The Summer of Brooke_(1)

The Summer of Brooke_(1)

In high school I was never the big star or the class clown, or really much of anything. I slid down the middle in everything and was never noticed by anybody besides a few friends. Women were included as I never had a stand out personality or body. There was one girl, Brooke, I would have been fine cuddling her as much as I wanted to fuck her. She had an electric personality and the body to match. Somehow we formed an unlikely relationship, of course me being the dumbass I was I wanted to get something more. Needless to say I was friend zoned and my sad little heart couldn't take rejection.
Let me give you some background on when this whole shit fest started and about Brooke. I was about to finish junior year of high school, looking forward to my half day senior year then getting out of that shit hole. She was a sophomore I know what kind of idiot falls for a sophomore? Anyways she was just wow, 5'9" legs that went to heaven, by heaven I mean a sexy ass that you couldn't help but stare at as she walked away. Her tits weren't very big but it didn't take anything away from her. I'm a weird mofo and I like feet don't judge me we all like some kinky shit honestly don't lie to yourself. So overall she is just the sexiest lady of all time and makes me sing "You Shook Me All Night Long" by ACDC in my head every time I see her.
Anyways so it's the end of junior year, the greatest relationship I've had so far is my hand. All I want is to see if me and Brooke had anything going on. To put it simply I was friend zoned for eternity. I have no clue what snapped but something did and for a long time I was never able to reattach it. I wanted to have Brooke, by any means necessary. So I developed a plan and that summer would be forever be remembered by me as the summer I raped Brooke.
One of the great things about living in American Southwest is there is desert fucking everywhere, lots of nooks and crannies to hide in. I gathered my supplies for my trip that I needed, duct tape, rope, wd-40, rubber gloves, lock pick set, enema kit, douches, morning after pills and also shit tons of wet naps. Hopefully some of you smarter pervs are thinking out my plan, the rest of you dumbasses will get it in a little bit.
So about two weeks into summer break I started doing homework. Her dad's a cop which was scary but that just meant more planning. I had been in her house quite a few times so I knew there was no alarm system which otherwise would have made my plan impossible without scrapping the whole plan and restarting. A couple nights spent watching her house told me that her dad went on the night watch around 8 every Thursday and Friday. Her parents room is on the other end of the house, and Brooke's room has a window which she never locks because she loves sneaking out. Her dogs were friendly and didn't freak out when people went to the door and especially when they smelt familiar people.
So I gathered all my supplies over a few days in a couple different stores to not raise suspicion, because I can guarantee you a cashier will put 2 and 2 together and see my makeshift rape kit. I also bought some very generic jeans, boots, and a hoodie from goodwill which I later cut the tags off of. I had a black ski mask I didn't need anymore that I could use. So on Thursday night I told my parents I was sleeping over at my buddy's house and since he has a pool I raised no suspicion with my bag of clothes I took with me.
I drove to the gas station by my house and moved all my gear I needed to my back seat from my trunk which no one noticed. I bought a couple snacks and drinks and plenty of water bottles for the full night I planned. I parked near Brooke's house and slept in my car till 8, I got about 4 hours of sleep which would be needed. I drove by her house around 830 and checked her dad was in fact gone. He was so I moved back to my spot and slept another 2 hours.
I woke up and got out of my car, my small bag filled with goodies and my pockets filled with a ski mask and a knife. I walked on the opposite sidewalk and saw all the lights in the house off. Brooke had an uncanny ability to go to sleep at 9 every night so she was well asleep by the time I showed up. I saw the coast was clear and moved to her front door. I had learned to lock pick pretty well on my front door when my parents weren't home so I took care of the door in under a minute. I grabbed the wd-40 and oiled the doors hinges so there would be little to no noise as I opened the door. Gloves and mask were on obviously before this point but just had to make sure you idiots knew. I said hello to the dogs and put them back on their beds where they slept and made sure they stayed.
I crept as slowly and quietly as possible to Brooke's room, her door was open and I could see her still peaceful body. I moved into her room and looked around a little to see if I could find anything I would like to keep as a souvenir. I found a few pairs of soiled panties and some sandals I wanted to keep, she didn't have any toys or anything to my disappointment but hey what you gonna do? I grabbed her phone too because I had some really fucked up plans for that too (I'm disgusting sorry).
I moved over her and she was in the perfect position for what I had planned with her lying face down. I got behind her and put my hand as far as I could under and around her neck without waking her up which wasn't much but every inch counted. I moved my other hand over her mouth and took a deep breath because this was the point of no return. I pulled her head back by putting my hand over her mouth also reducing the noise she'd make. I then wrapped my arm around her neck and squeezed as hard as I could, cutting off her airway.
For all you idiots that want to try this on your drunk buddy don't put the flat of your forearm against the front of his neck or else you'll crush his larynx and kill him, make his throat fit right into the crook of your arm.
Anyways she awakened pretty quickly as you'd imagine and it was a matter of a couple seconds before she passed out, as soon as she went limp I stuffed a pair of panties into her mouth and taped her mouth shut and put a blindfold on her. I secured her hands and legs. Within no time she was tied up like a pretty present for me to open up later. I threw her over my shoulder and walked out the front door and closed it behind me.
She was still groggy on the way back to the car and had trouble resisting. I put her in the trunk and drove out to the desert for my night of fun. 10 or so minutes into the drive I heard her start moving about but there wasn't much I could do without drawing attention to myself.
We finally got to where I wanted to be it was a couple minute drive on a dirt road to a place very deserted and not visible from the highway, my own sanctuary. I got out and moved to the back and thought what I should do as she was making a lot of noise. I figured it out and popped the trunk and immediately slapped her across the face as hard as possible to shut her up. It worked so I told her "ok you do what I say you're gonna be fine, you don't and I will make sure your parents find your body on the front lawn, understand?" She quickly nodded, understanding her situation.
I grabbed my knife and made quick work of cutting off her shirt and shorts she wore to bed, she didn't have panties or a bra on which I was happy and sad about. So, here was my dream girl naked before me, I almost had no idea what to do. But I did and picked her up and put her on her knees in front of me and took off her gag and blindfold. I had my mask on so she couldn't see my face. I pulled out her phone and asked for her password, she told me a number which turned out to be wrong. I slapped her across the face again and asked her what the number really was, she got the point and gave me the number through her tears.
I typed it in and started to go through a couple of her messages. Some asshole was texting her and telling her how hot she was so I thought why not give him a present and started taking pics of her chest, I made them look like she wasn't about to get raped but he was having a good time. He started texting back saying how hard he was and shit and sent back a dic pic which I responded by bending her over and taking a pic of her pussy and ass and sending it back. I did this with a couple guys she was texting (she turned out to be quite the whore when I checked her messages and saw how many nudes she actually sent to some people) I had enough fun for the moment so I set her phone down and focused on her.
I grabbed her feet and admired them for a minute or two before I started to lick and suck her toes and lick all over the soles of her feet. I pulled out my cock and rubber her soft feet all over them, I didn't cum but boy was I close to it.
I started rubbing her nice soft ass and looked at her sexy pussy and asshole staring back at me. I rubbed my thumb over her clit and saw her slightly tremble from my touch. I kept rubbing her clit and her breathing started to get a little heavier and I saw her pussy start to get a little wet, she had no control over this obviously and was probably cursing her body at this moment. I kept rubbing and stuck my face in her sweet pussy and started licking her slit. I knew she didn't like the fact I was turning her on, trust me she was liking it she just hated the fact it was some dirty perv and not the varsity QB(who fyi got nudes too). I could hear her moans coming louder and then all of a sudden I got a very tasty gush of feminine juices that signal an orgasm so I was happy.
She sagged down a little spent so I rolled her over on her side and I saw her eyes still teary but with a slightly glazed look. At least she was slightly enjoying this, I know she wouldn't for long. I took the tape off her mouth and made a show of holding my knife to her throat and threatened her "any loud noises I will slit your throat and let you bleed out, you're gonna suck my cock now you bite me and I will decapitate you bitch." She got the message as I pulled out my cock and shoved it in her mouth. I'm not gonna lie and say my nine inch cock gagged her, no mine is 5 1/2 and it probably was uncomfortable but she had no trouble sucking it like a good girl. She made me cum in about 5 min, she did eat my cum, she probably thought I would hurt her if she choked or gagged on my cum but I didn't care but it was a nice gesture.
I put her back in fucking position on her face with her ass in the air. I positioned my cock at the entrance to her pussy (gotta love teenage libido) and slowly entered her, she started to beg me to stop but another well placed slap shut her up while I pushed against her hymen. I was surprised, I get slightly bad taking her virginity but eh fuck it who cares she's gonna lose it anyways. I fucked her hard and good for about 7 minutes before I came deep inside her pussy and watched as my cum leaked out of her. During I had my phone out and was taking pics of everything she had, especially the cream pie pic which was perfect.
I grabbed her phone again and opened snapchat and took a pic of her pussy and put the caption "when daddy fills me up like a good whore"(don't bitch at me if it doesn't fit this isn't real life fuck off) and put it up on her story. I put her phone back down and saw the screenshots come rolling in and the flood of messages asking wtf was she doing. I had to take a piss and thought fuck it when in Rome, I pulled out her phone again and aimed it at her pussy. Her snapchat friends got a very good video of me peeing outside her pussy on it and then inserting myself while continuing to relieve myself inside her. I put down the caption "I'm daddy's toilet" on it and again a flood of screen shots and messages.
I was having a grand time and after taking a piss, which she was not happy about like at all, I stroked my cock and got it back up, knowing this would probably be the last good cum shot I had in me (I'm just a man for fuck's sake) I had to make it count. I rubbed my cock on her pussy and got nice and wet before lining my cock up with her asshole. I slowly started to push in and she made her feelings known to me before I slapped her across the face again to shut her up. I popped the head of my cock in which she almost screamed at but kept it bottled up nicely. I slammed my cock the rest of the way in and took her asshole and destroyed it (as well as an averaged size cock could). She was still bloody when I finished inside her ass and she pushed out some of my cum mixed with her blood which was perfect for her snapchat story (you think someone would have noticed something was up by now?). Anyways then of course I had the urge to piss again idk where it's coming from but I had to go so snapchat got a good video of her "daddy using her as a toilet". She was pissed and looked at me with pure disgust which I don't blame her I'm a piece of shit but I can live with myself. Anyways I fucked her pussy and ass again and pissed on her face before I decided it was time to clean up.
I got the enema kit out and it had a couple treatments and I used them all on her asshole to make sure she was cleaned out. Then I got the douches out and cleaned her pussy nice and good, no cum was left in her or at least not enough to be recoverable. I gave her a morning after pill which she took with a surprised look and I responded "yes the monster has a heart, I want to fuck you up tonight not the rest of your life".
Then I thought yeah I'm gonna make tonight worth it.
Note: after this point there is serious abuse done to a woman, she is not murdered but very seriously injured, if you don't like it then skip down to the ending.
I duct taped her mouth so she wouldn't scream for the next part as I kicked square in the nose and broke it. Blood was pouring out her face as I kicked her right in the tits then again in the stomach, the wind got knocked out of her as I put her ass in the air again. I grabbed a switch off the nearest tree and rubbed it against her soft ass. She was already crying and couldn't suppress her screams as I whipped her across the ass with my switch. I stomped her face and dislocated her jaw as she shut up again. I whipped her a few more times and then her around her around and hit her chest and covered her little titties in marks, all of which started bleeding I was hitting her so hard. She was crying very openly now and I chose not to do anything about it she was going through some shit no lie.
Anyways I put her back in the trunk of my car and put her clothes down so she wouldn't get blood everywhere. I knew no one was up as it was almost 3 in the morning, so I set her up right in front of the door (she had passed out by this point) and used my knife to leave a lasting present for her, I cut the words WH on her left cheek and RE on the right cheek. Now if you idiots don't get what I'm using as the O then you're beyond stupid. I also really screwed her when I decided fuck it and I fucked her ass with my knife, she was already cut up and bleeding so what's a few more cuts. Then I shoved the switch up her ass a foot or so and left her there to be found next morning.
Note: alright you vanilla fucks it's clean to come out now
I drove out back to the desert and put all my gear into the bag and set it on fire, then I swept the ashes away and covered it with dirt, kinda like dealing away the deed. Oh yeah and her phone I took out the some card and thankful for her Galaxy I stabbed my knife into the battery and watched it burn up. That got buried too and the SIM card was crunched and stayed with me to be disposed of later. Anyways I went home a long route just in case and showed up at my house thirty minutes later. I was spent so I went to bed, I woke up four hours later to my phone blowing the fuck up from her family and on fb and Twitter. Everywhere #prayforbrooke was showing up and pics of her in a hospital bed were being posted. I called back her mom and acted surprised when she told me the details of what happened (obviously not the gruesome stuff). I told her I was heading to the hospital which I was. I covered up my tracks by sending nudes to my phone just like everyone else except I knew how to hide them away by tucking them in a newly opened email account and a draft opened up with some very naughty pictures on it. I tucked it away and deleted everything off of my phone. When I walked in she was awake but couldn't talk with her mouth wired shut and her mother was crying while her father, fresh in his uniform (he found her on the ground) had a look of anguish and anger I had never seen and was glad it wasn't directed towards me. I gave him my phone to check through to prove I was only here to help and he greatly appreciated it.
I faked crying very well and came up and hugged Brooke, she wrapped her arms around me and sobbed onto my shoulder. I talked to her mom and dad outside, they enlightened me a little more and said that Brooke suffered no permanent physical damage but psychological was different. They also said no suspects have been even suggested and that there was no evidence beyond the specs of the knife which was probably used (generic knife which anyone could have, coincidentally I had one). Beyond that they had nothing and I couldn't be happier but I kept the act up for everyone the rest of the day. Beyond her best friend I was the only one of her friends who ever showed up and I stayed through the night with her.
I got out my demons, now I actually cared for her and wanted her to get better. It took a week for her to get home, her anal cuts had infected and wreaked a little havoc downstairs. She was alright though and in another month her jaw completely healed. I was there every day by her side helping her out, a lot of nights I just slept over on the couch. A lot of other guys tried to come by but only came for a day then never showed up again, many of whom I saw in her messages sending dick pics.
I became her best friend and after she fully healed I just stayed around as if I was still caring for her. Soon she asked me out on a date, which became 2 then 3 and now we're "official" according to her which I'm fucking ecstatic about. She took a long time to open up to me about that night and due to that had lots of issues with night terrors. We made love for the "first time" on our 6 month anniversary. It was great and she wanted anal, she guiltily told me she liked it when her rapist did it. She never suspected me nor did anyone else, the investigation was closed and no one will ever know who did it.
If you want maybe a part 2 of the relationship tell me I'll see what I can do, maybe Brooke gets into some kinky shit idk.

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