A Rich Man's World

A Rich Man's World

This is the story of a rich man and his lust for young females and the lengths he will go to, to satisfy his needs including violence.

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A Rich Man’s World

There is something pretty special about being rich! I found this out rather later in life than I would have liked when I happened to buy a lottery ticket with the last £2 I had in the world. My wife was at home and we were living on our wits worried about bills coming through the door and trying hard to keep ourselves above water. Due to this there was a lot of resentment in the house and as such arguments were par for the course on a daily basis.

It therefore wasn’t surprising that when the lottery ticket did come up as a single jackpot winner with a sum amounting to just short of £10M I didn’t stick around for long with her. Don’t get me wrong we weren’t that unhappy but I knew our marriage and run its course and it was time to look for pastures new along with half my winnings. I gave the other half to her and she and I went our separate ways.

But now being single and being rich I have found that you don’t need to try too hard and the women (and some men) will flock around you like the gold diggers they are! But they aren’t worth bothering with unless it is just a quick fuck that you want, and that’s with or without their consent. But an Armani suit always says something irrespective of the looks of the person wearing the suit. This just goes to prove that most women are money grabbing slappers who’ll do anything for a few quid in the bank!


And today is clearly no different as I enter the caf?I see that the food counter is in the rear of the shop. I head towards it and cannot fail to notice the girl behind the front counter. I have seen her before, on many occasions! I have, for want of a better word, been stalking her, as a lion might a gazelle waiting patiently for the right moment to pounce!

She blue eyed, blonde and buxom and looks around 18. Like most girls her age she is dressed like a tart and I know from that look she has that she will be perfect for what I need whilst I am in the city. And perfect for what I intend to do tonight.

There is another girl who looks to be in her mid twenties tidying up in the background. She throws me a cursory glance and a smile. She’s also blonde, a dirty blonde and that’s ‘dirty’ in her equally slutty appearance rather than hair tone. But sadly, for her, she doesn’t have big jugs like the girl at the counter so she qualifies for neither my attention nor my interest. But the sweet looking ‘counter girl’ has caught my eye now with her mini skirted bare thighs and over exposed cleavage pushed into the tight red blouse around her big fat tits. Mmmmmm. I can hardly hold my excitement as my eyes examine every inch of her young voluptuous body.

I ask her name as I order a sandwich.
“Trish!” She smiles back and I notice her full young red painted lips that will be perfect for what I have planned.
“How old? You look too young to be working!” I explore devilishly.
“Awe thanks Sir!” She grins. “I’m actually just turned 18! I have a job but this is just to get some pocket money!” She explains with a smile as walks back to get my coffee and I watch her bare legs leading up to the short tartan skirt. She chats easily with me as she puts my sandwich together. I can see that she is checking me out.
“And you? What brings you into the City?” She smiles as she finishes making my lunch.
“Just cruising around!” I smile. “Looking for anything that might interest me!”
“Cool!” She smiles taking my money and giving me the change. “And have you found anything to interest you yet?”
“Anything or anyone?” I smile nicely. “Certainly I think I might have found someone now!” I see her cheeks flush as she smiles and walks back to the counter.

I know I am at least 30 years older than her and am a different colour with my olive Italian skin but I can see she just seemed fascinated with my appearance, and no doubt my money. Just like all the rest of them then! I am old enough to be her fucking Father for god’s sake! Either that or she’s just a fucking slapper, gagging for a hard cock and real hard fucking! Well, that can be arranged!

She comes nearby and starts to wipe down some tables.
“Boyfriend?” I probe further as the other woman mops the floor.
“Nah, he messed around so I’ve dumped him!” She smiles sweetly at me with a definite twinkle in her eyes.
“What time do you finish?” I ask pointedly.
I check my watch. “I’ll see you at 7 then? A drink before you go home?”
“Oh right! Cool!” She says and grins with a nod of her pretty face.

I can see her standing in front of the caf?ntrance at 7. The short tartan skirt, tight red low cut top and heels makes her look like a hooker as I draw up in the Mercedes! I don’t give a fuck! But here’s the sad truth, I know she must be having a fantasy about a wonderfully romantic night with a rich older Italian guy but this ain’t going to be the way tonight will be.

Once in the car I can tell she is used to a lot less in terms of men and dates.
“I thought we’d go to my hotel!” I smile as I smoothly draw away from the caf? “Okay!” She smiles.
I begin to drive her back to my hotel and after a quick drink at a bar we pass, she doesn’t seem to complain. In fact she edges her skirt up higher as she sits down and talk about crappy teenage stuff. As if I fucking care what she says! She’s here for one reason and one reason only. I haven’t been watching her for ages and wanking over the thoughts of what I am going to do with her to care what she has to say to me now. Now is time for action and I can tell that she wants a good fucking from a rich man!

I pull into Great Victoria Street and draw up outside the Europa Hotel and a concierge opens the door. I throw him my key and escort her into the large foyer area.
“Good Evening Sir!” Smiles the pretty receptionist. Not big enough tits again! I nod back.
“Where’s the bar?” She asks timidly.
“I have alcohol in my room!” I say firmly grabbing her arm and escorting her directly into the lift. She looks up at me as the lift ascends. I glance down and smile.
“What are we going to do?” She asks as she looks up at me. “In your room….I mean?”
I look at her with a sly look on my face and push her to the back of the lift leaning into her seeing her fleshy breasts being squashed against my body.
“You already know what I am going to do! I am going to give the fucking of your life Trish!” I purr. “And it’s too late to back out!” I watch with growing excitement as a look of shock and trepidation crosses her face.

The lift stops and the door opens directly into my penthouse apartment. I walk into the room and look back at her. “Well do you want it or not?” I demand and watch as she exits the lift towards me.

The lift door closes and she doesn’t seem to complain too much about the lack of romance when I grab her and start to suck her tongue in a deep hard kiss. What does make her pause though, just for a moment, is her reaction when I force her hand to the bulge in my trousers and she finally gets to feel the outline of my huge Italian cock. My erect cock is almost 10 inches long and nearly as thick as my wrist. Even flaccid it’s so big I have to have specially tailored trousers to keep it from being so obvious.

And I know that this little whore will never have seen anything that big, but who gives a fuck about what she feels anyway!

The only woman I ever truly loved, my first girlfriend wasn’t able to accommodate me. In the most hurtful moment of our marriage she called me a freak. A freak? A fucking freak? A severe slapping ensued and she deserved it for her insolence. She never called me a freak or any other name again!

But since then I’ve had a strong association with sex and pain and I don’t give a fuck about who I fuck as she is about to find out!

I actually take pleasure in ripping her blouse open despite her meek protests and then squeezing her young fat tits so hard they hurt before pushing her to the chair and standing over her. I can see a mixture of fear and excitement in her eyes as I force her to handle my shaft and then drive it into her young somewhat unwilling mouth.
“Take it bitch!” I snarl.
Her blue eyes are watery as she attempts to stop me deep throating her as she gags and chokes on my massive cock. I don’t care as I shove it down her throat. I think it’s probably a relief for her when I pull it out and force her thighs apart. She might have sucked cock before but certainly nothing like my cock!

Despite the pain I have already given her, her cunt is wet and ready for a real fucking. Clearly not a virgin! I thrust my big hard cock into her and she gasps. I grab her fat tits with my hands and forcing my hips forward I shove it harder and faster in and out of her tight hole. I hear her yell with the pain but her hips push back to meet mine so she is clearly enjoying it! Getting a filling from a real man, and a rich one at that. This is better than I had hoped for, normally the resistance is too much and I have to use more force. But her nails are digging into my back as she cums and then cum again. I thrust my big hard cock deep into her and finally I shoot several streams of cum up inside her. I collapse on top of her and lay there for a while. Finally as my heart slows I roll off. My soft cock slides out of her sodden cunt and she sigh.

“There’s money in my wallet. Take as much as you want and fuck off!” I say.
I watch as she dresses and grabs a handful of notes out of my wallet.
“Bye then.” She says as she walks out of my hotel room and into the lift.


Trish is at the counter of the caf?gain. I wait in the car until I see her walk out and pull across the road alongside her.
“Get in!” I order and without hesitation she obeys. She knows what’s good for her or at least she thinks she’ll get paid again.

We don’t speak this time on the journey and have hardly made it through the hotel door 10 minutes before I have her tight jeans off exposing a pink glittery thong. Her top takes a bit longer but she melts to my charm as I tell her how big and luscious her tits are. It’s funny I didn’t really pay them much attention yesterday but now I am and in reality they are fucking huge and fat with large pink nipples. They are perfect in my eyes. A fat cow with big fat udders primed for milking.

I hold her firmly by the hair, my naked big titted teenage blonde slut and shove my big hard cock down her throat again. She writhes and twists trying to get away from me with tears streaming down her cheeks as she gags but I just ram my cock deeper into her throat. “Stop crying and suck it horny slut!”

It’s no excuse. She must have known what to expect before she got into the car again! Fed up with her whimpering I slap her hard across the face to give her something to cry about!

After several minutes I pull my huge erection out of her mouth. She gasps loudly for air. I shove her back onto the bed and pull her legs apart. Her eyes are open and she looks at my big cock.
“Oh No!” She suddenly pleads. “It hurts!”
“Oh yes Bitch!” I correct her! “It’s meant to fucking hurt!” I shove my cock into her tight little cunt again. She cries again and feels the palm of my hand on her face with another slap. She’s still crying and her big tits are bouncing around like jelly as I fuck her hard. Perfect!

What the little prick-tease, doesn’t realise is that her sobbing only makes me hornier. She keeps trying to push me away but I am a lot stronger than and once I have stretched her young cunt beyond belief I finally shoot my load deep inside.

She’s virtually unconscious by the time I slide my long tool out of her poor abused little cunt. She lies on the bed with her eyes closed and legs apart. A mixture of my cum and hers is oozing from her hole and I take advantage of that moment to take some photos. More for the album! In the last two there’s a thick white wad of cum oozing out of her and dripping onto the bed which makes this moment all the more special.

I think about keeping her around long enough for another fucking but she isn’t responsive and I have a feeling it will be like fucking a drunk. And that doesn’t appeal, despite her cute curvy plump body. So I bundle her into my car and drop you back by the caf?aving chucked £500 at her. The lights are off and the city seems asleep.

But the pathetic thing is that she actually asks me if I will see her again! Oh fucking right I will you fucking little whore, I berate!


Just for the perverse fun of it, I pop into the caf?gain just nearing 7pm. The older girl is nowhere to be seen. Just the little slut Trish cleaning up before closing. There is a middle aged women drinking coffee and looking pissed off with life. I am wearing jeans that make my monster stand out. Trish smiles and I order a coffee. I stand watching the woman. Probably in her later 30’s and skinny. She isn’t terrible looking and I can she literally licks her lips as she stares at the snake in my jeans. I look back at your miserable little mug and start to get turned on.

Ignoring Trish I walk over to her and make small talk. I gather that Liz, she gives me her name almost too quickly, is the store owner’s wife.
I don’t waste time. “So Liz, I noticed that you’re staring at me!”
I see her flush slightly but she gives me a brazen grin.
“Would you like to do more than stare?”
She seems a bit startled at the challenge, but doesn’t let it faze her.
“Trish, you can finish now. You lock up on the way out!”
Looking hurt she glances briefly towards me and her boss. I give her a little wave as Liz leads me to the back room. Trish tries to smile pushing her fat little chest out as if that will make a difference to what I am about to do.

Liz, the horny old cow is all over me as soon as the door closes behind us. I’m guessing that her husband isn’t doing much of a job taking care of her. Her mouth is pressed against mine and her boney body grinds against me as she grabs at my crotch.
“We’ll have to be careful not to make much noise!” She whispers. Then she exclaims as she fishes out my cock. “Holy shit!”
I am sure Trish can hear that from the other side of the door and I have a strong feeling that she has probably come back in to listen. But this old slag Liz doesn’t waste any time. She’s on her knees immediately and taking as much of my dick into her mouth as she can. I have to give her credit; she is doing way better than most. But as I get bigger and harder she begins to gag too.

I am not thinking of Liz though. My thoughts and the thoughts that are making me so hard are on my little busty slut Trish and her over-inflated tits. I bet she can hear the sloppy sucking and choking noises from outside the door.

And unbeknown to me she can and is listening. And her nipples are hard and fingers edging their way up under her short skirt and inside her thong.

Liz suddenly breaks off and gasped for air. “I want you to fuck me!”
“I don’t fuck to order, bitch!” I scald loudly dragging her to her feet knowing full well that Trish would hear that!

I unfasten her jeans and they drop from her skinny hips right to the floor. She steps out of them as she turns away from me and at the same time pulls her panties off. I began to think that Liz has done this before. I’ll soon show her she has never done anything like this before! She bends over the desk, her arse facing me and her legs apart. Looking over her shoulder at me she hisses.
“Fuck me! Give me that big cock!”

She feels my hand slap hard, first across the side of her face and then across her skinny arse cheeks. “I said I don’t fuck to order!” I repeat.
“Please Sir?” She corrects herself.
My cock is rock hard now from her expert sucking and I am determined to give her what I want! I push the plum sized head of my hard cock into slippery cunt from behind. I am not surprised at how wet she is nor by her ability to accommodate me. All these old slags are the same. I guess she must have had a couple kids along the way and I would also bet that for her husband she must feel pretty loose and sloppy. But for me she’s an okay fuck but not as tight and timid as Trish is!

Liz yelps as I shove halfway into her with one thrust. She is clearly enjoying this and squeals like a pig.
“Oh God! Give me that big cock! Give it to me……………….Please!”
Christ, she’s fucking begging me now the dirty slag.
She moans and pants loudly enough that I’m sure my little slut Trish will be getting an earful.
I get into a good rhythm with her and feel her legs tremble as she cums.

I considered pulling out and putting my cock in her arse but I am sure that would rip this skinny bitch apart if I did. But I want a memento. So as I screw the old witch I slide my little digital camera out of my shirt pocket. I take several shots of my big cock sliding in and out of her and then for good measure, a short video clip, with sound. And the sound, aside from the slapping noise of my cock, is all Liz squealing like a dog on heat. While I am doing this she cums again. I realize that while this was fun it has to end sometime. So I pick up the pace and really begin to shove it into her.

Liz has lost control and cums again but this time as I feel her pussy canal tighten around my shaft I cum with her. And just for the sake of it I slide out as I shoot my last spurt covering her arse with my cum. I get a picture of that with some of it running down her leg. Another one for the album!

Liz recovers pretty quickly. She grabs some Kleenex and wipes herself. Then she begins to get dressed almost as quickly as she had undressed. She is all set to go before I have managed to get my cock back into my trousers. She gives me a quick peck on the cheek and then opens the door.

Trish is trying to look as though she is stocking a shelf as we exit the cafe.


“Get in!” I order as she walks down the Street.
You obey.
“Who the fuck was that that you were talking to?” I demand to know as I pull into a layby and grab her hair forcefully turning her face to mine. My cock hardens immediately at my anger and especially when I see her nipples harden in her braless tight white vest top.
“Oh goody!” I grin. “Time for more fun then!”

We pull up outside the hotel and she knows where my room is! Tears roll down her cheeks as I push her into the room and she notices an even older man sitting in the corner.
“Is this the slut you were telling me about?” He asks without taking his eyes off Trish’s bulging breasts that are fighting to try to get out of her top.
I nod.
“And does she behave?”
“Sometimes!” I reply.
“Then tie her to the chair!” He orders and I do exactly as he asks!

He stands over her and she looks up at him with fear. Her hands are tied behind her back and to the chair. Her short skirt shows off her bare thighs again and her tight top is bulging with the full bare breasts underneath just waiting to be used and abused.
“Good Girl!” He purrs.
She looks at the old Italian man and glances down at his crotch seeing the bulge in his trousers growing. He kneels before her and his old withered hands go straight up her short black skirt and she feels his fingers pull on her panties as he lowers them carefully. He pulls them off at the same time removing her heels and pulls her thighs apart.

I sit in the corner of the room watching the action unfold, saying nothing.

Placing his knee between hers he glances at her tight pussy reaching forward rubs two fingers over her slit. “Lovely!” He says. “Young and fresh and perfect!”
He pulls her forward on the seat until her bum is on the edge. Standing up he lowers his jeans and boxers revealing his already rock hard cock. It’s smaller than mine but still rock hard. Moving it towards her face he puts it to her lips. She’s glances at me as she holds her mouth firmly shut and tries to move her head. A firm slap across her face from the man encourages Trish to open her lips.

She feels his cock head slide across her lips and into her wet warm mouth. He leans into her and starts to buck his hips as he fucks her mouth. She gags and chokes but manage to suck him as instructed.
“Yeah lick it like a lolly!” He says between moans and groans.

Feeling more confident she sweeps her tongue around his cock taking more and more into her mouth. She can feel him pushing himself into her holding back her blonde hair so he can see what he is doing. The adrenaline within the old man, who hasn’t had such horny fun in a very long time, is growing now as he literally pumps his long hard cock in and out of the slut’s mouth. Pushing her back he climbs onto the chair and grabs her head.
“Please, dont do this, please! I can’t take more!” She begs.
He ignores her putting his hand between her legs to separate them but she is fighting him again. He is losing patience with her now and reaching both hands down he separates her legs. Quickly he repositions himself on his knees between her thighs and pushes his cock into her making her cry out. Thrusting back and forth against her protests and more turned on knowing that she does not want it, and that I am watching, he starts to hump her hard and deep.

Her futile protests start to lessen now and her body takes over and is loving this invasion as she arches her back pushing her heaving breasts forward, still inside the tight top. She suddenly lets out a shattering orgasm and she can feel her juices release smothering the old cock inside her. He can feel it too as she is really getting into this and her tied body is starting to move with his. Pulling out he suddenly places his head between her legs lapping up all her juices. She is literally squirming again but this time with pleasure trying to rub and grind her pussy onto his face.

He reaches around and unties her hand and pushes her onto the bed.
“Get on your knees whore!” He demands and with a mixture of fear and excitement she obeys. Lifting her skirt up over her bum cheeks she reaches back with her hand against his leg now encouraging him on. He slides easily back into her and starts pumping her as hard as he can, her moaning making him fuck her even harder. He suddenly cums with force into her already glistening young pussy but his cock is still hard from his years of only dreaming about fucking a busty teen slut. He moves his cock to the entrance of her tight arsehole. I can see from where I am sitting that she isn’t keen on this and tries to raise your bum so his cock slips into her pussy again. After a couple of thrusts he moves back to her arse pushing the tip in softly. She lets out a small cry as he pushes himself in some more.

“No please, not this!” She begs.
“Well it either me, or Franco, and you know how big his cock is!” He snarls back at her and she feels his hand slap down hard on her bum cheeks!”
His cock is now burning in her arse and it is much more pain than pleasure at least for her, but he doesn’t care as I watch him violating her tender young arsehole. Her muscles want to push him back out again but he is fighting against them pushing his cock further and further into her. Soon she can feel his balls slapping against her pussy. He holds his position before she feels him slip his cock back out again. The pain is still there and she begins to wonder if she will ever learn to enjoy this when it feels like torture. And she feels him push his cock back in as she cries out again. Tears come to her eyes. He finally pulls his cock from her arse and puts it back into her pussy again.

I am now incredibly turned on and I know that despite her protests she is enjoying this. Her young voluptuous body in the tight top and naked from the waste down looks incredible and I can see that she is trying to give as good as she is being given. But the sight of her arse stretched to fight this guy’s cock is almost too much for me and I nearly cum in my trousers.

He cums again and shoots deep into her before pushing her down to the bed. Without hesitation he stands, thanks me and dresses before leaving the room.

I throw money onto the bed. “Get and taxi home and be back here tomorrow at 8pm!” I order. 

She looks exhausted as she lies face down on the bed. Her makeup is messed up by the tears on her cheeks and she wonders how she ever got into this mess. Then once I have left she sits up and counts the money with a smile on her face.


There is a gentle knock on the door dead on 6 and I open it to see her standing there with a bag in your hand.
I allow her to enter. “What’s the bag for?” I demand to know.
“Well!” She looks nervously at me. “I thought……………..um……………..I told my parents that I am on a sleepover tonight at a friend’s house!” She looks sheepishly at me as I frown. “Is that all right?”

I stand away from her looking at the way she is dressed, in a tight white halter neck dress, white stockings and white heels. I smile as I open my dressing gown to expose my rock hard pulsating cock. “Perfect!” I grin. “You know what to do!”

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