Let it Rain - 4

Let it Rain - 4

For the first time in a week when I woke up it looked like I had the same to women in bed with from the night before. When I gave them a little shake they just snuggled a little closer and didn’t wake. I figured as long as they wanted to press their warm girl flesh against me I might as well enjoy it and closed my eyes. When I woke up again it was to a pair of lips on my dick and another pair on my testicles. They were doing a wonderful job and in a few minutes I started shooting cum and felt both set of lips on the head of my dick. “God, ladies, that is a wonderful way to wake up.”

I opened my eyes when I heard voices I didn’t recognize say, “Thank you Mr. Bill” in unison. I saw two blondes but it wasn’t Janis and Becka. In fact I couldn’t tell them apart.

Let it Rain - 4

“WWhhooo, Wwwhat, what’s going on? Who are you?”

“I’m Tonya.” “I’m Tanya.” Then at the same time, “We’re your surprise for today.” “Mama told us you liked our shows and said Aunt Mona said we could move down here” “and work on the farm and keep doing our shows” “if you were ok with it so we asked if we could surprise you.” I was still trying to get used getting a fabulous blow job from twins that looked to be 16 and the way they completed each other’s sentences was not helping me concentrate”

“So you’re the twins from the cam show? Who is Mama you mentioned?”

“Oh, Mama is Naomi. She had us just after she graduated high school. She says that’s why she and Aunt Mona are such good friends. She’s the only one that didn’t give her a hard time and stayed her friend.” As they took turns talking they took turns rubbing on my dick. “Mama told us you had a nice cock but we thought she was exaggerating. She also said you were good for 3 or 4 fucking’s if they let you rest like last night. We gave you a great wakeup now we want you to fuck us before breakfast. Oh and don’t worry about anyone walking in. They all went to do chores and said you was ours until noon.”

“How old are you? You look like 16.”

“We turn 21 next month. That’s one reason we do so good on our cams. There are others but we won’t tell you about them until you agree to help us with our shows.”

“What do you mean ‘Help with your shows??”

“We need someone smart enough to help us with our internet, send out videos and pictures and control our chat room while we play. You’ll have access to everything and maybe a little more. And we can pay you for your technical help. But right now we want sex, hot oral and anal sex. What you heard us say on cam is true. We are both virgins and that’s not going to change any time soon.”

“Before this goes any farther, how do I tell you apart?” They got on their knees next to me.

“I’m Tanya and I have a blue crystal on my belly button ring and clit piercing.” She moved close so I could touch her vertical clit bar and see the blue crystal. On the other side Tonya moved close.

“I’m Tonya and my crystals are red.” Now I hand my hands on two identical virgin pussies that could only be told apart by their jewelry and they wanted to be fucked. No wonder the others had called it a night early and let me sleep all night.

“So what do you girls have planned this morning?”

“Mama said we could do anything unless you said no and she says she’s never heard you say no, so we want to get back to that wonderful dick you have.” They bent down and grabbed my dick with their hands. There was a lot of dick not covered. “Momma said it was big but damn, how long is it?”

“Guess that depends on you two. It’s usually about 9 ½” but your momma swears it’s bigger.” They went back to licking and sucking on my dick and I grabbed one of their legs and pulled her until her pussy was over my face. I had to raise her a little so I could see the red crystal before I knew it was Tonya’s pussy I was about to ravish. As they worked over my cock and balls I spread Tonya’s cheeks and ran my tongue from her clit to her tight little asshole before trying to slide it in her hot honey hole. Only partially in, I hit a barrier and she jumped. She really was a virgin and tasted so good. I kept on tonguing her hole and hitting the barrier as she started grinding on my face. She sat up and pushed harder cutting off my breathing until suddenly she sat down and her girl cum sprayed from her pussy.

“Oh fuck, that’s the first time I ever came from something in my pussy let alone a man’s tongue and god it felt good. Sister you have to let him lick your pussy. You don’t know what we have been missing.” She moved off of me and pulled her sister to me then took her sisters place on my cock. As I slid my tongue over the second virgin pussy in less than fifteen minutes I felt her shudder then moan softly. I felt Tonya’s lips stretch over the head of my dick and her tongue tickling underneath it. Less than a half was in her mouth when it hit her throat and stopped. “Sister I don’t think we’re ever going to get that thing all the way down.”

As I feasted on Tanya's lips and virgin hole I felt Tonya rubbing my dick with something warm and slick. As I tongued Tanya like I had Tonya, Tonya moved astraddle my waist. As Tanya began moaning and grinding her pussy on my face Tonya was rubbing the head of my dick thru her slit. I felt her trying to push it in and thought “They said they weren’t ready to lose their virginity” and suddenly I had the tightest sleeve I had ever felt engulfing my dick. As Tanya pushed down and stayed their her body shook like She was having a convulsion and I had a mixture of heaven and fear as she sprayed my mouth with so much of her juices I thought I was drowning at the same time I was swallowing her delicious nectar. Tonya was riding my dick sliding her tight hole on my shaft, milking it as she bounced faster. My cum blasted into her as she sat down on me grinding into my crotch. “Oh fuck Mr. Bill fill my ass with your cum”

Tanya picked then to roll off my face and let me breath. As I sucked in deep breaths I saw Tonya sitting on my dick with her back to me she leaned forward and I saw she did indeed have all 9 ½” of my cock buried in her ass. She began moving slowly on my deflating cock, squeezing it with her ass. She looked back over her shoulder at her sister and me. “Oooooo its getting hard again. Does Mr. Bill want a ride in Tanya’s ass to? We said you couldn’t have our pussy’s but we love big toys in our asses.”

Tanya said “I think he’s going to need a big breakfast when we’re done.” Tanya got on her hands and knees and was rubbing lube on and into her ass as Tonya continued to slowly ride my dick. The thought of getting to put my dick in the twin of the ass it was in now had me hard as a steel rod in no time. Tonya rose up pulling my cock out with an audible pop the pulled me to my knees. She put some of the lube in her hand and coated my cock with it before guiding it to her sister’s ass. She put her head on Tanya’s ass and was rubbing her butt cheeks as I pushed the head in. “Oh crap he’s as big as our dildo but feels sooo much better. Especially since neither one of us has to make it work, I can’t wait to have him fucking my ass while you use the vibe on my lonely clit.” I slid the rest of my dick in her tight ass and all I heard was “Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh sssssshhhhhhiiiiiitttttt. Sister I want that in my pussy. Gggoooooodddd, how long do we have to wait?”

“You know we agreed to wait until our birthday.” Tonya was still resting her head on Tanya’s butt and had moved so she was flicking her tongue on my shaft each time I pulled out. One time I pulled back to far and my dick came out and slid up Tanya’s crack when I tried to push back in. Tonya was so close it hit her lips. She grabbed it with one hand and held it as she put her lips over it and sucked it into her mouth. She ran her tongue around it then pulled her mouth off of it and put it back to Tanya’s ass. As I fucked Tanya, Tonya reached under her and was playing with her clit.

Every few strokes Tonya would grab my cock and suck on it several times before putting it back to Tanya’s hot ass. I lasted longer this time and when I sprayed her bowels with cum her ass milked my shaft of everything I had in me. When she came her ass clenched on my shaft so tight that even going soft it did not come out until her body relaxed. When it did come out my cum was dribbling out of her still open ass. Tonya held her cheeks apart and licked her ass clean. When she was done both of them took turns licking my dick clean.

When they were finished they had me sit back against the headboard so they could crawl up next to me and cuddle. “Now that you’ve had a sample, do you think you want to help us. If you say no we will have to go out and find someone that will. If you say yes, we can have a lot of fun together. We can’t tell you all of our plans until you give us an answer.”

“When do you need an answer? I’d like to talk to my family first.” They said they wanted to make some announcements for a raffle on their site but needed to know an answer first so they needed to know in the next 3-4 days. I said I would give them an answer tomorrow. They were snuggling against me with their heads on my shoulders and absentmindedly rubbing my shaft when I suggested we go shower and fix something to eat. They wanted to use the big tub instead so we filled it with water as hot as we could stand and turned on the jets. That lasted until one of them poured bubble bath in the water. I turned the jets of just as the soap bubbles started flowing out of the tub. They were laughing and playing in the mountain of soap bubbles like a couple of little kids except these kids kept tugging on my dick and rubbing their firm breasts across my chest.

When they tired of soap bikinis and bubble beards we got out and dried off. We went to the kitchen and they told me to just sit back and enjoy the view. Turns out these two could cook as good as they fuck and looked gorgeous running around the kitchen naked. They were in the middle of getting breakfast ready when Mona, Becky, Janis and Naomi walked in dressed in their work shirts and Levis. Mona said “Looks like we need to go clean up and undress for breakfast.” I watched as the four of them went up the stairs shedding clothes as they went. When they came back down a short while later they were like usual, nude, and smelled of soap and cologne. Each one gave me a hug and kiss befor they say down at the table.

Naomi was the one that said, “Did you like your surprise?”

Tonya replied, “You should have seen the look on his face when he realized the two blondes sucking his cock weren’t Becky and Janis.” Everyone was having a good laugh at my expense when Tonya and Tanya started loading the table with omelets, waffles, bacon and sausage. While everyone was filling their plates and eating, I started talking about this morning.

“That was some surprise this morning but the biggest surprise was that they want me to work with them on their cam site but won’t tell me everything until I agree. I told them I had to talk with the four of you before I made a decision.”

Mona said, “We know all about their plans and we told them everything had to be done after their chores and work was done. We said that only if you agreed we were ok with you helping them after they were done and weekends. We also told them they could not have all your time that you still had the rest of the family to think about. The choice is yours. We know you’ve been looking for something to be responsible for so here’s your chance.”

I turned to the twins sitting next to me. “Well I guess I’ll try this out and we’ll see what happens.”

“Cool Mr. Bill. We’ll show you everything you need to know as soon as we get everything set up in our room. You can’t be in the room with us so we’ll get you set up in the media room on the big screen. That way the rest of the family can watch to.” We spent the next few hours unpacking computers and webcams, setting up their room the way they wanted it and, of course unpacking all their toys. I didn’t know two girls could collect to many sex products. They had seat with dildos on them and even a pole that looked like a pogo stick with a dildo on it. After they had everything up and running we went down to the media room and they logged into the username they had set up for me access their account. They had set it up as #1TwinLover. I wouldn’t find out until later what it really meant. Once they had shown me how to do the count updates they wanted and how to send out the videos they had made, along with reading their room rules, we took a break since they didn’t usually go on until 7-8pm.

All seven of us decided that since it was still warm out a quick trip to the pond was in order. The ladies threw some drinks in a cooler and grabbed blankets and pillows before we piled in the truck and headed out. When we go to the pond everyone bailed out and headed for the water. Soon we were waist deep and there was a free for all water fight. Somehow Janis and one of the twins got behind me. Before I knew it they were on my back, dragging me under water. I came up sputtering and two more tackled me from the front and the four of them pushed me to the bottom. When I came up this time I looked around and they had all ran out of the water to the blankets. When I got there the only spot for me was between Mona and Janis. When I lay down, both of them rolled to me and were laying half on me.

“Dear, now that we surprised you we want you in our bed every night. We won’t play anymore tricks on you and you can play all you want with the women that live here, but we intend to make sure you don’t need anyone else. We know the twins worked you hard this morning so we are going to wait until later to make sure you can give us what we want.” They both snuggled close. Pushing their breasts into me and rubbing their mounds on my hips. When my dick started to rise they each took a handful and just held me tight without stroking. They were right. I was tired, it had been a long day and I still had to spend a couple of hours watching the twins on their cam. With Mona and Janis laying still I dozed off. I woke up to cold water dripping on me and looked up to see one of the twins looking down with water dripping off her.

“Wake up sleepy head we need to go back and get dressed for our show.” I woke Janis and Mona to tell them we had to go. Naomi and Becka were already putting things in the truck so it didn’t take long for us to be on our way to the house. When we walked in everyone said they were going to join me in the entertainment room and watch the twins show with me. By the time everyone did whatever they needed to do I was logged on and sitting in the middle of one of the couches waiting for the twins to open their chat room. Mona and Janis came in first and sat on either side of me, cuddling to me and rubbing their hands on my thighs.

“Ladies you have to be good for a while. I have to take care of the things they gave me to do and to tell the truth it will be hard enough with the two of you just sitting there.” They giggled and looked at each other.

“That was just a test. The twins told us to find out how serious you were. Now we can tell them you told us no so you could take care of their show.” Both of them moved their hands but stayed close to me. “We’re not going anywhere but we’ll leave you alone until the show is over.” Just then the screen came alive and there were the twins wearing boy shorts panties, matching lace bras and a white, man’s shirt unbuttoned and tied underneath their breasts. Right away they started talking to the few people listed in their chat room and I watched the number grow as they talked about the topic I had posted as instructed. Guys could buy a prize draw and get a free video or sexy dance. Prizes included different pieces of clothing removed, the girls kissing or putting their fingers in each other and when all the tickets had been drawn, they would put on a sex show kissing and masturbating each other with dildo’s and vibrators. Guys that didn’t want to wait could tip amounts that would get flashes of breasts or pussies and could get the two girls doing a mini make out.

Right away tips started for the prizes and more for flashes and make outs. There was a continuous string of questions about them being virgins. It seemed like every new person questioned the entry on their profile about it. Finally when the number of tippers and guest in their room was over 500 they said they had an announcement. “There is always a lot of talk about us being virgins. Tomorrow we will use a small camera and prove that we are. Tonight we will start selling raffle tickets to witness our first vaginal sex. There will be two winners for two Skype shows. Each winner will see proof before and after and get a custom video of the event. We’re telling you boys now because we have finally found the man we want to have this gift. You won’t see his face but we’ll use him to clone a willy so you will understand why we picked him. Say Hello #1TwinLover.” Until that moment I had no clue this was coming. All four women were just smiling at me as I typed ‘Hello room’ into the chat.

Suddenly there was a combination of type cheers and congratulations just before the chat turned yellow with guys buying raffle tickets. They were going for the equivalent of $8 each and they were being bought from 1-20 at a time. The twins were laughing and writing member names on tickets as fast as they could. It seemed that everyone that could tip had forgotten about the show and was buying tickets. An hour and 350 tickets later the purchases slowed to a trickle and the twins were still writing. When they caught up they asked if there was anyone that wanted to finish the prize drawing and have the show. When no one tipped for the prizes they told everyone they would be back tomorrow night and until they came back on line raffle tickets could be bought at three for the price of two and then signed off.

As I was logging off we heard the twins running down the stairs then into the media room. Both of them piled onto my lap talking at the same time. “Well were you surprised again? Please say you’ll do this for us. We really want it to be you and we sold $2,800 dollars’ worth of tickets and we get $1,750 after the company takes out taxes and their share and we still have a month of sales. Please, Please say you’ll be the one.” I had six women looking at me and waiting for me to say something. No pressure, right?

“Are you sure about this? I mean do you really want your first time to be with a…..large member like mine? It won’t be easy and will hurt a lot more than necessary.”

“Oh yes. We can handle the pain and we want the pervs to really want to win this and buy more tickets. That’s why our next step is going to be to make a dildo shaped like your dick and use it in the chat room to get the pervs excited. We already have the kit for it. We’ve thought about this a lot and when we saw you early this morning we knew we had the right guy. Please say yes?”

Naomi said, “You might as well give in and say yes. They won’t let up until you do and knowing them if you don’t, they’ll just go find some stranger in town.”

The twins grabbed my dick and started rubbing. “Please. Please say yes. We’re going to do this anyway and we really want it to be you, PLLEEAASSSE?”

I finally said yes but told them there were no more surprises. They had to tell me everything in advance. They were hugging me and saying thank you when Mona told them that was enough. She and Janis had plans. “You can play another time. We have a lot of play time of our own to catch up on.” I thought we would go up to the bedroom for the night but as Naomi, Becka and the twins started up the stairs Mona and Janis pulled me towards the glassed in porch and our favorite fold out couch. “Tonight it’s sex under the stars and since you’ve always been so good to us, tonight we’re going to be real good to you. You just sit back and enjoy.” We pulled out the bed and Janis turned out the lights. With a clear sky the room was still well lit by stars and a full moon. I could see both of them in all their naked glory.

They piled all the cushions together and with me laying back on them, crawled up to press against me. They started kissing on my ears the kissing and nibbling on my neck then moved down to lick and kiss on my nipples. They took a break to share a deep, passionate kiss before smiling at me then going back to kissing their way down my body. As they crossed my stomach one grabbed my cock and stroked as the other began rubbing my balls. The kissing continued until they reached my cock and ran their tongues of the sides, meeting in a kiss with the head in the middle. Janis moved down to kiss and fondle my ball sack as Mona put her lips over the tip, teasing my pee hole with her tongue as she sucked gently.

As Mona stretched her lips over the head and took half my cock in her mouth, she looked up and smiled at me. I could feel Janis pulling the skin of my ball sack with her teeth before sucking each testicle between her lips and sliding her hot tongue around it. Mona was stroking what she wasn’t sucking into her mouth and Janis was working over my, about to explode balls, then they both just stopped and sat up. “Not so soon sweetheart. We want a really, really big load from you for us to share. So just sit back and relax. We’ll take care of you.” They were on their knees sitting back on their heels, each still straddling one leg, rubbing their pussies on my legs and squeezing their breasts.

“Ladies you keep doing that and I’m gonna blow my load anyway. “They got up laughing and dragged me with them. We headed to the downstairs bathroom and I waited as Janis played with the shower controls until warm water was coming out of the rain shower head. We got in with me squeezed between Janis in front and Mona behind me. I was enjoying the warm flesh and warmer water when they both stepped back. Janis hit the lever and I was being sprayed with ice cold water while they laughed. I was standing there gasping for breath and they were giggling.

“Bet you’re not thinking about cumming now are you?” I grabbed Janis and pulled her under the cold water with me. She started yelling and trying to get away.

“Not so funny now is it?” I held the squirming Janis to me as I looked at Mona still laughing. “Laugh now but paybacks a bitch.” We got out of the cold shower and toweled dry. Mona hugged me and giggled as she put her head on my shoulder.

“Don’t be mad honey we just wanted to have some fun and make sure you weren’t going to start without us.” I just laughed as Janis joined in the hug and agreed with her. “You know there are a lot of rooms in this place and there are still a couple you haven’t been in, so we thought we would give you a special tour.” They led me back out to the downstairs hallway and past the media room we had been in to another door at the end. We walked in the room and there was a beautiful mahogany pool table in the middle of the room, one of those with the net pockets that looked like something from the thirties. “My father loved his pool, almost as much as my mother.” Mona turned around and sat on the edge of the table. “Come her baby and help me with a fantasy. I always wanted to get fucked on daddy’s favorite toy.”

Mona leaned back on her hands as I leaned forward holding her breasts as I put my lips over one nipple. “Mmmmm I hope my lips on your dick feel this good.” Her nipples hardened as I moved back and forth between them, flicking my tongue on them and biting them softly. I kissed down across her trembling stomach, moving my right hand to her mound and sliding my fingers thru her wet slit. Janis reached between my legs and was massaging my ball sack while she stroked on my cock. When I moved down and put my lips over Mona’s clit she gave a soft moan and lay back on the table. Janis knelt between me and the table, licking my shaft before slipping her lips over the head. Janis was swallowing my cock as I slipped two fingers into Mona's wet pussy and sucked harder on her clit.

“Oh God baby suck on my clit harder, it feels sooooo,” I bit gently on it, “Oh shit, soooo good.” I was driving my fingers into her at the same pace Janis was fucking my cock with her mouth. “Put your cock in me and fill me with cum.” Janis heard her and stood up to guide my dick into Mona. As it slid into the tight sleeve of her pussy, Janis got up on the table and got on her knees over Mona's head. As I made long slow stokes in her pussy, Mona moaned once then grabbed Janis and pulled her down to her mouth and all I could hear was the sound of her sucking on Janis’ clit and licking up her juices. As I drove into her pussy over and over she moaned and pulled Janis tighter to her lips. Janis was rubbing her own breasts as she leaned forward to put a nipple to my lips. That was the position we were in when Mona yelled into Janis’ pussy and thrust her hips up to me. I drove in one last time as my cum blasted into her pussy and Janis pulled my mouth to her breast so tight I couldn’t breathe.

Janis relaxed her grip on my head and moved off of Mona. “I don’t think my father would have approved of the wet spots we just put in the felt.” We all laughed as Mona clamped her legs around me, sitting up and hugging me. “That was wonderful sweetheart.” She released me and I helped her and Janis down. We walked back to the bed in the glass room and got up on the bed. Both girls snuggled up to me. We pulled the covers over us and drifted off to sleep.

I woke up to the sun shining thru the glass, Janis nibbling on my ear and Mona nowhere in sight. “Well morning cutie. Where’s your partner in crime?”

She went to make breakfast and told me to get you up, but she didn’t say what part to get up.” She kissed me and stroked my dick. “You know I never got my ride last night and I’m feeling a little left out.” She kissed on my nipples and tightened her grip as she stroked my rising shaft. “I think you should make it up to me before breakfast.” She straddled me and put the head of my dick to her wet hole and lowered herself down. She began making slow strokes up and down the full length. “Mmmmm this is the way to get ready for breakfast.” She had her hands on my chest to support her as she closed her eyes and rode my cock. I put my hands on her breasts, massaging them as I rolled her nipples between my thumb and finger. “Oh god lover suck them.” She leaned forward and I took one of her hard swollen nipples between my lips. I put my hands on her waist and was driving up into her, nibbling on her nipple each time I drove up. May groin was getting tight while she groined and pressed her breast to my lips. She was shaking as she slammed down on me one last time and her pussy milked my shaft. My balls unloaded and painted her pussy with my cum. There was so much of our mixed juices, they were leaking out around my dick. Janis collapsed on me and I laid there feeling her hot sleeve tight on my shaft. “I feel much better now. Can we just lay here like this for a while?” I put my arms around her and listened to her breathing slow. She was asleep, so I joined her.

Mona woke us and said we had been sleeping for about 30 minutes. Janis rolled off next to me and we sat up against the headboard. Mona had a big tray filled with eggs bacon toast and jelly. She handed it to us the climbed in on the other side. “It’s Sunday, Naomi and Becka are taking care of the farm and have the twins with them, so we thought we would spend the day with you. We can lay around in the bed all day or go somewhere, whatever you want but today is just for the three of us.” We ate until all the food was gone then took everything to the kitchen before one of the girls asked if I would take them shopping. I put on some baggy shorts and a loose shirt and went downstairs to wait. Mona and Janis came down wearing heels and bright colored sundresses. I could tell that neither one was wearing a bra, but what the hell it was still warm out and both of them had breasts that had no sag and looked great.

When we got in the truck Mona was in the front with me with Janis in the back seat. We hit the highway and both of them said they wanted to go to Victoria’s Secret to buy new lingerie and nighties. I should have been suspicious, neither one had worn anything to bed as long as we had been together just like they were usually braless and commando under their clothes. But I was distracted by thinking about looking at young women wandering around the store while they shopped. When we were walking thru the mall to the store I said I was going to an electronics store to look and would catch up with them. “Oh no you’re not. We want you to tell us what you like.” We walked into the store and they went to looking and collecting items to try on. As soon as they had a number of pieces they headed to the fitting rooms and told me not to run off.

I was waiting outside the area when Skype sounded on my phone. When I looked it was a call from Janis. When I answered I saw her face and she said, “We have a surprise for you.” She turned around and I saw Mona pulling her dress over her head. The camera shook a little and then Janis joined Mona. She had already pulled her dress off when she stood next to her bent to suck on one of Mona's nipples. She smiled when she stood back up just before Mona did the same thing to her. They looked right at me as they took turns kissing each other’s breasts and fingering each other’s pussies. They stopped and put on a mini fashion show trying on teddies, panties and bras. Janis pulled her dress back on and the phone went black. Janis came out of the fitting room and grabbed my arm. In a voice that the nearby sale girl could hear she said “Mona wants your opinion on a dress.” She led me back to their little room and opened the door, Mona hadn’t even locked it.

When the door swung open I saw Mona sitting on the bench, one foot on the bench and three fingers stroking in her pussy. Janis closed the door behind me as Mona put her foot on the floor and pulled me to her. Without a word she undid my shorts and let them fall to the floor. She put her hand on my shaft and was stroking it hard as she looked to Janis. “Are you getting all this?” I looked at Janis smiling as she aimed her phone camera our way.

“You bet. You just do your thing and I’ll get it on video.” Mona turned back to me and started swallowing my shaft. I braced myself on the wall as she slowly took my 9” dick down her throat. She put her hands on my hips and began stroking her throat on my shaft. She pulled it out every 4-5 strokes took a deep breath and swallowed it again. She was speeding up and I was trying hard not to groan out loud when I looked at Janis. She still had the phone aimed at us but now she had her dress bunched up at her waist and was furiously rubbing her clit. There was a knock on the door and a female voice asked if we needed any help. Janis managed to smile and say. “No thanks we got it.” Mona didn’t even slow, she just kept on fucking her throat with my dick.

When I whispered that I was gonna cum Mona pulled off and kept stroking my shaft with her hand as she told Janis, “Here comes the good part.” Mona was stroking my shaft with both hands and Janis had her fingers in her pussy when cum blasted from my dick hitting Mona in the mouth cheeks and both eyes. I looked over just in time to see Janis squirt down her legs then slide down the wall to the floor. Mona sucked the last remnants of my cum from my dick with a smile on her face before wiping her eyes with a finger and licking them clean. We helped Janis to her feet then they gave me their sizes and had me go find a dress for each of them to wear. I saw why when they cleaned each other with the dresses they had worn in while I put my shorts back on.

I went out, found a sales girl to help me and came back with two short, lace, backless dresses. They couldn’t wear bras with them and I asked them not to wear panties. The dresses were just long enough to reach several inches below their crotches when they were standing straight up. Once they had fixed their makeup they came out and met me at the checkout. When she asked about the dresses they were wearing they told the cashier that their boyfriend wanted them to wear them so he could take them to lunch. She smiled at me. “I need a boyfriend that would just buy me a new dress.” Mona told her “Well you just need to find his weakness and work on it.” Then she licked her lips and kissed me.

We walked back thru the mall to the truck with both of them again hugging one arm and their purchases in the other hand. We must have been a sight. Two two nice looking ladies in hot dresses and heels hugging a guy in shorts and carrying a bunch of Victoria’s Secret shopping bags. When we had put the packages in the back I opened the front passenger door and Janis started to climb in. just before she turned to bring her legs in I put my hand between her legs and slid it up until my fingers touched her wet lips making her jump. As I slid them between her lips into her pussy she leaned back against the seat and gave a sigh. I pulled my fingers out and put them to my lips. “Mmmmm when we get home I need some more of this.” Janis slowly pulled her legs into the truck and I closed her door. I opened the back door for Mona but when she was on the step bar, instead of getting in she pulled her dress up to her waist, bent down and rested on her arms on the seat. She reached between her legs with one hand to slip a finger thru her slit and wave it at me.

“How about me Darling? Do you want some of this to?” I bent down and sucked her juices from her finger. She was deliciously moist. I put my hands on her thighs and spread them so I could lick up the moisture that was on her lips before running my tongue deep between the folds. I kept licking until she gave a little shudder and more of her nectar flowed into my mouth. When I stopped and moved back she pulled her dress down then turned and gave me a hug. “Thank you babe, I needed that.”

“Mmmmm, that’s the least I could do after that fabulous blow job I just got.” She got in and closed the door. When I got in and asked where they wanted lunch Mona said we had one more stop first. She gave me directions and at the last turn I realized we were pulling in to the largest XXX store in town. When I parked and started to get out they told me to wait in the truck. This was going to be a surprise for tonight. 40 minutes later they came back out, each one carrying a bag full of stuff. They threw the bags in the back seat and both climbed in the front with Mona next to me. She put her hand on my thigh and squeezed.

“We’re ready to go to lunch then we can go home and have some dessert.” We had a quiet lunch and everything seemed normal until we were leaving. When we got to the truck they decide it was too warm to be wearing clothes so they slid their dresses of then started on my clothes. We ended up naked in the truck with Mona stroking my cock and Janis fingering Mona's pussy as we went down the road. When we got out on the highway Janis got on her knees in the seat and leaned across Mona to put her head in my lap and suck on my dick. We were in that position with Mona rubbing Janis’ breast with one hand and a finger from the other hand in her ass when we hit a red light. A tractor trailer pulled up next to us and the driver hit his horn. I could only imagine what he thought when he saw us thru the window. When the light changed I took off slow enough to let him have a long look. When the two lanes merged into one and we pulled ahead of the truck I told Janis that if they wanted to play late tonight she needed to stop before I filled her mouth with cum.

She sat up on her heels and licked her lips. “Well I think that little snack will do for now. I heard the horn. Do you think he got a good view? You don’t mind if we keep playing do you?” Janis straddled Mona and they spent the rest of the ride home kissing each other’s breasts, rubbing them together and just trying in general to distract me. When I pulled up to the house they jumped out grabbed their bags and clothes then ran inside telling me the bedroom was off limits until they called. By the time I got inside they had disappeared upstairs. I threw my clothes on the bed we had used last night and headed to the kitchen to get something to drink. I walked in just as the twins came in the back door. They were wearing cowboy boots and bikini bottoms, nothing else.

“Aren’t you two missing your tops?”

Mama said we could work naked but the seats on the tractors stick to bare skin. Besides we’re wearing more than you are and you just drove in from town.” Well they had me there. “We were going to take a shower to wash of the dirt. Why don’t you come with us? We need you to do something anyway.” When I cocked an eyebrow one of them said, “No not sex. We need your help with our raffle.” I forgot about the beer and followed them to their room. They told me to wait and went into their bathroom. They came out a couple of minutes later with towels shaving cream and a razor. “We need to make the mold of your penis so we can have the dildo ready for the show tomorrow. We have to shave you first so your hair doesn’t stick in the mold or show on the dildo.”

“You want me to let you two put a blade near my dick and balls??”

“Oh come on you big sissy, we need it intact more than you know. We will be so careful. Beside we have a better view than you do.” They spread a towel on the bed and had me lay down. Tonya got on the bed with me and straddled my stomach. Tanya raised my legs for her to hold and then I felt her using scissors to trim the hair short. I untied Tonya’s bikini bottom and she rose up a little so I could slide it off. While I was rubbing her cute little ass Tanya was rubbing on shaving crème and asked Tonya to hold my dick out of the way. Her hands were holding my legs so what she did surprised me. She bent down and took my dick in her mouth to hold it up out of the way. As she did her butt slid up my body until her pussy lips were over my mouth. I know they said no sex but who could resist. I spread her thighs and gave one long lick from her clit all the way to her brown puckered asshole. When I did she shuddered a little and shucked hard on the head of my shaft. When I pushed my tongue in as deep as I could she took half my dick in her mouth and groaned around it.

Tanya asked, “What are you two doing.” My mouth was tight on Tonya’s pussy and she just mumbled around my dick. I felt Tanya’s hand on my dick and Tonya rose up.

“I was just holding his dick up like you asked and he started licking my pussy. I couldn’t help myself.” Tanya looked around her at me.

“I’m getting ready to put a razor to your balls so you better be good and not make her jump.” Tanya started shaving and when she was rinsing the razor in a pan of water, I saw my chance and drove my tongue into Tonya’s tight anus.

“Oooohhhh mmmmyyyy ggggoooddd,” as she pushed down on my tongue. When she relaxed I heard “Damn it Tanya hurry. Now he’s sticking his tongue in my ass and I want more.” Tanya continued the shave and I kept sticking my tongue in one of Tonya’s hot orifices every time the razor went in the water. The last time Tanya went in the bathroom and when she came back out Tonya was sucking my dick like her life depended on it and I was lapping her pussy juice as fast as I could. Tanya wrapped a hot towel around my balls and the base of my dick. That was too much. I shot gobs of cum in Tonya’s mouth and felt it running down onto my bare balls a she struggled to swallow it all. Juices were gushing from her pussy as she sat down on my face. When cum stopped pulsing from my dick she released it and rolled off to lay next to me with her head on my leg.

Tanya was between my legs smiling. “Well I guess she’s not going to help me check to see if I missed anything.” She pulled the still warm cloth off and sucked my balls into her mouth. She ran her tongue all around them, took them out and pronounced them stubble free. “Now if Tonya is up to it we make the mold.” They got out the kit and saw what they needed and decided we should go to the kitchen to finish. When Tonya said she was ready to mix the material for the mold, Tanya got on her knees and was stroking my dick and licking the head. “Now how do we keep this baby hard until the mold sets? I know.” She got up and set on the edge of the table with her feet on the backs of two chairs and spread her pussy lips. “Eat me Mr. Bill. I know that will keep you hard and sure will make me happy, but no cumming in the mold.” I put my hands on her breasts as I bent down to put my lips on her exposed clit. She moaned and bucked her mound up to me. I felt Tonya stroke my already steel had shaft.

“Mmmmm it feels sooo hard.” She was slipping my shaft into the container of warm molding compound as I moved to suck on each of Tanya’s meaty lips. When I slid my tongue between them I felt the warm compound flow around my balls. I was sucked on the juices coming from Tanya’s pussy and feeling the warm glow form the mold as Tonya held the mold against my groin with one hand while she rested her head on my lower back. My tongue was hitting Tonya’s hymen and each time she would jerk back a little then push back for more. 5 minutes of tonguing her tasty pussy and nibbling on her clit brought her to a screaming orgasm and she squirted my face with cum from her sweet virgin pussy. When she was done I looked back at Tonya and asked how much longer. She tested the compound with her finger tip.

It’s hard, so now we need you to get soft so we can get it off.” The twins sat on the edge of the table in front of me and were just watching the mold and waiting for my dick to go soft so it would come off. It took about 10 minutes but I could feel it loosening so I gave it a couple of tugs and off it came. “Now Mr. Bill we wait until tonight’s show then fill it with the silicone. See you at 6pm.” They hopped off the table, gave me a hug and rushed me up to their room so they could get ready. I went upstairs to the room Mona, Janis and I shared and found the door locked. When I knocked they yelled at me to go away. Well shit, I went back downstairs, found my sneakers, grabbed a towel form the mud room and headed to my truck. I had two hours to kill so I figured I would drive out to the pond and go swimming. Just as I got to my truck Becka came around the corner of the barn and hollered.

“Hey sexy, where ya headed?” When I told her I was going to kill a couple hours at the pond she asked if she could join me. When I said yes she ran to the house and grabbed a couple more towels and joined me in the truck. By the time we got to the pond she had stripped out of her work clothes and was bare assed naked like me. When we got out of the truck she grabbed my arm and hugged it as we walked down to the water. “Do you realize this is the first time we’ve been alone. We haven’t ever just sat down and talked.”

Well every time we’ve been together it was for baby makin sex. All you’ve ever had to do was say let’s talk.”

“Let’s talk.”

I smiled at her. “Can I get in the water first?” She took my hand and pulled me towards the pond.

“Come on then we can talk and play.” We swam around together for a bit then moved into shallower water. It was up to my armpits which meant Becka had to tread water. She swam up to me put her arms around my neck pulling her body up so she could put her legs around my waist. “Don’t get any ideas. I just want to talk and not be swimming for my life.” She had her fingers laced behind my neck leaning back at arm’s length. “Do you love Mona or Janis?”

“Whoa, what brought this on?”

“I just want to know what kind of man you are. How do you feel about all of us women? Are we just toys to you? Are we going to get up one day, and you will be gone?”

“I don’t know how to explain it except to say I love all of you but not the same way. I will always put Mona and Janis first because they are my loves. The rest of you I love like family. A damn close family but family just the same. I promised to protect all of you and I will. I will never force anyone to do anything they don’t want to and I’ll do my best to make everyone happy. You and Naomi are beautiful women and I love watching you running a round nude or nearly nude. If it wasn’t for you to asking me to help you get pregnant, I doubt we would be having sex. As far as the twins, well I’m still trying to figure out what I got myself into. One thing I do know is that everyone here makes their own decisions. I may not agree but they’re your decisions. Does that answer your question?”

“So far, I love Naomi and I just wanted to make sure you weren’t going to try and get between us.”

“I care about both of you but Mona and Janis are my relationship. Sex with the two of you is fabulous but I don’t want a relationship. If you two get pregnant like you want I’ll be there as a father always but you two will be the parents.”

She started rubbing her pussy and breasts against me. “So if I do this you’ll say no?”

Probably not, your hot pussy feels good sliding on my dick. But it I had already promised one of the others I would save it for them I would and I’d tell you why.”

“Have you promised anyone today?”

“No why?” She let go of me and went towards the land.

“Come with me.” I followed her up to the truck where she got out all the towels we had brought. She took one and dried me off then spread it on the grass. “Lay down.” Once I was on the towel she took another one and stood next to me shaking her body as she dried. Watching her breasts jiggle and seeing the water dripping from her pussy lips was so erotic. She was standing straddling my legs giving me a perfect view of her pink lips as she ran two fingers back and forth between them. She put her knees outside of mine then sat back on her heels. She took my semi herd shaft in one hand as she rubbed her breasts with the other. Naomi and I have talked about you a lot at night in bed. We love each other and plan to stay together but we both still like the occasional great screw. We want a child and I want to get pregnant so I guess I’ll have to spend a lot more time riding this big gorgeous dick.” My dick was almost fully erect as she put both hands on it and stroked it with a tighter grip. “So all I have to do is ask and you’ll fill me with dick and cum?”

“I’ll do my best but I think you and Janis need to figure out the best days for you two to get pregnant so we can make sure to have those days just for you.” She bent down and started licking on my shaft, lubing it with her saliva. When it was shiny slick she rose up and put the tip at the entrance to her pussy. I could feel the heat radiating from her hot hole before it touched my dick.

“Enough talk, I’ve got you all to myself and it’s time to fuck.” She eased the head in then slid about half way down before stopping. “Oh shit it’s a tight as it was the first time. Let me work this monster in.” she rose up and made short strokes, taking several minutes to get my entire 9 ½” in her. She sat down one more time with her head back and her eyes closed. “Yes, Yes, Yes, your dick feels like it’s in my stomach I’m so full. There’s something about a real dick that beats a dildo any day.” She leaned forward with her hands on my chest as slowly fucked my shaft. She rose up until just the head was in before sliding back down the length of it. As her juices flowed and made us slick she moved faster. I pulled her down so I could put my mouth over a nipple. I hooked my teeth behind the bar in her nipple and pulled gently as sucked on her breast and flicked my tongue on the tip of her nipple. “Damn oh damn don’t stop. Suck on my nipple and pull on it. Oh fuck it feels so good just don’t stop.”

I had my hands on her hips helping her slide on my shaft as she continued moaning for more. I was driving up to meet her strokes when she forced down and stayed there as her cum sprayed my crotch and balls. She laid down on me pressing her breast to my face. She shifted to one side and lay on my chest breathing heavy. When her breathing slowed she sat up still impaled on my shaft. She got off and went to her hands and knee next to me. “Fuck me. Fuck me and don’t stop until you pump me full of your baby makers.” I squatted behind her spreading her lips with one hand as I guided my dick into her dripping hole with the other. I drove my shaft in until my balls slapped her pussy. She drew a deep breath and moaned. “Shit, drive it in. Make my pussy throb and soak my eggs in cum.” I was stroking long and deep as she jerked each time the head of my dick hit the back of her uterus. “Ungh, Ungh, Ungh, Ungh, Ungh,” is all I heard as drove into her. As my dick painted her insides with cum she stiffened and screamed, “IIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEE, FILL MY PUSSY WITH CUM. FUCK ME, FUCK, OOOHHHH GOD DAMN FUCK ME.”

She collapsed, falling forward, with me landing on her, my dick still pumping the last small gobs of cum into her. When it stopped I rolled us to our side with me spooned to her back, her head resting on my arm. Laying there in the warm sun with a hot female held close it was easy to doze off. I woke up to Naomi shaking my shoulder. When I opened my eyes and looked up I was met with a view up between her bare legs looking at her lips peeking out of her slit. “The twins want #1TwinLover in the house as soon as you can get there. Don’t worry about Becka, I’ll make sure she’s taken care of.” My dick slid from between Becka’s legs and I got my arm from under her without waking her. I stood up, gave Naomi a hug and thanked her before heading to my truck. I looked back before I got in and saw Naomi snuggling to Becka where I had just been. If they weren’t back when the twins finished their show tonight I’d come back out with a couple of blankets and check on them.

When I walked in thru the kitchen the twins were waiting for me. “We’ve been looking for you. It’s almost time for our show. Where were you?” Tanya grabbed my dick then put her hand to her nose. “He’s been out fucking Becka. Mona and Janis are in the house and Naomi just went to find him, so, ta da the cum on his dick is from him and Becka.” “Enough of that we need to get ready and you need to get logged on in the media room.” I watched their cute asses wiggle as they went up the stairs then went to the media room to get logged in. Suddenly the wall was lit by the twins chat room. They were wearing matching naughty maid costumes and after they said hello to everyone logging on I posted their topic for the day. It was the typical tip for breast or pussy flashes, tip for kisses or mini make out session and after a goal was met the high tipper got to pick a strap-on and which girl used it on the other twin. First they brought out the mold and told the room they were going to fill it with silicone so it would be ready to take out on Mondays show. There were a lot of comments in the chat about the size of the mold and the amount of silicone it took to fill it. When they were done with that and set it aside they said it was time to prove they were virgins and showed the cam that they would use. “But you boys need to tip us and convince us you want to see it.” The chat column turned yellow with tips and guys begging them to strip and speculating what they would see. The total was quickly over $200 of which they would get about $125. Not bad for 20 minutes and still having their little outfits on.

Just as they were getting ready to prove they were really virgins, Mona and Janis entered the media room where I was, wearing the same outfits as the twins. They walked up to me, gave me a quick turn so I could admire them than stood on each side facing me but leaving enough room for me two watch the twins. Mona said we thought you might like a real show while you watched their room.” Just as Tonya was using the cam to give a close up view of Tanya’s intact hymen Mona straddled my legs, put one foot on my arm rest and spread her pussy lips with her fingers. “She has a pretty pussy but I know you like the taste of this one.” She put two fingers in her pussy then held them out for me to lick. She moved away as Tanya was using the cam on Tonya. The chat room was full of comments about beautiful pussy and the first time most of them had seen a real virgin pussy. While that was going on Janis stood like Mona had but instead of putting her fingers in her pussy she put her hands on my head and pulled me to her.

“Lick it baby. It’s wet and needs your tongue.” She had found a new flavored oil because her pussy tasted of Cinnamon Spice. Just as I was getting into it she moved away. “You can have more later.” They sat together on the floor in front of me watching the show in the twin’s room. When someone tipped one of the twins for a flash one of my two turned to me and did the same thing. When there was a tip for the mini make-outs Mona and Janis would kneel in front of me and make-out as long as the twins. I liked where this was going. I was keeping the running total and when they were about half way to their show one of the guys asked to pay extra for a private show and the twins said ok. Even though he had a private show the way their site was set it automatically put the show on my screen. I couldn’t comment or interfere. all I could do was terminate it if he became abusive or caused a problem.

This guy just wanted them to strip and do a sixty nine. They told him how much extra beside the show charge and he tipped it immediately and more during the show. When the twins started some music and stripping Mona and Janis did the same. The twins worked their way down to the floor adjusting the cam for a better view and began their private show. Mona and Janis did the same things the twins did and soon Janis was on her back on the floor licking and slurping at Mona's pussy an ass while Mona did the same. The guy paying for the show kept typing what he wanted to do to them while they were in the sixty nine, but nothing any guy wouldn’t want. At one point Tanya, that was on top, looked straight at the camera and said, “I sure wish I had a great big dick in my ass right now.”

Mona looked at the screen then me and said “I sure wish I had your big dick in my ass right now.” As soon as Tanya said it I moved the keyboard aside and got up. I got on my knees behind Mona and started to wet my dick by sliding it between the lips that Janis had been kissing but Janis put a hand on it and guided it to her mouth. She was licking it and making it slick with her saliva. She pulled it from her mouth and held the tip against Mona’s brown pucker. I pushed and the head popped in causing Mona to groan into Janis’ pussy. I slowly pressed until my balls were against her cheeks and felt Janis run her tongue around them. As I pulled out she held her tongue against the bottom of my shaft and when it popped out she sucked the head into her mouth and ran her tongue around the head before putting it back to Mona's ass. This time I was making a shorter stroke and felt my balls hit Janis’ forehead as she went back to sucking on Mona’s lips. I looked at the screen in time to see the guys tokens run out and a message that they were away from their cam and would be back. I was driving into Mona when I realized the twins were in the room.

Tanya said, “Damn, Aunt Mona got the great big dick I wanted.” I shot my last load for the day in Mona's bowels as she shook and moaned into Janis’ pussy. They walked up to either side of me and were watching Janis licking my dick as I pulled out. “Sweet, can we have a taste to?” When I popped out Janis held my shaft up and told them to help their self. I stood up and the twins got on their knees in front of me and licked away, passing my dick back and forth taking turns trying to suck the last dribbles of cum from the tip. Suddenly they stopped and stood up. “Got to go get back on cam.” Then they ran out of the room. Mona and Janis sat up holding each other just as the twins appeared on screen.

We’re back boys. After that private we had to clean up and grab a snack.” They looked straight at the camera and winked. “We want to remind everyone to buy raffle tickets. We decided to draw an extra ten tickets and give those lucky guys a copy of one of the videos a week after their made. If the ticket demand is high enough we might add some other prizes.” Like last night ticket purchases started filling the room with yellow. If you still want to see a show tonight ticket tips don’t count and we still have a ways to go. I posted the topic with the current count and immediately someone anonymous paid it off, the girls were squealing and thanking him for such a big tip, when another message came up saying ‘#1TwinLover if you’re in the room I’ll pay you $10,000 to let me take your place.’ I typed ‘First I wouldn’t take any amount of money and second it is the Twins choice. They chose me, not the other way around.’ After that hit the screen the twins scolded the sender of the message then said thank you and we love you to me. After that the room was bombarded with questions directed at me. Where do you live? Are they your girlfriends? How long have you know them and on and on? I didn’t answer and finally the twins said they had already said that I was going to remain anonymous. “Now it’s show time so our anonymous tipper gets to decide which strap-on and who wears it. We don’t know who he is but he knows what he put in the comments we saw. They turned the camera to the bed where there was an assortment of dildos. Anonymous picked one that was about 8” and fat. He wanted the twin with the red Crystals, Tonya, to wear it.

While they put the dildo in the harness Mona went behind the couch where I was sitting and reappeared with a matching set. “So everything the twins do, you’re going to do for me tonight?”


“So how do you know who does what?”

“We drew straws after we talked with the twins. I’m Tonya and Janis is Tanya.” The tippers were saying ‘Make her suck it.’ So Tonya and Mona sat on the floor then Tanya and Janis got on their hands and knees and started licking the dildos then took them into their mouths. Compared to my dick it was easy for each of them to swallow the entire dildo. This brought in a steady flow of small tips as Tanya would rise up, smile and ask if they wanted more. Tips came in saying more until one large one came in with a note ‘Fuck her ass’ Tanya wiggled her ass at the cam then spread her cheeks.

“This ass? If you want her to fuck this ass, you need to add another 1,000 tokens.” There were over 2,000 people looking at their cam so it wasn’t surprising that tips of 10, 20 even 50 tokens were coming in. I reposted the amount left every time it looked like it was slowing down and more came in. When it was down to just 250 it seemed to stop and posting in the room were almost begging for someone to finish it. “If someone tips 250 in the next 30 seconds they can direct. Telling her to speed up, or slow down, pull it out or even stop.” Suddenly three tips for 250 came up. “Well since there can’t be three directors’ the one that came up first wins and we will send special photo’s to the other two.” The winner wanted Tanya on her hands and knees so Tonya could fuck her doggy style. Tanya was facing the cam and Janis was facing me as Tonya and Mona rubbed baby oil on the dildos and the ass’s they were going to invade.

As they put the dildos to ass’s, the winner typed go slow and they slowly pushed the dildos in. He typed ‘stop’ and they did, half way in. “NNOOO” came from Tanya. He typed ‘fast and hold it all the way in.’ Tonya and Mona did that causing Tanya and Janis to cry “OOOOOHHHHH” at the same time. Then he typed ‘hard and fast’. Tonya and Mona did just that, driving into Tanya and Janis. Both were grunting as the dildos bottomed in them Tanya had her eyes closed smiling at the cam and Janis was biting her lower lip while trying to smile at me. ‘Stop’ and they did. ‘She needs something to suck on’. Tonya reached on camera and came back with another dildo and gave it to Tanya. She stood it on the floor and relaxed her arms taking most of it in her mouth. Janis looked up at me and crawled to me pulling Mona with her. She pushed the keyboard out of her way, took my flaccid dick in her hand and took it in her mouth as he typed ‘hard and fast’. As Mona started pounding into her ass again Janis took more and more of my dick down her throat until Mona was driving her nose into my pubes. On the screen Tanya had her lips against the balls on the dildo as Tonya fucked her ass with the dildo. Suddenly Tanya rose up from the dildo she had in her mouth and yelled “Oh fuck I’m cumming”. Then she collapsed forward pulling the strap-on from her ass. Tonya looked at the camera and said they would be back in a minute and the message ‘We are away from our cam’ came up.

Mona was still fucking Janis’ ass and my dick was buried in her throat when the twins came in again with Tonya still wearing her strap-on. “Damn you old people sure like to fuck.” They were both laughing at that when Janis rose up yelling “Oh fuck. Oh fuck.” Mona reached around her and was holding her by her breasts as Janis took deep breaths. Tonya walked ove

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Lost Empire 39

0001 - Tempro                               0403 - Johnathon              growing         0003 - Conner                               0667 - Marco                      -------- 0097 - Ace                                      0778 - Jan                       0098(Lucy) 0101 - Shelby (mother ship)        0798 - Celeste                  0125 - Lars                                      0908 - Tara                        0200 - Ellen                                     0999 - Zan                     0301 - Rodrick                                1000 - Sherry        Derrick looked up from the floor at Shelby rubbing the side of his face that felt real! Not like a solid hologram but real flesh and blood! Gaining his feet he slowly backed away from Shelby who as of yet hadn't moved.   I don't know who or what you are but there is...


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Sharing Kate

“Do you want another drink?” “No thanks man,” I answered with a dismissive wave of my hand. “I think I’m done for the night.” “Oh come on!” Ryan goaded. “Don’t be a pussy!” I just laughed and shook my head at my friend’s persistence. “Fine,” I responded in resolution. “But only if Kate has one too.” Ryan cocked his head in the direction of his girlfriend who was seated on the couch beside me, her legs pulled up under her body. His expression revealed his desire for all three of us to continue our night of drinking. “Ooooookay,” Kate said, rolling...


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The Chinese Vase

The Chinese Vase by Miss Irene Clearmont 1 Preparation. ---------------------------------- That is the thing about burglary, you can break into a crib, for instance a suburban home and net a television and a DVD player and for all your trouble you will net perhaps a hundred pounds or even less. Every day you have the same risk as a professional but the mathematics of chance will see you answering for your crimes in front of the magistrates in short order. The alternative is to spend time researching and seeking the perfect target and net a few hundred thousand. Twice a year...


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Sleepover fun_(0)

If you do not believe in young boy material this is not a story for you. Please give me feed back as this is my first story. Hi, I'm Charlie. I'm a 14 year old boy with brown hair. I'm 54 and reasonably skinny. I have greeny-blue eyes and have always thought of myself as straight but I do fantasize about guys every so often. So im going to tell you little story of what happened not to long ago..... It was the holidays and I had been chilling so far but was getting bored so I rang up two of...


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