The Jilted Lover

The Jilted Lover

It was the another wedding he was preparing tonight. Across the room his brother was sorting the flower arrangement out and he was trying to get the seating right. They had started their new business some 6 months ago and all of a sudden the wedding bookings had started pouring in. It was very hectice and took its toll more on his older brother because he was married and his wife and kids wanted more time to spend with him. He on the other hand was not, so he didn't mind working the longer hours because the money was good. Plus it was his own business.

All was ready in time, and then the guests began to arrive. He cut a fine figure in his black suit and bow tie, as he made his way across the room in his easy and confident strides, his dark unruly hair sweapt back, away from his face and his pearcing green eyes glinting like fine cut emeralds. As he walked back to his office he was aware of quite a few inviting and longing female glances thrown his way. He just walked on, he didn't believe in mixing business with pleasure. Plus, he wasn't interested tonight.

He usually went into his office during the first hour, as the people began to arrive. It was not part of his work to greet the people, just to oversee that everythig was running smoothly. His brother had left early and he sat in the office, on the internet. The room was situated at the very end of the corridoor, far away from the reception hall. It was also soundproofed, as sometimes he had to sit in it for hours till late so he liked to play his guitar, something he was quite good at. In his college days he used to be in a teen band. If anyone needed him they could ring the bell to the office. He also had a single bed in there, as sometimes the weddings were too long and he didn't feel like driving home half asleep afterwards. He could still keep an eye on everything bacause he had good cctv coverage in the halls. He was working on his PC and glanced up at the cctv displays every so often, just to keep in check that everything was running smoothly. It was then that he saw her. He wasn't sure it was her, it had been 6 years since he last saw her and she could have changed and this could be someone who looked like her, as she was then. He leaned forward and peered closely at the cctv, but she was now out of view.

A familar feeling began to bubble up inside him as he frantically looked at the other screens to catch a glimpse, but didn't see her. He had to know if it was her. Getting up he began to make his way to the hall. He kept away from direct view and from his corner saw that the whole place was buzzing with people. There were two pillars which had been decorated with long silk curtains and he stood next to that, the curtain obscuring his tall, well built frame from the people in the room.

Standing well over 6 ft, he was able to easily look over peoples heads to try and find her. He didn't have to look long, there she was. It was her, there was no mistaking it. Even in a room full of people she stood out. He let his eyes run down her body slowly, taking in her auburn hair, now longer and straighter, 5'6 height, her big round milky breasts emphasised by her tiny waist, which flared out into voluptuous hips and that generous round ass that he'd liked to touch, but never got to fuck. Yes, it was definately her. She still looked the same, if anything, better.....

He jerked back and stood still, leaning against the cold wall. The familiar feelings of anger, resentment and lust.....immense lust over-powered him. He could feel himself growing hard. It had taken a long time for him to get over them, to come to terms with the fact that she was gone and that he could do nothing about it, but they had been bottled up for so long that they came flooding back with full vengence.

He had tried to satisfy his need for her by fucking other women, many women. That hadn't been hard for him with his dark good looks and money. Women were practically throwing themselves at him, however, the more he fucked them, the more he seemed to want HER, the hole inside him getting bigger.

They had met through a mutual friend 6 1/2 years ago and he had asked her out immediately. She wasn't the kind of girl you waited to ask out, as she would be snaped up quickly. They went on their first date and he enjoyed it immensely, much to his surprise. He was the kind of guy that found it hard to stay focused on one woman for long, so this was refreshing for him.
As they sat across the table eating, he reaslised that she had very glossy auburn hair and thought how much he would love to run his fingers through them, and her lips, how much he wanted to kiss them. It was such a shame that he had to go early to get to his meeting otherwise he would have loved to stay and spend the whole day with her.

He told her as much, as he was saying bye to her, and then noticed her grey eyes flutter as if with dissapointment that he had to leave. He wanted to assure her that he liked her, so he grabbed her by the hand and yanked her to him so her whole body slammed against the length of his. She looked up at him, grey eyes wide with surprise and tried to withdraw. Before she could, he put his hand behind her head and pushed her lips to his. She pushed away at his chest frantically, but he was too powerful for her. He withdrew from her and let her go just as suddenly as he'd grabbed her, leaving her face flushed. He blew her a kiss, gave her a cheeky wink and told her that they would meet again soon.

And they did. She lived alone so after the second date, he would start going to her apartment whenever he got free from his work, which meant after 10pm. She would be in the flat, waiting for him and he would want to take her as soon as he saw her, but he knew he would have to take it slow, she was different, not like the others.

He started with kissing her. The first time he kissed her, he couldn't stop. It went on for over an hour. He kissed her throat and touched her on her breasts, ontop of her clothes, but that was as far as it went. She didn't want it to go any further and he wasn't about to push her. He had to go home and have a hard wank, but it would all be worth it in the end, he told himself.
The second time he managed to go as far as to lift her top and suck on her breasts, and that was as far as it got. She wouldn't let him go any further and he didn't want to push her. He left in heat, wanting to throw her on the bed and shoving himself deep inside her, but at the same time knowing he didn't want to scare her away.

'Next time' he promised himself.

That night over the phone, he told her that he wanted her and wanted to fuck her, she told him that she needed a break. He was utterly stricken and the worst of it was that she would offer no explanation.

He tried to get her back, get her to meet him or speak to him again. One chance was all he needed with her, and this time he wouldn't hesitate, but he never saw her again. He even went to where she lived, but she had moved, he called, she never picked up, he emailed, and she never replied.

And 6 years later he was still on heat for her, and angry, very, very angry with her.

As he moved forward to catch another glimpse of her he didn't know how he would get to be alone with her tonight, maybe he'd have to follow her home and wait for an opportunity. He felt a familiar stirring in his groin, unlike any other he'd experienced in the past 5 years.

As it turned out, he didn't have to wait long. A small child spilled some drink on her lilac dress. The mother of the child began to apologise to her profusedly but she waved her hand good naturedly, even patted the childs cheeks and asked for what seemed like the directions to the loo. This was perfect, the ladies loos were also tucked away into a corner of the hallway, right next to his office. He was ready and hiding in one of the cubicles when she entered the toilet. Her back was to him and she didn't even see him coming, or make a sound as he clamped one hand over her mouth and then her wide grey eyes as recognition flashed in her just seconds before her eyes were forcefully shut and she was easily carried away by him, thrashing, to his office.

He kicked the door of his office open wider as he entered with her thrashing body and threw her on the bed before he turned and locked the door, throwing the keys behind one of the cupboards.

'What do u think your doing?!!' she immediately bounced right off the bed and screamed at him.

That outraged him even more, how dare she act as if she didn't know why this was happening, as if she didn't even know what she'd put him through.
His body met with her stationary body in two long strides and knocked her over on the bed. Her lilac dress rode up her legs in the process and showed off her creamy thighs. His eyes began to cloud with lust at the sight. He crushed her body with his ontop and had her pinned under him. She looked at him with wide angry eyes.

'Get off me!' she ordered but he silenced her with a punishing kiss on her lips.

She tried to move her head away but he grabbed her hair from behind and ground his face into hers. He could feel her fists frantically beating against his chest but to no avail. He was so angry that he could taste blood, as he kissed her but he was past caring, his hands slid between her soft, hot thighs, trailing up the smooth skin. She tried to push his hands away and clamped her legs together, but she was easy to control. He pushed her panties aside, heard her sharp intake of breath as he pushed his fingers in through the folds of her pussy. It was dry, so he began to rub her lips up and down. She tried to twist her body away but was firmly pinned under his grasp. Her pussy felt tight and hot. He was on real heat now. When He withdrew, she was gasping for breath.

'Please stop this, Mike', she said trying to stop her voice from shaking. 'I would now like you to get off me and we will pretend that this didn't happen.'

Mike let out a deep throaty chuckle.
'Oh, but Jade, you see I don't want you to forget anything about tonight, and I've only just begun. I have been on heat for you since I first laid eyes on you, but all you did was string me along. Now I'm going to take what I should have all along. You were mine and you made me wait for you so long. Now I will make you mine, imprint myself on you forever!'

For the first time he saw a flash of fear in her eyes and she opened her mouth to reason with him again.
She was too late, as he covered her mouth with his again. At the same time he started to play with her breasts, pushing his hands down her plunging neckline and ripping her bra clean away. He tore his mouth from hers to start sucking on her breasts. They jumped out at him, as she wriggled frantically. He captured one in his mouth and began to squeeze the other. They were big, firm and round, the nipples were like pencil erasers, jutting out of her unashamedly, wanting to be touched and sucked. She began to scream for help.

He stopped sucking on her breasts, lifting his head up he grinned at her.

'It's no use screaming, this room is soundproof' he saw the colour drain from her face and relaxed his grip a little.

She took that opportunity to run but he grabbed her by the hair and yanked her back onto the bed. He then straddled her and leaned over to grab the knife on his table they'd used earlier for the flower arrangement and held it to her neck.

'If you try to escape or pull another stunt like that I'll rip you to shreds' he warned, yanking her head back by her hair and exposing her long creamy throat. He then pressed the cold blade of the knife to her throat. He didn't know what had gotten into him, violence had never been part of him in the past. He guessed that he'd suffered so long that it was all the pent up rage inside him!

Her eyes looked at him coldly, the fight still in her. He would break her down soon, he promised himself.
He put the knife near his reach, and began to run his tongue along her long, smooth throat, from base to chin. He dipped his tongue in the deep hollow at the base of her throat. She didn't protest, just lay limp under him. He began to bite it and kiss it and suck it, red blotches began to appear already as evidence of his love-making. Her head began to thrash from side to side. He wanted her naked now, he began to undress her. She closed her eyes and turned her face away, as if it was too much humiliation for her.

He grabbed her by the chin and turned her face back, so that he could see her, as he slowly pulled her dress down, over the naked, jutting out breasts, and over her curvy hips. The fabric fell to the ground and with one hand he ripped her knickers off, leaving her totally naked, lying arms over her head, infront of him. He looked her up and down slowly, savouring her nakedness, as he had wanted to, all those years ago. She squirmed under his hot, lustful gaze, as if it burned her.
He pushed his leg between her legs and forced them open, his emerald eyes glinting evil as they bore into hers, watching her every expression. He began to touch her cunt again....rubbing it up and down, along the folds. She was a bit more wet but trying to clamp her her legs shut.

Shit, this was difficult, she was wriggling too much. He grabbed her bra off the floor and grabbed her by the hands easily. He pulled her arms over her head and tied them together using her bra. Then taking off his belt he attached her bound wrists to the bedpost.
That was better, now all she could do was wriggle but she was bound tightly.
He went to the foot of the bed, looking down at her naked legs. He began to run his hands up and down her smooth, silky long legs. Then, just as suddenly he pushed both her legs up so that her knees were touching her shoulders. She took a sharp breath in. Her pussy lay totally exposed, all pink and plump, ready for the taking. How many nights had he lain in his bed, wanking and thinking what he would to to this pussy when he finally got his hands on it. He placed each leg over each of his wide shoulders and lowered his head between her legs and began to slowly lick her cunt up and down. He heard a protest from her as she began withering, but it was managable.

'' she cried but that only increased his pleasure. His cock was getting hard and pushing against his trousers. He located her clit and began to nibble on it with his teeth, making her thrash about even harder.

He opned the lips to her juicy cunt and began to insert his tongue inside her canal. His tongue rolled and he was able to get it inside the canal a little way and pushed it in and out. For a long time, all you could hear were his slurping noises as he sucked her juices, nibbled, bit, kissed and fingered her cunt, and her heavy breathing. Looking at her from above her mound he could see her breasts quivering and shiney with sweat, as she began to pant.

Suddenly a salty ghush entered his mouth and he devoured it, reaslising she'd cum. He removed his mouth to see her head turned to one side, crying softly, unhappy that her body had betrayed her in such a way. He leaned forward.
'Shhhh' he said putting his finger against her lips and kissed her tenderly.
'If you hadn't acted the way you had, by now you would have had my ring on your finger and I would have been fucking your brains out every night. You brought this on yourself' he told her.

He unzipped his trousers and let them fall around his ankles. He pulled off the rest of his clothes, standing infront of her, his erection standing to it's full 71/2 inches. She looked at it and gasped. He saw her eyes cloud with panic and fear at the same time.

'Please' she began 'please don't do this. Not like this, lets start all over again. Lets start with a date and then I will come to you willingly, please....' she begged.

'Right now, all I want is to fuck you long and hard through the night' he told her and moved to push her legs over his wide shoulders again, so that both her knees were on each of his shoulder for maximum penetration and his face was just above hers, his eyes looking into hers.

She closed her eyes, getting ready for the assult on her body.

He grabbed her by the hair again 'Open ur eyes, bitch, I want to see your face as I enter your cunt!' he yanked her hair hard so she opened her eyes.

Looking deep into her eyes, he positioned the head of his cock at the entrance of her pussy. He put his hands on either side of her hips, tilting them upward from the bed, so that as he thrust he could also pull her body towards him to increase the impact of the thrusts. Then he thrust with his hips, hard into her tight pussy. She gasped it pure pain, and instinctively grabbed onto his muscle packed arms, digging her nails right in, all the time looking into his eyes, her eyes wide, shock clearly mirrored in hers.
She was so tight that he literally felt that he'd ripped her with his big cock. His mouth curled into a sardonic grin. Her body went rigid with shock. She tried to close her eyes, to block out the assult being carried on her body, this manhood probing deep into parts of her body where no one had been before. As her eyes began to water, she closed them but he didn't let her. As he rammed into her, harder and harder, he got even more turned on with watching different expressions flitter through her face. She screamed then sobbed then begged then moaned then went silent. Everytime he entered her pussy, she drew in a sharp breath. Her pussy was getting wetter and wetter and with each thrust you could hear the squelch of her juices in her pussy as he pulled her body by the hips to meet his hard thrusts, and their panting. Her breasts bounced frantically between them and her body jerked up and down with his hard thrusts pushing inside her body. He grabbed them and squeezed them. He pushed the palms of his hands hard on her stomach which made her gasp more....

'I want you to feel me inside you!' he grated, she squirmed, trying to wriggle free of his hands but he pressed down hard. He could almost feel his cock inside her, through her stomach, thrusting in and out of her.

He felt her pussy walls begin to contract and then he knew she had cum again. Her juices began squelch out of her cunt and began to cover his groin all the way to his stomach and run down her thighs. They were tinged with red, so he know knew she had been a virgin. That turned him on even more, knowing that he was the sole owner of her cunt now and no one had ever touched it before him, let alone him letting anyone else ever touch it after him! The pressure was so hard on his cock, plus the scent of her cunt juice that he came seconds after her. He emptied all his cum deep inside her, holding her around the waist so that he was buried deep inside and his cock squirted his juices into her. She began to moan something about it stinging, as she tried feebly to pull him out of her. He guessed he'd ripped her so bad that the saltiness of the cum stung her. He pulled his cock out of her and saw it was covered with cum and blood. He collapsed ontop of her, getting his breath back.

'I love you' he whispered tenderly into her ear, stroking her hair and kissing her on the lips. 'Now you know that you belong to me forever.'

She was whimpered softly and let her legs fall flat on the bed. As he lay ontop of her, his knee between her legs, he felt his cum and her blood trickeling out of her pussy. His face was on her breasts, which were glistening with sweat. He slowly began to lick her breasts, she tensed. He knew she was thinking that it was over, that once he'd fucked her he would have his revenge and her out of his system. That's what he had thought aswell, but it had all ended too quick and although he had cum, he was still horny for her. No other cunt, just hers he wanted. Just smelling the sweet smell of her sweaty breasts was beginning to make him hard again. He began to lick them slowy, devouring each nipple.

'Please....' she began 'Mike, I think you've hurt me quite bad inside, please stop, you have had your revenge' she pleaded, looking into his eyes.

He was enjoying making her beg, she had always been so confident and rigid before this. 'I haven't finished with you yet,' he told her,'you made me wait a long time and I intend to mark you as mine, throughly' he growled.

She just laid back defeated and closed her eyes as he worked on her breasts, licking and squeezing them pushing her nipples back in with the pads of his thumbs, rubbing his cock between her valley till he was rock hard again.

He got up and went over to his desk and unlocked the side drawer. He pulled out a vibrator from there, belonging to one of his ex's. At the time he just didn't get round to disposing of it, but now he was glad he hadn't, he was going to have alot of fun with this.

As the vibrator came into her site she began to groan. He walked up to the bed and undid the belt, so that her hands were unattached from the bed.

Get on all fours, he barked. She tried to protest and he slapped her hard on her juicy firm ass.

'Ouch!' she yelped and began to sob quietly

'Now will you do as your told?! ' he commanded.

she didn't say anything...just nodded. She pulled herself up on all fours, wincing from the pain in her ripped cunt, not waiting for him to tell her again.
Good, he was really liking this, the burning rage inside him was subsiding, but the burning lust inside him was increasing. The more he touched her and had her the more he wanted her.

He pushed her down by applying pressure on her nape, so that her ass was up in the air, half open, inviting him in. He pushed his fingers into her cunt and it practically sucked his fingers in. It was still dripping from his and her cum, the inside of her thighs shiney and wet from the mixture running down them. He then spread her butt cheeks and began to lick her anus. He managed to push his tongue in a little way, then he began to finger her inside. He could tell by the way her body jerked at his touch that she had never been butt fucked before. He could feel his hard on about to burst. He took the vibrator and inserted the head into her pussy, twisting it round so that all of it was coated with the juices from her cunt. Then he withdrew it and pushed it into her anus, just the tip.
Her muscles clenched, not accepting the tip, but he began to stroke her butt cheeks, trying to relax her. He tried again and she accepted a bit of the tip, again he relaxed her pushed the tip in further, inch by inch....moisturising her anus so that he could ram her in a few seconds.

When it was open enough, he grabbed her by the hip and thrust the 8 inch vibrator into her cunt, making her scream out loud. He could hear the steady buzzing noise coming from her cunt and her butt cheeks vibrating along. From the position of her cunt and ass hole open, he could see the pink vibrator peeping out from her pussy, moving about and vibrating her round, licked wet ass cheeks. he could cum just by looking at that! But he wanted her asshole too much. He had taken her cunt virginity, but now he wanted her assholes too.

Man, this was really turning him on, definately worth the wait! Then he kneeled over her, his hard cock in his hand, ready to enter her, his hands on either side of her hips to again thrust inside her aswell as pulling her by the hips to meet his body for full impact. Her body began to shake, he could see her back was tense. He began to massage her smooth back, it felt like silk, he began to lick it and kiss it, trying to unwinde her, then just as she began to relax he shoved his cock into her, rammed it right in. She gave a blood curdling scream and passed out.

This wouldn't do, he leaned forward, still inside her, deeply wedged in her tight ass, and began to shake her.

'Get up, now!' he shouted in her ear.

She began to stirr and then opened her eyes, clearly clouded with pain. She looked around her and all of a sudden recognition seemed to come into her eyes, as his handsome face swam into her focus. The vibrator still buzzing away in her pussy.

'Please' she sobbed ' must really hate me to to hurt me like this' she pleaded.

'But no....' he whispered in her ear ' I really love you, thats why' and with that he with drew himself out and gave her another thrust and she screamed.

The more she screamed, the more he rammed in and out of her. The more she begged for him to stop. By now her voice was hoarse. He could feel the vibrator through the thin wall that seperated her anus from her pussy and the vibrations and tightness were driving him mad. He began to pull at her breasts from underneath as he thrust deeper and harder and began to lick and bite her back. He began to run his hands along the back of her bent legs. Slowly her screaming subsided and her asshole felt more lubricated.

He could feel her cuming, he could feel her short tight burst inside her body, inside her most intimate places, inside where he was wedged. It was too much, he pulled her body against him by placing his hand on her flat stomach, and came deep inside her, his whole 7 1/2 inches buried deep inside her tight ass.
He fell on her back, crushing her body into the bed with his.
She seemed spent, didn't move or complain a bit.
The vibrator was still buzzing inside her pussy. He pulled it out and a cocktail of her cum fell out with it. He turned it off and put it away. He untied her hands and she didn't try to run away. She just turned on her side, curled up into a ball, away from him.
He hugged her from behind, this was so amazing. He was so in love with her. He couldn't wait to get started on her all over again.

He heard her sobbing softly and turned her to face him. He kissed her gently and looked into her eyes.

'I'd like to take you out to dinner' he said smiling into her eyes.

(All rights reserved to the Author)

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