S.S.Shotguneagle (Part Three)

S.S.Shotguneagle (Part Three)

"Pathetic!" Kenny yelled.

He yanked the whip off her neck, leaving Leah gasping for air. Leah writhed in despair as she welcomed more air into her lungs. It was difficult to soothe her aching neck. All she could do was wait for the pain to go away and sob.

Kenny tossed the whip to the ground and walked over to his cart of tools. After he grabbed what he wanted, he walked back to Leah, standing in front of her. She was still sobbing, trying to get used to the discomfort that was steadily growing. Kenny thought she looked incredibly sexy. He thought she could make her look sexier.

He roughly grabbed her mouth with one hand. He was about to tell her to open her mouth but when he squeezed her mouth, it opened slightly. That was enough for Kenny to insert the ring gag he grabbed from the cart into her mouth. Before Leah realized what he did, Kenny quickly placed it in her in mouth correctly, and fastened the strap behind her head.

"If you can't even perform a simple task, then there is perhaps no hope for you. But I'll make you learn. All you bitches learn, eventually."

Her black hair was caught in the strap but Kenny didn't mind. Leah tried expelling the object out of her mouth. When that didn't work she next tried to close her mouth. It was impossible. Leah realized in horror, her mouth was wide open and vulnerable to Kenny.

"Wha a huck! Et it aww! Et it aww!" Leah yelled. Her tongue was waving rapidly, hoping to push the ring out of her mouth. But with the strap secured around her head, it was not going to happen.

Kenny smiled that damn smile Leah quickly learned to hate. He took a step back to admire her unprotected body. She was definitely a prize. Kenny preferred those who looked like the "girl next door." They were much more fun to break. The innocent look they have drove Kenny wild. The more "angelic" the girls looked, the more medieval his method was.

Leah thought if she bobbed her head hard enough, the gag would fall out. The only thing she succeeded was causing more pain to her arms, which were still holding her body up.

Kenny walked up to her vulnerable body once again. Even hanging up to her toes, Kenny towered her. He yanked her hair down from behind, forcing her head up. Leah gave a loud moan from the hair pulling.

"You are looking so fucking hot, bitch. Your torment is giving me a hard-on. I know how you can help me make it rock solid. Will you help me?"

Kenny forced her head to nod.


"Why thank you, my dear. You are too kind."

Leah tried to kick him but her legs felt like they were getting heavier with each passing second. She couldn't even bring her knees up.

"The first thing a slave like you needs to learn, is to accept her Master. One way for a slave to show that for her Master is to accept a part of him."

After hearing this, Leah began to thrash around. She immediately assumed his "gift" was his cum. While Kenny loved seeing her this way, he slapped her hard on the face with his free hand.

"Settle down whore! You don't deserve to have my cum!" Kenny said as if reading Leah's mind. "You haven't earned the pleasure to have my cum. There are no cutting corners here!"

Leah was dazed from the slap. She thought she didn't hear what Kenny had just said. What the fuck am I going to do, Leah thought. This guy just keeps getting worse. I don't want to be here when he reaches his definition of "worse".

Leah closed her eyes, not being able to bear seeing what happens next with her mouth so vulnerable. Kenny didn't like this. With his free hand, he squeezed her neck hard, choking her once again. Her eyes shot open with a look of fear in them. Leah gagged loudly.

"Don't you fucking dare close your eyes, you ungrateful slut. Slaves always welcome whatever gifts their master gives them. How can a slave be so rude? Are you really that ungrateful?" Kenny was waiting for a response. When Leah realized what he was waiting for, she tried to answer, but no sound came out.

Kenny positioned his ear towards Leah's open mouth. "What was that? I can't hear you."

Leah scraped whatever effort was left on the bottom of the barrel and said softly, "Ohh..."

"'No' what!? What does a slave call her master?" Kenny's grip on Leah's neck got a little bit tighter. She had no idea how she was able to say anything else, let alone make any kind of sound.

"Ohh ... Err..." Leah tried to say "No Sir," but was incoherent because of the ring gag and the choking. Kenny knew what she said and smiled his evil smile.

"That's better, slave." With that, Kenny accumulated his own saliva before spitting in Leah's forced, open mouth. He released her neck, this time pinching her nose shut while still forcing her head up by pulling on her hair.

Leah's eyes got wider after realizing what Kenny had just did. Kenny loved the look of horror on her face. He knew Leah would hate that. It amused him that she thought this small act of violation disgusted her immensely. If she thought this was bad, Kenny was looking forward to doing things to her that just might make her go into a catatonic state. But Kenny didn't want to do that to her. Not right away anyway. He always took small steps of degradation with his "slaves". It's like stabbing someone with a knife. If you want them to truly feel it, you need to do it slowly, and finish it off with a slower twist of the blade.

Leah tried to spit it out but Kenny had a firm grip on her head. She couldn't breathe through her nose thanks to him. Leah didn't inhale enough oxygen before Kenny pinched her nose shut. When she couldn't hold out any longer, Leah, with dread, swallowed Kenny's spit. He kept his hold on her until he saw she swallowed it all.

"EW UHHER UCKA! AAARRRGGHHH!!!" Leah yelled out loud.

"Was that a thank you? Aw you're quite welcome, slave. Since you're so grateful, here's another." Kenny accumulated more saliva this time. Leah tried to break out of his grip, not believing he was going to do it again.

"Oh my God, he's going to do it again! NO!" Leah thought.

This time Kenny slowly dropped his spit into Leah's mouth. Leah could do nothing but accept it whether she liked it or not. She closed her eyes, not caring what the consequences were. After spitting the very last drop, Kenny waited for her to swallow it.

"How come you bitches are always so eager to disobey? That's okay. You'll learn. Just like the rest of them, you're going to learn what it means to disobey her master. And it is nothing like the stories you hear!"

Leah held out a little longer this time before inevitably swallowing his spit once more. Kenny finally released her hair, letting her head drop forward. Leah could only try to scrape whatever remnants of his spit were in her mouth with her tongue. She started to cry again, still having a hard time believing the situation she was in. Never in a million years did she think this would happen to her. No one deserves this kind of treatment. These animals need to be put away. They don't deserve to be free. Leah may have felt like she was defeated, but was still determined to stop these monsters.

Kenny went over to where the whiskey was stored away and poured himself a glass. He brought it over along with a few more items for the next act.

He set his glass down on a nearby table. Kenny grabbed one of the unused chains that he pulled down earlier, and pulled it down further. He pulled it all the way down along Leah's right side. At the end of the chain he connected a thick-padded strap to it. Kenny used that strap to encircle Leah's right knee. After securing it, he pulled the other end of the chain, which resulted in her right knee rising until it was next to her right tit. Kenny secured the chain, leaving her right leg propped up.

He repeated the same process with her other leg using a different chain and strap. In the end, her legs were spread wide open with her knees bent. On the upside, her knees were helping her take some of the strain from her arms holding her body up. It won't take long before Leah's knees begin to ache next.

Kenny loved the way her legs looked. Just the perfect amount of meat on them, he thought. He remembered from some of her videos, she stated she rarely works out. Seems she is just blessed to have a knockout body. Bad for Leah. Great for Kenny.

And just like the rest of her body, Leah's pussy was just as cute and innocent-looking. Kenny bent down to come face to face with it. He didn't mind the little patch she left unshaven. But he knew Buddy and he likes his women hairless down there. So that'll be gone as soon as it's his turn to have fun with Leah.

Without any warning, Kenny inserted two fingers inside Leah's pussy. Leah howled very loudly, shaking about trying to get Kenny out of her. She looked down to see what he was doing and only howled more. Leah immediately began to cry from her torment. She knew it was unavoidable, but it didn't mean she was ready for it.

Kenny couldn't move around inside as much due to how dry Leah was. He took his fingers out before standing up to face Leah.

"This ain't turning you on, bitch? Huh? You can't find any pleasure in my sick games? That's okay. I prefer my slaves to hate it. It makes it that much more enjoyable for me. Your pain is my pleasure."

Kenny inserted his fingers that were just in Leah's pussy inside her mouth. He used her tongue to make his fingers wet. Leah couldn't avoid them. She was disgusted that he was making her taste his fingers. Leah never did anything like that before. Todd, her boyfriend, would joke around after finger-fucking her, trying to get her to lick his fingers. He knew she would never do that so he thought it was funny when he would get near her mouth with his fingers covered in her juices. She would laugh and tell him to stop. Leah was not in a laughing mood this time.

Kenny kept his fingers in her mouth until Leah provided enough saliva to coat them. When he was satisfied, Kenny went back down and reinserted his fingers back in Leah's pussy. She hated it even more now that Kenny was able to enter with ease thanks to her spit. Kenny was delighted to discover she was tight! Again, recalling from some of her videos he watched, she mentioned her current boyfriend is the only guy she had a serious relationship with. His dick must be a sorry excuse of a manhood, Kenny thought.

Oh well. It was a very pleasant surprise.

He worked his fingers inside her, making sure he covered every inch of her. He barely inserted another finger in there, testing how much she could handle. A fourth finger was out of the question.

"You got a tight pussy. I fucking love that! It makes it that much more fun to stretch it out. You are not going like it, but that's okay. Cuz I'm gonna love every second of it."

Kenny worked his fingers in her while she was crying. Her crying only turned him on more and motivated him to keep at it. Leah was also unable to stop from drooling because of her forced open mouth. She tried to imagine herself anywhere else but where she was at the moment. Unfortunately, much to her dismay, she was becoming aroused from Kenny's finger fucking. Only her boyfriend, Todd, knew how easily aroused and wet she gets when they are intimate. This definitely was not an intimate moment, but her body didn't know any better.

Kenny was overjoyed when Leah's pussy was drenched with her juices.

"Oh, yeah, you're definitely a slut. You were meant to be one from the day you were born. You know how I can tell? Cuz you're enjoying this right now. Look how fucking wet you're getting! What a fucking whore!"

Leah could barely hear Kenny. Her body continued to betray her as the pleasure increased in her loins thanks to Kenny. Her sobbing slowly intertwined with moans she couldn't help express. They were passed the point of no return. Leah needed to get off. Her body was screaming for it. If she could, she would've helped Kenny by swaying her hips to match with his finger assault. It was probably a good thing. Leah didn't want Kenny to know that she wanted to help. But Kenny knew.

"You might as well not fight it. I know you're a horny cum slut. You're just like the other women who come through here. And they think they can take the easy route, but not with me. You need to learn discipline. I find that the hard way is most effective. You'll see."

Leah ignored Kenny and focused on achieving orgasm. She was getting close. She could feel it. At this point Leah didn't bother to hide her moans of pleasure. It was too overwhelming. Right when she was about to go over the edge, Kenny stopped abruptly and pulled his fingers out of her. Leah's eyes opened wide in confusion. She looked at Kenny to see what he was doing. He stood back on his feet.

"Like I said bitch: it's not gonna be that easy." Kenny spat on her face. He didn't care if it went in her mouth. "You bitches make me sick". His spit landed on her eye and nose. Leah blinked rapidly to wipe his spit from her eye. She was glad Kenny stopped but was more disappointed. Leah wanted to cum. She thought he might as well have finished since he started.

"Wait, what am I thinking?" Leah thought. "I can't give in to this sick fuck! I can't give him the satisfaction."

Kenny once again disappeared behind Leah. She was starting to lose feeling in her arms. Soon it'll be her legs. Leah has no idea how long Kenny plans on keeping her like this. She wanted to get down so bad.

"Hease ... et ee oun ... eeease..." Leah pleaded with her captor to let her down. Kenny ignored her. He knelt behind Leah's exposed ass, spreading her cheeks wide to inspect her asshole. She jumped from Kenny's touch. It was something Leah was never going to get used to.

"Have you ever shoved anything up your ass, slave?" Kenny asked even though he had a good idea what the answer was. Leah was in hysterics. Every time Kenny informed her of what he planned next, she managed to find strength to resume her thrashing around, hoping it would loosen her binds. Leah was not going to be that lucky.

"That's what I thought" Kenny used his other two fingers from his other hand to shove inside her pussy. "You don't mind if I use your juices to help me get in your ass easier, do you? No? Why thank you." Kenny once again buried his fingers deep inside Leah's wet pussy. "Gotta make sure I'm well-lubricated, otherwise you will definitely not enjoy this. You're probably wondering why I'm being so nice all of a sudden."

"Nice!?" Leah thought. She hated how she couldn't form words because of the ring gag. It was tormenting her just as much that she lost the ability to shout at her kidnapper. She wanted him to know what she was thinking but there was no way that was going to happen. All she could do now is fight. Well, that is not exactly accurate. "Endure" would be a better word.

"Well, so far I am beyond satisfied with you. Alpha has brought in plenty of prizes in the past but you are, by far, the most promising out of all of them. He has really done it this time. AND he came up with a genius plan! I can't wait til we get that started. That motherfucker knows how to have a good time."

Leah remembered meeting Alpha yesterday. She didn't take him seriously. How could she? She never imagined she would be in this kind of position. Above all else, Leah thought she would've escaped by now. There's still hope.

"So I thought I take this moment to take it easy on you. But don't get used to it, ya hear? Hey! I asked you a question!" Kenny yelled. Leah knew what he wanted her to say. She really wanted to keep being defiant and fight, but, at the same time, Leah really wanted this to end. She needed to regain her strength. Live to fight another day.

"Ehs ... Astuh..." It was the best Leah could do. Didn't sound like "Yes, Master," Kenny thought, but it'll do.

"That's better."

After Kenny's fingers were well lubricated thanks to Leah's wet pussy, he took it out, only to insert them in Leah's ass this time. She was much tighter in her ass. Kenny was very happy about that. He concluded she had never done anal or stuck any object in there before. History has taught him that girls, like Leah, made the best kind of slave a master could ever imagine.

Leah wanted to die. She loathed the idea of anyone or anything sticking something up her ass. To her, it was the most disgusting sexual act ever. Leah didn't consider herself a prude, but that was crossing the line. The only thing she could do was keep thrashing around, praying Kenny would find God in the next few seconds and realize his horrible act. Leah's luck still hasn't changed.

Kenny had to slowly fuck her ass with his fingers to get in deeper. She was naturally tight, but Leah was clenching like hell to stop Kenny from going any further. But it was no use. Kenny had the upper hand. No pun intended.

It took a few minutes for Kenny to bottom out. Even when his fingers were fully inside, he couldn't move an inch! To Leah, however, it felt like he was punching her on the inside. Listening to Leah groan and cry was music to Kenny ears. He couldn't wait to do some serious work on her. She'll never forget the experience here.

"You better cut that shit out. We haven't even scratched the surface. If you think this is bad, you're not going to survive what's down the road for you. We might have to take baby steps. God damn, you are one tight bitch!" Kenny managed to slowly wiggle his fingers inside her. He wanted her prepared for what's next. Kenny loved torturing women, but he always played it carefully enough to prevent any kind of permanent damage to them. Otherwise, the game is over. He admitted to Alpha and Buddy, more than once, there were times where he took it too far and was surprised when the slaves did not meet their untimely demise.

Leah never stopped howling. She thought if she yelled loud and long enough, Kenny would stop, not realizing it was only egging him on. Pools of saliva continued to drip from her open mouth onto the ground. She lost all feeling to her arms. Her legs were going next. Leah hoped her ass would be next so that she wouldn't have to feel Kenny's violation.

It felt like an eternity passed for Leah when Kenny finally took his fingers out of her ass. He did it slowly, avoiding any serious injury. Leah was grateful and didn't think she could stand it for another minute. Her heart was beating fast, causing her to take deep, shallow breaths. Leah's body was glistening from her sweat.

"That should do." Kenny said as he got up to retrieve an item. He took this moment to stretch his legs after kneeling for a long time. Leah was hoping the ordeal was over and tried to tell Kenny to let her down. The ring gag kept making her sound incoherent. He had a pretty good idea what she wanted though.

"We're almost done for today. I know it must be sad for a horny slut like you, but all good things must come to an end."

"This fucking guy... ," Leah thought.

"All you have to do, to end this session for today, is cum. Cum and you're done. Simple, right?" Kenny was still behind Leah, preparing the item he had in his hand. Leah dreaded the idea. This definitely would be the most embarrassing and torturous moment yet. The last thing she wanted to do in front of him was have an orgasm. But he did say they would be done for today. After everything that has happened to Leah, she thought it was the best news she heard today.

Leah nodded furiously, agreeing to Kenny's deal.


Leah felt immediate pressure from her ass. She gave a loud yelp from the shock. She thought Kenny was reinserting his fingers again to continue the torture. Something was different, however. Whatever was going up inside her, it was massive. It wasn't his fingers. It was something else. The object was slowly and painfully stretching her. The only relief she felt was how slick the object was when it went in. Kenny used his own bottled lubricant this time.

"Almost there..." Kenny cajoled. "You're probably happy I warmed up your ass before this, huh?"

Leah only moaned in displeasure as the mystery object sank deeper. It felt like he was shoving a pole inside her. The different sounds emanating from Leah, gave Kenny an erection. He closed his eyes, losing himself in the moment.

Finally, Kenny stopped. He stood back up, leaving the object inside her ass. He pulled up a chair in front of her to get the perfect view. She looked stunning. The fear in her eyes made his cock rock solid. He sat down and explained what was supposed to happen next.

"I inserted a special object inside that pretty ass of yours. It was once a normal 7-inch vibrator, but thanks to our good friend Alpha, he managed to modify it with a few tweaks. In a minute, I am going to switch the vibrator on using this wireless remote. It will function normally, vibrating inside you, which I'm sure by itself would be uncomfortable enough. But every 2 minutes you will receive a low-voltage shock that will last for only a second. Believe me when I say that one second of shock is enough to cause extreme pain."

Kenny was anticipating the pleasures to come. Tears poured down Leah's face as she realized this was going to be pure hell. Leah pleaded with her eyes and moans for Kenny to just let her down. She even tried to tell him she would blow him if he freed her. Again, thanks to the gag, nothing she said made sense. Kenny took all of Leah's misery in.

"It's up to you how long you want to stay like that. As soon as you cum, you're done. That's a promise."

As much as Leah was horrified, she understood what she had to do to end this agony. Her worry was that she was never going to be able to have an orgasm since she never used her ass to have one. Leah has heard it is possible, but it was different for everyone. She hoped she was the kind that would get them easily. Leah was about to find out.

"Now, let the games begin!"

With a push of a button from the wireless remote, the vibrator in Leah's ass powered on. Leah's body tensed up immediately. It was the most unnatural feeling ever. She hated everything about it. The vibrator in her ass was bad enough. The motion from it, made it worse tenfold. The object made her discover parts of her body she didn't even know existed. Some things were better left a mystery.

Leah now wanted more than anything to pull out the vibrator or, at the very least, run away from it. Her restraints still did its job in keep her contained and immobile. This was unfair. This was wrong. Leah thought she didn't deserve this. No one deserves this. And if she didn't escape, her time here is only going to get worse. For now, she had to focus on getting through this ordeal.

All of a sudden a painful shock erupted inside her ass, intensifying her pain immensely. Leah felt like someone just stabbed her insides. Never in her life has she ever felt such anguish. Kenny was right. The one-second shock was beyond painful. Kenny just sat there watching in fascination. He saw Leah making different faces of pain and horror. He couldn't help but started rubbing his hard-on through his pants. Leah was hoping she could keep pleading with Kenny but was (mentally) shocked to see Kenny rubbing his pants.

"Oh my God," Leah thought, "He's getting off from this!" Leah closed her eyes and cried. Nothing and no one was going to save her. She was going to be stuck like this for the whole day! Leah was far from achieving an orgasm. She hoped at the very least she would pass out from this. As if fate was making fun of her, another shock went off inside her ass, returning her to high alert.

Kenny couldn't help himself. He unzipped his pants and out popped his raging hard cock. Leah was terrified to see it. It was big. 8 inches and thick. It looked about right based on the kind of body he had. She closed her eyes tight when he started masturbating right in front of her.

Leah hated the idea, but she had to dig deep, deep inside her, much like the penetrating, shocking vibrator, and concentrate on having an orgasm. Without wasting any more time, Leah concentrated on having an orgasm. Kenny noticed what she was doing. He found it amusing.

"That's it, baby. Concentrate long and hard to have an orgasm just for me." Kenny intensified his strokes. Leah lost her concentration for a moment when Kenny spoke. He was the last person she was thinking of to help her cum. She lost her concentration again when a third shock came.

To her surprise, the shocks mixed with the vibrations and concentration, helped her receive some pleasure from it. Not a whole lot, but a start. With Leah's hope rising, she went back to concentrating. She imagined her boyfriend Todd and how attractive she found him. Leah thought about her current crushes and what makes her very hot. Being the gaming nerd that she is, a lot of her crushes were fictional characters. They ranged from video game characters, anime characters, comic book characters, etc.

It was working. Leah also imagined she was alone in her room, masturbating in peace and privacy. The only time her concentration broke was when the one-second shocks returned. Yet it still helped in increasing the pleasure inside her. If only Kenny had kept quiet throughout the whole ordeal.

"That's right, slut. Fucking cum, like the cum whore you are! You know you want to. This has been something you wanted all long. You're all the same. Every woman is a cum-guzzling whore. You just need any excuse to be one!" Kenny kept his rhythmic strokes.

Even with Kenny talking, Leah kept her mind on point. She lost how long she's been in this scenario but she was getting closer and closer. The shocks, as painful as they still were, were helping her increase her pleasure. Leah's breathing got quicker. Her moaning was loud and, undeniably, emanating gratification. Leah was very close. The low vibrations were now only a tease. She needed a boost to send her over the edge. The one-second shocks were not doing it either. Leah was feeling defeated when Kenny spoke once again.

"I can tell you're close. I would love to prolong your efforts but I got things to do before the day is over. Since you did most of the work, I'll take you to the finish line." With the remote at hand, Kenny increased the vibrations to the max. As soon as he did that, Leah experienced the biggest orgasm she has ever had. When the vibrations intensified, she came hard. Her eyes shot open, taken aback from the sudden powerful feeling. Even with her eyes open, Leah saw stars and colors. Everything around her disappeared and the only thing she knew existed was her powerful orgasm.

It felt like an eternity for her climax to subside. Kenny came the same time Leah came. Her expression of arousal was enough to make him cum. His load shot out landing on the cold floor. Some of it spilled on the hand he was jerking off with, milking every last drop. Kenny never tired of his own orgasms. It goes without saying that the best ones always involved torturing a beautiful woman.

Kenny was very satisfied with today's session. He discovered a lot about Leah. Especially her limits. He was going to be thrilled passing more of her limits and boundaries in the future. Kenny lowered the vibration down to a minimum, as well as turning the shocks off, letting Leah compose herself as best as she could. He stood up, his cock now deflated and still hanging out. He walked over to the very much exhausted Leah.

"Very good, slave. I'm going to enjoy slowly breaking you. I look forward to seeing you again real soon. Here's something to remember me by before then. You've earned it." Kenny smeared the cum that spilt in his hand inside her open mouth. Leah was beyond fatigued to care. She was still disgusted and attempted to take some of it out, but Kenny made sure it was deep in her mouth.

"Have fun with Buddy. I know he'll love you too." Kenny zipped up his pants before making his way to the exit door. Leah realized where he was going, causing her to thrash like a wild animal. Leah thought she wasn't going to make it if she was left like this for the rest of the day. Her throat was sore but she managed to groan and howl loudly, doing everything possible to get his attention.

Kenny was expecting this. He wished he didn't have to go so soon. Otherwise, he would've made his session with Leah last longer.

"What? A promise is a promise. I promised you, you'd be done if you could cum like the whore you are, and you did. Now we're done. I'm about to leave and you can do whatever you want."

Leah continued her protest. She couldn't believe he was going to leave her like this. She needed to be let down. She couldn't take it anymore. Kenny smiled as he walked back, changing his expression to a serious one when he faced her once again.

"You want ME to let you down? Is that it?"

Leah nodded, pleadingly.

"You're a needy bitch, too, aren't you?" Kenny asked with a serious tone.

Leah closed her eyes and produced more tears, nodding to his question.

"Remember what I said about cutting corners here? We don't. So if you wanna get out of here so badly, you're gonna have to do it yourself."

"What do you mean 'do it by myself'?," Leah thought. "How can I? I'm fucking tied up with a fucking vibrator in my ass! GET ME THE FUCK OUT OF HERE NOW!" Kenny could tell what she was thinking thanks to her expressions.

"I guess I can see your point. It would be hard for you to get down in this position. I tell you what, I'll meet you halfway. If you can get that plug out of your ass on your own, I'll let you down. Deal?"

Leah responded the same way she has been responding.

"Good! I'll be back when you're able to do your part. Don't worry. See that camera there?" Leah looked to where Kenny was pointing. At the corner ceiling, Leah could see a small camera pointed at them. The red dot told them it was recording every minute of their session. Leah was in a new world of embarrassment. Last thing she wanted was anybody seeing her like this. "I'll be looking in to see your progress. The second you shit out that vibrator, I'll be back. Another promise I plan on fulfilling."

Kenny retrieved the remote to the special vibrator out of his pocket. "Here's a little motivation for you to get started." Kenny increased the vibration in her ass along with the 2-minute shock intervals. Leah was returned to her own hell she thought she left for good. Or at least for today.

Kenny left the besieged Leah to her fate. He left the room for good shutting the door behind him. Leah thought she could expel the object out of her before Kenny left the room but much to her disappointment it was impossible. Little did she know, Kenny never mentioned the base of the vibrator. Apha also added a small-inflated balloon there that slowly deflated over time. At the rate of its deflation, Leah would be able to eject the vibrator from her ass in a little over an hour.

Leah didn't know that and was going to be in a whole other world of physical, and mental, pain. This was all part of Kenny's plan to torture not only Leah's perfect body, but her mind as well. He knew she was a fighter, so it was going to take some time before she completely broke. By then the fun would be over. It was the process that was worth it for the three friends. Kenny's day was going very well for him. He couldn't say the same for Leah though. And Kenny wouldn't have it any other way.

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Our liberating holiday - part 1

Alice and I had holidayed together for several years, twice a year we would go to Europe somewhere for a week to catch the sun as neither of our partners enjoyed the heat. We both had hectic jobs and appreciated the relaxation that a girlie holiday could offer. I was a tall brunette, good bones, large bust, I guess you’d call me Amazonian in body structure. Alice was petite, very fair, with a lovely set of boobs but very fine and dainty. We always had a laugh together, relaxed in our own skins and comfortable to be together, often sleeping in...


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Cock Worshipper - Part 8

Cock Worshipper – Part 8 So in the summer of 1994, I decided to move to a small town called Alcolu, South Carolina, where a man lived who was in his early 40’s and he seemed like everything I could ever want. He said he had work lined up for me which was great. He was very romantic in his letters and phone conversations and my heart was a’flutter. My parents were concerned about whether or not it was the right decision, but despite that, they threw me a going away party with all my family and friends there to celebrate...


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Oh my, that feels good, Lauren moaned, while Alexandra buried her mouth into her white hot pussy, you do that so well, I love you so much!!! Mmmmmmm, Alex replied, not wanting to take her mouth away from her lover's wet muffy!!! Lauren and Alexandra, lovers for a year and room mates for the past six months six months, both at age twenty two, in love for the first time in their lives and hungry for each other as only young lovers can be! Lauren arched her back while thrusting her crotch hard into her lover's mouth, reveling in the unbelievable...


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Varying circumstances part 2

Disclaimer: I don’t own Pokemon, any characters and Pokemon there-in. You know, just to cover my ass in case. Better safe than sorry. Author’s Note: Thanks to all the people that read the first chapter. This chapter was a lot longer than I expected it would be. Enjoy! –––––––– ‘Dear Nicholas, It’s your sister, Julian! I sent this letter by Taillow because it was quicker, and to congratulate you on passing the Pokemon Academy! Dad says that you did horrible on the exams…’ “I didn’t do THAT bad. At least I passed..” Nicholas grumbles, continuing to read the letter that had...


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My Love Life Chapter 3 Janice

My Love Life Chapter 3 Janice Chapter 3 Janice: A few weeks after Carrie and I separated, Carrie and her Gal Pals Tim and myself were hanging around the school and Carrie introduced me to Janice. Janice was petite, shoulder length light brown hair, almost a sandy blonde. She had a figure that made heads turn when she walked into a room. She was under a 100 pounds, with a lot of curves. A set of 34C titties. This girl was amazing. She had a great sense of humor too. Janice was starting to hang out at Carrie’s apartment. Carrie invited...


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