Jenny's Gang Bang

Jenny's Gang Bang

Jenny's Gang Bang

Hi, Cathy again. I promised if I got some response I'd submit some of my original ELG stories. I was actually a bit surprised at the favorable responses. I thought my stories would interest other girls more than guys and that most of the readers are guys. I wonder if there's any way to sort the voting by sex?

Anyway, these four entries which I originally wrote about three years ago are probably even more girl oriented. I probably don't get into genital details as much as guys. And the first one about the costume Kendra wears to a party probably won't interest guys much, other than the fact that she's naked. When I reread these last night and made some changes I notice I seem to have this fixation on anal sex. Probably because I've never done it. So far it's just a fantasy of mine.

I got an email passed on from a guy who calls himself JonJ asking me for more details about myself. This seems funny because I'm not really very interesting. Nor particularly attractive, which is probably why I have such a wild imagination. If I were the type of girl who interested Don Juan's I'd probably be going to nudist parties instead of writing about imaginary ones. Anyway, I tried to think of what I could say that wouldn't compromise my privacy. So again - no last names or anything like that.

I'm twenty-four. I went to two years at a four year community college which means I didn't get a degree. I would have been majoring in English, so a four year degree wouldn't have made much difference in the job market. I was about average, not the type they give incentive scholarships to.

The following four entries are by four different women: Kendra, her friend Angelica, Angelica's mom Laura, and another friend Jenny. Kendra and Angelica are, according to Laura and Jenny, both beautiful. Angelica occassionally gets paid to model. At this point in her career she's only had sex in "public" at a party where most of the girls there also took turns doing it. Laura is in her fifties and describes the one affair she's had in recent years. Her lover isn't as young as he once was, so there's not as much gymnastics as she'd like. Jenny's a wanna-be. She's probably a lot more attractive than me, but not up there with the first two. She's the one who volunteers to pose for free for a photo club with herself getting gang banged - thus the title.


------------ 1. Kendra's Costumes

I have this outfit a guy bought me to wear for him. But we soon broke up and I decided to wear it to my next costume party to celebrate our seperation. He'd tried to be possessive which I wouldn't tolerate. Anyhow, wearing the thing was a way of proving that I'm free to display myself to anyone I want. Of course, Frank didn't even know the girl hosting the party, so no one there other than me knew there was anything special about the outfit other than it being rather fancy. The fact that it openly displayed my breasts and crotch wasn't special. By the time the the party got going, every girl there was flashing a naked pussy. About half the girls there weren't even bothering with costumes other than their birthday suits. Before the age of AIDs, say in the late seventies this would have probably been an orgy. My generation, however, has to find other ways to be exotic, since no girl with any smarts is willing to let a bunch of strangers fuck her at a party.

The costume I'm describing is kind of shaped like a skimpy one piece bathing suit with the middle removed. The plunging "V" neckline goes all the way down through my crotch and back up my fanny. What's left doesn't even cover my nipples. The point of any teaser is to emphasize what it doesn't cover. This one encourages a man, when he looks at me, to scan all the way down to my pussy lips. The sides of the opening are decorated with bead work that becomes progressively more elaborate until the straps framing my pubes are positively stunning. Sometimes, when you're naked, like at a nudist camp or at these parties, the guys pay too little attention to the display you're offering. Which is a shame since that's why you're walking around naked. This artwork helps.

I also have a sort of bikini bottom costume. It's much simpler than the deep V, just a touch of class. Imagine a skimpy string bikini that looks like a lacy butterfly in front. Remove the crotch strap so that all that's left is a little decoration on your lower belly that ends above your pubes. With a touch of rubber cement the thin material clings to your skin and looks more like a light blue tattoo of a butterfly than fabric. Of course it leaves my ass completely bare. In fact, it covers nothing, just adds the bit of highlight to the female nudity one expects at a "pussy party". Angelina borrowed it from me for the same party. It's a subtle bit of fluff that looks better on a slim body like mine than on a sexy bombshell like Angelina. At nudist parties, the petite girls like myself look better than we do in clothes. In a tight sweater walking down the street Angelina is more of a knockout. But in bare skin, my delicately curved size B tits suddenly get the notice they deserve. Admittedly, Angelina's pretty sexy in her birthday suit as well. Her waist is only a few inches bigger than mine.

Some of the girls wear nothing but jewelery, which always seems to include a gold waist chain. But usually that's just an impromptu outfit. Many of us try to come up with something equally revealing but a little more imaginative. The fact that my nipples were almost hidden was unusual. Of course, any girl with nipple, belly, or vagina inserts makes sure such rings, bars and beads are perfectly visible. Why else would a girl go to the bother if she didn't take every opportunity to show off? I have a gold hood ring, belly beads, and cresents in my nipples. The sexiest thing about them is that once someone sees or even knows I have them, then he also knows I'm a blantant exhibitionist who loves showing off. (I love getting fucked even more than being a show off. But the best thing is showing off while getting fucked.)

Many of the female outfits at the parties are simply transparent. There were girls in full length transparent dresses, bikinis, baby dolls, halters, and skirts, often with equally transparent matching G strings. One woman was wearing black net stocking held up by straps that came down from the bottom of her matching net halter. The point of the outfit was that it only made sense if you were walking around with nothing covering your pussy. Besides looking sexy, it also told the viewer that there was nothing spontaneous about her bare pubes. Both she and the manufacturer had envisioned her standing there at the party butt naked. The point of these parties is that a woman's love holes should not only be visible but also emphasised for the pleasure of being exposed. The transparent G strings are often non-existent, merely outlines like picture frames.

--------------------------------- 2. The Angelica Response

I love Kendra. Really I do! Especially with my head between her thighs. But sometimes she's much more of a pain than a finger in my ass. But then, I can't remember a finger in my ass ever being a pain.

So first of all, we're both attractive and sexy. But I'm not a cow like she describes me. My breasts are bigger than hers but they do not sag, and I don't need a bra to hold them up. Nor is my waist "only a few inches bigger" than hers. It's the same size: 24 inches. Which means, by definition, that I have a sexier figure than her. So that's why she tries to pretend my waist is bigger. It's true that small chested girls get a lot more attention at nudist parties than they usually do in a baggy sweater. And the saggers don't look that attractive without their support bras. But baby I'm not one of them! My tits are as firm and shapely as Kendra's inspite of being larger. Put us next to each other in a nudist beauty contest and lets see who gets the most votes! Guys go crazy for my tits and even the other girls admit they're beautiful.

Going back to that contest, I'd like to make some comments. I've done it. Kendra wasn't there, so she wasn't one of the other contestants. I don't think they even awarded a winner, but the four of us loved doing all the poses they suggested. I think it was mostly just an excuse for us to do things like bend over and spread. Does one judge a girl's beauty by looking at the inside of her vagina or anus held open for everyone to see? Or does a man just enjoy his erection? For that matter, I think I was more excited holding myself open for their inspection, than they were inspecting me. Of course, that only leads into the unanswerable question: do guys enjoy fucking me as much as I enjoy being fucked? I doubt it but how can one ever know?

To continue: I love being an exhibitionist. Probably any female with healthy glands would were it not for cultural indoctination. I think our genes are simply wired that way, and civilization spends a lot of time pretending otherwise, or making sure we do nothing about it. At the moment Western society is going through a period of mild honesty. But look nearly everywhere else. And elsewhen also. My grandmother would have been delightfully horrified at the idea of modelling a bikini. The French models in the early fifties refused to do it and they had to hire prostitutes. Yet the granddaughters of those same women are more likely to accept an invitation to a public nudist beach than refuse. And these girls know that the main reason the beach is nudist is so they can show off their genitals where a whole beach full of guys can look at them. They love the idea!

But do I get a bigger tingle wearing my micro at a public beach, than my great-grandmother did when she "accidently" displayed her bare ankle? Possible not. That was a strange period. A woman's bare ankle was the height of suggestiveness, while at the same time her "bussom" was falling out of her dress top. I read a fiction story once where the only form of indecency was displaying your navel. Bare genitals and nipples were perfectly acceptable and were of no value for tintillating the guys. Sure, when it came to making love, your pussy lips are where he inserted his member. But you also used your mouth to kiss him. And they didn't make you cover those lips either. If you wanted to get a certain kind of reputation and maybe arrested, just let that navel patch slip down a bit! It sounds ridiculous, but then so does a modestly covered ankle.

In some ways it's depressing to think that I could get jaded doing things like that beauty contest and then there'd be nothing more extreme left to do to excite myself and my boyfriends. I'm always trying to imagine something else, something so extreme that I would hesitate doing it. But I guess exposing my insides is about as physically open as a girl can get. Well, I suppose I could get myself fucked in public. Actually I have. Not actually in public but there were a lot of people at the party watching. Unfortunately, I wasn't the only girl there who wanted to do it, and neither the first or last that night to take a turn. One girl even managed to shanghi two partners and gave us a graphic demo of a girl getting DP'd - the real kind with one in her pussy and the other in her fanny. The girl before her had done the cop out. A rear ender while giving the other guy a blow job. I don't consider a double ender much more than a distraction whether doing it or watching it. When a guy's in your pussy and you feel another invade your rectum, that's a real eye opener. I've only done it in private, however. Some day I'd also like to do it with a group watching me.

So what fantasy can I come up with? Bondage? Would it be better in private where I would be helpless if my lover decided to do more than I bargined for? Or would it be more fun tied there with a large audience watching my delightful humilitation. I think that's what it is. Humiliation. Letting people see you so helpless and vulnerable, people who know who you are and know that you have allowed this to happen to you. Stripped of all dignity, the ultimate in exhibitionism, tied there, my personality as naked as the inside of my pussy. And every girl in the audience dying to change places with me. I don't ask why we love to degrade ourselves with physical and mental exposure. I only try to do my best to wallow in the pleasure it gives me.

Do you know most women can't have an affair without wanting to brag about it? In the end they're usually more discrete than their lovers. But the drive is there. The guys want to brag about their conquest. The girls want to brag about being conquered. In the end it's the only real reason for being on this planet. If you don't get fucked why bother being born? Sometimes I see myself as this big open vagina. All the rest is just trimming. A pretty face? Just a means to entice men. And what do we want from them? Why their pricks, of course. In our pussies! Even anal sex is just a delightful aside. Sure I love it and the guys do too. But I'd never be satisfied with just anal sex. If the guy never fucked my pussy I'd be just as unsatisfied with only anal sex as I would be with only kissing. My legs, my tits, my figure? I love the fact that men find me sexy in parts and in the whole. But ultimately I love being loved because I expect it to get me fucked. Growing up, becoming pretty, than sexy, dating, petting, maybe marriage, are all possible foreplay. Getting pregnant, having babies, growing old is the aftermath. What a pity that there have been women who died old maids and missed the point of it all - getting fucked in the middle of the story!

In fact, I'd love to make the middle as big as possible. I got a boy to pop my cherry as early as I could. And I hope some guy is still fucking me the week before I die.

So I like getting fucked. I like every thing that goes along with it, like the exotic things that don't often happen. How many women have ever enjoyed a delightful rape? Not I. Maybe it never happens, but many of us fantasize about this. In the "Fantastics" they wrote a song about it. It turned out to be just what the girl needed. Not very PC. But then who decides what's PC? The feminists are mostly what I'd call anti-feminists, woman who hate men and don't want the rest of us to enjoy being women. My definition of enjoying my femininity is yielding myself completely to the pleasures of men. Nothing is ever much fun that does not involve catering to male pleasure. Getting fucked by a man is my distilled definition of fun.

--------------------------------- 3. Angelica's Mom [Laura P]

So my daughter and her friends have started a girls' writing club. I've heard of them before. Some of them try to get their stuff published. But I think most don't go much beyond literary masturbation. I'm not against masturbation. When you don't have a lover it's a girl's best friend. Over the years, I've usually even preferred it to sex with other women. But not men. Give me a hard dick any day. Or even a soft one, just somebody who has one. I don't know why, but a man's fingers touching me, excite me more than a woman's. I know girls know how to eat pussy better. But knowing it's a man sticking his tongue in me or nibbling on my nipples excites me. If a woman's doing it I always close my eyes and try to pretend she's a man.

I split with Angie's dad about ten years ago. It wasn't over sex, because we'd both been having affairs for a long time before that. He started it chasing after some young chicks. Once I began telling male friends I was available, I had no trouble finding my own lovers. A good looking girl, even in her fourties, can usually get all the lovers she wants. Bert and I joked about it. Sometimes we'd even fuck each other, for old times sake.

When he started seducing the ladies his own age, his success about equalled mine. But after a while he lost complete interest in me, so I kicked him out. It wasn't that I wasn't getting plenty on the side. But most nights I slept in the bed next to him. And it's frustrating being that close to a man who doesn't want to touch you. What really clinched it was when he started spending too many evenings with Carol Burke. She was a divorcee, a few years older than me, not nearly as sexy looking, and according to one mutual lover, not nearly as good in bed. But she wasn't me, and Bert only wanted variety, any piece of tail as long as she wasn't me! So I told him it was time to split.

Angie and her sisters were grown up by then, so why maintain the fiction? So he moved to an apartment, then got himself dead. It was a simple car accident and it wasn't even his fault. When I went to the funeral, I realized I still loved the guy. But I knew I'd have no trouble living without him since I already was. I wasn't in mourning very long. The problem was, he had so much insurance that I was now rich and had to start watching out for fortune hunters. Even some of my old lovers seemed to suddenly start talking marriage. It was a bit like winning the lottery. Every charity in town seemed to know how much he'd left me. I'd been well off before, so this windfall was just a burden.

Eventually I moved to the city, close to my girls and away from the bedroom community where everyone knew me and wanted something. Trouble was, I had to leave behind my two male friends as well. But I was determined that I'd never take another lover unless I was sure my money wasn't the reason he wanted to fuck me. I was fifty-two. Well, at one time or three, I've told my girls that when you get older, it's nice to have a lot of good memories to fall back on. So sow those oats, and to hell with the Puritans! I have my share of pleasant memories, eventhough most of them have at least ten years of dust on them. But there's still hope for an occassional addition.

How I met Harold is a story in itself. Lets say up front that he still doesn't know I'm rich, and he's at least well off. It may be sexist or old fashion, but I always let him pay for everything. Part of my camouflage is a modest apartment. I can afford one much fancier for no good reason, just more upkeep. The place is a home when I'm not travelling, and has a king bed. If I ever bring two lovers back, we can comfortable sleep together. Of course we can fuck anywhere, like on the floor. And six people could easily have group sex on that bed.

For several years after moving to NYC I had no lovers. No regular ones. I actually hired a gigilo once on a dare, and found the experience quite surprising. My mind didn't connect at all. This man was interested in getting paid, not using my body for his pleasure, which is always my main source of pleasure. He was about twenty-five years younger than me and surely viewed me a nothing more than a job. Perhaps not as tedious as some because I still have an atheletic body. But there was no mental contact. On the other hand, this guy was a professional and knew how to excite a woman's body. He used my responses to make me orgasm quickly and frequently and eventually I asked him to stop. My body was exhausted. But I only got about the same pleasure a girl gets watching a porn flick. I need men who need me. Short of that, my memories of younger days are much more entertaining than this more recent experience with a pro.

Harold didn't exactly step into my life. He just touches it a little, which keeps things kind of romantic. I met him at this camp in western Massachusetts where Angie and Kendra used to go a lot. But now they get bigger kicks doing nudist parties and porno. Well, I've always told Angie to get a life worth remembering, even if you end up slightly ashamed of it. Actually, she's walking more on the wild side then I'd have recommended, but I think she feels very comfortable with her wonton sexuality. As long as she doesn't get hurt, all I can say is: good for her! If I were young and pretty, I think I'd join her. But at my age, the camps are a much better choice.

For one thing, no one minds if you're old, or even ugly, or both. There are women there twenty, even thirty years older than me. I'm not ugly, and the gentlemen my age don't think I'm old. Of course, the girls like my daughter turn all the heads. But Harold seemed glad to look at my naked body. I think the fact that I'm over fifty, but still have a figure, delighted him. Some guys like Harold like fucking attractive women but get turned off by young ones. He said that he once went to bed with a girl who's father was younger than him and it made him feel like a dirty old man, eventhough the girl had seduced him.

The camp is at the end of a long dirt road, and has over a hundred acres on the top of a hill. They don't have to worry about privacy. No gate or fences, just distance. When you drive in, you're on the honor system to report to the office and pay your fee. There might be some regulations about too many singles from the old days, but the people who run it today have never mentioned any. They do have a few rules that are enforced. No bathing suits, total nudity in the pool area, no nightgowns or negligees, except at parties. I think that a female her first time is not pressured into stripping immediately. But after a few minutes everyone strips because you stand out if you don't. If it gets cool in the evening, people wear clothes outside.

One sunny afternoon, sitting beside the pool, I got into a conversation with the man next to me. After a while I needed to stretch, and it was past time for my walk, so I invited him to join me. By myself, I usually walk around the populated parts of the grounds. The volley ball and tennis courts, picnic areas, pools, saunas, bath houses, and community rooms are spaced out enough so that you can walk several miles, just visiting all the facilities. I like doing this and casually looking at all the people. There's something about seeing everybody naked. All you see is them, not what they happen to be wearing today. People are friendly and want to introduce themselves. You quickly meet most of the hundred or so people that show up most summer weekends. The other reason I like staying where the people are is that maybe some of the people are looking at me. Nudity is pointless when you're all by yourself.

There are trails that go into the woods and meander around for miles without leaving the property. Groups sometimes use them but not very often, except the near ones which are grassy and kept mowed. These are all mostly the width of Jon's riding tractor, except for little glens he maintains, spots ideal for a tryst, or even just a private picnic. Without even discussing it, Harold and I headed for the nearest grassy walkway disappearing into the woods.

There's something exciting about being naked and suddenly alone with a guy who attracts you. The men never seem to have erections in public. But when a guy looks at me and smiles I can feel the excitement in my clit. The second we were by ourselves my clit was screaming for attention. It had been several years, so I was both horny and nervous, and very much afraid that the attraction might not be mutual. I can't think of anything more pathetic than an old woman trying to throw herself at a disinterested man. I neither wanted to embarrass myself, at least not in that way, nor destroy a potential friendship.

Embarrass is a funny word. I use it a lot to indicate two almost opposite situations. The other type of embarrassment is the fun type. Imagine Angie caught "with her pants down". Angie's young and beautiful and this type of embarrassment is something she obviously craves. Any female exhibitionist loves being embarrassed that way. Angie likes routinely letting herself get fucked by strangers in front of a lot of people and cameras. But there would be nothing pleasant about offering myself to a man and being rejected.

Harold and I were both carrying the usual towels, mine in a shoulder bag along with such small items as sun block, small bills for the vending machines, a mirror and lipstick, and rubbers. I was no longer having my period, but there's the health issue, and also, some habits die slowly. At least I'd stopped carrying around tampax. The last time I'd had a lover, there was still, in theory, the possibility of getting pregnant. I'd yet to find out what sex was like after menopause.

Harold was wearing a belt with a pouch that couldn't have held much more than some small bills. He had on sneakers, but no socks. I wore some very delicate sandals. On Angie they might have been called sexy. But on her, almost everything is sexy, especially nothing. Anyway, since shoes were the only thing I was wearing I wanted them to be attractive, not just plain white sneakers, which would have made more sense. But I have good feet and can easily walk barefoot for miles. I have good legs too. I used to have shapely tits, but today my legs are my best feature. If you say something nice about my breasts, like they don't sag or they look nice, there's always that understood qualifier: "for a fifty year old woman". Fortunately, Harold seemed to like my tits.

We walked by several of these pleasant open areas before settling down in one. I wasn't tired, and I don't think Harold was either. But we both seemed to want to make use of the privacy. Harold's towel was big enough for both of us, so I left mine in the bag. Besides, it gave us an excuse to sit close to each other. Very close. I hadn't touched a man with my bare skin since the last time I got fucked, years earlier. In that time I'd come either to this camp or the one in Florida, about three dozen times, and exposed myself to hundreds of different men. Maybe thousands because the resort in Florida is much larger. Yet they hardly pay us any attention, except the ones you make conversation with. Angie used to get a lot of attention, but I doubt it felt as exciting as Harold's naked thigh touching mine.

"Harold, how old were you the first time you went all the way?" I didn't care much what his answer would be. I just wanted to start talking about sex. "Do you think it's better when you're young or when you're more experienced?"

Harold was slow in warming up to the topic. I went on to discuss anal sex, how lucky I was that my first time was with a talented fanny fucker, so that from the beginning I knew it could be good for the girl. This was sort of true, but I was simplifying. I just wanted to imply that I was willing to do pretty much anything he might want. I didn't particularly want anal sex. In fact, over the years it had become less comfortable. Probably the aging of my asshole. Like everything else it just doesn't stretch that easily now. I knew, however,that if Harold wanted anal sex I'd give it to him whether he was good or not. I was really desperate for love after some years without it.

"Do you know why most women, certainly most women here, are exhibitionists?"

Of course he didn't really know. Nor do I, though I assume it's biological. Mostly I know that it's a fact.

"Women come to nudist camps because they want to expose themselves. Men come for a variety of reasons. I'm sure one of the biggest is seeing the women expose themselves. Once you do it, disrobe in front of dozens of strange men the pleasure quickly becomes addictive. While cultural indoctrination has us holding our legs closed around the pool, we'd rather spread them and hold our pussies open. I find I've learned to love exposing myself in almost every way. I'm telling you things about myself because I want you to see me naked. I enjoy showing you my pussy and anus, and also my thoughts, secrets, and desires. May I tell you something even more personal?"

How could he say no without knowing what I wanted to say? It's the perfect gambit.

"I'm going out on a limb a bit telling you this. I've been dreaming about having sex with you. There, a girl can't expose herself much more than that."

So Harold did the obvious. Only a cad, a celibate, or someone with out balls would have refused. Or someone with other committments. For a woman my age I have a nice body. Below the neck I could pass for a woman somewhat younger. Harold is a seasonal warrior. When he's in training he looks pretty good. The rest of the time he looks like a couch potato though he's in better shape than he appears. In spite of his good physical condition, and the fact that he also looks younger than his age, he does lack the stamina of his youth. And this bothers him. I've tried to tell him that having a hard dick for an hour is not what most of us are looking for in a lover. At least it's not the only thing, and maybe not that high on the list either. I would prefer that my lover has good endurance. But I can just as easily drool over a guy with great foreplay,

All my talk about anal sex was intended to get Harold's juices going. I wasn't particularly looking to get myself buggered. I just wanted to tell him that I was available and pretty liberal in what I'd allow. And my yacking did have results. Harold couldn't hide the fact that he was twitching. Nor would I let him. But I realized later that the talk of anal sex had put him a bit off the pace. As much as he fantasized about doing it again in a girl's fanny, with his reduced stamina he was afraid that for him, anal sex was as much history as my periods. But when I saw him sitting there looking uncomfortable, it was mostly for the usual reason.

So far, Harold has not yet shown a desire to put his prick in my anus. But he does fuck me pretty regularly. And I'm never very surprised when I feel his finger slipping inside my fanny. Actually, I'd love to have intercourse with Harold a lot more than he could possibly manage it. As long as he didn't actually hurt me, I could probably outlast any man, even a stud in his twenties. But I don't need a lot of vaginal intercourse, just enough to remind me that my lover really is my lover. The rest of the time, I love being touched or even just near a man with whom I've shared intimacies.

Harold doesn't get an erection easily and has trouble maintaining it. I consider it my job to help him.

--------------------------------- 4. Jenny's Gang Bang

Hey, I really love this, especially reading that stuff Angie's mom wrote. Kendra got the idea, or at least started it with her own little essay about costumes at a nudie party. She typed it out, ran off a few copies and put one in her most recent of the scrap books she keeps of party pictures. The pictures aren't restricted. Kendra wears nudie costumes because she wants the guys to look at her, so she's never told a man to not look at the pictures. In fact, she leaves the albums out where her dates can hardly miss them.

I doubt anyone took the essay as a challenge. But Angie decided to write a rebuttal about her figure. After a few paragraphs, however, she got into all that female philosophy.

Laura, Angie's mom decided to compile a collection starting with what Kendra wrote and the one by Angie. Then Laura wrote that one about her new lover. I'm hoping she'll tell us more about him and other men in her life. It's wonderful to think that I could still be enjoying sex and dating when I'm her age.

Anyway, Laura has this free web page. "Free" means the provider tacks on a lot of advertising. She jumps ship occassionally, and keeps mirror copies both on her home machine and on a competitor's server. Nominally, if you go to her home page, it's about a hiking trip she took one year and a canoe trip the next. But if you click in a blank place between two pictures, you enter another page where you get access to these compositions. You probably know it if you're reading this. I wouldn't be surprised if there are other places you can click to get to other sections. But that's Laura's business. Angie says her mom got the idea for this hidden section when she read rules for a free web site that prohibited "blind" references. Laura likes breaking rules, even if she has to do some research to figure out what the rule means.

One of the first sites offering free web pages was geocities, back around 1995. They had rules, like no pornography, no blind references. But the rules are mostly for show and almost impossible to enforce if violations can't be detected by machine. Geo had about twelve employees and several million contributors. I doubt they made any attempt at all to manually search for rule breakers. About the only thing they did was offer an e-mail drop box for viewers to report violations. Whether anyone bothered is doubtful. But at least it looked like they were trying to keep the sites clean. If you want to host a hidden porno site or anything you want to keep private, you use blind references, burried pages that aren't accessible from visible html pointers on the public pages. Anyway, the worst thing a provider ever does is erase the site. Most people have a mirror copy of everything somewhere else anyhow, so no big deal.

Also, the sites make money selling advertisement flags. You get a free page, but also a lot of spam. Free e-mail works the same way. In 1995, geocities wasn't the only provider, and five years later they had hundreds of competitors, maybe thousands. These people want your business and don't go out of their way to alienate you. So no one stops you from breaking the rules if you don't make a big deal about it. My guess is that Laura's blind reference pages will go unnoticed and/or ignored. So it's a great way for girls like us to let our hair down and open our pussies, at least in print.

Perhaps some day we'll even chance posting a gallery of open pussy pictures. Our own naturally. But it would probably be better to do it somewhere else with another provider, so there would be less risk of this site being shut down. Maybe I'll do it myself and Laura can put a link to me. Of course, I'd like her help setting the site up. Come to think of it, most of us have done some porno type posing, at least with boyfriends. Some like Angie and I have done it for groups, in her case professionally. She could probably come up with a hundred good pictures of herself featuring her open pussy. But if you don't already have a porfolio, think of the fun you could have with this perfect excuse!

Anyway, for now I'd like to write about something especially naughty, and publish it here. One reason is because I really enjoyed it when it happened, and I want to keep the memory fresh. The other is this exhibitionist thing. Telling people about it is like flashing my open pussy at a guy. I just love exposing myself.

So maybe I'm not the model quality beauty Angie is. Kendra's pretty much up there as well. But I'm just the girl next door - good figure, not great, freckles, a couple of unattractive beauty marks, and eyes a bit too far apart. Anyway, my hair's my worst feature. I grow it long because it's supposed to be sexy, and I do think the guys like my hair long in spite of the fact that it doesn't have much body. I'm basicly your skinny, hippy, flower child, who'd like to think of herself as a potential porn star.

I have this boyfriend, one of several regular lovers, who belongs to a photo club. I think the guys are even a little interested in cameras and pictures. Their regular activity is hiring a model to pose for them. They discovered early on that they could hire really beautiful girls who expect to pose naked for next to nothing. Most of these girls end up eventually masturbating to fill in the two hours. All Phil has to do after about an hour of bend overs and pussy spreads is let the girl choose her own poses for the remaining hour. By then she's probably so horny that she can't think of anything else. Split among ten or more, it's really very little per guy for an intimate strip show. These girls are exhibitionists and like a medium large audience.

These girls turned out to be both cheap and easy to find, once the club got a reputation for really existing. Most of the girls actually contact Phil asking for a turn after they've heard about it from another girlfriend. They know the pay's low, that they will pose naked, and even get a chance to masturbate with a dozen guys watching. And not get gang raped. I suspect some of them have mixed feelings about that last fact. But it's nice to know you have control over the intercourse option. Phil says the club's rule is no sex with a model the night of the shoot. If one of the members wants to date her, or hire her as a prostitute at a later time, that's the girl's business. The no sex rule is mostly to make it easier to hire subsequent models. I can just imagine one girl telling her girlfriend:

"It was absolutely wonderful. I paraded around naked the whole evening and no one even touched me, even after watching me play around with my dildos in both places. It was really a gas. Have you ever had the chance to masturbate with a bunch of guys watching and not gotten fucked almost before you can pull your toy out? Of course, it was a little frustrating. But I'm not sure I'd want to do it with that many strangers."

So Phil tells me about these sessions when we get together for sex. His pictures are all digital, but he runs off hard copies of the better ones. I always look through his most recent album to see the latest girls who have posed for him. Usually, he turns on the computer and shows me the pictures he's kept only on soft copy. The bad stuff has been simply erased, so what's left, about ten times as many poses as what he's made prints of, are all still quite good. My definition of good seems to also be Phil's, a nice smile, a natural pose, exposed crotch, and nicely displayed tits. There are usually a few where the girl still has some clothes on, but he doesn't waste photo paper on them no matter how good she looks. I think Phil likes showing off his photography almost as much as he likes fucking me, eventhough he's always telling me how great I am in bed.

Actually, I'd better be great in bed, because I couldn't hold a candle to any of these girls he hires to pose for the club. Maybe Angie would rate up there, and Kendra would make the cut. But I wouldn't. I once offered to pose for them for free but the money wasn't important, which was why he didn't jump at my offer. Then I asked if the club was open to girls. I wasn't that interested in taking pictures, but thought I'd like the show. Phil was more comfortable with that idea. The club wasn't really a club at all, just something Phil organized. He paid the girls with his personal check and collected cash from the guys who showed up, kind of like splitting the bill for lunch.

So it was really up to Phil. Still he asked around a bit before inviting me to the next session. For cover, I blew the dust off my old 35mm, and actually ran off a few rolls. I also paid my share of the model's fee - $8. Cheaper than the lunch I'd compared it to. I think the girl was a little surprised when she saw me there. But when I was just as enthusiastic as the guys about watching her masturbate she relaxed and really started enjoying herself. At one point she suggested that, if the guys wanted, she'd let me play with her and stick the dildos inside her. After an hour and a half and fifteen minutes of masturbating, she was probably just looking for something different to fill the last half hour. Not that she seemed ready to quit, but more like she wanted to get fucked, and seemed to think that the rules should allow another girl to do it.

No one suggested that girl-girl sex should be prohibited, and I was obviously cool with the idea. So when I asked if they wanted me to take my clothes off as well, they supported the idea. Both ideas. I wasn't the beauty of the professional, but guys don't say no when I offer to undress either. Well it wasn't long before we were doing the full lez bit. I'm not a lez, and I don't think she was either. But we both loved giving the guys a show even if it was shoving something up the other one's ass. By the time we were done the guys were cheering and wanted to refund my eight dollars. As if that made any difference! Even the hundred the other girl was getting was hardly her reason for being there.

Anyway, all the guys that had been there that night, which was most of the regulars, had seen me naked and doing the sex thing. My face and hair are merely attractive. I average better in my birthday suit. And I definitely have the right attitude. Reina and I were both sporting bare pussies, so we even matched in the pictures of us rubbing, or working opposite ends of a two ended dildo. A funny thing about those is they really feel good when you both have your end completely inside and your lips are touching. But, like in porno where the guy's dick is always only half or less inside you, for the camera they wanted to see our pussy lips with about a foot of unused dildo between our crotches. Well, I was up on the table to give the guys a show, and Reina was even getting paid, so we compromised, giving ourselves a good pussy kiss for several minutes, then pulling apart so the guys could see and photograph what was going on. Reina and I found ourselves playing a game: see who's cunt could hang on to the most shaft when we pulled apart.

I don't know who first suggested it. But of course, Phil remembered my original offer. Maybe he now realized I was more sporting than he'd imagined. There are a lot of girls who regularly fuck their current boyfriend but consider themselves as moral as a monogynous housewife. I call them Puritans. There are some girls who will pose nude for art classes and act like they're virgins. In my experience, however, most nude models are at least as promiscous as the average and much more liberal than the Puritans. But there's no guarentee that a nudist model is particularly wild. Nor do art classes insist on beauties like Phil's photo club. The organizer is usually looking simply for variety. Some times they even do men. The few times I've done it, everyone seemed quite pleased. Anyway, what Phil suggested was a staged gang bang.

The tentative plan was that I'd get naked, maybe slowly with much help. There would always be a lot of guys around me, sometimes fully clothed to highlight my nudity, sometimes naked, surrounding me with erections. The idea was to make it look like every one of them was taking a turn fucking me, while no part of the rest of my body was going unmolested. Phil explained that as long as the men changed places, it would look like they were passing me around. While in reality, it only had to ever be Phil actually fucking me. In most pictures you hardly ever see the man's face, often not much more than his dick where it's stuck inside the girl.

"Well, you'll have to decide on one other guy we can trust my pussy to. After all, you can't provide both dicks for a picture of me getting DP'd."

Phil knew what double penetration was, but had never heard it referred to by just the initials. Anyway, when he finally realized what I was saying he was surprised about three things. First, that I'd allow anal sex. He'd never asked so I'd never offered it, though I'd done it with other lovers. Second, that I'd have sex with a stranger, and expected him to pick which one. Third, that I'd do it with both of them at the same time. Fourth, that I'd allow myself to be stretched that way. Fifth, that I'd do it with all those other guys watching. Did I say three?

After hiring girls to get naked for about a year, Phil still didn't seem to realize that the girls were doing it almost entirely for their own amusement. So he also didn't realize that once a girl's taken the plunge and gotten addicted to exposing herself, there's no end to how much she wants to do it, only the practical limits of her body. If it were possible to get four guys into your crotch at once, there'd be some of us trying to fit two dicks in each hole with a lot of people taking pictures. I bet if Phil hired a girl to pose naked and then asked her to keep her clothes on, it would upset her.

Nobody wanted to substitute orgy night for the next regular modelling session. Besides, they'd already made arrangements with the girl. So it was decided that we'd do it on a Wednesday. Most of these guys either did normal dating or were married. As long as the sessions didn't involve them in sex, their significant others didn't seem to mind. Maybe they didn't even know that the sessions always involved a beautiful, naked female. There were three guys who were willing [willing?] to fuck me, and willing to get themselves tested. It was also suggested that Phil and I should offer similar proof. So, after all five of us went to the trouble, I didn't feel it right to tell two of these prospective lovers that I wouldn't honor their efforts. I discovered that four lovers with a dozen other guys watching is just about the perfect gang bang!

In the porno mags, they often have another naked girl doing girl things to the victim with her lips and toys. But that's just to dress up the foreplay with another naked female body. When Phil made his usual story book of the session he spliced in a few pictures taken previously of Reina and me, making it look like she'd been there also. In those pictures, with the guys all standing around, you don't notice that none of them are actually touching either of us when she's visible.

The night of my solo they sure were. Most of the time, most of them were touching me, and only a few taking turns taking pictures. At one point I had Phil's dick in my ass, and three guys in my pussy. Of course they only had a finger each inside, but even that's a stretch.

They started this activity to see if it was possible for four guys to each get some appendage inside one of my lower orifices and actually photograph the event. Some of the time I wanted to suggest we just try it first. But once they began, I usually lost all objective opinions. A dick and three fingers at once is even more a turn on than it is a challenge! And that's mostly because it involves so many guys fucking me at once.

There was a technical problem with the four guy penetration. While I remember trying, as instructed, to look backwards and smile at the camera, with four male bodies surrounding my privates, I couldn't see past them. In the picture you can't see my face at all. I do have a few freckles between my two openings, so I can prove it's me by showing you other pictures where you can see both my pretty smile and my perineum together. In fact, a bunch are classic DP where I'm bent forward over the guy in my pussy while the guy in my anus is bent to one side trying not to block the camera's view of my crotch and my face. The ones I like best are when I'm smiling, letting the camera know how happy I am. In others, I'm doing this surprised act, as directed, making it look like my stretching was sudden and unexpected.

I think we must have done this pose even more than the number of pictures implies. As I recall, every one of my four lovers took a turn in each place. That's twelve possible combinitions, and it seemed like they'd tried every one. But I certainly wasn't keeping track. Most of the time I hardly knew which two of the four guys were fucking me and quickly didn't care. As long as they kept using lube, I just enjoyed it!

But that's jumping to the end before I've savored some of the beautiful "opening" scenes. Shit, the best picture has to be one where I'm up in the air about waist high with so many guys holding so many parts of my body that I have no chance of falling. You can tell by my smile that I'm not even thinking about that or anything other than the fingers holding open my two orifices. Those fingers were supplied by four different men. But while I was very much aware of my much helped exposure, I can still remember the delightful feel of male hands touching me everywhere, thighs, breasts, buns, even arms, feet, calves, and some guy supporting my head. There were sixteen men there and about fourteen partially in the picture. Could a girl want more foreplay than that?

When they were doing the "Open Jenny" stuff, with all those guys touching and holding me, the men were all still dressed, and I was contrastingly bare naked. There was a lot of this stuff, basicly just me posed in the usual porno ways with a lot of male background and varying degrees of male "help". Does a girl look sexier wide open or with a guy reaching around, pinching her nipples? I love feeling a guy reaching underneath and cupping my pubes in his hand. But it does sort of block the camera's view of me. Porno is all about things like that. What feels sexy often doesn't photograph well. What connects well in video doesn't show continuity in stills. A still of a dick in a pussy might as well be a medical illustration without seeing the girl's face or at least more of her body. But in video they can pan back and forth so that when you start from her crotch getting stuffed and pan up over her belly and tits to her face, there's no question that this girl with the pretty smile is really getting dicked.

At my orgy they weren't doing video. Most of the questions about which was better were solved in the usually way, do both. But there was a tendency away from any solo poses. They did enough of that every month with girls prettier than me. So in most pictures there are male appendages touching me, usually all over me. Before the fucking began, there was a period when the guys all got naked and tried to overwhelm me with erections. I remember once when I had a dick in my mouth, one in each hand, others touching my torso about as close together as the guys could crowd, when I felt each of my feet grabbed, and pressed against an erection. I never saw a picture of that. Probably no one bothered. Who wants a picture of my feet?

I wonder what it would feel like to rub the bottom of my foot on my lover's erection? At the time I was only aware that it was happening. I could hardly savor the experience and was much more aware of the erection I was sitting on, pressed up between my buns. There was also this one guy who had the annoying habit of pinching my nipples exactly the right amount. It felt delightfully like being reduced to a sex machine. Pinch - orgasm - squirt cume. It made it hard to appreciate the penis pressed between my buns.

Some girls need foreplay to get in the mood for the surrender that follows. Not me. Foreplay is just another nice part of sex. But I'm ready for penetration before I can get my clothes off, even starting with just a G-string! One thing nice about being photographed being "seduced" was that I enjoyed more foreplay that night than I would have thought possible. Because I'm such as easy lay, guys who know me tend to cut quickly to the chase.

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