucked on her finger with all that she was worth, before sliding it from her lips completely clean.

Just this scene was enough to get Charles hard again, he’d come more than he ever knew, and would be lucky to cum against for hours but his cock was more than ready to play.
Sue opened her eyes to this sight and grinned, she released her breast and took his cock in her tight in her right hand, she leaned over him and placed her left hand on the back of the couch, her breasts were right in his face and he couldn’t breath without feeling those small hairs over her skin.
“Does my baby need to cum again so soon?” She asked with lust and sexuality in her voice, she pushed her hand down his cock as far as it could go standing like this, Charles gave out a loud muffled groan as he took in a mouthful of tit.
“I’m hard Mum but I don’t think I’ll be able to cum again for a few hours.” Sue smiled an evil grin.
“So no matter how much I jack you off, you’ll never feel the agonizing sensation of cumming?” Sue could feel his head brush up and down between her cleavage, she pulled her hand up his cock and thrust it down hard again, Charles gave out another sensitive cry of pain and pleasure.
“Mum, I’m sensitive please don’t do that.” He begged.
“What this?” She pulled her hand back once more and than slammed it back down his shaft again, he screamed once more feeling the agony and pleasure from his Mother’s hand job.
“Do you really want me to stop?” She asked, once again she could feel his head shake.
“No Mum.” Sue laughed.
“Then how about you fuck me again.” She released her grip on his cock and stood up straight, he watched as she laid down on the floor and opened her legs wide to him, Charles rose from the couch and positioned himself above his Mother’s desire filled body.

He felt his Mother’s hand once again take hold of his cock, she started pulling on his shaft guiding him to her closed opening, Charles could feel her lips begin to surround his head, Sue removed her hand and returned it by her side, Charles closed his eyes and he began to push his delicate cock back inside his Mother’s channel, the barest of touches sent agonizing pleasure through him, he could feel the insides of her pussy were still soaked and coated in his previous emission, it almost felt soothing to feel his cool cum coating his hard hot cock, he slowly began to pull out and slowly drove it back in again, his body was still exhausted and he didn’t have the strength or the endurance for a fast paced fuck, in and out, in and out he continued his slow moving thrusts, Sue cooed gently as she felt her Son’s cock move slowly through her insides, she felt relaxed and it was nice, she was still very horny but this was like a nice soothing massage for her pussy.

“Mmm that feels nice Charles, keep going like that.” She stretched her arms above her head and closed her eyes like she was waking up from a nice sleep, she placed her arms behind her head and opened her eyes once more and looked into Charles’s eyes, she could see how tried he was but it had been so long she wanted all she could get, that was when Charles felt her pussy wall grip his cock like a vice, he gave out a cry and stopped moving.
“Am I squeezing you too hard Charles?” She asked with a playful tone.
“Mum, I want to cum, but I’ve got nothing left.” His arms slowly gave way and he pressed his body against hers, his body was unmoving and she could feel his once hard cock begin to shrink and slide out of her now relaxed pussy.

Sue held her Son tight in her arms and kissed him on the cheek.
“I think it’s time for bed my young lover.” She felt his head move against her shoulder, she felt his weight lift and she watched Charles stand tired, Sue got off the floor and helped her Son to their bed, she lay him down and pulled the blankets over his beautiful body, she reached for her night gown and put it on, she left it loose leaving her pussy and the canyon of her breasts for all to see, she closed the door and went to the kitchen to make dinner, she was famished and just as tired as he was, she could feel her adrenaline beginning to wear off as she felt incredibly tried all of a sudden, she decided to do something special for them tonight and put on a roast.

Charles work to find him in bed, he rose still naked and went in search for his Mother, he could smell the beautiful aroma of a roast lamb so he followed it to the kitchen, there he found the table half set and the roast ready to be served, Sue was asleep at the kitchen table, he walked to her side and kissed her soft on the cheek.
“Mum I think dinner is ready.” He whispered in her ear, she groaned and slowly lifted her head, once sitting up straight she rubbed her eyes in an attempt to remove what little sleep still remained, as she stretched her gown opened fully exposing her breasts full to him once more, he reached out and took one in his left hand and squeezed it tightly, she gave out a moan of delight.
“I hope these are on the menu.” He commented.
“Only if this is.” She said reached between his legs and taking hold of his semi hard cock. “Does seeing and touching Mummies tits make you hard Charles?” She asked cutely.
“God yes.” He responded with a purr.
“I think we should eat something before round 2.” Sue commented, Charles leaned down and kissed his mouth hard on the lips, their tongues exploring once more before parting again.
“Yes Mum.” He responded.

They ate a nice meal of lamb, potatoes and other mixed vegies, when they heard a knock at the door, Charles quickly put his pants on that were lying in the lounge room and Sue collected her clothes and ran into the nearest room and closed the door to get dressed.

Charles answered the door and stood there stunned.
“No it can’t be.” He said shocked, moments later Sue walked out from the room she had been in and asked.
“Who is it honey?” Charles moved out of the way and Sue fell to her knees, standing in the door way was a man dressed in a formal military uniform, she couldn’t believe her eyes.
“I’m home Sue…. I’m home.”

The man was her Husband.

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All names and location have been changed Let me know how you guys like the story. This is my first story on here. ================================= When I first laid eyes on Ashley was in 7th grade. We were young. My First true feelings started in 9th grade. Her birthday was 2 weeks before mine. When I turned 16 i threw a big party. And of course, Ashley was there. Between the years i was one of her best friends, she wasn't from our town, she moved from Florida her 7th grade year. She was the shy type of person. But the longer...


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The Last White Hope(Chapter 1)

This a fictional story about becoming President of our country. It sort of parallels our history and time line. Chapter one is about developing the main character Some background information on me before I get too far into the story. My name is Stewart Thomas Whitteman. I go by my middle name, and everyone calls me Tom. I hate the name Stewart. It was my mother’s favorite uncle’s name. I was born on May 5, 1955. I am 6' 2 tall, weight 210 pounds, have brown hair and eyes. I work out regularly, keeping myself in good shape. I lived in...


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