What have you done to Jessica

What have you done to Jessica

I slowly opened eyes and saw a beautiful girl sleeping beside me.Her soft pale skin, lovely eyes, juicy lips, soft nipples, juicy nipples were making me feel how lucky I am to have her.I still remember our relationship back then before she left the house. We never had a brother-sister like relationship. We never used to talk much. She was busy in her world and me in my world. She was 8 years older than me.So I didn’t like the idea of staying in my sisters house when my mom decided to go on a vacation. I thought it was a bad idea.

But when I met her...i felt that mom has taken the best decision for me. She was standing in front of me . Jessica,23 years old who has the perfect breast( D Cup pear shaped breast) in the world and pretty big bum too and the most important thing ..my sister. I was never interested in girls but I must agree she was a hot girl . She invited us in but mom was in a hurry so she left.

"Don’t trouble your sis..ok" said mom
"ok mom!" I said her goodbye as she left for the airport.

I took my luggage and entered the house. I kept my luggage at the corner and sat on the couch. As she sat in front of me, I couldn’t help myself but notice her bra strap which lead my eyes to see perfect breast.They were so perfect and I bet they were soft like a pillow.
“So you’re done school for the year, excited for summer” asked Jessica . But I took a long time to regain my senses and answer her.
“Um yeah.” I answered.
“So high school next year, you should be excited, a lot of good looking older girls.” She winked
“Yeah I guess but I’m not really good with girls anyways.” I answered shyly
“Aw don’t worry, most boys your age are awkward with girls, you’ll learn.” she smiled
After having a little chat we went to dinning room to have our dinner. As she was serving dish on my plate I was getting a raging boner. My underwear was becoming tight and I was really getting uncomfortable sitting in front of her. After having our lunch Jessica took me to bedroom . I was disappointed that I will not get chance to sleep with her.
"I hope you liked the room" she asked
"liked it? I love it" I smiled
"That’s good...Am going downstairs to clean my kitchen ,if you need anything just call me"
"Sure thing sis "
I brushed my teeth and went to bed.I tried getting to sleep but all I could think of was my elder sister. I let out some soft moans as I masturbated to the thought of fucking her. But I thought she is my sister and it’s a sin to think about sister in a sexual way. So I decided that am going to control my thoughts from now. But I knew, it was not an easy thing.
Next morning Jessica woke me up
"Good morning my sweet brother...Time to get up" greeting me with a cute smile
"Good morning sis" I greeted her back
"Get ready! we are going out today" she said with a huge smile on the face
"where?"I enquired
"you will know" she winked.
I quickly got ready and went downstairs. As soon as I went to the hall I saw Jessica wearing a booty short and a tight tank top which made her bra clearly visible.
"So where are we going"
Wait my boy...Have some patience" She winked
we got into the car and Jessica drove to a shopping mall.We got inside the shopping mall and took me to a lingerie shop.
"what are we doing here" I asked trying to know what's going in her mind
"I have to buy some new bra's so I thought you could help me "
"How am I going control myself if these things happen" I thought to myself
"I am going to wear these one by one. let me know which one is good" she said while picking up bra's and panty
She went inside the changing room and I was standing outside the changing room.After few minutes she opened the door. She was wearing a black push up bra and black panty. I could see that it was very tight as it made her boobs pop out and her nipples were slightly visible. It was making me loose control.
"So what do you think" she asked
I thought its now or never .Without delaying any further I pushed her against the wall and closed the door. I brought my lips to Jessica and kissed her. I opened her lips and slipped my tongue in her mouth. I rubbed her breast through the fabric. She didn’t object, and continued kissing. I went much farther and smacked her butt and started pulling at her top. I reached underneath her bra and made my hand rest on my bare breast.
I thought I should put a stop to this now and pulled myself back.
"am...am...so sorry, I..i didn’t mean to..." before I could say anything else she shushed me.
"calm down! Now go out or someone will see us" she said while trying to adjust her bra
I came out of the mall and waited for her near the car.
"am so stupid .what have I done! She is your sister idiot.how in the world can you do this to her...I should kill myself or else she will kill you for sure" i thought to myself
As I was standing next to the car I saw her coming near me.As she was getting closer, my heart was beating faster..
I want to write part two of this story but I want to know your views so that I can improve myself

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