Touch - Chapter 2

Touch - Chapter 2

Touch - Chapter 2

Things got awkward quickly, Kelly and I had just had some hot sex together without really knowing why we did it. Was it because I came onto her and she didn't want to stop me? But then she was participating just as much... I couldn't put it together.

We tried talking to each other right after but we were both feeling weird around each other, this is why I never hit on her before, I knew this would ruin our friendship.

I tried to get out of there as fast as I could without trying to look like a complete jerk. I wasn't the kind of guy to do these things and I certainly didn't want to start with her.

I headed home in a daze and quickly headed to my room and collapsed on my bed feeling awful about the whole thing, this whole day had been weird and confusing.

There was a light knock at my door, I ignored it but it opened up slowly anyway. It was Jessica, my twin sister. 

"Hey John, are you ok?" she asked in her soft voice. 

"I'm fine just leave me alone" I replied rather bluntly. I wasn't in the mood to talk or anything like that, I just wanted to crawl in a hole for a while.

She came over and sat next to me anyway, she never was one for doing as I said. 

"Come on, what's up? It can't be that bad" she said with a big smile in an attempt to cheer me up, usually that cute smile melted me like an ice cube in the sun but not today. 

"Just drop it ok, I don't want to talk about it" I replied again in the same blunt tone, I just hated myself so much right now. 

I knew she wouldn't give up though, she placed her hand on my arm and I sat up to look at her. I started to try and explain but my head turned to the side in an instant and I felt a hot sting on my cheek, what the hell just happened?

I looked back at Jess and she had a clearly visible look of rage in her, she had just slapped me right across the face.

"I hate you" she screamed as she ran out of the room, slamming the door behind her. I sat completely stunned, my mind couldn't even process the thoughts running through it. Was there something wrong with me? 

I sat in silence until Mom called me down for dinner which was pizza as it was our Birthday today, when we were younger we always asked for it on our Birthday and it kind of became a tradition before we knew it. 

My mind was still trying to process the day as I quietly stepped down the stairs, almost frightened that I would incur my sister's wrath again. We had always been close, of course there were some fights here and there as all families have. One thing our Mom taught us though was never to hit each other and we very rarely ever had. I inched my way back into the kitchen for dinner and sat down to eat at the large table over by the window that let the setting sun pour in.

Conversation was light and uninteresting as we ate, Jess kept looking at me and smiling but I kept turning away. Was she sorry she hit me? Or just messing with me? I didn't know.

I retreated to my room as fast as I could after I had finished eating without asking to be excused. I crashed back onto my bed and must've fallen asleep, next thing I knew I was stirring awake. My bedside lamp was on and someone was sitting next to me.

"John, we have to talk" she whispered, my eyes finally focused on Jess. I sat up and looked at her with wonder, "what is it?" I mumbled in reply.

At that point my eyes slipped down her body, her succulent form was being covered only by a tight white nightgown. I instantly started thinking impure thoughts, she was my sister, my twin sister but she looked so beautiful and sexy that it was as if the world's greatest artist had painted her nightgown across her curves. I realised that she had been talking to me this whole time and I hadn't been paying any kind of attention to her words. Her hand latched onto my arm as a way to get me to notice her, this threw me right out of my lust fuelled daze as her our eyes locked.

Within the next second we were kissing, the kind of hot and heavy kiss that lovers share. My arms wrapped around her body and pulled her down onto the bed while getting on top of her. Our tongues met and greeted each other warmly, each trying to outdo the other. 

Her hands slinked around me just as they had that very morning and pulled me in tight. Meanwhile my own hands were gliding across her body, feeling every bit of exposed flesh, feeling every perfect curve. She whined when she felt my stiff cock grinding into her pussy, even through my shorts I was sure she could feel it's whole length against her.

I broke our kiss and stared down into her cleavage, those supple yet firm tits that tormented me everyday were calling out to me with their sirens song. My hands latched onto them hard, squashing them together, making them look even better than before, I couldn't resist them. They felt so good in my hands, so soft and beautiful, I had to have them.

I lowered my head to them and kissed every part of their exposed flesh before clawing at the fabric to release them. I lifted myself up slightly to take in the whole forbidden scene, her beautiful face with the deep blue eyes begging for me to have my way with her, her bare 34D's with the soft pink nipples that waited to be sucked on.

What the hell was I doing?!

I lurched backwards, throwing myself halfway across the room, what had I done? 

We stared at each other for what seemed like eternity itself until she moved ever so slowly, parting her legs and showing me everything, she had nothing on underneath. My jaw dropped.

Here I had everything I had ever wanted, my gorgeous twin sister on my bed, breasts on display, pussy wet for me. I couldn't do it. 

I fled the room.

The next morning terrified me, I had eventually returned to my empty room in the night to try and sleep but I found none. I just kept reviewing the events of my birthday, I had sex with Kelly one of my best friends that afternoon without saying a word to each other to start it. Then that evening the same almost happened with my twin sister Jessica, again without even asking for it. What was going on around here?

Mom called me down for breakfast as she always did, how could I live my life normally ever again? How could I face them after what I had done? After what I had almost done? I headed to the kitchen and headed instantly to my food, not taking time to look around. I kept my head down and ate quickly, I could feel Jess entering the room, I couldn't even bring myself to look at her. I knew all I would ever see when I did would be the image of her spreading her legs for me on my bed.

I got ready and headed out the door without so much as a goodbye, I walked so fast my legs ached but I had to just get away from that house. I kept up my hurried pace until I remembered exactly where I was going, right to Kelly.

I looked up for the first time since I'd started walking, there they were, there she was. Seeing her again instantly brought back all the memories of yesterday, it was all I could envision while looking at her. I approached them as my pace slowed down, I kept asking myself question after question. Did she expect more now? What was I supposed to say? How was I supposed to act? Did Ian and Ash know?

I ran out of time and steps as I was less than a few feet from them, they smiled and greeted me, my eyes locked with Kelly's which gave me a look I couldn't quite translate. As far as I could tell, she was just as unsure as what to do as I. 

We walked to college just as we had yesterday, we chatted with each other though Me and Kelly barely said a word to each other. I knew it would ruin our friendship, now we don't know what to do in each others company. We needed to talk things through and fast but nerves were getting the best of me, how would I even start my sentence?

Classes flew by as I barely paid any attention, that was until Art, by far my favourite part of the day. Not only was I good at it and my first choice when deciding to come here but the view was outstanding. The view being the beautiful woman who taught us, Ms. Abigail Wilson, who was cool enough to let us call her Abby.

Abby was the youngest teacher at the college and had the looks to prove it, the model-like and freckled facial features with the long red hair that cascaded around it, the green eyes that pierced into your heart every time she made eye contact. Her body was that of a goddess being absolutely blemish free and she had it all, the perfect skin, the perfect ass, the perfect handful of breasts. Any man on earth would bow before her if she asked them with a smile.

My mind finally wandered from Kelly to Abby, she was the only thing that could've done it. I still wasn't listen to the lesson though, all I thought about was getting her naked and having my way with her, I was getting pretty horny by the time she snapped me out of my daze. Just as I was thinking of the dirty things I could hear from those big red lips.

"And what have we got here Mr. Blake?" her voice rang out across the class as she placed a hand on my shoulder and glanced over me to the blank page. I could feel her hand tremble slightly as she spoke again "talk to me after class please". I started sketching as fast as I could.

The bell rang for lunch and everyone hurried out, I however, slowly headed toward the desk at the front. Abby was staring right into my eyes as we stood in silence for a moment. I couldn't help but check her out a little. Her blouse did nothing to hide the shape of her breasts, nor did her short skirt hide those long smooth legs.

"So John, seems like you were having trouble concentrating in my lesson today, that's a shame it really is, your a bright boy and I'd hate for you to fall behind." her voice was so pure that every syllable sounded like an angels song. "You'll have to be punished".

She stood up from the desk and headed to the door, I could see her hands fiddle with the handle and could of sworn I heard it lock. She slinked back to me with her hips rocking side to side in an almost seductive manner, what was she doing?

"Abby what are you..." I tried to ask her but she placed a finger across my lips and whispered a 'shhh'. "I am going to punish you for not paying attention, as long as this stays between us that is" her voice now carried a seductive tone that I'd never heard before. 

"Now just sit back and take it like a man, I don't want to hear a word out of you" She said in a far more serious voice while pressing against my chest until I sat upon the edge of the desk.

I felt her raw excitement as I sexy smile crossed her lips, her hands slid down my body, gripping at my muscles. Her hands reached my belt and undid it slowly, teasing my stiffening member by taking her time. With the fly on my shorts undone she grabbed ahold of my cock which hardened instantly, she put her mouth to my ear as she moved her hand up and down at an agonising pace.

"Mmm bad boy, getting your big dick stiff from your Teacher punishing you" she barely whispered into my ear before licking along it and nibbling my ear lobe. It sent an electric shock through my head which only made me hotter, I wanted hear her talk even nastier to me.

"You like being punished don't you? You fucking love it don't you? Well now it's time for the real thing baby" her words once again whispered into my ear as she fell to her knees in front of me.

Her hands quickly pulled my cock out through the fly in my boxers, her soft hands feeling all seven inches. I could see her eyes examining it for a moment, almost as if she was sizing it up. I quickly found out why, she gulped the whole thing down her throat. And I thought Kelly's deepthroat skills felt good.

Abby's mouth and throat felt completely different, it felt absolutely heavenly. Her throat felt like it was latching onto me and massaging my cock all over, it was hot, wet and getting wetter. She pulled her head up, gasping for air she had been down there so long. Saliva coated my entire shaft which she then rubbed in using both hands while staring into my eyes with a filthy look on her face.

To be fair I didn't know much about her on a personal level but I never could've predicted she'd ever do this and so eagerly too. She resumed impaling her throat on my slick cock, her hot saliva ran down and began to soak into my boxers. Every muscle in my body tensed in order to stop myself from cumming as I groaned maybe too loud.

Her passion was written all over her face, it made me want to pin her down on the desk and just do everything to her. I'd only just thought it as she stood up and lay across the desk while pulling up her skirt and showing me her black lace panties. Her wetness was clearly visible.

I was fully prepared to jump on her and ravage her body but my mind seemed to have to stop and ask. Why was Abby doing exactly as I thought? She wasn't the kind of person to do this, I was certain of that. 

Then why?

I thought about stopping this before we got caught, she'd lose everything if this was exposed. I lightly touched her smooth thigh which caused her body to jolt upright, like she had been come back to the real world.

She knocked my hand away rather quickly while smoothing her skirt back down, hiding her panties once more. 

"You'd better get going John, please don't mention this to anyone, for me ok?" she pleaded with me with the saddest face I had ever seen her pull. All I could do was nod as I stuffed my still hard and wet cock back into my boxers. I zipped up my shorts and bolted from the room, straight to the men's bathroom just to find a mirror so I could look at myself.

I stared at myself for what seemed like hours and hours, Kelly... Abby... Jessica... had I manipulated them all? And if so, how?

To be continued...

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