Short, Sexy and sweet: 2- An explosion of Passion

Short, Sexy and sweet: 2- An explosion of Passion

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Chapter 2:

“Fuck...I forgot that Gloria was coming today. It sucks having friends sometimes” Beth groaned, putting her hands on Jericho’s shoulders and seeing his eyes go to her chest. She was loving the attention and she knew she looked good for a little person.
“Get rid of her, i want to play” Jericho pleaded, putting his hand under her nighty and rubbed her pussy through her panties, which he felt were wet, making him grin from ear to ear.
“Believe me....I do too. Get dressed, but in....something loose, I dont think she’ll be staying long” Beth struggled to get out, her sons fingers were working her really well, just from the outside, she couldn’t wait to feel them inside her.
“Ok” Jericho pouted, Beth rolled her eyes, kissed her son deeply and then walked out of his room, not before looking at his cock, and it was still rock hard.

“I NEED TO TALK TO YOU, HURRY THE FUCK UP AND OPEN THE DOOR” Gloria shouted, she sounded more upset than mad, but it was hard to tell, for Jericho anyway, for Beth she knew her friend well enough.
“Calm down, i’m coming” Beth shouted back, walking past her sons room, squealing as he pinched her ass.
“you will be coming later” he whispered into her ear, causing her to giggle and kiss Jericho.
“Behave” she hissed playfully. Beth came down the stairs, Jerchio followed, watching her ass sway in the dress and he went to the kitchen, while his mother opened the door.
“About fucking time. I can’t hold it in any longer” Gloria blurted out, as she came in the door, nearly knocking Beth over.
Unfortunatly Beth didn’t have any little people friends, the only other one that was as tiny as her, was her older sister Nadine.
“Calm down, what’s up?” Beth closed the door and looked up at her friend, who looked like she had been crying.
“I just found out my husband is seeing someone else. Not just anyone else, a male someone else. My husband is leaving me for another man. FUCK. I don’t mind the gays, but I CANT LOSE MY HUSBAND TO THEM!!” Gloria screamed, stamping her feet as she was talking. Jericho tried not to laugh from the kitchen, as he knew Gloria was a hard ass, now that she was upset, it would be ten times worse.
“Honey, I...don’t know what to say. I..” Beth spoke slowly, trying to think up something to comfort her friend.
“Believe me, you dont have to say anything. I’m off to go and get laid, my husband hadn’t touched me in years, now im off to get fucked. But before i do.....Jericho, come here for a second” Gloria yelled to him, Jericho put his cup down and went to the front door.
“Hey Gloria sorry to hear about....”
“Enough, what do you think about these?” Gloria interrupted him and pulled her shirt up, exposing her breasts, which were firm and a light pink and he noticed her areola’s were a tad brown.
Jericho was lost for words, her breasts were amazing and his jaw dropped to the floor, making Gloria smile.
“Well i have my answer” Gloria giggled.
“Have you lost your mind, put those away” Beth slapped her friends stomach, she felt a little jealous of her sons reaction.
“I just needed the opinion of a horny teenager is all. Now that i did, im off, i’ll call you when i have had my fill of cock” Gloria told her calmly, she kissed her friendly on the cheek, and then walked out the door, not before winking at Jericho.

“I am so sorry about that. I guess she is having a melt down” Beth told Jericho, locking the door and turning around to see him playing with the buldge in his pants.
“Well i guess you saw boobs out of it, so not bad for you” Beth pouted, pretending to be upset about it.
“I want to see your boobs more than anything....Can i know please?” Jericho asked nicely, Beth chuckled at her sons manners and looked up at him, as she slipped her dress off and was standing in her bra and panties, which were bright orange.
“Wow” Jericho uttered, his pants sported a tent and his mother enjoyed seeing his reaction.
“Follow me” Beth whispered, making her way upstairs, wiggling her ass seductively, Jericho nearly drooled at the sight.

Beth climbed onto her bed and stood in the middle of it, Jericho followed and sat down on the bed, his mother helped remove his shirt and she took a deep breath, smelling his musky scent.
“Now I hope you’re ready for your world to be rocked” Beth purred, slipping her bra off, and playing with her tits for her son.
Jericho grinned and he could smell her scent, a faint tinge of honey and vanilla, her shampoo that she got a week ago.
“they are amazing.” Jericho told her, touching her playfully, enjoying the softness of her breasts, he pinched her nipples lightly.
“Why thank you, now take your pants off handsome” Beth teased, kissing her son on his lips and pulling her panties off in the process.
Jericho pulled his pants off and moved onto the bed more, he put his head on the pillow and his mother lowered herself and put his hard cock in her mouth and began to suck again. Jericho rubbed her shoulders playfully, causing her to stop.
“My bad, I’m sure you would like some pussy. Here” Beth told him, she sat on his stomach, and turned around, so she could suck his cock and have her pussy in his face. Jericho saw it drip, her perfectly shaved pussy smelt more like honey to him, causing him to drool.
Beth squealed as Jericho slid two fingers on her lips and playfully fingered her for a few seconds, then put his hands on her hips and pulled her closer, and put his tongue inside her pussy.
Jericho closed his eyes and kept lapping her pussy, to him it tasted of a juicy mango, fresh and dripping with flavour, his mother moaned as he and she kept sucking, being intune with each other.
“, i’m about to cum, don’t....don’t stop” Beth moaned, she moved her pussy for him, practically face fucking her son. Jericho held her tight and continued to dive his tongue deeper into her, lapping up her juices, loving how smooth her pussy was, and how sexually hungry she was.
“FUCK....OH YES...OH GOD....I’M CUMMMMMING” Beth cried, squirting in her sons face, trying to hold onto his knees as it was a powerful orgasm.
“You taste amazing mum” Jericho told her, licking up the juices that were still dripping off his face.
“I’ve never had one like that before, you sure you’re a virgin?” Beth asked, standing up and standing over his cock, she noticed pre-cum on the tip of his 8inche cock.
“I am, and i don’t want to be anymore.” Jericho begged, reaching up and squeazing her firm tits.
“My pleasure” Beth announced, she lowered herself onto his cock and couldn’t believe how well it fit. Her husband wasn’t as big or as satisfying, but her son was amazing, his thick and veiny cock was pumping into her pussy and making her gush even more.
“Wow...oh fuck, this great” Jericho breathed, putting his hands on her hips and helping his mother with his cock.
“Oh fu....uuuck, yes yes yes” Beth moaned, pushing her hands down on her sons chest and thrusting harder and deeper in the process.
“You like that? Do you love this cock?” Jericho asked with each thrust, feeling pressure build in his cock and feeling his mother’s pussy tighten.
“Fuck..yes. Mummy loves...this amazing cock. Don’t stop. I’m almost there” Beth cried
“Yes. Almost”
“oh god”
“I’m about to...”
“Baby me too, just....a little....more”
“NOW, OH BABY” Beth screamed out, she grabbed her sons hands and tightened her grip around his fingers and they looked each other in the eye as they came together. She felt his hot jizz fill her pussy and Jericho felt her gush onto his cock.

This lasted for a few minutes, they both tried not to move or to speak. Beth finally stopped and kissed her son deeply, almost crying in the process, Jericho slid his tongue into his mothers mouth when he finally stopped, his hips ached, but he didn’t complain, he was in pure bliss.
Jericho had to blink a few times, his eyes nearly rolled into the back of his head and he could see white spots in his vision, it happened whenever he had a massive wank, but now it happened, because he was spent on his mother.
Beth ‘s arms were tight, and her legs couldn’t stop shaking, she laid her head on her sons chest and slowly breathed in and out.
“Wow” Beth breathed.
“I...know, I can’t feel my arms, or my cock, but i know it filled you up” Jericho chuckled, kissing his mother on her forehead.
Beth was about to say something, when the phone rang and there was a knock at the front door.
“Fucking hell, i just want to relax with you today. You answer the door and i’ll see who is calling” Beth growled, kissing her son deeply on his lips, before moving off him and picking up the phone on her side of the bed.
Jericho made his way to his room, put on a random shirt and some pants and went down to see who was at the door. Before he opened it, he quickly moved his mothers dress from the walk way and shoved it in the washing basket.
“Yo dude, what the fuck is taking you so long. Open up man” His friend Eddie called, banging on the door louder.

Too be continued

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