Mentoring Brandon 2

Mentoring Brandon 2

By Bob

Chapter 2: My Dream Comes True!

A knock on the door - FINALLY!

My heart had been pounding for quite some time and now was nothing different. I began to walk to answer the door when Dave jumped out of his bunk and ran over. As he opened the door, I saw Brandon standing there in the hallway.

"Hey Dave. What's up?" the voice I had been waiting for resounded.

"Not much guy, just doing some crap for history," was Dave's reply.

"Yea, hear that. Actually I need to talk with Bob about my science. He has Mr. Knop and I know that he can give me some pointers." Wow, what a line I thought to myself.

Dave opened the door wider and pointed to me standing by the window. I wondered if he could see the anticipation in my voice, much less the hard cock that was very evident in my pants. He let Brandon in and walked back to his desk.

"Hi Bob. Hey, can you help me with this shit I have for science. Knop is killing me with this assignment."

"Sure, Brandon," I replied trying to keep the excitement out of my voice.

How was he doing it or was he not as excited as I was about what MIGHT happen shortly. "Come on over here and I'll see what I can do for you," I said with a sly smile which I know he saw.

"Hey, could you come to my room. I left my stuff there. Didn't know if you'd be here," he said without hesitation. Man, he was good.

I gathered my books (for what I have NO idea) and walked toward him. His room was kiddy-corner from my room so it took us all of 5 seconds to get to his door. For some reason he had locked his door and fumbled in his pocket for the key. NOW he seemed a bit nervous as my blood pressure was rising thinking being alone with him, in his room, near his bed.

As the door opened, Brandon stepped back and let me go in first. He followed with his right hand on the doorknob and closed it sharply as he stepped in. With his left hand, he grabbed my arm and swung me around as I heard the door slam shut. Suddenly, both arms were around me holding me close as his lips contacted mine in a kiss. A small kiss - very gentle - that sent shivers up my spine.

I dropped my notebook and place my arms around his. I wasn't going to let him be the only one that was able to hold someone close. My kiss to him was much deeper, much more passionate. He never resisted a bit and his tongue and mine again, began exploring each other.

"I don't know what took you so long to come over, Bran. I was going crazy thinking you wouldn't want me here."

"Oh, Bob, that NEVER crossed my mind," he retorted. "Had to read a letter from my mom and then call her. Things are going crazy back home."

"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to think only of my....."

He interrupted me with a kiss so sweet I have never forgotten the moment.

"You can't think of yourself anymore than I have been thinking about you in the past 2 hours," he exclaimed. "Actually anymore than I've been thinking about you in the past 2 months, to be honest."

"The past two months," I thought to myself. He has been thinking of ME for that long. Damn! What a waste of time we share in that.

"I'm glad we did too, " is all I could say.

We stopped hugging for a while as he held my hand and led me further into the room. As his roommate was gone for the semester due to some family problems, Brandon had taken over the entire room. He was like me, I could see. Not the neatest of people, but did seem to have some semblance of order for his things.

His bed was semi-neatly made, while the other bed was being used as an extra dresser. All his clothes, clean I assumed, were folded on the bed. A lot easier to get to when running for class after waking up late, I thought. Above his desk was a poster of some Greco-Roman style wrestling. I had no idea who it was, but I would have to admit they were very sexy.

As my eyes moved toward the corner of the room, I could see he had a set of free weights lying on the floor. I walked over and picked them up.

"Hmm, should we see if we can continue what we started in the weight room," I offered with a very wide smile on my face.

He looked at me with a grin even bigger than mine and moved toward me. "Sure," he said as his hand firmly gripped my crotch.

I put down the weights and, since I was right next to his bed, grabbed him by the shoulders and leaned down till I was half-sitting on the mattress, my right hip and shoulder bearing OUR weight as we tumbled into each other's arms. Here I was, with the boy I've been fantasizing about, holding him on top of me as he was massaging my penis and testicles so gently it was driving me to the brink.

As we settled down on the bed, I began to roll over and pinned his hand in my groin as I lay on top of him. I had never been so relaxed yet so excited. I moved his hand so that I could feel my manhood against his. Our arms roamed all over each other's body like a windstorm flowing through the trees. We were caught up in a very sensual moment neither of us wanted to end.

He looked deep into my eyes with those gorgeous blue eyes piercing me with every blink. "Bob, I don't know. I've never done more than jack-off thinking about another guy," he whispered. "I know what I want, but ....," he clambered. "But I do know that I want to be with you in a very special way."

That is all I really needed to hear. I again kissed him deep. My hand now stroking his blond hair every so gently. My tongue, being immersed into his mouth made me know what it was he wanted.

"Brandon," I said. "Let me love you."

I didn't need an answer from him. His body told me all. He presented himself to me as if he had shouted "TAKE ME! NOW AND FOREVER." Here was the aggressor in the locker room, now he was submitting himself to me. Asking me with every inch of his being to love him.

I never had needed anyone to ask me anything twice, and I certainly wasn't going to at this juncture. I straddled Brandon's hips as I rose from our prone pleasure. As I did, I began to lift his T-shirt up over his head. He didn't resist --- as I was certain he wouldn't - and assisted me in taking it up and off. He hurled the shirt to the floor as he strained to raise himself to kiss me. Being so much heavier than he and placed in a very strategic spot, he found it difficult, but succeeded for a moment.

As he finished his little peck on the lips, I placed my hand on his chest and pushed him back to the bed. My hands, still stroking the side of his head, reassuring him that things were all right. There he lay, bare chested. I leaned over and gave Brandon a kiss again. My straining cock I was sure he could feel on his thigh because it was bursting to get out of my shorts. After we kissed, I took my tongue and glided it down to his right nipple.

Oh, did he jump! It was not from surprise as much as from the soft touch that he was receiving. I swirled my tongue around his right nipple as I slowly moved my legs back toward his ankles. I drew a straight line between his nipples with my tongue back and forth, swirl to swirl. His eyes were now closed, so I knew that something was going right.

I slowly moved down his stomach to his belly button. I could tell by Brandon's initial reaction that he was not ticklish, but extremely sensitive. As I had been playing with his nipples and chest, my hands had been sliding into the elastic band of his shorts. They had all but been torn from his hips and were just covering the main course of all this action. I could feel by the pressure of his cock on my chest he was ready for anything that might transpire.

I was in heaven. I was here with a, MAN... that was the object of my love. OR, was it lust? I really believed it was not just the lustful thoughts that I had been daydreaming about over the past weeks. I truly felt close to Brandon. Closer than any other person I had ever been with. Even though we had just really met this past afternoon, I felt that I had known him and he had been part of my life forever.

His hands were now on the back of my head, massaging it as he ran his fingers through my hair. My tongue was traveling down his body, wanting to engulf his manhood. I could smell the musk he was emitting which I realized was so sweet, -- so real.

Finally, there I was. I tried to lift up my head to look into Brandon's eyes, but he kept the pressure on, making it very difficult. It was then I knew what he wanted and I was not about to refuse. I knew that was what I wanted, also --- OH so very much! I could feel the pulsating of his cock as my cheek pressed against it.

I slowly move my mouth down from his lower abdomen and was not surprised to see a glistening glans as he was oozing pre-cum so generously. I took my tongue and licked a drop or two. My first exposure to sex with this gorgeous boy was to taste his juices that were so sweet it tasted like honey direct from the hive.

I took my tongue and slowly rimmed the head of his cock. This was my first real look at him and it was fantastic. He was semi-thick and 7" of hard steel was now set before me. I licked up and down the shaft making it shine with the mixture of saliva and pre-cum.

As I came to his balls, I couldn't help but take each into my mouth and roll them around. He was so perfect, EVEN in this area. Each testicle was firm and his reaction was atypical of anything that I had ever experienced. As I placed each into my mouth he would giggle --- YES, giggle. It would be a soft sound, but one that from that point after, when I heard made me realize
that he was getting pleasure from what I was doing,

I again moved up the shaft to the head of this wonderful creature. I rolled the head of his cock in my mouth for just a few seconds, wishing it were forever. All this time, Brandon had his hands on my head, but now, was pulling, rather than stroking my hair. It was a very pleasurable feeling for me, even though it did hurt some.

Finally, it was time to take ALL of him. I slid the head of his dick onto my pallet as my tongue licked the "V" on the underside. I scooted myself onto my elbows, with my tongue guiding the underside of his cock deep into my mouth. I could feel the blood rushing through his veins as this already steal hard cock got even harder. Slowly it moved to the back of my throat and then down the esophagus just slightly.

He was deep now -- deep enough for the muscles of my throat to begin to massage the head of his cock. I kept him there for a while working the head as my hand now had complete control of his man globes. I massaged his balls as I worked his cock in and out of the back of my throat. I could hear his breathing get heavy and quick. I knew, from experience, that he was about to
unload. I thought about stopping and making it last for the both of us, but I knew that would be cruel. Besides, we had all the time in the world and I was sure that I could bring him to that point again.

As I worked faster and steadier I knew it was a matter of time. I wanted him to cum in me --- let me drink his juices. His balls were lifting and I knew they were ready to present to me the nectar that I sought.

Suddenly, a pain shot through my head. It felt as if I had stuck my finger in an electric socket and my hair were standing on edge. Brandon was pulling my hair out. He was forcing me OFF of him before I could bring him to an electrifying orgasm.

"What? Why did you pull my hair," I shouted, suddenly realizing what was happening.

He was out of breath and said, "No, not yet! I want US to hit the peek of our love together."

I suddenly realized that this was definitely more than lust. That what Brandon and I had was maybe not love, yet, but more than just a sexual encounter. It was a feeling we both had toward each other that wanted to make sure that each of us pleased the other.

He sat up in the bed taking his beautiful love tool far away from where it had been --- in my mouth. He waved to me in a gesture saying, "Come up here dear. Let me take you totally."

As I moved toward him, his hand reached for my shorts, which were still plastered to my body in the sweat - except for what was pointing straight toward his body. He took the waistband and pulled them down, motioning with his head in an upward movement telling me to stand up so he could take them totally off.

As they moved down toward my ankles, I took each foot and stepped out of my shorts. My cock was so hard, I didn't think I could take it much longer. He kicked off his shorts, which were still around his ankles and opened his arms wide. I lay down on top of him, our cocks pressing against each other as we hugged. Our hips began moving in unison as we again kissed.

Brandon pushed me up and over to his side. He turned, keeping contact with my chest, stomach and groin area with his mouth. He looked at my hard cock for the second time and said, "Oh, man, you are gorgeous!" We laughed for a short moment then he started to lick me as I did him. Oh, it felt so good!

We instinctively moved into the traditional "69" position. He started to suck slowly as I did the same. My balls were ready to explode, but I knew I wanted this to last. My mouth and his moved in sync over our matching genitalia. As we began to move closer to a dual climax, our motion began to become faster and faster.

As if we could read each other's mind, we slowed. I turned so that I was above Brandon fucking his mouth as I was sucking him harder and harder. The sound was deafening it was so quiet. We both enjoyed the taste and action that we were joining in with each other. I could hear his heartbeat, although I'm sure that was the pulsating of the thick veins of his cock.

Suddenly I felt the muscles in Brandon's legs tighten. I could sense his hips rising under my mouth. Even if we had never been together, I knew that could mean only one thing. I had been holding back my own orgasm and now realized that I could let go and share myself with him.

"Bob, Oh, Bob! I want you so badly," I could hear in a mumbling voice. It's never easy to talk with your mouth stuffed with hard hot flesh. I could feel his balls draw up as mine did. It wouldn't be long before we shared our pent up emotions and cum. Oh, how I had dreamed of this moment. How I wanted to be part of him as he wanted to be part of me. No, we weren't ONE, just yet, but I knew that was a matter of time. Until that happened, I would be more
than happy with taking his seed into me.

"I'm cumming," I heard faintly. But, I certainly didn't need to have him tell me. I could feel the hot spurts hitting the back of my throat. After the first shot I couldn't hold myself and let go. We both were now draining our balls into each other. His thick sweet cum was flowing into my mouth so much that I couldn't swallow it all as I had wanted. Some flowed out of my mouth onto his blond pubic hair and I cold smell the "manly" odor that I enjoyed so much.

I could feel myself pumping down deep into his throat, and could tell he was swallowing feverishly to keep up with the gush that had built up in me. I began to roll to the side, exhausted. I let his cock fall onto his belly, half-hard now and just gazed in amazement at it beauty.

As I lay there in a blissful state, I realized that Brandon still has my dick in his mouth. He was sucking all so gently. I couldn't believe he was trying to take every last drop. Or? Was he?

His suction became more intense, more rapid. He was trying to get me hard again! He was NOT done wanting to be part of me! He was making sure that I stayed excited for another round!

How could this lovely boy lying next to me with my cock in his mouth NEVER have been with another male before? His technique was that of a master. He had me totally under his control, both physically and mentally. He wasn't playing games at all, just enjoying being with me and loving me.

"Oh, Brandon, Stop!" I muttered. "I can't continue, not yet."

I realized my feeble attempt to end this session. I really didn't want it to, but I felt things were moving too fast. As I lay there, I could see that he was rising again. He was physically asking me to continue to please him as he was pleasing me.

"Oh, Hell!" I thought. "I can't resist this opportunity to be with the man of my dreams." As these words raced through my mind, I leaned over and took Brandon again in my mouth. This time, I put my hands around his ass and brought him closer to me. I suddenly found my fingers running up and down his crack. One finding his manhole that appeared to draw me closer and
closer. It was like he wanted me to play with his hole. I instinctively rubbed and began inserting it into him.

I couldn't believe that 3 hours before this we really had NEVER spent anytime together off the football field. That we were at best, acquaintances, but now I knew we had been lovers from a distance for quite some time. I know that I desired Brandon and it was apparent that he felt the same way toward me.

As we lay there sucking each other excitedly I couldn't help by feel that soon, very soon, we would be in the throws of another passionate episode in our new found relationship.

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