My Baby Sister : Prologue

My Baby Sister : Prologue

This is a Prologue to a hopeful line of stories that i will write in the future.
If you just wanna Jack off, this prologue probably isnt for you, but if you are interested in a storyline, please read and comment/review.

My Baby Sister : The Prologue

I awoke to the familiar sound of my baby sister, Stacy, laughing as she climbed into my bed, she was ten years old and cute as hell, she had a cute button nose, a petite sweet face and auburn hair that framed he face beautifully.

I grabbed her by the waist and flipped her upside down, I toyyed with her easily because of her very small stature and careless weight.
I work out regularly and have grown an impressive muscle set at the age of 16.
I was 6ft 2", and was much bigger than any member of my family.
I had gotten my height from my father who bolted before I was born and only came back to fuck my mum and put my little sis in her belly.

"Be careful with her." my mum said from the doorway, "I'm off to work now Jack", "take care of her, make her some lunch and dinner I'll be home late tonight."
"alright mum." I said before resuming tickling my sister to what can only be described as a giggle fit.

I grabbed her and rested her on top of me, she was sitting up straight, either leg beside me, riding me in cowgirl position if not for the covers that were pulled up to my waist.
She was wearing a cute old white teeshirt of mine and some little white cotton panties. I examined her as I hear my mother slam the door shut as she leaves. She sat on me without a care in the world, silently traceing the outline of my six-pack and belly button.

She poked my belly button as hard as she could with her little fingers, making a small "boop" sound as she did it.
I retaliated by grabbing her and throwing her to the side of me I ripped of her little shirt to reveal her small prepubescent body.
She was very slim and had puffy little nipples, no breasts to make any thing out of.

She was completely naked apart from a small pair of panties.
I preceded to poke her belly button several times and tickle her relentlessly. She struggled to get away while laughing mindlessly. She was succeeding as I had no leverage from the position I was in so I climbed over her between her little legs to stop her escaping,

My semi-erect cock was resting on her panties through mine, it measured 8 inches full mast and 8 and a half on a good day.
I must have moved up and down slightly as my cock slapped her stomach and crotch.
She stopped laughing and asked what it was, I said it was nothing and moved myself from above her laying next to her.
She was a curious little girl and wouldn't take no for an answer,
"Jack? What was that? It was where your fanny should be!"
"Men don't have fannys Stace! We have willys." I then explained.

I didn't say cock to save her innocence, which was strange given what I would eventually do to her.

"A willy?" she enquired.
" Yeah, we have little things where your fanny is and that's all that slapped you when I moved about."
"That wasn't little it was big and it hurt" she complimented me.
"Im sorry Stace, I'll try and be careful."

We left it there, I got up, got showered, gave Stacy a bath and got her dressed aswell.
We had breakfast, lunch and dinner doing little things to pass the time inbetween.

My mum had come home and gotten immediately showered and dolled up.
" I'm going out tonight, and staying with a friend" she said as she entered the living room putting on some hoop earings.
Going out and staying with a friend was my mothers way of saying she planned to drink way to much and whore herself out to any random guy.

My little sis was asleep nestled in my arms and had been for some time.
"You take care of your sister, lock the door and I'll be back sometime tommorow." she left immediately after that.

I carried my baby sis, into her pink bedroom and layed her down on her bed.
I began to undress her and continued till she was wearing nothing but her panties again, my mind drifted back to her this morning when I slapped her crotch with my cock and started tracing her panties there and then.
I could feel the outline of her small pussy lips and pronounced ass through her legs.
I stopped, realising what I was doing, I pulled the covers over her and went to bed.

I was awoken by my little sis kneeling on my bed pushing me lightly and whispering my name.
"Jack, Jack!"
"...u.. Huh? What?"
" I had a nightmare... I'm really scared"
I sat up and realised immediately she was petrified, she was shaking.
"Oh god; Ok... Do you want to sleep in hear with me?" I asked.
"Will you keep me safe?" she didn't need an answer as before I could, she was under my covers nestled into my chest.
We layed like that for a while, then she turned over with her back toward me.
We layed normally there for a few moments, then she started shuffling her ass into my cock and gripping my hand tight to her chest, or more specifically her non-existent tits.
I started to get hard as every couple of moments she would move her ass from side to side, rattling my cock around.
"mmm..." she let out a soft moaning noise.
My penis grew larger and started to slide inbetween her legs, very soon my cock was resting horizontally against her pussy.
"What's that!" she said alarmed as she clenched her thighs and moved suddenly away, half jacking me off.
"Its ok!" I grabbed her and stopped her squirming.
"It's my coc.. I mean willy."
"Thats not your willy!" she said sounding very confused.
"What do you mean!? Of course it is!" I said strongly.
"But it's really hard, this morning it felt kinda soft!"
"It changes Stace."
"What do you mean?" she asked, confused.

She was now sitting up resting on her arms.
I sat up aswell; I turned my bedside lamp on, although there was a small amount of light emitted from the poor lamp, we both winced from the new introduction of light in the room.
"What do you mean it changes? and why did you call it a coc before?"

"For starters, it's Cock, ok? And that's what grown ups call a willy."
"Is there an grown up name for my fanny too?" she asked exitingly
"Yes", I sigh, "we call it a Pussy"
"Wow, Pussssy..." she said with unintented sexual expression.
"So how does your, ...Cock..., get bigger"
"Well... When a man gets exited with a woman he likes, his Cock gets big." I try and explain it as best I can.
"Why?" she asks, putting me in an awkward position.

I know she's too young to have the birds and the bees talk, but if i don't tell her, she'll ask mum, and that could cause all kinds of problems for me.

"Well.. Um... When a man likes a woman his cock gets hard.. So he can put it.. Inside her pussy."
"you mean inside my fanny hole!?" she said shocked.
"that's insane! It would never fit inside me!"
"I know Stace, that's because your too young, it'll get bigger when your older, then you'll be able to fit it in."
"Ok, so do you put your cock in mommys pussy?" she asked, which shocked me.
"What!? No! Of course not, why would you ask that?"
"Well you said that you put it inside a girl you like, you like mommy don't you?" she asked innocently.
"Not in the same way stace. When I said you put it inside a girl you like I meant a girl you've fell in love with."
"don't you love me!?"
"well of course stace, bu..."
"So you'd put it in me?"

I was about to say no, I'd never do that, but then I looked at my baby sister, she looked so sweet in the dim light.
Her auburn hair scruffed over her face after the long sleep she had had.
Her button nose and pure blue eyes, pools of temped beauty.
Small freckles dotting her face, and lips, a perfect reddish-pink that seemed to say I want to kiss you so badly.
And that's when I realised, I'd been looking at my sister examining her beauty for a small amount of time and realised she was more beautiful than any girl I've seen.
My cock was rock hard, throbbing wanting, no, needing to be inside her.
But I couldn't, not now at least, she's too young to understand.
She'd tell someone about it and worse I'd hurt her terribly.

Now I should say for the record, I love my sister more than anyone who reads this could possibly understand, and would never hurt her, no matter what the cause.

"Stace listen, brothers and sisters can't do that, it's naughty."
"But I love you Jack!"
"and I love you stace, god, you can't understand!"
"I'm not a little kid! I can't understand cause you won't tell me!" she yells at me.
She crosses her arms in a huff and turns away from me.
I grab one of her sweet, soft arms and pull her lightly toward me, she uncrosses her arms instinctively and hugs me hard.
"listen Stace, when and a man love each other in a way that is different from family love, they have sex, which is how babys are born."
"but what if I love you more than family love?" she said

I didn't answer, we just layed there hugging, eventually lying down and falling asleep.
I awoke to find something that shocked me, my sister was completely naked and had pulled off my boxers to reveal my morning-hardened cock.
She was pushing her vagina down on to my cock in an attempt to have sex with me, failing miserably as my monster dick was way too big from her very prepubescent body.

I wasn't mad, I knew now I wanted this to happen, but I had to put an end to this.

"What are you doing Stace?" I said softly as to not hurt her feelings
She was shocked and thrown aback from my awakening.
She quickly removed herself, turned over and started to cry.
I turned her over and hugged her close to me again.
The head of my cock was resting in her belly button and her soft, tiny and hairless pussy mound was pushed up against my inner thigh.

"Stace, why were you doing that?"
She remained silent except for a few muffled cries.
"Comeon Stace, I promise I won't get mad at you"
"It's... Well... I really... Love you."
"you think you do now Stace, but you won't think that later in your life"
"I will, I'll always love you Jack, I want you and me to have.. Sex and have babies."
"I know you said we can't because it's naughty...
"Its not just naughty Stace, I could be taken away from you forever and locked up if anyone saw or heard about this!"
... So we won't tell anyone!"
"when you're older you'll understand." I kissed her on the cheek as I intended on ending it there, but as I moved away she grabbed my neck and kissed me full on.

Her velvety soft lips intertwined with mine and her mouth opened slightly revealing the trove of her mouth, her warm tounge entered my mouth with surprising experience.
I pulled away and looked at her, her innocent eyes stared back at mine with guilt and hope.
Without thinking I kissed her again, this time wrapping an arm around her chest, pulling her toward me while my other hand grabbed her plump ass and moved it toward my cock, grinding her pussy against my leg in the process.
Our naked bodies melting in together we shared the most passionate kiss I've ever experienced with a girl.

I broke our kiss after a minute of making out and started talking to her while slowly rubbing her body up and down with my hand.
"This is wrong Stacy!" I argued to her.
"Why!? You love me and I love you, why is it wrong? This feels so nice, and so right."

I tried to find some plausable reason for not kissing her again, but to no avail. I truly loved my sister, and she was right, why shouldn't we be together?

"I'll tell you what Stace, when you get your first period, I'll ask you how you feel about me still, if you still love me... We'll be together..."

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