diary of a housewife. part one.

diary of a housewife. part one.

Getting married caused a lot of stress in our lives. Rick refuses to let me work, and even with a new town home (in a low income area) and bills racking up he refuses to budge.
It dampers our relationship and puts a strain on us emotionally, and sexually. He's constantly working. The stress makes it hard for him to be affectionate. You see where this is going.
I am a good girl. And a good wife. I tried for weeks to cater to him. Every morning I sucked him dry. When he came home late, I put my needs to the side and sucked him dry. We've had sex once in our new home, when we first leased it, and it's been a little over a month. Which brings me to the present.
Next door there is a group of hooligans. Young guys, maybe college, I'm not sure, but there's a lot of traffic and a lot of parties. Rick is a little on the racist side, and I feel he is intimidated because I get a lot of attention from black males. I'm fit. But I'm thick. I get the cat calls and to be brutally honest, their lack of respect for my husband is intriguing.
Sometimes I watch them play basketball out back for hours, like a stalker.
Yesterday when Rick went off to work in his usual pissed off mood (he brushed my affection off, they were out back all night causing ruckus) I tried to go back to sleep. An annoying buzz kept me awake, and it took a while but I decided to go and investigate. It took me a while to find the source, but a cell phone was sitting on the steps of my back porch ringing off the hook. Thinking someone might be trying to find it I answered it. "Hello?" A female voice immediately responded, rude as all hell with a " who the fuck is this?! " " I found this phone on my back porch.." I couldn't even finish before it hung up. I went back in and pulled on some leggings, then went out the front and knocked on the neighbors door to no avail. Back inside I wrote a note explaining that I found the phone, and if they knew who it was then they can knock on my door and come get it. I went back in and sat the phone on the table then jumped in the shower.
Drying off and pulling a satin robe (it matches my thongs) around myself I put the coffee pot on and went into the living room. Having an idea I took the phone and went through it, looking for a number for the owner or a frequently called number. The only one I could find was the bitch who hung up on me and screw that.
Then I made a mistake. I opened the photo gallery. I seen faces I recognized, party pictures, a couple nude females, but more of Tev. Tev was like the leader of the pack, always dominant. He was cute for a black guy. The pictures of him flexing is what made me keep going. Then I found it.
It was fucking huge. And ugly. But intriguing. I felt my pussy instantly soak. I was always attracted to black guys but never had sex with one. Even in high school during my "slutty" phase, with all the black guys chasing my bubble butt around I still never broke. And I thought I've seen some pretty big cocks but it's definitely true about black guys.
I'm not with Rick for the sex. I love him. And he's a good six inches hard, but he doesn't perform well. I get off more by riding him, sucking his dick, then letting him Jack rabbit me but when it does happen I let him go to town.
Anyway. By this time I'm playing with myself subconsciously. Then I kept scrolling. What I seen next shocked me.
Mrs Baker, a neighbor up the street.. nice lady, middle aged, married, had this young man's dick stuffed so far in her mouth it looked as if she was dying. I wanted to stop.. but it was so interesting. My whole point of view of this lady changed. By now I'm rubbing myself roughly, borderline orgasm , I'm talking 5th gear.. sweat building. Then I was jolted up by pounding at the door. The phone went flying. I gathered myself together with a " hold on please " and nervously got up, wrapping my robe tight and jogging to the door. I opened it and it was Tev. Classic porn scenario. I mean he was in basketball shorts and a wife beater.
"Mrs. Rebecca.. I got your note, you have my phone?"
" Yea-yeah..sorry I'm half asleep. Come in.. "
My heart was pounding as I opened the door and turned to walk to the table and realized the phone wasn't there. I looked on the couch. As I moved I could feel him staring at me as the door shut. I start looking around frantically.
"Mrs. Carver my phone?"
"Sorry Tev it's here.. I just had it. Let me call it. What's your number?" I said nervously and got mine, and as he called out the numbers I dialed and let it ring. He had the phone in his hand by the time I left the bed room and was smirking as he ignored the call. Immediately I knew. The picture was still up on his screen. There was a pause of acknowledgement that went unsaid, but he broke the silence.
"So you went through my phone?" ... "Tev I'm sorry.. I was looking for the owner.."
" So far in my pictures? Did you find what you were looking for? " He said as he closed the gap between us. I was at a loss for words, and he showed me the phone. Mrs. Baker with all that black cock in her mouth.
He was smiling, which made it feel weird because his presence was so dominating. He stood a good foot and a half over me (I'm only 5'3) and was clearly a supreme figure. Like he was chiseled from stone.
"I couldn't help myself," he said, looking back at the phone. "She came onto me. You can't tell nobody." His last statement was fierce. His tone of voice. His proximity to me. I felt completely dominated and yet turned on. He kept coming closer and I backed up until my ass hit the counter in our small kitchen. "Tev I won't I promise--" "I'm not going to hurt you, Mrs Baker I just need reassurance." He said, his hand grasping the satin of my robes tie and letting it loose. The robe opened exposing my chest.. my pink nipples, flat stomach.
"What..what do you want?" I said, my heart pounding as his hands slipped between my legs. Little did I know my green panties were visibly soaked, and his fingers (easily the size of Ricks cock alone) slid between my thick thighs. "Damn you got a fat pussy.. I'll make a proposition with you." He said and drew his hand back, went into his basketball shorts and pulled the blackest dick I've ever seen out. Even limp he was bigger, thicker than Rick. I gasped and didn't even hear myself. He started stroking while playing on his phone. "You don't have to suck it. Just put it in your mouth, let me snap a pic.. if you tell anyone I'll show your husband.. that simple." He said. His dick was growing and I couldn't keep my eyes off it. I looked up at him. " Just..just in my mouth?"
"I know you want to suck it. All you white bitches do. But you don't deserve it. Maybe some day. " he said as I felt his hand lift up and cup the back of my head. I was quiet and followed his lead as he lowered me to my knees. I tried to fit my hand around his dick and could barely do it.. and just stared, face to face with this monster. I sucked a lot of dick when I was younger. Nothing like this. I slowly wrapped my mouth around the wide head and took it in. I heard him grunt and then he pushed me, stuffing his dick down into my throat until I gagged and teared up. "Stop playing and look up at the camera. Say hi to Mr Carver." He said. Rick. My heart sunk as I looked up, my vision blurry and I heard the picture snap. Immediately he slid his dick from my mouth and saliva drooled down my face. I remained quiet as he stuffed his cock back in his pants and made his way to the door. "Don't tell anyone." He said and made his way out. I couldn't believe myself.
About a half hour later I received a text and opened it up, and there I was, eyes teary with a whole mess of black dick stuffed down my throat, just like Mrs. Baker. I felt bad, but definitely made myself orgasm ten times over staring at this picture. I lounged all day. When Rick came home I was still in my robe. I didn't have dinner ready. I sat him on the couch and despite his reluctantness I stripped him down and rode him. I felt him cum in the first twenty seconds but even as his dick went limp inside of me i kept riding until I finally climaxed. He was soaked from how much I came. "What has gotten into you?" "Nothing." I said and kissed him once, a small peck. "I love you."

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