Another Welcomed Guest 2

Another Welcomed Guest 2

Aphrodite - Daughter of Zeus, Goddess of love, beauty and sexuality

Artemis - Daughter of Zeus, Goddess of the hunt, the moon, and chastity

Athena - Daughter of Zeus, goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration, civilization, law and justice, strategic warfare, mathematics, strength, strategy, the arts, crafts, and skill.

Zeus - King of the Greek gods

Ares - Son of Zeus and Hera, god of war

Ephus - the Godling man with an unusual power.

Dr. Quinn - human wife of Ephus

Egyptian Goddesses and wives to Ephus


Bast - Goddess of cats, protection, joy, dance, music, family, and love

Sekhmet - Goddess of fire, war, and dance

Hathor - Goddess of the sky, dance, love, beauty, joy, motherhood, foreign lands, mining, music and fertility.

Serket - Goddess of scorpions, medicine, magic, and healing venomous stings and bites

Maat - Goddess of Truth and Justice

Tefnut - Goddess of Rain, Air, Moisture, Weather, Dew, Fertility, and Water


Ephus slowly rolled away from Aphrodite, this time really looking around as he arose to his feet. Shivering a bit, he thought of clothes for him and Aphrodite both, which appeared a moment later.

Well he thought, that did little to cut the chill in the air. Getting Aphrodite more comfortable he was surprised a moment later when he felt the ground shake. Something was coming their way in a hurry, though he couldn't quite make out what it was.

With a sigh he felt the power within him start to grow higher. For all intents and purposes, knowing the Greek gods this was an attack. Then again, as weak as everything here felt, he wasn't sure what to expect.

A minute later a fiery redhead wearing light armor, approached on what appeared to be a chariot. It was drawn by four midnight black, highly spirited horses, whose eyes glowed red slightly. Skidding to a stop in front of Ephus, she looked at him with utter contempt, sneering.

"I know not who you are human, not that it much matters, you will be dead in moments." Looking behind him, she saw the prone body of Aphrodite, the redhead’s face took on a more heated, angry look as she notched up her bow. "I know not what you have done to my sister, though you will suffer as long as possible!"

Releasing the shaft, the smile on her face quickly faded as the arrow stopped in front of Ephus. Her face showed even more shock when it dropped harmlessly to the ground. Quickly she grabbed three more shafts, releasing them in rapid succession. Her face even more in shock when all three stopped, also dropping harmlessly to the ground.

Ephus growled a moment trying to hold his anger in check. Then he lost it a moment, as he pushed his open hand toward the redhead, knocking her with a grunt from the chariot. Growling her self, she sprang back up advancing upon Ephus. This time she was armed with a short sword and a twisted, wicked looking knife.

Ephus held up his hand, momentarily stopping her. "I suggest you stop before you get hurt, I-"

"WHAT!? You a mere human, hurt the goddess of the hunt!? I think you are greatly delusional." Walking around Ephus, never taking her eyes off him, she knelt to check Aphrodite. Her eyes flew wide when she felt how much more power Aphrodite had. Coming to her feet, the redhead started toward Ephus again menacingly, issuing a slight growl.

"Artemis!" A rather loud female voice came from somewhere behind the redhead. This caused the redhead to freeze in place, though she was throwing dagger like looks at Ephus. "Really sister, you are so prone to anger. Had you looked first, you would see that this human as you call him, is actually a godling."

Another slender, black headed woman, appeared next to a now shocked, very wide eyed Artemis. The new addition looked Ephus up and down then a thin smile graced her face.

"A very young godling I see. I can also feel something in you that I have never felt before." Looking over to Aphrodite she nodded her head. "May I?"

Ephus took a step back sweeping his arm from the new woman to Aphrodite. Nodding the woman went to Aphrodite, kneeling her eyes also grew large. "By father's bolts! She is almost twice as strong as she was before." Again she turned toward Ephus, "it was you wasn't it?" This time the black haired woman knelt before Ephus as tears started to fall from her eyes. "Thank all the realms that she was able to find you."

Artemis could only look from the black haired woman to Ephus and back, great confusion on her face.

"Sister? Why do you bow to a mere human? Godling or not we should-" Artemis started then was cut off by the other.

"We shouldn't do anything! Haven't you realized who this is? Have you forgotten the mission that Aphrodite undertook? She at almost half her former power should have been the first clue." The black haired woman stated.

Artemis's eyes grew wide as she stared hard at Ephus. Slowly, ever so slowly, she sank to her knees. "Ephus." They heard her whisper.

Ephus was about to speak when there was a slight groan behind him. The black haired woman smiled down at Aphrodite.

"So sister, it appears that your mission was a rousing success." The dark headed woman stated to Aphrodite.

"Athena!" With that Aphrodite sat up hugging Athena fiercely. "It was to a point, I have already bonded to him. Though with just me, I am afraid it hasn't helped much. More will have to bond with him if we are to save Olympus realm."

Here Aphrodite looked over to Artemis who scoffed, then Athena who had a wide smile starting to spread on her face.

Ephus stood back, he had learned years ago not to get between sisters. He wasn't about to break that bit of hard learned information now.

"If you mean mating with a filthy, dirty, disgusting human I will take a pass!" Artemis spat out like a bad piece of meat.

"Sister, when I bonded with him it was unlike anything I have ever experienced!" Aphrodite then started to whisper in Athena's ear. Athena's face started to light up as a slight look of lust came to her face. Both whispered to each other a few moments more then turned.

"I have to take Aphrodite to father. Please follow us as soon as you can." Then both of the sisters arose walking to Artemis. Both spoke to Artemis who nodded, both vanished as Artemis then walked to Ephus.

"You are required to stand before father, you will go now or-" Artemis started.

"Or what? In case you haven't noticed I am stronger than you." Ephus said with a sigh, this was starting to piss him off. "I'll go when I AM ready."

Roaring out Artemis drew her short sword rushing toward Ephus. Easily stepping aside, Ephus grabbed her arm as she passed him. Twisting he heard her arm give a pop as the sword dropped to the ground, as did she. Issuing a short yelp, Artemis could only stare at first Ephus, her sword, then her arm that was twisted at an odd angle. To make matters worse, she couldn't heal it.

Kneeling before Artemis Ephus waited for her to say something. Finally, he offered her his hand to help her up, it was quickly slapped away. The contact knocking her flat on the ground again.

Standing, Ephus shook his head, these gods and goddesses were going to be a handful. "Ok, have it your way. I'm sure you can crawl back, given the time. I have heard of all that goes on here, I can power you up. I can also block that which I give." Artemis's eyes went wide at this. "I can also heal you, though you? I might let perish after the way you have treated me. You have it in your mind I am after everything here, nothing could be further from the truth." Ephus shook his head, "goodbye.

With that Ephus turned to go, swallowing hard he just hoped that this worked. He'd not gone more than ten feet when he heard a small whimper. Walking on he finally heard, "wait!"

Whirling, a scowl on his face, he stated, "why? You obviously wish to perish. You have shown that you want nothing to do with me, therefore why should I help those who do not wish it?"

For the first time Ephus saw Artemis shrink back in real fear. "Hum... Ephus. It has been a very long time since I trusted anyone. It is a far more difficult thing for me to do. I..."

"First you need to realize, I am no longer human. Next, you need to ask from now on, well?" Ephus stated as he crossed his arms over his chest.

"Ask? Ask!? I am a goddess I do not ask I..." She stated then her mouth dropped open as Ephus grunted then turned to walk away from her again.

"Yeah," Ephus said interrupting her slightly turning back. "Now you're going to have to beg. As a matter of fact all of you are going to have to. I am through placating any of you. Though you, enjoy crawling back." Turning Ephus started to walk away again.

Ephus heard what sounded like a slight gag, then what sounded like another whimper. "Please Ephus, I..., I need your help."

Turning Ephus could see that Artemis had managed to sit up. Narrowing his eyes at her, he stared at her a few moments. Again, all the petty squabbles he'd heard of between them came to mind.

"I will help, IF you give me an oath. I know that no god will ever break it, your sister Aphrodite already knows what I can do. Well?" Ephus said looking down at her. "An oath of no harm to me or others. Perhaps this will help."

Here Ephus touched Artemis's arm for a few moments. At first Artemis didn't react, though as pain started to meander through her arm, she grew pale.

"Please Ephus, what is this?" Then Artemis screamed for the first time. Nodding Ephus touched her arm watching as relief started to come to her face. "I give my oath, Ephus." Artemis almost whispered her head down.

"That was pain, not much fun when your powers are blocked." Ephus told her. Shaking her head Artemis's eyes rolled into her head as she fell into Ephus's arms unconscious. Shit he thought, not again. Standing with her he healed her arm feeling it slip back into place.

Reaching out, he felt for Athena and Aphrodite. Damn, it appeared that they were a great distance off. Just how large was this place? Concentrating on Aphrodite, he appeared before a gigantic building, it had to be at least four stories high. It reminded him of the temples he'd seen in Greece. This one though could house most of them three or four times. The columns at the front of it were larger around than Ephus could put his arms around three times!

Shaking his head, he was about to advance up the stairs when several males stepped in front of him. They all appeared at the ready, then they saw Artemis in his arms all of them bristling.

"We know not what you have done to our goddess, you will not pass. Nor will you survive! Attack!" Ephus backed up putting Artemis down. He watched as they approached in mass. Waving his hand, Ephus watched as well over half were thrown back into the others.

Almost all of them didn't get back up, though the obvious leader was again moving in to attack. Ephus narrowed his eyes watching the male covered in a

heavy armor, advance upon him. There was something vaguely familiar about this one.

Lunging at the last moment the male almost caught Ephus in his side. Swinging his fist upward, Ephus connected with the male's chin. To his great surprise, it felt almost as if he'd punched rock. Again he stared at the male, this was no follower this was a full on god, though who?

The male stumbled back a bit rubbing his chin, nodding his head. "So you appear to be a god, or a human with god powers. Ah! I see, a godling, this will be enjoyable after all." Taking a step forward the male swung at Ephus again barely missing him. This time Ephus actually put some power behind the punch. This caught the male off guard as he flew backwards a good fifty feet.

As the male smashed into the front wall of the building, Ephus could feel the entire building shake. A shout from inside caused the other male to sneer at Ephus, "this isn't over godling!" Then the armored male vanished.

A moment later a tall, well muscled, bearded, older man walked out the front of the building. Looking at where the armored male had impacted the building, he shook his head. Waving a hand over the broken, indented wall, the older male sighed as the wall very slowly repaired itself.

Turning to Ephus, the older man looked him up and down, grunted, then returned inside. Ephus could only imagine who the older man was, plus the fact that the male had practically ignored him. This of course started to piss Ephus off to no end. Trying to calm his self he sat beside Artemis.

A few moments later, Artemis groaned as her eyes slowly opened. Moving her arm slowly she was shocked that it was completely healed. Looking up she saw Ephus sitting there not touching her.

"I take it this was your doing?" She asked indicating her arm. Still spitting mad Ephus only nodded. "Have I done anything to rise your anger to this level?" She asked as she withdrew from Ephus a bit.

Speaking barely in a whisper, Ephus told her, "I came here to help this realm. So far I have been attacked twice. Not the reaction of beings that need or require my help." Turning toward the front of the building Ephus shouted, "I have half a mind to let all of the asinine idiots for gods here PERISH!" This last word was shouted as the force of his voice crushed one of the columns, leaving a large dent on the corner of the building.

Artemis gasped as she drew back again, she'd not seen this amount of power in a long time. Turning Ephus touched Artemis a mere moment. Her eyes got wide as they also glowed a moment. Nodding his head he started to walk away.

"What should I tell father and my sisters?" Artemis said as she was suddenly floating off the ground.

Whirling to look at Artemis, Ephus stated. "I don't care, I'm through being used. This will be done my way or no way! Honestly? Right now? I couldn't care less if this realm perished or not." With that Ephus again turned walking away at a rapid pace.

It wasn't even an hour later that Ephus felt the presence of four advancing powers. Sighing, now we'll see what's up Ephus thought, as he made a table, five chairs under a large cover appear. Sitting he made something to drink for all four that were rapidly advancing.

A few moments later Artemis, Athena, Aphrodite and the older male appeared in front of him.

Aphrodite bit her lip as she asked, "were you really going to leave? We desperately need your help we-"

"Oh really? From the reception I have received so far? I have to strongly disagree." Looking at the older man Ephus pointed out. "This one practically ignored me, no, from what I've seen you don't need me. Though I think that this realm disappearing might be a good thing."

"WHAT!? Why you ignorant, pathetic, human I should-" The older man snarled.

Ephus pushed his open hand toward the older male, knocking him off his feet, backward at least ten feet. Snarling the old male arose roaring as Ephus waved his hand making the male vanish. The three females looked around with worried looks on their faces.

"What have you done to father?" Whispered Athena.

Father? Oh shit Ephus thought. Waving his hand again the older male reappeared a look of supreme astonishment on his face.

"Before this escalates, sit, enjoy." Ephus told the four of them. The three females looked at the older male who nodded. They all sat taking a sip of the drink. Ephus smiled as he felt each of their powers jump a bit.

The older man's eyes were wide as he suddenly downed the rest of the glass's contents. All four of their eyes glowed a few moments then returned to how they had been before.

"By all of Olympus Realm!" The older male exclaimed. "I haven't felt this much power in a long time."

Ephus nodded as he looked at the three females. All three looked much younger now. They were also slightly floating above their chairs.

"Now then, before I do anything else, I think introductions are in order. I am Ephus, husband to six Egyptian goddesses. My ancestor was the son of Zeus and Lo," Ephus relayed.

The older man's eyes snapped open as he openly stared at Ephus. Then all of them heard him whisper, "Epaphus!"

Ephus nodded toward the older male. "You, I assume, are Zeus?"

The older man looked incredulously at Ephus, then with a sigh nodded his acquiescence.

"Good then I can get this over faster. What you drank was a small boost to help you maintain this realm. I will need to bond with more of your daughters, though," Here he looked at Artemis. "That might not be possible with some."

Artemis turned to growl slightly at Ephus. "After all this, I'm not good enough to bond with!? Again, as I said before, I think that you are greatly delusional!"

Ephus turned her way, "need I remind you of what else you said?" In Artemis's voice Ephus stated, ":If you mean mating with a filthy, dirty, disgusting human I will take a pass!:" Ephus watched as Artemis actually started to blush. Good he thought, perhaps I am starting to get through to her after all.

Strange he thought, as strong as she is, she reminded him so much of Serket.

Serket! Yes, that had to be it! With a smile Ephus might actually have a handle on a few of the goddesses now.

Still blushing, Artemis spoke almost in a whisper, "I did not realize just who and what you are. I did not mean to offend you Ephus."

Ephus had to do a double take as did Artemis's sisters and father. "You are forgiven Artemis," then he turned to Zeus. "I need to go back to gather more power for your realm. I am afraid I have used quite a bit powering the four of you." Looking at the three females he stated. "All of you should be able to travel to my dimension now." This news had all three of their eyes open wide then they slightly nodded.

"You said that you were attack twice? Can you describe the other?" Aphrodite asked.

"He was well muscled, covered in heavy armor. When he saw that I was carrying Artemis, he seemed to fly into a rage. He also had quite a few followers with him." Ephus relayed.

Zeus thought a moment rubbing his chin. "Well muscled, heavily armored. It sounds very much like your brother Ares. With what you have provided me

Ephus, I might be able to get more control on him. I have to warn you though, he thrives on war and conflict."

Ares, that explained quite a bit. So, he had to deal with another Sobek. His brother in law had been a major pain in the ass before everything was settled. He was going to have to be at his best when he took on Ares. So far, it appeared that he'd surprised Ares, he knew that wouldn't happen much anymore. Yes, he thought as he rubbed his chin, a definite change of strategy would be called for here.

Ephus stood reaching to shake Zeus's hand causing the older man's eyes to widen again as he felt more power flow into him. "I hope that helps for now." Zeus nodded as he stretched.

Walking over to her, Ephus kissed Aphrodite, nodded to the other two females then vanished as he thought of home. A mere minute later he appeared on the patio rooftop of his home. He needed to plan before he just went out to gather energy. The last time he had, women had been throwing themselves at him. best not to make more scenes like that.

Walking in, he was greeted by a startled Quinn. "You're back already? I thought it would take longer than that." She stated.

Sitting Ephus shook his head no. "Actually I've just started, I have to plan this, I can't just go and start having sex with every female i meet. As you remember it got pretty bad the last time."

"I remember, it seemed almost the entire neighborhood was wanting a piece of you before we moved." Kissing Ephus tenderly she whispered, "be careful, your power hasn't gotten weaker, if anything it's far stronger."

Ephus nodded as he took an extra thick pair of sun glasses, then a second pair. Might as well have a back up he thought as he vanished. Appearing at the extreme edge of the city he saw he was in a park. As good a place as any to start he thought. That was 'til a young woman bumped into him knocking the shades from his eyes.

Even as he watched her, a glazed look came to her eyes as she grabbed his arm dragging him to a clump of bushes. "I will be ready in a moment sir." She stated as she rapidly shucked her clothes. Then she removed his even faster pushing him to the ground impaleing her self on his hardness.

Here we go again he thought as the woman started to move faster and faster.

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