An Afternoon with Amber

An Afternoon with Amber

The Beginning

We were sitting at the table idling time after eating an early afternoon lunch. The day was cloudy, gray and wet, a typical spring day in Seattle. It was a Saturday and my wife's best friend and I were keeping each other company while we waited for my wife to come home from a conference in San Antonio. Amber was clinking the plates together, putting them in a pile on a corner of the table when my cell chirped, it was Chloe, my wife. “My connection in Denver has been canceled, the damn plane is missing a wing or something. All the other flights are full so I'm grounded until tomorrow, I'll be on the 6:30 flight out of here in the morning.”

“You have to sleep in the terminal?”

“No, the airlines is putting a bunch of us up at some cheap moldy hourly rate motel, they are buying us dinner too.”

I teased “You are going to miss out on some hot sex tonight, I'm primed and ready for you.”

She came right back with “I don't know sweetheart, there are three or four traveling companions with me that look like they could use a good wild fuck, I won't miss out. Hmmm,” she mused “Three at a time, I never tried that.” We agreed that we missed and loved each other then ended the connection.

Just as I was about to tell Amber about the flight delay her phone jingled, she looked at caller ID, “It's Chloe.” Apparently Chloe didn't know Amber was sitting in her kitchen because she gave her best friend the same message as she had just given me.

Amber put down the phone, “Damn, now I can look forward to another dull day. Chloe won't be here and I'm not going out with Harrison until tonight so I guess you’re stuck with me for a while.”

I asked her “You want to have a drink?”

Amber thought my question over for all of a full microsecond before answering with a mischievous glint, “It's a little early, but what the hell. Do you have any Coke to mix?”

“Tequila and Coke don’t blend” I told her with the assurance of a professional drinker.

“That's okay, we can do cactus shooters after a whiskey and Coke.”

I went to get some booze while Amber got two drink glasses. I came back to the kitchen table then made a show of lining up the bottles I was carrying. Jim Beam, Jose Cuervo, Captain Morgan and Johnny Walker were some of the gentlemen that joined us for the afternoon. Amber throttled Jack Daniels by the neck and choked two shots from him. “Where's the Coke?” I asked.

“You don’t have any,” she handed me a whiskey. We held the glasses high, toasted the lousy weather then tipped back and swallowed the drinks at the same time. I caught my breath and tried hard not to cough while her face turned red and her eyes watered. “Shit,” she said, “why does the first always burn?”

The second shot toasted the absent Chloe then Amber and I spent the next hour or so in aimless conversation while sipping various brands of spirits. My head was beginning to rock on my neck, her speech was getting blurry. Gradually our conversation became more specific, I started talking about the days I dated my wife, she returned with anecdotes about her new boyfriend.

“You screw him yet?”

“Harrison? No, I've only been seeing him for three weeks, I haven’t decided if he is worth the trouble of letting into my pants yet. How about Chloe, you screw her yet?”

“What the hell kind of invasive question is that, you report for Perv TV? I would think that’s a question you should ask her.”

Amber tipped the rum bottle to her lips; the shot glass was ignored as she took a sip. She handed me the bottle and I matched her move. “I already know her answer to that, she loves to fuck you, at least that's what she says.”

“She tell you what she likes, how I keep her coming back for more?”

“Yeah, she drops some pretty deive hints once in a while, usually after a few hits of pot. She says she likes to get stoned then screw you.”

The steady flow of alcohol and the presence of a pretty twenty-something woman were loosening my head, my tongue and my morals, “What about you, ever get curious and want to try what she is enjoying?”

Amber stopped talking, she stopped moving as she stared at me, I could see her mind working, her eyes began to crinkle with mirth “Well, I don't know. I never dated you seriously and usually that's what it takes to get me into a bed, several dates and a lot of attention. We only had a couple of dates and that was eight years ago, and we don’t pay that kind of attention to each other.”

“Are those etched in stone rules? A lot of dating and stuff?”

Amber rocked back on her chair, she was a little unsteady but her eyes crystallized on mine, “Hmm, maybe not today.”

I asked her bluntly “You want to get it on?”

“Uh, hello. You're married” she reminded me needlessly but with a hint of flirt.

“Then you can be assured I have experience.”

She looked around as if to make sure we were alone, I could see the alcohol soaked thoughts tumbling in her eyes then she answered “But you have to use something.”

I replied stating the obvious “Well yeah, I'll use this.” then grabbed my crotch. I didn't have a boner but my bulge was enough to get a grip on.

Amber snuffled a short laugh at my crass display then moved off her chair and stepped over my legs and sat on my thighs facing me. She put her hands around my neck, laced her fingers together then leaned to my left ear and asked “You're my best friend's husband, you think we should?”

“Didn't you ever share your toys when you were little girls?”

She leaned back, her hands still around my neck but arms straight so she could look at me “Yeah, her Barbie and my Ken shared a lot time together.”

I was amused “They ever get it on?”

Amber grinned as she reminisced “Ken used to visit Barbie at Chloe's or sometimes Barbie would sneak over to my room to spend a few hours in bed with him. Even when were eight we knew why boys had penises and girls a vagina so Ken and Barbie lived our developing fantasies.”

“Sounds kinky.”

“Not really, we couldn’t imagine anything but face to face so those two dolls had a very unexciting love life.”

Since she was straddled on my lap her legs were angled open so I put my right hand on her knee, moved it under her skirt then up the firm soft skin of her thigh until my fingers caressed the thin material over her pussy. I stroked down the form of her cunt then asked “What have you learned since then?” Amber smiled into my eyes, lifted off my rapidly growing erection stood back then reached under her skirt and pulled her panties down. By the time she kicked them off her feet my cock was a fully evolved monolith. I stood, opened my pants then slipped them down my legs, my shorts went with. Amber checked me out carefully, eyeing her new friend then pushed on my chest so I plopped my ass back on the chair. She moved over my legs again, grabbed my erection then carefully sat on it, easing me into her as she lowered herself. We were face to face, I put my hands under her skirt again, grabbed her hips then started rocking her back and forth. At first she was tight and there was a little friction but that quickly vanished as we both started getting slippery. She laid her head on my shoulder, the tips of her bra dented my chest then she and I commenced an afternoon quickie.

I didn't bother to check the clock on the wall while I fucked her so I couldn’t tell you how long we bumped and ground our bodies in unison. I can tell you that the longer we coupled, the more aroused she got. Amber's excitement elevated in stages, from quiet enjoyment through fiery passion to the apex of her endurance. She was mewling softly, crushing her hips against mine each time I pushed up into her, she gripped my shoulders tightly as we fucked. I was watching her mouth, spellbound by the contortions of her lips, her eyes were focused on nothing when she froze solid. Amber quit moving briefly then her thighs began to quiver. The climax radiated from her legs across her stomach and breasts then escaped from her as a pulsing soft song of rapture. Her orgasm set my own in motion and I gushed repeatedly into her deep tender cunt. I pulsed so hard and rapidly I thought my nuts had packed their bags and decided to live her.

After a few long moments of silent relaxing Amber stood from my lap, her skirt fell, covering her before I could see where I'd just had my prick. She took another hit of bourbon, smiled softly then said “That's the first fuck I’ve had in months, let's go to bed and do it again.”

We stripped nude at the foot of my bed then she threw herself onto it and rolled to her back. She was looking up at me when I went to my stomach between her splayed legs and put my mouth on her pussy. I ate her, I lapped her with my tongue and tickled her clit with my nose as my long finger slid in and out of the entrance to her body. I made her so desperate to fuck she was gasping “god Mason, I'm burning up, ooohhh please do it!” My nuts were as hot and solid as newly formed steel bearings, I was fucking the mattress between her legs when Amber floated away on a cloud of passion, her entire being vibrated as she wailed another release.

As soon as her ass relaxed back to the bed I got up to my knees across her stomach, my balls were resting on her bellybutton, my erection hovering over her tits. I leaned forward and put the end of my cock in the space between her breasts and started humping, rubbing the head of it on her skin. She caught on quickly and pressed her tits together so I was fucking them. She was watching the head of my hard-on slipping in and out of sight while I stroked between the soft mounds of flesh. I tit fucked her for a minute or so then raised up and pushed further until the end of my cock bumped her chin. Amber opened her mouth and let me penetrate between her lips. She let go of her breasts and grabbed my erection with a hand and began to mouth me eagerly. I pumped over her tongue with ever longer strokes until she managed to plead “Not so far.” I stretched up and over her face while she nursed on my prick for another few moments then all hell broke loose. My cock seized, my stomach convulsed then I began to fire bullets of hot cum into her throat. She never flinched or hesitated, my wife's best friend sucked me dry then when I pulled out she laughed prettily and said “That's best way I know to keep from getting pregnant.”

I fell to lie beside her as a quick moment of angst grabbed me. I thought about the hordes of sperm I turned loose in her womb earlier, “You don't use birth control?”

She rolled to her side, threw a long naked thigh over mine “Of course, but some ways of prevention are a hell of a lot more fun than others” she laid her head on my chest. As I was looking at the pale skin of her scalp where her dark brown hair parted I realized we fucked around twice but I'd not even kissed her. The afternoon booze party, the intense exercise, and the hard orgasms took a toll on both of us. Amber and I slipped into a relaxed sleep. The kiss came two hours later.

I stirred slowly from my nap a little confused. It took me a few seconds until my brain started working again and I realized I who was lying with me. I was at her back, spooned against her firm ass. I put an arm over Amber then sought a breast, as my hand cupped a tit I felt her stir. She turned her head as far as she could to put sleepy eyes on me, “Hi.”


“I can't stay too much longer, I have a date with Harrison.”

“How much longer?”

She looked at her watch which except for earrings and a necklace was the only thing she was wearing, “Long enough to fuck you again.” With that declaration Amber got off the bed and went to the adjoining bathroom. After she cleaned up she went to the kitchen for a bottle of water while I pissed and rinsed the taste of stale alcohol from my mouth. We rejoined each other on the bed, sitting cross legged facing each other.

“I'm glad we did this.” she started.


“Because I've often wondered what Chloe was enjoying and once, or twice, or maybe a few dozen times I wanted to seduce you to find out. Now I know.”

“She's your best friend, doesn't that bother you?”

She sat looking at me pensive for a few moments then admitted “No, not really. I mean I would never try to steal you from her but the thought of borrowing you for an hour or so never bothered me. I never came on to you because I didn't want to create problems, especially between you and me. I don't want you to be uncomfortable when I am around. Now that we've done this will it trouble you? Have I messed up our friendship?”

“Well first off, I don't remember you asking me if I wanted to fuck, I hit on you. Second, you've been a pleasant fantasy of mine since before I met Chloe, remember, I knew you first?”

“I remember our two dates then I screwed up by introducing her to you.”

While I talked to the pretty brunette sitting naked in front of me my cock began to reform. It was growing longer, fatter, stiffer and she was noticing. Amber's lips pursed lightly as a small smile then she leaned forward, I leaned to her then we shared our first ever sexually motivated kiss. After her warm moist lips left mine I told her “This doesn't bother me at all, and we aren’t fucking up our friendship, pun intended.” She smiled broadly, put her hands on my arms then pushed me down.

We fell out of the sitting positions to lying face to face, breast to chest, groin to groin then she whispered hopefully “Again?” She rolled to her back then I moved up and over her. Our lips met as our bodies rubbed sensuously together, the feel of her warm smooth skin set me on fire. I got between her thighs and stroked the head of my erection along the length of her cunt, the intensity of our arousal caused erotic shocks to shiver through me directly to my loins. Amber put her arms around me and held me loosely as our groins meshed and danced. While our tongues mated she and I caressed, fondled and stroked every place we could reach on the other. Our bodies were in flames, burning everywhere we touched and rubbed, I was being consumed by her desire. After many delightful minutes of hot sensual foreplay she erupted “Take me Mason! I need to –- oh, –-- Oh -- I need to – “, I pressed on her clit, “Ahh!”

I pulled my hips back until the end of my erection was poised to penetrate her, she looked between us grabbed my ass then pulled me down. I drove so hard into her she swooned when our pubic bones crashed together. We were out of control, her body thrusting and heaving under me, every time I rammed my cock into her she moaned and gripped my back. She put her legs around my waist, locked her ankles and humped her hips even more. “I knew this would be good. I knew I would like you” she panted in my ear.

I lifted off her slightly and kissed her. Amber looked into my eyes and panted “I’ve been thinking about this since before you married Chloe. I know I shouldn't but –----- Awwuhhh!” I pulled out of her slowly, reached under her ass with both hands and pulled her back onto my long, full erection. Every twist, every turn she made sent thrills of excitement shooting through me. I held on as we dipped and rolled, plunging into her when she rose to her heights, pulling out when her body dropped away. She shuddered at the feel of my shaft vibrating against her clit. I put my mouth next to her ear and wheezed “You feel really fucking good Amber” then let my balls give in to the sensation of her awesome, wanton cunt.

I was sweating, my lungs heaving for air when the end of our tryst blasted from my cock. She felt the first surge spew into her and arched her back, pressing her pelvis hard against me, giving me lust driven permission to cum. The delivery from my balls set her last orgasm free. She cried out a series of hardcore profanities while the muscles of her pussy massaged my cock, milking every drop of sperm from my straining body.

We were side by side, on our backs again, both of us trying hard to breathe right. I was so limp I could hardly move. Amber flopped her head toward me “I never thought we would ever do that, at least not as wild and passionate as that.”

“What do you think now?”

She sighed softly and answered with less intensity, “I think I'd better get out of here. It would be a bit awkward if Chloe came home and found us like this.”

“She won't be home until tomorrow.”

“Still, I have to meet Harrison and I need time to get my body back into some coherent form before I do.” Amber propped up on an elbow then put her fingers around my relaxed prick “I liked this but we can't do this again, not when Chloe is around.”

“She has another conference coming up in two months. She'll be in Chicago for four days.”

She rolled up and over until she was lying on me, her breasts flattened on my chest, my cock nestled in the junction of her legs, I felt cum dripping from her to my limp dick. She kissed me lightly with a caress of her tongue on my lips then teased “I'll check my calendar, maybe I have some free time.”

The Rest of the Day

Amber and I dressed again then she stepped ahead of me into the main room. I was close enough behind her that when she stopped suddenly I bumped into her, forcing her to stumble two more steps. I glanced up to see why she stopped and looked directly into the intense deep brown eyes of my wife. Chloe looked from Amber to me then back to Amber “I lied, I was just boarding at Denver when I called. I was wondering what you two might be up to when I'm on my trips, so I lied about my homecoming just to see.” My heart stopped, I couldn’t breathe, I watched the back of Amber's neck begin to glow red.

Amber began “Chloe ----” but she was cut off by her ex-best friend and my soon to be ex-wife. “Don't say anything, there is nothing you can say or do except get out. I might call you again but don't expect smiles and polite conversation when I do bitch. Get out of my house right now you fucking tramp.” The calmness of her demand terrified me.

As she scuttled past Chloe, Amber said one last thing “You have to believe me Chloe, this is the first time we ever did this.”

Chloe spun on her feet and growled at Amber's retreating back “No, I don't have to believe you.”

The door banged shut and I stood alone facing my wife. She fired a short command “Go take a shower, try to wash some of her filth off before we talk.” With that she turned and stalked out of the room.

It took a lot of courage to leave the bathroom, I was wearing just my robe when I cautiously went into the bedroom. Chloe was just smoothing a fresh blanket on the bed, she looked up at me her voice grated “She dripped all over, obviously you two weren’t practicing safe sex.”

“Chloe --”

“Shut the hell up! I'm going to ask questions and you are going to answer truthfully. Don't lie to me, if I found out you lied that would hurt more than what just happened. You understand, answer questions, don't lie?” I nodded.

“What she said, was this the first time you fucked her”? I nodded again. “Did she come on to you?” I shook my head. “Tell me how this happened.”

Chloe wasn't screaming, she didn't appear outraged, her voice was almost normal. I was a bit puzzled why this confrontation was going a lot more quiet and peaceful than I expected but I wasn't about to test her limits. “She was here when you called, we'd just finished eating lunch. After you called us she complained she would be bored until her date. Since she had time I offered her a drink. Amber and I sat in the kitchen for a while taking shots and talking. We talked about you two growing up then about when she knew me before you came into my life. She told me you like to get stoned and tell her secrets about our love life and that occasionally she fantasized about me. I told her the same then asked her to bed.”

“Only today?”

“Yes, only today. We never even flirted before today.”

“Why not?”


“Why don't you two flirt? She's always here, we've partied with her for years, we get drunk, we get stoned, she's stayed the night a lot, you've had a thousand opportunities to make passes at her, why didn't you?”

I was caught off guard, unsure how answer her “Because of you. Cheating on you never entered my mind, never motivated me to screw around with any woman, especially your best friend.”

“But you did today.”

I hung my head ashamed, I felt terror that I had literally fucked away my future with Chloe. Visions of happy divorce lawyers danced in my head. “How can I apologize Chloe, what can I do, how can I make this better?”

She looked at me intensely for a few moments then asked “Do we have some pot?” I nodded again. “Go get it, I’ll be right out.” Again she threw me off balance, I definitely wasn’t expecting to get stoned with her, that was something we did when we’re being playful, enjoying each other’s company.

We sat on the sofa, she curled her legs under her butt facing me as we passed the mini-bong back and forth. Since pot became legal in the state I've found some good potent mixtures so it didn't take long for us to get a strong but mellow high. Even though I was in serious trouble I was beginning to relax and saw that Chloe was losing her edge too. After burning a bowl she turned softer eyes on me “Tell me about it, tell me exactly what happened, how it happened and what you two did. Don't leave anything out, I want details.”

I stared at her for several long moments, weighing the words, wondering if I could. Her pose, her composure, her whole attitude told me she was completely serious, she wanted to know how I seduced and fucked her best friend.

So – I told her.

In the next half hour I related all the details, I left nothing out. When I mentioned the Ken and Barbie dolls Chloe barked a sharp giggle then said “Wow, I forgot about them.” I told her about the quickie on the chair, stripping naked, sucking on her pussy then fucking her tits and mouth. I told Chloe how hot Amber was, how she climaxed several times and how it felt to cum in her while she was rocking. At the end of my torrid tale she looked at me with large brown eyes “You got off three times?”

“Yeah” I admitted.

She then stunned me with “Take me to bed now, and if you can't get it up there will be hell and a lawyer to pay.”

Chloe stood off the sofa then stripped her pants, blouse, bra and panties off. She threw everything into a pile in front of the TV then turned and walked toward the bedroom. She was just getting on to the bed I was still wearing my robe when I stepped in behind her, she was on her hands and knees, her ass prominent in my vision. She looked over her shoulder rocked her hips then demanded “I'll take it this way.”

I was happy as hell we stoked up on grass before she made her demand. Even though I'd exhausted my nuts earlier the combination of pot and Chloe always gets me charged up. Once again my prick reformed to a pole. I opened my robe, approached Chloe and held her hips. Standing beside the bed I slipped my erection into her, she was dilated, wet and warm. Chloe moaned softly then let her head fall to the mattress when I started fucking her.

Usually when my wife comes home from her trips and we screw the first time I get off a little quicker than she likes. Not that day. I'd ruptured my balls three times in her best friend and they were not feeling the pressure of five days abstinence. What started as a standing behind her doggie fuck morphed into a long, highly erotic sex session. She took control and made me screw her in several different positions, her first climax rattled her when she was riding my lap. As soon as she shook off that orgasm she moved up to straddle my face and ordered me to eat her cunt while my nose tickled her asshole. She peaked the second time with my tongue teasing her clit. I rolled her to her back then we started making out. Necking, touching, caressing, fondling while using our mouths and hands to excite the other even more. When the fires were stoked high enough I plunged into Chloe then we mated as if our only goal was to get her pregnant. I felt like I was in bed with different woman for the second time that day, I was feeling the same emotions and sensations I’d felt earlier with Amber.

She was on her back, I was angled up from our groins pinned to her by my erection when she reached up and put her hands on each side of my face. Chloe moaned deep in her throat then exhaled the words “You fucked my best friend; did you like her?” Her fingers caressed the back of my head and she repeated, “Don't lie to me.”

I reached the end of my endurance, my erection swelled even harder with the buildup of forces. I cramped once, holding off the end just a moment longer then as I began injecting Chloe I admitted “Yes, she was awesome.” Her eyes grew larger, her tits were shaking as her mouth opened for more air then she began a series of wrenching seizures as the third set of orgasmic waves rumbled through her from legs to heart.

I left her inert and breathing hard on the bed to get some ice water. When I returned Chloe was on her stomach cradling a pillow. She smiled weakly “That was maybe the best sex we've ever had.” I looked at the junction of her spread legs and for the second time that day I watched my discharge leak from a satisfied cunt. I only had one question in my head, why after I had cheated on her with her best friend did she fuck me so damn hard?

I asked her exactly that question. She put down the glass of water then held her arms to me. I laid beside her then put my arms around her, she snuggled closer and put her head on my shoulder. “It gets me hot to think of you screwing her. All these years we've been married I kept thinking about how I stole you from her and wondered if I could have done that if you had been taking her to bed. I finally had to admit to myself that the idea of you fucking Amber turns me on. Seriously. More than once I wanted to set you two up, to get you together and naked somehow but I never really saw a chance, at least not until I got this job that sends me all over the country. At first it was a novelty that only I enjoyed but the more I traveled the more I realized that is what I was looking for, a chance to get you two alone with each other for more than an hour or so. The longer I thought about it, the sexier I felt, the more sensual my fantasies became. I don't know why this time was different but it was like I was attuned to you guys or something and I knew, I absolutely knew for sure that you would end up in bed with her if you had the time so I called and set it up.” She lifted her head, kissed my cheek, smiled contently and praised, “You didn't disappoint me.”

“If you set this up? If this was a fantasy of yours why did you act so pissed, call her names and chase her out?”

Merriment danced in her eyes “Oh, come on. She just got done fucking my husband, there's no way she can think I could accept that. Let her stew, it will be fun messing with her for a while.”

I looked Chloe in the eyes, they were filled with playfulness “You are an evil bitch.”

My wife rolled up onto my body and kissed me softly “Maybe, maybe not, but she'll be so damn pliable until I let her off the hook. She'll be just like my old Gumby toy, she's going to bend over backwards and kiss her own ass just to get back into my good graces. “Yeah,” Chole burbled happily, “I'm going to twist her every way I can.”

“Don't you think she will stay away, that she figures the friendship is destroyed?”

“Amber and I have been together all our lives, we are closer than sisters, she may try to keep her distance, but she needs me as much as I need her. I won't make her worry too long but I’ll fuck with her before I tell her it's all okay.” I reached between Chloe's legs and caressed her cunt. She shuddered then felt for my semi-rigid cock then encouraged it to become completely rigid. We spent the next hour reaffirming the bonds of love and lust and after she tore trenches into my back with her right hand I took my second afternoon nap.

Days Later

Chloe waited four days to call her best friend. Even though she said my affair with Amber aroused her, that she had secretly wanted us to do something I was wary. I was leery because she even if she acted okay with me she hadn't yet talked to Amber. Maybe she was acting, playing a role before she let loose the lawyers on me. But if she was play acting, she could have won an Oscar for her performance in bed. She fucked me repeatedly as if I were a brand-new boyfriend. She finally relented and called Amber.

“It's time to talk.”

“God Chloe, I'm so sorry, I don't --------”

“Shut up bitch, I didn't call you to hear some weak insincere excuses or apologies. Meet me at Gas Works Park in an hour, there I won't be tempted to kill you outright, too many witnesses.”

She was standing beside the lake when Chloe came up to her “Hey Cunt” she snarled. Amber looked as if she hadn't slept in a week, her hair, her face were ruins, her pose was timid, her aura as gray as the clouds.

Amber heard antagonism in just the greeting, she was tense before Chloe arrived, hearing her speak drove sharper spikes of anxiety through her. She turned to look at her friend “I'm so ashamed Chloe, I'm so sorry.”

“Sorry for fucking Mason or sorry that you got caught?” She kept her voice level, non-threatening but laden with anger, “You can’t apologize for being a slut, it's your nature, it's who you are, being sorry for fucking my husband doesn’t change that. To say so would be insincere, false. You like cock and you don’t care whose so why are you shamed?”

Amber took the mean criticism and even though she wasn't as depraved as Chloe insinuated, this time she deserved it. “Because he is married to you. I fucked him, I fucked up.”

Chloe was carrying two Starbucks lattes, she handed one to Amber “Here, let's sit and talk.”

They sat side by side on a grassy hillside silent, looking at the city across the lake while lost in thought. Chloe's mind was doing a happy dance because she was maintaining the facade of a crushed, angry woman. Amber was still cautious but wondering why Chloe had brought her the latte, almost as a peace offering.

“How long have you been stalking my husband?”

“I never stalked him, I just took an opportunity.”

“Okay, how long have you been waiting for an opportunity?”

Amber looked at her friend and confessed “I tried to take him to bed about five months after he started dating you. I wanted to, I made a pass but he missed it completely, he was just too into you. After that I accepted that he was yours but ever since you married him a little imp sitting on my shoulder kept hinting that I'd missed out on something good.”

“You guys fucked three times, was it as good as you imagined?”

“He told you?”

“Every detail. The lap dance, the tit stroking, screwing your mouth, fucking you.”

Despite the circumstances, in spite of being confronted by the angry wife, Amber felt a shiver in her loins as her body remembered the afternoon of wild passionate sex. She knew she couldn't lie to Chloe, denying that it was good wouldn't be believed. “He was the best lay I've had in a long time, I got off like crazy. The entire afternoon was like we were in a carnival full of wild rides, each one faster, steeper and more thrilling than the last. Even after you caught us I my mind was tense but my body was totally satisfied. You could have beat me stupid and I wouldn't have been able to raise an arm against you.”

Chloe couldn't keep up the pretense, she loved her best friend like no other in the world and she had often thought of getting her and him together. It was time to let the worried woman off the hook. “You told Mason what we used to do with Ken and Barbie.” It was a statement.

Amber was surprised, he even told her about the casual conversation leading up the sex? “Yeah, I did.”

Chloe smiled for the first time “You remember Midge, Barbie’s best friend, what we did with her?”

“She went to bed with Ken and Barbie a few times, we thought that was totally nasty and fun. He was always in the middle.”

Chloe turned to face Amber, “Even back then I was wondering what it would be like, not only to have sex with a boy, but if both of us were in bed with him. We were too young to get turned on, to do anything but I knew that one day we would and from the first time we put Barbie and Midge in the Barbie House bed with Ken I wanted to do the same thing. Amber, I'm not mad, upset, pissed or murderous. I'm not jealous or hurt because you screwed him. For years you with him has been a thought in the back of my mind. A tease, a turn on. Thinking about you and him fucking has heated me up more than once. Last trip, when I was on my way home I had a feeling, intuition maybe, it was like I was connected to both of you. I knew without a doubt that if I left you two alone for a few hours longer, it would happen. I got so fucking turned on thinking about it I had to go to the cramped little toilet and get myself off. Then when I called I knew for certain it would happen, it was in your voices and I couldn't wait to get home. After you left I told him how I felt, what I was thinking, what I did, then made him take me to bed. That night I got so fucking hot I almost called you to come back and get into bed with us.”

“You screwed him?”

Her lips turned up as a contented smile, her eyes crinkled with the memory “Yeah, we celebrated my homecoming twice. Mason blew his nuts five times that day. I was surprised he could walk the next morning.”

Amber sat still trying to read her best friend's face for several long moments then asked “Then we’re okay?” Chloe didn’t say anything, she just reached for her friend and pulled her into a tender, loving hug.

After Sunset, Day Four

I'd been on edge ever since Chloe left the house to see Amber. It didn't matter how she had been acting, what she said or did, she was meeting the woman who fucked me for the first time since it happened. As much as I wanted to believe Chloe meant what she said and did, there was still the chance she was just waiting to drop a goddamn lawyer on me after she saw Amber. The phone rang, I answered cautiously “Hi sweetheart.”

“Charge up the big bong, I'm coming home.”

“How did it go with her?”

“Later. Right now just know I still love you and I'm coming home to prove it. Get ready Stud, you get to be studly tonight.”

Chloe came into the house followed by Amber. The two looked animated, alive with mischief as they pulled off their coats. I was shocked to see Amber, even after my wife's revelations I didn't think the other woman would be welcome so soon. Chloe stepped across the short space, kissed me easily and asked “Where’s the bong?”

We sat in a triangle on the front room rug passing the smoke around. At first I was a little timid sitting with my wife and her friend who I had cheated with. After three hits I began to relax, we talked as if the air between us was as always had been in these moments. Amber and Chloe were getting on like they were still best ever friends. Gradually I began to accept that Chloe meant what she said, that she had fantasized for years, that me fucking Amber was okay with her. The dreaded divorce court attorneys faded from my mind.

Even with Chloe's sexual desires revealed and the companionship we were enjoying, I sensed that Amber was still a bit timid to be seated with both of us. She must have felt the hesitancy in me and her best friend so it was Chloe who took the lead, took the conversation to what had transpired, what she felt. She moved around so she was facing both of us then asked “Do you guys think it twisted that I wanted you two to screw?”

It was Amber who answered “Twisted? Maybe, maybe not, but surprising for sure.”

“Would you think it twisted if I wanted to watch? I get off on that fantasy, imagining his delicious hard-on slipping into your pussy.”

My heart stopped my ears were super tuned, what the hell was Chloe asking? Amber didn't flinch, her lips drew up as a pretty smile, her eyes sparked with fun and she answered, “Come on girl, let's have some fun with this guy.”

They rose in unison then both reached a hand out to me. I took each then they pulled me up. As soon as I was on my feet Chloe and Amber stepped off toward the back of the house towing me along. Realizing I was about to become a bedroom toy for two sexy women caused my prick swell with anticipation. The procession stopped at the side of the bed then the women turned to me and as if linked in mind began to pull at the buttons and zippers that held my clothes together. Wordlessly but with a lot of coordination they stripped me nude before Chloe shoved me to the bed. My knees folded over the edge as I flopped back, my erection slapped heavily on my stomach. Amber turned to Chloe then pulled her blouse up and over her up-stretched arms and off. Chloe turned her back so Amber could unlatch the bra then Amber pushed the straps off my wife’s shoulders and down her arms. Bared to the waist Chloe turned back to Amber then the two finished stripping each other naked.

Amber got onto the bed on my right side, Chloe to the left. My wife gripped my hard-on then stroked it a few times until Amber bent across my lap and put her mouth over the end of it. She suckled and licked me for a minute or so then Chloe grabbed her hair to pull her off. As soon as my cock was free from her best friend’s mouth Chloe began giving me head. While I was enjoying two enthusiastic blow jobs I put my hand to good use between the legs of both. I was fingering two soft slick cunts while they good naturedly tussled over my prick.

Chloe abandoned my lap and laid on her side next to me. She put her lips on my ear and breathed lightly “Fuck her Mason, fuck her until she begs you to stop then you can fuck me.” Chloe licked my ear, nuzzled my neck then said to her friend “On your back bitch, he's going to screw you senseless.”

Amber spit out my cock, barked a delighted laugh then rolled up until she was lying on me. “Let's give her a real show; god I’m so ready for this!” She put her lips over mine then as we kissed she arched her body until the end of my cock was in position then she jammed down, her cunt swallowed me completely.

Amber on my cock caused it to swell even more and I felt a major load swelling my erection. Chloe was on her knees watching Amber rock on my lap, she looked hot, turned on. I tapped her on the hip and when she looked down on me I said “Come over my head, let me do you too.” She didn’t' hesitate and in seconds she had her knees on either side of my head, the junction of her thighs over my chin, the soft insides of her legs caressing my cheeks. I flicked my tongue and licked through the silky pubic hair to the puffy wet lips of Chloe's pussy. She jerked her hips, eased down a little and I started fucking my wife with my tongue.

Chloe must have been dancing on the edge when I invited her over me, in just a couple of minutes she had an orgasm, her pussy swelled open and the strong erotic scent of Girl in Heat assailed my nostrils as her hips started bucking, I heard her moaning as she quivered. The two women were face to face on their knees over me and when Chloe started convulsing Amber put her arms around her and pulled her tight, their naked breasts squashed between them as both groaned and shook while they came together.

Amber had been working me to another ball buster but when they stopped quivering she pulled off my hard-on and rolled to my side. Chloe collapsed to the bed on the other side, head toward my feet, my head still between her legs. My wife pushed Amber away from me then the two of them got off the bed leaving me on my back with my erection chilling and deflating.

They stood away from the bed comparing notes about what they had just done. My wife didn't seem at all concerned that she had just participated in a threesome with another woman and her husband. In fact, she was gushing like a little girl with long desired present. While they were talking Amber rolled a joint and fired it. The women took hits then Chloe offered it to me. I got off the bed to join them, the three of us were still naked and I was enjoying the view of tits and asses as we passed the weed.

Gradually the conversation shifted to me and my cock which had relaxed somewhat. They decided that since I hadn't gotten off yet that they would give me a 'pity fuck'. The look in their eyes told me there wouldn’t be too much pity involved, that they were looking for more too. I took command of the situation and told them to lie back on the bed side by side, their near legs crossed over the other’s. My prick revived to become an erection again. I stepped up between Amber's legs, said to Chloe “You wanted to watch, so now watch.” The head of my swollen muscle slipped easily into my wife's best friend while Chloe propped up on an elbow to get a good view.

The longer I fucked the sexy brunette the more animated she got. She was humping her hips in sync with the cock slipping in and out of her. As I screwed her friend Chloe was getting more turned on too. Amber lost it. She started moaning and heaving, she crested four or five times as waves of rapture washed through her body. When she relaxed back to the bed I pulled out of her then went to Chloe. I put my lust laden cock between my wife’s legs then slammed into her, giving her the same attention I had just given her best friend. The room was filled with the sounds of sex, bodies slapping, harsh breathing and moans of “Yes! I love this! Oh, fuck me Mason, I want this so much.”

I don't know if it was a rush from the recent hits of pot or the rush of fucking the second woman in minutes but being inside Chloe was one of the most sexually intense feelings I had ever experienced. I watched my erection plunging in and out of her body and my entire concentration, my life forces centered on that connection. Chloe was undulating her back, fucking me, gasping sharply every time my balls slapped her butt. I was dimly aware that Amber was lying beside her blonde friend watching as husband and wife fucked.

Chloe stopped moving and pushed me out then she flipped to her stomach. She looked over her shoulder then swayed her ass as in invitation. I got between her spread legs, put my cock into her ass and we continued to screw with the passion and energy of new lovers. She started to breathe sharp yelps of pleasure when my cock plunged deep into her. Her ass was rocking, her hands clenched full of wadded blanket, eyes closed as I pummeled her. I put an arm around her waist then sought her clit with the end of my middle finger to excite her more. My erection was expanding in her hot deep butt, swelling with the need to explode when her passion crested and she crashed from her peak with body shaking convulsions. She howled into a pillow “OH MY GAWD - I'M CUMMING!”

I bent two fingers into her flowing cunt as her ass quivered, a signal to my balls to inject her with a full load. My erection cramped once then I filled her butt with long surges of cum.

I pulled my dick out with a plop and fell to her side. She wasn't moving except to catch cool air. Amber came up and laid next to me and kissed my cheek “Goddamn that was hot!” She tickled the base of my prick with two fingers smearing the cum clinging to me.

My wife raised her head and mumbled tiredly, “I can't move, what the hell did you do to me?”

“Couldn't have been that good, you didn't even kiss me.”

“Next time” she promised as the three of us relaxed into a restful sleep.

In The Months After

Amber didn't become a permanent part of our bedroom furniture but she stayed often enough to keep me busy, my wife happy. Amber finally relented and let Harrison seduce her then introduced him to Chloe and me. After several months it was apparent that Harrison was going to be a permanent part of Amber's world, he asked her to marry him; she accepted. We found out early that he tokes too so the four of us would get stoned while visiting or roaming the outdoors. He was quickly becoming as much a fixture in our house as Amber. After about six months Chloe and I agreed that Harrison was a good friend.

Chloe was in San Francisco so Amber was keeping me company, lying next to me trying to catch her breath, “Hey girl, don't you feel odd being with me now that you and Harrison are engaged?”

She lifted her head and looked at me “No, not really. Do you think I should? Are you trying to dump me?”

“Oh no, not at all but what if he finds out that you and I screw with the passion of new lovers every once in a while? You think he could accept that?”

Amber pushed up off my chest and sat beside me, her breasts bobbled as she jostled to a comfortable position. She took a serious tone “Tell me something, and don't hedge.”


“How would you feel if Chloe was screwing somebody else? I mean she doesn’t have a problem with me and you but what if she were the one getting laid outside the bonds of marriage?”

I mulled the question then decided I couldn't object too much since I was fucking her best friend steadily “I guess I would hope she would have a good time, I mean if she did get another cock, at least it should make her happy.”

Amber's eyes focused on me intently as she said “Let's set her up with Harrison. Let's see if those two can get it on. He's a good lover and I’m sure she would enjoy it. Think she would?”

“Do you think he would?”

She was getting animated, excited in a little girl way “Yes, I think he could easily be talked into a bed with her. Oh god, would that be hot or not? They have to do it!”

Amber’s unconcealed excitement and the thought of Chloe screwing another guy started to warm my nuts. My cock began to inflate again as I pulled her down beside me. As her fingers wrapped around my erection she put her lips on my ear “Who is going to ask her, you or me?”

It was a hell of a lot easier than we anticipated. The four of us were cruising out of Seattle on Harrison's 32-foot cabin cruiser headed to Victoria for three days. As we headed up the Sound the bong was being passed around, the trip was beginning well. Amber and I were on the back deck watching Harrison teach Chloe how to read the compass and keep the boat running straight when Amber whispered in my ear “It's today, I can feel it just like Chloe must have felt on that airplane. They are ready to fuck even though they might not admit it.”

I looked at my wife's back, she was wearing a short sun dress that revealed a lot of leg. From where I was sitting looking up at her I could see her panties peeking from under the hem. The man standing beside her had an arm resting across her shoulders and was leaning close to her ear as he explained how to navigate the boat. My cock started to swell. “How can you tell?”

She leaned closer and said with confidence “Look at their body language, the only thing between them and sex is the clothes they are wearing, if they didn't have clothes on right now nothing would stop them.”

“But with us here they won't start anything.”

Amber turned big hazel eyes on me “Let me handle it.”

“How, you can't just walk up and say hey you two get to it.”

“Oh yes I can, watch.”

I sat in the deck well of the boat and watched Amber's ass as she climbed the short ladder to the upper deck. She moved up to Chloe's side then put her mouth close to her ear and whispered something to her. My wife snapped her head around and said something urgent but quietly in return. Amber smiled at Chloe and nodded her head. Chloe turned and looked down on me. The only thing I could do was gesture my eyes toward her future lover. Amber stepped away and waited while Chloe turned full body to Harrison and pulled him to face her. She stepped close, put her arms around his neck then I saw her lips moving against his ear as she propositioned him on the steering deck of his own boat.

Harrison looked sharply into my wife’s eyes then over her shoulder to Amber. His fiancée' told him “I'll make sure the boat doesn’t hit any rocks.” He cast a question with his eyes to me and I raised my beer in salute. With no hesitation Harrison took Chloe's hand and led her to the ladder. She went first and by the time he was at the bottom of the ladder my wife had gone below and was standing beside a bunk waiting for him. Harrison closed the hatch to the galley after he went through it.

I left my seat and went up to stand with Amber. When we were close she pulled me into a hug then said “I wish I could watch, I'm getting turned on like crazy.”

I kissed her lightly “Wait until we get to the hotel in Victoria, we can let them spend the entire night alone in one room and I'll fuck your brains out in the other. Tomorrow night we can all get together on a bed.” She slipped me her tongue as we sealed the deal with a kiss.

At the hotel it took only about two seconds of negotiation to make the sleeping arrangements. Amber and I took one room and Harrison and Chloe took the other. As we parted for the separate rooms my wife pulled me into a hug then murmured “I love you so very much for setting this up. We had fun on the boat but here we can get fully nude and involved, I'm going to fuck him sore.” Slam! My prick inflated instantly and Chloe felt it, she tilted her head back sparks of fun were dancing in her eyes “Save that for Amber, I won't need it tonight.”

About an hour after I had shattered my nuts for Amber's pleasure her cellphone rang. We had just started round two when Amber answered “Yeah?” She paused then said “I don't know, here you ask him.” She handed me the phone “Your wife.”

“Hi, what’s up?”

“Come over here, this day has been almost perfect but it could be totally perfect if I get two guys to fuck me at the same time.” The phone went dead.

I turned to Amber “She wants the two of us, me and Harrison.”

My wife's best friend, whose future husband was screwing my wife smiled knowingly “That can be a lot of fun for the girl. Go on, she gets hers tonight, we can do an encore tomorrow.”

I got out of bed and slipped on a hotel robe to go to the next room. Amber stood then slipped on loose pants and a blouse “Where are you going?”

“Don't think for a minute I'm going to sit alone while my future husband and my lover both fuck that bitch, I'm going to watch.”

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