Sophie is my neighbours only child, she's a sweet young girl of 13 years old, but there has always been something about her that has made me look at her in a different way to other little girls. Maybe its the curly blond hair, her pretty little face, her smooth legs or the fact she has a lovely little pair of budding tits.

Well it all started one Saturday, I sat in my garden enjoying the sun and my neighbours were out too.I don't make a habit of listening in on other peoples conversations but couldn't help hearing that Sandra and Sam were looking for a babysitter as they wanted to go out to celebrate 15 years of marriage.I knew that my weekend was going to be fairly slow with nothing to do so I stood up and walked to the fence.

" Hi, you two ok, enjoying the sun?" I said to both of them.

"Yes its great thanks, we were just saying that we really should go out tonight as we have been together for 15 years today, only we are struggling for a baby sitter"

I understood them and could see their problem, " Im not doing anything tonight if you are really stuck and I don't mind looking after Sophie for you"

Sandras eyes lit up,"Oh that would be great if you could as long as you don't mind and im sure Sophie would be ok with it too" " Would 9 o'clock be ok for you Matt?"

I replied "Yeh no problem, will see you at 9 "................................................................................

As we agreed 9 o'clock arrived, I knocked my neighbours front door.The door swung open only for me to be greeted by Sophie herself

" Hi Matt, so your gonna be taking care of me tonight then?"

She looked astoundingly pretty as ever, dressed in a little denim skirt, white ankle socks and a pink strappy top with "Little Miss Naughty" written on the front. I felt my cock twitch inside my shorts, her puffy nipples were clearly visible pushing against the material of her top and her smooth white legs were visible to mid-thigh.

" Er.. Yes Sophie, is that ok?" I stammered in reply.

I entered the hallway to be greeted by Sam and Sandra.

" Now are sure you don't mind as its really kind of you, well we best be off"

" You be a good girl for Matt now!! " called Sandra as the door swang shut.

Well that was it, all alone just me and they're little girl.

" Matt shall we watch T.V.? " called Sophie " Make yourself a drink if you want one"

I walked through to the kitchen and poured myself a long glass of Coke from the fridge and took it through to the lounge.Sophie was laying on the floor in front of the T.V. and I sat behind her on the sofa, placing my glass of Coke on the table in front of me. I couldn't help but notice that I had a clear view up Sophies Skirt.Her legs were slightly apart and her white panties were on display, pulled tightly over her ass cheeks and her gusset was visible. I was sure I could see the little groove of her pussy through the material, my cock twitched again in my shorts.

" We have lots of videos, do you want to watch one with me? " asked Sophie.

" I've been looking through them all and there is one with " US " written on it, I think its one of my dads war movies "

" Yeh, ok if your happy with a war movie "

She got to her knees and inserted the cassette into the player, grabbed the remote and laid back down on her front. Her skirt had hitched even further up this time giving me a great view of her pantie covered ass, her thighs were slightly apart as she wiggled her legs backward and forward.The video whirred into action, nothing but a fuzzy screen. Sophie pressed the fast forward button to be greeted with an image that neither of us was ready for.
A big hard cock appeared with a set of ruby red lips sliding up and down it. Until the camera focused a little I didn't realise that it was Sandras mouth and Sams fat cock.OH SHIT!! we had come across one of Sophies parents home made sex videos....................................................

Sophie started giggling " Mummy is really naughty sucking daddys willy, isn't she? "

" I think we should turn it off Sophie " I replied my cock now fully erect in my shorts and my face going a slight shade of crimson.

The video suddenly flicked to Sandra on all fours on the bed rubbing her pussy, then Sam came into view with his big hard cock. He knelt on the bed behind Sandra and slowly inserted his dick inside her. Sandra let out a little moan and said " Oh yes baby, thats it fuck my wet pussy ".

I couldn't let Sophie watch any more and personally I couldn't stand anymore as my cock was aching. I jumped up to reach the video recorder so I could turn it off, knocking my drink off the table which landed on Sophie. It splashed all over her skirt and exposed panties and her all over her thighs.

" Oh crap sorry Sophie Im so clumsy, let me get a cloth"

I hurried into the kitchen to get a towel and rushed back to the lounge. I knelt down near Sophie and threw the towel onto her bottom and began to rub it dry. Her little panties and skirt were soaked as I rubbed away the Coke. My cock was so hard as I rubbed the inside of her thighs with the towel. Now I don't know what came over me but I extended my finger and rubbed it the full length of the pussy crease in her panties. To my amazement Sophie looked over her shoulder at me smiled and parted her legs a little more and pushed back onto my finger. I traced her pussy crease once more, then had to stand up before I got carried away.

" So is that a bit drier now " I said to Sophie who had also now stood up.

" Not really Matt, I still feel wet inside my knickers, I best take them off and dry myself properly "

What happened next I just could not believe. Sophie began to undo her skirt, it slipped to the floor to expose her panties. She stepped out of it and slipped her fingers into the waistband of her wet panties and rolled them down finally stepping out of those too. My cock was straining now in my shorts and my face had gone a deep red colour.

" Oh Matt its all over my back too, my tops soaked"

She took hold of her top and pulled it off, leaving her standing in just her white lacey bra and ankle socks. Her bra was very lacey and the cups were see -through, her puffy pink nipples on full display.Her pussy was completely hairless and her outer labia were just visible hanging out her gash as she dried her ass and legs.

" Sorry Matt I didn't think, I was so wet and I just had to get out of theses clothes." " I hope I haven't embarrassed you as your blushing and your thingy looks really big in your shorts, just like daddys on the video".

" No thats ok Sophie, its just that you are so pretty and you've made me a little bit excited thats all ".

" Will your thingy get smaller on its own or do you need me to help".

FUCKING HELL !! What was she saying, this pretty naked girl stood in front of me, I nearly cum there on the spot.

" Well Sophie..Erm..it will go down on its own eventually, but sometimes girls can help boys get rid of it quicker, do you want to help me get rid of it then? "

" Yeh, I'll help you get rid of it, but what do I have to do? "

SHIT !! This was heaven, explaining what this young girl had to do to me to get rid of my erection.

" Do you remember in the video when mummy put daddys thingy in her mouth and sucked it like a lollipop? If you wanted to you could try that first? "

" Ok Matt if it will help you, I can try "

I hurriedly pulled off my shorts and boxers, my thick cock flopped into view oozing precum from the tip as I approached Sophie who was now sat in the armchair.

" Its bigger than daddys was, will it all fit in my mouth? "

" Don't panic Sophie Im sure we shall manage, just hold onto it, roll back the skin and put your mouth on the end "

GOD !! What a feeling and what a sight too as she sucked away at my head. This was wrong but it felt so good.

" Is that ok Matt, does it feel better? "

" Oh yes baby thats real good just keep you head still now and I will move it backwards and forwards in your mouth".

I took hold of Sophies sweet head and began to pump my cock in and out of her pretty mouth, slowly at first then building into a steady rhythm. Every pump I slid a little more inside her pretty mouth till I had about two inch left before my balls hit her chin.All the time she was looking into my eyes as I stroked her cheek with my thumb.

" Now baby, Matt's gonna push a little harder a few more times then you will feel something squirting in your mouth, all I want you to do is just swallow it all down just like mummy does,ok "

Sophie just nodded and gave out a little moan with her mouth full of cock.

As I placed my hand on the back of Sophies head I felt the first feelings that I was gonna blow.
Pumping slower now but easing all my cock into her mouth, another few pumps she began to gag and her eyes began to run.

" Oh yes, good girl thats it take it all the way in, suck my cock baby ".

I pushed on Sophies head and her lips touched the base of my cock as I began to ejaculate, she gagged again and tried to pull back. I was coming and that was it, I pushed down harder as I felt my cock head touching the back of Sophies throat as I fired what felt like a bucket full of cum into her throat. Her eyes were streaming and she was choking as I released her head from my cock.

" So thats what girls do for boys, did you like my cock in your mouth Sophie? "

" I was choking a bit and what squirted in my mouth was really salty, but yeh ".

" Thats a good girl, now I need you to help me a little more as my willy is still big is that o.k.? "

" Er.. well I don't know, what you do you want me to do now? "

Pulling the rest of my clothes off, " Well firstly take your bra off and let me have a look at your pretty little tits "

Sophie looked at me all shy reaching round to unclip her bra. As it fell to the floor she said " Do you like my boobies ".

" Oh yes Sophie they are lovely ", as I felt each one, lightly pinching the nipples between my finger and thumb. " Your a big girl Sophie", as I spotted the label on her bra reading 34B.

" Its not really your titties I need right now though baby, I want to make you feel really good and like a big girl ". " Now I want you to sit down on the chair, put your legs over the arms, lie back and bring your bottom right to the edge of the seat"

Now it was my time to taste that sweet little pussy. It looked so inviting as I got on my hands and knees between her legs, pushing her thighs right back and bending her double. Her little tight pink asshole was also now exposed and thats where I decided to start. My tongue gently lapped at her tight ass, it tasted of salty sweat and the spilt Coke. Sophie let out a little girly giggle as I parted her tiny pussy lips, they were so engorged and swollen and her little clit was showing proud. I sucked her swollen lips into my mouth and flicked at them with my tongue, then moved slowly upwards licking her pussy hole, around her piss tube and onto her clit. Sophie exhaled deeply as I flicked her clit with my tongue and began to let out little whimpering noises. Her pussy was so sweet although that was probably the spilt Coke, but there was definately a hint of prawns and a bitter sweet tanginess as I circled her piss tube.

" Its really tickling me Matt and it feels so nice, but would you please lick my bottom again as that was giving me butterflies in my tummy ".

Obligingly I moved back down to that sexy little ass, licking all around her anus as she began to whimper again. Her hand had moved down to her pussy by now and she was licking her fingers and rubbing her clit, she had obviously discovered masturbation. I had bought my own fingers into play now and was circling her tight little ass muscle with my finger whilst gently flicking my tongue back and forth. She was squirming her ass around so much as my fingertip entered her ass, approvingly she gave a little gasp and nodded her head at me. I eased my finger into her ass up to the second knuckle and she gave a little squeal whilst pushing down onto it.

" Oh god that feels so good, can you get another finger in me? "

" I have something alot bigger than a finger baby and its all for your sweet little ass, now get up, turn over and get on all fours "

She seemed happy to oblige although I don't think she was thinking it was my cock that I wanted to put in her ass. She pushed her ass towards me and giggled again.

"Are you sure you want me to do this Sophie and you must promise that you will keep it our little secret, no friends, family or anyone else must know ".

" Yes, no one else, just put it in me please!! "

I spat on my hand and rubbed my saliva all around her tight ass and spat some more onto my cock head. I leaned forward and touched her pussy with my cock, running the head up and down her moist little gash between her lips. My head moved upward and came to rest on the entrance to her ass.

" Nooo Matt, I can't take that, just finger my bum again ".

This pissed me off as I was sure she wanted my cock, fuck it the little slut had got me horny and now she was gonna take it in her ass if she liked it or not.

" Now baby you said you would help me gid rid of my hard-on, now I want to put it in your tight little ass and your going to be a good girl and take it deep inside o.k. "

" You can't, please don't do it, I'll suck you again ".

She began to cry " Please don't do it Mattie, its gonna really hurt and I don't want you too".

" Look you little bitch, shut up crying, spread your cheeks and take it just like your slutty mother".

She started to struggle and began to shout at me as I found her panties on the floor and pushed them into her mouth. Her hands were flailing too, so her bra became a good handtie. I pushed her face into the floor as me cock head pushed at her asshole, there was quite a bit of resistance to start as my cock began to stretch her ass muscle. I took hold of my cock and slowly pushed further in, deeper and deeper. Fuck it felt good as I stayed still, up to the hilt in my new found cuties tight little ass. I began to pump building into a steady rhythm, every thrust causing a little whimper from Sophie.

" Look baby it doesn't hurt too much does it, if you promise not too shout I will untie your arms and take those panties from your mouth "

Sophie nodded eagerly, so I untied her and pulled the panties from her mouth. She seemed a little subdued and didn't really say alot more to me apart from " Ow and Ouch " every now and then as I thrust deeply into her ass. After a while i could feel it was getting near to me shooting another load as I pumped for all I was worth, my ass going like a piston and my balls slapping against her.

" Sophie " I said, " I need you to tell me to spunk in your ass"

" Spunk in my ass"

" No louder and as if you mean it "

" Spunk in my ass "

" Not good enough Sophie, say it baby, please spunk in my cute little asshole "


That was all I needed to hear as I drove into her ass deeply and felt my first squirt going deep inside her, another thrust and another hot jet fired deep inside.Three more hot squirts and I was spent. I withdrew from her now red gaping sore ass as it oozed with my hot semen.

" See it wasn't that bad was it baby? , now come and clean me up".

She was not overly keen to suck me again considering my cock had been in her ass moments before and had little streaks of girl shit down the shaft. She put out her tongue and started to lick it clean and popped the head in her mouth for the final time.

" Good girl Sophie, now your a big girl and a dirty slut just like your mummy aren't you? "

" Now i suggest you gather you clothes, tidy yourself up and get yourself to bed as it's way passed your bed time and your mum and dad will be home soon and before you go I want you to say thankyou for me making you a big girl and fucking my ass ".

" Goodnight Matt and thankyou for fucking me in my ass and making me into a big girl "

" Oh yes and before you go, give me your panties ".

She handed me her panties and wandered off to bed. I was glad to hear the key in the door shortly after and see the faces of Sam and Sandra.

" So you had a good evening then you two? "

" Oh it was brilliant, how did you get on with Sophie, was she any trouble? "

" No trouble at all and a real pleasure for such a young girl " I smirked to myself.

" Oh yes and before I go, your video collections great, I really enjoyed the homemade one ".

I smirked to myself again as I stepped out the door and headed back nextdoor to home.That night as I stripped for bed Sophies panties fell out my pocket reminding me of all the fun I had had that evening. I stretched them over my face and smelt Sophies sweet pussy for last time whilst wanking my cock.I clicked off the bedside light and thought of Sophie just on the otherside of my bedroom wall fast asleep with her ass full of my spunk.


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